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Full Version: why can't I just stay unemployed? the job hunting hell
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I feel your pain... I just went on a few job searching sites and there is nothing out there that I am qualified for... and I'd reallly like to be interested in my job, this part-time retail thing is really not that rewarding in any way.
I feel like such a dip. So, I was supposed to start my new job yesterday--$8.50/hr but at a cool photo place. I got there, and their parking lot is itty bitty and there was no place to park. This is downtown, so parking is hellish, especially with all the construction. I called my supervisor and I asked what I should do and she said to park in the public parking lot--well it's $6.50 for the whole day and I guess they don't take credit cards and that was all I have. (doesn't make sense) So I called my supervisor back, explained the situation and asked if she knew of anywhere else--she said she didn't know off hand and that "I really should have been prepared for this" Well that was embarassing and kind of rude--so I said screw it and went home. Now, I feel like I made a big mistake, like a dork and that I should have been better prepared and worked something out. However, I felt it was kind of rude that she said that. It was my first day, now that job is botched, and I am back to square one. Plus, art/photo related jobs are few and far between. Maybe I over reacted with her comment and shouldn't be so damn sensitive. Ughh..(feeling bad about myself)
Silverhalide, that sucks...

I'm having a really hard time myself.

I can't even find a temp job or a retail job right now. And although the rent is paid for July, I am worried for August. It didn't help that I just spent 4 days with my family yelling at me about what a loser I was.

It's just hard to keep your self esteem up...

I just need a job to pay the bills, while I find a career. Unfortunely, I really a want a career.
anna k
Count me in.

I'm looking for editorial and book-publishing jobs, checking Craigslist a lot for smaller places. I'd love to work at HarperCollins or Random House, those would be the tops.

I feel crappy not being able to afford even sharing an apartment, and am staying with my grandmother until I get a steady job and can pay to share a place. I hate waiting and striving. For now I'm finishing up a short-lived PT job in PR, after interning for several months. The company fell into trouble and while they're fine again, they want more senior people to work there, and I'm too green and inexperienced. Blech.

I want money to afford my own place so I can dress it up and cook and grow herbs on the windowsill, and put away money for a trip to Paris or Lisbon or Buenos Aires so I can see more of the world and not feel so much like a worker bee. I'm 23 and still have to finish one class in school that I failed, I hate it.
anna--I know what you mean! I want to grow herbs on my windowsill smile.gif and I want a freelance photography gig and then a part-time job that will give me health insurance :-)
sassy--try revamping your resume, or embellish on it a little. Sometimes if you add a little here and there or if you take something off, it might help you get an interview. Hey, we got to do what we can smile.gif Hang in there, something will pop up. Don't give up and think positive.
Thanks silverhalide! I'm going to try to revamp my resume, and see where it gets me..
anna k
Tommorow I have an interview for an editorial assistant at a publishing company. I'm nervous, I'm trying to gather my thoughts and remember what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to present myself. I may ask my career counselor some questions today just to re-prep myself.
silverhalide, I think that was something they should've mentioned before you went to your first day of work...that did seem kind of rude.
Anna K, good luck with the interview!
Muffy--that's what I thought! I had an interview with Goodwill Industries for a donated goods coordinator position--office stuff, I'll see where that goes.
Hi ladies, I always lurk, but I'll jump right in. I hope this is the right thread to get some perspective on my situation. I have a job but my credit sucks so while I'm making decent money I can not get financed for a car or leased an apartment/ or take out a mortage on a house.

