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Full Version: What bands are you currently listening to? What excites you?
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i guess i'm going thru an old music phase cos of spring:
nat king cole trio
sister rosetta thorpe
buck owens
bobby darin
(maddox brothers and) rose maddox
raymond scott
louis jordan
anna k
New Songs I Downloaded That I'm Digging:

Missy Elliott remix of Crazy in Love (dirty and funny)

Bettye LaVette Sleep to Dream and I Feel Good All Over (which I thought would be a cover of the Stephanie Mills song but was something different, though still good)

The Gossip Are U That Somebody (I assumed that The Gossip were a loud feminist punk rock band, so I was surprised at how smoothly and softly Beth Ditto sang this Aayliah cover, which had rock instruments but still kept the R&B flow)

Karen Dalton Same Old Man (her voice is so blues and old-sounding, it's hard to imagine that it came from a white artsy-looking woman in 1960s Greenwich Village)

Prince Adore (so so pretty and lovely)

Missy Elliott ft. M.I.A. & Vybez Cartel Bad Man (love M.I.A.'s part, the marching band section, and how seductive and intimidating Missy can sound)

Amy Winehouse and Ghostface Killah - You Know I'm No Good (the song is getting overplayed, but I like Ghostface's part to break up the song's pattern)

Alice Smith Dreams (this song slowly weaves me in until I'm amazed by her strength and her vocal range at the end of the song)
I am all about Amy Winehouse, rehab
I have been going to youtube to watch videos
she is a total badass

Melvins - stonerwitch is in heavy rotation these days
Love Amy Winehouse saw her video last week on IMF and ran out to download the CD ( on itunes) . Also really diging the Grinhouse soundtrack .
Amos Lee.
Regina Spektor (Love driving Le Man crazy with her cause he hates her music).
Old Offspring.
Anything by Tiesto.
Kathleen Edwards.
The Good, The Bad, and The Queen.
Snow Patrol.
Oh and The Fray are my guilty pleasure band, currently.

People think my musical tastes are a bit on the stupid side, but to each her/his own.
come on eileen
The Only Children, Paramore, Senses Fail (I'm obsessed with them right now)
Mimi LaRue
Most recently I downloaded Tv On the Radio from Itunes-pretty kick ass. Lately I can't get enough of Rachael Yamagata though, she is wonderful! I have also downloaded Last Kiss Sndtrk and The Shins new one. I get on my kicks where I only want to listen to certain artists... I had a bout of Badly Drawn Boy that lasted for months and also a fever for the Rufus Wainwright that lasted a very long time.
Has anyone heard the new Kings of Leon? I've heard 2 songs & really liked them both.
Regina Spektor, Soviet Kitsch

am listening to Ghost of Corporate Future right now, I so love this song...I swear toward the end of the song she starts sounding almost exactly like Freddie Mercury with the piano and the voice and the singing style it totally sounds like you're listening to something off Queen's 'A Night At the Opera', ?!
New cds by The Pierces, The Bird and the Bee and Amy Winehouse.
Neko Case and Rachael Yamagata are making me very happy right now. Patty Griffin too.
ooo i've been stalking the pierces on myspace and itunes; i haven't bit the bullet and bought it but i like what i hear so far...
I've heard good things of the pierces too.

otherwise... The Maccabees... and the rest of that scene; Kate Nash, Lily Allen and New Young Pony Club particularly. And as a result, loving LDN Is A Victim. And Dan LeSac vs Scroobius Pip's "Thou Shalt Aways Kill". video here. Clearly, I am getting into the east-london fash scene and should be shot.

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Anybody else digging

The Fratelli's (Costello music album)


the lovely
Mark Geary
QUOTE(Mimi LaRue @ Apr 19 2007, 10:40 PM) *
Most recently I downloaded Tv On the Radio from Itunes-pretty kick ass. Lately I can't get enough of Rachael Yamagata though, she is wonderful! I have also downloaded Last Kiss Sndtrk and The Shins new one. I get on my kicks where I only want to listen to certain artists... I had a bout of Badly Drawn Boy that lasted for months and also a fever for the Rufus Wainwright that lasted a very long time.

