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Full Version: What bands are you currently listening to? What excites you?
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Um, I got the new Shins a few months ago, ahem, via a pirate friend of mine. It's exactly what you think it's gonna be. The Shins. Enjoy.
I just discovered Mazzy Star when I heard their single, "Fade into You" on the radio. It's natural, melancholy sound is truly entrancing. I have to find a CD of them somewhere.

I was less impressed with RBD's english language CD Rebels. The songs in general are decent, but nothing spectacular. My favorite songs on the CD are Tu Amor and Save Me, which are actually pretty good. However, the ones that really got me were the ones that heavily featured the voice of Dulce Maria, such as Connected and This is Love. Her voice is ultra-high and nasal, like a member of Alvin and the Chipmonks with a sinus infection. I crack up whenever I hear her.

Oh, and you guys got me curious. I'll have to check out The Shins and some of those other groups some time.
I've been listening to lots of old favourites lately. Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" a bit of Mountain Goats, some Sufjan Stevens.
Anyone else here from Australia? Very, very happy that Augie March's "One Crowded Hour" topped the Triple J's Hottest 100 for the year. If you're not familiar with the song, I suggest you download it, BUSTies. Lovely song, very beautiful. One of the best lines in it too, from any song I've heard. "should you expect to see something that you hadn't seen / in somebody you'd known since you were sixteen / if love is a bolt from the blue / then what is that bolt but a glorified screw? / and that doesn't hold nothing together," The Augies have always had a way with words.
I've just recently revisited, and am completely obsessed with listening to, "Saturday Teenage Kick" by Junkie XL. It's so damn good.

Also, I just got the "Drive" Nike running CD that the Crystal Method did, and it's hands down the best thing that I've had for running to. I love it. It makes me feel like a pro athlete when I'm on my piddly little 3 mile daily runs!!
Hi Lawnpigeon - I'm also from Australia and also happy with the number one Triple Jay song. Snow Patrol defeated!! Of course, when drunk and sitting alone, have been known to 'respond' to 'Chasing Cars'...

I saw The Pretenders this week. Goddess almighty, Chrissie Hynde is astonishing. She came, she prowled the stage, she sang like an angel and a devil and she mde a strong case for being the coolest woman on the planet. It was a transcendent experience and since then I've turfed my current faves (Midlake, The Watson Twins) off high rotation to revisit 'The Message of Love' et al.
The new Shins album is overall pretty good - the best track in my opinion, lyrically and musically, is the upbeat "Australia". I have been listening to it over and over again, dancing like a fool. "Girl sailor" is mellower but great too.
I have been listening to Amy Winehouse's Back to Black non-stop for the past several days. LOVE it! Great old school R&B sound, with very explicit lyrics (Me and Mr. Jones: "What kind of fuckery is this?")'s like what they would have been singing in the late 60's/early 70's if they hadn't had to use euphemisms to get past the censors.....
I've been listening to a lot of Asha Bhosle, Billie Holiday, and The Velvet Underground lately. My account says that the artists I listen to most overall are Peaches and Iggy Pop.
six, glad you like it! it is great.
Rammstein! For some reason, it's very effective in helping me to write better source code! Links 2 3 4 has got to be the best at getting the brain in programming mode.
Mew, definately. And El Perro Del Mar... reminds me of Dusty Springfield.
hey! i've got a question that i'm hoping someone in here can answer. i'm trying to remember the name of the woman that was in the original Le Tigre line-up (pre-J.D.). she's also a writer. she's speaking here soon, but i can't remember (or find!) her name to look her up. dang it!

any help would be super!
sadie benning
Thank you! And, I just found the info. She's speaking here for free at the university where I work on Tuesday. yay!
I'm listening a lot of Cyberrock by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara, for example the POWER HALLOWEEN CONCERT - yay, some like it wild!!!
Grrr, I have to edit this post:
This link at the moment doesn't work, you can try this one which is the direct concert link on
Google Video or try yourself a search on Google Video.
And because this "not functioning links thing" really annoys, I will add another link for "Something's crushin' in"
I downloaded The Arcade Fire's new album yesterday and...

Oh God. It's so good.

Did this band descend directly from heaven? I can't stop listening to this album.

