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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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ughhhhhh...i'm slipping back into my joblessness despair. i just think about my student loan repayments kicking in in a couple of months and the credit card bills that i can't pay, and i just feel like...jumping off a building! why won't anyone hire me?!!

meanwhile, i petsit on the side. today i went to this woman's house because she wants me to petsit for her for 3 weeks, so she wanted me to go meet her pets. get this. she has a bunch of cats and a huge dog (a huge dog with a bite history and emotional issues, mind you). she wants me to spend the night and basically live at her house the entire time she's gone, which is something i do. and i'm fine with that, because i can handle all kinds of pets.

so i quote her my daily fee (i quoted the lady the price for a single pet, not for her whole freakin' zoo, since i felt bad and realize that paying for 3 weeks really adds up)--which really, is NOTHING to begin with, and NOTHING AT ALL considering one of my other customers paid me double for the two easiest dogs EVER because she had taken in a foster dog. zoo lady made a face and asked if we could work out a deal because that was a lot of money. so i was like, okay, what do you propose. and she offered me...$15 a day. what. the. fuck?! no. fucking. WAY.

these are my prospects. these are my fucked up job prospects...
I know what you mean. I'm getting back emails with frigging form letters saying that they went with someone else, knowing that I can do their job. It's pissing me off. Just should buckle down and go back to school. Yet, I still have insane bills to pay. My parents are running out of patience, and it seems the only good thing right now is retail. I got a offer from Delta, which seemed promising. However, it would be a ramp agent which I'd be out in the elements all the time. Don't know if I should take it or not. I'd be miserable.

anna k
I went on an interview last week with a publisher, but I haven't heard back yet. I was nervous, but dressed nicely and tried to push confidence in myself. I just hate doing this. I am going for a lot of secretarial jobs, as well as working in bookstores. I went to a couple of Barnes & Nobles to give my application, and applied to other bookstores and a video store. I also mailed an application to a literary agency.
I'm sorry to bust in here without being part of the thread but I just need to vent.

I live in Canada and I left my job (which I hated) when they decided to end my contract after 6 months. This was fine with me as I wanted to quit anyway because we had very different ideas on how to do my job and the job seemed to change during my time there.

So my hubby and I recently moved and bought a home last thanksgiving. This is why I needed the new job, I moved away from the one I was at for 3 years. Now, because I moved I couldn't collect EI after that job. However, for this one my contract ended and I really need the money so I applied.

I was talking to the EI (employment insurance) people today and they tell me that because I was self employed my 6 months do not count towards EI hours and, because they only go back one year, I probably did not have enought hours at my other job during the last year to count.

I feel so screwed. I've worked so much my whole life and always paid into EI and I have never been able to get any of it back out again. Not to mention I feel screwed by my last job that made me work as a contract/self employed worker and I didn't realize I couldn't get EI from it. I just don't know what to do now. I was pretty much in tears with the EI person on the phone. I figured I was going to be getting some money to help me through the phase of job searching but now I'm totally screwed.

Sorry for the rant, I'm sitting here in tears right now... I just feel so helpless.
anna k
I just got an email saying that I was overqualified for a data entry job. Crap, I need the money! Im not good enough with Powerpoint or graphic design computer work to get more jobs, but I'm better than doing simple data entry.
I hate the idea of being overqualified. I mean, if you are applying for the job you obviously want it... you would think they would be excited by the idea of having someone "overqualified" because that means they would be good at it.

I put a resume in yesterday for a retail job that seems really odd when you look at my resume, but I like working retail and it is really close to home (a two minute walk) and I think I would enjoy it. It would definately up my quality of life if I didn't have a hour commute and didn't have to pay for dogsitting cause I could pop home on breaks and take her out.

anna k
I just got some temp work for two weeks. Not paying a lot ($10/hr), but it's some cash.
Fucking A. I was trying to check two job leads today. Both were in places that I can't get via car. The second one had the weirdest tone when I told her I don't have a car. It was the same response as "I am an alien" or something similar. I guess Atlanta still looks it nose down on public transit.

