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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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Ahhh, just had another amazing night. I didn't make it to the concert last night because I couldn't get off work early enough, but he came right over afterward. I've got today off, and he didn't need to leave until 2-so we just had so much time to indulge in each other. He came over and brought stuff for breakfast this morning (swoon!), and we spent another evening in deep conversation and music and laughing, and basking in each others presence. I don't remember the last time I've had such a beautiful and electrifying connection with someone. It's ridiculous, but true that we can literally just stare at each other with intention and not feel weird about it-we admire each other so much. There hasn't been a single moment of discontent or awkwardness-it's all been so natural and harmonious.

The universe is whipping me a curve ball. Here I've been for the last month, dating around and enjoying myself, and I'm no where near ready for something committed again. I'm still not. That's the problem-I wasn't expecting to meet someone so incredible non-physically and physically. I literally don't know what to do now. I'd be doing myself such a huge disservice by jumping into something committed again. I need this time to be single. I know this because even last night, I was still comparing some things to my last relationship, like 'thank god he doesn't do that' or 'there's this thing about my ex that really bugged the crap out of me and I hope you're not going to do it' (he didn't smile.gif). blah blah blah. On the other hand, this is AMAZING, and if it's such a great thing, why don't I just jump into it?? I don't know. I just want to have my cake and eat it too.

We have talked a lot about where we're at relationship wise. He knows where I'm at and vice-versa. We're both completely open with each other. Neither of us knows yet what is going to happen, but we're just enjoying it.

I feel more mystical about this situation because we didn't seek each other out-it was just fate. We've convinced ourselves that we were meant to find each other. I know, sappy, but it's just the connection we're having.

OMG it was incredible last night. He brought his handcuffs and mask, and he was sooo amazing at teasing. Some guys just aren't creative when they tie you up, but he knew just what he was doing. We talk a lot during sex-checking in, dirty/sweet talk, and sometimes just pleasant conversation. He let me go and we fucked..and fucked and it got so intense that he actually came this time, but it was fine-we were happy just being there. We kinda dozed off after that, slept till morning, woke right back up and went at it again. Tons more positions and eye contact and breathing. Then he made me breakfast :wub.gif: I'm really, really liking this. I don't know how I've gotten so lucky. Before he left, we took 30 minutes to draw something-whatever inspired us-and he drew a very erotic and dirty scene from last night. Boy's an artist~

He left his phone at my place. GUESS he'll have to come back over : D
Wow, that is awesome! I love the idea of being tied up but have never enjoyed it because the guys are not so good at figuring out what to do with a tied up girl. Boys, yeesh. I've put off trying it with the current bf for that reason, but maybe...

If it feels right, do it, that's what I say! I jumped from a 3 year relationship into another one because that was just how the stars happened to align, but it worked out very well in the end. It was also a "fate" thing with lots of sexual energy.. *sigh* Sometimes I'm sad at how little "alone time" I've ever had because of how fast we got serious, but I'd sure never change a thing!
exactly, angie-I remember how exciting it seemed the first time i was tied up-i don't really remember the actual experience, only that it was kind of anti-climactic, so to speak. It was always an exciting thing to try, but then the guy didn't really know what to do.

But I never really enjoyed it until last night. I mean, we were having such a great time together, it was hard to imagine that it wouldn't be pleasurable, but from past experiences, I wasn't expecting a huge difference. But lordy, did he prove me wrong.

That's really what my worry is though-like I need some (lots more) alone time. But this is all so positive and pointing towards YES! that I'm afraid I might have to rethink my plan.

But then it gets complicated. We haven't even known each other a week, so I hate to have to consider this-but he is very sure that he wants kids someday, and I'm 200% sure that I don't. With anyone else who I haven't had such an awesome connection with, I wouldn't even consider this, but hypothetically, if I were ready for a committed relationship, I would definitely be all for getting into one with him, and that's something I do need to consider. I don't want to decide that I'm ready for this, let it happen, and then of course we have to split down the road because we can't agree on offspring. This issue, and whether or not to actually pursue something monogamous with him is like the only conflicts involved with us. I swear, everything else is just perfect.

should this be taken to the Relationship thread? :\
wow, human....

that sounds dreamy. i understand where you are coming from-- the main reason i've broken up with my last 3 gf's is because i knew i needed alone time to figure my own stuff out. but if you are debating giving in, my suggestion is that you pace yourself. with something so intense the temptation is to see a lot of them, but you might want to just limit yourself to seeing him once a week max, but keeping the definition as loose as possible, the first 3 years of my best relationship was kept very casual, because as much as we loved our chemistry, neither of us was quite ready for something serious, but eventually we both knew there was something special, and we felt things had changed....

god i am so excited (and jealous) of you!
gt, that's always wise advice. Oh, it's going to be hard to take this one slow. We can't get enough of each other! All I can think of today is when the mask slipped off and I could see that sweet look of ravenousness worship in his eyes.....ahh. I'm a little unbalanced today tongue.gif
(sorry) but here's something that makes this guy so AWESOME.
He had a girlfriend several years ago who was sexually abused as a child. There were unavoidably sexual issues that he really wanted to help her work through. So he went and bought like 10 books on sex and sexual trauma. He read and studied all of them religiously, eager to pleasure this girl and help her heal. Apparently it helped a lot, and he came away with tons of useful knowledge about how to satisfy women sexually.

