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Full Version: second helpings.. the return of PORTIONS!!
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I messed up my portions last night. sad.gif I came home from a night out with my old roomie, and got home around 11:30 or so.
Mr.D and I are in bed and im reading a magazine article thats fluffy and like "How to please a woman" kind of article out of mens health magazine. One of the thigns said to write letters with your tongue while going down on her. So he was trying and I was laughing cause it was all tickly. Then the magazine said to put a finger in and gently rub the GSpot. I mentioned that I didnt know where mine was (I honestly havent found it yet)
And then I was like "people have tried to show me but..." and then his face got all sad.

he has issues with insecurity and jealousy and that word 'people' set it off. It makes me so mad sometimes. Hes been with more people than I have. Grow up already.

So then he turned off the light and fell asleep.

That was my lovely almost-portions.
Aw, DaisyJane, that is not cool. have you talked to him about it? i would rather show up other "people" by doing better than them... wink.gif

Although I had a similar dream last night. I dreamed my sometimes-lover was Mr.Big from Sex and the City, and I was getting annoyed because I make sure he's satisfied and I didn't feel like I was getting it reciprocated. So I told him I needed to get some loving mysef and he kept procrastinating, or trying to put the focus on himself, or else there was a whole crowd of people in the room watching TV. I was extremely frustrated in my dream, (as I am in real life, lol)
i read this thread but have not posted here before but i got such a mazing portions this morning that i thought i would post.

being mothers day and all i slept late and mr and my son made me a wonderful brunch. then my son went out to play and hubby and i went for a "nap" he was so tender and sweet and made me cum twice before we had hard, deep, give me more, great work out sex that left us both totally satisfied and sleepy. such a perfect mothersday "nap"

*contented smile*
Welcome Shiny!

What lovely portions. Isn't it great when men insist that you cum before they do. Yet another perk of fucking older men. I will not go back to a man my age, again. Ever.
I am in desperate need of some portions. It's been since Thursday, and I'm getting bitchy from not getting fucked, and of course I'm getting my period this week. Even fucking better.

*sulks in the corner*
if it makes you feel any better culture, I haven't had sex since March 16 and there isn't anyone around I even want to have sex with. ugh.
Zoya, aren't you getting cranky? I guess it could be worse, one of my friends hasn't had sex in 17 months! That would make me, uhhh, cry.
yes, I am. and I can't just switch it on to just have a recreational fuck because 1) there is no one around like that and 2) the sitch with SB is just too fresh.

my right hand is not doing the trick anymore and dildoes just frustrate me.
I totally hear you. There is only so much battery operated can do for a person. I'm not into pikcing someone at random up either.
So sorry for you gals, ....I got semi-portions last night and this morning. It is all quite 'new' between us, so with her being under the red tent, she was not keen on getting 'dirty' ..sooooo lots of yummy head for me, and we still managed to squeeze two decent clitoral rumbles out of her beforehand... wink.gif
Bit confused here though....I know she wants something more meaningful, and I am not really ready for that right now....even though I really like her....

Kal, despite the awesome portions, you should probably be honest with her. No fair stringing her along, you know?
I agree. I know from my experience with the friends with benefits (hello boy 2) that it is best to be upfront about things. I was very upfront with boy 2, and things are good.
CH, I agree completely. Friends with benefits only work when there's a verbal contract involved. *sigh* I missed a chance for portions with an old friend Saturday. Another friend came over and ruined the mood. Oh well. Another time.
amazing portions last night. they seriously went on for four or five hours. started out making out in bed, which turned in to me getting fingered, followed by some amazing oral for me. then there was some snuggling, but since i'm frisky/naughty it quickly changed to me fingering my boyfriend's ass, after which he flipped me over and did the same to me, and then i jerked him off. we stopped and talked and snuggled for a while, and again, since i'm frisky/naughty, it became me massaging the boything's asshole while asking him if i should hurt him for being a bad boy, and then having some rather hot sex. in the morning (though for us 'morning' was 4-5 hours of sleep later) we were making out and proceeded to have sweet cuddly sex followed by a nap.

sigh. sigh again. oh, how lovely it is, the sexing
Tyger, I'm jealous!
heh. i'd be jealous of me, too, if it wasn't me getting the sexings. somehow me and the boything managed to have a set of kinks (or 'quirks' as he calls them) that fit together wonderfully. it's really rather lucky. the only sad thing is his stash of toys is empty now, since anything he had has negative associations due to his psycho bitch ex, and we're both poor sad.gif, but i think we'll survive
I am also jealous of the portions. But congrats on the lovely lovin' tyger!
yes doulbe post I know, but I'm in dire need of portions!!!!!!!!!!!!