Going to an temp agency tomorrow. Hopefully, they'll have a lead.

Annak, at least it's money. That's how I'm looking at things for the time being. Applying at bookstores and retail as well for now. I got an email saying that too (data entry)...

I've been job hunting since April and STILL haven't found a job. I graduated in June with a teaching degree and there aren't any jobs to be found, I applied everywhere, even had three interviews with various schools and NOTHING. So I decided to go back to the field I was in before I went back for my teaching degree and it's like pulling teeth, I can't find a job!!

I had three interviews with a wireless company that shall remain nameless - THREE and they never sent me a rejection letter! I even tried calling the one lady and leaving a message, but she didn't reply. I don't get it. blink.gif

I'm just puzzled at what I'm doing wrong - my resume is well written I even had my university's career services help me edit it. When I apply for jobs I try and tailor my cover letter to the posting, yet nothing. What really has me confused is that I'll apply for a job that I'm well qualified for, get zero response and then a few weeks later find the company has posted the job again as if nobody's even applied for it! Am I missing something?!?

Secondly if one more person tells me that I should move I'm going to throttle them!! I don't have the f$%^*n' money to out of state! I'm struggling to make ends meet at my crappy giant coffee conglomerate job, I certainly don't have a few thousand to interview/relocate/move out of state. mad.gif

And last (i promise) my stupid ass loan company actually has the nerve to tell me that I make too much money to qualify for a financial hardship at my 25 hour, barely over minimum wage job. The lady actually had the nerve to lecture me about "taking responsibility for my financial obligations" what an asshat. Grrr..

Whew - sorry for the extended rant
I'm sooooooooooo bummed out right now. I applied months ago at the SPCA, and they just called me today and offered me a full time job that I didn't even apply for (I was just looking for part time kennel tech stuff, and they offered me front desk reception)! But I'm "working" as a kennel tech for an hour and a half each morning, so I said that yes, I'd love to take the job, but I mentioned my current position and that I probably wouldn't be able to go in until 10 am in my current position.

And jsut like that..."Oh, then...I'm sorry. This probably wouldn't work out then because we need someone here at 8:30. Thank you." So now I've been scurrying to get a hold of my boss and ask her if I could start coming in during the evenings instead, and of COURSE, she's not returning my phone calls. I wanted to get a hold of her asap so that i could call the SPCA right back and tell them I'd do it. *sigh*

I need a full time job. As much as I love hanging out with cats in the morning...I need to pay my bills. I'm sooooo behind on so many of my bills, and my parents have to pay my rent, otherwise I'd be seriously seriously fucked.

I'd just call and tell them I'd take it, but then they'd be like, "I thought you have a job?" and they'll think I'm an ass for screwing my current job over. Plus, seeing as how I'm the only employee in the cat room right now and they ARE very good to me there, I can't just up and quit and fuck them over. I'd feel like shit.

octobersky, I know what you mean! EVERYone I complain about my job(less) situation to tells me to move. I want to punch them.
Faerie could you call the SPCA and tell them you would love to take the job, you are just trying to make arrangements with your current part time job to have your hours changed? Ask them if they can give you 24 hours to try and make the needed arrangements and that you will have an answer for them shortly. That way you wouldn't have to loose a good opportunity...

Re: the moving thing somebody said to me "well you can struggle here or struggle there" yeah that's exactly what I want to do move to a new city that I have no friends or family in and struggle to make ends meet, sounds like fun!!! You know 'cause its just so easy and CHEAP to pack up and move. I mean I certainly don't want to live in Ohio the rest of my life, but it's a hell of alot cheaper to move/interview 50 miles to the capital then it is to move/interview 5 states away.
October, I understand about people asking you about moving to a new city. I'm planning to move to Portland in a few years. And everyone keeps saying: "Move there now!!" I don't have the money, and it's all the way across county.

I also understand about running across job postings that I know I'm qualified for, and then two days later I see the same one!

