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Full Version: What bands are you currently listening to? What excites you?
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mouse, I included The Little Baby Heffner's Christmas Song for Holland on my Christmas CD mix! I'm glad you suggested it; it's a cool song.
hee, i also included it on my xmas mix cd! and i'm in love with this boy george/antony and the johnsons version i found of happy xmas (war is over). antony's voice kicks ass, man.
Thanks mouse!

you know, i can't really get into of montreal. i saw them in london and they stunk. really. the whole schtick just seemed tiring.

thanks for the tips ladies. sometimes, i need to be tricked into listening to something new. like have it played in the background without my knowledge. now, if i can find a boyfriend who will be a dj for my life.....
antony's voice makes me cry. I love it so. And I haven't decided on Of Montreal either. I was dubious about Clap your Hands say Yeah! and Arcade Fire at the very first, but then really grew to love both bands.... so many that will come around.

I've been listening to Savath & Savalas--Apropa't, like non stop.
I just can't get enough of it, so calming... so spanish.

Been revisiting magnetic fields. Guess I needed to exhume it during this time of my life or something.
Same with Kate Bush.
kate bush! magnetic fields! oh yes!

re: of montreal.......AHHH i don't wanna be the jerk who says it but it's true true true i miss the music they *USED* to make. i like "sunlandic twins" (haven't heard anything more recent) simply on an aesthetic basis, but i wish it were another band doing it. fuck! i miss the lo-fi xylophones and the intense awkwardness...they sound like a completely different band now. which, i mean, i'm all for creative growth, and i understand that it happens, but the change is so drastic that i'm also in mourning.
back into Television, which i re-discovered while putting together my mix-tape for the swap.
everyone should listen to Ivan Ives. hes a rapper out here in L.A> hes a pretty good rapper. you can check out some of his songs on his myspace:
BAHAHAHAHHA omigod i know him. my ex used to work with him. oh sheeeeit. ha.
Ebony Bones

You can see her here live, on page four (4), Bitches, Yeah!!!:
so bunnyb, this was from a while took me a while to get into Foundations but now i find myself saucily talking to myself about bitter lemons and fitter mates. are you in the US? because it doesn't seem like itunes is offering the Made of Bricks cd and it's all expensive the other places i have looked.

current aural crush:

i LOVE LOVE LOVE daft punk and popular computer! those french sure know how to make musak!
hey gluelita, I'm in the UK so managed to pick up the album cheaply. If you don't mind a burned copy (oh BUSTies into their music are going to kill me!) then PM your details and I'll send you one.
For lack of possibly more appropriate threads, I happen to be seriously crushing on someone at the moment and was wondering if anybody could recommend some good tracks about nerd boy love. *sigh*
FischerSpooner; most specifically 'sick of tv'
Am a little late to the game but am loving The Gossip and Rilo Kiley last two CD's
the gossip. the best. glad you're catching up, lunia!

mr.nick's friend is a classical musician who is just getting into early 90s riot grrrl, so everytime we see him, he's asking me about a new band that he's just 'discovered.' we bought him a gossip CD so he can have a current raunchy grrrl rock selection.
Some current silliness on UK radio over the Pogues' Fairytale in New York has prompted me to dig out some old Pogues, er, cassettes (I should figure out how to put those on my mp3 player someday). But so fun to dig out old music!
Music Slut
- Straight Jacket Nation
- Cut Sick
- Total Abuse
- I Object
- Socialcide
i tried to get into Rilo Kiley, but everytime i hear it, it reminds me that the lead singer was that little girl who played shirley whatsherfaces's daughter in Troop Beverly Hills.
(aka, taking that movie to the guilty pleasures thread...)
ambersienna maria
MIA Kala
can't stop listening.
captain beefheart wub.gif
yeah, kala is fucking amazing. i love MIA.

and i take back what i said about of montreal. i mean, i still am really really sad that they aren't doing anything like they started out as anymore, and that is a great loss and all, but fuck, hissing fauna is kind of blowing my mind. i liked sunlandic twins okay, but it was just kind of like "oh, this is fun, but i wish another band were doing it". somehow barnes being so blatant about his nervous breakdown on hissing fauna bumps it up to a different level...i am really looking forward to the next album, which is supposedly all his alter ego georgie fruit--a middle aged black man who has gone from male to female and back to male (and then back to female again, i think? i lost track...)--and is more funk. amazingly i think i've finally forgiven his transgressions and his dropping of the cherry peel sound because somehow he's finally reached something else that i can fully appreciate.

of course, i could just as well go listen to sly stone instead....
Swati. (
The best description I've heard of her music is acoustic metal, though I just describe her as Sheryl Crow with way more hostility and cursing and sex with girls. laugh.gif I'm so freaking jealous of the west coast right now, as she's doing a bunch of shows out there starting today and I haven't gotten to see her since this summer. *pout* tongue.gif
takin it back:
the cramps. mmm. nice..
way into this band from Brooklyn called Vaz right now - I guess you'd call it um.. post metal or post noise, so so good. Also been listening to Secret Chiefs 3 - it's the current band of the guitarist from Mr. Bungle / Faith No More - and it's just.. um.. weird. but great.

