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Full Version: What bands are you currently listening to? What excites you?
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Since this seems to be the main music thread. . .

Sleater-Kinney go on "indefinite hiatus"
Well I'm glad I'm catching their show in NYC. That's the first chance I've ever had to see them, and now it'll probably be my last.

:-( :-( :-(
*curls up in corner and starts singing Night Light*
I am currently having a love affair with Roxy Music. I had never really listened to them even when I was a young 'un and remember some their last few albums being released, but for some reason, I am SOOO into them right now. 'Specially the album "Siren."
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! not sleater-kinney! i love them like i love my toes (and i really love my toes, for some reason)

in other music news, conor oberst says the next bright eyes album isn't going to be political. but conor, i love listening to you beat the prez with a verbal stick! 'when the president talks to god' makes me hot in the pants! that said, 'letting off the happiness' is my favourite bright eyes album, so maybe i'll get to look forward to more of that goodness
Zoya, if I get out Country Life, somebody is getting laid. It's right up there with Barry White as far as shagging records go.

Wow. I'm glad I got such good pics of them from the last time I saw them.
Oh my god missladyj, I love Konono no. 1! How did you find out about them?

Are you from the Boston area? They're playing at the MFA in a few weeks.
Does anyone know some good French hip-hop groups? I've been in that kind of mood lately, but I'm reluctant to buy without recommendations....
I saw RASPUTINA this weekend. They kicked ass
Does anyone like the Detroit Cobras? I just listened to Mink Rat or Rabbit--forgot what a great album that is.
I am really into the Bravery, which is wierd b/c I don't usually get into pop-like music. But they are really addictive!
GAH! Damn you, nohope! I've been wanting to see them since I got my hands on "How We Quit the Forest" many moons ago...
Oh. My. Cod.
Wolfmother is playing here in September, 4 days before the Raconteurs.
(smiles dreamily, in musical nirvana)

BTW, I got XM in my car & it's the shit! I'm finally getting to hear the bands you Busties talk about (regular radio in this town sucks) AND it makes sitting in traffic almost tolerable, if that's possible. biggrin.gif

Now, if I could see Arcade Fire & My Morning Jacket, all would be perfect, musically speaking.
I stumbled apion this band the other day CSS, they are awesome. I have been playing "lets make love (and listen death from above)" for the past could weeks tre tre good! Also not sure of the real name of the song, just kinda assuming it is that!?Heh
hello- I am in chitown, I heard about konono no.1 on NPR and rushed out to the store to get some of their music, it is fantastic.

I just saw the Refugee All Stars of Sierra Leone at a festival and they were great too. I am debating about Lollapalooza which is coming for the second time to Chicago. I went last year and Billy Idol rocked my world. As did the Pixies.

About French hip-hop the only guy I know of is MC Solaar who was on one of GURU's ( the cat from Gang Starr) Jazzmataz albums, the first one actually. I know he has a solo cd but it is already ten years old . I would also suggest Les Nubians technically they are not hip hop more soul but French and great music.
My bf put a band called the Paper Chase on my ipod. I don't know anything about them, but it's all I've listened to the past couple days.
The very best of Nina Simone is currently on loop on my ipod.

Looking forward to the new Scissor Sisters and The Killers's albums out next month and one after, respectively.
I've been taking advantage of iTunes lately-they give recommendations of other music based on other people's purchases, and also a 30 second clip of all the songs so you know if you'll actually like it.

I discovered a musician called Bibio, who makes gorgeous, complex instrumental music-there really is no genre for it, but it brings up a wealth of emotion and insipiration when I hear it.

And I've also gotten back in touch with muscians that I've always liked, but never got around to buying a full album-like Mazzy Star-her music was so so so beautiful, and her voice is just magic. Some of my favorite songs of hers are Free, Into Dust, Roseblood, Hallah, Ghost on a Highway, and Taste of Blood. Some of her music sounds almost like Patsy Cline-it has that dreamy, vintage-country music sound to it, but more ambient.

If anyone likes Siouxsie and the Banshees, you must hear Faith and the Muse. I've been listening to them for a long time, but I finally got to hear a couple more albums of theirs, and they only get better. They are a Scottish band, but a lot of their music has celtic influence, and it is mostly really beautiful, dark/gothy music. It ranges from industrial/electronic, to celtic folk music, but most of it is not categorizable. The lead singer has such a stunning voice-similar to Siouxsie's, but even more striking, full, and accented. I think she has one of the most gorgeous voices in music, ever.

And I have to mention Cocteau Twins-I didn't discover them on iTunes, but if you have not heard them, then for your own good, please check them out! They are no longer together, but they were around in the 80's and 90's. They are also a lot like Siouxsie, but I can't really categorize them, other then a very thick, sometimes heavy and grinding, sometimes light as a feather, ambient sound, and another amazing female vocalist (Elizabeth Fraser). Since the band broke up, she has done some guest vocalist work for other musicians. She sang on the Massive Attack song 'Teardrop'. The other major part of that band was the musician Robin Guthrie, who created the amazing music to accompany her vocals. He now does very cool solo 'ambient' music that is reminiscent of Cocteau Twins. I love pretty much all of their albums, but "Heaven or Las Vegas" is my least favorite. Treasure is still my favorite, and the others are all just as fabulous.

