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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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I did have good portions on Monday. I had jury duty, but I ended up getting out at 11 am, so I went over to my boy's house. No AC, so it was super hot and sweaty and nice and sweet in an awesome way. I like it really rough most of the time, but there are times that it's awesome to be slower and more gentle. He was nibbling my ear a lot and breathing on my neck. At one point while I was masturbating he started doing something amazing to my nipple with his mouth, and it totally made me come super fast. He came three times, and on the last time I was doing this thing he really likes where I hold the base of his balls and his dick together very tightly while he's fucking me. It's great for when he has already come once or twice, and his dick isn't super hard. It also makes him have a crazy intense orgasm which is super sexy for me to see and hear. I told him how sexy it was afterwards, and he laughed and asked if I liked to hear him whimper like a little girl.
God, dayglow, that sounds amazing.

I really like hearing my boyfriend whimper like a girl, actually. First he goes "oh no, oh my god, oh, oh," and then a kinda high pitched orgasm noise. It weirded me out the first time a little but now I like it way better than most guys, who are silent, like orgasm ninjas.

I think things have been a wee bit tepid lately because we have to try new things, or communicate more. Last week was hot and heavy, but I was also ovulating and super-horny. I've yet to be brave enough to masturbate while with him, which I really want to do...
Ha ha..orgasm ninjas, gonna have to use that.

So far new boy and I have had to keep it quite in respect to housemates, which is fun in a certain way but I'm curious if the boy has noises hes suppressing...grrr ok, I'm determined to have sex tonight.
Yeah, greenbean, that can be fun. Had hot portions today because his brother was in the living room and we snuck away. We had to be quiet, but the portions were pretty rad, of the frantic, passionate sort, starting with him kneeling and me straddling him, lots of close grinding, then finishing with me on my back.
Newbie here... loved reading this post so much, had to post. Hopefully will have something good to post soon.

Ah, portions... (sniff) The Commander and I are on the outs right now. I'm giving him until Wednesday to call me (he's emotionally immature, so he's slow on the uptake.) By noon on Wednesday, if there is no call, I am calling just because I need to have MANY portions. I need a lot of portions after not having had sex for 2 years. And he's got a lovely sexual appetite. But I am emotionally invested, and when there's a "thing" happening between us... no sex. And that make me angry! When I think of sex, I don't think "Yay, sex." I think, "YES!! SEX!!"

I haven't had sex in two weeks. I got BV, and I'd never had it before... (probably from the the diaphragm I was using... never used one before and I need a non-hormonal alternative to condoms.... even though I have the best condoms on the planet, neither one of us like using them-- bareback is *soooooo* nice. and we don't want accidents, so the withdrawal method has had its' run. Or it could be the fact that he's uncircumcized... he's very conscientious about keeping Pleasure in tip-top shape, so I don't think that's it... I think it's the diaphragm. Damnit!) and was on antibiotics for a week...and that gave me a little yeast infection... and then I got the Indians. But he's away for the weekend (paintballing) with a bunch of guy friends. I am really hoping that in the wee hours of the night he thought about me... and sex smile.gif

Because I need it. Up against a wall-tearing each other's clothes off-moving the bed-scaring the cats-hour-long -smiling in the morning and having at it some more-i was sick, but now i'm not-SEX! And I am happy and sad that my memory is so vivid... getting turned on is great, but being unfulfilled sucks! If masturbation were a crime, I'd be in prison. And I want to have the sex that makes me say, dripping, "I love the way you fuck me..." standing behind me and thrusting and him say "I love the way you feel inside" when I am riding him, and when we part we look at each other and go "Wow..." and high five laugh.gif Yeah, those are the portions I am needing.... Wednesday seems *so* far away right now (sigh)
Finally, finally, finally!!! I've had portions worthy of mentioning here. Went to visit my friend (ex-boyfriend, now friend) and things got hot and heavy. Love the friends with benefits...

