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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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Monday afternoon portions, more than 3 hours long. It started with the most fabulous deep tissue massage. I could let him do that forever - no one else has ever done it the way I want it done - that really deep kneading, without fear of hurting me as though I were some kind of delicate flower. My whole back, my arms, my legs, hips, ass. I rolled over so he could massage the front of my thighs, and that led to other kinds of touching and kissing and licking of my thighs and in between, and then somehow my underwear was gone and he fell upon my breasts, then kissed his way down my body and went down on me, with his finger in my ass. And even though he was supposed to wait till I tied him up, which was the original plan, he said he was going to fuck me then and there, so we fucked, hard and good, with my vibrator in between us. We came at the same time. I was having aftershocks inside for fifteen minutes afterwards. My legs were shaking when I finally was able to get up to use the bathroom.

Took me a long time to recover, but he held me and stroked my body for the longest time, all the while telling me how beautiful and sexy and strong I was. After I finally caught my breath, I did tie him up, to the handles on the mattress, using the first thing I found - the fuzzy knitted boa scarves my best friend made for me. Don't tell her. Then I blindfolded him and teased him with my mouth all over his body (kissing, licking, biting), teased his cock, teased the area around his asshole with my vibrator, until he was begging me to fuck him. Finally I climbed on top, but he begged me to let him loose, so at last I untied him and let him throw me down on the bed. He fucked me again, hard. Again, I came as he came, and then I said I was going to come again, so he kept fucking me with his fingers until my second (well, third, technically) orgasm.

And it all ended with me getting another long, deep massage - this time more focused on my fucked up shoulders, arms, and neck - while we talked about other dirty things we might get up to in bed....or out of it, for that matter. He just left now to go shower before work. I am still unshowered and in a bit of a daze.

And I'm starving.
Tuesday evening portions. I pretty much jumped on him the second he was in the door, and we skipped the massage this time and got straight to the sex. I had been thinking about him fucking me since I woke up in the morning, and had sent him a dirty e-mail to that effect! I peeled off his shirt immediately and then took him into my bedroom. He was already hard. I took his cock into my mouth for a bit, then pulled him down on top of me on the bed. He warmed up my body and went down on me, but then I told him to just fuck me. So he did, and I came hard, twice, with him on top and my head hanging over the side of the bed.

THEN I got my massage, which was beautiful as always. My ass and hips and thighs were aching from yesterday's fucking, so we worked out some of those kinks. After awhile, we were relaxing and cuddling together, and he started playing with my breasts, one hand on one nipple and his mouth on the other. I slid underneath him so his thigh was between my legs, pressing into me in rhythm with my hips, and I swear I was going to come from it. I told him to fuck me again, and he obliged, and I came hard yet a third time.

Afterwards I tried to play my guitar for him, but after a few songs, my fretting hand started hurting, so he massaged it, and then that turned into a lengthy massage of both arms and my shoulders, and then more work on my achy legs, ass, and hips. He marvelled at my ability to take a long, deep massage; I said I felt selfish letting him do it for so long, but he said he loved pampering my body. And then we cuddled and talked until I finally kicked him out for the night, four hours after he'd arrived....but with the promise of an actual sleepover on Saturday night, of course.
geez doodle bug, I wish I had your sex life with a little bit of culturehandy's thrown in once in a while for good measure.

I must say, I have been getting portions here and there but always choke when it comes to posting the deets! :$
quickie portions, the man has an amazing cock, stretches my pussy out...sigh, I want MORE.
so last night i'm looking at toys and bondage stuff online... the mr is standing behind me, looking at it all over my shoulder. he's rubbing my shoulders. his hands slide lower and lower. playing with my breasts, pinching my nipples... he gets on his knees and pulls my skirt up and starts fingering me. i come, i squirt... he stands up and says "i'll meet you upstairs." i follow him up and he's spread out towels on the bed. he proceeds to make me come so hard and squirt so much that my mouth is dry, my pussy is sore and swollen, and the towels are soaked. he then uses my juices to jerk himself off and come all over my pussy. which felt so good that it made me come one last time. oh my goddess, it was a a good night.
Our first sleepover. He arrived immediately after work. I greeted him wearing a "mini-dress" that is actually a top wink.gif ....and no underwear. He walked behind me up the stairs. He liked that a LOT. But he had to take a post-work shower first, and I was so tired and achy from my own 2 jobs that he was going to give me a massage first. But when he got out of the shower, I was arranged all sexily on the bed, in my "mini-dress," and after his eyes stopped bulging out of his head, he asked me if I was ready for my massage. I just pulled him down on the bed and started kissing him. He got my "mini-dress" off, and then my bra, and he started kissing and touching my body and playing with my breasts, but I was already so wet that I told him to put the condom on and fuck me. He did. I came twice. Then I got my massage. It was soooooooo good. After we rested, he started playing with my body again. He said he wanted to look at my ass, so I turned over. He played gently with my ass till I was moaning, then he asked if I was ready for anal yet. (We've talked about it before....I've done fingers with many partners, but never an entire cock....since my last several partners were women!) I said yes. So he got me lubed up and slowly started working my ass until he could get his cock inside. I got him to slide in real slow and stay still till I got used to him, and then I started touching myself until I felt ready. And it was sooo good. I came, hard. I was an ass virgin until last night! And then I got ANOTHER massage. Then he went out and bought me cigarettes and diet pepsi, even though it was 2 in the morning. We sat around talking while I chain-smoked (I've been out of smokes - that's why he decided I needed them), and then eventually went to bed.

