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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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So yesterday, after trying to get fucked all weekend, I got a phone call from the cop.

I zipped over there, and I went down on him for what I felt was a truly wonderful cocksucking.

I wanted him to stay in my mouth so badly, that I wouldn't let him fuck me, I just kept on sucking, deep throating, alternating between fast and slow and light licks over his head.

Then he came in my mouth, and I swallowed without skipping a beat. It was wonderful.

Then he felt bad because we didn't have a chance to fuck, I told him not to worry because I love to suck cock.
anna k
I got some today when I hooked up with a guy I met on Craigslist. I went to his apartment (with some pepper spray in case he tried to assault me) and got my first taste of anal as well as giving oral. He ate me out, biting and sucking on my clit, biting my inner thighs hard, and eating my ass out. He sucked and bit my tits and neck and shoulders, and I sucked his tongue when he kissed me. I in turn sucked his dick, though I had a gag reflex despite him not being very big. He fucked me with his fingers, putting two fingers in my cunt and in my ass, warming me up and trying to stretch me out. When he fucked me from behind he pushed me down on the bed, pushing his weight on my back and pulling my hair, biting my shoulders while I felt his dick, and it hurt a little. I didn't come from any of this, it was more just trying to see what giving oral and getting anal felt like, and I didn't have much reaction to it. I liked being bitten and being spanked hard, I was laughing while he was doing that. He kept saying I had a nice ass and that I smelled nice, and I kept trying to adjust my cunt to his mouth so I wouldn't just be lying there.

So though he didn't make me hot, it felt good to get some sex and do new things. It was funny how I felt nervous about sex and having little experience, but I didn't really give a damn about getting naked in front of this guy, taking off my clothes while having a regular conversation with him. He called me very straightforward.
go anna!
Alright anna! That's exciting. I've been wondering where you've been since I haven't seen you posting here recently. I guess you've been busy! smile.gif
That made me realize I haven't posted in this thread for quite a while. My boy and I have been in kinda a rut for a while, mostly having quickies and nothing too exciting. The other night it was cute, he came in late after I was already asleep. I talked to him for a few minutes and then turned over to go back to sleep. He came up behind me and said "can we do it?" I laughed and said okay and told him he should kiss my neck and whisper something in my ear. He started whispering in a sexy voice about some band that he's into and how he wants me to get some of their albums for him on iTunes. It was cute. Then he started rubbing my clit and made me come and then fucked me in the spoon position. I got pretty sensitive after coming, and it felt really good. He put his big hands around my neck tightly and finished by flipping me onto my stomach and laying on top of me. Then I got up to pee really quick and fell right back asleep. Mmmm.

Also, lemme just bitch for a second about always having to pee after sex. At times like that it can be such a pain when I want to just curl up next to him and go to sleep. Don't want the evil UTI to hit, though.
Yay Anna and Konphusion for the lovely portions.

I haven't had anything in a week. I need to add more men to my repertoire, me thinks.
HA!!!! Girl I wish. I haven't had any in about 3 wks now. LOL You must be thinking of someone else babe!
konphusion, I totally meant dayglowpink on portions! I see how I get them confused. hee!
ambersienna maria
Last night i downloaded porn while my bf played video games.
then i got nekkid except for a pair
of black lacy tangas,
and escorted him to the bdrm
so we could watch porn together on the bed.
we both masturbated and i sucked his dick a little
while i watched the screen at the same time.
we were watching one where 2 girls go down
on a guy and kiss with cum in their mouths and
i came, then
he came on my face 2 seconds later.
I finally got fucked by the cop again. It was fucking fantastic, it'd been a while since I got my some lovin' so, his huge cock in my tight pussy, much needed release.
Got fucked again!!!

This time by someone new, I've known him a while, and finall hooked up, he's been begging for it for a while. I started by sucking his cock, then he fucked me from behind, I got on top and fucked the shit out of him, came all over him, blew him again, then crawled on top of him again, then did a reverse cowgirl, he whipped the condom off and came on my ass.

treehugger know the portions are good, when upon finishing, you go and watch tv together, he leaves and you go to your bedroom to go to bed, and discover that you had knocked over the lamp on your nightstand, without even realizing it. This was my Thursday night. wub.gif
Damn tree!!! You are my god.
I iz so jealous lol
I have rug burn from my Saturday escapade, we fucked in a dj booth, there was carpet. heh.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jan 28 2008, 09:37 AM) *
I have rug burn from my Saturday escapade, we fucked in a dj booth, there was carpet. heh.

wow, I could never be so bold
One just needs to fuck where the mood strikes. Just need to be careful sometimes. Home Depots have a fond spot in my heart, I've given head in the parking lots (during the day at that) at most of them in this city.

Le Sigh.

That was some goooood cock sucking I did.
I'll never look at a home improvement store the same again.
lurv ya CH.
keep 'em coming.
I'll never look at Home Depot the same way either. Makes me happy.