Started with making out...instantly he was hard and I was wet. Went down on him for awhile, then he gave me a screaming orgasm with his fingers and tongue. Went back down on him, and between that and the finger in his ass, he came too. Later we had raucous, borderline violent sex, hairpulling, smacking, another screaming orgasm sex. Holy mother of pearl, it was exactly what I needed. Then he bought me Thai food. Yum (for both the portions and the Thai!).
I got together with an old friend, and while we didn't have sex, I gave him the best blow job EVAH! I mean, he couldn't walk after I was done with him. He came fairly quickly, too.

*walks out of portionland with a strut*
hot toy portions.
i had brunch this weekend before he came up, so when i got home, it was warm, so i took off all my clothes, so when he came to the door, i opened it naked hehe. and since he's a geeky sort, he was not sure really what to do, so i told him to take off his clothes, and we hung around the bedroom naked for a bit. and he knew i was stressed out from the previous week's drama, so he gave me a backrub...which led to my legs, and then my inner thighs, which led to, like 4 fingers in me, as i came a few times. then i got on top then he was on top, nice hard portions.
later that night, we broke out the of which we bought to for anal play, and i broke out the lube and stroked his cock with the toy in his about facial expressions to watch as he came. then he used the g-spot toy on me, mmmmmm.
starkitty technically this isn't portions. Just anticipating first portions ever tomorrow (finally!) and couldn't think of where else to put it.

It was supposed to happen today, but as karmic punishment for being cocky (or not, hehehe...he...) he had to take his brother to his flying lesson out in nowheresville and had to take a raincheck. Anyway, anticipating like hell... wink.gif
oh oh oh star kitty good luck!!!
MMMM anticipatory portions! That's the best!
oooo, I hope you got them portions starkitty!

I got portions of the awesomest 3 TIMES IN A ROW last night!! whoo hooo!
I got off like 5 times bombastically in the course of all of the lovin' sessions! And we would have done it this morning if we had time!

We have definitely reached a whole new comfortability of being with each other!
Well, unfortunately anticipatory portions are not so hot when they DON'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Damn. Oh, well. But next time I'm so shoving his head down and saying, "Fine. Your turn." Okay, not really. Maybe.
culturehandy- I wish I could take a BJ class from you. It sounds like you are so talented in that area! I have wanted to learn to deep throat, etc., but I haven't been able to get past the gag reflex. I just wanted to come on here to say I love sex! It's so great. I had nice portions this morning, super rough and violent, and I have these huge welts on the backs of my shoulders and upper back from where he was biting the shit out of me. (and pulling my hair and slapping me and calling me a dirty slut) I love it when I have marks from rough sex.
dayglow I'd be more than happy to offer my services!

Moonpie and dayglow, fuck sounds awesome! And dayglow, I love rough portions! *Le Sigh* it's been over a month since I've had a cock inside me.
Yeah... got some yesterday because we didn't have time to do it in the morning... I almost had to go to the bathroom and play with myself, I was so excited! I mean, I got all worked up all over... my body temperature raised and the happy horny feeling raged in my belly and abdomen. Damn!

It was good yesterday, but we were a bit worn out from work and the night before... my stomach muscles are sore cause I rode him so hard... That's the position that works.... I cum the hardest with him that way. He's about 8 years older than me so I do all the work! haha! Fine with me. I need the work out.

Dayglow--- deep throat is a skill that can be practiced. I think it's a mind thing with the gag reflex. Mind over gag. I find that if you're having a hard time with producing the nice slimy spit needed for a superior bj, letting it hit the back of your throat a few times will instantly make it happen. And with the spiral hand motion and mouth, with one hand foddling their berries, yeah.... they will squirm squirm squirm. And I used to like it rough, but lately I just like the orgasm and sweet sweet lovin' with like a dang barry white song on or something. ahaha!

Culture----sorry so long without a fix--that is, in the flesh. I'm sure the dryspell will lift. I've only just now found some truly good lovin'. The rest were either blah or weird. What about your infamous bj's? Tips, tricks? Let's exchange...
The gag reflex...I'm blessed to have one that is barely there. Makes all the difference in the world.
Oh Kel, I agree! I can take 8 to 9 inches, all while continuing to do things with my tongue over his head.

