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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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I'm taking a late lunch and I'm going to see the cop. smile.gif I'll report back after.
Fuck.Shit.Damn. It's been a week since I've seen him, it was so great! I got it from behind to start, after going down on him and then 69ing. The man has got a fantastic cock. It's girthy, he went in nice and slow, I could feel all of him in my pussy. I wanted me to get on top, but I get on moving my hips from behind. I heard a holy fuck in there. Then I rode him and came. damn did I cum hard. Twice. It was all over the both of us.

Then to finish, I had one leg over his shoulder.

I was weak in the knees. I rarely cramp after sex, but I did today, and I still am feeling crampy. Fuck. Damn, it was a much needed release.

afterwards, he had a big ol' smile on his face because I was all dopey leaving his place.
I saw Coke Can again last night. God, he's amazing. First he was sweet enough to give me a massage and then he just started kissing and licking my breasts. He loves sucking on my nipples and licking my neck! We had barely been fucking for a minute and he had me squirting everywhere! Seriously, there was a big wet spot that we attempted to clean up later. He made me cum three times in a row and they were crazy intense orgasms. I slept like a baby last night. smile.gif
i've only been on the recieving end of drunken sex. (I don't drink) and it's NEVER been good.
but yea for portions! wink.gif
Yeah, boys doing it drunk somehow is not as fun when the other person is sober. Sloppy, half-hard endlessness. But slightly tipsy, kind of stoned boys in bed will say some dirty-ass shit, put their finger(s) in your butt, and eat you out for like an hour. Um, what?
I got after the bar, cop portions last night.

I drove over to his place after dropping people off, through the evening I was begging. I was so fucking horny and had been drinking. Not mildly either, I was sucking them back.

Anyways, so I get to his place, and at the bar I went the route of slutty school girl. I was wearing short skirt and fish nets, boots, the works.

Anyways, we go into his garage, and I spread my legs so he can get a look, and I turned around so he could finger me from behind, then he slipped in me and fucked me doggie. I then wanted to blow him, so I sucked his cock, took him deep. We then went inside and he fucked me more on a chair (in front of an open window, with the lights on, hello neighbours!), then he throat fucked me and I swallowed.

It was great.

I want more.
Just got more (quickie) cop portions. It was great, a release, but he had to get ready for work.
Sooooo, it's me again.

I have a friend coming in from out of town for Christmas to visit his family and he has promised me seven fuck filled days. Merry Christmas CH!

No cop portions today. Am I the only one getting cock??? Other BUSTies have to be getting nailed!
nope. not me. i got my std results back clean and it makes me want to wait for someone who's going to also have these results instead of hoping for the best, which is what i've been doing for the last three years and seven partners.

It's hard though, when my super hot old fuck buddy always seems to know when I'm single. However, I suspect he's easier than a girl on GGW so I don't want to take him up on the offer.
No portions for me, I'm on my period and I'm crazy busy with essays anyway. Plus he suddenly isn't answering his phone! wthf?!
me, i am! didn't see handyman at all over a three day weekend cause i was working and weekends are for the kidlet. went over yesterday morning, and i was like "fuck, i'm on my period!" and he said "so? we can throw a towel down." yay for older men and their non-"ew, blood!" attitudes. so we made out and he licked my clit, and oh my cod ch, i am so glad i let you talk me into the piercing! i was wondering what he'd make of it when we first started dating, but for someone who's never so much as seen one, man knows how to work it. happy.gif
Grrrl, so glad it is working well for you! I got my labia done, and the cop is a master at eating pussy, he tugs on the hoop just right.

Le Sigh. It's been a few days since I've seen him.

P.S. come to okay land, we meece you there.
I came in after months away SPECIFICALLY to tell y'all about this:

Really great portions just half an hour ago...started with me blowing him, then we went for reverse cowgirl on the end of the bed and it WORKED, fantastically - I would have come from that if my legs hadn't worn out. Then he turned me around and finished pounding me in the old-fashioned way...and then, he gave me spectacular oral until I came hollering.

And now, I can't quite walk right. Good times!
txplumwine! I missed you!