So horny. I need a good fucking. Two would be good right now.
I'm starting to get itchy, too. My boy is out of town and will be gone at least another week and a half. He usually travels a lot, but he has been home since February, and I've gotten spoiled with seeing him a couple of times a week. I can't wait til he gets home! First night back together portions are always extra fun, but I don't think enough to make it worth him being gone.
Portions this morning!!!!

There is nothing quite like getting fucked from behind, with Le Man's cock just barely inside me while I rub my clit, working myself back and forth on him without him moving an inch. I don't know how he managed to keep so still but I thanked him for it a million times over.

And it was also nice that he pulled me close to him afterwards and held my face in his big hands as he kissed me. *sigh* L'amour . . . .
Oh Arcadia, NICE!

I should be getting portions from two this weekend, if all goes well. Boy 2 and the third.
Kal - do you mean that you don't want anything serious with this girl...or just that you do really like her, and could see dating her - but just aren't ready for anything serious with ANYONE at this time?

If the first is the case, then yes - exactly what everyone else said.

If the second thing is the case -that you do really like her, but it's just not the time - I would say you could maybe tell her that you are not in a place for a relationship with anyone right now, but that said, do want to take things slowly and see where it goes. It's a fine line, because it depends on the girl - some may think that that means they ARE in a relationship with you, some may realize that means you're just dating steadily but not mutually exclusive. I think that if the second is the case, you just need to spell out where you are - and realize that you have to be ok with however she wants to deal with that.

I know that you were on the other side of the coin a bit ago (where someone said they didn't want something serious), so it would maybe help to put yourself in that headspace and think about what you'd want to hear. It's difficult, because you don't want to give someone too much hope, but at the same time, if you think that this is a great person that you might want to check it out with at some point, you don't want to piss em off.

either that, or you could just let it ride for awhile until you do know what to say.... take it from someone who speaks way too much before they think, it's not a bad thing....

ok, I know that wasn't much help.... haha
CH - You're getting it from TWO guys?!


Great portions last night. I really needed them, and I was so super horny. I normally never see him during the week (his work schedule is normally crazy during the week, ). My poor neighbors.
I hope no one walked past my windows!! Love me some rough sex.

CH. JEOLOUS!! I remember those days. tongue.gif
well I have to talk about my portions last night.

I met the third last night, boy 2 got this whole deal together. We were drinking inhibitions came down and CH got horny, and wet while we were out having drinks. So, we go back to boy 2's house, and I had an amazing threesome. I had them on each end, then I got some lovely DP, then one of them would rest and watch while the other fucked me. I got fucked hard doggie, and the DP was rough and I got called a whore and a slut, which turned me on even more. It was fucking amazing! I'm getting horny just thinking about it again. And fuck did I cum.

Then we rested.

and did it again.

My hips, pussy and ass are aching today. In a good way though. smile.gif

Hell yeah, culturehandy! That's super exciting and awesome. I would love to have another threesome with two guys, but I don't know when that's gonna happen. Mmmm, though, sounds fabulous. I love that good ache.
Holy hell, CH!

I'm so jealous, you don't even know. Mr. Arc is looking at me like I'm insane to even want another man in our lives (and maybe I am) but for one night I wouldn't mind!

I definitely had that awesome ache one gets after sex all day long on Wednesday. It was quite distracting while I was sitting at work!