There are even a few songs I'm not crazy about, and on an intellectual level, I don't like it quite as much as Funeral, which was pretty much a perfect album. But there's just something about this new album I love so much. It usually takes me a few listens to like a new album, but I connected emotionally with this one on the first try. I'm in love! wub.gif

(BTW, I promise I'll buy it in the store when it's actually released next month. I had just heard too much about how good it was and I had to hear it!)
lunasol, you are cute and funny!! biggrin.gif i always think it is a good sign if i can connect emotionally to a record or piece of music from the initial listen. now, i wanna hear the new arcade album too!!

sixelacat, omg...i love amy winehouse's voice. really turns me on. i think i might have to buy her CD. i like her song "I'm No Good."

and i'm excited for dr. dog's new CD coming out next Tuesday!! cool.gif
i'm probably late to the party, but i am currently in love with tv on the radio. i am especially loving province and things you can do. it's like a perfect blend of all my favorite types of music: soul, rock, afrobeat with some jazz thown in.
stargazer - thanks! i'm a total music geek, i must admit.

anyway, this is where i downloaded it from:

you need a torrent program to download it.
music girl
I am listening to a heartfelt and powerful new artist, Pascale Goodrich-Black.

Check her out at:
Lilyblue, you gotta see 'em live! They are amazing. Plus, I would have sex with any of them, anytime. Mmmmm... Tunde Adebimpe. He's in a really cute film called "Jump Tomorrow" about a Nigerian man that falls in love with a Spanish woman evn though his parents have arranged a marriage for him.
oh man, I second (third?!) TV on the Radio. I LOVE them!! I saw them open for Nine Inch Nails last summer and was hooked. they are soooo good.
I love about half of Patrick Wolf's new album "The magic Position",
love all of Explosions In The Sky - "All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone",
Au Revoir Simone, and Beirut - "The Gulag orkestar".

And now some nepotism - my brother's band!
So I'm probably a disqualified witness, but I still love them.
I love Mates of State! They are adorable, and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in-i.e. their new naked anti-fur ad/interview (with me!). take a look-

Click here for link

Just downloaded Nellie McKay's "Get Away From Me" Loving it!
I know he's been around a while, but I'm listening to Sam Roberts album Chemical City, and it's fantastic! Very impressed.

Still on the Cafe del Mar music series binge.
how did i go 29 years never having heard of flogging molly? kilburn high, kiss my irish ass, drunken lullabies, and raise what's left of the flag are in heavy rotation on my zen, along with everything else of theirs i can find.
so pissed. i checked out lcd soundsystem from the library to put on my mp3 player and my computer's disk player isn't working. now i've got "daft punk is playing at my house" and "disco infilrator" going in my head and no way to transfer it...ARGH!!!!
pop levi...if you love T Rex/Marc Bolan, then you will love this album...just like me...
Oh, I saw TV on the Radio this week -- so awesome live. It was really amazing.

I hear good things about them sidecar--good to know!

GT, is your quote from 'Maniac' from Flashdance?? I shouldn't know these things...

GT-I was just coming in here to gush about LCD Soundsystems's new ablum. It's addictive!

I have also been listening to the new Arcade Fire-ditto on what someone else said (luna?) I like some songs a lot, but there are a few that are so-so.

I have also been listening to the new Bees album. It is excellent.

Stargazer...I will check out pop levi, thanks! I love TRex.
These are the top plays on my iTunes right now!


Tech N9ne


And I have to plug my boys, Psychopathic Records! Oh yeah baby! Check em all out!
nora keyes is fucking crazy. i just saw her play and one of her songs, introduced politely as "this is a song about the devil and jesus, and me and the devil, and me and jesus, and me trying to exorcise the devil from myself with the help of jesus" was her going "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHCK" (guttural creepy-as-shit noise as heard in "the exorcist" etc) in between yodeling in a very tiny, high-pitched, delicate voice about the lord.

ETA: oh, she also did all of this while wearing a hat made, seemingly, out of tree bark and peackock feathers, positioned so that you could not see her face and she had to tip her head backwards in order to sing into the mike.
sidecar, i'm jealous. i'll have to catch them the next time around.

i'm now getting into amy winehouse. holy cat is she good.
yeah, syb, the quote is from flashdance. i'm trying to get into a welding program so it's kind of a joke. treehugger and i are running off to pittsburgh (or as the pittsburgians say, "pixburgh") to weld by day, strip by nite, and apply to dance schools durring narcoleptic fits...

lilly: omg, yeah, so far love amy winehouse too, although i've only heard two of her songs that a friend sent me. what is strange to me is an add in the paper calling her a british nora jones....huh?!?

mouse, the nora keyes sounds like someone i'd love to hear....

karianne: really? i can't say i loved all of lcd's last album, but what i loved, i REALLY LOVED. really. how can you not love a song about daft punk playing in your basement?!? what is the new album like? (if you say disco infiltrator, i will run out ot the house and get it right now!) damn. at the mere mention of lcd and i'll have "daft punk is playing..." in my head for the next 3 days...not that i mind.... here is a snippet of the lyrics and what lcd said about them.

