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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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jami, sometimes i think the sexual tention created by not being together can be so intense! i still get that wy when my hubby leaves and i talk to him on email him. it is so hot!
telling someone what you are going to do on the phone or via e-mail, or text message is hot. I love sending raunch text messages, particuarly b/c if boy 2 is at work I know that he looses all concentration. Same thing when he is out with friends. Hee.

*scurries off to send a text*
so it's ok to text and email and talk... even though it may never happen?
I would rather think the anticipation would be more applicable if it were to be fulfilled.
backhome guy already tells me that he thinks of me during work. when there's machinery, and he shouldn't 'cause it's dangerous.
but just that thought that he thinks of *me*. and then he tells me so.
Oh how I love the dirty txting. That's how me and my boy got together in the first place. We had met once before through a mutual friend and were flirting at a bar the next time we saw each other, and he got my number and started sending me txts. I got to a point where this particular ring that I had on my old phone for txts gives me a Pavlovian response of starting to get turned on. I hear it sometimes in public on someone else's phone, and it gives me a little rush. A lot of times I do find that we don't end doing the stuff we had txted about right away when he gets home from traveling. So I think it's okay if it never happens or happens much later or whatever. It's fun for what it is in the moment even if you don't do the exact stuff when you see each other.
last portions i had was a week sunday. oh. my. goodness. morning portions, with his cock like a fucking stir stick...... a good morning, indeed.

i'm hella horny right now.
he went to the stippers tonight for the first time in his life and said it was pretty hot. and that he was drunk and was going to get naked. i said i always appreciated that. but hot. damn. i am not getting. any. i want a lot.
Finally got portions last night. It's funny because boy 2 has an erection that just won't stop, but last night, I fucked him, it was wonderful, but I well and truly fucked it all out of him, we both had such rediculous long, intense orgasms!

It was wonderful.
glassk and culturehandy ... yea for portions. oh, yes, the portions!!!!
dayglow - yeah, I see what you mean about the texting. when my cell rings - my heart jumps. I love it.

backhomeguy called again tonight. calls every night. even if it's just to talk about work. love the sex talk the best.
For any of you who know the background story of myself (being stuck living with my Dad and stepfamily): I AM MOVING TOMORROW! INTO MY OWN APARTMENT! WITH LE MAN!

So! That means I expect a great return of the portions we once had. Tenfold, even! laugh.gif
(It's seriously sad that in the past three months I can count on both hands how many times we've done the deed. No more than ten.)

That being said, there were demi-portions had last night. Him jerking off with me watching and rubbing my hands on his balls and cock while he licked my nipples, warming me up for when it was my turn. And when it was my turn, ohhhhhhhh Lord. Sometimes just touching myself when he is there watching is so much hotter than anything. Him devouring my breasts while I rubbed my clit with two of his fingers inside me. I couldn't even tell when I came, it was so intense.

Can't wait for tomorrow! We will be sitting in our empty apartment (save for our computers, DVDs, and clothes), waiting for the people to come to hook up our phone and internet, all alone . . . . I *wonder* what we will do to pass the time, oh what *will* we do? biggrin.gif
i'm going to get some on saturday near midnight.
*goes to mark it on her calendar*
Just had fantastic portions. A nice, long box lunch for him (well, more for me, I guess hahah!) and then fast and furious fucking. We hadn't had time alone since last sunday, but god was it worth the wait. Planned sex is so much better than I thought it'd be. I was thinking about it all day and jilled off five times in anticipation. My beloved old vibe is just about dead, poor thing!
so... middle of the night fantastic portions. (and me, on my period)

missionary, from behind, all over the place, finger in the bum, he gave me head, and general fantasticness. for hours.

and i don't know what it is but my mind goes on a kaliedoscope, and these portions were a vibrant lush forest and rose-colored glasses..........
Nice portions yesterday evening- I sat on his face while he jerked off. It is just so sexy to feel him moaning into my pussy when he comes and to think that it is turning him on so much to be doing it. Then I licked my juices off his face and the come off his stomach, got him hard again, got on top of him, and gave him a good fucking.
YAYYYY for portions!