Also, my parents have stopped paying my rent. I don't know if this is a swift kick in the ass or what. I know that I only have a few months left on my lease but.. my dad was like: "Well, you don't have a job, so we're not going to help you." I've been looking since May! The only thing I seem to be getting is temp gigs here and there.

Applied for more jobs this morning, we'll see what shakes out from this. So. Freakin'. Frustrating. *smacks head on desk* I feel like that Sesame Street Don Music who used to pound his head on the piano and yell "I'll never get it! Never!" and then sobs. wink.gif

That sucks that your parent's aren't helping, do you think you could get them to pay a partial amount of your rent?

Yeah I've been struggling paying my rent, I'm lucky because I live with a friend of the family and this allowed me to keep my dog and my rent is liveable. If she didn't allow to "work off my rent" via household projects/chores I'd be seriously screwed. Even with this help it's still a struggle. And according to my loan company I make too much money to qualify for a financial hardship deferment. blink.gif

I really don't think that parents fully understand today's job market. It's way different, companies hire contract work and temp work so they don't have to pay benefits and such and alot of jobs have moved overseas. And quite frankly I really don't know what companies are looking for I've followed the advice of job seach books to no avail.
"I really don't think that parents fully understand today's job market." Amen. It's a completely different time. I was talking to my dad the other day, and he was like, "any new job leads?" Of course, I said no, and he responded, "You need to start looking for a job." I've been looking since I graduated in May! I've sent out hundreds of resumes and cover letters, and it's soooooo draining to try to tailor that many applications to each specific employee. It's ridiculous.

Everyone in my family--relatives, everyone--keeps telling me to go back home and teach. But even if I wanted to teach public school (I reaaaaaaaaally don't), I'd still have to pay for certification and more school, so what's the point of moving across the country AND paying an extra 3-4 grand? That's not even a possibility for me.

I think I got that new job as a receptionist, but I'm finding out on Friday for sure. It's not exactly the kind of job I was aiming for, but it's better than working retail I suppose. *sigh* I'm so tired of being poor.
I have a job right now, but I hate it. I am struggling with going back to grad school (don't really know what I would do there either) or looking for a new job. I get paid decent money, especially since this is my first job, but I am really unhappy in my job. Sadly, pickings are slim, but I figure I can do this until I find something else.
Woo-hoo! I had a pre-screening phone interview yesterday that seemed to go really well. The guy stated I would hear from them next week. I think they want to bring me in for a face-to-face interview. Wish me luck....
Luck october!!

I had an IKEA interview on Weds for a part time receptionist job.... they'll let me know in 2 weeks. Keep fingers crossed. At least I'd get some furniture out of the deal....
In the meantime, I'm temping which is going okay.

Didn't get the temp job I wanted. They told me I didn't have enough customer service experience which is bullshit.

I never post in this thread, but I'm going crazy trying to find a job and I could use some support. I just graduated with a journalism degree in August and I have been looking for a public relations job for the past two months. I've applied for at least 20 jobs...mostly entry-level PR...and I haven't even gotten an interview. I have been doing PR part-time for the Humane Society for the past 7-months so I figured my resume would stand out a bit since I have a lot of experience for a recent grad. Apparently I was wrong. I know what the problem is and it pisses me off to no end. These places I'm applying to usually already know who they are hiring and neglect to interview the other people who apply. It doesn't seem legal to do this. *sigh* I'm so frustrated.
Yeah - no luck for me here. Still haven't heard from the guy I talked to last week. Blah. sad.gif

Sassy - I think we all know where you are coming from. I've followed all the job advice I've found in books and online, but still nothing. I think there's a HUGE amount of nepotisim involved in getting a job. I've applied to so many jobs that I'm completely qualified for and can't get one stinking interview. So I feel your pain. This whole process really starts to make you doubt your abilities. Frustration!!!!!!!!!!
sassy, hate to break it to you, but i graduated in may with a master's and still haven't found anything! the job market is absolute hell.

it's such a pain to apply for jobs, and it's completely demoralizing that most of the time you don't even get an acknowledgment that they've received your app. i have to start working on another crop of resumes, but it just takes too much time!

meanwhile, i have several outstanding bills that i can't afford to pay and creditors are calling me at least once every hour. this is bullshit.
I know what you mean about debt...I have to start repaying my school loans in March but who knows if I'll even have a job by then? I have until January at my current job (it's a position for students who just graduated so I don't want to hog up the time someone else could have) and then I will have to find a job...whether or not it requires a degree. It's not like I'm completely void of connections boss is the person who posts PR jobs online to the national PR website but I still can't get an interview. We're in the process of trying to make my resume stand out but I don't think that will help much when all of these jobs are hiring internally or through friends.