I haven been reading this thread and feel you guys pain.
It shows me that I am fortunate to have my job ( great medical, and dental insurance ($25.00 a month covers me and my 2 dependents), 401k, and stock options, $300 yearly credit card that they advance us of our own money, that we use and they just fill it up at the end of the year, and all that we don't use by the end of the year they cut us a check for the amount left over...all of these benefits I take FULL ADVANTAGE of). I have the opportunity to do overtime and a its decent wage $21.35 an hour. (This is a job I got without having a degree, and I'm 23)

Not to mention I love my job, love my boss (i work for upper and senior management as an Administrative Assistant), there is a lot of room to grow (salaries in the 80k and up range (for the field I want to go in), which I have my eye glued on this one position and I think an opening is coming soon that I might get) But while I have all of this available to me I must be stupid because I dont know how to fix my credit. I dont even know where to start. I hear so many different ways to go about it, but my credit is horrible. If anyone wants to PM me and help me fix my credit please do so. It feels so over whelming my credit is terrible. My beacon score is like 400. I need help. I have been trying to save but I need some guidance. If you have any advice please post or PM me. I wanted to get a new car and move before the year is over, but right now I dont see it happening

anna k
The job interview went well. I was open and said that I felt I'd be best because I've worked at different publications and could pull ideas out of the air and keep my imagination fertile and creative. I did a proofreading/copyediting test that wasn't very difficult. It's a competitive job, there are at least six other people lined up to be interviewed after me, but I hope they call me back for a second interview. The job itself seemed tedious, but I need the money and the work.
fluffout, did you look at the thread titles in this forum before posting? this thread is for people who are looking for jobs, and since it sounds like you have a ridiculously great one, i don't think this one's the one you wanna be in. you'll have much better luck posting your situation in 'my two cents: the savings and finance thread'. it's in this same forum, i'll bump it for you.
Did you ever just feel like you were this intelligent, enthusiastic, trustworthy potential employee that no one took seriously, because you didn't have a degree?

Or, that even though you have these qualities, and don't lack for skills, you somehow could not find a job?

I haven't paid my rent for July yet. I need a job and I am at my wits' end. If I lose my apartment, I have nowhere to go. I don't like the idea of having a roommate, but after my lease is up in August, I may need to get a new apartment with a roommate. Too bad it probably won't be a hot single guy tongue.gif

Sometimes I wonder if I'm just an idiot and that certain people who interview me know I'm faking it. Those that were crazy enough to hire me just weren't paying attention. I have a lot of anxiety right now. I've been unemployed for 2 months now. And I just got my first unemployment check this week. (I was penalized for 1.5 months because the Nazi I worked for gave them a line of bullshit. I can't wait to see her again, so I can tell her how my lawsuit is going.) Unemployment doesn't even cover rent, and I have no savings. Yeah, I'm hoping that the owners won't notice that I haven't paid them yet.

I mean, I have work experience... shit, I've been working since I was 15 and I'm 34 now. My two main occupations have been admin work and being a cook. I would love to continue to cook, but unless you are a chef, you don't get paid very well, and it's stressful, depending on where you work. Stress is something I am trying to avoid this year (that's a much longer story... I won't get into it.) I would like to depend on my ex-husband for alimony, but he's helping his mother, and he's struggling.

Ugh, maybe it's the way I interview... I get nervous... and my old boss told me that when I get nervous I get diarrhea of the mouth. Right now I am waiting to hear about a job that will pay me just enough to make rent and bills, which is sad. I wanted to go back to school, but I can't do brick-and-mortar. Has anyone taken any courses or achieved their degree (I was interested in web design) online? Have you found it harder to secure work with this type of education? How about a combination of online and B&M?

prettysugarbaby, I have a degree and still feel like I'm not taken seriously. I feel your pain. Today I called on a job and after telling them my qualifications...the guy asked me how old I was?!

I kind of think many employers who lay their employees off, lie. I think maybe they get fined or something but they still do it. My last employer lied to unemployment and almost screwed me out of unemployment. Unfortunatly for him, he had sent me a letter on company stationary stating that he was laying me off - so when unemployment denied me, I faxed unemployment the letter. I'm sorry to hear that you have to go to court and all that bullshit, that sucks.