Mimi, go see them live when you get the chance, they put on a hell of a good show!
i really like tv on the radio.

my favorite local band just lost all of their equipment in a fire today--listen to some of their stuff, and if you like it, buy their album. they need every little bit of help they can get, i figure. i love this band way too much to see them fall apart. (they're on myspace too)
picked up a used babes in toyland - painkillers. i'm surprised i never got into them earlier. found it in the "punk" section after i moved a gossip CD from there from the "rock" section, and moved a hole CD outta punk and back into rock.
come on eileen
The Only Children for sure!
finally got to see the living sisters perform.....eleni mandell, inara george (bird and the bee), and becky stark (lavender diamond) wearing matching glittered dresses and fake doves in their hair. if you know any of those women's other music, you know how amazing the combination would be (mornington, you would have swooned!). on that same note, lavender diamond's first full length is coming out on matador in a couple of days and i can't recommend them enough. they are AMAZING.

i saw elf power last night; i still love them! they are a little more psychedelic/rocknroll now and less playful but i still love them so much. and my coworker got me into this band called sunset rubdown which is a project by this guy who is also in swan lake, wolf parade, and frog eyes (damn, the man is busy), and i've really been loving them too.
Feist makes me feel really relaxed, and kind of feminine if that makes any sense.
QUOTE(nickclick @ May 1 2007, 09:34 AM) *
picked up a used babes in toyland - painkillers. i'm surprised i never got into them earlier. found it in the "punk" section after i moved a gossip CD from there from the "rock" section, and moved a hole CD outta punk and back into rock.

painkillers is an amazing album. i love all the bands you have mentioned....lately, i have been listening to lots of oldies..Ronettes, Bobby Fuller Four, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, also..yeah..i'm jumping on the Amy Winehouse bandwagon..pretty good stuff...
mouse, do the living sisters have an album? I saw they were perfoming in Cali, and I adore Eleni and Inara George. Eleni only annoys me because she never plays any Florida tour dates for her solo stuff. I have to check out Lavender Diamond as I've never heard of them.

I got the new Feist cd, and have been listening to that. Also been listening to lady sov because I'm seeing her on Tuesday.
mouse... damn you *shakes fist* I'm swooning. I loooove lavender diamond. I saw them play a few months back, supporting the decemberists, and no-one knew who they were, except for me, getting all worked up once I realised who they were (they weren't on the bill, until you got there)

For know particular reason... Jonathan Rice, Wilco and Le Tigre. And I must find Feist's album, as I have a new track.

I'm going to see if I can get tickets to see Of Montreal at the end of the month. That one is entirely F's fault (although mouse helped there...)
oh, mornington, i'm so glad you fell in love with them!

designermedusa, the living sisters don't have an album but the show i went to was recorded and is supposed to be available through spaceland recordings soon.

here is lavender diamond's site; if you get a chance to see them live do it--their live shows are so super joyous and beautiful. becky stark is the kind of performer who is so awesome that you would hate her for jealousy if she weren't so utterly earnest and nerdy.
Yes, Painkillers is an AMAZING album and Babes in Toyland one of the best bands of all time, in my opinion as far as originality!! Kat's voice blows me away!! I recently began selling most of my CD collection on because I have simply uploaded all CDs onto the external storage drive for my computer. But I kept all of my Babes CDs. I would recommend you check out NEMESISTERS, their final album, as well as their other 2 albums, Spanking Machine being the first and Fontanelle next. Fontanelle is the album you hear live on Painkillers of course. Enjoy ; )~
Lately I cannot stop listening to Nirvana's first album, "Bleach." I know I'm way dating myself here, but I remember seeing them right when it was first released and they were amazing. To this day, it's my favorite Nirvana album and listening to it just brings me right back there. For some reason, though, I just cannot stop listening to it lately. It still completely holds up.
Has anyone listened to Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse? I really love it...
yes, i like most of it. i was a little scared because i didn't like 'the beekeeper' so much when it came out, and haven't listened to it much since. but now both are in my car and i'm into them both.

i wish tori would lay off the drum machine, though. and believe me, i love the rockn'roll. and yes, especially nirvana's 'bleach.'

what does feist sound like? i've heard the name but...
oh zoya, i adore bleach. love buzz is such a great song! *swoon*

mornington, if you really like wilco, then i think you will like bobby bare jr. you should listen to him. wilco is great.
QUOTE(hazystargazer @ May 11 2007, 01:59 AM) *
Has anyone listened to Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse? I really love it...

I love American Doll Posse. It never fails that one of her new albums energizes me and I start to listen to all of her older albums all over again and fall in love.
Vincent Black Shadow. I went to see them by chance at club Tangerine in Vegas and LOVE them. Kind of a darker/harder No Doubt soud from the 90s.

right now, it's all about uffie, klaxons, new young pony club, cold war kids, charlotte gainsbourg, and coconut records
yes klaxons for sure. just saw !!! tonight.. great show.
my bf left an ani difranco CD in my car, i don't remember which one, something recent (bytheway, i love that he loves ani and the like). i dunno. i never got into her. i like her personally and professionally, love her lyrics and subject matter, but it's so.... ehhhh..... the music i guess. and her voice is usually annoying. get that rubber band outta your throat, ani!
... listening to two albums by Cristina Branco: Senso and Ulyses. In the Fado tradition.
Lovely voice and fantastic Portuguese guitar. Very romantic,
if that's your poison.
Cary Brothers just came and played at my school yesterday...he's got a full-length album coming out next week, so he played some new songs, plus "Blue Eyes" (sigh) and "Ride."