What's a girl to do? I literally feel like crying about this every day. I know you guys are in the same boat, I'll stop my bitching.
I keep getting interviews, even when there are lots of applicants, so that's good.
But it hasn't been good enough to get me an actual job, dang it.

sometimes I freak and think I ought to pursue work in a whole other field or area. I was having one of those moments a little while ago, and I took a ridiculous online test to tell you what sort of jobs you might enjoy. You rated how much you think you'd like different things, like, "studying infectious disease and looking for cures" or "directing plays" or "keeping track of financial statements." Well, the only job it determined as enjoyable for me was "singer." The only one! I swear I also said I'd like to direct plays or run a salon. Ha.
I don't sing very well. But I do enjoy it.
Who would like to pay me to sing?
anna k
I didn't get the job at Barnes & Noble that I wanted. A new store was opening, so I had hoped there would be an opening for me. Dammit.
That's too bad about the job anna_k:( *hug*

I was wondering if anyone knows about or has any experience with being an au pair? I've never travelled and I registered with this legit site at the encouraging of my housemate. I was just contacted by this seemingly nice couple from London (there's a whole process of adding them to your favourites, they add you, then they email you and then you get in contact, and I of course would ask for references etc) and I'm kind of nervous about getting in touch, but excited at the prospect of doing something different. I'm graduating university in May with a degree in History, and maybe this would be a fun thing to do before going out into the 'real' world? I'm just not so sure. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. I was nervous and then I was like, "I know, I'll ask the Busties!" (and if there's a better place for this question, please let me know) smile.gif
I'm sorry anna! sad.gif

I got a part time job at IKEA working weekends. I'm trying to find another part time job as well.

Lana, I don't have any advice. Yet, it sounds cool.
Yeah, stayin unemployed sounds good.
But in real life...
Seems to be a compromise between a minimum wage job barely payin the rent & food & stuff -- and getting your fulfilling well paid dream job. Sometimes ya just gotta do one while preparing to net the one you want.
Not that I'm in a position to be giving advice on job hunting though. Ha, ha. I'll just wish you luck.
I just applied for an internship in Ireland with this company: . I probably won't hear anything/get it but I figured that applying can't hurt.
anna k
That sounds good lananans.

I signed up with another temp agency on Monday, and am looking for part-time jobs through Mediabistro and Craigslist. I hate this. I have a job interview tomorrow for an administrative assistant position, but now I don't even feel like I'm right for the job. I'm jealous of seeing one of my peers from college be successful by working with famous actors as a PA on movie sets and touring with a rock band, getting that kind of fun, creative lifestyle while I'm trying to find work that pays well but is boring or tedious. I like writing, and I'm looking for music and film magazines in NYC that I can work at, small ones that aren't competitive. I'm going to go to Universal News tomorrow to look at their selections to find magazines to apply to for work.
QUOTE(faerietails2 @ Oct 24 2007, 02:19 PM) *
sassy, hate to break it to you, but i graduated in may with a master's and still haven't found anything! the job market is absolute hell.