In the morning - damn he wakes up early - he started slowly caressing my body and playing with my nipples, with his thigh in between my legs. He wanted to go down on me, but I flipped him over on his back and started sucking his cock. I would have liked to have started it while he was still asleep, but he is the early riser, apparently. Anyway. I sucked his cock until he begged me to let him go down on me, so I acquiesed....for a little while. Then I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass again. Oh lord, it was so good, and I got my vibrator and fucked myself with it while he was in my ass, and I came sooooooo long and hard. It was amazing. Then - yes - more massaging. wink.gif After awhile, he decided I wasn't eating enough, so he went around the corner and bought me take-out bacon and eggs, and himself....something. A breakfast wrap, I think. We ate on the balcony, watching the clouds and the birds and the butterflies. Then he wanted to do his morning yoga, so I got out my yoga mat for him, and watched his naked, lean, hard, muscled body work out from the comfort of my bed. Yummy. Then he tried to get me to do some yoga, but it was more like assisted naked yoga, because he was doing all the work, manipulating my body around on the bed, with both of us laughing, which led to more touching, which led to me pushing him back down on the bed and going down on him again. He was soft when I started, but damn, he got rock hard, really fast. Then I got out the lube and decided to break his own ass cherry. I've never heard him moan like that before. He was just about dying, with my mouth on his cock and my finger in his ass. I had to let him take over playing with his own cock, so I could focus on his prostate, and while I was still lying in between his legs, with my finger inside him, I got to watch him come. Sweet. He was soooo fucking grateful. Then while he was catching his breath....I was still so turned on, I started to play with myself. He couldn't keep himself away from my nipples, and eventually, his fingers wound up inside me, first one, then two, then three, with me still playing with myself. I came really hard, and we both fell asleep till about an hour ago. He had to get up and go back to work again.

I just threw the sheets in the wash. tongue.gif
holy. fuck. doodle.

i think *i* need a cigarette after reading that
anna k
Yay doodle! That all sounds so fantastic. The first time I had anal, it felt irritating, mostly because I wasn't really into the guy and it didn't feel good. I'm glad he rocked you out.
Yes! Doodlebug, what beautifully sensual portions those are! Just BEAUTIFUL! You better go, Girl!
Doodle, I am so happy to hear that your first anal experience was a good one!

I got the shit fucked out of me tonight, also had anal, I'm exhausted, will post deets tomorrow. Errrrr, later today.
Okay, Le details.

I saw the top, but it wasn't so much D/s last night, we were in a home depot parking lot chatting, the cops came a long, so we left and went for a drive, ended up at the university in a parking lot, I started by getting in the front seat and blowing him. I started with slow licks working my way down his ample cock, I deep throated him and played with his head at the back of my throat. He throat fucked me, I stopped and got in his lap and he told me to get in the back of the car where one foot was in the back window and the other was on the roof on the car, he fucked me, stopped and worked my ass with his fingers, he tried to stick his cock in my ass, but it was too much, so I grabbed some lube and got on all fours, he gently lubed up my ass and his cock and slowly entered my ass, he would go in a little then stay there to ensure I was doing well, thenhe went further until he was inside me completely, he fingered my pussy while fucking my ass, I was dripping wet, he played with my tits, and rested his head on my back (keep in mind that we are doing this in the back seat of a two door civic...) he told me how much he wanted to fuck my ass, told me how good I was at taking it, I moved my hips so he could watch his cock go in and out of me. I asked him if he wanted to cum in my ass, he asked me if that's what I wanted, I told him yes. And then he came.

Then later that evening, I finished the blow job that I had started, as I was sucking his cock, I gave him a hand job at the same time, I was sucking my cheeks in as I was working his shaft, both up and down. Again, he throat fucked me. He came in my mouth, and as he was cuming I kept on sucking hard (I've had this described to me as sucking the spine out of me). He was at a loss of words after. It was a spectacular evening.
Miss Deena
We started by watching some very interesting porn. As we both got worked up we headed to the bedroom for our own fun. He stood on the side of the bed while I lay on the bed. His had a vib on my clit and was fucking me with his finger, while i was giving him a blow job. He wanted me to use my teeth on his cock so I knew we were in for a rough night! I used my teeth on his cock while running my nails along his thighs and balls. Then he asked if I wanted him to fuck me with his cock instead of his fingers. God Yes! So as we thrust together our breathing matches and our bodies move in the perfect way my nails rake his back, thighs and chest then we exploded at the same time. It was so good! After he started to say something and he stuttered..awesome!
After my post in the Frustration thread, I am pleased to announce that I had my first sleepover with WC.

I was at a party this weekend that was just lame and had a couple of people I really didn't enjoy. He texted me, asking if I wanted to do something that night, so I jumped in the car and drove out to his place where he met me. He and I were huge dorks most of the evening, neither of us making that first move. It got so late that I told him I had to leave, he insisted I stay the night. He was a perfect gentleman, and made no move on me, so I snuggled up. It didn't take long from there

He kissed my ear and I just melted. He gently traced the lines of my body, worshiped my curves. He was very gentle, testing the waters, trying to figure out what kind of touch I liked. He learned very quickly that I was hungry, that I wanted more. Heavy petting quickly led to him doing down on me. My GOD, was he ever good. He used his fingers and very quickly I came. He kept going and going until I could take no more. Then, he pulled out a toy and used it on me while I writhed beside him. I rubbed against him, clawing at him, pulling him down to me, and soon I begged him to get inside me. Again, the man had talent! New positions that I had never tried and the stamina! I mean, we went all night and when I was finally falling asleep, I felt his hand slip between my legs.

Never before has anyone made me feel genuinely gorgeous and seductive. Not only that, this man has a tomb of knowledge in that head of his. It was amazing.
Last night, more portions....details to follow when I'm NOT going to be late for work! I just kicked him out so I could get ready. In summary: we smoked a doobie and I got fucked up the ass three times, sooooo slow and deep, and it was sooooooo fucking good. The last time we were standing - I was bent over the bed; he was watching in the mirror. I was screaming out, and I collapsed onto my knees on the floor after I came and couldn't even walk. And then this morning he got his reward when I went down on him with my finger inside him - I could feel his orgasm just like a woman's, throbbing and contracting, during and afterwards. As I said, details to follow, tonight or tomorrow.
Yay! I'm so stoked to read about all these awesome portions. You guys rock.
There are so many perks to sleeping with someone who works in a sex shop. SO MANY.

