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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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Things have been stressful lately so there hasn't been a lot of bedroom fun, but yesterday morning made up for all the missed times. It started with me laying on my stomach and him behind me...lots of teasing and then he went down on me. We switched to him sitting and me on top and then he surprised me by standing up while I was wrapped around him. There was a mirror behind me that he watched us in and then we both collapsed on the bed. Hawt.
Great portions with cc_boy yesterday. He gave me a massage and then started kissing my back then my neck and then my ear. I don't know what he does when he kisses my ear but it sends shivers down my spine and makes me feel like I could cum right then and there. We also did 69 which is rare for us. It ended with us coming together. smile.gif

Unfortunately my poor boy was worn out because he had just played over an hour of hockey before coming over. By the end of it he was totally dripping with sweat.
Wednesday lunch time portions, it was so divine. He licked my pussy from behind, then slowly fucked me doggie, even though I was dripping, his cock is so girthy, we had to go slowly. Then I asked if I could ride him, but first I sucked his cock.

It was wonderful.
I haven't posted in here for a loooong time (that's what happens after two years of the most boring sex ever!) but I finally have reason to and it feels amazing.

Last night a friend of mine that I have known since high school (we were boy-girl BFFs) came over to hang out. It was late but we were bored so he came over at about 11:25 and then didn't leave until 6:00 this morning after we made out for five hours. We didn't go "all the way" but everything but; he was telling me how much he loves to give oral and I honestly could not refuse. And oh my god, it was the best I've ever had. I also returned the favour for him; after coming out of that shitty relationship though and having a historic track-record of sleeping with men straight out the gate I'm trying to be good.

But seriously. My last boyfriend was probably about four inches hard and didn't have a clue what to do with himself. This man is double that size and I've never been touched the way he touched me last night. =)

Hands in my hair, holding my face (a major thing for me), and making sure I was okay the whole time...yes please. I have no idea what's going to happen because I really don't feel like being in a relationship right now but FWB wouldn't be so bad. =P
More cop portions yesterday, but instead of working is dick into me, it was a grab by the hips ramming.

It was painful yet wonderful.
High-five, rogue!

Considerate men are super-hot.
Fantastically wonderful anniversary portions, and lazy in bed Sunday morning portions. Lovely.
Thanks Persiflager! I was pretty pumped about him being so considerate because of the shitty treatment I had in the relationship I just got out of - he and I have been talking since my breakup and he knows how bad it has been for me and was really, really sweet about it. He was constantly asking if I was okay with what we were doing, if it was okay to do something a little more and the best part was that we were discussing the names that Ex used to call me (they were all really bad but among the worst was "fat bitch") and he took my face in his hands and was like "You know you're not though, right? You know that now, right?" and that was what started everything. It was definitely an awesome night.

Whenever I think about it I get that weird sharp feeling in my chest. And it happens at the strangest times - sitting in my staff meeting this morning I was daydreaming about his hands in my hair and how he just kept crushing his mouth against mine and that little jolt was pretty welcome because I was more-than-likely almost drooling. =P
Hi, I have not had any portions in 1.5 years, until this weekend! Spiritually nourishing portions with a super sweet guy, the kind who asks if everything is ok and says you are beautiful. The portions made me feel sexy/reborn. Lots of kissing, sweet and hungry kisses all over, with the desperation of wanting to know an entire person's body, that unstoppable hunger! He was so big I got scared that he might moosh me on the bed so I kept riding him, and finally gave in to great, almost worshipful oral. Then, it was time to blow his mind and gorgeous cock. It's been such a long time since I've felt sexy, let alone appreciated or pretty.
Hooray, Lapis! That sounds amazing. I'm glad that you had such a good time! If I hadn't known any better I would think that you and I enjoyed the same man this weekend. It's awesome when someone is so considerate and makes you feel special and comfortable with yourself, isn't it?
yay Lapis!!!

I had some morning portions with the cop, and it was supreme.
Thanks, culturehandy! It was a pretty huge break from more than a dry spell. More please!
Lapis, that sounds divine!

This weekend i had a one night stand with a rugged, tattooed man. My bff knows him and while she thinks he's great, she knows him as a couple (recently divorced) so it's a kind of non-attraction-by-associatio thing for her. She kind of set us up by phoning him and asking if he's come to a venue we would be as well. He showed up and we ended up talking for most of the evening. And kissing. And portions in the early morning, late morning too. He was very considerate. I wanted to undo my bra, but he whispered he wanted to do that. When push came to shove, he could'nt get it unhooked..awww.
Morning portions with the cop. went over to his place, the door was open and he was in bed (the door was unlocked).