I'm currently in college and I'm taking a Sociology class. My teacher just recently told us that when we (his class) graduate with a BA degree, we will most likely get a job starting at only $30,000 if that. On top of household bill some of us will have student loans and more. The whole class mouths dropped. It's basically pointless even if you have a degree unless you have good networking skills or just get lucky because you have to compete with people from schools like Harvard and Yale to get jobs. Most of us have dreams but it will take us forever to get there or some of us won't reach those goals at all. It's sad to say but this is reality. Maybe this is why everyone wants to be in the entertainment business because it's fast money if your lucky enough.
I'm graduating in May with a BAH. Job searching scares me.
Yeah, even with my master's, I'd be more than happy to land a job in the $20k's range right now. (Well, not happy, but more pleased than with retail pay). It's really sick. I'm probably going to end up having to defer my student loan payments when they kick in next month because I probably won't have a job that will allow me to start paying off my debt at that time. It's incredibly frustrating. And I have a lot of student debt!

I thought I got this job as a receptionist at an animal shelter, but I think that fell through. It was a great interview and everything, but they never called me back. sad.gif

I might apply at barnes and noble, but I realllllly don't wanna work retail ever again. Plus, my foot feels like it's broken right now. I don't know what's wrong with it, but I'd probably be really bitter if I had to stand for hours on end. *sigh*
I feel your pain...everyone. I actually recently had a job interview for a Marketing position and it went well, so hopefully they will call. I think it's completely unfair that I'm applying for entry-level positions in my chosen field and I even have experience, and I still have only gotten one interview. This system sucks!

And the debt...oh the student loans...

I wonder if I should have even gotten a degree if I'm going to be making minimum wage at a job...
I lost my dream job two years ago. Part of me is like, "Maybe it was just meant to be for that time." And the other part of me is like, "Nice job trying to cheer yourself up, how's that going to pay the bills????" I feel so uninspired by the JOBS I CAN'T EVEN GET!!!! Ack!!! Lol
I've really hit rock bottom with this job search...three months and NOTHING worth noting. Today I found out that a PR job I applied for and have been hoping to get (it's the only one I've really liked that I've applied for during these months) has decided to postpone finding someone until January because they are too busy right now to find someone. WTF? I don't want to do this crap anymore.
I know. I hit rock bottom on this search a long ass time ago. I don't even want to keep applying anymore because I feel like it'll just be a huge waste of my time. *sigh*

I had to call my dad this morning to ask him about my car (it wouldn't start, which gave me a temporary heart attack, because then I'd REALLY be screwed). He asked me how I was doing on money, then proceeded to give me this long lecture on how I should try and break my lease and move back home to continue my job search from there. I'd rather die. And seriously, there are no jobs back home. I'd have to apply for emergency certification to be a teacher, or become a secretary or something. Ugh.

In the meantime...I guess I'll have to bust out that Barnes and Noble application now so that I can go back to being a retail whore. My life is over.
((faeruetails))) Wow. Are you and my dad related?? I get that almost ever week... mixed in with: "Why did you go to college and get a BA to work at a retail store...?" Yes it sucks to do retail, but I try to remind him that's a job (although suck-sucking). Yet, it took me SIX FUCKING

I got an application for a library job, but I'm beginning to think it was just a form letter.

So, it's back to Craiglist to find another part time job.


((faeruetails))) Wow. Are you and my dad related?? I get that almost ever week... mixed in with: "Why did you go to college and get a BA to work at a retail store...?" Yes it sucks to do retail, but I try to remind him that's a job (although suck-sucking). Yet, it took me SIX fucking months to find this one!!

I got an application for a library job, but I'm beginning to think it was just a form letter.

So, it's back to Craiglist to find another part time job.


omg girls i feel your pain! one of the most hardest things to do is find a job (not to mention, moving once u DO find a job) may i suggest the obvious like craigslist,,, etc. also join LinkedIN, its a professional networking source online. mostly, contact people you know in the industry that you want to work in--its ALL about references...keep your head up ladies!
So...good news...I applied for a journalism job on Monday and they already called me by Thursday to set up an interview. It's on Tuesday. I REALLY want this job so hopefully it goes well!!
Good luck sassy!
does anyone know anything about applying to banks, what sort of things they look for etc... im so sick of making shit money its unbelievable.
anna k
I signed up with my third temp agency this week, and went to a job fair at my college visiting reps from Simon & Schuster, Penguin, and Random House. So now I know where I can apply directly for job positions there.

konphusion26, that really sucks. I worked for two weeks as a temp last month, and weeks without work makes me feel lazy and inept.
Oh, I know! I haven't had a real job (by "real," I mean crappy retail work) since August. I mean, I'm not gonna pretend...I'm a whiny procrastinator when it comes to school/work stuff. But I at least want something to procrastinate from, ya know?! lol At least with that crappy job I had some kind of routine in life. Now I go volunteer in the mornings, but after that I sit on my ass all day looking for places to apply. It's awful! My roommates probably think I'm a total bum.

