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Full Version: What bands are you currently listening to? What excites you?
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I just love the Reigning Sound!!!! Rockin', gritty, soulful... and lyrics that are really personal. Every listen, I get something new out of their stuff.

How's that new My Morning Jacket stack up against their past few releases? I got hooked on "It Still Moves" but since then, I haven't been exactly knocked out. Their show in Athens last summer was mind blowing tho!

Hey Whammy bar, you are darn tootin' about "Pink Flag"! Still sounds fresh even twenty years after I got my mitts on my copy...
OOh, thanks gretsch!!

I wanted to post that I had some fabulous pinot noir a few nights ago, took a shower with fabulous orange Suave conditioner all over my hair and body -- that shit's good yo!! for a couple dollars! Read the bottle! all of the good and none of the bad!!

And jumped around naked dancing and singing to "Well Respected Kinks" which i bought in England!! and to Get Your Wings Aerosmith both on vinyl!!

Time! Live on borrowed time, 'bout to lose your mind, takes the wind. right. out. ofyour SAIIIILLLLS!

Early Aerosmith was enchantingly weird weird.
Kinks... sigh.... "Waterloo Sunset" does it for me every time, but as albums go I like "Kinda Kinks" and "Kontroversy" a whole heck of a lot!
I'm into anything by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara, like the "By my delf in these streets Concert" CD Home Page
I've decided I'm in love with Wolfmother. Their old-school rock sound rocks my socks.
I second your wolfmother love, faerietails. I've been rocking them since the beginning of March, and it's one of the only bands I'd play in my office that boys would perk up to -- "Is this Black Sabbath?" It's always a kick to let them know it's their reincarnation in 20year old Aussies. And the fact that someone in this millennium is howling primally about unicorns and gnomes in the just brings a smile to my lips every time!
The Horrorpops are a rockin' group. That song "Crawl Straight Home" is a great femme drinking song.
Wanda Jackson is great to listen to on long car trips. She makes you want to don a cowboy hat and sing along with her doleful lyrics.
Amon Tobin is fabulous electronic breaks/D&B. The songs almost sound like a movie soundtrack. Think fight scenes from Kill Bill 1.
oh my god. i was cruising myspace and happened upon this really hot guy and he had a song called Better than me by Hinder on his page. i'm in love with that song as well as Lips of an angel. they kinda remind me of Staind. wow. i should email him and be like i love you for your taste in music.
Saw Wolfmother over the weekend. The live show officially makes them the new kings of buttrock.

Tosca & Gnarles Barkley.
Po_cassidy I'm totally loving The Horrorpops right now too!

Also: Dresden Dolls, Xavier Rudd, The Breeders, Donovan Frankenreier, Depeche Mode (always Depeche Mode), Goldfrapp, and anxiously awaiting the Scissor Sisters new stuff.
i've recently discovered radio blog, a wicked online music resource. you can't download anything, it's all streamed, but you can create playlists or access others. i found this really good one last night - a lot of great music by artists i've never heard of. i'm really digging animal collective. check it out.
my new current faves are Mum and Shpongle. I've grown tired of alot of the hipster/indie stuff I was into last year.
My last roommates were friends with Hot Hot Heat, so they'd come over and party at my house when they were in town. Nice guys, but I grew really tired of the 3am coke fueled guitar sing-alongs in the living room as I was trying to sleep.
Also, Carlos D. from Interpol has been to my house several times, and even though I *love* Interpol, Carlos is kind of full of himself.
Wolfmother was on Conan the other night. :-)
Thanks, epinephrine. I've been listening to that station off and on all day. I've been a music slump lately so that was refreshing.
oh AP...i've gotten into Wolfmother as well...they are coming to Chitown soon...
:-( I really want to see Wolfmother at Webster Hall. I'm seriously in the poor house, though, because I went on a little concert-ticket spending spree. One of those concerts I *will* be attending is Sleater-Kinney, though! I almost died when I saw they were coming.
I've been listening to the streaming player a lot lately because you can search by similar artists and get to hear a lot of different bands.

As far as actual bands, I've been listening to Freezepop (sort of sounds like Figurine), Princess Superstar, and grand buffet.
I seriously regret not seeing wolfmother at the small club across the street from where I live!! I KNEW I would like them. I did see Annie there though!! And Backyard Babies.