Moonpie, I'd be more than happy to!
Good Lord! I just had an interesting phone chat. A little backgroud: Hot Aussie actor boy (who I had some fun with a couple months ago) is back from shooting a film and we made plans to hang at the beach today. I figured it'd just be a friend thing, as I havent seen him in so long, and I am currently in the beginning stages of dating someone else. I haven't gotten laid in a week though, because that someone else got pnemonia! Anyway, I'm super horny, and I last night I started scheming on how I could get back into Aussie boy's pants.

Well, this morning I wake-up to my phone ringing and its Aussie boy, and he asks if I'd be interested in a three-way with him and another girl(!) I thought he meant hypothetically so I said it depends,..but it turns out he has a girl friend coming to visit from Austrailia and she requested he find an American girl he and she could play with. I asked if she was cute, he said stunning, a ballerina, but if she wasn't my type they could blindfold me and I could judge which one of them gives better head. Christ! How can I say no to that?!?

So I said I would probably be down but *GULP*! I'm totally nervous now! I haven't had a three-way in years and even then it was pretty tame,..meaning the other girl and I didnt do more than kissing and booby groping. If this Aussie chick wants me go down on her I don't think I can, cuz I don't desire that at all...but I'm all for receiving (gawd, I'm such an ass tongue.gif) and I think it'd be really hot to watch Aussie boy screw another chick, so I do think a three-way with him could be excellent.

Any advice on how I can swing it where I get to have fun without doing anything I don't want? Please reply fast!!! I've got to go soon!!
i know this is not exactly fast but i would totally say just be honest and let them know before you start fooling around that there are things you are not comfortable with and thing that you are. honesty!
It's a bit late, but I had some amaaaaazing tied up and blindfolded and fucked like crazy portions on Monday. It was a bit sad because it was my last time with the guy, since I'm moving. But it was fun while it lasted!

I wrote a really detailed account of it if anyone's interested.
Yes, I let it hit the back of my throat to get that slippery spit going, but I always gag when I do it and have to push it out again. I would love to get some tips and suggestions from those of you who have learned how to suppress the gag. I guess I should practice with a zucchini or something!
I know this is a bit off topic but, dayglow, I despise my gag reflex. I was actually going to ask about deepthroating in the going down thread because I feel like I'll never be able to get the hang of it.
Oh... greenbean! You must report back to us regarding your three-way portions!!

((Dayglow)) as for suppression of the gag entirely....I really don't think that's possible. I mean.... I can deep-throat pretty consistently.. down up down up.. but if too much spit is accumulated and I go down... a slight gag occurs. I then release the build up of saliva and push the excess down to the base of the penis, so I can "begin" the process of deep-thoat again. Switching it up with the hand moving up and down the shaft in a sorta spiral motion, but not too obviously spirally, whille just taking the half of the penis in for a break works, doing it in a rhythmic way and simultaneously... i notice they go crazy for this in the meantime. I throw in a couple of deep thrusts to surprise them, as well. Gotta fondle the berries, too. And slip your tongue across them...while jacking them off. Do this and the pressure is off feeling like you have to deep throat the whole time.

So I just think that the gag will happen no matter what every once in a while. Guys realize that you are sticking a rather large (hopefully) object down your throat that secretes man-juice... and if they want a dang deep throat, then they are going to half to just deal with a little gag every now and then.!!!

Also.... do not give head after a big meal or JUST STOP if you are too gaggy at the moment. It's not worth tossing your cookies on em! haha.

I will also say that relaxing my throat is key. relax. and your body won't think you are sticking an involuntary object in.... but something like a tasty treat.

hope this helps a little? derr...

As for portions: I had some awesome portions with my *bruce leroy* that involved him putting me up on the kitchen counter, kissing me and my breasts.... then carrying me to the bed, stripping off my clothes, and banging me in such a hot fast, with purpose, way. I came like crazy!!