He was living at home at the time, and his parents saw his books. His mom is really religious and deemed him a pervert. Some time later though, she came to him out of desperation, confessed that her and his father's sex life has waned over the years, and hoped that he could give her some advice. I guess she really didn't have close enough friends that she could turn to, and wasn't comfortable seeing a therapist. He said it was extremely awkward at first, but once he understood that he could help them a lot, he just sucked it up and enlightened her about things like masturbation, and oh, trying other positions besides missionary. He said he basically saved their sex life, and they both seem much happier. He said that every time he visits them now, they make him take out his mentally disabled little brother so they can fuck tongue.gif

what a guy.
uh... i'm not sure.... just....

...i think it's the parents... i get squicked about weird things...
ah...yeah, imagine how he felt! tongue.gif
I just see him as being pretty mature to handle such an awkward thing, and do it with respect. He's now more proud of himself than anything for helping someone feel positively about sex.
Freudian say what? Is there an Oedipal complex in the room?

I'm glad you're having fun with this guy, Humanist! Pretty happy for you. And to you answer your question, yeah, you should go to the general dating thread to get more feedback about your dating situation. The portions have been great to hear about and I hope you keep getting served. wink.gif
Thanks star smile.gif It's been amazing.
He was running late to work yesterday and forgot his phone at my place, so of course (pity us) he had to come back last night after work. My buzzer doesn't work, so he had to hop two fences and come up my fire escape. It was very romantic. We didn't even have sex last night-underwear stayed on all night. Instead we continued having an even more intense conversation and just held each other all night. We fell asleep completely entwined.

He feels very spiritually about sex and even cuddling. We were talking about how just holding each other mindfully can be as pleasurable as sex in and of itself, how it's therapeutic and healing to exchange energy with another person like that. He is very interested in trying Tantric stuff and a positions enthusiast. He actually told me that if I ever felt like it when we're sleeping, I could just stretch out on top of him and sleep, as it's apparently a comfortable and intimate thing for him. I think my ex was so opposed to that, I just forgot how lovely it is.

I'm falling hard for this one :wub.gif: I can't resist it anymore. The last time I felt this head over heels about someone, I was a teenager and I ignored a million serious red-flags because I was blindly in love. This time I'm far more level headed. I know I am this time because my objective is not to fall in love, as it probably was back then. I'm being far more objective and critical and questioning. The only red-flag I'm seeing is the kids issue. There's no compromising on that for me, so I am concerned....But I'm not going to give this up. I'm slipping.

Every night that we spend together, we're both just astonished over how incredibly in tune and compatible we are with each other. We're not shy about telling each other these things, either-there's nothing more natural.

I need some cold water on my head :\
Just popping by to say that I am LOVING all the beautiful portions you're getting, humanist! smile.gif And BTW, Turbomann wanted kids too, now it's more waned to a more theoretical desire for kids, nothing like he NEEDS kids, and he enjoys our childfree lifestyle (not that we could afford kids anyway). So, just sayin' - things can shift and change over time...don't get too wrapped up in that piece just yet.

And, just to stay on topic...turbomann and I declared a Dirty Sex Sunday, and had many many lovely portions throughout the day, props, dress up, tied-up and all. YUM. Oh, and humanist, we really enjoy these sheets (NSFW) for some fun tie-up play. heh.
Humanist, I'm in awe.... wub.gif I'm living vicariously through your portions!
Mid-week portions last night. Romantic bath together. I soaped him up and finally got my finger all the way in his ass, like he's been wanting but has been too shy to ask for. He loved it. We continued in the bedroom, shifting to him going down on me and then 69 - his favourite? wink.gif I came first and tried to shove his head away, but he was having a harder time coming without his face buried in my cunt, so after the shocks died down, I relented and opened my legs back up for him. So lovely.
I had to drop off some stuff at the boy's apt today while he was on lunch break (he works from home on Fridays) and before I went to work. We had about 45 minutes to kill which was just enough time for a really great quickie. Put him in a much better mood but pretty much destroyed my work concentration for about 2 hours after I got here.