I've never taken any online courses. I have worked as a graphic designer. Its tough to find a job in the field, I will tell you...though in this job market I'm not sure there are too many easy jobs to get. It took me awhile to even get my part-time retail job because I was overqualified for things like food service and retail. I just wanted a job damn it! I say follow you bliss. I'm planning on going back to school myself... but like you I need better pay to do it.

good luck!
i'm debating whether or not to go in to work today. i just don't feel like it. it's not as if it pays a living wage anyway, and i'm not in the mood to be treated like a fucking baby today ("you can't have bottled water back here! you might spill it on the stuff (that's across the room)"). i just want to quit and find a real job that doesn't make me feel like such a fucking loser. but i can't.

why won't anyone call me for an interview??? *cries*
My old employer lied on my unemloyment. I've been out of a job for two months now. I do think they get fined. I think it's bullshit. I just didn't feel like going to court, and dealing with a lawsuit, so I'm trying to find a job...

Yet, I can totally understand about being overqualified and still can't find a retail job.

I haven't taken any online classes, but considering it. School is an option, b/c the job market sucks so hard.

Too bad my lease isn't up until Feb!

Annak and Silver how did the interviews go?

foxy pink
Well for the ladies collecting unemployment:

I would advise to not get taxes taken out of your check(s). There is always that option.
Also, do know you can appeal the decision of whether you can get unemployment..especially if you have proof, or if your employer doesn't. I got fired from my job for "unsatisfactory job performance." The real reason was the company didn't have the funds to support my position, nor any substantial work for me to do because they weren't bringing in any business. I was able to collect my unemployment because they didn't have any formal documents supporting their position, didn't warn me, or anything...and admitted to not doing so.

If you have family you can live with, do so. If you have loans, defer them. Also, search Craigslist for odd jobs: data entry, promo girls, etc. If you have skills of your own, try selling your services to other people. Freelance.

I don't think employers get fined for unemployment. They do, however, pay into unemployment, so that in the event employees do get fired, they have a cushion to draw from. It's like the monies they pay for your medical coverage or life insurance.
foxy pink, If I don't get taxes taken out, I'm eventually going to HAVE to pay said taxes the government just doesn't excepmt me just because I'm unemployed. I know its an option but I figure its better to have some taken out rather than having to pay it all back.

And I would be extra careful with Craigslist. I local bar screwed me out of some money when I did freelance design work for them - always get the money UP FRONT! If they won't even give you even half of the payment - say' bye bye' to them.

I had an interview today which made me wish to throw my graphic design portfolio in the streets and scream,"I QUIT!" I am fed up with the whole job searching thing. Its frustrating and dehumanizing. Its like they forget that the people that they call in for interviews are actually people and no one enjoys sitting in an f'n waiting room for 45 minutes, just because they were 8 minutes late, and clearly they were punishing me... oh by the way while sitting in said waiting room and announcement came over the intercome system that "coffee break is officially over"... I wouldn't have even been that late, if when I called to say I was running late due to traffic, the secretary hadn't transferred me rather than take a message? what the hell does this secretary do if not take messages?! I missed the road while, on hold waiting to be transferred and had to turn around hence making me more late than I already was!

