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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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New25, you didn't really need to post this so many times. Once in the Gen Sex thread would have been fine.
Zoya, that's awesome. I've never done anything like that either.

I had portions last night but they were hardly were posting about. I met a guy from a website. Normally I don't meet anyone off websites because I can usually tell just from MSN chat if I'm into them. But my friend was saying I should be going on more dates, and it's been a while so I agreed to meet this guy who I explained to very clearly what I was looking for. Anyways, I could tell when I met him he didn't have the confidence I needed but he was sweet and nice and I was horny so, y'know. I felt bad because I could tell he thought he was doing so well but it was just blah. Oh well.
Way to go zoya! That sounds like it was superhot!

Saturday night dancerboy portions twice!

My roomie wasn't home so I could be as loud as I wanted. I lost track of the orgasms. When I don't have to worry about volume control, portions are so much better for me! Squirted many times.

Last time I had sex this good I was in love....which worries me a bit. Given our situation (I don't think he's planning on staying here) that wasn't in the cards in my mind.
i had me some lovely, lovely portions last night.

that is all.
dancerboy portions again last night, and unfortunately they will be the last for about a month, as he will be out of the country. sad.gif

I'm gonna miss him.

He does me sooooooo good.

I really hope we pick up where we left off when he gets back.
I had good portions on Tuesday. This guy who I wasn't going to see again called me up and asked if I wanted to come over for a couple of hours and he offered to make me lunch and do all sorts of nice things for me so I said oh what the hell, I'll give him another chance. After lunch we had some good portions. There was some hot dirty talk and then he surprised me by going down on me. I slept with him twice before and he hadn't done it even though i said I really liked it so I figured he just didn't do it. Either he likes me enough to do it, or for some reason he just didn't want to the other two times. I eagerly went down on him and got to practice some more deep throating, which apparently I can suddenly do with zero problems. He called me a good girl and said that good girls who suck cock like that get fucked hard. At one point we were on a living room chair and he was standing up fucking me and the chair hit a book shelf and one fell behind me and I couldn't sit up anymore so I fell on the book. He pulled it out from under me and when we were finished I looked over to see I had fallen on the Holy Bible. tongue.gif
Great story, Erin smile.gif That's one you won't soon forget.
FINALLY! I have been deemed healthy enough to fuck! Portions so good he's still asleep!
so good, hot, belongs in bdsm thread portions. began with a gentle hand-job on the bus while trying to make sure nobody saw, ended with come on my face about two hours later (once I got home). also, there was bum-play.
The boy and I finally had a weekend together since his semester ended and he came home. We spent the weekend at a friends beach house, drinking and fucking like bunnies. Some highlights...
The bed was wicker and ridiculously squeaky, so we fucked really slow until we couldn't stand it anymore and moved to a chair. Lots of heavy wet kissing and whispered dirty talk. I was riding him hard with my breasts rubbing against his chest when he suddenly hooked his arms beneath my thighs and stood up, never breaking the kiss or the sex. He just held me up in the air with my arms around his neck and fucked me fast and hard. I didn't even know he could do that! We ended up finishing with me bent over with my elbows on the chair until he pulled out and came all over me while rubbing my pussy hard so I came on his hand.

We spread a towel on the ground to make a bed so I could lie down on my stomach and he could fuck me from behind. I could tell he was excited because he kept making that sweet little moan and pulling out of me (which usually means he's trying not to cum). Everytime he pulled out he would kiss me all over and spank my ass and tell me I'm his dirty girl (which I totally am). Then once he made me beg he would go back in and just barely bite the nape of my neck or lay his teeth against my temple. Finally when he pulled out I felt him shoot just once against my thigh. I tried to turn around but he pushed my shoulders down and kissed me. I asked if he came and he said "umm, sorta...don't worry baby, I can still fuck you" so I thought it was just my imagination. He was still really hard and fucked me until I came before pulling out and cumming loads on my ass. I was really confused and asked him what had happened and he *blushed* (so adorable) and said that he came a little the first time but stopped it so we could finish. I didn't know that was possible! I felt like a fucking rockstar because I made my boy cum twice in one session!

I won't see him for another week (now I'm at school and he's at home!) but he sure gives a girl a lot to dream on...

erin-the dirty talk is hott
Hooray! portions after two weeks exactly. now if we can only keep this up at least once a week....I love that sexy sigh sound through the teeth when I have him really rawled up. He also has this great growl/purr sound too that drives me wild.
Ahhhhhhh, last had sex the day before surgery, broke the dry spell today. Got fucked good. It was slow and gentle, lots of kissing and passion involved.
Hot portions. I tied and blindfolded up Mrs. Rouge with my silk scarves and licked and caressed her till she begged to be fucked. Then I helped myself while she whimpered impatiently. When I did her she had a huge orgasm.
mmmhmmm! Got me some dancer boy portions on Saturday. He's been away. Portions with him are sooooooo good. Good to the point of me babbling incoherently afterwards. Good to the point that I've started thinking relationship - which kinda freaks me out.
I haven't reported in here lately, cop portions this weekend, it was pretty hot I was watching the mirror as he was fucking me doggie. HAWT!