I should be getting some this week! Sweetness! In the meantime I'll just live through all of you, as boy 2 has had his kidelt.
Mwah-ha-ha... work-from-home, baby's-at-daycare, Afternoon Delight portions... ahhhhhh. It's all I can do to not giggle now that I'm back on the phone with clients... laugh.gif
awww fuck. Boy 2 and I didn't get together last night, as his house *doesn't* have AC, and it was hot as hell here. This weekend we are for sure getting together.

*still living through everyone else getting fucked*
*still living through everyone else getting fucked*

you're not the only one...

though i did get some on sunday, hurray! haven't been fisted in six months or so. and on top of that, got to fuck my girlfriend for the first time in ages, on monday morning! still grinnig thinking about it. why she doesn't want my fingers in her cunt more often, is still a mystery to me
spending the weekend in VA - going to be getting all a girl can stand ;-) - he wants to go toy shopping ...
we had sex in a field. in a fenced in field by the skytrain where homeless people might live and where spotlights cast white shades across green things. i roll my eyes back on an inverted horizon of slate light-poisoned sky and filament trees. black clothing litters the damp ground he's laid my body to fuck on. ........... And then we went back to his house, fell asleep, and fucked in the early morning, slept more, and fucked and then went to work. So. Damn. Good.
sleepy morning portions followed by a morning nap. so nice!
Friday night portions!

It was with boy 2 (and while that has almost run it's course, the sex is still good!) and it wasn't a marathon session I had a good squirty orgasm.
Mmmm, his roommate left town so we had portions twice yesterday.
First, morning sleepy portions. I woke up to him kissing and touching me all over, which of course quickly progressed to full blown loving.
Then, I had problems with my contacts all day so I had to borrow his glasses. Apparently he has a kink for girls in glasses that I was unaware of. He started asking me if we could have "dirty librarian sex". So we did. I was helping him with his "research paper" on "anatomy" lol. I kept the glasses on, he called me "Ms." and I called him "Mr." the way librarians do. It was super hot and so intense that I almost cried.
Hmmm, now I need to act out my dirty scientist fantasy when he gets his glasses back.
Late term, huge preggo tummy, swollen boobies, extra-hot-because-it-won't-last-much-longer portions this past weekend.
mrfj...i give you two 3, MAYBE 4 weeks post delivery. If that.
can i just say how cool it is that i was about to come in and post about the very same portions and found that mrfj had beaten me to it!?


This isnt for me. This is for my SIL. 3rd party portions! She's just had sex for the second time, first time with this gent, and it was on a lovely blanket in the woods.
YAY! for LilPink

So happy for her!
This morning's portions- first one was a quasi-quickie because I was gonna be late- we moved through a few positions and finished hard and fast with me on my back, clutching the headboard (which was also banging against the wall) with my hands above my head and sweat dripping off his face.

I decided to screw whatever I had to do and we went for breakfast. Upon returning home everyone was horny again, and I ended up giving him a handjob while he fingered me from behind and he came on my stomach.

Then, about 15 minutes before I supposed to leave for work I started straddling him and being naughty. I pulled the straps of my camisole down on my shoulders so my nipples popped out and made him suck them. I got really wet and he stuck his hands in my pants and stated squeezing my ass, then slid one finger inside me. Then he took my pants off and ate me until I had to leave.
Edie52 . . . . I read your post on my break at work and wow. I had to fan myself off a bit.

Work has been so crazy that I haven't had much time for portions. =(
Hoping later tonight some will happen.

Kind of trying to get out of the "We've been dating for a year+ and the sex has disappeared" rut.
*Le sigh*
Last night portions- started out with me sitting on his face while he stroked his dick, then I got into reverse cowgirl. He pulled me back so that I was laying on top of him with my back arched and proceeded to slap, bite, and pinch me, pull my hair, and hold his hand over my throat while telling me what a dirty slut I was, among other things. It was hot.
The rut has been surpassed!