And congrats on the awesome portions. I have always found that reverse cowgirl does nothing for me but just being on top is pretty good. I should be getting some great portions tomorrow night.
mmmm, i just had ridiculously good portions. the bf and i had a stupid stupid fight this morning over what to do for breakfast. i ended up storming out of the apartment (in a very immature manner) and wandering aimlessly through the freezing cold streets. when i came back i was contrite and surprisingly really horny.

it started very slow, with me on top, both of us just in our underwear, me slowly rubbing myself all over him. it was full of long, slow, strong stroking with our hands and lips. i put him inside me a millimeter at a time until we couldn't stand it any more. i was leaning way back and getting great angle coming down on his cock. mmmmm. it puts a smile on my face just thinking about it. then we flipped over, me on all fours and he put one hand on my clit and one finger in my ass which made his cock feel all that tighter and more stimulating inside me. then i lay down on my stomach and let him fuck me to the brink of coming, then he pulled out and put it in my mouth. i came twice and i felt so powerful. even though i had already come he lay down on the bed and pulled my pussy down on top of his face and sucked my clit until my eyes rolled back in my head. sweet jebus. all of this happening with the NFL pre-game show going on in the background. we even missed the kick off for his favorite team, which is a testament to how good these portions were considering what a football freak he is. whew! i can't even walk straight!
Hi Candy! I missed you too! We've tried it that way several times, and this is only the second time it was perfect. Even more fun than the first. smile.gif

DJ-b, reading that put a smile on *my* face. Very nice! I love not being able to walk straight - it amuses the hell out of me.
Got lunch time portions from the cop today. I sucked his cock for a nice long while, then asked him if he wanted to fuck me, I got on the couch, bent over and he fucked me nice and slow so I could get used to his girth, then he came on my ass.
oh, how I miss this thread...!
ooh, almost forgot, i got some good guitar portions from handyman the other day. geez, i could almost come just listening to him, but he laid the edge of the guitar against my clit (which involved much giggling and silliness as we tried to get the position just right) and played some flamenco riffs. oh, and then he flipped me over and played against my ass, stopping every several beats to administer a swat. then he stopped, tossed the guitar aside, flipped me back over and stretched my arms above my head, and went down on me for a while. it was awesome. happy.gif
ummm. heeeee. yeah.
Grrrl yay on portions. I am eagerly awaiting the boy who is coming in for xmas, and who is promising me 7 fuck filled days. We've been texting each other, he keeps on telling me how much he wants me mouth on his cock, and how he loves the pictures of my pussy that I sent him.Yay for cell phone technology!!!

No cop portions lately, I called him last night, and nothing. So, fuck that, well, actually, don't fuck that. Hmmph.
grrl, i wonder if jimi hendrix ever tried a solo like that....
Had some excellent portions with my hand earlier... 17 days and counting (down) until I get some executive cock.
grrrl, that's awesome.

Just had some portions hour ago. Crazy tit grabbing, hair pulling, cunt squirting portions. Mmmmm.

I just came from the cops at lunch! It was fantastical magincal great sex. Started off with us taking about my pussy, he told me he wanted to taste it, and when down on me, then I got on my knees and sucked his cock, moved to the bed where we 69'd, the man is amazing at eating pussy!

He went down on me for 10 minutes or so, I stopped sucking his cock during the 69 and told him I really needed him to fuck me, he put a condom on (without asking!) and slid inside me, I was on my side with my legs off to one side, he felt so amazing in me, I then asked him if I could ride him, he got on his back and I fucked the shit out of him. I went to fucking town and came three times. Pussy squirting all over him, he then finished with me on my back and one leg over his shoulder.

I couldn't get up after, I in fact felt dizzy. It was fucking amazing!

I am much happier this afternoon!
more cop portions, it was tender from behind, not too rought. Still nice.
Mmmm, great portions last night. I got a nice good pounding and there was a bit of hair pulling too biggrin.gif

Afterwards, he promptly fell asleep but it was so cute cause every time I moved he kept pulling me close to him.
I've been too bashful to post in here before but I told my guy that after last night I would feel bad if I didn't say something about how good he was. I could barely walk afterwards. biggrin.gif
I got portions!!!
He's a guy 4 years younger than me that I know from the bicycle community and we hung out at a party last night. Somehow I ended up inviting him over to play dominos and he was like "YEAH!! Dominos!!" ...but we never even opened the tin cool.gif
Man!! The boy is small in stature but has got some strong arms and legs and at one point he f*cked me standing up!--I mean totally, no wall or prop of any kind...only those meaty thighs of his. gah!! I felt like a little monkey screwing Tarzan!--err, is that gross?
Sucked that we only had one condom cuz he had the energy and hard-ons to go several rounds. oh well, he'll be around...
kittten, you're adorable!!

glassk oh man..... monkey?? that's so wrong and awesome!!
Greenbean, I was coming in here to post about standing up portions, too! I can't be very articulate on the subject, because my brain turns to mush when I think about it.

