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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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actually, um, Yes. i would like. a review that is. and possibly some awesome oral sex as well, ha ha.
I bought the Omazing Intensive Vibrating Cock Ring for $16 at
TOTALLY worth it!

I have never been able to achieve a "hands free" orgasm during intercourse until this device.
Both Crinoboy and I really loved the effortlessness.

The ring is made of silicone, very stretchy and smooth, and I just rinse it with soap and water (it's
waterproof!) The vibrator is a pod about half the size of a man's thumb (thick) and has a soft button on the
side that you push to start the vibration. The pod is removable from the soft silicone casing so that you can
change batteries (it comes with 10 replacement batts) The silicone casing for the pod has a little raised
"sun" shape for extra stimulation (very nice!) Crinoboy said that it was surprisingly comfortable and he didnt
mind the vibes against his pubic bone.

I found the best positions (for my first time using it) were missionary (which I love, for face contact) and girl
on top, it worked especially well when I leaned back and put my hands on Crinoboy's knees for leverage.
I achieved orgasm in a fairly short amount of time (10 mins) I think it will get easier as I get used to it. I
would have come again, but Crinoboy couldn't hold back after the first one, lol! I think he really felt like a
stud because I came from just him boneing me.

All in all, an excellent product. I'll be using it frequently, and I definitely recommend it to any Bustie!
yaaay! i'm definitely gettng one, thanks for the review crinoline. heh heh...
Heh. Totally forgot about this thread. So rarely post in it...

Post-civil ceremony nookie. Jeebus. And here we kept telling ourselves "taxes and insurance, the real wedding is next Spring," but our silly emotions didn't believe us. It's not even the physical so much in this case, but more of a feeling of merging and togetherness. Crazy emotional sex. Mmmm.
*bump for tes*

FANTASTIC portions at new year! a fancy hotel always helps, I feel.

i'll second that one, bunny be bad!

naked on a white beach with a moon shining overhead and soft waves lapping in your ears aint too shabby, either. biggrin.gif
last night i planned for snuggles and sleep, as me and the boything finally made it to bed after midnight after a buffy-thon, and he had classes in the morning, so i'm straightening the covers on his bed while he sets the alarm...

and the next thing i know he's leaped (or leaped as much as one can on his damnable creaky bed when he has two roomates and the middle bedroom) on to me, still in all our clothes, grinding into me through my jeans (which i find hottt beyond belief. mmmm, us shirtless and in jeans), and i get as close to orgasm as i've ever got with him. and we kiss and snuggle and then i figure he needs to sleep, and with this in mind i roll over, and we spoon and i close my eyes...and then there's an arm across my chest holding me tight against him, his other hand sliding into my pants, and him sucking on the back of my neck.

the best part is still the hazy flashes of memories of us half asleep, sort of dozy in the middle of the night, when i'll just sort of become aware of him rubbing my clit, or me kissing his chest.
just, you know, for sharing's sake, in the shower a few minutes ago i found a hickey on my nipple. i think it's funny
mmmmmmmm. tyger, i adore those hazy flashes of rubs and licks and strokes in the night...and the nipple hickey is hilarious!!!


SO not "le blerg"!
and now i have one on the other to match! tongue.gif that boy really knows his way around a nipple
yum tyger. i was laughing about the "creaky bed, roommates" thing-i hate that, i'm so ready for our own place.

last night was suuuper duper awesome. i got to just relax and he did all the work. he was in no shirt and jeans with the top button undone, yikes for me!!! i love that. and his erection was just like a big steel rod in his pants, awesome. hee hee, i'm still all fluttery from it. my new favorite thing is when he uses his palm and hand over me, and just rubs and rubs-whoa!

it was just one of those perfect nights, it took me forever to recover, i was just smiling stupidly and staring at the tv, but not really seeing it. yum.

this morning before he left for work, he jokingly said "how about a quickie" and i was like uhhh, so mean...cause i knew he wouldn't be late to work but as soon as i thought about last night i was like do me.
Mmmmmm....such good portions last night. A very painful period meant a few days without, and then hte night before her sister was up all night with a cold. But last night shenomad's inner beast took over. In her parents' apartment. With both her sibs visiting, as well: a packed place, and she jumped me. I bit a small hole in my lip, and she bit another.

