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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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met up with my crush and his other friends for some drinks last night. he'd already had a few by the time i showed up. we danced a little at the bar and he kept putting his hands on my lower back, around my shoulders, on my knees. i was loving the attention, and decided i wanted to go back to his place. we had a fun bike ride there, riding without hands and swerving between cabs and pedestrians. it took a long time for us to take our clothes off. the sex last night was mediocre, a bad combination of first time awkwardness and being a little drunk. he was actually, ahem, too drunk. but i spent the night and we had sex again this morning. um, twice. once in the shower. amazing. i am so, so, SO happy with all of this!!
FINALLY! 5 month dry spell broken

with the boy I had sex with last..


wow. i never thought i would cheer for someone having sex... blink.gif
anyone else having fun lately? this weekend is the one year anniversary from the weekend my guy and i first emailed each other on eharmony. am cooking a candlelit dinner, am trying to figure out what else to do that will make it romantic...i'm not usually that if you have some ideas, please let me know...thanks!
Oh, I have definitely been having some fun, p_176!

Let's just say that I have never before in my life enjoyed oral . . . .
. . . . and now I do!!! Immensely. I can't even describe it in any other way than by saying it's like and out-of-body experience. It's insanely amazing.

And is always, always, always followed by portions so he can get his just deserts.

All right, time to stop talking about this as I am at work and he is out of town until tomorrow and I want, I want, I want!!! laugh.gif
Haha, and by "deserts" I meant DESSERTS but for some reason it's not letting me edit my post!

having fun? i have been having the best sex of my life the past ten days. most of the guys i have slept with were boyfriends who i loved dearly as friends but they had to grow on me sexually, and the other few guys have been hot hook-ups who offered me nothing personality wise. but this new guy and i have amazing chemistry, and he's fun to hang out with too!
Yeah to the best sex of your life!

I've also been having the best sex of my life (so far that is- it just keeps getting better!). It turns out that falling head over heels in love with a guy who's also sexy and passionate, coupled with the fact that I'm leaving the country for months TOMORROW, equals completely mind-blowing sex. This morning after I came I burst into tears (cliché I know), and then he kissed me and kept kissing me and told me I was beautiful. What could be better?
Wow, edie, that sounds awesome (not about you leaving the country for months without him, but you know)! The him kissing you and telling you that you're beautiful. That sounds amazing. I'm starting to know myself what it's like to actually "make love" and not just fuck. Because honestly that's all I've gotten my whole life and now I'm with a guy who makes sure I feel like I'm *always* loved, no matter what. And I love that he takes the time to look into my eyes and kiss me everywhere when we are intimate like that.

Nothing could be better. wub.gif
Oh my gosh, I had the most excellent portions this morning! I didn't come (sadly my mind was waaaaay too occupied about being late for work that I couldn't even concentrate), but it started with him looking at me and saying, "Baby, I want you on top of me," which I definitely did not protest! Climbed on and ohhhhh my, amazing! He was getting so turned on because I was so turned on; the look on his face was just beautiful. I wish I could have taken a picture of it. And then while we were in that position he said, "I want to put you on your back. I want to kiss your face and then down your chest and onto your stomach, and then I want to give you a good licking." Holy MELT. He has the right kind of talk.

Like I said, I didn't come, especially since he is so amazing with his tongue that I couldn't breathe (seriously almost fainted!) so I had to stop him but I pulled him on top of me and let him ride until he was satisfied. Good Lord, it was awesome. Even with no orgasm it was awesome. I have never felt so connected to one person in my entire life.

I said to him, "I like that you kiss me when we do this." He replied, "It's so much more romantic that way." *Swoons*

Hurrah for satisfying sex!
Ah, thats sweet arcadia.

I was a very bad girl this weekend. While my story isn't swoon-worthy, it does involve some meaty portions. Soooo, I went to my high school 10 year reunion. Crashed it actually, cuz I didn't want to pay for a shitty chicken dinner and a slideshow. I showed up late, at the point when everyone was drunk and dancing. I found my girls, danced a little, then spotted *him*. He was a jock that called me on the phone once when I was 14, but I totally shined him on. Not cuz he wasn't cute, he was, but I was in the crowd that hated jocks, so I just didnt even understand why he was calling me (I think he got my number from a girl at school who wanted to make me over and bring me into the 'in' crowd). Anyway, I totally forgot about this guy until there he was on the dance floor..still cute and slender but a MAN now.

He recognized me and we chatted. The bar was starting to shut down so he suggested we find some more booze. We walked out of the hotel into the parking lot and couldnt find the way out. Like giggly drunken teenagers we decided to hop a fence rather than keep walking in circles. I had taken off my heels to make the jump, and so I sat on a bench to fasten them back on. Well, the bench had a light underneath it and I realized it was making my dress quite see-through. The boy ogled me and said, "wow, I like your silhouette". I gasped and said a gentleman shouldn't make such observations. He grinned and laced his fingers in mine as we skipped to a liquor store, bought some booze and headed back to the hotel to meet up with some other guys.