It all started with me going into our bedroom after telling him I was going to have some "me" time. He followed and watched me touch myself with his cock and balls in my hand. When he couldn't watch any longer he drove into me and I held my hand down there, feeling him push in and out of me. He came very quickly. He pulled out and came in my hand and I rubbed his cum all over my stomach. He watched as I touched myself a little longer and then flipped me over so he could fuck me from behind. I kept having this fantasy of him fucking me in the ass doggie-style (because it's a little more painful than other positions we don't usually do it) so I lubed up my ass and his cock and he slowly made his way inside. I stroked my clit while he fucked my ass, unable to contain the words that came out of my mouth. I don't even remember what I said because I came so hard. I just remember saying "Fuck" over and over and over again.

Afterwards we laid down on our red satin sheets and I tried to gain the will to move once more because I felt like a big bowl of Jell-o.
Lord, it was amazing.

Good to know you all seem to be getting excellent portions as well! laugh.gif
Arcadia, I want some of THOSE portions. Not sure yet if this guy wants to put it in my butt. Not sure how to ask... though the other night it seemed like he was going for the butt, but it was not even close to being *ready* so I just kind of said "oh" and redirected him into the front door. What I should have done was cheekily said "not tonight honey..." Or better yet "shall I fetch the lube?"
Just got back from my London romp with Brit Boy! My word does that boy know how to f*ck. Our first (of many) o-filled nights was in a posh hotel and the boy gave me such a licking I couldnt help but wail at full volume. Afterwards BB said he was surprised that no one barged through the door thinking a murder was taking place!
currently my portions consist of a lovely fellow with a heart of gold and mush...ahhh. He isn't very aggressive sexually, which I have to say, that's currently okay with me seeing as I've extracted a hideous ex with too much forwardness. All is SOO much better with that mess now.

Yes... it's mr. div...bad moon BAD! but it's so nice to hang with him, he's so comfy and considerate, and I've really developed a crush.. he's like a soft boo-bear. So anyways... I've noticed that he doesn't really last too long, and gets a little soft down there which I think is him trying to control it... I'm a lot feisty and a bit younger...say by 8 yrs.

I've noticed that he's been fingering round my ass when I'm on top... and I like it. I've tried it before for sure and it's only been in the last few years that I've enjoyed it.

May get portions tonight with a twist....?
Last night we had his-roommate-is-out-of-the-country portions.
Started on the couch, me bent over the back. Then we moved to the hall, with my hands against the wall. And then we moved to the dining table, at first with me sitting up and then I was on my back while he held my legs up. Very hot. Especially 'cuz it's his roommate's table, lol! Our first time on dining furniture!! Yay!
last night, in bed, with changing positions without pulling out. (is it just me, or is that really hot and i didn't know it could be done till this one) and than anal. than again in the morning; twice! second time we took short clips with his camera which was really hot (and enlightening) and anal again...... much better the second time.......
Lazy just-hanging-out-in-bed-before-work portions; letting him come first because I'm courteous, having him bang into me from behind while I alternately held his balls or his cock in my hand. When he came it went all over my back and ass and I love the feeling of hot cum all over me so there are no complaints here.

I finished with anal portions that were ahhhh-mazing. Totally love what the Mister can do with that cock of his.
Wellll, no portions tonight as I had been expecting, because the boy is being a butthead for some reason unknown to me. I had been out of town for a week and expected that he would come over since I just got back tonight and wanted to see him, but he said he didn't feel like it. Shitty. Sometimes I really hate being in a pseudo-relationship. It can be cool at times, but when I have expectations that don't get met and no real recourse, it pisses me off. And now I don't even get portions. Boo.
Unexpectedly good portions last night, especially considering we were both sooo tired.
Me on my belly, pillow under my hips, rubbing myself while he sorta straddled me and fucked me from behind.
Joined efforts = double the pleasure. After me cumming long and hard it didn't take long until he came all over my sweet behind.
Thanks dearest!
um. has no one been getting laid this week? i know i haven't....
i haven't had any sex at all in six weeks, which is torture. i was used to getting it whenever i wanted for the past five years. now i'm regretting all the times i told him "not tonight, honey" - wish i could have taken a rain check, but that'd probably be a really, REALLY bad idea.