Funny side note: I wanted to take a quick shower but he forgot that his pipes were being worked on that afternoon. It was a very cold quick shower. blink.gif
My boyish friend flew to Dublin on the weekend. Even though he had been on quite a few planes and awake for nearly 24 hours, we still had "I'm so happy to see you" portions. Double fun was had video taping it on the camera and watching it back.
breaking in the new house, on video portions last night.

To celebrate the first of two post-vasectomy lab tests coming back clear, LeBoy and I had some long overdue oral portions last night (he's too paranoid for intercourse until that second test comes back in a few weeks). After I took care of him, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, the cat was having his own "happy fun time" with a blanket in the pile of laundry at the foot of the bed. Lovely. laugh.gif
Yahoo for polly!! smile.gif
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Apr 9 2009, 05:56 PM) *
Mid-week portions last night. Romantic bath together. I soaped him up and finally got my finger all the way in his ass, like he's been wanting but has been too shy to ask for. He loved it. We continued in the bedroom, shifting to him going down on me and then 69 - his favourite? wink.gif I came first and tried to shove his head away, but he was having a harder time coming without his face buried in my cunt, so after the shocks died down, I relented and opened my legs back up for him. So lovely.

Hoooooly cow. *Daydreams*
Known you for 10 years and you only just decided to tie me up and spank the hell out of me all night portions. I even have the rope burn and bruises to proove it!
Oh my gawd.
Let's hope this doesn't get weird...or if it does I hope this can happen at least once more before that conclusion.
Lovely morning sex quickie. Bonus: I was having a very sexy dream as he woke me up. Almost better than coffee.

Mmmm, amazing portions last night. It felt different than usual. We did it in the dark for the first time and it just felt more primal. I think that maybe because there was no light we just had to rely on our sense of touch and smell. It was divine.
anna k
Very good, candycane_girl!

Met up with the same guy as before, and had a lot of fun. He's very rough and sweet at the same time, loves kissing, kept whispering "Oh my God" at times, and called me gorgeous and sexy. We even play-wrestled, where I wanted him to hold me down while I tried to push him up, and it was hard (I forgot that he has had martial arts training), but he said I was much stronger than he thought. I put on some Tom Waits music, and had fun giving him a blow job and seeing his happy reactions, as well as being happy whenever he bit my neck or kissed me/stroked me. Afterwards we just laid in bed for an hour, under a light blanket, just touching and relaxing. Even as I got ready to leave, I still liked kissing him for the hell of it.

So, a good time was had by both of us.

so happy for you, anna!
Aw anna_k. "kept whispering "Oh my God" at times" I love this. It all sounds divine.
Very nice Anna! I love any games with wrestling and being held down! And Tom Waits, also good for lap-dancing

We had one of my new favorites, lazy hungover Saturday morning portions. Lots and lots of snuggling and touching, just lying there while he is sooo hard and holding himself tight against me. Him kissing me all over, going down on me, then coming over and sitting next to me so I can stay all cozy under the covers while giving him a blowjob. Then slow, loving sex, ending with him fucking me from behind while I am lying facedown on the bed, then coming on my face (his personal favorite lol).

I think this is one of our best moments since I got off the pill, I can't wait for it to get better! I never used to be into the slow romantic style of things, I always liked it rough. But now I just love being pampered and given lots of attention, especially sleeping in on the weekend! So cozy!
hot quick saturday afternoon portions. lots of lotion, gentle anal and screaming orgasm---he came first but then watched as i finished. very exciting and wet. what a good afternoon!!!
Farewell portions with my fb who is moving out of town sad.gif

Super-hot, super-wet......I gave him a farewell pressent of deep-throating several times - yum!

I will miss the easy drunk dial.
went out last night with a bunch of my guy friends, ended up drunkenly going home with a friend of one of them and having drunken, fun sex - well, as good of sex as you can have, drunkenly. Then we woke up this morning and properly had sex. Apparently he's had a crush on me for awhile... smile.gif

oh, and he has a HUGE penis. Length wise, a tad above average, girth wise - WOW. and I mean wow in a good way.

anna k
Excellent Zoya!
anna k
Got lovely portions with my guy tonight. Kinky motherfucker that he is, and turned me on to light bondage and near-deep throating. I loved being dominated and taken over, and loved hearing him whisper "Oh my God" and make happy sounds. Like usual, he could be rough and strong but also very sweet, and I loved it. I didn't come, but I liked everything else. We definetly have this weird sexual chemistry where he gets off on being aggressive and I let out my animalistic side while still playing the sweet innocent, it's a lot of fun. He also called me sexy and fucking hot at times, that was really good to hear. I just loved smiling at him and seeing him be into me, and just be worn out by the end, it felt really satisfying to know that I turned him on that much. smile.gif
Lovely portions, much needed, we hadn't fucked in this car that he ahd and we were just feeling frisky.

Zoya, those are the greatest cocks! Above boy has one of those. smile.gif
Whoo boy. Last night I went over to the boy's house and started telling him about a few different sex scenarios that were on my mind. I got to the one about a rape fantasy and that really got his attention so we decided to try it out.