oh.. and this band from minneapolis called Seawhores. Their album "Forest" is absolutely incredible. They'll take you from ambient to punk to noise to death metal in one song - and it's all beautiful sounding at the same time. sounds impossible, but it's true.
I've been bumpin Annie Lennox Songs of Mass Destruction. Awesomeness.
hey zoya, thanks for the tip. good stuff.
blood on the wall....sound alot like the pixies...

the hot melts...from the uk...coming to chicago to record their album...
just happened upon witchcraft. thought it would be cliche rock, but i like it. something captivating about it cant quite put my finger on. perhaps it's the combination of their raw/refined retro/modern sound? hmm.

I think I like Vampire Weekend. I also think they seem rather snotty and annoying, but the beats & melodies are good.

yes, coela!! priveleged white boys appropriating "world music" with lyrics like "do you want to fuck/ like you know i do" aside, DAMN catchy. i hate them, but i can't stop listening!
Omg I totally agree with the love/hate relationship with vampire weekend. They sound like pretentious snotty college boys on paper but I haven't stopped dancing to their album all day.
oooh, beach house, yes!

continuing on my never-ending john cale kick.
everyday i'm hus'a'lin, everyday i'm hus'a'lin', everyday i'm hus'a'lin, everyday i'm hus'a'lin'...rick ross wink.gif

eta: i know it's not a band, but it's music that excites me.
grace potter and the nocturnals
i am totally digging new stuff by Stephen Malkmus. He's got Janet Weiss on drums from Sleater-Kinney and Quasi! Listening to it now" target="_blank">from Myspace.
I am currently really digging Duffy.
why is it i am turned off by any band that gives themselves a more poppy/commercial edge for consumers sake? despite that, i'm diggin on the travellers. they kinda sound like a lot of stuff that's hot right now... the shins et al. however, i think cause they've got chic vox i'm on it. either way, worth checking out.
I'm digging on Betty Lavette lately. A lot.
detroit whut. wink.gif haflife
The iPod is seriously up there with fucking as top ten things people figured out.

Blue Scholars - Butterguns
The Trucks - Shattered
YACHT - See A Penny Pick It Up
The Jealous Girlfriends - Organs On The Kitchen floor
Doves - NY
A House - I Don't Care
The Wedding Present - Happy Birthday
Camper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look On the Dancefloor
Born Ruffians - Hummingbird
The Jam - Absolute Beginners
Foals - Olympic Airways
The Mew - Special
Los Campesinos - Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats
Ghostland Observatory - Ghetto Magnet
Santogold -L.E.S. Artistes (XXXChange Remix)
Lyrics Born - I Like It, I Love It
Metric - Combat Baby
The Fashion - Solo Impala (Take the Money & Run)
Neulander - Flying
Delays - Long Time Coming
Fiery Furnaces - Crystal Clear
Alex Gopher -Ce Une Gopher Party Baby
Plants - New Kind of Love
Maps -Eloise
Monon in VCF - Spider Rotation
Sloppy Seconds - Come Back Tracy
Slapshot - Back On the Map
Outlines - Just a Little Lovin'
I think AP is channelling my ipod.

mm, los campesinos...

ok, waaay too much:
laura marling
les savy fav
colin meloy
fuck buttons
get cape. wear cape. fly.
sunset rubdown
animal collective
forward russia!
nouvelle vague
THE. NEW. M83. oh man.

ETA: also, LOVE beirut, mornington!

and, lately:
cut copy
mountain goats
andrew bird "soldier on" ep
panda bear
brightblack morning light
architecture in helsinki

and, uh, peter gabriel.

i KNOW, i don't understand it either. i think it's the kate bush influence.
Holy crap, Batman. That leading Lyrics Born track (I Like It I Love It.) has a groove so deep you could trip on it. Talk about a rumpshaker. My booty is mightily pleased.

And Devotchka. One of the bestest local bands ever. I saw them countless times on the crazy cheap. So good.
i'm going to see los camp tomorrow! woo!

mgmt are the sex.
EVIL! Mornington! You shake your ass extra hard for me, girl!

I cannot stop digging Lyrics Born. It is going to be my summer song. A groove so deep you could trip over it. It makes me wish I hade a pimped out Impala & some skanky video hos to dance around me. I like it, I love it, OH!
the new Erkah Badu album is insane. I mean this in a good way

i picked up two reissues of my all time favorite chi-town punk rock band , Naked Raygun at a record fair
Jettison and Understand so bad ass.

i also got the single of Run DMC's It's Tricky, Craig Mack - Flava in ya ear , Pharcyde otha fish and Queen Latifa's Had it up to Here!

I think she should only rap. nothing else. I don't want to hear her sing, watch her hawk makeup or make movies, just rap.
missladyj, ditto on the erykah badu album. it is the true definition of album, i.e. no skipping songs or random; you must play it from track 1 forward to get the whole effect
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