Getting some portions tonight too!!! He's like perpetually hard for me! Yeah! Like a barry white song... damn.
argh! I'm going on 5 MONTHS WITHOUT PORTIONS. arrghhh!!! This is seriously my longest dry spell in years. Problem is, I'm not into hooking up just to hook up, anymore. (which is probably why I've gone so damned long, that, and I've been really busy.) Two of my close guy friends are/were 'friends with benefits." one of them has a GF now, which is great, we really just used to hook up when we were both single and kinda bored. The other one is half way across the world working, so no dice there. And the guy that I REALLY wanna get with (the one I last had portions with almost 5 MONTHS AGO) is... well, I don't know. Some of you know the story, and at the moment, he is completely AWOL. argh.

I'm glad other people are getting some great portions, though. Moon, your portions make me hot just thinking about them. I love spur of the moment, clothes flying, can't get it fast enough, bang the hell out of me portions.

Nothing to report, Moon...I hung out with the Aussie at the beach, then he got a call from his manager and had to go to a meeting. He asked if I wanted to meet up afterwards but I didn't want to be at his beckon call, so I did something else. The boy is getting too Hollywood for me,..if he asks about a three-way again I think I'll pass.

The other boy I like has been very sick lately so no portions to report there either. Bah.
Smart move, GB. The flash of horn-dogness must be satiated asap after the invite. It just wouldn't hold the same excitement were he to offer again. oh well. He missed out. and well, I'm glad you stand your ground with it. I know you want some portions, but portions are better when there's something more there... other than just "well, cool... i'm horny".

Sickypoo will want some lovin' soon. Hope he feels better for his own sake, though. good luck and happy self-love in the meantime!

Zoya---you're good for holding out for portions until something good comes along....a quick fling couldn't hurt cha though, my girl! But I understand... I'm over the hook-ups, too. All will be well. same to you with the self-love. That's what I'll be doing for a week. blargh.

Yeah.. portions are hot stuff right now. I mean he doesn't even have to go down on me cause I'm so hot and bothered and ready for it! ahha. nice. I come best when I'm on top with him. and it's a feisty ones (plural), too. wub.gif

He can stay. hahaha. It had been a while since I met someone I've seen this consistently... my portions were flaccidy one-nighters before. wacko.gif
I had the best sex of my life last night. It wasn't even wild or crazy, it was just so fucking intense. I had the longest orgasm of my life, I just kept on coming and coming.I am still in awe. I would give up threesomes if I could have regular sex that was as good as the sex I had last night was.

We didn't have any foreplay either because I was so ready to go. Fuck.Shit.Damn. Fuck.Wow.
anna k
That's so fantastic and wonderful to hear, CH!
Awesome CH! I love to be ready to go out of the gates horny for a guy!
Don't get me wrong, I like some head too.... but to be scratching for it without that is also nice and intense.

Since I won't get portions until next sunday.. my hitachi vibe is being my close, dear friend for the time being. My roomie was out on the town last night, so I just got off on the half hour for about 3 hours. HAHA!
No Portions for anyone?

Well me neither, except from the vibe of course. Hee hee.
I've only had quickies recently, so no portions interesting enough to report. I hate it when we go for a while without time to spend a couple of hours together just fucking. I probably shouldn't be complaining, though, at least I'm getting something!
had some nifty portions this weekend - friday night's included falling off the bed wink.gif
saturday was awesome though...i was tired, but *she* was awake, and we were using durex warming-sensation condom....oh my...we came at the same time, with him soooo deep in me.... wub.gif
first post in a very, very long time here...and, oh joy, i get to put it in the portions thread! cause i'm getting portions! lots of wonderful, juicy, nasty, noisy portions! lots and lots and lots! so much! all the time! if my life were a movie, it'd be a porno, cause i'm having so much sex right now, it's warping my mind a little. wow.

