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Full Version: What bands are you currently listening to? What excites you?
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anna k
Recent songs I've downloaded:

MIA's Bucky Done Gun
Paul Oakenfold's Faster Kill Pussycat with Brittany Murphy on vocals
The Dan Band's Lady and Total Eclipse of the Heart covers
The Noisettes' Malice in Wonderland and Scratch My Name
The Pipettes' Dirty Mind and Pull Shapes
R. Kelly's Sex Planet
Kelis' Bossy
Juliette and the Licks' You're Speaking My Language
Alice Smith's Woodstock
Diddy and Keyshia Cole's Last Night
Ciara's Promise

oh man totally Johnette Napolitano (the solo album Scarred not Concrete Blonde stuff). A friend sent me a link to her site.. the whole album was there free and now im 100% hooked. seriously incredible stuff. <3 her!!!
Been totally into Tori Amos-American Doll Posse. Also picked up an older Cat Power-What Would the Community Think. Love em both!
Babs- I am a huge Tori fan, but I can only like/can get through the first 5 songs of ADP. I love them, but I can't dig the rest. I think it might be a case of "it's not you, it's me", 'cause I'm just not traversing Tori music land right now. I'm like 180 degrees from it. I'm hoping I'll come around to it eventually, but right now it's been shelved. I'm saddened. sad.gif

I'm all overexcited because Constantine from American Idol is finally putting out an's not due until August 7th, but I've been listening to live recordings and some samples on the Barnes and Noble website. I think I remember that he has a few other Bustie fans...this site has a bunch of info and pretty things and whatnot:
<---obnoxious fangirl tongue.gif
Sara Bareilles. OMG FABULOUS.
I've recently become obsessed with Bloc Party (of course, I only know a few songs, but my friend is burning me some CDs).
Hey music-loving busties! I didn't know where else to post this...

I'm making a (surprise) mix CD for a few close friends of mine who are going on a road trip from here to Chicago and then along route 66 to L.A. I'm just wondering if any of you have any suggestions. I'm including songs that mention cities/states they will be passing through as well as bands from those places, as well as songs that have an American feel and just plain old good driving songs.

So far there are some obvious ones- "Los Angeles" by X, "King of the Road" by Roger Miller, "California Stars" by Wilco, "Out on the Weekend" by Neil Young, as well as songs by the Pixies, the Silver Jews, Bob Dylan, the Replacements, the Microphones, etc... I think it needs more women right now.

Any suggestions? Their tastes (and mine) favor folk, country, rock, and indie...
Edie---Neko Case, Joanna Newsom (amazingly celtic weird folky), the Bird and the Bee (more electronicy whimsical pretty), anything song by Heart, Nico "Chelsea Girl" like "These Days" or something, Loretta Lynn "Blue Kentucky Girl", Rosebuds (selected songs), *Metric*,

ohhh.. and Electrolane is neato, too. Camera Obscura? Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album is nice. France Gall, Francois Hardy, or old Brigitte Bardot is fun.

Dang... I could on for days. My new crushie has XMradio, and I've been hearing lots of new stuff, as well as expanding what I like musically. There's more I've come across that I like, but I forget!

Neko Case, Catpower, the Kills, Joanna Newsom, Loretta Lynn, Heart, and Nico for sure, though.. IMO. Some classic, some may be new for them... Feist kicks it hard... sigh, I love I love.

Otherwise, I've been on the Bird and the Bee,
Cinematic Orchestra's new one(first track makes me cry every time)
Electrolane (reminds of Liliput a bit),
Cibelle (brazillian lounge stuff),
Bebel Gilberto (Astrud Gilberto's daughter),
Feist-the Reminder... I freakin love that album. dang, again I must say it.
Metric's new album,
Bjork's new album... I cried.

No new rock or punk really to report, though...
Edie-I'm sure it's an obvious choice but any of the sufjan stevens "state" albums would be obviously a great choice. Particularly anything off of the Illinois album.

