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Full Version: Elyse Reads BUST: America's Next Top Model
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I want Jade to win. Tyra always picks nice humble girls. I want the "undiscovered supermodel" to win!

Every season at least one girl has a bodily freakout or secret illness/disability.

Joanie's got beautiful skin, I liked her swimsuit photo a lot.

Danielle's a cutie, I like her accent.
isn't tonight the season finale?

it's only 1 hour though if it is, bummer.
i thought it was a two hour episode? aren't they usually two hours? there are three women left...
I just checked and this is what it said on aol..
8-9PM ET on UPN: Tyra Banks is more than just a pretty face; she's a shrewd businesswoman. But I hope she never sets her sights on the business of rail travel because if there's one thing Tyra knows, it's how to plan the perfect train wreck. 'Top Model' has all the elements: pretty people, bitchery and Jay Alexander. On the finale, a CoverGirl commercial test run and one last fashion show determine the winner.

I don't get it either but at least it's on!

Joanie or Danielle, just-not-jade!
(sorry anna k :-)
Has anyone else seen the cryptic spoilers on Television Without Pity's boards?
FinAHle. I would NOT miss it. Now that Veronica Mars is in reruns it's the only show that gets me really EXCITED. American Idols down to the boring bunch and I gave up on everything else. Psyched, psyched. I think it will be Joanie - they're just beaming upon her and she looked kind of like Jerry Hall in that swimsuit shot. JH being MUCH more important than Janice Dickinson! puhlease.

Too bad, cuz ah wuz rootin for mah girl danielle

I am so happy I can continue to watch ANTM!

And I will forget "jade". Uck.
WOW! That was sooooo hard! But either way, I was going to be thrilled with the outcome!

I love that Danielle won!

BUT, this is NOT the last we will see of Joanie! I think Covergirl will hire her anyway. Her pictures are just amazing!

Well, Whammy - your girl got it!

I was 100% sure it'd be Joanie, then the final deliberation came, and they sent that poor girl out in that UNFORTUNATE getup, and I saw how luminous Danielle looked, and I thought ... hmm. Can they overcome their prejudice against her accent?

Good on 'em for doing it. I loves me some Joan-girl, but she will FLY like a lark, and we will see her far beyond reunion shows. Such a beauty.

It was a real joy, too, to see how much warmth there was in this show. Between the girls, between the judges. It had to be the most emotional, kindest, most *actually* "beautiful" finale ANTM's ever had. Those two women were absolutely gorgeous in their behavior and grace.

(Also, I laughed my TAIL off when they edited Jade's pick out on one of her pretentious *snaps* - I'm sorry, but that was HIGHlarious. Second best exit, but not because of her actions. Hee.)
I had wanted Jade to win, but I think Danielle deserved to win out of who was left. The thing I was thinking about was how Joanie would be hating on Jade, and Danielle would tell her she didn't have time to worry about other people. Danielle played it right from the episodes I saw she pretty much stayed away from much of the drama.
This was the best finale I've seen, I think....even though I wished it was just a tad longer. Both girls deserved it, and both are warm-hearted motivated women. I'm proud of them both, and so glad that after all of Tyra's speech speeches, that they gave her a shot anyhow. I hope that Joanie continues in modeling on her own, I bet she can do very well also.

Danielle cleary won the runway though - she was working IT...although, I thought they gave danielle the prettier outfits.

I'm so proud of my girls!!
I won't lie, I am disappointed.

after they cut jade, I said ' ok, either one of them would be ok bc I love them both' but in the end, my heart fell.

danielle did have a much better walk than joanie;
that long-legged strut! joanie looked down and kind of hunched over and uncomfortable. was that a hat or did they do that to her poor hair in the last outfit?