Life is good biggrin.gif
got some MUCH NEEDED portions last night.......

Had an impromptu movie date with dancerboy, which turned into a drink afterwards, and then we got on the topic of sex, which lead to him coming over to my place.

First off, let me just say that he has the most amazing body - lean and muscular, easily the hottest body I've ever been with. And he know just how to touch me - lots of making out, spanking me at appropriate times, and making very encouraging noises when I do my thing.

Tons of different positions during sex and (glory be) he will pull out and then go down for a while and then keep going with intercourse.

And the best part.......
He doesn't like to sleep over. Hallelujah. I get the good sex AND the good night's sleep.

Don't see much long term potential, but I do hope that some more portions are in my future.
Congrats GeekChick! Sounds like the perfect combination for some great portions smile.gif
Last night and this morning portions.

I wore the "mini-dress" and my new 3 inch open-toed heels when he arrived last night, and no underwear. I made him go take a post-work shower while I lounged on the bed in my outfit, playing my guitar. We smoked a doob, and he massaged my bare legs while I played and sang. I made him take off the shoes. Eventually, I put the guitar aside and let him undress me for a back massage, which, as always, turned into a sensual massage of my ass and thighs, which got really got me going. He played with my ass and cunt sooo nice and slow and gentle, and then after awhile, he slowly slid one finger in my ass, then two, and eventually, three. I had to stay so still to get used to it - I've never been so full. He massaged my clit with his other hand, and just stayed inside me, till I was begging him to replace his fingers with his cock. And after having his fingers in there, he just slid in sooo perfectly. It felt so good. There was no adjustment time necessary. He buried himself all the way in and after awhile, just started rocking back and forth. I took over playing with myself, and it built up so incredibly, till he was fucking me with slow, long, deep strokes, and I felt like I was coming forever. I was so fucking loud and animalistic, I couldn't help it - and I never even closed the bedroom window, so I'm sure all the neighbours heard. God, I came so good.

I decided I had to paint my toenails for work today, and while they were drying, I hung my feet over the edge of the bed and let my nails dry. I got more massaging. When my nails were dry, I tried on the new open-toed shoes to see how it all looked. That turned him on in a big way - me laying back on the bed, wearing nothing but come-fuck-me shoes, one knee crossed over the other so my foot was up in the air above us. He kept playing with my body and went crazy for my breasts while I played with his cock. He was so turned on, I pushed him down on the bed and went down on him like I've never gone down on a man before....still wearing my hot shoes and nothing else! He was moaning and rocking his hips. I got the lube and started teasing his ass, and I got my finger in there so slowly, in stages, that he was crying out. He begged me to put another one in - he wanted to know what it felt like. So I did, and he went crazy. We had both my mouth and his hand on his cock. I pulled back so I could watch him finish himself off, with me fucking him in the ass. He cried out like an animal and came on his belly. I licked it all up afterwards.

In the morning, I thought I had to get up early for work (I was wrong - I have extra time), so I thought we wouldn't have any time. But as we were waking up, spooned, he was stroking my body, stroking my ass, and I could feel how hard he was, even though he was holding himself back so I wouldn't be late. I thought it WOULD make me late, but after awhile, I just reached in the drawer for the lube and a condom. He mimicked the technique I tried on his ass last night, slowly getting a finger inside my ass, then two fingers, and I had to tell him no more fingers this morning, as I didn't have time to adjust to it. And then I told him I wanted him inside, so he started slowly working his way in, both of us still spooned together. Once he was inside me, I flung my leg back over his thigh and let him play with my clit while he rocked gently back and forth inside of me, with me telling him how much I needed him to fuck me in the ass, how I thought about it all day long. God, it was amazing. So amazing. But I didn't want to be late, so when I was getting nearer, I got on my knees and had him fuck my ass from behind. I came so beautifully, and so quickly, considering we had hardly any time at all to do the ass-play build-up.

I am a total butt slut. I went from being an ass virgin to being a total butt slut in less than a week. I love it. I love being fucked in the ass. I even love the dirtyness of just saying/writing the words....
QUOTE(doodlebug @ May 24 2008, 12:07 PM) *
I am a total butt slut. I went from being an ass virgin to being a total butt slut in less than a week. I love it. I love being fucked in the ass. I even love the dirtyness of just saying/writing the words....

that's the best line i've read in a long time. laugh.gif
Wow, doodlebug. I'm jealous! I used to have a gf (we discovered Bust together, in fact) who pleasured me the way you described with your bf. Eventually we progressed to strap-ons, which were the most incredible sex sessions of my life. There was nothing I could imagine hotter than watching her above me. She found it very empowering & pleasurable as well. I think you're bf might be soon ready to experience that, judging from his reaction so far...
More WC Portions last night.

I was a little worried that nothing could compare to the first time. It had been an all night marathon. Well, last night we snuggled while we watch some movies. The combination of the wine we were drinking, the storm outside (LOVE storms) and his nibbling on me ear, "Taking It Slow" didn't seem to be a part of my vocabulary anymore wink.gif

He begged me to be on top again this time. We started out slow and hot. He went down on me, and then climbed on top of me, I then slid out from under him and rode him for a bit. Then, when I had already come, twice, he took me from behind. The guy is insanely long lasting. I'm exhausted and spent waaaaay before him. It's a nice change smile.gif
God damn it. Portions two nights in a row - and two mornings in a row, too! All the muscles in my body are gently pulsating underneath my skin. That is how satisfied I am.

I'm probably going to start posting more of the anal deets in the anal thread, but I'll try to sum up....

