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I really like Danielle and Joanie. I think they both seem to take the show with a grain of salt, plus they put out wicked pictures. I would have coffee with them.

I wish, wish, wish the show would move back to New York. Its missing any form of "reality" by being in LA. Go back to smooshing them in a little "model apartment" in NY and get back to fashion please.

Found out where our little models are heading: Thailand! Should be interesting, but a fashion mecca it is not . . .

I don't think Jade would make it as a model, but I have to confess I hate her less than I used to. I almost like her a bit. I mean, she's a sore loser, but she's not a SORE WINNER which is worse. when she actually gets approval she's so happy she almost spins around and hugs herself like a little girl.

That said though, I don't think Danielle should close the gap - although if she does, okay, but it's gotta be between Danielle, Furonda, Joanie and Sarah... Sarah -- snap out of it ... Yeah, New York with them all in one room on bunk beds and going out at night with creepy guys hitting on them would be interesting.
a friend tells me they're going to bangkok

2hr special tonite!!!
ok, I was pretty suprised that nenna left tonight!
weird thing is though, I was bored w/ her from the git-go, and it took the judges several weeks into it, just when I had been liking her the last few weeks. she Brought It, but couldn't apparently Keep It. go figure?

joanie is still my girl and I heart that she hearts nigel too. they should hook up. (I'ma hafta confess in the sin bin for that!)

the 2nd half was interesting, but made me dislike gina moreso bc of her biting. what was her Problem? I don't see how the other girls didn't just gang up on her and beat her down. not saying jade was ever right in targeting her but...
It was Nnenna?!?! I recorded it and cut off the last two minutes. Wow. I'm pretty surprised. But maybe she will make it on her own. Without cameras recording her every move she won't be seen as so boring and/or snob-ish. I really like Joanie. She's my favorite, which is so weird b/c I never even noticed her until a few episodes ago. I loved the mermaid idea though. So pretty. But, unfortunately left a lot of the girls looking very awkward. Not Joanie though (!!) or, surprisingly, Jade.
I have to admit, I really wasn't that surprised about Nnenna getting the boot. I knew it would be either her or Furonda, and I actually thought it might be Furonda instead but I thought they both deserved to be in the bottom two.

Personally, I hope that Joanie and Danielle are in the top two. They're my favourites!
Ok, so I didnt see the show but I looked at the website.
Danielle has the gap closed?! Man, I'm bummed on that. There were no pictures of it on the site, how did it look?
I'm surprised Furonda beat out Nnenna. I think Nnenna is more model and Furonda is more actress. Oh well.
Danielle's photo was another ace. She kinda looked like Gabrielle Union.
Joanie finally does a photo where she isnt being goofy!
Sara looked the same as always. Jade's body looked good but still has an old face. If she wins it will be very weird.

Oh, and who is gina moreso?
gb I meant finding out that that she Bit People made me dislike her even More So :-)

danielle's closed gap isn't totally closed, there's still a tiny bit of space maybe _ or 1/2 of that maybe? you can see it if you're looking for it but truthfully they didn't show her mouth a ton after she got it fixed, which didn't seem fair.
I'd be totally cool with Danielle and Joanie as the top two. I'm thinking (pure speculation) Furonda will be eliminated next, then Sarah, and Jade.

I dig Furonda, but she's gotta go.

Did anyone watch the clip show? The Jade-isms were classic. (I wish I had written them down.)
I loved when Twiggy pointed out to Jade that she contradicted herself because I did just before. Come on now..."Don't just a book by it's cover. What you see is what you get."
I was shocked at first when nenna got the boot, but then when they went through showing all her photos - they were *all* the same, and although she is amazingly beautiful, she only had one facial expression in every shot. Now she's home with her loser boyfriend.

I would *love* Danielle and Joanie to be the top two as well, I like them both so much! I, too, was sad when Danielly got her gap worked on, but if she really did want to work in the industry, she'd have to do it anyway, and you might as well have Tyra foot the bill.
Aw, SHIT. I watched the show, saw the ad for "next on", and changed channels or turned it off or something, because I thought it was next "week". POOPY.