Played some drinking games with the guys, the boy kept discreetly touching me in little ways, then he passed me something underthe table: his hotel key. Ok, I thought for a minute, I didn't plan on hooking up with anyone tonight, and I've been trying not to have anymore one-offs, and I still felt like I had nothing in common with this guy...but hell, I was weak for that shit-eating grin of his. If he was so confident I had to see what he had to offer.

So I went to his room and we made out--briefly--before he undressed me and made his way down to where I was hoping he would go...and MAN! I have to erase my stereotype that jocks are greedy in bed, the boy was a giver! After he made me come with his mouth I flipped him over and gave him some head, then he pulled out the condoms and we went at it 'til 5 in the morning. Then we passed out for a few hours, I woke up with his hard-on against my ass, so we went at it again...and then again. Heh. I suppose the boy got his revenge on me for passing him up 14 years ago.

It was a novelty fuck. I swear I'm going to be a good girl from here on out. tongue.gif
anna k
That was a great story, gb. I love that you got so much action through a familiar hookup.
Well I finally got fucked. Sunday evening with a man I've known for years and who I've wanted to bang since I first met. I've given him head before, but I must say that I forgot how large his cock was, and the sex was good, but doggie kinda hurt because of his size.

I did however have a g spot orgasm and left a big wet spot on the couch. Funny thing is, I fucked him and this other woman's apartment (whom he was house sitting for). At least I got off.

Oh my GOODNESS, that is an impressive story, GB!

And Culture . . . gotta love those orgasms that leave you positively SOPPING. I've had but a few of those, but WOW.

Glad to hear some good portions are happening!
been meaning to post this since the weekend but hard to get in here with the new baby...

amazing, old-skool, post-pregnancy/baby delivery portions on the staircase while the baby swung blissfully unaware three feet away in the living room. not the first since the baby came, but def the best. started with a kiss, wound up against the wall and i told him to sit down on the stairs, straddled him and his cock guided itself like a heat-seeking missile. oh man, just sweaty, nasty, i don't care that we are in front of a window or if your back is grinding into the stairs sex that left us breathless and satisfied (for a while at least).

Normally I wouldnt be one to post on this thread but ...

My sex life has been terrible since I've had BV... all the spontaneous stuff was out the window. My libido was down most of the time and everything.
But my husband got home from work last night and we started a movie and i went down on him on the couch, giving him head then making out with him heavily, we moved down onto the floor where he went down on me(which felt amazing). he said 'want to do it?' I said yeah and climbed on top of him and he asked if i wanted to go to the bed, i said 'no thats boring lets stay here on the floor' so we went at it for a hour straight until we were exhausted and satisfied. and i had rug burn.

Then this morning i was on the couch and he was having his espresso he came over and started rubbing my clit (why does it feel so good in the morning btw?)
so i said 'hey what are you doing?' just joking around with him, he went down and licked me til i came. by this time we only had ten minutes til he had to be at work and his dick was so hard. I started giving him a hand job but he had to go brush his teeth so i followed him into the bathroom and finished him while he brushed his teeth. Im sure hes having a great morning.
hot portions this weekend as i was on top of him and rode to like, 4 orgasms in a row...then he flipped me over and pounded in me hard, doggystyle...
I had some great first overnight guest at my place portions on Saturday. There wasn't a lot of actual intercourse but tons of oral and loooots of licking which just drove me crazy. He had me shivering and shaking till 3 in the morning!
omg, can i say that the crush-turned-BF is seriously one for my books? last week were 2 firsts for me...1 was use of the new toy i've recently bought (never had toy/boy at the same time - yes nearly virgin tongue.gif) and 2 - a guy who was all about satisfying me...not worrying about himself...4 orgasms two nights in a row... oh yeah, portion city!
Finally back in the game! My boy got back this past Friday after being gone for over a month. We've been making up for lost time, and I feel so much better. Today we laid in bed until almost 2 pm doing it. Too much to go into detail on right now, but it's been lots of fun!
mmmm. great sunday night portions while watching the patriots game......looking forward to birthday portions this weekend!
Spectacular portions like, two hours ago.

Greatest sex story ever. Right in the middle of it, we were getting seriously into it, and all of a sudden his phone starts ringing. Wanna know what his ringtone was?

Sex and Candy. So it goes "I smell sex and candy here" and I was like "Meh heh."

It was awesome.

Oh and I got bent over a bed for the first time today. It was awesome, I don't know why its never happened before. ^^
I've actually been getting portions lately! Last weekend I fucked a friend of mine. We went for hours. Had a session, then we chat then would fuck more. It was very rough, I had bruising from the biting and being restrained, and dirty.

Last night I fucked a cop. What a cock. Not too long, average, but man had impressive girth. Fuck. Shit. Damn.
anna k
Damn CH. You have a really interesting sex life. I'm glad you got to fulfill your fantasy of fucking an macho authoriative figure.
I'm going over there tonight, I think I'm going to ask him to use the handcuffs on me.

