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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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ok, girltrouble, if you're around, get ready to break out another bottle of champagne....

turns out the gum chewer does not need as much schooling as I thought.. he was just kinda waiting until he knew me better to see what I was comfortable with..

... he's into kink.

I spent the whole morning learning the finer points of slapping his balls....

anna k
Sounds good. I love it that the one with little experience has a whole resevoir of kinky thoughts in his head, and just waiting for the right person to try it out with. Good score, zoya.
.....oh, I have a feeling that he's got way more experience than I gave him credit for, being into that stuff is definitely not just thoughts in his head..... I think he just doesn't want to give up the info that he's into it until he gauges someone. (ie: me) .. at any rate, it was a total turn on. So we'll see....
*does a champagne spit take*

jigga who?

oh shit!

zoya....*pops some of the finest bubbly she's got*

seriously congrats... that sounds awesome!

hee hee.... i don't know if you'll share, but for one i am sooo curious... and so happy for you... i've got my fingers cross for you z....
oh shit zoya confuckingratulations
.....actually, I think I just may have to move over to the BDSM thread to ask some questions ....!!

I've done some play before, but that was with someone who was really obviously dom, he was very extroverted and opinionated and that carried over to the bedroom (in a good way) but R likes to be dominated. He likes pain, but as I said below, he also loves being stroked softly all over - so both ends of the spectrum. And he's said he likes to be tied up and dominated, fucked, etc. I have no fucking idea how to do that stuff... I suppose tying up isn't so hard (although I've never done it to anyone) but I've never inflicted more pain than a spanking on anyone (until I spent yesterday morning slapping his balls around, which I must say, was quite the turn on - not doing it per se, but his, mmm!) so I'm not quite sure what to do to build up a repertoire of stuff I can do to him that he'd like.

I'm not really used to being on the full on dom end, mainly because by nature I AM dom - my job requires me to be in charge all the time - so when I'm in real life, although my tendancy is to be in charge, I've learned that it's really nice and kinda freeing to let someone else be in charge and tell me what to do, not full on lifestyle sub, but just when I'm with someone I trust, it's nice to have that balance of them being in charge. I wouldn't say I'm a sub per se, probably more of a switch. I do like to be told what to do, but I've never been tied up or blindfolded or anything - I've always been kinda scared of that. (that's always been a bit past my comfort level of relinquishing control) So having any idea how to really do what he would like to have done to him, is completely beyond me.

He's pretty good at giving direction - well, I think it's because I told him to - weird kinda sub / dom twist I think - I TOLD him to tell me what to do, so he does. But I think until I TOLD him to, he wouldn't have done it so succinctly. kinda funny.... I find myself so far really loving his reactions to some pain, it totally gets me off to see him in a bit of ecstasy from it - so I'd like to learn some things to do to surprise him next time we get together.

We both have quite a bit going on, plus, he's just really really S-L-O-W about things moving forward. Which even though it drives me crazy, I think is actually a good thing. so it's probably not going to be until next weekend at least before we will hook up - which gives me plenty of time to put some tricks up my sleeve, so to speak!

anyway, I find myself being really excited about learning some stuff to do to him....ha!

...will post non-sex blurb in crushie thread...
taking a shower together this morning ended up in "trying hard to be quiet" really slow and intense portions on his bed (his roommate was in the living room)
Oh I had wonderful amounts of birthday portions.

I came with hard juicy squirty orgasms, and as part of my gift we're going to get into me playing with his ass. So, when I went down on him last night I got to play with his ass. We're going to graduate up to me ful on penetrating him.

I also got wonderful anal portions with me leaving a big wet spot on the bed.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Oct 19 2008, 05:20 PM) *
We're going to graduate up to me ful on penetrating him.

I also got wonderful anal portions with me leaving a big wet spot on the bed.

Cult: Nice.

holy shtie penetrating a guy is something I'v always wanted to do. My ex and I were def. headed in that direction, I believe (he *loved* a finger in his ass and we also tried a [smaller] dildo.) Unfortunately we broke up before it went further. I think he was hesitant to ask me to do these things though (

curious: Did you bring up actual penetration, or did he?
I had awesome portions two day in a row. New boy came over on Friday and we had sex with him finishing for the first time. He's only had one other partner and it was a couple of years ago so he was getting a little too stressed. But after we were laying around, it was around 5AM and we were semi-spooning and his head was on my head with his mouth right at my ear, which drives me crazy. First he was making fun of me and saying silly things in my ear, but then he started talking about how he was going to kiss me all over and then he started describing a whole scenario and he slowly just started getting me off with his hand. It was super hot and before I came he was whispering sexy little encouragements in my ear.

I sent him that hilarious (but practical) vice article that someone posted in the oral sex thread and he read it yesterday and tested it out last night. was amazing and I came super fast and got some more awesome portions after too. I like new boy a lot. smile.gif
It's come up in conversation before, he knows how much I want to penetrate him, so as part of my birthday gift he said we'd start last night.