(Miss Jay has been bored with Nnenna all along, and vocal about it.)

I was amused at Twigs stating she didn't dig Jade, because on several occasions she has licked that girl's ass in the most inexplicable manner. Nice, hypocrite.

Jade did not annoy me once this week (though I apparently missed a chunk in the clip show - boo!).

Happy to see the end of Nnenna. (As she goes home to get well and truly DUMPED by that boyfriend when he sees the show!) Though I do agree Furonda should get a SAG card toot-sweet, I just enjoy watching her more. Funny, week #1 I thought she was going to annoy the piss out of me. But she's kind of cute.

Joanie owns. *Ooooowwwns*
Like everyone, I kind of love Joanie and Danielle and superwant them to be the top two. I think Jade will be in the final three (they always keep the villian until the end) and that Sara will go home next week, followed by Furonda.
Are they going to re-play the behind-the scenes episode on Tuesday? I hope so.

I really don't like Furonda. She is so sharp and bony looking. And I hate the way she stands with her feet r e a l l y far apart and toes pointed way in. Like she bracing herself from getting blown over by someone breathing. I think she will go next week.
I love Joanie & Danielle, I really though Nneena would have made it to the final three.
I was kind of shocked Nnenna got thrown off. Although I was starting to get annoyed with her, I figured THEY would like her.

You know Sarah and Jade will not be #1. Furonda has to not be so glum. It really looks as if she's not eating -- skinny is one thing, but it looks like she has no energy and is bummed all the time and can't think -- which goes beyond just being naturally skinny and implies she's not eating enough.

She's cute though, really beautiful, and it's a bit hypocritical of the show to demand the girls not be anorectic or bitchy or drinking alcohol when in real life, real models can be that way all the time.
I'm rooting for Jade. I know she's a b*tch, but I think she is the most attractive one. I wouldn't mind if Danielle won.

Furonda is very bony, and just too cocky. There's a difference between being confientt and being cocky, and she is way too cocky. Ok, I know Jade is cocky too, but I still like her.

Sarah and Joanie really bore me.

I was glad to see Nnenna gone, she just was so annoying with her constant talking to her boyfriend.
I can't believe Jade just said "I don't have an ounce of arrogance in my body."
(Raskel - I laughed with EVERYONE who's mentioned her. Heh.) Ahh, but what a delightful week. First we get the absolutely exquisite quote, "All I smell is bitch,", then - seriously - Best. Exit. Ever.

Furonda, beautiful - get your ass a SAG card, and entertain us like only you can. All, all, all the best to you, feisty.

I did like Jade's hair in one of the first private interview shots; she had straightened it. First time since they blond-pubed her head she's looked as good as she did with it in her own original, natural style. Not to steal her favorite line about herself, but the way it was before the makeover was very versaTILE.

*Still sort of bored with Sara*
I'm hoping for Joanie, Danielle at a second choice. Screw Jade. Not only do I think she's a moron, but she's an arrogant bitch (despite what she may think of herself). Sara is BORING.
Omigawd! This episode was the best of Jade-isms!
First she calls the elephants, "preposterous" (I dont think she knows what that means) then she says the elephants are "from the dinosaur family you know!". She must be from George W.s family, say anything with confidence and it must be the truth!

Danielle continues to blow me away. I think she is beautiful and has great control of her body. I wish Tyra would stop trying to Beyonce-fy her though! I dont think shes trashy-ghetto but more humble-ghetto and I like the way she talks. They should leave her alone.
I completely agree with Raskel. Joanie is my first choice, if not her then I'll be happy if Danielle wins. I'm really hoping that Jade gets kicked off next week. She annoys the hell out of me!
I really thought jade would go last night, based on the blahness of her last few shots. she's o k, but nothing inspiring and last night to me really demonstrated that they were keeping her there to up the drama. she kept talking about 'not seeing joanie as a threat bc she's really not at my level' and that's right! she's way ABOVE - snap! the dinosaur comment just cracked me up. - does she seriously not Ever think before she speaks?