I remember one time it was spring and the boy parked in the middle of the lot, around 11:30 a.m. The boy had tinted windows in his car, but you could still see. Him and I (he's my current top) were very into exhibtionism.
Aaaaaah. Portions. After a too-long, period-and-yeastie caused drought. Crazy-passionate portions, with lips and fingers, and his wonderful cock. Silent, neck-tendon straining, back-arching, teeth-clenching, gasping orgasms for both of us.

And then waking up this morning and realizing that I'm so in love with him that I'm staring at his inch-long ear hairs, and I even find those beautiful. Of course, when I mentioned this to him, he ran off to pluck them.
I had the most amazing night last night! I ended up with not only one, but TWO boys back at my apartment! It was so amazing, feeling their hands all over me and feeling the difference in their cocks (the size and shape, and one was cut while the other was uncut). My cunt actually hurt after from all the fucking but it was soooo worth it.
what?! details, candycane, details...
what?! is seconded! please!!!
Oh candycane girl, you lucky woman, it's been since June since I last had a threesome.
I've never had a threesome sad.gif
Did you get yourself some DP??

I heart DP, I must say that my top has something planned for me, I'm begging him for a threesome, or foursome.

I do believe that's my next thing to conquer.
Well....I was at this outdoor concert on Saturday night. I met this really cute guy, D, and we were kind of getting close, holding on to each other and singing along with the songs. He was from out of town and there with two of his friends. Anyway, we kind of ditched his friends and ended up back at my place. He had to convince his friends to just stay out and give him some time alone with me. So he and I did our thing, it was so cute, we were both wearing long johns. Anyway, D was soooo skinny, just the way I like it. I loved being with him, feeling his cock in my mouth and the way that he fucked me.

After about an hour and a half his friends ended up finding their way to my place. They came up and Z really wanted to go but D and his other friend L kept trying to convince him to hang out for a bit. So anyway, D and I kind of jokingly went back into my bedroom and L came to the door to talk to us. We told him to come over to the bed so he came over and got under the covers. After a while his clothes were off and we were making out while D watched us. Then I kind of switched back to making out with D while having their cocks in my hands. D is cut but L is uncut and I loved having both to play with.

I went down on L while D fucked me hard from behind and it was absolutely amazing. Then I took turns blowing both of them while they massaged my tits and it was just amazing. I used my vibrator and they watched me get off, and they both said they had never seen anything like it before. Then D finger fucked me really hard while L rubbed my clit. It ended with me fucking L and him making me beg for it.

It was so amazing, I can't stop thinking about it and I wish they lived closer. Here's hoping they'll come back for another concert. tongue.gif
anna k
That is so awesome to read. You're so lucky, and yet you made your own luck.
how does that even happen!?????? i can't even get one! share, dammit!
Hehe, I don't know but it happened and it was so awesome that I can't stop thinking about it! I wish this happened all the freaking time.

btw, you said yourself that you are very picky!
Oh, I forgot to mention the part where I started being bossy and telling them what to do. That was fun! I think I might find my inner domme yet!
Candycane_girl, was this your first threesome?

I knw when I think about my threesomes, I get the shivers, and I cream my pants. I just love them so much. My hat goes off to you!
I'd only been in one threesome before and it was ffm. I'm not really that into girls so it was alright but it was sooooo much better having two guys to myself. Also they were pretty straight so all of the attention was on me, just the way I like my sex.
I'm so jealous!!!
Isn't it amazing to have two sets of hands, two cocks, two mouths, all over you???

With that said, I'm seeing the cop tonight! It's been almost two weeks since I last saw him and it's been 10 days since I've been fucked. I'll report back afterwards.
Awesome crazy post-mardis gras ball hotel portions!
We were sharing a hotel room with his roommate, who was conveniently passed out and completely dead to the world. I had told the boy that there would be no portions due to the room situation, but when he drinks he gets "handsy".
So we're in bed, and he starts slowly and softly fondling me under the covers, driving me crazy but I can't make any noise for fear of waking the roommate. After paying excruciating attention to my nipples, the boy takes my hand and firmly puts it on his cock, so I start to play with him until we're both panting quietly from need. Suddenly, he yanks down my pj pants, clamps a hand over my mouth, and thrusts into me. I was soaking wet, so he slid right in (this never happens for us, we always have to inch him in bit by bit). He fucks me in complete silence, while I try to pry his hand off of my mouth. He's too strong and I start yanking his hair and scraping him with my nails, but he just goes faster and lightly kisses my neck. I loved feeling his quiet ragged breathing against my neck, and I could tell that he really enjoyed holding me down like that. We finished by creeping to the bathroom in silent agreement so he could fuck me from behind and cum on me.
We never really talk about it, but we both like it when he dominates me, and the fact that he didn't ask my permission was somehow really hot. I didn't cum, but he more than made up for it the next morning after roommate left.

candycanegirl's threesome story = hott
crinoline, that is so hot! I love it when guys are dominant, like they just know exactly what they're doing and they're going to be in complete control.
candycane- Yes!