Well, Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house
I waited seven years and fifteen days
There's every kid from miles at my house, my house
And the neighbors (ah!) call the police
There's a fistfight brewing at my house, my house
Because the jocks can't get in the door
When Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house
You got to set them up, kid, set them up

Well everybody’s lined up at my house, my house
And Sarah’s girlfriend is working the door
Got everybody’s PA in my house, my house
All the robots (ah!) descend from the bus
There’s a freak out brewing in my house, my house
In the basement
Cause Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house
You got to set them up, kid, set them up

" used to play house parties in punk rock bands. You don't really get paid, but what you do is sell a ton of merchandise, and get a place to sleep. When I got into dancing, taking E and being optimistic, I thought; wouldn't it be great if some kid wanted Daft Punk to play at his house? So he rings the agent who says they'll cost £40,000 and he saves for seven years and finally gets enough money and flies Daft Punk over. And, of course, they'd have no idea where they would be landing, 'cos the rider includes two first-class tickets on Air France. And the kids would be earnestly trying to meet all the rider requirements, but Daft Punk would still end up playing in the basement next to the washing machine, which we all did. A local hardcore band is supporting, and the PA consists of all the local kids' amps and stereos taped together. I thought that would be like the best show that anyone would ever see. My goal is to actually make that happen for a video - find a really great punk rock house, get Daft Punk to play, and LCD Soundsystem would be the opening local band. It just makes me happy."

I like LCD Soundsystem's 'North American Scum'; it's kind of funny and hypnotic at the same time.
GT...yeah that is basically how I feel about this album too. There are some songs I could do without, but the ones I like, I really like. The album....heavy on the beats, wry lyrics, very danceable. Get it! Like I I said though, some songs are not as good as others. Mr K saw LCD Soundsystem once when they came here, it was really great.
I am diging the new Amy Winehouse CD

yay! the library had the solo album by miho hatori!!!!!! yay! i love cibo matto, and miho doing samba is my idea of heaven! mi-ho! mi-ho!!!
Brooklyn band called Project Jenny/Project Jan. They are like the Scissor Sisters on crack (

music---a great topic.

i am loving right now. and 's new song. i just interviewed adam for of my faves are up there.
oh and i forgot to mention:
acoustic, i effing love ari hest. i've seen him live (awesome tom petty cover), and he's awesome. very approachable, too.

my ex said that ari was the only one i could cheat on him with.

wow someone knows my ari? fabulous!!! i wonder why he never made it bigger. still has a steady audience. he's just such a great singer-songwriter. love him.

have you checked out landon pigg? i know, funny name. but GREAT guy.
GT, cibo matto IS awesome.

i've been listening to bobby bare jr. alot and brigette bardot.
acoustic, haven't heard of landon, but i'll check him out.

what i'm diggin' now:

leslie hall (of gem sweater fame)
peaches (impeach my bush)
mickey avalon
rogue traders (aussie band)
blue six (aquarian angel)
of montreal
the bird and the bee

... and amy winehouse and flogging molly. laugh.gif
Thanks, Stargazer! I'll definitely check Pop Levi out, T.Rex is one of my favourite bands EVER.

Right now I'm listening to a lot of:

John Wozniak (and Marcy Playground... this is always in my #1 spot)
Dressy Bessy
Nancy Sinatra
Serge Gainsbourg
The Black Keys
The King of France
Jens Lekman

The Bird and The Bee: me too, Mornington! I actually met Greg Kurstin a few years ago. He played a club I worked at (with Geggy Tah). Super nice guy!
I've just started on The Black Keys, only heard a couple of songs (they came on a mix) but I'm liking. Same for Pop Levi (star has the best taste)

Jens Lekman I love. I saw him play last year, and it was one of the best i've been to ever (the others, for the record, are The Decemberists and The Holloways). He played until they threw everyone out!
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