Has anyone here heard the new Voxtrot Cd? I just got it and haven't had a chance to listen, but was wondering what tracks would be good to start with.
Oh yeah, I neglected to mention it, but I'm including a track from "Illinois." Probably "Decatur." Not sure though.

And moonpie, I'm a huge Neko Case fan. But for some reason I've been having a hard time choosing a song of hers for this mix. Maybe because said friends are not really fans, so I want to pick just the right one.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Wow, edie, what a great idea!

Some possibilities for road trip songs...

-I'd actually recommend "Chicago" from the Illinoise album. One of their destination cities, plus it has a nice sort of majestic beat that suggests road-trippiness (which is probably part of why it got used for one of the scenes in Little Miss Sunshine)
-"Driving on 9", the Breeders (from their Last Splash album)
-Tori Amos's album Scarlet's Walk is actually supposed to be structured around a road trip. I like "Don't Make Me Come to Vegas" and "A Sorta Fairytale" from that album.
-Cyndi Lauper's version of "I Drove All Night" is awesome and has a nice driving beat to it too.
-Devotchka is a Denver band that honestly doesn't *sound* American but has a lot of great songs, several of which are good for driving..."The Enemy Guns", "We're Leaving" are a couple faves...
-Veruca Salt is from Chicago - personally, I prefer their old stuff (pre the Nina Gordon/Louise Post breakup) like "Seether" and "Volcano Girls."
-"Go West," Liz Phair (another Chicagoan).
-"Diamond in the Rough," Shawn Colvin
-Melissa Etheridge - Kansas girl with lots of great songs for driving....
-Sheryl Crow is from Missouri and has several songs that might work for the mix...
-Since they'll be going through Texas, definitely recommend some Dixie Chicks.
-"America," Simon and Garfunkel
-"Ring of Fire," Johnny Cash (written by June Carter Cash)

Anyway, just a few thoughts...sounds like it's going to be a great mix!
Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, sidda! I actually already included "Go West" by Liz Phair, but forgot to mention it... and I can't believe I didn't think of Driving on 9!

It's almost done. I'll post the final track list soon. Oh, and I found an awesome photo in an old copy of National Geographic for the cover. It's an aerial shot of a car on a desert road.
Bif Naked

Not much else on rotation lately.
oresomom! haven't seen you in a while.

it's interesting that those are the bands you've been listening to; i've been screening a lot of records on through their media player, and many of the times, for example, if i'm listening to feist, the other two will show up under the "listeners who bought feist also bought..." section.
i think i found this record label through bust.. but check it.

all my type'a shit in one place. beautius.
cherish the ladies

they're always fun. i get lots of ideas from them.
QUOTE(knorl05 @ Aug 22 2007, 10:06 PM) *
i think i found this record label through bust.. but check it.

all my type'a shit in one place. beautius.

Nicky Click is on that label! We're not related. But she seems cool. I'll let her share my name. We'll race to see who gets famous first.
ok how come i haven't heard about the cliks before??? seeking background noise while working (procrastinating) on a project i just switched to late late show with craig ferguson and was confronted by the musical guest. oh, great, another boring post-post-post-punk neo-disco pseudo-emo band with a lead singer who wears eyeliner. great, like we need another pete wentz. christ. wait. this is a REEEEALLY femmy guy. holy crap, is this a mainstream band with a GAY lead singer? on network television? WOW! i have to find out more about this. wait. this is not a gay boy. wait. no. there is no way. this isn't going to happen for at least another five years. BUT IT IS. FUCK SHIT DAMN HELL PEOPLE there is a mainstream band that gets booked on the goddamn craig ferguson show, signed to a major label, playing on stupid mainstream radio and the fucking lead singer is a TRANS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING CRAP i cannot even begin to expound on how mind-blowingly awesome i think this is. i just wish their music didn't kind of suck. BUT HOLY CRAP! LET'S FUCKIN CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!
how the hell did i get along this far without ever hearing gogol bordello?!! i saw them on jimmy kimmel last night, even though it was just on as background noise, and their music immediately perked my ears up. i absolutely love it!
I love Gogol Bordello! I have not seen them live, but from the energy that I have heard in them, I bet they would be an amazing live show!