It's funny that crinoline posted that story, because I was coming here to post something somewhat similar. I sent my guy an email the other day about some stuff I wanted him to do to me. We play a lot with the idea that he owns my pussy and that he can do whatever he wants with it, and the email was about that. He didn't reply or say anything about it the next day, so I wasn't even positive if he'd read it yet. So the following morning I was sleeping and in the middle of a dream when he grabbed me hard and shoved his dick inside me from behind. He whispered in my ear "I got your email, you know." It was so fucking hot to hear that, I kept getting shivers all day when I would think about it. Then the next morning, I had slept downstairs, because I had insomnia. I came in our room to get dressed in the morning, and I was being kinda shitty and irritable with him. He got me to lay down in bed with him for a few minutes, and he hugged on me to make me feel better. I was running late, and he asked me what I would do if he said he wanted to fuck me right then. I told him if he did, I'd have to be late. He started playing with my nipple and rubbing up against me and then biting my back and neck really hard. He was whispering that I'd better be a good girl for him. Within the course of a few minutes, he had me soaking wet and begging him to fuck me. He kept telling me I was late and didn't have time for it. Finally he pulled my jeans down and pulled me on top of him on my back. We fucked until he came, and then he rubbed my clit til I came. All that whispering! It was hot.
Just came back from the cops. I went down on him, then got on top, I had to work him into me, but he grabbed my hips and drove his cock into me.

I fucked him slow, then he fucked me from behind, alternating between hard and fast. He then told me to get into a chair where I put my legs over his shoulders where he fucked me hard then came in me.

It was a much needed release.

ooooh, on another note, my top wants to video tape me blowing him, I didn't even have to suggest it!!! That will be a start, I also want him to film us while he's fucking me from behind and fucking my up the ass.
You should make a how-to video on your BJ technique! I need to do some filming, come to think of it. I had also been wanting to see video of myself being fucked from behind. Hmmm...
You know I was thinking about that, but then I thought, then everyone would give blow job like I do, and then what fun would that be?

I have done the mirror thing, like masturbated in front of a mirror, fucked in front of a mirror, but I really want to see what my pussy and ass looks like while I'm being fucked, and see what it's like from my partners perspective.
It's so funny that everyone is mentioning the filming thing. I have a very "special" friend who will be visiting soon and he's going to bring along his video camera. I can't wait to play around with it.
I want to get myself filmed and show some friends.

Candycane, you lucky woman!
Anal portions the other night. Finally it felt good! I haven't been into anal for a few months. I got all worked up after txting with a girl we're trying to have a threesome with, and I attacked my boy when he got home from work late that night. I started kissing his chest and stomach and telling him what the girl and I had been txting about. Her last txt to me was that I should give him a BJ from her, so I started going down on him and then licking his ass, which he loves. I turned around so my pussy was right on his chest but kept my pants on for a while to tease him. Then I ripped everything off and started riding him reverse cowgirl. He pushed his thumb against my ass, and it felt really good, so he put it all the way in. I grabbed the lube, put his dick in my ass, and rode him til he came.

Then yesterday we were doing some BDSM play. He kept putting his lips on mine and telling me that I couldn't kiss him yet, and then when I would try, he's slap me hard across the face and tell me to wait. He alternated with biting the back of my neck and kissing and licking it. I love getting bitten like that. It is a huge turn on for me, and then I have a sore spot the next day which makes me think about it and get all turned on again. Then he made me get on my hands and knees and rub my pussy and ass while he watched me from behind. He started fucking me for a while. I felt him pull out, and soon after that I felt something warm hit my pussy. My immediate thought was he's coming on me, but then it kept going, and I thought, where's he get a bottle of warm water? Then I realized he was peeing on me! We've been talking about that quite a bit but haven't done it yet except in the shower as a joke. It was pretty interesting. The heat of it actually felt really good, and then he kept calling me a dirty slut which made it even better. I think the psychological aspect of it was the main thing I enjoyed about it.
dayglow, those portions sound hot!

I got me some lunch time-y cop portions. I came all fucking over him twice while I was riding him, then he rolled me over with his cock still inside me, and got my leg over his arm, and came in my pussy.

I'm feeling much better this afternoon.
culturehandy...dude, i think you should be barred from posting in the portions thread. you are getting served like you are at the old country buffet. i think we should start a thread called, a day where culturehandy is NOT getting sex. cause honey, i think those days are few and far between. laugh.gif
Star, holy fuck did you ever make me laugh!!!

Oh shit. That's hysterical!
I concur! However, I live vicariously through ch's posts, so I don't want her to stop.
I wish I was as brave as that lucky girlie wink.gif
Hell I'm married and don't get it as much as CH! LOL You go girl. I think I'm just a twinge jealous LOL Nah I'm kidding. Your posts keep us all in awe woman!
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