today i decided that i should get drunk and sleep with this guy i used to work with. he's kind of a loser and has fucked up teeth, but he's recently single too and i've always liked him for some reason. we're both moving out of boston soon - me to chicago and him to california, i think - so he's probably feeling just as uninhibited as i am. anyway, he lives in my neighborhood and i know what bars he frequents, so maybe i'll see how i'm feeling this weekend.

hope someone else gets laid soon!
i had decent morning sex on like, tuesday morning. it was really good while it lasted, but it didn't really last. meh. i had to go to school. i don't understand why we couldn't have nighttime sex like normal. geeze. sometimes i think i'd rather not be having any sex at all than boring 'whatever he'll put out' portions that are too infrequent. *grouches off*
Yeah, I've been getting portions almost daily, but they're all kind of the same. Mostly missionary or facing each other on our sides, or me on top a little bit. I like the nighttime ones better too. There was a good one in which we both got really sweaty and I came at the same time as him (a first). Other than that, many have blurred together in my memory. Maybe I'll hold out for a few days to make it more exciting.
What is up with all the mediocre sex, Busties?

I'm in the same boat. Nothing frequent and when it happens it is merely okay and leaves me wanting more.

Isn't the summer supposed to be the season of awesome sex?

arcadia - i know!

my boy bit my nipple (a BIG no-no), and since it hurt, it actually prevented me from getting off. i was pretty pissed and told him he's not allowed to touch them at all for a while. and since he lives in VA, it's not like i get it a lot anyway.

Arcadia, I think Spring time is when Busties get the most action. I'm certainly am not as busy these days, I think cuz its so freakin hot where I live. I mean, I like sweaty sex, but I perfer to go into it *not* sweaty.

I got a new bed this week that doesn't squeak like my old one...hopefully it will be christened this weekend!
Hrm, maybe that's why, cause it's too hot.

But summer always makes me think hot, steamy, just-met-at-a-bar sex, for some reason! laugh.gif

Arcadia, that's priceless! Lol!

The funny thing is, when back in February, I first started seeing this guy, it was the day after we met briefly at the bar and the portions were fantastic! we woke up in the middle of the night for them! *sigh* if only we still had crazy sex three times a day.... geeze.

i say- i want shower sex, I want sex that is on a couch, I want rip-off-your-clothes sex. .... I'm considering calling up my sexy as hell sketchy as hell old fuck buddy. He still wants me, since I stopped putting out....... But like I said, Sketchy. But compared to current dissatisfier combined with lack-of-commitment..... *sigh*

Sorry for being such a pessimist on here. maybe i ought to move to "fantasy fucking thread."
Haha, you all are making me think Cole Porter..."According to the Kinsey Report/every average man you know/prefers his dovey baby to court/when the temperature is low..."

But I really shouldn't be posting in here, because I've been getting...nothing at all. But we shall see about Monday.
Mediocre portions here too. We even met up for a planned nooner this week. We're still in that honeymoon stage of our sex life. So it should be great right? I don't know. Not sure what's wrong. I was certainly turned on enough. And he is certainly adequate enough, (ahem!). Just. can't. seem. to. get. there!

He, on the other hand, seems to be having a grand old time. I guess I should be happy about that, as he is otherwise the most perfect man I've ever met. Ok so let's assume that it's my problem. Maybe because I just started back on my BC? Could I blame it on the hormones?

Another thing about this guy-- he's very plain vanilla. I'm not complaining.....yet. Afterall, it's just ~almost~ really great the way that it is. Could it be that we just need some time? Is it really the weather? Maybe it's because he's older? Oh yes, and that damn nuvaring.

Ha! I should shut it. Some is better than nothing.

nuvaring . . . evil! i hate it. made me cranky and hubby could feel it.
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