I wish they'd get off danielle's back about her speech. yes it's a little rough, but have you listened to MZ Jay speak? paid attention to her ups and down's and twangs and drags of modulation?
yah d's a little back-woodsy sounding, but 1) what have they done to even advise her to improve besides yell and make fun, and 2) at least she doesn't make shit up or use it totally incorrectly.

joanie,, how do I adore thee? let me count the ways.. sarah and the copying poses on the elephant, low. what- all of a sudden, sarah suddendly recognises what a "good pose" looks like and says "psst! I want to do some of That."
she really is pretty but it just doesn't feel like she's real clued in or feeling it.

I'm w/ maimy on high praise for furonda when she left the room last night. rock it as you walk out & let them remember w/ regret what they lost!
- how long before we see her on a sit-com?

we're down to danielle, joanie, sarah and jade now yes? I'd be ok if danielle won too.
Elephants are preposterous! They're part of the dinosaur family, you know!

I love it!
Why is Sarah still there?!?! Why is Jade still there?!?! The judges are getting dumber with every season!
I LOVE Joanie. My money is on her. My jaw dropped when Sara copied her poses. I mean, if you're gonna do it atleast don't do it right in front of her. How pathetic.
I felt soo bad for poor Danielle in the hospital and no one even noticed because they were too busy arguing. However as Twiggy (I think) said queasy looks good on her. She looked beautiful on the dinosaur...umm, elephant.
I LOVE JOANIE !!! She is beautiful, I can not believe the photo she turned out ! Sarah copied her. I dont think Sarah gets it but her photo rocked. Lets not forget Danielle I really admire her determination. I would have much rather see Jade go last night her picture was the WORST ! I agree they are keeping her for the drama. Furonda had the best exit in ANTM history. I dont think that will be the last we see of her.
i think Jade's skin makes her look like a Meth Head.
Jade looks jaundiced because of her horrible, pee-colored crew cut.
Now THAT is definitely curious hair ...


Sorry, CH ... I could not resist.
Okay I am watching last weeks episode. JADE IS AN IDIOT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I am very enlightened to know that Pacyderms are the only mamalian family related to dinosaurs~~~!!!! They are so big, they are prepostorous!

Joanie's cute, but sometimes she looks a little inbred to me. It's the mough thing, I think. Even with her new dental work, her mouth still seems a little too small for her face.
Danielle is my favorite. And I think her accent is cute!
Yeah, I feel the same about Joanie, but she takes great pictures, I would say she and Danielle are really in tune with their bodies and their poses. But, if I had to pick who *looks* like a model to me, it is Sara, even though she is boring. She needs to do some Yoga and get in touch with her inner self to be more confident. If she doesn't win, I guarantee Elite, or some other big company will snatch her up.

I think it is funny how Jade keeps saying she is not threatened by Joanie, because Joanie is not "on her level".... Bawahahahahahaha! Joanie out performs Jade on everything.

I think Jade is dog ugly, and I don't know who decided to color her hair cat pee yellow, but it is grody to the max!
The makeovers are Tyra's, all the hideous dye-jobs and ratty weaves. She gave Eva the same dog pee hair color, but it looked better on her than it does on Jade. Probably has something to do with the permanent bitch face.
I can't see Sara making the top two. I'm kind of surprised she's made it this far. Her features look rubbery to me, and she still seems a little ungainly and uncomfortable.
Plus, they really don't seem to like Sara either. It's strange because they approached her and asked her to try out, and now they don't like her. Oh, fickle judges!
i think jade looked so much better, softer and prettier with her natural hair colour. though she also looked good, i think it was last episode, when she had it flattened. but i hate the pee colour on her, too.
Okay, after seeing tonight's episode, I have to admit Jade does have the best swimsuit body. But the face is still...scary.