Monday night, he arrived, showered, and we relaxed with a doobie and my guitar in bed. That quickly progressed to massaging. I have to include the massaging when I describe the portions, because it is SOOOO part of the portions. The man is a meditative's like he's reading my body....he gets totally in tune with it, and he can find all the little pain and pleasure centres and sneak up on them, until he is massaging all the tiny painful knots in places I never even let another person touch me before. It's painful, but in a good way, like no one has ever been able to do it (not even a massage therapist). He never seems to tire or get bored of it. It just gets me so relaxed - maybe even spent - that my whole body starts grooving along with the rhythm of it, and after awhile, he's working my ass and thighs until I am pretty much lifting my ass in the air, wanting more focused attention.

So yeah, anyway. tongue.gif Buttsex Monday night, me kneeling on the bed and begging for it, and collapsing as I came. More massaging. I let him work the really fucked up area underneath my upper arms - a place no human being has ever been allowed to touch, but god, he just GETS IT and does it right. So then, more buttsex. We tried a whole bunch of different positions, but mainly this time I wanted to stand, so we faced the mirror on the wall, me bent over and him behind me. At first I propped myself up with my hands on the footstool. Then I tried doing the "downward dog" for awhile, too, which really turned my yoga man on. He loved being able to watch us fucking, but I had to finish back on the bed: kneeling, coming, collapsing. Tuesday morning I gave him his reward, with two fingers in his ass, fucking him hard until he came on his belly. He spooned me afterwards, and although I washed my hands and face, I didn't even shower before work - I went out the door with nothing between the world and his dried cum on my asscheek but my work pants (I wear thong underwear). I felt so sexy and dirty (in a good way) all the way to work. wink.gif

It was so hot, I let him come back last night, earlier in the evening. I knew I didn't have to work today. We smoked another doob, on the balcony this time, and I played my guitar some more, but we moved quickly to the massaging again. This time, he really got into the ass massage, and the pleasure built up so good. One, two, three fingers again, with his other hand massaging my cunt. I could have come from it, so easily, but I wanted his cock again, so we were back on our knees. It was soooo fucking good. And then, yeah, I got more massaging, but I flipped the tables on him and fucked his ass with my fingers till he came. In the morning, I just grabbed his already-hard cock and started playing with it, then got my finger around to tease his ass. I was bent over in such a way that he managed to get his finger in mine, and pretty soon, we were both finger-fucking each other's asses at the same time, until I finally moved around to suck on his cock and fuck him with my fingers. I found a painfully knotted cord inside his own body, which he said he could feel all the way down his leg, so I worked that like a masseuse, one finger on his prostate and one on the cord - he said it was like nothing else, like I was twanging on a guitar string inside him, and that he'd never come so long in his life. Then I decided to have a wake 'n' bake - first ever since last summer....played guitar while he did his morning yoga. Then he got me all draped across and around his body in different positions, where I let him work out all the painful little and big knots.....until once again, it all came back down to my ass, and we fucked that way one more time - we tried doing it with both of us upright on our knees, with him behind me and his hands on my breasts, and it felt good, but it was hard to keep it in that way, so I went back to the usual position. I guess I have a favourite position already! Anyway, then I sent him on his way, so that I can relax and re-centre myself before I go jamming tonight....

Yes, that IS the "summed up" version!
anna k
I found a painfully knotted cord inside his own body, which he said he could feel all the way down his leg, so I worked that like a masseuse, one finger on his prostate and one on the cord - he said it was like nothing else, like I was twanging on a guitar string inside him, and that he'd never come so long in his life

What a great detail!
Hey all!

I have more portions to write about smile.gif This weekend, WC took me back to his hometown to help housesit and watch out for his little sister, who is prone to partying. We both cut work early and drove out. He brought along a few surprises for me wink.gif

The first of which was a full body fishnet outfit. It was exactly like this, but fishnet rather than lace. It was way more comfortable than I was expecting, and nothing beats how turned on his was by something so simple as an outfit. (None of my exes were into this kind of thing, so it's kind of a novelty to me). We had been talking about things we'd like to try and what turns us on, and both of us seemed to be interested in trying some anal. I've had no success in the past, though I definitely enjoy some anal play during sex. It takes me a while to relax enough to even get to that though. (My experience in the past involved a boyfriend going for it with no prior warning or discussion. Can we say extreme pain? Yah. Not fun). He had brought along a little vibrating anal toy which we played with. MAN, was it ever good. I've never felt anything like it. He definitely kept hitting my g-spot...I have a feeling I'm going to be a squirter once I get over the fear of making a mess.

No on ehas ever made me feel so beautiful or sexy before, and man is it ever hot! He begs me to get on top of him so that he can watch me better. Despite going all night, we were both amazed at how wet I still was. After finally sleeping a bit, I woke him up with a nice morning blow job smile.gif The look on his face was priceless.

I am way too lucky smile.gif
lovely cunt-worshipping portions, I came many times, and he went cross-eyed twice in six hours. We started off with him spanking me and calling me names, but he's so very easy to top that I fought him and rode him 'till he could do nothing but gasp my name. I sent him home in a pair of my pants (lacy pink ones). There was also plenty of lovin' cuddles and post-coital smooching, which is nice.

doodle, that sounds fucking amazing.
period portions - so no intercourse (mutual decision) but mmmmmm lots of body touching, making out (awesome awesome kisser) and two blow jobs for him while I took care of myself.

There was one particularly hot moment, when I was lying down and he was restraining my hands above my head and fucking my face with his leg pressed right up against my cunt so I could rub myself off on him........this boy knows what he's doing.
Afternoon delight with Mrs Rouge, wherein she ejaculated and I felt like a rock star.
Saw the cop and we came at the same time. It was intense. I started reverse cowgirl, then switched so I could face him, and I fucked him hard, I could feel he was close to coming so I I kept on grinding into him until we both came. Daaaaaaaayum.
This is a short one. Saturday night/Sunday morning/afternoon portions. Heh.

Well, I forgot to post about last time, too, Thursday night/Friday morning. Heh.