I told him via text, while he was on shift, how much i wanted to blow him. He just stayed in bed while I curled in front of him and sucked his cock. I asked him where he wanted to cum, he said inside me, so I undressed and climbed on top of him. we have to glow slow, his dick is pretty damn girthy, and I just kept on riding him, it was full of passionate kissing, when I came, fuck did I ever cum and cum hard. It lasted for minutes, and it got everywhere on us. I could hardly move after I came, so I stayed on top of him while he fucked me until he came. But holy good goddess, my pussy hurts now! I'm walking with a waddle and it hurts to sit down. I love it!!!! Reminds me of the morning I had.

I am soooooo relaxed today, what a way to start a friday!
Ha! CH you're awesome.

I've had new apartment portions this weekend. No more room mates, its only he and I now. We can do it in every room and be as loud as we want smile.gif
foryoursplendor, I hurt for two days after.

The man easily has one of the nicest cocks I've ever seen and had in my life (which is something, since I've seen, uhhh, one or two in my life!!! laugh.gif)
I've been so tired lately and not feeling great so our portions have been few and far between. But yesterday after a day of apartment hunting we came back to my place and had super hot, hammock chair portions. To give you an idea, we used this:
On the 1st anniversary of the first time we ever did it (this past weekend, Saturday night, to be exact).....we actually had simultaneous orgasms. Wow. I know these things are usually a fluke, but it felt kinda extra cool, ya know?
My bf and I used to have simultaneous orgasms all the time. And I could come from penetration. This was when I was on the pill. Now I have to lay on my back and rub my clit. I think when I stopped taking the pill we started pulling out early and having separate orgasms and then I got lazy. I'm used to having to use my fingers. Anyway I don't really mind that. I came in here to say I had 2 orgasms the other day. That's never happened before. Usually after one my clit is so sensitive I can't keep going (and a lot of the time the desire to keep going isn't there in the first place). So that was cool!
Oooh simultaneous orgasms are the best thing ever. So intense and wonderful. It's happened to be on a number of occasions, and damn if I don't feel like queen shit when that happens.

doodle, i can't believe it's been a year!!!

Oh yes, and portions yesterday. smile.gif
I went off the pill a few weeks ago and even though, and had sex today for the first time since then - SO GOOOD. I don't know why, it just feels BETTER when I'm not on it.

Great portions today! We have both been sick for a few weeks with bad colds, and this was the first time in a long time we felt back to good health (i.e. not feeling like shit and drained of energy to do much of anything let alone have sex). We barely had all of our clothes off when we started fucking - I thought I was going to have an orgasm as soon as he was inside of me. I love spontaneous afternoon do-itz!! smile.gif
Uber guilty portions with mah new boy-toy (cuz I have to keep him on his knees first to make him feel like he's earned his right to touch... um, tough shit, right).
So forgive me for having to share but I will implode...

The man just wants to lick and lick and lick, sooper slowly and thoroughly, his eyes fixed on mine with that I-hope-I-am-serving-you-well-Ma'am look - his big beautiful hands laid out perfectly flat on the bed by my sides (unless I order him to use them)... and the slowness, damn, like there's no hurry, no goal to reach, like every circle with his tongue is the one he was born to make perfectly round... I think I can get used to liking subs if they are so fucking beautiful... damn, he looks like Ashton Kutcher, and did I say he's slow. I am a sucker for that kinda slow ... Only had one guy do the slow thing like that, a million years ago, and he was on smack, so it sucked bc I wanted him to get clean, but I liked how he was when he was trashed. (Talk about conflict of interests!)
And this boy is on nothing, n o t h i n g... On air, on me.

(Le moan)

PS: Think I was wrong about the trauma, I think he just likes to be made to deserve the things he likes to do?

PPS: Culture, I get what u r saying about who's got the power. He is the smack.
I've been on an ascetic-sublimating trip for some time, and
haven't let anyone melt me since February (which was a one time thing, and not so pretty....)
So yeah, scratch the "guilty" from my last post.
oh wonderful birfday portions. all over the bed, gushy orgasms and anal on both our parts.

It was super lovely.
woohooo!! CH --good birthday romping!
morning stop on way in to city for a quickie! my ass is nicely lotioned for the remainder of the day!!
january. it's been since january. and nearly two years before that too!

i dusted out the cobwebs from my love cupboard the other day and HOW! one of the dirty t's came over 3000 miles for a visit and gave me SIX HOURS of lovin', holy-maude-i-coulda-died-happy portions for me, yippee! we did it ALL oh man. but you know what? there was only a brief bit of actual (delicious) penetration right at the end... i didn't think about it 'til later but wow, 5 and a half hours of everything, Everything else first. i can't walk down stairs still though, heretofor undiscovered muscles in my thighs are busy torturing me with burning pain. heh. love it.
Good to hear that some of y'all are having nice portions. smile.gif I wonder when I'll ever have something to post in this thread again. I have a freaking boyfriend with whom I used to have interesting portions, but these days, eh. I take responsibility for some of it, but come on! Things have been so stressful between us for so long, it has had a very negative impact on our sex life. The one good thing I can say is that I think we've had more intense and emotional sex at times than we ever have before, but I miss the other stuff, too. We need an injection of creativity and a excision of our inertia!
Pepper, that.sounds. HAWT!!!!!! Holy crap.