Now they want me to go back on Wenesday to do a 'sample' project for them (to take home and then bring back?!), not sure its paid though everyone I know has advised me not to do it for free... and I find it weird that I didn't do a sample project as part of the interview, today.. this is like homework.
So I started my new job yesterday at Goodwill Industiries in the office as a donated goods coordinator. It's a lot of stuff to remember!! My head is spinning. Reports, paperwork..ahh! It's going ok so far I think. I just hope I am doing a good job. The woman who had the position for 2 years left on short notice and before anyone could be hired in. It's kind of strange, some of the tasks I am supposed to do my supervisor doesn't even really know. It's kind of a learn as you go along type of thing. I am not sure how I am fitting in even though everyone seems nice. It seems like the position was open for a long time too and they called me for an interview a long time after the position was open. Almost like other people didn't want the job? Also, this morning (my second day) this other guy Charlie who works under my supervisor said "You came back!" I couldn't tell if that was good or not. Even as a joke, what is that supposed to mean..I tend to overanalyze new situations and stuff, so maybe I am jus overreacting. I am the youngest one in the office, so that's kind of strange. Not that I mind at all, but I don't know if it makes it harder to relate to me..New jobs are mentally exhausting sometimes, it's hard to stop worrying about everything. Anyhow, I will wait and see and I am sure everyday I will keep adjusting. It's kind of intimidating.
silverhalide, actually if the job was open for a long time it sounds like they couldn't find anyone that they liked, so you get brownie points for that one.
I think any new job is just nerve-wracking no matter what. I know I've felt the same way everytime I started a new job.
Muffy--Thanks for the encouragement smile.gif yeah, every job is always nervewracking, that is the truth. Sometimes, we put so much pressure on ourselves in our minds. I am just shocked that I actually have a full time job now. It's an adjustment too because of the hours--like here I am on Bust posting when I should be in bed. I am such a nightowl. ((Hugs to everyone and good job searching vibes)) I will keep ya posted.
anna k
I'm glad that I'm done with my job now. My boss was a total pill, just an anal bitch who didn't pay me much once I went from being an unpaid intern to a part-time worker, and she kept talking to me like I was a moron, giving me tedious jobs, and assuming that I was a slacker. I'm glad to be done with her.

I got a callback from a publishing company who had my resume from a college job fair. I talked for a couple of minutes to this woman, and she said if they decided to pick me to interview they'd call me. That'd be great if I got to work there.
anna k
I went for another job interview, as an administrative assistant at a Pilates studio. I thought it went well, and I tried to impress the interviewer with my clerical skills and my knowledge of Pilates as being used as a physical therapy tool besides being used as exercise. He gave me his email to answer some follow-up questions. I hope I get a good callback.

I didn't get the previous job interview, they told me they found someone else. I kicked myself and realized I should've sent a note thanking them for interviewing me, for politeness and brownie points.
anna k, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get that job you wanted.

I had this interview for what would've been a really fantastic job complete with good benefits, I've never had a good job, this would've actually been one! Of course they picked someone else. My unemployment isn't going to last forever and I feel like the universe is against me!
Re: thank you notes. I know. I had an interview last week and I could kick myself for not sending a note right afterwards. I'd really love that job, too.

You know what I hate? Phone screenings. The resume is supposed to be the pre-screen, no? Ugh. I hate getting calls and getting my hopes up, only to have them go, "We'd like to ask you a few questions." Many of which involve previous salaries. And I never hear back from them again. *sigh* I just got one of those this morning.

I need a jooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbb!!! If I have to work in retail any longer I'll die. I hate it more than anything in the world. I hate the shifts they schedule me for more than anything in the world. And it's not like I can even pay my bills on that money, so what's the point?
QUOTE(faerietails2 @ Aug 6 2007, 10:58 AM) *
I need a jooooooooooooooobbbbbbbbbbbbb!!! If I have to work in retail any longer I'll die. I hate it more than anything in the world. I hate the shifts they schedule me for more than anything in the world. And it's not like I can even pay my bills on that money, so what's the point?

First I want to wish all of you the best of luck in finding a job. Faerie, one of my worst jobs was in retail. Infrequent hours (call-ins suck!) and of course dealing with so many different people. I worked over an hour away from my house so when all was said and done, it looked like what I was making I was spending on gas. My sister in law works for this company called Arise which is a work at home job. I didn't even think big companies did that sort of thing, but currently she has two clients: one with apple computers and the other with dell. I really have no intentions of leaving my current job just yet, but she sent me a link to a work at home mom site that lists jobs: here. They have quite a few data entry, web design, and writer positions listed. It's worth taking a look wink.gif .