Ha, I wish I could write much better music reviews, because these musicians deserve much better descriptions, but all I can say is go listen! I won't let you down!
Love Mazzy Star and Conceatu Twins. Also, Beth Orton reminds me of Mazzy Star a little. I need to find a copy of some of their albums again. Been listening a lot to Magnetic Fields, and Pet Shop Boys have a new one out that is really good. There's a great song-- I'm with Stupid--that totally describes my last relationship. Something tells me that Neil was going through a breakup.

Been looking forward to buying an Ipod. I just found out that we get a discount at work. smile.gif

Raconters are coming in Oct! I wanted to catch The Fray, but the tickets sold out in nanoseconds! Boo....
I'm absolutely in love with Stereolab. I have their debut album, "Switched on" in my car cd player right now. Lately, I bought a D.J. Spooky cd called Dubtometry that is very cool. I've been getting into Laurie Anderson. I just bought her debut album. She amazes me. I know I'm 2 decades too late, but she really was a pioneer for a lot of Avante Garde artists today.
Ah, Stereolab. Saw them years back with Sonic Youth. Awesome stuff.
Been getting back into Scissor Sisters and Leonard Cohen lately.
My guy and I have a lot of vinyl, and we just moved, and we're throwing a party.

SOOO the vinyl was all in a hodge-podge. Higgledy-Piggledy. Helter Skelte..... oh, you get the idea. So I was separating and alphabetizing, pulling out the funnest stuff I could find and it's:

Aerosmith Toys in the Attic and Get Your Wings
Alice Cooper Killer
Bowie -- Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Space Oddity, Low
Black Flag -- Damaged
B-52s -- the red one, the yellow one, and the blue one.
Doors first album
DMZ-- Monoman from Lyres first band.
Iggy -- Funhouse, Raw Power, the Idiot, Rubber Legs
Gang of Four -- That's Entertainment!
Jimi Hendrix -- are you experienced? Axis Bold as Love
Magazine -- Correct Use of Soap
Pere Ubu -- Art of Walking, Modern Dance, We have the Technology
Jonathan Richman -- the Modern Lovers (with "Roadrunner" "Modern World" and "She Cracked") and the other one, with "New England" and "Lonely Financial Zone")
Roxy Music -- the first one, For Your Pleasure, Country Life, Stranded, and Siren -- with "Both Ends Burning" and "Just Another High" on it
Velvet Underground -- Banana Album, the two disk live in Texas compilation with the woman in th blue skirt on it, and Lou Reed's "Berlin"
X -- Los Angeles and Wild Gift
Zulus - The Zulus

Good times...

Ta-dah, the Scissor Sisters' new album, seriously kicks ass.
oh hell, wombat, i wanna party at your house!!

the new hefner boxset of unreleased songs, "catfight" is absolutely stunning. but then again, so is pretty much everything he does.

"all her faculties
all her insecurities
all her short skirts
well they look good to me
she's so punk rock
with her hair like that
lisa don't stop
putting on the puppy fat
i've got a bed that's big enough for two
maybe that two could be me and you

lisa and me gonna beat the dumb fascists
lisa and me gonna cure the crack addicts
lisa and me gonna feed the starving while we're at it
lisa and me gonna beat them alright
lisa and me gonna fuck all night"

Bunny, isn't Scissor Sisters album coming out at the end of this month? I can't wait to see them! I'm buying my tickets (they're coming in Oct) next weekend!! smile.gif
It was out here yesterday (and was imported into itunes and on ipod by lunchtime)... I have my tickets in my possession and made a £90 profit on my mistake ones!
The Fratellis, a Glasgow band who sound a bit like Arctic Monkeys meet Franz Ferdinand, have a really good sound and I'm loving Nerina Pallot's album Fires, she reminds me of Jewel.
I've got to get the new ones by:
Scissor Sisters
Dirty Pretty Things
silversun pickups
I need to pick it up. I think it's coming out next week here. smile.gif The Scissor Sisters album I mean.

Off thread topic bunny, but thanks for the myspace add! smile.gif
aimee mann
the mamas and the papas
the doors
the ronettes

i'm having trouble getting into the newer, trendy bands...everything sounds the same...maybe it's the overly complicated hair-dos...i have this theory that the more complicated the hair dos....the more the music sucks...
I've been raiding myspace for free downloads in the last days or so, and I've found so much brilliant stuff!