I got me some lovin' this evening. Much needed, I'm having my period and feeling randy portions.
Middle of the day call. Tear our clothes off. Lotion all over with extra attention to my ass. Lots of rubbing in the crack and fingering followed bydeep cockwhile
I rubbed my clit madly. Wild screaming orgasm and then back to work
Middle of the day call. Tear our clothes off. Lotion all over with extra attention to my ass. Lots of rubbing in the crack and fingering followed bydeep cockwhile
I rubbed my clit madly. Wild screaming orgasm and then back to work
Very late night, post-jamming portions, in which I stated my desires to be taken - hard - from behind, pretty much by turning around, getting on my hands and knees, and giving him the full vew. Like most guys, he doesn't really need to be told anything more than that. biggrin.gif
i was away for the weekend and returned to some heavy, passionate shagging last night and again this morning. We were both so tired when I got home but found more than enough energy to tear into each other.
Most of our portions in the last few months have been while at least somewhat stoned-I was starting to become concerned that sober sex just wouldn't be as pleasurable for us anymore, but our supply has run out and the last 12 hours was all the assurance I needed otherwise.
Lots of deep and sweet kissing, long embraces, hands everywhere, several positions. I came on top twice which is difficult for me, but even more intense than underneath. We fell asleep curled up together all night, and awoke in the morning just to dive in again, morning breath be-damned : ) It was emotional and pleasurable all together. Lord I needed that.
Portions, portions, all weekend long. And especially, sweet, sweet "mirror" portions Friday evening, of the kind where you touch the other person exactly the way they've just touched you, or rather, are touching you at that moment, and vice versa.........mmmmm. So sweet and lovely. Even our orgasms were near-mirrors (he came only a few seconds after I did). Also, silly, laughing, late night, Hallowe'en oh-come-on-let-me-bite-you portions while being bored by Bram Stoker's Dracula.
ahhh, doodle, i adore "mirror" portions. It's so intimate. The best kind of bonding.

another detail about last night..this should be in the Oh the Things You Say thread, but whatever:
So he had me get myself off before screwing me-i guess it's a fetish of his, and as fetishes go, this one is perfectly fine by me-so I came really hard, one hand doing the work and the other hand wrapped tightly around his head as he pressed his mouth to my neck, and as I climaxed, he shifted in between my legs and said calmly, "Okay. I want in." That boy makes me purr smile.gif
Totally submissive, worshipful oral portions last night that left me smiling all day today. Made my way slowly down to my knees and sucked him slowly, like I meant it, while stroking his legs and ass, running my fingers up and down. He was super hard, moaning, and holding on tight to a fistful of my hair, bracing himself.
Demi-portions last night for me! I'm telling you, I'm one of those girls who likes a little force and damn, this man knows exactly what to do to me. It definitely helps that he's a lot bigger than I am and a lot stronger, too. We were fooling around on the couch and he asked if we could move it into my bedroom to get more comfortable, to which I did not protest - and I had to close the window because I was freezing and he came up behind me and just grabbed me and practically threw me down onto the bed. Once the clothes were all off he pulled me down again by my hips and just dove in, if you know what I'm sayin'. Holy Hannah, I don't know where he learned how to do the things he does't but sweet baby Jesus, I'm all over it. It's way too hot when he grabs my hair and forces my mouth on his and then pulls my head back so he can kiss my neck and pull my shirt aside to kiss my collarbone and down my chest. God, he's delicious. I didn't even mind that his stubble scratched the hell out of my face. Seriously. Amazing. I swear, once I get back on the pill it's on. laugh.gif
Fantastic double orgasm portions last night with the mirror set at a nice visual angle. Also loud, now that we have our own place. I'm sure the neighbours can hear some because two nights ago we heard our upstairs neighbours going at it, but I don't care. This is my place, I wanna be loud.
Being able to be loud makes it all SO much better!

And rogue, that sounds super hot!!
yay Ketto!!!

Rogue, that sounds hot.