like last night...when she fucked me so hard with the strap-on that the dildo came out of the harness...or the night before, when i ate her out until my tongue had a big cut on it from rubbing against my teeth...or the night before, when i kicked the side of her bed off when i was fucking her with the strap-on...or all those mornings when we have to run to catch the late bus so we can get to work just barely in time, and i spend the morning trying to work with a big wet spot in my panties and scratch marks all over my back and every time she walks by we make eye contact and i know she's thinking about the sex we just had and when we'll be alone again and all i've had for breakfast is pussy and i can still smell her all over my face...

i'm lucky enough to have somehow ended up dating the woman i've had a crippling crush on for months, and it's GOOOOOOOOOD. we're both completely smitten and head over heels in lust and we can't keep our hands off each other and we're so happy together and every day we keep pushing our limits and finding new things to love about each other and discovering new ways to please each other and and it just keeps getting better....we bring out the filth in each other. she's so hot, and she thinks i'm hot, and best of all we have only the necessary things in common and we're really different people which just seems to keep things fresher and hotter, and her skin is so soft and she smells so good and i don't know how this happened, but i'm just so fucking lucky. and horny. cause she's out of town for the night. so here i am, alone, drinking beer and surfing the net and thinking about all the nasty things i'm going to do to her when she comes back tomorrow...

sorry to brag and everything, but...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Awesome, epinephrine!!!
epinephrine---- wow!!!! That sounds amazing! Thanks for the description cause that made me hot just thinking about it!

Bruce Leroy is back in town!! I mean, back in town in my TOWN! haha! Sunday night, we did it twice and I was so wet that I could've been described as a slip-n-slide!! Last night, we started with him pulling me back into the bedroom, stripping my clothes off and I rode him into two orgasms... we finished with him on top of me... and it was so fucking amazing, we couldn't stop breathing hard for like ten minutes... as he stared in my eyes and kept kissing me and rubbing my body and my tits... and telling me that he was feeling emotions for me that he couldn't express in words... awwww, how romance is that!
So then, we get into pj's to cook dinner and watch a movie....and he's hard again and throbbing...I'm sittin on the edge of the bed eyeballing it like a juicy andouille sausage! So I pull him over and start licking the base of his cock, and off I am on sloppy dripping blow-job! WHOO-HOO! I was dripping too.. but I felt like dishing out a blow-job soo...
Later that night, we go at it again... only this time, he takes me from behind, which isn't a normal position for us (I'm cum hardest on top).... and I try a little anal, as well. Although... that didn't work out for very long. Another wonderful, nasty, noisy fest of love!!

I'm so glad he's back in town!

And I get more tonight!!!!!! YEAH!!! I feel very grateful.... so grateful I may have to go to the bathroom right now and splash some cold water on my face! biggrin.gif

Yay, the thread picked up. Sounds like you guys have been having a good time! I finally got some non-quickie portions yesterday. My boy's getting ready to go out of town for at least a month and a half sad.gif, so we're trying to fit it in before he goes. I went over to his house real early in the morning, and we had really sweet intimate sex with lots of kissing (unusual for us). Then he insisted I sit on his face, so I turned around into a 69 position, but he had me so riled up I could barely focus on his dick at all, I just had to lay my head down on his thigh, because what he was doing to me felt so intense. Then I fucked him again before I left for work. Later in the afternoon we had to do errands, but we stopped off at his house to do it first. It's so hot here, and I got some ice cubes to rub all over his dick and hold in my mouth while I was going down on him which he is really into. Then we fucked a couple more times. This morning I was getting all sad and crying about him leaving, and he was holding onto me and being sweet, and we had another quickie before I left for work. I'm gonna miss him so much!
Oh yeah! He kept calling me his good girl when we were doing it yesterday morning. He's never done that before, and I've never mentioned it to him, so I was wondering if he's been sneaking around on my computer and reading Bust since a couple of people have mentioned that on here lately. I was super into it.
Dayglow, I had a guy saying that to me recently. Maybe it was in a magazine or something. Frankly, I found it weird since we didn't know each other that well.
tonight am meeting the VA boy for dinner then we're coming back to my house. he's had a rough week so i'm going to take care of him tonight;-) massage, for starters....can't wait. am going to see him saturday also, am going to be getting all a girl can stand wub.gif
This may be a little TMI, but Errrgh... I want some portions tonight, but it's my heavy day.