Anyway, lots of ass fucking, and some regular fucking too, and now it is far, far, far better for having ass-fucked. The last one was the best regular fuck I've ever had, that kind of "last surprise" fuck that happens when you're both trying to get on with your days: me with my camisole and sarong yanked up, him on his knees and me on my back, with my hips in the air and him holding my legs, fucking me hard.....holy shit, did I ever come. Also, I busted his ass cherry again, with my vibrator....much easier than my fingers. Also I was alternating between playing with his cock and spanking him where I want him to spank me (that sweet spot where thigh meets asscheek). He just about passed out after he came. biggrin.gif

Screwing an athletic man kinda rocks.
damn doodlebug, i am so jealous, and i am an ass virgin with no intention of having butt sex anytime soon, but hott damn, those portions make anal sex sound so good.

Tuesday night portions. My ass was still hurting from the last time he fucked it. I made him be my slave all night, as punishment. I made him apologize to my ass and wouldn't let him fuck it. I made him fuck me the regular way, doggie-style, so he could keep apologizing to my ass and telling me how much he missed fucking it. Oh jesus, I ejaculated and I FELT it, for the first time....I don't know if I've ever ejaculated before, but I KNOW I did that time. It was....different....I thought I'd peed! But it wasn't pee. Anyway, he got his reward later....he started out playing with my nipples and going down on me, but I wanted to go down on him, and we flipped that into a bit of 69, until I was finger-fucking his ass and telling him to come on my tits. Ooh, I felt like such a durrrty girl, with his cum all over my breasts! I never even washed it off, not even this morning when I got ready for work....

Anyway, later on we tried about 80,000 different sexual positions, but it ended in me fucking his ass AGAIN, this time with him on his side and me curled up behind him, around his legs and with my leg hooked over his chest (it was great for leverage!). He was so overwhelmed by two ass-fuckings within a couple of hours....he tried to get it up again for me, he tried so hard, and he DID get it up, but couldn't keep it up....he was worn out. So I told him it was time to play "Find the G Spot," and I talked him through the whole thing. He went down on me at the same time. Jesus. It was really intense....he said he could feel me coming and coming....
It's been service at the country time buffet again lately.

New boy, in his car on Tuesday. It was the first time I sucked his cock. He came in my mouth, he wast hroat fucking me grabbing my hair and making sure I stayed down deep.

Yesterday I fucked the cop, I wouldn't let him go down on me, it was all about him. I sucked his cock, then ordered him on his back, he slid inside me and I fucked him slow, milking his cock with my pussy. He came in me.

Doodle, I am really like this D/s thing you have going down with the boy. Isn't it fun??
more portions with dancerboy last night - our sex chemistry is so hot! The man touches my body in all the right ways.....he almost seems to know what I want before I do. He says I fuck him too good - he has trouble holding back orgasm when he's with me (and I should just note, this is no one-minute-man, he said this on like the 4th or 5th position). And to toot my own horn, he's not the first guy I've heard that from.

Something I love about international guys (I seem to be getting with a lot of them lately) aside from their accents is that they make love to your WHOLE BODY and don't just go stampeding toward the clitoris (thank you john cleese) as fun as that can be.

mmmmm......want more.......

doodlebug is kinda fun!! wink.gif

So yeah....Thursday night/Friday morning portions. I made him go reeeeaaaaaally slow, still punishing him for hurting my ass. tongue.gif He seems to enjoy being punished. I got a very long massage and some serious breast action, then got him to go down on me until I was ready to let him play with my ass....and it was soooo good. So fucking good.

Then later I finally relented on the punishment, and I made love to him reeeeaaaal slow. I kissed and caressed him all over and gave HIM some nipple action - the first time I ever tried it, he said he didn't really get much from it, but he sure did last night! And then more kissing and teasing, and a slow build up towards his cock. I licked all around it, licked his balls, sucked his balls, etc., and caressed him everywhere EXCEPT his cock until he was hard as all hell, and then I finally started teasing his cock with my tongue. After a long time, I snuck in some lube and got my thumb in his ass, still sucking on his cock. He went crazy, and I got him to flip over so I could fuck him properly. I was going to use my vibe, but I was so turned on that I threw the (lubed up) vibe on the floor and said, "I want to fuck you myself." I leaned over into his body, caressing and kissing him all over while I fucked him with two fingers, slow and deep. It was so sweet and wonderful.

In the morning, we woke up in time for some more portions before I had to start getting ready for work. He went down on me again, and then I wanted him to fuck me - it's tricky right now because I have my period, but he don't give a shit....he even offers to remove my tampon for me! We tried another bunch of positions. But after awhile, I just wanted my ass fucked, so I rolled over and let him work his cock right inside me, without any finger-play first. He fucked me slow and gentle, and worked his fingers inside my cunt until he had three in there. God. Then I got up on my knees, but I really wanted him to watch in the mirror, so I got up and leaned against the wall, and let him fuck me from behind and watch in the mirror. He kept urging me to's hard for me - you know, leftover body image stuff - but he is convinced I'm the most gorgeous and sexy woman alive, so I did peek a little bit, and it actually was quite a turn on, to see this beautiful-bodied athletic man fucking me like that, and to hear him telling me to look at myself and see how beautiful all these different parts of my body were....he was even naming parts I usually hate or feel ambivalent about. But I couldn't stay standing up, and we tried it back on the bed, but I got taken off guard: we were both smeared with my menstrual blood - hands, arms, legs, bellies - and I just couldn't get back into it. It was still good, and I enjoyed it, and we were very tender with each other afterwards....we just jumped in the shower and washed each other off. He was very sweet, and he even went out to get us breakfast while I started to get ready for work. And he couldn't stop talking about how gorgeous I looked in the outfit I was putting together for work - I thought about that all day, every time I passed a mirror or a window.....
Saw the top last night. Knees at shoulders, hand around throat, nails digging into ass fucking. He didn't fuck me from behind because I didn't deserve it.

He left a lovely large bruise on my left breast.