When I first graduated I was really happy that I had time to relax and read again, but now it's just ridiculous! I don't want soooo much time that I can go through a book a day! Jeez!
Can I tell you how much I hate going for an interview and then never hearing from them again. You would think if they had invested 30-60 minutes talking to you a 5 minute phone call would be appropriate.

I'm sure no one wants to hear it, but I'm starting a new job tomorrow (hurrah). My problem is that I want to buy some things but I am in such a money hole right now. I moved to a new city over a year ago and took about 6 months to find a job. I hated the job and they did some funny thing (that I didn't fully understand at the time) where I wasn't an employee, I was my own company that they paid as a service. So when I got fired (god I hated working there - they had no clear idea of what they wanted me to do so I could never live up to their expectations) I tried to apply for employment insurance, but I was denied because of that weird not-really-hired situation. Oh, and I never had taxes taken off of my paycheque so when tax time rolls around I'm going to owe thousands of dollars. Did I mention I hated that job with a passion - hated it more when I realized how much it really screwed me.

So I'm super happy with this new job but I need to remember to be fiscally responsible and save A LOT of money into the start of next year.
missjoy, congrats on finding and getting a job!

I quit one of my two jobs because they were going to fire me and that was two months ago, I've had 2 interviews out of countless résumes sent out. And neither called me. I usually get rejection letters, they don't usually call to tell you they hired someone else.

I kind of want a career change of sorts. I have one completely useless degree in graphic design. I'd love to teach art, but that requires another degree that I don't really have money for, I may be able to get assistance if I went to a community college because I recieve part-time unemployment benefits. I've been on part time unemployment for what feels like forever. I can't seem to keep jobs... or find good ones that wish to keep me. Well except for my part time retail job, I've been there 2 years, you'd think they'd give me more hours. On the upside I have time to paint and stare helplessly at the help wanted ads. Scanning help wanted ads seems to be my new hobbie. I may have to add it as one of my 'interests' on my myspace.
i had applied for a job at The New School several months ago and got an interview and everything. it went really well, but then i never heard back. three months later...i got a rejection letter today. yeah, thanks...i think i figured that i didn't get that job, people. *eyeroll*

congrats missjoy! i know what you mean about the clothes situation. that's one of my biggest fears for when i DO finally get a real job. i have about 3 decent work outfits, and they're really not winter-friendly. :/

muffy, what about financial aid for an art degree? that's the only way i'm gonna be able to swing my MLS. i hate that i have to go into more debt AND go back to grad school so soon after i got my current degree, but this shit is just not working out! if more debt is what it's gonna take to find a real job making a real money, so be it. *sigh*

i'm about to cave and do something i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to do: apply to one of those teaching fellowship programs. i don't want to teach bratty kids. i just don't. that would be sooooo annoying. but i don't want to put myself through grad school again working retail. that was next to impossible to live off of.

why can't i just be a bum and live off the grid on a beach or something?! lol
I'm a stay at home mom and ppl just assume I LIKE being home because my husband works. When, in reality, I'm have a horriable case of cabin fever!

I've always worked from the thime I was 12 years old. Then after I had my son, we decided I'd stay home for the first child. Now my son is 10 months old and I'm going nuts!
So I had a REALLY great interview a week and half ago...I'm very qualified for the job and I did well on the written tests they gave me for the position. However, here it is a week and half later and they still haven't contacted me for a second interview. I've pretty much given up at this point at ever finding a job. I'm so upset.
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