I know that he's not scared to ride the crimson tide, but I left a little stain on his sofa :rolleyes:last month. and wee bit on his white sheets the month before! It's hard to have sex while you're bleedin' and not be a bit messy.

towels please.
We're going to visit my parents this weekend and I'm looking forward to hot we're-in-the-basement-and-my-dad's-upstairs sex, or equally hot sneaking-off-into-the-woods sex.

He BETTER pack the condoms, cuz I put him in charge of that...
Heavy duty making out portions here lately. I feel like I'm in high school again. I keep waiting for someone's mom to walk in on us.
Newbie here!

You all are turning me on with your hawt sexy portions!

So a little over a week ago I had portions for the first time with a guy I've been seeing very casually for a little over a month. I mentioned him in the Crush thread. They were good portions. Repeated portions. Portions with occasional slightly awkward moments that I chalked up to it being our first-time together and his being a little shorter than me. There was delicious sweaty exhausted cuddling. We saw a movie the next day (Sunday) and went back to his place for more portions.

When we hung out on Thursday we started talking about sex. I asked him how old he was when he lost his virginity. He seemed uncomfortable. I told him he didn't have to tell me if he didn't want and that I was 21. He told me that he would tell me sometime in the future. Now I am completely curious. I tell him this and we laugh. Then I jokingly say, "It wasn't last weekend was it?" He stops laughing. "Ummm . . . " Me: "Wait, what? No. No way." Him: "Yeah." Me: "No way, no way. You're joking." Him: "No joke." Me: "Really?!" Him: "Yep." Me: "No way. No way!" This continues for a few more minutes. He had thought I asked that because I suspected. I had no idea. He didn't tell me because he thought I would freak out. I'd like to say I wouldn't but yeah, I probably would have. I did a little then. Internally though.

Later on we headed back to his place for wine, Reservoir Dogs, and lots more portions. biggrin.gif Very long into the night portions. The guy got some serious ego boosting. During one of our breaks I'm like, "I still don't believe you." The boy is good, I'm beyond impressed. I want to know where he got it from! And the boy has some stamina! There are some things he could stand to learn but I find that I am more than willing to play teacher. biggrin.gif

So . . . I have deflowered a virgin. My deflowering virgins cherry has been popped! He's on tour for a month with his band which kind of sucks since thinking about playing teacher is kind of turning me on right now. I'll just have to make do with other amusements for the time being. wink.gif
three cheers for deflowering virgins! hip hip hooray!
anna k
Yay! That is so sweet and great to read. I'm listening to Nina Simone's version of Here Comes the Sun, and it has a sweet playful sound to it that I can match to the image of the virgin becoming more comfortable and experimental.
p_176: I feel kind of studly! biggrin.gif

anna k: I haven't heard her version. Must go track it down now.
Shouldn't have read this.
I have been waiting for first ever portions for like 3 months now the problem is the noseyness and near omnipresence of our families. We've been having fun pre-portionally and have a cunning plan for the portioness involving a tent *grin*

The funniest thing though is how sensitive his nipples are you fiddle with them for a bit and its like hehe you are squealing like a girl. Although people in glass houses... his biology teacher once told him you could do pretty much anything to a nipple (sort of biting it off) and it wouldn't do any damage... but I'm not complaining...
Almost first portions. We still can't get him inside me. rolleyes.gif Oh, well. He told me (essentially) that we would get it right and that sex wasn't that important. And then we decided that we'd rather do it sometime when we can wake up together the next morning. So no actual portions, but I'm reasonably happy, and very light-headed.
Omigod, first-day-period-portions that were messy and short-lived but so intense that I was near tears. He came quickly, partly my fault because he was giving me the signal to slow down but I was so turned on that I just kept grinding and moaning (we were facing each other on our sides).

Starkitty, you guys'll get it soon! And he sounds super-sweet, by the way.
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