There have also been a few pussy eating marathons around here in the past few days...
yeah for kittenb!! biggrin.gif
Horray for second helpings today. Mmm Mmm...we tried different positions and everythang!
I got a fucking from the cop this evening!

I got over there, and he told me to get naked, which I happily did, he came back in the house and told me he was doing much better now that I was sprawled on his couch, rubbing my pussy.

I went down on him, and then got on all fours, he started fucking my pussy slow, then went into my ass, slowly, it fucked my ass gently, asking me if I was okay (as it has been a while), he was hitting my gspot, and I was dripping wet. Then he asked me if he could cum in my ass. I told him please do. Afterwards, as I was leaving, I told him that I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass, and I liked that.

Damn, you ladies are getting me all hot and bothered!

Had some very nice ex-boy portions the other day. I know, I know, I am a very naughty girl. wink.gif

Really, really wanting some portions with the current crush. Well, there kind of have been. Glorious make outs, naked make-outs. Should I call this pre-portions? Oh the things I want to do to that boy . . .
More cop portions last night!!!

It more up the ass fucking, it was nice and slow, he got his cock right in my ass, then stayed there so I could get used to his girth, then took nice slow strokes, I was fingering my pussy while he was in my ass. He was kissing my back and neck, then he came in my ass.
Ok this may be a stupid question but I have to ask. Why do guys like it so much? Is it a lot tighter back there or something?
Mr Pugs
I've heard that on some girls it is a lot tighter. LMP is a kegel workout machine, so there's not that much of a difference for me. For us, it's more of a power/dominance trip and also doing anal means the communication must be better. For us better communication=more intimacy. There's also the old taboo factor where it feels kinda naughty to be doing it as well...
Thursday night I fucked a friend from out of town, first time in my car, then we went off to the bar, where it was touchy feely all night (and the cop was there, but didn't see...),wentback to his place and fucked the shit out of each other.

Last night, I blew my PR boy in my car.
Mmmmm, there's nothing like coming back home to some amazing portions.

Mr. Thick Cock came over and it had been a while since we had seen each other. We were all over each other, kissing like crazy. I went down on him for a while and then he went down on me for such a long time, I think he made me cum 6 times. Then when he fucked me I ended up squirting multiple times, I could feel it happening over and over again. Then he pulled off the condom and jacked off so that he could cum right on my tits. Gah, it was amazing. He stayed the night and I loved feeling his body pressed up against me.
Mmm... more portions over the last 3 days than I had over the last 3 years. And it was effing amazing.
I got portions last night for the first after my recent break-up.

The guy was adorable but hysterically inexperienced and nervous. I didn't get off, but I gave him head that made his toes curl and his muscles shake.
I sawthe cop today, I hadn't seen him in a while. It was nice but I'm having some vagina issues. It was painful when he first fucked me, he's got a big cock and it had been a while since I'd seen him, and I don't think my vagina was used to him.
CH-I get that when I switch from women to men. I almost feel like I'm a virgin again, which is not the best feeling.

Well...I feel a bit like slutty mcslutslut, but I got more portions...from a different guy.

Oh gods of sex, thank you for making me so horny that I went for the little guy who looked like he's about 16. Who knew he was hiding an 8-inch penis on that scrawny 102 pound frame? Or that he mastered so many fantastic sex positions and used them all in one night?

Bless you, mighty gods. I really needed him. And his giant dick.
Fuzz, I agree, but last week I had three different partners. Sooooo, I'm thinking that it was just an off day. Oh and that I think this particular play thing has run it's course.

CH, I tip my hat to you. Three in one week...I am impressed.

Isn't it funny how vaginas know those kinds of things before our minds get there? Or at least mine does.
courtesy of jazzman. stargazer is back in da game.
Finally got some time alone to get some. Christ, I had my nephew over for 3 days, and while he was a big help with the kids, I felt way too weird doing it with him in the next room. He's 16, he'd KNOW.

Anyway, it was hot but it took Mr DK FOREVER to finish. We've been using condoms, to prevent adding another child to our ever growing collection, and condoms suck. I'm gonna go back on the Depo shot. The Mr is worried about me losing my sex drive. I don't really remember if it happened last time I was on it. The way I see it though is, if I don't go on it and I get pregnant again, I will cut off his junk.
Woohoo Stargazer! And, of course, everyone else. tongue.gif
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