The weekend before, was PR boy portions, outside in the yard portions.
culture: I'm sitting here and all I can go is "penis penis penis penis" now. laugh.gif
Isn't the new avi appropriate for this thread! hee.

I haven't had portions in a while. I got ditched on Saturday but that was okay but I was really tired anyways. I have 3 boys I could call up but I'm too tired for portions lately. It's so sad. sad.gif
Last night I got the shit fucked out of me by PR boy.

And we filmed it..

Today I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

He fucked me from behind, I came on him twice, these really deep intense orgams, and when I came it was everywhere. I got on my back and wrapped my legs of his shoulders, I fucked him reverse cowgirl, (that's hot to see on film). I blew him for a really long time, too.

Then we watched waht we made after.
Dancerboy portions last night. Couldn't even make it upstairs we fucked on the table, then the couch.

He found the fact that I had condoms and lube strategically placed around my house both awesome and hilarious.
Ahhhh cop portions, too.

It was a quickie as he had to work, but still I rode him until he came.
Mmm cop portions. Very lovely, with that said I would like them from someone else.
Mmm... Lovely portions last night to induce today's tide (well, not the only reason, of course).
Oral portions.....will cross post in the oral thread....
It's been weeks since I've gotten any, since early July I think, but I got together with POF dude (the one I said I wouldn't see but then went to see anyway). I'm kinda sorta sore now, he dropped me off an hour ago after fucking me in various ways and he managed to cum 5 times today alone.

He picked me up last night and was 45 minutes late but I didn't really care. I decided to take today off from work because I only work 20 hours a week and I'll be doing enough on Thursday and Friday, so he asked me to spend the night. I love going to this guy's place because it feels like pure sex. We probably wouldn't hang out if we weren't fucking and I never feel like I have to worry about hurt feelings and things like that. But he treats me like a goddess!

I wore a cute little dress that I knew he'd love and he pretty much went crazy from when he picked me up. He always tells me how beautiful I am and most of the time when he's looking at me it's with such intensity and...awe. It's crazy hot and I think he's the person who's the most on my wavelength sexually. I have fairly big breasts for a girl my size and he just loves to play with them, which I love too. I went down on him probably 6 or 7 times between last night and today and he goes crazy for it. I told him how much I loved it and he said he was going to fantasize about me saying that until the next time I came over.
Had lovely portions. Long slow build up to get fucked, teasing me making me ache for his dick portions. got it from the side, on top, doggie, and anal fuckery doggie portions. When we were doggie, I asked him him if he wanted to fuck me up the ass, I'd love to he said, so I lubed up my ass and worked his cock with lube, then bent over. He went slowly to get in me, fucked me with long slow strokes while watching all of it. Then he stopped moving and rocked back and forth on my knees. I turned around and asked him if he wanted to cum in my ass, he pulled me close and he was coming.

it was very lovely.
Mr. Pugs has been doing this new thing. he fingers me while i'm in doggie style position and hits my clit with the hitachi. it's funny because his fingers hit my g-spot at this crazy ass angle and the hitachi on my clit is so overwhelming. while in this position on our bed there is a huge double window in front of me and since everything is so sensitive i try to get away from it. So if you can picture it in your head I'm practically crawling out the window to get away from him. first time he did it i squirted. it was really intense. he's laughing the whole time saying, "Where you going?" cause i'm trying to move away from him while he's just pushing the hitachi on my clit. Last night I couldn't get away and I actually rolled over on our bed and he just followed me, not missing a beat with the hitachi and i finally reached down and pulled the hitachi off of me. i was so wiped out afterwards while he was fucking me. it was crazy and FUN!! we were both laughing and i was making all the "oh my God that's too sensitive" faces and noises. i was cracking up and so was he. good times...noodle salad!!
I had a good night and a good morning. I met up with a guy from POF yesterday. He was really nice and down to earth, sweet kind of guy. He took me for a ride on his motorcycle and then we went for drinks and then he drove me home and we hung out for a couple of hours. He left at 7, but at 9:30 he texted me asking if i wanted to rent a movie, so he came over and we just watched movies and stuff until 3am until one of us made a move and we started making out. By then it was so late that I knew he was just going to stay over so we went to my room. We didn't have sex, but he just started really slowly playing with me and then he started going down on me, really slowly again, and he used some fingers but he didn't jackhammer my pussy like so many guys try to do, just really gently only an inch or two in, which is how I like it with fingers. While he was doing it I was thinking that some girl must have taught him well because no one has ever gotten me off that fast, ever. I returned the favour and then we just both passed out and went to sleep. It was nice. I woke up around 7:45 with his fingers playing with me again. We were sort of in a spooning position and my legs were wrapped around a body pillow so he had nice access. It was just like last night. He starts so slow and then builds so carefully until I'm super wet, and he's got just the right pressure and everything. I came really fast again. After I gave him a hand job because he asked me to. I'll admit, the art of the hand job is lost on me because I love oral so much. He had to help me along and tell me what he liked but after a few minutes I got the hang of the way he wanted it and it didn't take long. We lay around in bed for a while and then he had to leave cause he's going away for the weekend.