It's been a good week.
Ok, it's been a wild weekend (Sunday/Monday off), so let me see if I can remember it all....

Saturday night, he was glum and frustrated about work. I tried being tender, rubbing his temples and head, but eventually, I got fed up with him being distracted, so I got all domme-y on him for focusing on work instead of his goddess. tongue.gif I got up, stripped off my sarong and camisole, down to my (black) bra and thong, and wrapped my (black) rock star leather/chain belt around my hips, then put on my (black) strappy high heels and told him to get on his knees. And then I spanked him. I spanked him harder when he giggled. So yeah, pretty soon, his mind was back where it should be - on me! And then I made him take off my shoes, and then my bra and massage me for awhile. Then I pushed him back on the bed and went down on him, and then I straddled his thigh with my wet cunt, fucking him with 2 fingers, and told him to come on my tits. He obliged me gladly. It was dripping off me. Mmmm. Later on, I got more massaging, and he went down on me, but he couldn't keep it hard after being drained by an ass-fucking, so he fucked me in the ass with three fingers, and fucked my vag the regular way with my vibe......ohhhhhhh, did I come. Jesus. We both crashed hard.

In the morning, he was distracted by work thoughts again, so I got him to go out and get breakfast, and then afterwards, I distracted him with my body again. smile.gif I got him hard with my mouth, and then after awhile of letting him do the same, I got on my knees to be fucked....but I wanted him more distracted, so I pulled away and got down on my knees in front of the big mirror, and let him fuck me that way. That distracted him for sure! I collapsed on the floor when I came, and he lay down beside me (on the floor) and stroked my body till I recovered. I was waiting for a friend to call so I could help her out with some stuff, but when she called, she wanted to do it Monday instead, so suddenly we had more time to fuck. wink.gif We got each other all worked up and then I said we should explore the apartment and find some other places to fuck. At first, I let him bend me over the desk and fuck my cunt, and then my ass, and we did it for quite awhile, but I couldn't come like that, so I went over to the couch and faced it on my knees, and let him fuck my ass, and then I got UP on the couch, facing the back, and let him finish me that way. Jesus. I am such a dirty girl. biggrin.gif But I came before he did, so we went back to the bedroom - all covered in sweat, and I went down on him and finished him with my vibe in his ass.

I let him come back over on Sunday night....we actually didn't fuck in the evening! He was tired, and I was kind of worn out and just in need of a little my ass was hurting from the morning fuckfest! Anyway, it was actually nice - I played guitar and then let him brutalize my body with a serious deep tissue massage. Monday morning, my friend phoned and woke us both up, but I told her I still had a man in my bed and I needed a bit more time. wink.gif He was hard as a rock. I teased him for the longest time, leaning over to kiss his cock a few times, but I made him go shave. When he came back, I went down on him, and we did 69 - first with him on top and then me on top. Then I told him to stand up - I got down on my knees and sucked his cock in front of the mirror. I even watched a bit myself this time. I have to admit, I was quite turned on. But since there was no ass fucking for me today, I got him back on the bed and climbed on top, first in reverse cowgirl, then facing him, and a few other positions....but I decided we should explore the apartment again. I wound up flinging stuff off the desk and laying back on it, with my legs in the air, and letting him fuck me that way, but we couldn't keep doing it in that position, so we got up to try something new....I made him go get a fresh condom, but I waylayed him in the hall on his way back to the living room - I pushed him against the wall and went down on my knees again, with his cock in my mouth. God, I love sucking cock - I never thought I'd say that! And then we wound up....god, let me see if I can remember....back at the couch, I think, but with me facing up, him on his knees on the floor, going down on me until I was begging him to fuck me, which he did, with my ankles wrapped around his neck. We both ended up sweaty and exhausted by the time we came, and crawled back into the bedroom to cuddle for a whole 15 minutes before my friend phone and announced she was on her way! But even so, he hung around watching me get ready, which he seemed to find fascinating. By the time I was at the big mirror beside my closet (the one we've been screwing in front of), he was "helping" me put my bra on....when I got my jeans and cami and belt on, he was totally feeling me up from behind, mussing up my clothes and talking about how sexy and gorgeous and goddess-like I was, and I actually was looking in the mirror and getting quite convinced myself. wink.gif Then my friend arrived and we parted ways, till Thursday.....
Go Doodle!
Your glorious gung-ho attitude is an inspiration!
And lucky you to have man who is as keen as you are... who appreciates you...
dancerboy portions again last night......I'd been promising him a massage for a while and even though I wasn't expecting to get any because he was so tired - i did! His body was all slick from the body butter I was using as we didn't have any oil, and it was soooooo hot.

He's going to be going away soon for a month.....I'm going to miss him sad.gif
First time Newboy portions this evening.

He's a more intense lover, I sucked his cock, then stopped, he asked what I was doing, so I told him fucking him. He wrapped up, I climbed on top of him so my feet were at his waste, he was sitting. he told me I had to stop fucking him like that, he told me he was going to cum. I continued anyway. He wants the control, but I took it from him. as he was coming he made me look at him, it was intense, a very excellent first time experience.
So, yeah, my plans for a Thursday night fuckfest got fucked up when I landed in the ER on Tuesday evening....and they didn't let me out of the hospital till Thursday afternoon! Sweet boy stayed with me in the ER until they booked me in and kicked him out, then came back every day, and also stayed over on Thursday and Friday night to make sure I was okay. It's a kidney infection again, btw. Not too bad this time, but it's put a bit of a kibosh on my willingness to allow a penis in that general area of my body, at least until it's all over....mainly because I feel like I have to pee every ten minutes.

Anyway. Friday night, there WERE some portions. biggrin.gif Poor boy had been such a trouper, putting up with my limp whining and diva-esque demands. For sure he didn't think he was going to get any, but right in the middle of getting a massage, I told him he should make sure to do my arms and hands, since, "Just because I can't get fucked doesn't mean you can't." So he started working on my arms, while I kept one hand gently laid on his cock. Then I started playing with it a bit with my hand, and he got really hard - I mean, it HAD been since Monday morning!