Transgression is the hottest thing ever.
Early morning portions!!! Reverse cowgirl! YUM!
Oh, I sure hope I'm not the only person who has had portions in the last...what is it, two weeks now?
Anyhoo, I had some wonderful rough, hair pulling, spanking and dirty talking portions today. I just couldn't keep it to myself!
*deep sigh* lack of portions. mad.gif
Put my bed on the floor...perfect for me laying on my side on the bed, blowing him while he fingers me. Yum.
I finally fucking got some! Le Latino Boy from work and i went into his office after work, we didn't fuck, but still, it was at least a relief! Whispering in my ear what he was going to do to me, while playing with my tits... biggrin.gif

*dances around happily*
Ahhh...I feel so much better now I've had some house-to-ourselves, spanking, screaming, hard thrusting, paralysis-inducing orgasm portions! smile.gif

Long may they continue...
it's a bit late but on Friday I had some amazing spanking, face fucking, legs up to my shoulders portions. soooo satisfying!
The man is fabulous in bed. I can't keep my hands off of him. Of course this is a problem when I just want to chill and I provoke him. Hee.
Yay for all the busties getting some ass! smile.gif
Crazy dirty ass-slapping love last night
It's time for Midterms and we needed to blow off some steam (tee-hee I said *blow*)
I kept having flashbacks all day of the things he said and the way his eyes look when he's in my mouth....hmm maybe I'll go find him now...
morning, he's the first thing I see and i want him so bad, don't care how either of us look/smell, portions! hmmm.... totally makes the rest of the day. love it when it's all sleepy and cuddly.
Had some wonderfully rough, bent over portions today. I wanted to spend the entire day in his bed.
ass slapping, hair pulling, eyes rolling in the back of the head, clothes everywhere, legs over his shoulders, actually every position you can think of, bed slamming into the wall so the neighbors can hear but you just don't give a shit sex.

oh yes....
Damn Candycane and zoya!

Got a little some from le man last night. He's going away for the weekend. *le sigh*
uhhh... let's make that two nights in a row... WOO HOO!!!!

Hot tub portions with 6 other people last night. It was pretty fun and NOT as skeezy as it sounds!
ooh, 6 other people. makes me wish i could participate in another orgy.
Dammit! I was supposed to be getting much needed, long awaited portions ALL DAY today, but the air traffic controllers went on strike and now who knows when my man is getting home!? Ah well, we'll have that much more sexual energy stored up for each other.
Legs over my shoulders sex yesterday spur of the moment sex on the sofa sex yesterday... woo-hoo!!
hellotampon - ironic that you had hot tub portions, this guy i know was talking about doing that last weekend. i don't think you were in the same hot tub though blink.gif
portions.....for me.....twice friday night/saturday morning and once monday night. yummy, lovely sized cock, smooth skin, and the ability to go for a few hours cool.gif
mmmmmmm. luscious mind-blowing around-the-world portions with multiple orgasms before ending up with his gorgeous cock slammed down my throat to the balls, coming in my mouth, spurt after shuddering spurt......then kissing me, and going down on me to taste "us". SO hot.
Lovely from the side morning sex.