I totally agree on the heart that was in this season, the 2 finalists were both good, mostly decent, determined beautiful women and the judges too, were better than I expected.

maybe from these 2 new models we'll actually see things in print and tv beyond just in clips of next season? YaYa in the cell phone commercial is the Only one I recall from all the seasons so far. ( & she Is pretty & speaks well.)

hey! I just thought of something really positive to come of all this..
for Next Season, it'll now be DANIELLE doing those " My life as a Covergirl" infomercials insteady of nasally no personality nicole! yah yah! and won't it be interesting to see how far Danielle's speach has progressed by then?
she really does seem determined and I think she's going to kick ass once she gets a better handle on it.

== freckle is now leaving the building - *snap*!

Yeah Danielle!!!!
She looked so bee-yOOO-tiful last night, like young Tina Turner!
Yayy, Danielle! Joanie still has a career. She just has to get used to her own teeth. Right now she's like Carol Burnett playing the old lady whose dentures aren't fitting properly
That was great!! I was SO happy Danielle won. She just got more and more beautiful as the show went on. And she was SO happy. I really loved how the two girls really got along at the end too. When they held hands and Danielle said "Ebony and Ivory." Aww...
Did anyone read today's article in the Slate?

Remember Bre with the "New Yawk" accent from last cycle and how Tyra wanted her not to posh it up so much? Just the opposite with Danielle. And I don't recall her telling Adrianne to sound a little less white trash.

(Not trying to turn this into a discussion over race, especially something as trivial as ANTM.)
okay, can someone please put some bangs on Tyra? That fivehead really geeks me out.
AH Haa haaa!
That's funny. I was watching her talk show one day (Which I absolutely HATE) and I was thinking the same thing. I think she sometimes looks like a drag queen. I think that bangs would soften her look up a bit.
that was really interesting curious, and called out what tyra has been doing throughout.
I noticed Tyra stopped. ev.ry. word!

Someone must have ridiculed her.

Now she needs to get the memo about dropping the psychotic glare every time the girls enter the elimination room
Curioushair, actually, they did get on Adrienne's ass about her accent pretty badly. Remember the "pya-shun" episode ... ?

Thing is, Tyra said something telling when she was bitching about Danielle's drawl. She likes so very much to pretend she's (a) ghetto or (b) southern [a laughable posture, to be sure] - and yet, even as she pretends to identify with the ghetto girls, she is harder on their speech than anyone else's. I can't remember precisely her wording with Danielle, but it was an extremely obvious case of embarrassment-by-"association". Psychologically, she seems to believe she has something in common with Danielle - and that is what made her more vicious about the accent thing. Nicole's accent, as so many have noted, is abysmally ugly, and yet never a word was said. Danielle seems to hit too close to home for Miss Tyra.

Which is pretty funny, given she's Californian, and has no more in common with our filial southern girl than she has with me. And less.

Tyra has *always* over enunciated every word on this show. I've been doing an imitation of her fantastically over-the-top "Congratulations. You're still in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Model" for years now, literally. The almost automatonic movements of her eyes and mouth are high-larious entertainment.

(Oh, and - am I the only person who was surprised to learn that her signature squint is supposed to be a smile without her mouth? I always thought that expression was misguided, but hearing that she imagines it's "warm" cracked me up. It has looked like dry eye problems to me for years and years ... See also - that psychotic glare, Whammy!)
Maimy, I'm glad you brought up her eye movement. It drives me nuts!!! It is trying to look really focused, or really intense, or what?

Grrrr.... Tyra!
She says it's smiling without using your mouth. Color me stunned. I never would have gotten that, seriously.
The other day my friend and I spent a good half hour smiling with our eyes. Good times! We decided that smiling and then slowly relaxing all the muscles below the eyes is probably the best way to accomplish this feat.

Am I smiling now? How about now? Now?
one weird thing about this round of the show was the huge amount of totally un-flattering outfits/makeup jobs that tyra wore. i was quite shocked a few times. you think she would know better...

i was listening/watching to the "talk model" episode where the 3 finalists appeared, and was stunned to hear how jade was speaking to her "fans" and joanie in particular. constantly interupting people and oh so juvenile. what a way to make the world dislike her even more.
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