I have really been in to John Vanderslice the last few weeks. He is playing a show soon and I really can't wait to see him.

Other bands/Artists I have been listening to of late:
The New Pornographers
The Rentals
Dirty Projectors
St Vincent
I was brought up on country music...put in a protective bubble of an 80s fundamentalist family...unleashed in college with no social skills...rebelled after college and finally found myself, and have since made peace with my roots.

I love love love...

Gillian Welch
Dar Williams
Mary Gathier
Adrienne Young
and a few others....

Hey, princessdander, I saw the Dirty Projectors in Montreal last month and tey were so so good. I think they were just beginning their tour, so maybe you saw them too? I don't know when they were going through Chicago.
Lately I have an obsession with the Black Lips, they seem like they would be so crazy live.
beat the devil. AMAZING, people!!
anyone else get the new PJ Harvey, White Chalk?

if it wasn't by Polly Jean, i may like it better. but from her, i want more guitars, moaning, loud... you know, rock.
Haven't listened to it all the way through yet, nickclick, but I get you... I wanted angry like some of my favourite tracks from Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea or Dry not mellow/depressing.
Kings of Leon
Eagles of Death Metal
Merrady (i caught her set at Niagra 2wks ago - )
Queen V ( i work for her smile.gif check her out: )

and i can't help ALWAYS having Sirius' '90s Alternative Channel constantly on at work.
anna k
The Mendoza Line
Joan as Police Woman
Gwen Gunthrie's "Ain't Nothing Going on But the Rent" (funky 80's dance jam)
mashups of Timberlake/AC/DC and Nelly Furtado/Michael Jackson
Go West "We Close Our Eyes" (80's pop)
Black Nasty's "Nasty Soul" (70's soul)
Gang Starr "Prayers"
MC Lyte "I am the Lyte"
remix of Biggie's "One More Chance"
The Roots "Silent"
Mark Ronson's Version
Karen Dalton (60's folk singer)
(cross-posted to General Knowledge, Mix Tape Swaperoo, and A Day to Remember)

Hello! So my question to you all concerns wedding music. I need help coming up with fast and slow songs that would be appropriate for a lesbian wedding - i.e., no "Cause I'm your lady...and you are my man". The invitees will be very mixed, from our crazy friends to relatives for whom this will certainly be their first gay wedding, so we want a good mix of music that will appeal to everyone - some classics, some things you wouldn't expect. Here's our list so far (it's short...we're having a tough time!!) Feel free to stray out of the genres represented here...we like everything!
Dance Songs (Slow)
Beatles – Something
Joan Osborne – Make You Feel My Love
Del McClinton – Sea of Love
Flamingoes – I Only Have Eyes For You
Dance Songs (Fast)
Abba – Dancing Queen
Blondie – Heart of Glass
Joan Osborne – How Sweet it Is
Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours
Other Cute Songs
Aqualung – Brighter than Sunshine
Queen – You're My Best Friend

I would love to hear your suggestions!!!
hey alis1nner, i hope you got some musical ideas worked out...can't say that i have any idea right now. for some reason polyesther bride by liz phair sounds kind of fun.

keren ann, lay your head down:
keren ann, it ain't no crime: (ff to 6:06 for the music, or catch the interview at the beginning if you speak/like the sound of hebrew)

charlotte gainsbourg, the songs that we sing:

& destroyer, rubies (sorry no you tube)

taken by trees:

the postmarks:

kate nash song from grey's anatomy that i had to find bc i liked it:

the clientele:


I swear 50 of the 497 or so plays of this song are mine, haha. I'm wild & crazy in love with Craig Template!