If only she could wear the chipmunk head all the time.
OK Jade can pose but I cant get past her old looking face. I can not see her pushing make-up for cover girl.
"If only she could wear the chipmunk head all the time."
I was thinking that too! I was like, "ahh, shes cute!"

I think its funny that Tyra is ragging on Danielle like, "she cant talk like a Cover Girl." Then they cut to a commercial with Nicole, who cant either, and she won! So, um, humdrum, stuffed up, no inflections, suburban voice is better than husky, deep-south, ghetto-hillbilly voice? bah.
delurking here...
greenbean- my husband was saying the same thing about their voices!!!he is now convinced the show is racist.
jade should just not speak. she always says stupid things. and when she talks about how centered and above it all she is it makes me scream.
she looks like an old lady. and not in a good way.
i really really really hope danielle wins.the show needs someone exciting!
and how lame IS nichole. when she was talking about paris, she sounded all board. who sounds bored about paris? blandsville i tell you!
I LOVE Danielle!
when she was riding around in the tut-tut, trying to give directions to the driver, saying things like " I know wit da way MY Luck is, next sign I'ma see is 'Wel-come to KorEah.' " and then when she was ready to get back to their starting point " do not pass go. do Not collect 200-dollas"
but I didn't think she really rocked any of the pictures last night, which is kinda off for her bc she's usually so strong. I'd so be ok if she won. she's got the best personality & attitude of the group.

joanie looked younger in her beach photo, twiggy mentioned it and I thought so too.
Younger. did you hear that Old lady Jade ?
dogpee yellow totally.
toss that chipmunk head on her and be gone.

saktii, I do see what you mean about joanie looking inbred, but I still love her.
- did y'all see how she & nigel hugged at the end of her photoshoot? I'm telling you, they're hooking up.

sara, yawn, bubye.
So, Who got kicked off? I missed it last night
Was it sarah?

Just LOOKING at her makes me want to puke.
Yes! I thought exactly the same thing when they showed the "My Life as a Cover Girl" commercial. Nicole has a HORRIBLE speaking voice! Bored and flat and nasal. I mean, it would benefit Danielle if she was able to lose the accent on cue, but it's pretty hypocritical to then cut to bored little Nicole. AND why didn't they send Danielle to a vocal coach instead of dentist, since she didn't want to go anyway. Tyra should be ashamed of herself for trying to change Danielle so much.

Jade needs to shave her head! Her hair really grosses me out. It looks like pee-soaked lamb's wool. ANd I hate how she speaks of herself in 3rd party. Could you imagine her "My Life as..." commercials if she wins? "Jade went to Paris. Paris is just tres (pronounced trrezzz) Jade." yuck.

Another thing that bothers me (wow, this show brings out ALL my cattiness)is How sloppy Joanie dresses. Baggy ripped jeans and a t-shirt with the hairstyle that I sprt most days as a stay at home mom. Can't she just brush her hair , throw on some lipgloss and something cute to wear? They must have longer than 2 minutes to get ready in the morning, right?

I do really love Danielle's personality so much though. She is SO down to earth, esp. compared to Jade. I cannot imagine her speaking in 3rd party.
I missed it too! Who was booted off?

NOT JADE, I swear if she wins, I will not watch another ANTM. I swear I won't!
I guess I'm not suprised Sarah went home. I highly doubt Jade will win, though. She's interesting looking, but in the modelling world-- she's kind of old.
I'm really rooting for Joanie to win. I kept hoping that Jade would be kicked off this week but every time I think she's doing badly she goes and steps it up!

However, at least everyone notices that she's just not really personable. I mean really, can anyone actually picture her as the face of Cover Girl?
Ha ha!! You guys crach my shit up. Jade was better with her fro. Danielle speaks just fine thank ee. It's gotta be Joanie or Danielle. It's true Nicole can't read lines well. Ack.

I'm loving Thailand. It seems they are really getting an opportunity to interact with cultural and business entities, and not just hoover up "good stuff CHEAP!!" Right on with Joanie and dancing and winning the warrior head.

So awesome.

Recover from the climate shock, Miss Danielle!
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