Lunch time portions today, he went slow. It was lovely.
Hot, slow, sapphic portions with Mrs. Rouge. Lots of kissing and caressing. We took our sweet time and we both had multiple orgasms.
I have to admit, moving in has done wonders for our sex life. I've been so exhuasted for months that we were only getting it on once a week or so. I think we're already at 4 for this week.
Yay Ketto! smile.gif

My partner and I had frequent portions after moving in too. I must admit that it did slow down a bit after a while but then it picks right up again when we are away from each other due to work travel or weekends with respective groups of friends etc.
AWESOME. Moving to a new place with the boy this weekend. I'm bleeding now too, so by the time we're all settled in next week, I should be all clear biggrin.gif
I'm sure the change of scenery and doing something big together are great catalysts. Good to know there's something to look forward to after all the craziness and stress...
Well, my orgasms have been MIA lately with the cop, so last night I got some wonderful tipsy portions with someone I care a great deal about and there they were!!!

Our second round produced not one but two incredibly juicy g post orgasms, it got *everywhere* there was a HUGE wet spot on the bed.

It was a wonderful evening and my muscles are sore today, but hell if it wasn't worth it.
Finally! Creaky bed, nekkid in the dark, trying to be quiet, biting my hand to keep from screaming portions. Especially fun when you are pleasantly surprised to find that someone's delicious when you thought they might be awkward. More please!
OMG!!! amazing anal portions while i rubbed furiously---soaked the bed again---afternoon portions. totally sapped my energy and went to bed early and watched movies. tired, deliriously tingling for hours.
Okay, technically I already posted about my last portions, but that was brief and in the Confessions thread. So.....

Make up portions. You know when you've convinced yourself you are done with somebody, and even though you love them dearly, you've made up your mind to move on? And then you discover that that person wants you back, and seems willing to do the work it will take to win you over again? And then you put it off and put it off but finally decide you've seen enough change to make it okay for you to sleep with that person again? And that person decides to SHOW you how much they missed you and want you back?

Holy crap, I've never known such intimacy in my life. Holy crap, I've never felt so loved in my life. Holy crap, 3 times in 10 hours, and the man is 57, for heaven's sake. Holy crap, I've never come so hard and so good.
Due to some health issues, until last night, it had been over a week and a half. Long for us.

Paperboy worked until 9:30 and I had all afternoon and evening to think about all the things I wanted to do to him. I was going insane but I was good and didn't let myself have any solo fun. But then 10pm rolled around and I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I went to bed and fell asleep and he came home and crawled in with me about 1/2 hour later.

Sleepy, unbelievably turned on, super passionate, fantastically-intense-orgasm-for-both portions followed and I had a very good nights sleep. I keep thinking about it while I'm sitting and work and getting happy feelings. I don't get home till around 8pm tonight but I know what I want to do when I get there...
comedy of error portions the other night-
It started with him whispering in my ear that he was going to fuck me and me acting coy about it. He started fingering me, but my vagina suddenly started burning. I had to break our little game to ask if he had been chopping hot peppers earlier, which he had. Ow! So we switched it up, and I started going down on him. Then I got on top of him and fucked him super slowly and teasingly. After a while, he started laughing and said even though it felt awesome, the stubble on my pussy lips was driving him crazy. So I started fucking him harder, and he was slapping my ass. Then suddenly he was laughing again, and it turned out in trying to slap my ass he had slapped his own balls and was feeling nauseous. At the end, he grabbed my ass as he was coming, but he grabbed the place on my ass cheek where for some unknown reason I have poison ivy, and it made it start itching like crazy. We both cracked up, and finally, we were done!
Lots of yummy weekend portions, but my FAVOURITE was the 6-AM-don't-wake-the-houseguests portions.

I dunno exactly what time it was, but it was AROUND then. We were spooned up tight and I could feel his hard-on right at the juncture of my thighs and ass. He never actually wakes me for sex, but he does sort of gently see if I'll "notice" his hard on. Well, I noticed Sunday morning. I rolled over, pushed him on his back, and pretty much jumped right on top of him.....not even ready (wet) yet! But he played with me so well that I was pretty hot pretty quickly.

We had to be SUPER quiet, because Soulman's place is pretty much open-plan, with most of the "wall" divisions done with big pieces of furniture. It may have actually helped add to the excited urgency that there were people sleeping 20 feet away, and in fact, one of them got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of our lovemaking!

He came first - his body was more awake and horny than mine was when we started! But we both dipped our fingers down into the messy pool of hot sticky cum in my crotch - it makes me so hot to feel his cum on my body - and he brought me off swiftly, with me still sitting on top of him. Sticky cum everywhere - thighs, bellies, asses....we spooned back up and fell asleep sticking together. I love it when it goes like that.
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