Anyway, not only am I eagerly anticipating Tuesday, but I ran home and listened to all the stuff of his I already had. He's so good. Somehow his lyrics and his music blend into this seamless feeling...I don't think I'm explaining it very well, but I couldn't say whether the lyrics or music are better, because they are a single entity when I listen to him.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' Rabbit Fur Coat has been finding its way into my CD player at work a lot lately. So subtly wise. Love Jenny Lewis!
I've been on a Gorilla'z binge lately, same with FatBoy Slim.
I'm currently in love with Bethany Joy Lenz. Apparently she's on One Tree Hill (which I don't watch), but I think her music is just beautiful. I'm a sucker for a girl with a guitar or a piano.

This isn't really a band per say, but I have been listening to the "Marie Antoinette" soundtrack and "The life aquatic" soundtrack as well. Both are so so amazing. I feel like seeing the movie only made them better too.
I'm on a huge Rufus Wainwright kick now--has anyone else seen his interviews? He is so hilarious and honest. I love him.
Hey -

I'm actually new here, and couldn't figure out whether I had permission to start a new thread - this isn't exactly appropriate for this one, but it IS music-related (and self-promotional...!) and maybe someone can tell me where it would fit better, if not here...sorry if not.

Anyway - I'm in a band called The Shondes ( and we're in a contest called "Last Band Standing," in which bands compete for a slot at Lollapalooza! We think it would be incredible for a feminist, queer, radical, band to join the mainstream alterna-stages and are campaigning for votes from the people we love!

So - the rules are, well, funny. You can vote *every day* from *every email address you have*. So don't vote once and then desist - vote oft! All you have to do is click on the link below, and then you'll have to check your email to verify the vote. (And note - even if you see our vote count and think we don't stand a chance - we do! We are in 134th place now, and only need to get to 100th - and we still have a week.)

Any questions? And please forward to anyone you know with desk job and a computer! Or a vested interest in seeing our smiling faces on a large and prestigious Chicago stage...!

Actually, spam isn't appropriate anywhere (but if you do want to join us, then welcome).

Right now the Arcade Fire, the Clash and Ted Leo are in constant rotation in my CD player. I feel like I'm a little late for getting into Arcade Fire, but I finally got around to buying their latest last month, then I went out and bought Funeral last week. The other two are old favorites that seem to fit my current mood.
Apologies - I had no intention of spamming - I thought it might be appropriate to ask for support for a queer band here, but I'm really sorry if I misunderstood the way the forum works.

Anyway - some great queer or feminist or girl bands I've been listening to recently? Looker (Brooklyn-based, SO great, quenchable harmonies), The Pussy Pirates (Michigan, awesome rhythm play) and the Degenerettes (campy queer garage rock from Baltimore). Also, admittedly, the new Rufus Wainwright, on repeat. It's like eating the most decadent jar of garlic-stuffed olives over and over and over....
anna k
I've been digging the Pipettes and the Noisettes. I like making mix CDs of odd choices. Like my new mix was a bunch of Aerosmith songs, King Missile's "Detachable Penis," Deadeye Dick's "New Age Girl" (aka "Mary Moon"), David Hasselhoff singing the Baywatch theme, Jamelia's song sampling "Personal Jesus" and reminding me of Rihanna's "SOS," and 60's pop like "The Boy From New York City" and "Cherish." I just like picking random stuff.
Anna, that's a fun random sampling!!

I've been obsessing over Ingrid Michaelson and Feist lately. Wilco. Elliot Smith.

And because it makes me think of my mom, Barry Manilow. Don't ask.
Have been obsessed with Arcade Fire's "neon bible" since it came out months ago. I dare say it is better than the first album.

My boy got me Lily Allen's cd which I have yet to fully listen to. She is adorable.

Kings of Leon -- gotta love my dirty southern boys-- put out a super 3rd album-- my favorite to date. They have really matured musically and lyrically. And damn have they grown into hot young men -- I feel like such a pedophile since the bassist was only 15 when they recorded their first album. Too bad they sound so dumb in interviews.
awww, I love Damien Rice. especially live~

YUI's (JPop-i listen to a lot of it) new album Can't Buy My Love is really good--better than her last one, I think. I'm always listening to and loving new JPop stuff; my favorite is Utada Hikaru.
I'm loving the White Stripes' new album, Icky Thump.
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