It was mutual, I suppose.
I took it up the ass tonight. In the back of a VW GTI. It was small, but fucking hot.
drunken portions last night after an unexpected wild night out (wherein guy I'm kinda seeing and I made out in the middle of a bar where everyone we know was....guess we blew our cover..) then this morning some tying him up and playing.. then untying and me riding him portions. then he straddled me, pinning my arms at my sides with his knees , jacked off and came all over my boobs. wheee!!!
Erm, I should say, the car was small, not his dick.

Anyhows, last night we went and took some pics, then we were filling frisky so I went down on him while we were in a sculpture garden, then he fucked me from behind. ahhh the joys of public fuckery.
Mrs. Rouge and I had hot Democrat election sex. Because as Mrs. Rouge put it "Democrat sex is hotter than Republican sex, Republican sex is boring and unimaginative."
this morning the mr approached me as I sat at the computer and casually said ' free gift in the boudoir, limited time only' and walked away.
a minute later (bc I wanted to make him sweat a little ) I went to him in there, and mid way through, I asked
" so does this free gift come with donuts ?" bc at that point hell I was hungry!
I love happy silly, giggly potions biggrin.gif .
got some fun and frisky. clean out the pipes! wasn't all that hung, but gallant! I commend voraciousness with tact. It may happen again, but I'm pretty sure we're just keeping this casual.
Nothing like gettin it enthusiastically after seeing a artsy puppet show and watching a horridly awesome werewolf movie...
Queen Bull
nothing like banging the headboard against teh wall for an hour to get the blood going. then switching it up again. especially when paired with choking and some outrageous hair yankage. smile.gif)
um I totally did it in a bar bathroom. wow! that was a first...naughty naughty! but this guy and I totally go for the public thing...
and then again on an exceptionally squeaky bed with the hosts next door.
hot ex sex. gosh I missed him! again naughty. blink.gif

when it rains it pours. wowsa.
um I totally did it in a bar bathroom.

oh god, that's a fantasy of mine for a while.

(i don't get out much)
*slinks back after quite the hiatus from bust*

Last night the boy who I am dating (Damn, I need to give him a bust nickname) and I were making out and he managed to unlock my cell and dial my mom on speedial while straddling me. Luckily I noticed and hung up before she got to her phone...

Anyway, hottest portions in a long time. Also, first time I've had my panties removed by someone's teeth, followed by spectacular oral, followed by some deliciously slightly on the rough side sex. Mmmmmmmm
Me too, crazyoldcatlady! Sadly, I'm way too chicken.... maybe one day.

Lanky Boy came over last night with a glint in his eye and declares his mission to make me come as many times as humanly possible. Fingers me mercilessly til I lose count, then adds my vibrator, then shags me several times while using my vibrator on my clit - honest to god, knees turned to jelly and I couldn't walk. We kept going for about 2 1/2 hours, then he woke me up in the middle of the night for a quickie, now have over-slept so much I had to call in sick. Sooo worth it!

(this was the first time we'd used the vibrator together and I think he was working out some very minor feelings of jealousy towards it - I really hope he uses this approach every time he feels insecure!)
Bra shopping. Hot portions when we got home. Hell, it was almost in the fitting room at the bra shop. I'm thinking of buying a new bra every week now!
After a bit of a hiatus from fuckery, I went and got me some lovin', it was fantastical! After the break that first dick inside you is a wonderous thing.

I'm returning to absitence for a time, though.
I was wondering what was going on with you, culture. You haven't posted for so long. I could say the same about myself, though. We've been on vacation for the past week and have been able to have quiet quickies (staying with his cousin who has a 2 year old in the next room) almost every morning. That's been nice, but I'm ready to get back home so we can make some noise! Our sex life has been very unexciting for quite some time, though. It bums me out, but we can't seem to get any momentum going.
Sweet, snuggly, loving portions over the weekend.....I love lengthy lie-ins.
Dayglow, I was on hiatus. In fact, I still kind of am. I did give a phenomenal blow job last night, including an A Spot orgasm. with that said, we didn't have sex and I'm fine with that. It's been a long time since my pussy has seen action*

*truthfully, I think abstinence for a time can be really important for mental clarity and self preservation. I'm glad I'm doing it.
I just have to say thank you to everyone posting in here - reading waaaaay back through the archives has really made this sick day SO much nicer! Without my own recent fun to look back on, I need you guys! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to hop in the shower. wink.gif
What is an A spot? I need to learn about this.

Had some super sweet, cuddly, wake up kissing portions a few nights ago. I haven't had that in a long time. It felt so romantic.

