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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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Oh how I've been waiting to post in this thread. I've been on this post-portions cloud all day long! 2 portions were has, and he even initiated the second, this coming from the boy mentioned in the shyguy thread!

It was all nice and playful on the couch...and then the dash to the bedroom. "let me undo the belt you take too long!!!!". I think the neighbours thought we were practicing our curling moves.

I haven't seen my boy in a month. We had been talking about this rendezvous all week. HOURS of foreplay, oral, dirty talk (which I love) and new, fun, and exciting positions. A break for a fancy dinner and then back to the bed again for some more. He did exactly what I had told him I wanted previously this week...pretty amazing memory! And thanks to you BUSTies, I also used what I learned from the "hand job" thread to really drag out a loooong one for him, which impressed him beyond belief! Glowing and exhausted we feel asleep... Then, he must have touched me and excited me while I was still asleep, because I woke up to sweet kisses and sweet morning portions! Love him!
Portions! First time with a new guy portions! Usually, it takes me a few weeks to get comfortable enough to orgasm, but three minutes of CJ's tongue and I was waking the neighbors.

Then he didn't want me to leave the bed this morning and it turned into what he called his "best morning in Laramie yet".
fabulous, fabulous, pants never came off, we laid in bed for hours and whispered and giggled and tickled and kissed junior high-style portions rock sometimes.
and they make the imminent pants-ripping-off, hands up the skirt, clothing tearing, bed-breaking portions even better.
Yay! First time with new guy portions!

It was great junior high making out session on my very squeaky bed. I'm sure I pissed off my roommates. We laid in bed for hours and just kissed....

Amazed that I was so comfortable around him naked. Normally it takes me weeks to get up the courage to have a boy see me nude. :-)

He even made me come before my morning coffee... what a guy.
My goodness! Where is the nookification in this lounge. You know what I miss? MissRisk's (Wasabininja) posts. She always kissed and told.

I got the HBI twice last night. Wonderful too drunk on the couch, sweating like beasts portions after a lovely fire outside, and then oh-my-gawd I need to bite the mattress to keep from alarming your neighbors portions.

He was talking all diryt about girlies and got me riled up. :-) We really like girlies.
awesome portions the other night with a new girl. she made me dinner, we drank a bottle of red wine, smoked a bowl, and made out for hours. she gave me the best oral i've ever had in my entire life, and then i went down on her - first time i've ever really, properly, eaten pussy. and it was gorgeous. she has this amazing sweet-spicy smell that blew me away. i got her off twice with my tongue and once with fingers - a very successful night by all accounts. and then we cuddled until we fell asleep. mmmmm.
4 AM, need to wake up in three hours, but, oh wait, why don't we rub uglies until I have to bite the pillow and he starts calling out to higher power PORTIONS!
can i just say that screwing around with a virgin is unbelieveable...

My virgin is two years younger than i am, and less experienced than I am, and loves to just explore all different areas of my body and i have no idea how he got to be sooo amazing...yay for exploring virgin portions!
YAY!! I FINALLY HAD SEX!!! (see frustration thread...) Not only did I have sex, but I had sex with Hotty McHottHott 23 year old!! oh yeah, baby. I can only give him a B+ for technique, but he gets an A+ for effort and sheer energy. Unfortunately, we were both kinda buzzed so it was a little clunky, but sober enough to have a good time.

oh, did I mention that he is 15 years younger than me....!

oh yeah. oh yeah. oh YEAH!
Oh, my girlies, i am so envious. I absolutely loooove sex, but feel like i am a burden to my husband, as i cannot come as quickly as he does. I always feel inadequate, and am sick of feeling this way. Mind you, he does not make me feel this way, but, me, being the guilt-ridden girl I am, cannot shake it. Any suggestions, Busties? The weird thing is, that I can bring myself to orgasm alone, in less than two minutes. Maybe it's 'cause I don't have any 'pressure' on me at the time..... I don't know what to do. please help, me, I feel like a piece of crap, constantly.......just a f&*#ed up human being. I don't feel like a woman at all. Is there something wrong with me? Please help if you can relate to me at all.....thanks, girlies. much love, lg
i think that's how it is for most girls sweetie. i am a master of the 2 minute wank but it can take SSOOO long with the boy. Any boy, no matter how talented or how comfortable or turned on i am with him. that's just the way it is. i don't feel guilty about it though, generally speaking guys know what we're like. it's a rare bird who's in the mood at the drop of a hat never mind able to get off that quickly. though i have had times where i am taking a rilly long time or just can't make it happen at all and i feel disappointed for myself and for him too. that certainly doesn't make it any easier to relax and let it happen though so i try to toss those feelings out as usless.
best to find a way to get over it. the guilt and stress can't be good for you. and really, are you doing it just for the climax? do you think he is? the whole thing is kinda fun, no? why not concentrate on that and have a good time together whether you get off or not? that part you can do on your own any time in less than 5 right? it's the intimacy you share together that's the thing you can't get anywhere else. enjoy it and forget about the end result for a change.
Thanks Pep,
At least I don't feel so alone; like the only gal out there feeling the way I do. One problem (i guess) for me, is the fact that I refuse to "fake" it. I never have, and hope I never will. I would much rather just tell my guy that it didn't/won't happen for me that night. Or say nothing at all, if I am not asked. Sometimes I hate being a woman, and other times, I loooove it. I feel like I am nuts! I guess I need to work on shedding the guilt is so hard, when it is so ingrained into us as little girls. I know that we are way more apt to be 'in the mood' if we are geting along w/our 'significant others'. This is yet another of my 'issues'. I am feeling so very lonely, and have been for nearly 5 years now. It is horrible. I have a darling, smart, gorgeous hubby that surely must really love me, if he puts up w/all of my sh+*. The rest of life is pushing me o'er the edge. I want to run away from home, with nothing but my makeup, my favorite shoes and dresses, never to be seen again. Is this normal? Can I run away at 36??? I reaaaallly want to, sweetie......Thanks for the words of encouragement! Love you, Girlie! xoxoxo
fabulous girly portions all night. i made it my mission to get her off as many times as possible. she'd had two orgasms before i'd even unbuttoned her pants. then, i proceeded to eat her out until we lost count - i think she had five or six more before she had to take a break. i had a big grin (and a sore tongue) all day today.
there is a really good radio program on sexuality at:

have a listen, and good luck.
Had portions last night before going to bed with mr hmmmmm and I am soooooo horny today....
Lawyergirl, the radio program is dtd June 22 2006.
The scene: 3 AM, we've been asleep for several hours, "broken up" for two days.

In my head: Glen Miller Orchestra, Glen Miller orchestra... Stiffy rubbing against my buttcrack... Glen Miller Orchestra... Underwear, be gone!... Glen Miller Orchestra... On my knees, yeah... DUDE!

In his head: World Cup Soccer... Conveniently placed asscrack... World Cup Soccer... Am I taking her underwear off... World Cup Soccer... She needs to get on her knees... World Cup Soccer... YES!

We both started to wake up around the underwear part, and fully woke up when he entered me. I have never had sleep sex before. I am a big fan now.
Had more portions last night, tried doing the backwards cowgirl,'s going to take some practice...moved on to doggy style...then finished it of with missionary...why is good...sooooo many many.....
Oh my...Pleated skirt, high heels and pure silk stockings, on top of and wrapped around his face and shoulders, thinking: oh my god, I am orgasming for the first time EVER from oral delights, and collapsing onto his warm, hard tender regions after the earth shattered multiple times...PORTIONS!
Yay for seraphine!, thats an excellent positions...GOOD PORTIONS...!
Yay for seraphine!, thats an excellent positions...GOOD PORTIONS...!
first girly portions ever! whee!
yummy voyeuristic gay portions with exboy and my heartbreakingly gorgeous best friend last night! we got drunk and they got friendly and let me watch everything. i had great fun watching my ex boyfriend suck cock. mmmm...i'm such a fag.

then i got some real portions for myself this morning with exboy and his lovely big fat cock, my first boy portions in many months. i am a happy girl.
*does dance*


i'm getting some tomorrow...

i'm getting some tomorrow...


:D i'll check back in once said portions are actually delivered.
mmm, hadn't seen him for two weeks...slow and steady, several orgasms, he had to keep his hand over my mouth and kept whispering 'shh' in my ear to keep me from waking his guests. then both of us collapsing gasping for air portions.

i too am a happy girl
livingroom floor and then all over the bedroom first time portions with a crushie. oh. so. much. FUN!!
see what a pan of homemade lasagne can do? heh.

i came all over his face but he seemed suprised that i wanted him to do the same. these young guys eh? what uptight highschool prom queen has been fucking them anyhow? oh, i'm gonna dirtify his innocent self, yes i am.
Food is sexy isn't it?

Getting portions this weekend! The boy and I rented a hotel YAY!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif I'll post when I get back... can't's been two weeks!

Oh sweet mother of maude, I had some uber fantastic portions yesterday. Today, I feel like I was in a car wreck. Seriously, my shoulders ache the same way they did when I was hit, haha.

This was an old friend I had lost track of about 7 years ago. He is a kick-boxer now and has so much strength in his legs it's scary. He's like 6'3, a big guy but he's been turning it all in to muscle, He actually was able to man handle me and I am no waif, let me tell ya. It was HOTT!

Ahhhh, that was just what I needed!