Anna, I like things pretty rough, degrading, and on the violent side. I see bruises as something I can show off.
It's me again. I went over Sunday and last night, and tonight, his kids are with the ex, he wants me to come by again!

And he gave me raving reviews on my cock sucking.

culture: FRACK that's hot...

Faaaaaabulous morning portions today. I ditched the two classes I was supposed to have, hopped on the Route 10 city bus and made my way to my ex's apartment downtown. At first he wouldn't answer the door (9 AM, I didn't blame him), but then he woke up and came outside, where I was waiting for him under the maple tree.
"Mornin', champ!" I winked at him. No surprise, he grinned and asked me if I wanted to come inside, and we fucked aaaaaaall morning. SO much better than being in english class.
This afternoon, he left a message playfully advising me to invest in some fingernail clippers. Apparently I left him all scratched and bruised.

I don't think I've ever had such a fantastic Monday morning in my life!
Awkward but lovely portions last night (well, this morning, technically), because his roommate WOULD NOT TAKE A HINT AND LEAVE THE COMMON ROOM. But we hadn't seen each other in 4 weeks, so...we did it anyway. And it was totally worth it. But I do hope his roommate wasn't paying attention.
Finally. Over the weekend. Why is drunken sex better?? Ended up with quit the hangover on sunday, but so worth it. Actually left claw marks this time.
Interesting- I have NEVER had drunken sex that was better than sober sex. I would almost venture to say that I've never even had good drunk sex.

Just my opinion. But yay for getting laid!
Well, I was much more drunk than Mcgeek. Maybe that helped more. I have no idea, just glad to finally get laid.
sometimes just drunk enough to have no inhibitions makes it really good. more like buzzed and not drunk.
I think that was it.
More cop portions, although I think I'm almost done with him. The sex is getting lackluster. CH is getting a mightly bit bored.

Le Sigh.

I'll just live vicariously through the rest of y'all!
But culture, we live vicariously through you. tongue.gif
I'll try and jazz it up a little!
I think drunk sex is great. At least with my boyfriend it is. Unless I'm so drunk that I wake up and find a condom on the floor and go "we used this?" (happened two weeks ago, not proud of it..)... as for this week's portions, I got some last night and now I have a barely visible hickey on the left side of my neck and a HUGE one on the right side that is dark purple and probably not going away before the weekend when i go to visit my family... guess its time to break out the turtlenecks/big scarves! But it was oooohhh so worth it:p
living vicariously through busties....VA guy is out of town this weekend, and with our schedules, i might not see him until Thanksgiving!
oh, such portions have i been having the last couple days! i went over to "hang out" monday (ha ha, we both knew it was a booty call), and it was all over as soon as i saw the bedroom. later he told me "you had me at 'are those cuffs on the headboard functional?'" the man is fucking tireless, and he'd rather go down on me than fuck me. i thought i'd miss the cock, but his hands and mouth and teeth are amazing. and he's genuinely pleased most when he's making me come. i feel like such a selfish bitch, cause he's always doing for me and will barely let me reciprocate, but hey, whatever makes the man happy. wink.gif
he was dating some other woman who works on our shift, and i don't know what she did to make him break things off, but every time i see her in the break room, i just want to kiss her and say "thank you thank you thank you for being stupid enough to let this one get away!"
Lol, grrrl. It's always amazing what some people let go of.

I had some amaaaaazing first time in two months unexpected portions last night. I shall call this guy Coke can, cause (you guessed it) he is as thick as a Coke can. Seriously, he was so thick I actually had to take it a bit slow with him. He just seemed to want to go down on me forever and instead of us just switching positions he would stop, lick my pussy and then we would switch! He just left and I'm seeing him again tonight. biggrin.gif
Oooh candycane! Girthy men. smile.gif The cop is girthy too.

Yay on good pussy licking for grrrl and candy!
Hehe, thanks CH. I'm going to have to get used to this guy, it actually hurt when we tried doggy style. Like, I was only able to handle it if he went slowly otherwise it was too much.

But we have a date tonight! I can't wait biggrin.gif
Candycane, I hear you. The cop is the same way. The man is amazing at eating pussy, but when he first enters me, he has to go slow, and I get super wet. Like I soak through jeans. It's painful at first, but a wonderfully good pain. I'm eager to try anal, but that'll take some work!
handyman-that's what i'm calling the new guy-and i are going shopping this weekend. it's been a while since he "had a playmate", so we need to re-outfit the toychest. blindfolds, floggers, tethers, a new paddle, clamps, and definitely new cuffs. we played nazi and resistance spy yesterday, and afterward i had to go to a luncheon for my mom's 30-year anniversary with the company. when i went to the bathroom to wash my hands, i was glad my shirt had french cuffs, because when i pulled them back, my wrists had welts. the police-issues are great, but obviously i need something thicker and padded if i'm planning on being about in public afterwards. happy.gif
More amazing portions last night! This guy is awesome, I have never had someone want to go down on me so much! After a while I had to make him stop cause the orgasms were just too intense. He is definitely a keeper.
so... broke in the new place. dayum he's good.

Yay for christening the new gaff mornington!
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