Last night, left leg over the shoulder after bar sex.
MMMMMMmmmmm. Early morning, I don't want to go to work on a Sunday, I have 15 minutes until my ride gets here sort of lovin' is so much better than it sounds.
All weekend...cock in mouth, cum on back, down the throat, all over. Can't hardly wait....oh man. Almost ready to have mind-blowing sex against a hard surface.
started last night as quiet, both-roomates-are-home-and-awake-and-we-can-hear-them-talking makeouts, turned into me being on the receiving end of some amazing oral, and my plans for going home last night dissolving into a puddle of sleepy snuggles. fast worward to this morning, where our usual sprawled out and tangled together wakeup turned in to the most intense fingering ever, while he just stared into my eyes, which yet again turned into amazing oral.
best exam prep ever, i say
I don't know if this counts, but I am currently in the middle of having cyber sex via instant message while I am in the middle of a very very busy office. It's so hot and naughty.
We always have to be quiet because a month ago we moved in with my parents due to money problems and they don't charge us rent.
(Currently the two of us live in a house with 6 other people - my Dad, step-mom, older brother, his girlfriend, and my two younger sisters - so loud sex is impossible sleep.gif ).

But laaaaaaast night!

Us lying on our bed, his gloriously hard cock in my mouth, tonguing him until he came.

Me riding him until I came so hard I could barely breathe while he bit my nipples.

It's also a million times hotter that we can't make any noise, which is a nice surprise!
woooo. can't wait for tomorrow.. gonna get some forbidden, house-sitting portions from my boy!!!! Shame on his aunt for asking this young couple to take care of her dog for the night. hahah
woot, finally have something to post to this thread! i had some quick and dirty utterly delicious hotel room sex last night. started with a bubble bath, ended up on my elbows and knees on the end of the bed while he slammed into me from behind. i'm a bit bruised and only got about three hours of sleep, but it was so worth it. oh, and the afterglow playlist (which no, i didn't plan ahead of time, just kinda randomly punched in on my zen before plugging in the speaker) was awesome. every song that came up, he was like "oh the donnas, how appropriate. violent femmes, i haven't heard this one in a while. hey, i love this song, who does it? hey, you listen to peaches, cool." he's kind of a music geek, so acknowledging my mad playlist-building skillz was almost as good for me as when he slapped me on the ass. laugh.gif
Grrrl that sounds fantastic! I'm supposed to be getting some lovin' tonight. He's never used a vapourizer though, so I imagine that there will be a big load of nothing going on. Hmmmm. I'm obscenely horny, and at work at that.
emzee - the hot housesitting portions are so much fun! an exbf and i were at one of his relatives houses for the weekend, taking care of the puppies, and needless to say, there was a mirror over the bed. hehe
I got portions but good last night!

4 times, from behind, on top, on the bottom, from the side, dirty, hard raunchy sex. I was sore afterwards. Fuck, it was amazing. Anal, oral, and vaginal sex. Squirting orgasms. Fuck.Shit.Damn.
*squees* That rocked!

I met him after work at 5 yesterday evening, and we didn't part from each others company until 5pm today! his empty living room, on the couch, a big bay window and the hopes that no one he knew would walk by. his aunt's guest room, went down on me and made me moan! An empty house comes with such freedoms. Afterwards he just said, "woah. I've never heard you so loud. That was AWESOME." Goof. = )
...back at his place, in his bed. Middle of the night, exhausted but crazy. Attempting every position.
...watched him shower the next morning while I did my make up. *bites fist* Would have jumped right in with him if my wet hair wouldn't have seemed too suspicious to his family members.
...back at my place, had to one more time. Gave him the last laugh for being so wonderful to me all weekend. Sucked him off and we both loved it!

Now I feel all dirty again!
Ok. I considered myself pretty well educated in the bedroom department until this thread. I read some of it and cant figure it out.
WTF is portions?
Hee, I thought the same thing when I saw this thread too, Daisy!

According to the site, the definition of Portions is:

"1. Portions:

Term for collective things between couples.
From kissing to mastubating to oral sex all the way through to full sex.
Used to be unspecific about what has gone on.

To have portions on someone.

Did you have portions?
What kind?
Just kissing."

That site will pretty much tell you anything to know about webspeak.

Hope that helped! biggrin.gif
thanks Arcadia - although I think that in the Bustie sense, it pretty much means full on intercourse..

just sayin....

Alas, no portions last night, but thursday for sure!

I did get raving reviews on the blow jobs I've given him. He told me hands down, the best ever. I love making a man cum fast too.

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