Yeah thanks epinephrine this is awesome. You can listen to stuff you've read about, which was the appeal of swapping songs on the internet, without the record companies and artists getting bent out of shape -- if you like it you may go pay for it, right? It took em long enought to catch on to that basic fact about sharing.

Just reading about someone isn't enough to make me plonk down major $$$ for a ticket, and radio is too restrictive. even the college indies have their egos where they only play certain things
(cross-posted in the General Knowledge Base)

I need some suggestions- my boyfriend is doing a video editing job for a friend of a friend- he's taking this guy's family pictures and videos and throwing some music over it as an anniversary present for the guy's wife. The guy picked out two songs and left the third song up to my boyfriend to choose.

Problem is, he picked some music that isn't really our taste, so we don't have any idea what will go with the other two songs. The two songs we have are "You and Me" by Lifehouse and "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. They're nice songs, but a little overproduced and sappy for our tastes (no offense if you're into this stuff!)

Any suggestions for a mid-tempo romantic song, preferrably something sorta contemporary and about four and a half minutes long?
no ideas polly
but Arrogant Worms!!
Funny shit yo
Okay, kids. This post is proof that I need to get well already and get out of the house! :-)

Polly, I went to Amazon & looked up those two songs & happened to notice the "Customers who bought this item also bought" section. Thought it might be a good place to get ideas. Some of their band recommendations are ...
Train [pardon me while I puke a little. I REALLY can't stand these guys]
Maroon 5
John Mayer
Rob Thomas
So, is he hoping you'll pick something they've never heard of? Or can we just fall back on Mayer's "Your Body Is A Wonderland" or what? Although, that might not work since the video has family pictures. Hmmm.

For some reason, I feel compelled to recommend "Sweet Avenue" by Jets To Brazil (off of Orange Rhyming Dictionary). I think it may be a bit too long (a bit over 5 minutes), but I love it so. Reminds me of my hubby.
Ummmm ... thinking ...
Speaking of the hubby, he recommended Blue October; maybe "Clumsy Card House" off of History For Sale would blend well with the other two songs, but it's just over 3 minutes long.
Here's an old one. And it makes me kinda sad because it was "our song" in my last relationship. It may be hard to find, too, but the length is right for you. It's "I Will Hold On" by Moxy Fruvous off of Thornhill. Very sweet in that gooey way. And about 4 & 1/2 minutes long. Even better, if you can't find an MP3 of this, you can buy the whole CD from somebody at Amazon for about 3 bucks right now. Woo hoo!

I'll let you know if I come up with anything else. It's not like I've got anything else to do other than wait for my tummy to get better! :-)

one suggestion. you might not wanna use Maroon 5.. almost all of their songs are about breaking up or leaving or unrequited love.. LOL!!

Coldplay is great, same thing with a lot of their lyrics though..

I'm a big fan of Joga by Bjork (although that is 5 minutes exactly)

Everlong by the Foo Fighters - 4:10

The Real Thing - Gwen Stefani - 4:11

If you want to look at lyrics just to make sure on stuff..
Roseviolet, amen to the jets to brazil reference. I need to re-buy that cd again. They're a good band, and that's a good album. ** Runs off to record store**
Hey, don't forget the Jawbreaker. Jets rose from the ashes!
Anyone here like Architecture In Helsinki? I've heard some stuff off "In Case We Die" but I have yet to grab up the album. Also anyone here listen to RJD2? (sorry if I'm random--I'm new and I can also easily talk about music for hours on end)
I like 'em. There is a certain... spartan quality that I like, Alt Comm.
I really appreciate the fact that they actually use power tools in their music, haha. Does anyone around here listen to any punk, by chance?
punk...... yes.
what do you like? you talking "old school" or what we lovingly refer to as "pop punk"? hee hee hee, it's a family joke..... being over 30 makes me lean toward "old school" since i grew up with it, but some of the new guys aren't bad either....

the real reason i came here is it seems the best place to find someone who might (I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE) be able to tell me where i can find a cd of "dance re-mix opera"? just to be clear, i am NOT looking for "opera electronica" which is basically traditionally sung opera with an electronica track in the background (from all i've listened to, anyway) i am looking for opera being sung dance re-mix style just like when top 40 artists re-mix their songs..... the singing is sped up in line with the dance beats.... i had seen an opera group on the tele who were recording such an album but i didn't catch their name..... it was absolutely AMAZING! these women were singing opera, in Italian, in double double time with some rockin dance beats..... i love opera and i love dance, so the combo, for me, was awsome! if anyone can point me in the right direction, please please please let me know! i have searched the web but am not really coming up with what i want.....
oh my oh my.
the cure
the smiths
final fantasy
final fantasy final fantasy!!!
ooooh!! love architecture in helsinki. saw them live last month. great show!!! didn't want it to end even though I was sweating my tits off type of show!