We had been curled up side-by-side in the bed, and I didn't have much energy yet, so I curled up with my head on his belly and started teasing him with my tongue. I took him into my mouth, playing with his balls and perenium (sp?), driving him crazy, and then I started teasing his asshole. Yeah, I know what the boy needs. I teased him for a long time, though. He had been doggedly by my side throughout the whole health mini-crisis - fetching things and rubbing my back and catering to my every whim - so I wanted him to have a really good reward. wink.gif Eventually, I got out the lube and got a finger worked in there, and then another, with my mouth still on his cock. After a bit of this, he said he was going to cum and asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. We've talked about this - I've never let a man cum in my mouth, but for some reason, lately I've been expressing a desire for this to happen with him. So I said yes, and he did, crying out, "Oh yes, milk me, baby." Which prompted me to suck on the end of his knob while he was coming. It surprised me - I don't know what I was expecting, maybe for it to be more jerky or to taste bad, but of course, he'd told me everything that was happening for him, so it was easy and smooth, and he's a vegetarian, so he tasted almost like nothing. I just lay there with my fingers up his ass and swallowed his cum while he moaned and moaned, and I kept my mouth on him, and my fingers inside, for a long time afterwards while he recovered. He kept saying over and over that he'd never felt anything like it in his life.

Afterwards, he sat up a little against the pillows, and I sat back against him and let him massage me some more, but eventually, I wanted some nipple play. Oh hell, I was horny! Despite being so sick. So he played with my nipples and whispered dirty things in my ear, mainly about what had just happened and how much he missed being able to fuck me, while I brought myself to orgasm. It wasn't near so good as it is when he fucks me, but it had to suffice. I let him taste my fingers afterwards, and he did so with relish.

In the morning, he was still so grateful for the night before that he wanted to ensure the satisfaction of his "goddess" with more massaging. tongue.gif I teased him by pulling aside my thong and letting him look at my ass. It slid back into place, so he pulled it aside again. I told him to just take it off. Then I took his cock in my hand and teased him by rubbing it all over my asscheeks, while he was still massaging me, and I rubbed it back and forth in the crack of my ass. God, the man gets soooo hard for me. Eventually, I pushed him on his back and sat between his legs, rubbing his cock with my hand and teasing his asshole again with my other hand. I had a camisole on, too, but he practically ripped it off me so he could see me naked. I managed to get two fingers inside him to massage his prostate, encouraging him to direct the pressure and movement of my hand, and he came all over his belly. We both fell asleep and he was gone when I woke up (I was dead to the world - I didn't even wake up till 3 in the afternoon), but he phoned me before he went to work to check in on me and make sure I knew where he'd gone. Awww.

(ETA: I wrote him an e-mail this afternoon to thank him for taking such good care of's a snippet of the reply I just received: "To Whom It May Concern, My memory seems to have failed me. The last thing I remember is a smokin' hot goddess fucking me in the ass. After that everything gets hazy. I presume you are said goddess." laugh.gif )
Tuesday afternoon portions....ahhh, the blissful discovery that everything down there still works fine and dandy!!! I wasn't even planning to have vaginal sex yet - just anal, maybe. I didn't think I was ready, after having pain in my bladder for days, but the pains left the night before and it turned out I was ready for EVERYTHING. wink.gif

As usual, it started out with massaging of the goddess. tongue.gif When I was taking a break to change the CD, I was sitting on top of him. We were talking about all the possible issues surrounding sex during my illness, and I told him I was "determined" to at least try the anal. So naturally, this led to other things. Like him playing with my breasts. And squeezing them together so he could get at both nipples with his tongue and lips. Oh god. And he was hard, and I somehow got his cock against my underwear so he was like a hot dog trying to get into a bun, but for the wrapping. tongue.gif I don't know how else to phrase that. But anyway, yeah, really awesome feeling, rocking our hips back and forth like that, with him sucking and licking my nipples. I got hot soooo fucking fast.

Before long, he said, "I'm so hard, I could fuck you right now, if that's what you wanted." It took me about 3 seconds to think about it. I reached over for a condom and was peeling my thong off while he was putting the condom on, and then floomph! It happened so fast, I practically jumped back on top of him and he thrust inside my cunt at the same time I was grinding down on his cock. It was like we'd finally found the perfect position for me to be on top. Every other time we tried, I couldn't manage to get anywhere close, or else I'd get cramps in my legs or feet, but this time, we got it perfect. At first he was fucking me, and then we were fucking each other, and pretty soon, it was me fucking him....if this makes any sense. And I couldn't believe how good it felt, and how easily my orgasm was building....I never even needed any other stimulation at that point, I just fucked the hell out of him, and then collapsed on top of him afterwards, and let him stroke my body until I recovered.

After some rest, and some ice cream eaten from the carton with spoons, and some more massaging, I started teasing his cock again with my mouth, and playing with his balls. When I got him really hard, I stopped and said he missed my ass and thighs in the massaging. So, as usual, that led to some ass play. biggrin.gif I got him to lube me up, and he got one, two, three fingers in there before I knew didn't even really hurt, which surprised me, since it's been so long - over a week. I was still lying down, with my ass raised up a bit, when I asked him if he was ready to fuck me, and he had that condom on lickity-split. And he just thrust all the way inside me. Jesus, it felt so good. Pretty soon I was up on my knees and he was fucking me....I kept telling him to fuck me harder, and he obliged, and I came soooooooo fast and good.

After awhile, he fell asleep. I slipped out of bed, made a few phone calls, posted on BUST biggrin.gif, played with the cats, and took care of a few other things, and then went back into the bedroom at 7:30 to wake him up and gently boot him out for the evening. Oh yass, I a bad girl.