I'm so infatuated with the Danielson Famile, I'm very close to crying, their music so beautiful...
I also love:
Daniel Johnston
the Saints
the Thermals
the Bromheads Jacket
the Greenhornes

some freaky 60's bands:
the Peanut Butter Conspiracy
the Carrie Nations

and my favourite unsigned band:
the Charlie Parkers

and to ruin my cool, I have to admit, that the Sugababes version of I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor is probably my favourite coverversion of all time...
oh, mouse, I love Hefner too...gotta check if that box set is readily available stateside. I was just listening to Fidelity Wars the other day.
it is it is! i bought it stateside! it's SO GOOD. some of the songs he re-released as the french, but most of them i've never heard, and i'm possibly the world's number two hefner fan (my bff being number 1).
Got the Kasabian and Dirty Pretty Things.

Not sure what I think of them as yet. They were compared to mid-90s bands like the Stone Roses but Im not feeling it as of yet.

A record store nearby is going out of business, so my guy bought a New Order collected box set -- pretty awesome.

I bought another copy of Iggy Pop's The Idiot. A masterpiece. I'm looking forward to listening to it in my heavy stone, high ceilinged, leaded glass, good stereo apartment. To me it speaks of winter nights. The way he wrote it in Berlin in the 70s.

I once lived in an apartment where there were french doors to a balcolny -- the old kind, with many small panes, and there was snow falling and I lay in the dark listening to the very quiet and sweeping and scanning build up to Mass Production. It was as if I were living in a black and white world.

eta: coincidence: Joy Division singer hung himself, leaving The Idiot playing.
I'm obsessed with Cake Bake Betty. I stumbled on their myspace page about a month ago and immediately bought their cd on iTunes. They're great.

I've also been in a Wolf Parade, Tapes 'n' Tapes, and New Pornographers mood as of late. They've come back into heavy rotation.
Oh, hey, if you want a smaller, newer band, check out Saintface, from New York. Great singer, danceable, very Roxy music like, and that's saying a lot.

They have a web site.

Peeve: I hate hate HATE stuff like "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah" Whiny, nasal, chirping vocals. Lyrics about nothing. Noodly melodies -- no rhythm.

Garden State Soundtrack = Satan, if Satan lived in the dentist's waiting room.

Oh, Simon! and Oh, Garfunkel! ye begat Elliot Smith. Ye live in Tapas bars with darling young things taking pictures of each others "kicks" while attempting to find affluent mates to produce proper offspring with for all eternity, alas!
i like a couple of clap your hands say yeah!'s songs, but in general i do not believe they deserved the hype at all. and they had to grow on me too--first listen i thought it was all crap. can't stand the effing postal service.

the garden state soundtrack's only saving grace is the paul simon song. i used to like zach braff but now i think he's stupid as fuck. i have NO desire to see the last kiss (though i will admit i did like garden state. i admit it. i liked it).
I couldn't remember Ian Curtis' (singer for Joy Division, who became New Order when he hung himself)

I kept thinking: Ian McCullogh? No, that's Echo and the Bunnymen.
Ian McKellen? No, that's Gandalf.
Ian MacKaye? No, that's the hardcore guy.

Too many Ians with "k" sounds.

Maybe this belongs under "I was having a senior moment" in the Confessions thread.
and warsaw before they were joy division!
well, that explains it.

I thought "Warsaw" was one of those honkin' dance singles they had in the 80s cause it said "Warsaw/Joy Division" on it.
I'm deeply immersed in Nine Inch Nails, and I have been ever since With Teeth came out (fan since 1994). Trent is an amazing musician and live performer.

PJ Harvey--she can do no wrong

Cat Power--saw her live a couple weeks ago and her voice was sugary goodness

The Birthday Massacre--I know they've been around for a few years but I just discovered this band a few months ago and I love them
Viva voce are rather brilliant. And I have renewed my love for The Rapture.

wombat, I found Dirty Pretty Things are good when they come up on itunes shuffle, but the album as a whole gets old very quickly. Or maybe that's because my flatmate killed them dead by playing them continously.
ah, rapture. the new decemberists cd is here...

also enjoying ta-dah -- the latest from the scissor sisters.
Gah! did i mention i'm in lust with massive attack? still?

going to be dropping a lot on itunes tonight, ladies. i've feeling... ecclectic tonight
The Capricorns are pretty fun..... ummm, I just keep listening to their song, The New Sound from their myspace page.
Also, architecture in helsinki, that song with "5" in the title is catchy.
pulp's this is hardcore. great album. oh, and the velvet underground's loaded.
QUOTE(gogosgirl @ Oct 3 2006, 03:56 PM) *

ah, rapture. the new decemberists cd is here...

also enjoying ta-dah -- the latest from the scissor sisters.

how do you like the new decemberists? i had my reservations, it being a major label release and all, but it hasn't left my CD player!
Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
i now know why lyle lovett got julia roberts.

i bought and am listening to his live in tx cd. he's good. damn good.
frankly, nickclick, I would listen to colin meloy read the phone book. have you ever seen them live? I highly recommend it. but even outside of my dec-love, I really like the cd. my fave tracks right now are o valencia! and yankee bayonet, but I spin the whole thing endlessly....
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