Love Final Fantasy too! It took me awhile to get into his new album but now I just can't get enough of it. He's great to watch live too.

Anyone into Tilly and the Wall?
the cure, pavement, neutral milk hotel and radiohead are on heavy rotation right now. it's been raining a lot lately, and they're the perfect rainy day mix.
I totally heart Tilly & the Wall. I saw them do this tiny tiny instore last month, and they were excellent.

For some inexplicable reason, I am also loving Smoosh right now. I think they appeal to the same part of me that likes Hanson. (the shame, the shame)
her space holiday
fairport convention
teenage fanclub
kate bush
HEFNER <3 <3 <3
the magnetic fields
foot foot (local l.a. band)
M.I.A., magnetic fields, mirah = amazing! and in response to voodoo_princess, I do mean the real stuff: Bad Religion, Anti-flag, Rancid, Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, Ramones, Exploited, X, Descendents, Adicts, and so much more. Whee punk! I saw AF in April and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen--they were amazing. Art Brut also ranks up there with the really amazing shows. Anyone here dig Belle and Sebastian? I've been listening to them a lot today for some reason.
alt comm - looks like we're on the same radio frequency, you and i...... do you also like FUGAZI? so hard to find someone around here(being, where i live) who actually knows who they are....... also PAILHEAD (was fronted by same guy as FUGAZI)
I'm listening to the pipettes

I love love love love love the pipettes.

They're sheer genius.
voodoo, do you mean Ian McKaye?

I used to listen to Fugazi and Minor Threat 20 years ago. I never got into Pail Head, too emo for me.
"My name is Ian and I'm from MInor Threat"

somehow got backstage to a Fugazi show and realized that except for the drummer, they are all really short. Never thought that Ian McKaye would be such a shrimp! great show by the way

I just picked up this album of these congalese cats called Konono # 1 who make their instruments out of old car parts and it is awesome.
Also the latest Gorillazs album which to my surprise has a track with Dennis Hopper on it.
I'm in another zeppelin phase. Also, I'm obsessed with Our Lady Peace and right now, Angels and Airwaves.

ps- the Gorrilaz album is fantastic, have you see their live dvd?
missladyj you said congalese cats and the first thing that popped into my head is that christmas song was entirely meowed, but then i came to my senses and realized you probably didn't mean the kind with fur and retractable claws :P
Loving Angels and Airwaves. On a Magnetic Fields, Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil kick lately as well...

The gorillz dvd kicks so much ass.
BOA from the UK... their new "cd" i found on iTunes, which is the *only* place i could find it....
mornington, the pipettes are only available where i live by import. (they're finally being released in north america in late july.) they've been doing shows in england for about year, right? i'm wondering how they'll be received here.
i kind of resisted it, but i am actually enjoying pinback a lot.
Haha! I should have capitalized Congolese

haven't seen the Gorillaz DVD . I would love to see them live. I just love the whole concept as well as the music. Is the guy on track 12 the dude from the Happy Mondays?
Wearing out the Bad Religion lately as my wee ones are on a BR kick...... I think they've known (memorized) more of the songs than I have now.....
(sigh) I'm so thrilled they aren't into most of the "pop"ular music of today..... at least we have our music in common.....
sukouyant, the pipettes aren't big at all over here - they're barely played even on the most indie of stations. Thier album is out in July & I think I'm going to have to preorder it (you can get it through thier myspace, I think). That said, people do love 'em. I've not seen a show, but they get talked about a lot.

/wanders out, singing I like a boy in uniform, school uniform
Psssst... Sukouyant... dunno where you are, but if you're in the Us check out internet radio at KEXP out of Seattle. They are the cold rock shit.
oy, aural i'm in canada but thanks for thinking of that station.
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