It's funny - the last time I got sick with the kidney thing, I wouldn't have let anyone come near me. Of course, I had experienced catheters and surgeries and shit like that, which made things very uncomfortable for me. And I was sick a lot longer. But this time, it's like my body has literally been FIGHTING HARD to get well and strong, just so I could start getting fucked again. tongue.gif wink.gif
And squeezing them together so he could get at both nipples with his tongue and lips.

i don't care who ya are...that's hot!!

*deep breath*

Mr. Pugs and I had the most amazing sex last night. Seriously, it was mind blowing. The best sex I've ever had. We started off him standing in front of me sitting on the edge of the bed. I was blowing him. I'd wanted to blow him all day. Believe me when I say I was thinking about having his cock in my mouth all freaking day. So I'm blowing him eagerly and he told me to rub my pussy while working his cock with my mouth. Of course this was great. He stopped me, laid me back on the bed, lubed me up and slid into me. We've been doing this new thing for us where he holds my feet and it gives me leverage to pick my ass up a bit off the bed. It's great cause at that angle he hits my g-spot constantly. So he's fucking me...fucking me...fucking me. He's squeezing my breasts really hard. I love that. He's pinching my nipples really hard. Love that too!! For some reason the next day my breasts are so much more sensitive. I notice them so much more throughout the day. So he reaches down and hands me the hitachi. So I'm being fucked and vibrating. It doesn't take long once I've got that thing on me plus his beautiful cock is rubbing my g-spot. So I'm so close and then BAM!! I come. Usually I take the hitachi away because things are too sensitive for all that power well he's been lying on top of me so I can't easily pull it away or turn it off. So it just keeps going and it's so freaking sensitive. It's practically painful but in this really intense way. Eventually, after a moment or two the sensitive goes away and my orgasm starts to build again. So he's fucking me, fucking me, fucking me and I come again. This time it was even more powerful. Again with the laying on top of me keeping the hitachi on my overly sensitive pussy. By the third time my g-spot is engorged, my clit is about to fall off and here comes the next orgasm. The third one is always a bit harder to achieve. I shouldn't say that. It's almost like the second one just keeps going. So I couldn't think anymore. I just had my head in the blanket and I was screaming between panting. When the third one rocked me I just screamed into the blanket. It was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. More so then the first time I squirted. When I was done I was so tired. I don't even remember much more after that. Just that he flipped me over and fucked me doggie style. My pussy was, not sore, not bruised, but something else very similar. He fucked me so hard doggie style. He pulled out and came all over my back. I remember really liking the feeling of his come all over me. He pulled away to get me a towel and I just dropped to the bed. I think I fell asleep instantly. I know I cleaned up and rolled over to my side of the bed. This morning like I said my breasts are sensitive and my legs are fucking sore. It was great. I'm all post nookie nice and all. It was a great night. Probably won't do much else until we get to the beach on Saturday. Last night was definately enough to hold me over.

Damn, I really need to get some soon.
Wow, pugs, that's hot, too!!

Makes me wish I hadn't told the boy he'd have to wait till Friday night for more portions....
I need to hook up with the cop when he's had a few more often.

Man felt like he had the thickest cock ever. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but fuck he had the cock made of steel today!

Doodle and Pugs, DAMN!
Pugs, wow. That sounds so intense!!

Last night I, for the first time ever, hit three orgasms in one night. Earlier in the day, as a surprise for WC, I went and got myself waxed bare. I went over to his place afterwards to watch a movie. Half way through I mentioned it to him and he nearly fell off the bed with excitement. He immediately needed to investigate, which very quickly turned into him going down on me.

I honestly didn't expect much of a difference in terms of my sensitivity or how it would feel for me, but DAMN! I could barely take having him down there at all. So, with all of my squirming, he begged me to get on top of him. The first one orgasm came as a bit of a surprise. It generally takes a long time for me to come, if I do at all. It was so intense. He pulled me down to him, so that I was still riding him, but our bodies were pressed together. Without skipping a beat and a few minutes later, the second one built up and surprised us both. He refused to let himself come yet, so we changed to missionary, and then him on top, between my legs, with my body at an angle. At that angle with a pillow underneath me, he easily found my gspot and my third came on quickly. I think we were both really surprised when it happened. I practically passed out right then and there from exhaustion, but I woke to him rubbing my legs and back. The man has stamina! So, he got on my back and we started again. Finally, I begged him to just let himself come, and did he ever.

I am feeling a little bruised today, so I think I'll need a couple days of just relaxing and healing. I can't believe how sensitive I still am. Best 20$ I ever spent biggrin.gif
saw hot guy in bar, wrote my number on slip of paper, walked up to him, put slip of paper in his pocket and left. 45 min later he was on my doorstep. 15 minutes after that copious amounts of portions were had all night and well into the next afternoon.

I have never done anything like that before. I'm not sure what came over me. But thank god I broke the 7 month dry spell...
Embarassing, embarassing question:

I'm 25 and I've only had sex a total of 30-40 times in my life---albeit with 9 different guys. (I lost my it late in life.)

I've queefed with a number of them. This was always during almost an hour of intercourse, and every position the guy could think of. But it's still makes me insane. One was huge (at least the biggest I've ever been with, around 7.5" in length, 5" around), and it still happened. They all act like it's an anomaly.

I have a lot of paranoia about the anatomical "size" of my vagina. Only 3-4 guys have ever told me that I was "tight," and they all liked the engage in inane sex talk. The last one (and the biggest) one time followed up with "What---you don't think so?" Even the guy I lost my virginity to never said anything. So, I feel my complex is at least partially founded.

On the other hand---I'm very small physically, have never been able to use big vibrators (unlike the guys I've fucked, they're all really hard), use "slim" tampons, and can walk around with weighted ben wah balls for hours.

I don't get it! Rough sex (especially with the last asshole) wipes me out for a day, sometimes I ache for the next 3 days, but I get this impression that I just don't feel that good. FYI, none of the relationships went anywhere, so I have "association" to make too.

Thanks, ladies!
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