It was kind of hard trying to fight off someone when it's actually consensual but we did it. He was really rough with me and I kept trying to hit him and get away from him but he held me down. After he finished he went down on me and I came a few times. It was sooooo good. He kept telling me that it was going to be on his mind for quite a while.

Then today we were waiting around for his friend to show up but he was taking forever. Usually the boy doesn't like to have sex the next morning but I started playing with him and teasing him and he had a change of heart. It was fun because a) it was spur of the moment and cool.gif his friend could have shown up at any moment.

I feel so satisfied. Part of me wants more because it was so good but I have to remind myself that I'm still sore.
anna k
candycane_girl, play-wrestling is such a turn-on. It's the force of the guy, your inner strength to get away, the dominant/submissive thing, and you're just in shock at how hot it all was. Brava.
It was so strange. At one point he was holding down my wrists and I was really trying to fight back. I don't think I realized how strong he is. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because he works out all the time. I told him afterward that I was trying to struggle against him and he said he thought that I was fake struggling because it was so easy for him to overpower me.
anna k
It's understandable, a guy underestimating his own upper body strength against a woman.

I mostly used my legs to push against my guy's chest as a barrier when I was being held down. It was fun, but it also felt like practice for if the real thing ever happened to me, so I wanted to be prepared.

When I was with him, I was surprised at how much stronger he was than he looked, and I later remembered that he has had martial arts training off and off for years.
Hot Friday night portions with Mrs. Rouge. She found that sensitive spot on the back of my neck, and I was pudding.
Cloyingly sweet and fully clothed portions with a new person. Never actually been with someone who checks in throughout all stages, including the kissing, to find out if I am okay with what is happening. Also never got off quite so easily, or so soon. Hoping the lack of attention to his penis does not keep him from coming back. We just need to have a conversation before his fluids enter into the picture.
Not actual penetrative sex but last night he got me off by rubbing my clit while I was sucking his cock. It was absolutely incredible and so, so sexy. I get ridiculously turned on when I'm moaning with his cock in my mouth.
Hot, hot, hot portions on the kitchen table.
Never in my life have I had a desire to do this to another person. In fact, I've always been pretty squicked out by the idea. The last guy I was with liked to do it to ME, and I let him, but I never really got anything out of it.

However, last night, I was giving Soulman a backrub. And he was all fresh and clean from the bath. And you know how backrubs go down into buttrubs. Well, I started kissing his back, and kissing down his body, kissing his buttcrack, and then I started licking. Not his anus, but getting closer and closer, teasing, torturing all around his butt cheeks, thighs, scrotum, buttcrack.....he kept lifting his butt higher and higher, and he was enjoying it so much....I guess I was working up my nerve, getting closer with all the teasing. And I was so turned on that eventually, I got THERE.

Oh my god. He loved it. *I* loved it. I was SOOOOO hot. Eventually he flipped over, and I kept going, all over the place, just totally smooshing my face into his crotch. He was SO hard, non-stop. Eventually, I jumped on top of him and fucked his brains out. And then after we both came, he held me so tightly that I thought he was never gonna let me go.

Hot, sweet, sweaty portions almost all night, followed by a three hour nap and happy to see you in my bed morning portions. Period_monster is a very happy woman.

And doodlebug, wow.
Had hot sweaty portions with an ex of mine. He came on my back (a first for us). I still have bruises all over my ass and legs.
So good. Long hare anal sex. We used all the oxygen. All I could think about all day
"Long hare anal sex"? Misspelling or something I've never heard of?

Impromptu. late afternoon, sweaty, bed-soaking oral portions. Which we're following up with our favorite Thai food! Ta ta!
Coming home sex.

There is something to be said for ldrs... very great oral, after a week without out any sex. And followed by an awesome date night!
This was a couple of nights ago, but e-man and I were fucking with my legs over his shoulders, and I had the most intense orgasm of my life. Seriously, minutes later my top lip was still trembling. I was so, ahem, busy, I didn't even notice he had cum, until I noticed he was resting on me, and no longer moving. ahh.
anna k
Damn, period_monster. That is awesome and amazing.

I had a nice time with my guy last night. It wasn't as crazy as usual, just felt more comfortable and relaxing to just kiss and touch each other and have fun after not having seen each other for two weeks.

Not actual penetrative sex but last night he got me off by rubbing my clit while I was sucking his cock. It was absolutely incredible and so, so sexy. I get ridiculously turned on when I'm moaning with his cock in my mouth.

I had almost the same thing last night, with his finger in my asshole while I was sucking his cock, and it felt great and turned me on a lot. I just loved making happy sounds, hearing happy sounds from him, and the whole feeling of getting each other off at the same time.
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