Ugh. Had an interview at what a thought was a snazzy bookstore/coffeestore. Well, it turns out that it was the other way around. This woman was insulted that I take public transit, and angry that I have never worked at a coffeeshop. Well, why did you want me for the interview?
Besides, I thought it was for a bookstore. I told her this. Not only that but she seemed to be almost making fun of me. Dude, I'm not going to be insulted for a part time job at an almost coffeestore and a bookstore that is barely a bookstore (they had 3 shelves of books). She even said "Well, if I hire you, you'll have to get another job." Um, fucking duh.

Ugh, that really sucks, sassy! The nerve.

I have an interview tomorrow and I really really really want this job (although I really really really want every job they dangle in front of my eyes). But this would suit me well. It's working in the music department of a college. I also sent out a whole bunch of resumes today for college teaching positions, but I seriously doubt I'll get called back for any of them. They want experienced people, and I just graduated. *sigh*
sassygrrl, She was insulted that you take public transit? Your saving the enviroment, sort of, okay some of those buses probably emit more pollution than cars. Its awful that employers have the upper hand and feel like they can just treat people like shit when they haven't even hired you yet.

I've managed to 'land' another part-time job. I'm actually happy about this because now I won't need to rely on part-time unemployment benefits.
Good for both of you!

Yeah, I still really don't understand it. I am saving the environment (and the stop is about 10 minutes from the shop). My only thought was maybe she had people that were arriving late? Whatev. I don't want to work for such a bitch!

There are 3 other real bookstores that I am going to try for in the next couple days once I get over this funk. It just really pissed me off. Also, I don't think she even looked at my application. I really don't understand why they sell books if she wants to focus more on coffee. And the few times that we were in there, the place was dead. She was very rude, and there was a lot of tension.
i've had four interviews in the past two days. i hope someone calls me tomorrow, because i really do not want to spend another day taking crosstown public transportation in a suit and heels.
anna k
I got a callback from a publishing house, but the person I need to speak to won't be in for a couple of days. I also applied to work at the local Borders for the time being.
congrats muffy on the 2nd part-time job! tongue.gif
My interview on Tuesday went really well, and I think they liked me. But they're interviewing a whole bunch of people this week, so who knows how it'll go. I really need this job.

In the meantime, I'm just about ready to quit my current retail job. I just can't do it anymore. Even if I don't get this job, I think I just want to do petsitting full time or something. Something I actually like.
silverhalide, thanks!

faerietails2, I work retail too (part time), the pay sucks and its certainly not glamorous. I say if you have an opportunity to do something you enjoy, go for it!

good luck anna k with the call back!
I'm kind of stressing because I'm going to quit my job in a while. I'll still finish today and tomorrow, but it's pretty much over. Yesterday put me over the edge. I had this guy and a bitchy woman (his mom? wife?) yelling at me while I tried to explain store policies to them, and afterwards I couldn't stop shaking. (They also went to my manager after the whole brouhaha to tell her all these lies about how I treated them). Then later this other horrible woman was just being stupid and annoying for over an hour. AND I didn't get a break through my entire shift (1-10 pm) even though I was completely starved and exhausted, which also happens pretty frequently. Add that to the fact that I'm not on the schedule at all next week...I'm so through with this shit. I feel bad because my co-workers are all really nice, but I just can't do this anymore.

Last night I my mom bought me a plane ticket so I can fly out and visit (probably because I had a mini-breakdown over the phone). I can't wait to finally meet my "new" (3 month old) nephew and chill at the beach with my dog.

With my luck, I'll get called in for an interview or a job right smack in the middle of my little 2 week vacation and have to come back early. Ugh.
((faerietails)) Go on vacation, and try to forget about it. That sucks about the evil people. And no break? Wtf?

So, I got this really awesome box from my parents of stuff they got for me on their most recent trip out west to New Mexico. I called my dad to thank him, because there was some really rad stuff in there (Native American charms and things like that).

