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Full Version: ouch ouch... err i mean, oo, oo! the teen sex topic.
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so, I'm technically not a teenager anymore (the big 2 and 0) but I am still a virgin! Damn me! well, at least in the penis-vagina sense (I'm hetero too). So I was thinking a little alkie might go a looong way. what yas think?
Hey everyone! I'm new here! My names Amanda and I'm from Cape Coral, FL. StillVeryAngry- I respect the fact that you've waited so long and your still a virgin. But, if you don't mind me asking...what's made you wait? Is it because you've never had the oppurtunity? Or are there morals standing in your way?
stillveryangry, why are you in such a rush to get rid of your virginity? i mean, for some people sex is a big emotional connection and for some sex is just sex, and there's a whole continuum in between, but do you really want your first time to be when you're drunk, and to have occurred because you were drunk? i'm 19 and still a virgin, and i don't see anything wrong with that, or anything wrong with the fact that i might still be a virgin at twenty. i guess what i'm saying is, ask yourself what it is you want, and why you think you should lose your virginity now. just, you know, you don't want some drunken fling to end up being something you regret, or to give you something to make you regret it, if you know what i'm saying
stillveryangry - yes, alcohol will affect your inhibitions, but - and this comes from the bit of me that's had drunken sex - it also inhibts your judgement, ability, and co-ordination. Drunk sex is, when your partner doesn't know your body, shit. Honestly.

What tyger said about there being a whole continum of emotions involved in sex is very very true, and unfortunately you don't know how you're going to react until you have sex. I'll confess, when I lost my virginity, I had had a couple of glasses of wine, and that did "help" me make the decision - but I was in a relationship. But ultimately the decision is yours.

emotionalgirl - welcome to bust! stop by the newbie thread and say hi.
stillveryangry, I think mornington put it very succinctly, but I wanted to add that alcohol may also affect your ability to actually have an orgasm...and if that's lacking in a casual encounter, what's the point in having it at all? ;)
still very angry,
i'm a virgin, and i actually found this thread because i'm upset about it too. i know that i shouldn't be in such a rush.. but it's hard to find support to wait. i'm 16, and i know i have time. but i respect that you haven't had sex to just get it over with. that's really the only reason why i'm waiting. and i find when i am drunk and with guys i think are hot, and they ask me to have sex.. i still say no. it's more a reflex than anything.
basically, i'm saying i wouldn't be so sure alcohol would go that far.
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