It was fun, but I don't actually know what he's looking for so I'm not sure if this is a recurring thing or if he just wanted to get laid (although he didn't seem like the type) or if he's looking for a girlfriend. His profile says "dating", but my profile says "anything from intimate encounter to a relationship" so I get a lot of people who say they're looking for "long term" and then try and come to me for a quick fuck. I've only ever met 2 people off that site though, most are just creepy.
Hot, illicit, secret portions at the inlaws. I feel so dirty screwing their little girl into oblivion as they sleep across the hall.
This was last week but just thought I'd post it now. He drove an hour and a half to meet me cause he was missing me at 2am. He took me to the beach in his dirty pick up and we kissed and smoked cigarettes until the sun came up. I invited him back to mine for breakfast and we had coffee but were still wiped so I asked if he wanted to catnap with me so we went downstairs and he was on my instantly playing with my clit just perfectly. I came faster than with anyone. I gave him oral and we fucked in various different positions until about 8am when we passed out from exhaustion. We slept until mid day at which point I woke up needing to pee. On my return from the bathroom I found him in the too hot bedroom on his back with the sheets off, hands behind his head with a HUGE erection and a big smile. He fucked me slow and gentle but he was really big so I was a little sore from the night before so I took a break and gave him some head but it became too much and he pulled me on top and we really went wild rollling around on the bed in several varients of the missionary and cowgirl. Fantastic guy, I'm utterly smitten and can't wait for more potions!!
I did get fucked last night, details later.

Just bumping.
Deschats, I have to say the way you write about portions and make it sound so dirty gives me a fucking panty splash.

Saw PR boy on Saturday and the sex we have is always fucking hot, we got into our kinks a bit, and we has degrading me, calling me a useless whore, and a worthless bitch. we strangled me while I was coming and I came all over the fucking place. it was so hot. Then he fucked me with my legs over his shoulders, and I asked for him to cum on my face and tits, and he did.
Umm, I'm going to post again about my fuckery.

Got anal portions this past weekend, and I think I gave him by far the best cock sucking ever. The sex was super raunchy, and can see the bdsm thread for that.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Sep 1 2008, 07:22 PM) *
Deschats, I have to say the way you write about portions and make it sound so dirty gives me a fucking panty splash.

I must refer to John Waters, as he spoke for me when he said this:

“I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty.” That especially goes for Fag sex.

Hot sweaty Saturday night portions. I caressed Mrs. Rouge's thigh as she whimpered to be fucked, I obliged and she came so hard she was cross eyed. When she did me I clawed he back so hard she bruised.
Woo! I'm about to have some drunk sticky hot portions. Right now, I'm letting him get soft again before I go back in to let my tongue do some more teasing.
I love doing this when we get a bit tipsy.
Teasing his dick. Making him get hard, then not doing anything, letting him get soft again, and then doing it all over again. LOVE IT. Just love teasing him until he can't stand it anymore. My tongue licking his balls, licking his dick.... YUM.
Alrighty, gotta go back and make sure the alcohol hasn't made him fall asleep rofl.