And then later he surprised me by massaging me feet and licking my toes. I forgot how good that feels.
Candycane_girl, it's when you stick your fingers in a guys ass and milk his prostate. It works fantastically during oral sex.
ok, I tried that on R.... it did absolutely nothing for him. I know I was hitting the right spot, it was really obvious where the prostate was.. but nada. I was bummed, I was expecting ecstasy. ah well...
I always thought that was the pspot as in prostate. Generally I find it can get an interminable blowjob over lickety split. If you're/he's squeamish about the a-hole, you can also feel it right behind a guy balls on the outside.
I guess it could be either, really.

I found on the last guy I did that, too, went nuts. His orgasms were rediculously intense.
A few things.

Last Friday I played with two during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Knocked a few fantasies off there. One 40 the other 45.

Monday I got fucked in the morning by the 40 year old, including him sticking it in my ass.

Then yesterday afternoon I took off and got fucked into oblivian. It was divine.

So much for my abstinence. Eh, it was getting old anyway.

We stayed on a friend's couch last night. Got some intense fingering portions after a looooong dry spell (spotting and periods are a bitch). And then a bit this morning. Very nice.
Culture, I always had a great time with the older guy I used to play with. He was 40 too, but he got a little weird about things after a while. Too bad...I burned that bridge.

Me and the boy had some fun on Sunday. He came over and we watched a movie in my room. He went down on me twice, oh so slowly. Kissing me very very slowly and softly from head to toe and then he made me cum twice in a row. That's extremely unusual for me and it was amazing. After he was spent but while we were spooning he started just lightly stroking me all over and slowly made his way back down and got me off twice more with his hand. Four (with someone else) is a record for me and I think he was very very proud. tongue.gif
if i don't get at least some sort of action over this vacation--seriously, at least a fucking kiss, PLEASE! i do not know how much longer i can do this and not go batshit insane.
Turbomann and I usually find that the holidays at home with family (and sleeping in separate houses) make for some hot portions upon getting home. This year was no different. As a bonus, we decided to do naughty gifts this year, so I bought some sexy lingerie, and he bought me a gorgeous steel butt plug...and both have been put to good use. We've spent the day alternately in bed, and playing with each other on the massage table, with breaks for snacks and hot cocoa. Mmmm. With hope, there will be dessert portions to follow...
Hot, parked car portions the other night. I don't know how we managed to do it in my teeny tiny car but we did. I had only gone 5 days without seeing him but he was completely ravenous.
*anticipating happy birthday to me portions tonight*
Hot hot hot drugs-were-involved-2am-new-years portions last night.

Probably the best sex we've ever had.
new years portions x 3!
Lovely older man portions, from behind, licking myself off his dick portions. Mmm.
New Year's Day portions, twice - at 4 in the morning (when we were just getting to bed), and at 8 in the morning (early morning hard on). smile.gif
Lots more new years portions! Once after just getting out of bed in the middle of the day and then again after a failed first attempt at anal. Of which there will be more.

3 x kinky portions yesterday. Wore the new plug to dinner...felt it "thunk" on the wooden bench as I sat down, turbomann grinning at me the whole time. Sipping mimosas and thinking of the first round this morning...Mmmm. I love vacation.
the holidays have bee good for the turbos! biggrin.gif
Incredible doggie style portions last night. I don't know what was so different this time but it just felt so much more incredible than ever before. I was moaning loudly and I didn't care if the neighbours heard. Afterward we just collapsed and stared at each other in awe.
Last night....OMG. He is the most tender and most intimate lover I've ever had. Or maybe it's this "love" thing. Lots and lots and lots of touch, and oral, and doggie style, and 69, and the second time I came, in 69, my whole body was shaking, and he wouldn't stop for the longest time, and then he just buried his face in my cunt while I tried to help him finish, but I had to push him over on his back in the end, just because I was still shaking in that position. So yeah. Double portions last night, and again this morning, when I woke up and sat right down on his hard on, and then licked myself off of him till he came. God.
ok so i know this is tame and pathetic and doesn't really belong in the portions thread but considering it had been well over a year since anyone else's tongue was in my mouth i think i get to yell about it: I MADE OUT WITH A SUPER CUTE BOY ON NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didn't kiss anyone at the countdown and was feeling disappointed and resigned but there was this cute beardy boy who was friends with one of the dudes i was there with. he bummed a smoke off me and we introduced ourselves and then we started dancing and almost immediately he was kissing me and that basically was the rest of the night; he kept pushing me up against the wall to crazy make out for a while, then head back to the dancefloor to dance which involved us twirling each other around the floor (he was an awesome dancer) and then pushing me back to the wall, then back to dance, then makeout, then dance, then dance&makeout, etc. our whole group walked to get a taxi and he came up to walk arm in arm with me and held my hand in the goddamn cab, it was adorable. unfortunately the night ended with a sweet "happy new year" and a last kiss; there was a fiasco with us having to chase after his friend who had jumped out of the cab and was puking in the snow, and he was visiting from out of town and so was i so neither of us could really have hosted anything further. i'm sad it wasn't more but hey, beggars can't be choosers, and this at least made me feel a little more confident that substantially cute men can also find me attractive. yay.
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