what's everyone else (in the world) listening to?
I'm psyched to try some of these new bands. I need to have my love of Dave Matthews Band beaten out of me. Don't judge me...
gawd, kayla, no you DO NOT need the love of Dave Matthews Band kicked out of you. SACRILEGE! You will find yourself in good company here with people who have even seen Dave LIVE! biggrin.gif

gluey, the kate nash album is really good. Check out her first single "Foundations", which rocks my socks.

these guys are incredible. neo-hasil adkins type dirty redneck rocknroll punk-rock-fuck-all sensibility. slide guitarist who jumps into the audience to do a tight little shuffle across the floor, playing kickass harmonica and yelling through an old fashioned mic, the drumset is made of scrap metal junk (think a pile of license plates on a cymbal stand) which the drummer hits with wooden dowels instead of drumsticks. he broke SEVEN dowels during last night's 45 minute set. insanity. plus they're REALLY fucking hot.
re: restaurant music
i like it. but they're from victoria?!! no way! victoria is like...shitty little victoria! lol awww *momentarily longs for texas*

i barely discovered blitzen trapper this week. i've heard their new cd a good 4 times already. they rule.
i've been hardcore digging maynard james keenan's new experiment:

don't be put off by the album title, it's good stuff; the yummy industrial that i've been craving.
I like this thread, it gives me ideas for music smile.gif.

Right now I've been rediscovering Poe, and am digging on Gogol Bordello (fucking awesome live) and Bedouin Soundclash (also a good live band).
FUCKING *BATTLES* dudes!!!!!!! i have been blown away by these guys for a couple months now, forgot to mention em. christ. BATTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!

animal collective.
JOHN FUCKING CALE (esp. the album he did with eno)
architecture in helsinki.
beat the devil.
jose gonzalez
antony and the johnsons
ariel pink
tender forever

ugh, i tried downloading battles a few days ago, and it won't open. now i gotta try again. grr.

i heart antony and the johnsons. and architecture in helinski.

spoon's ga ga ga ga ga album. radiohead's in rainbows.

re: white chalk, it's grown on me quite a bit. the devil, grow, and silence are my faves. why is it so SHORT, though?!
Ditto on both Architecture in helsinki and Animal Collective
Right now I am listening to...
Tilly and The Wall
David Bowie-Low
Bats for lashes
Kate Bush
The Sugarcubes

I'm also really in the mood to make a mix tape. But nobody wants tapes anymore, I hardly know anyone who owns a cassette player anymore. CDs just seem so impersonal.
lilpink, check out the bustie mixtape swaperoo thread in friends and family--we're starting a new pool! i'd be happy to swap tapes instead of cds if you want. i totally hear you on the "je ne sais quoi" of tapes vs cds. i miss mixTAPES.
it took me a few listens, but i'm diggin' the mizzou rapper tech n9ne now...

and, i know i'm about 10 years too late to the party on this one, but i'm really into the crystal method's 1997 album Vegas (aka, the American Chemical Brothers)
wow mouse. you are crazy mad about the battles. laugh.gif they sound good. i missed them playin here. and hey, who's the band you were excited we heard at the bar? they sounded cool.

so, i'm grateful for my friends who are equally dependent on music like me. especially those with their ears to the ground and are able to turn me onto new music. cause i can be stuck in certain music modes.

dirty projectors and sunset rubdown i've been listenin' too.

and i second the animal collective. esp. the new cd. winter wonderland is my fav song off their new cd.
i love sunset rubdown!
right now i'm on a SERIOUS blitzen trapper/pj harvey/of montreal kick. i can't get enough.
jessie evans
star: HEFNER! aka darren hayman, who someday i WILL get to have sex with. i have probably gushed about him a lot here before, and anyone who's gotten a mix cd from me probably has gotten two or three darren hayman songs on there. i believe the song we heard was "hymn for the cigarettes".

sunset rubdown are stellar. better than wolf parade by far, imho.
right now i'm into sally shapiro (super twee disco pop, and seemingly involved with the dude who's behind nixon (the scandinavian pop band, not the mid-90's midwestern band) and who i LOVE), magazine (old stuff but so fuckin good), and the album john cale did with brian eno, "wrong way up".
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