WOOT! Yay alcohol! Cause I don't think I'd have enough guts to post something like this if I wasn't almost drunk tongue.gif heh
The long distance guy and I got to it this weekend. Last night. This morning. Oh. My. Goodness. What a fine dick he has. Absolutely perfect. Big, thick, long. But not so big that it's painful. Just perfect. Sex was fairly standard, no kinks explored yet, since it was our first time. Also, last night was pretty speedy, since it was the long end of a late night and we just kind of fell into it. No forethought, no weirdness, no waffling from me or him. He just kind of surprised me by jumping me and within minutes was giving me excellent oral. Oh my, gentle yet perfect tongue action. I've dated guys who have no idea what to do down there, but this guy knew exactly what to do. I was a bit surprised he went immediately for my puss, as I thought he was more of a boob man (and I *am* a rather booby girl). I thought he'd start with those first, but they were mostly ignored as we concentrated on other things. We didn't have much time together, unfortunately, as he had other responsibilities to take care of today. So after a wonderful session of prolonged morning sex with his wonderful, thick, long dick (which I will not be able to stop thinking about for weeks), he had to go. I did get a chance for some oral of my own, and spent a goodly amount of time with my mouth around his excellent dick, which he was quite happy with. I'm sure he'll spend more time with the boobs the next time we meet and have more time together. I'm hoping. Whew. I need to go masturbate, just thinking about his thick, long dick inside me. He made me cream.
anna k
Mmmm, real nice! & a first date too?
Third date, actually (I'm not a rules girl, really I'm not!). But we've been talking online and on the phone since June, and sex has been an important subject during our last 3 weeks of phone conversations. We finally found out where it was all going. wink.gif
Thirtiesgirl: I'm sew happy for you!! He sounds like a GOOD one. The ones who do oral ~ and do it well ~ just says so much about the type of man they are. I never worry about people leaving in the morning after only a brief time. As I am the same way. I have been on my own for a long time. And I get anxious being away from my own "home base" after several hours. I ALWAYS feel the need to cuddle quick and run in the morning ... I really like/care about the person!, it's just I need to get back to my total-comfort-zone to recharge after so many hours smile.gif~ I look forward to the continuing saga...
thank fuck. finally.
sneaks in with a bottle of champagne, hands zoya a glass, fills it, then shotguns the rest...

*congrats, chickie!*

will post some deets later, I'm swamped with work today.

thank fuck I work from home, I smell like sex.

oooooooooooo! you dirty girl!

hee hee!

*so happy for you!*
alright, so I'll post more about the dynamics of the situation in the crushie thread, but since this is just portions related I'll, post the um... physical report?!

he LOVES to just lay there have his skin stroked all over- and loves to do the same back. It's pretty awesome.
he's not as big as I thought / hoped he might be - pretty much just average (and I'm used to BIG penises) BUT... he makes up for it in that his penis curves up markedly, and has a big head. Meaning - when I'm sitting on top, it hits the Gspot like one of those curved g-spot vibrator/dildoes. OMG. I've never come from JUST penetration, usually it feels good, along with external stimulation - either manually, or just getting in a position where I'm rubbing up against the guy. But this guy - HOLY SHIT. I don't have to do anything except sit straight up and let him do the work....and I was off the charts. He was like "I assume that you were coming when you were saying "JESUS!" and I had to tell him, that partially yes, but mostly just because it felt so fucking good. hahaha
it was ok... definitely room for improvement, which I am hoping that I'll have the chance (many chances..) to practice with him. I was a little like, hmmm - it was really straight ahead sex - and I was kinda worried that he wasn't into the whole oral thing at all. He was a little more um.. restrained than I'm used to... but I'm hoping that's just cos he needs to get used to me... When we woke up the next day, it was pretty early, so I started kinda stroking him, and next thing you know, he was climbing back in bed... I decided that the education would start right then, and I'd give him a blow job he'd remember... so I did. Doing all the teasing, kissing all over the body, getting into the area - but not quite.. then all the tricks on the penis that have been mentioned in these threads... then it was more of that incredible penetration... No oral for me, but he did say "I'll have to return the favour" after I came up for air, so at least I know he's definitely into the oral, and judging by how he was sucking/biting on my finger a couple weeks ago, I'm hoping I'm in for a treat.

anyway, overall it was good. No spectacular fireworks, but not awkward either. I think that if we continue to do this, it could get pretty good, though.

I really hope we can continue, but that's left for the crushie thread (when I get a chance to write something there)

meanwhile, my cervix is pleasantly achey even more than 24 hours later from getting a good ramming ...ha!
woooo! yay zoya!

and my own: reverse cowgirl anal. I come in about three seconds and just keep coming. He really does push every button I've got.
*sneaks in with more champagne*
muzzle tov!
Yay for good sex! Yay, ladies! ...With my guy and his DUI, I don't know when we'll next get back on the horse (so to speak), but I'm really hoping it's soon. I don't mind sex for one, but a partner is so much more fun and we were just beginning to explore that. ...*sigh*...
Shenomad and I had blissfull, slow, keep-silent-because-SIL-&-BIL-are-up portions this morning. I love her dirty yes-touch-me-right-there-like-that look that she throws me with a grin.

Do any of you read aagblog? That's like portions bloggified!

Yay for everyone's portions!
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