Whoo hoo Yuefie! I had me a kick boxer once. Man, was he beautiful to watch! I made him do some of the moves in the nude, man...just watching all those muscles flexing! But well, he was just a pretty boy and he moved away without even saying good bye.
hey y.
so what *was* the paper in the door? i'm curious...haha.

good for you, lucky duck.
QUOTE(glassk @ Jul 20 2006, 01:11 AM) *
hey y.
so what *was* the paper in the door? i'm curious...haha.
good for you, lucky duck.
It was an invite to a "spa party" by one of the neighbors, hehehe. I have no idea when it was placed on the door, but I didn't notice it when he got here laugh.gif

oh mercy. tender sweet gentle lovely inexperienced young thing that he is, he's got a trick or two up his sleeve.
he seems to think (having had a bisexual sister who took feminist studies in uni and a bi g-friend who wasn't shy about instructions apparently) that fucking a girl with his fist is just no big deal. "what, doesn't everybody do that? i mean, what's the difference, my cock, four or five fingers or my *whole hand*? really, it's a particularly intimate act? huh, who knew?"

oh geez. i didn't think anyone would ever be doing that to me again, let alone so soon. i am a wreck. oh, so ouchy yum.

oh yes, and he's quite quickly adjusted himself to being *just fine* with coming in my mouth.
dang, i wonder what else i can get him to do to me? he seems to be up for quite a bit. what a pleasant surprise.
*bump for the horny crushies*
bella coola
good call sixel. someone's gotta be gettin' some! i hope to post in here one day.. *sigh*
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! i was the last poster too, hee.

ok, started out with kissing my feet, toes, ankles... considerately initiated condom resposibility, rolled me around the bed until i was a quivery mass of jelli-fied love, made me come and himself at the same time. oh.
does it get any better than this? ~happy sigh~
The boy's coming over! He surprised me, he said he wasn't coming over. Portions and more I cum!

Love the boy. Love the boy. Love the boy. Love the boy. wub.gif
Oh, I love sex. Just adore it. Just love it so much.

Loved riding the boy this weekend. Ah! I am getting so much better at it. Wheeeeee!

Getting really good at giving head too! It's the result of persistence and lots of yummy portions!
yummy neked outdoor camping portions...mmmm, so needed. picnic table portions smile.gif so great to have sex outside, get to be in nature and see the sky.

i gave a great campfire blowjob.

yumminess. i was soooo needing to get laid.
fantastic energetic, long lasting, melty orgasm portions yesterday, the day before and the day before that.
We're SO on!
First portions with new McCrush on Tuesday night. Went to work with glorious sex hair the next day... still....

Going on another date this weekend! smile.gif
PinP, imagine what the honeymoon is going to be like!

sassy, sex hair rocks!

so, I am waiting in tense anticipation for some portions x double figures next weekend. The boy and I now have a LDR and he left two weeks ago and I'm not seeing him until friday; this is the longest we've gone without sex together and it's killing me. I am desperate to see him! We need to christen his new bed and in his new place he has an ensuite with a shower for two so I'm sure that will be seeing some action.

I've invested in some new, sexy underwear (not that I'll think he'll have time to see them); a variety of condoms; a vibrating cock ring... oh, getting wet just thinking about it biggrin.gif . Three nights of hot, tiring portions next week. Squee!

Call me soppy but I'm really looking forward to lots of kissing, cuddling and spooning. Mmmm.
darling bunny:

if you want me to call you soppy, i would just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to do so!!! in fact, i think you are down right WET -- at least by your own description!!! :*

cock rings ROCK. i hope you two do, too -- next week!!!

me? i have to wait until november!!!!

in the meantime, i get to remember just.HOW.HOTTTTT it is to be on all fours and look over my shoulder and see mr. hotbuns fucking me in the ass.....and in the mirror by the bed as well........

see? now i'm all soppy too!!! rolleyes.gif
can i ask about vibrating cock rings-what are they supposed to do? man, i don't even reaLLY know what a cock ring is for anyways.....i was humming while i gave head the other night and my boy was like whoaaa! that feels amazing!
to vibrate against both partners, hence lots of whoaaa! that feels amazing! well, that's the intent...
that sounds promising....must explore more
link... Please? i can't choose one, there are so many! help!

so many portions this weekend. swear to maude, it's the only thing keeping me smiling these days.
middle of the night portions, it's so dark out at night where he lives that i couldn't see a thing either. wow. very dirty, some terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad name calling to go along with the hotness.
followed by an excellent early morning-sleepy-what's-my-name-again?-portions. so yummy.
i was sitting on the stairs when he came in...he came over and gave me a kiss and then went to brush his teeth. i sat there going thru the mail until i heard the tap water shut off. I called him back to me. He says "what?"
me: come here
him: ok

i proceed to unzip him and stimulate him.

him: wow....this is a surprise....
me: isn't sex supposed to be spontaneous?

we finish on the bed...and now my leg muscles are was fun. especially the talking and cuddling after.

Excellent "haven't screwed you in two weeks" portions last night. My legs still hurt, but in a good way. smile.gif I need to go on holiday more often.
Whoa! Crinoboy really came through on the oral sex!
I've always been kinda so-so when it came to that, but
holy moly!!! I see what the fuss is about!

Regarding vibrating cock rings: I just bought one and it
should arrive soon. I can come back with a review if you'd like.
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