Of course, I get a lecture about why I'm not working, and about the interview. "Maybe you can get a job now! It's been 3 months you know, and we're not helping you..." Great dad, thanks for the support. I just wish they would see me as more than their unemployed daughter. It just seems that is all they ever ask me anymore, and nothing else about my life.

Sorry for the vent.

Good luck to all of you!
sassygrrl, I feel your pain. My parents kind of treat me the same way. True I had a part time job, but it wasn't like they took much sympathy in the fact that I had lost my other part time job in March. The job market just isn't that good despite what our asshole president says.

faerietails2, its illegal for them to not give you a break when you had worked that many hours.. if your totally threw with them, call the labor board on them. I did that with one of my former employers that tried the same thing. I worked for a bagel shop, they made me each my lunch, standing up, between customers, if it got busy I was screwed I just didn't eat.
anna k
I'll be going on vacation too, for a week to visit my parents in Raleigh. I'm annoyed that I didn't land a job all summer, but will be glad to relax for a week and do some fun things (go to two concerts, visit Asheville, see more of Raleigh). I'm extending my health insurance, and needed a letter from my former boss to confirm that I had worked, but she never sent the letter, so I sent the application with a note saying that they could call her to confirm that I worked. I hate her bitchiness and snobbiness to not be a decent human being. I also never got the letter of recommendation that she promised to send me.
Sending shitloads of resumes, and having some woman email you to tell you yours is plain. WTF? Just fuck off already. And, why didn't she just email me to tell me I didn't get the interview, or they went with someone else. Telling me I'm hiding something.... just wanted to fucking kill her, and she said that mine didn't stand out. Sorry it wasn't tie-dyed ya bitch.
I don't want to work for your company anyways.

In good news, I have a temp gig coming up next week...
anna k
I'm going to two temp agencies this week. Whoop-dee-doo.
Me too annak. We'll see. One thing I can't stand about temp agencies is that once I send my resume, I never get a call.

In funny news, my old company is hiring again. Thought about applying just for shits and giggles. The turn-over rate is insane there.

((all of you girls)) hang in there, something will pop up. It's a matter of your resume landing in the right hands. Trust your gut. I feel so lucky to have a job after looking for a whole year. It sucks, I know. The thing to, is like I said before it's alienating, esp. if all of your other friends have jobs. Sometimes they don't understand.
Hi everyone,

I just quit a shitty job without giving notice this week. I had been sending out resumes and had a really good interview two weeks ago, but they told me they gave the job to someone with a bit more experience, and it was a really hard decision and they would keep my resume and blah, blah blah..... I really wanted this job, but have been doing the resume, emailing, cold call, asking friends, networking to keep from having bitter feelings (and to find a job!) and I am exhausted. I'm glad that it is Friday just because now I can take a break from the resume check in calls, but I am still waiting to hear back from at least three people I sent my resume and the process is driving me batty.

Anyways, thanks for letting me vent about this. Silverhalide , thanks so muh for saying that. It is true that friends are not going to understand all of the time. Just hearing hang in there helps a lot!
anna k
I had a job interview yesterday at a children's bookstore. I prepared myself, but the owner was quick with me, and when he asked me what I'd recommend for a fourth grader, I had said Roald Dahl and Judy Blume, but mentioned Francesca Lia Block's Weetzie Bat series, since I knew a little girl who liked Witch Baby. He said those would be inappropriate and I felt stupid for saying it. The interview lasted about five minutes, and I felt like an ass afterward.

I also received a call from a science journal that I had applied to as an editorial assistant. The HR person just asked me a bunch of questions and told me they were going through names and would call back if they were interested.
He thought Roald Dahl and Judy Blume were inappropriate for a fourth grader? Right now we're reading The Witches to my four year old niece. She thinks it's great.
anna k
No, Francesca Lia Block was inappropriate. He didn't say anything about the other two. I wanted to kick myself after having mentioned her.
Ah, I dunno about her either though. Maybe 4th grade is a little too young but I remember people reading her stuff when I was in grade 6. Well, boo to him!
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