I was majorly stressed out and upset last night; so I text messaged (what did i give him as a nickname again?) poetcrush and asked him to distract me with poetry. he asked what i was distracted about.... i explained. which led to talking about masturbation as a stress reliever... and then i went over to his new home and got sweet relaxing portions and they were just so satisfying. it wasn't crazy or energetic (which we've had) but.... i felt so much better afterwards.....

and it makes me happy to wake up and see him sleeping. but damn sunlight woke me up at six am. I'm so tired now!
Jumpin' Jesus on Pogo Stick, CH! That's sounds like a grand ol' time. *jealous just a little* smile.gif
Hey Zoy,

Thanks for the input.....its weird that you posted that when you did, at about the same time, I was explaining my feelings and the way that I am right now....she doesn't like it, but agrees that I need a little bit of space. I need to make sure that this is not some rebound thing, so I have pulled away. She is upset, and I know they way she is feeling,...I do NOT like playing with anyones emotions...and I won't do it to her.

So for now, I need to get my head right, and who knows, maybe something will change in a while....she is very attractive, lovely body, awesome sense of humour and generally a really nice girl.....we will remain friends...

We had great portions the night before......she tells me that it is the first time she has made a guy cum from giving head.....interesting.

No portions for me for a bit...

CH...carry that flag girl....
Has no one got any portions?

Well I talk about mine then.

On Thursday I had that threesome and I had the shit fucked out of me. Friday I went over to boy 2's house and he fucked the sit out of me. I was multiple orgasms for me.

Then Saturday I needed a break, and last night.... *drum roll*

I went over to boy 2's house and as soon as I got there,we visited for a few minutes, I looked at him and said "I really need you to fuck me" so I got naked and walked into the bedroon, laid on my back and waited for him.Which proceded into me being on top and a nice squirty orgasm, then I made him finish with me on top.

Later on, in his living room, I asked him if he wanted a blow job, so I sucked him nice and hard, he came in my mouth. He told me that one was the bestone yet.

Then we fucked again.

Then the third came over, we all visited for a while, and the third went down on my and gave me some fantastic oral sex and then fucked me from behind, and I begged boy 2 to come over so I could suck his cock. He was just watching me get it from the third. Then boy 2 came in my mouth again. The third took my anal beads and stuck them in my ass, and that was lovely. I got fucked with the bead in my ass as well. They both took a break, and was begging them both to fuck me, boy 2 then fucked me andthe third watched, while masturbating. Then the third came in my mouth while I was getting fucked by boy 2. Boy 2 then needed a break. We all did, then chatted, porn was on tv. Then boy 2 says he wants to eat me out, and does with the third watching, then boy 2 and I went into the next room, andhe fucked me again. I crawled on top of him, came, then he finished from behind.

It was a fun filled night.

Something has been getting into Mcgeek lately..maybe he's secretly reading these at work....

I had forgetten how good the portions where (we had gotten into a huge fight previous, there's something to be said about make up sex I guess), and later my best friend said, "Um, Sassy Grrl, is that a bite mark on your back..what the hell did he do you??" And does he have a friend??"

Again, can't really compare to CH though.
Uh, CH, I think I need to go, erm, take care of myself....*fans self and scampers off to the bedroom*
Sassy bite marks on your back!?!?!?! that is so wild! I love it.

As for my portions, I'm really into this kind of sex, it's "normal" sex for me. But to each there own. I spent 6 years with a man who was rather dull in bed, so I'm making up for lost time.


Kel, I could get far more graphic. Funny thing about this, I sucked boy 2's cock so hard that I gave him a hicky on the head of his cock. we had a good laugh about that. He really liked it though. I should write some smut!

I'm gushing more and more everytime I have an orgasm with him as well.

*fans self and scampers off to bedroom*
jeebus, culture!!!! i am so envious of you right now! i've had a few mfm's and will undoubtedly have more, but as i'm 8 months into the pregnancy, finding a third is not exactly at the top of my list!! but man oh man! i would love to have been a fly on the wall!!! might i suggest double vag penetration next time? please, do it for me! hehehe! i've only done that one time and it was awesome (for all of us!).

so, i DID have some amazing pre-airport drop off portions on sunday morning:

we finished breakfast and i was checking him out in his tight t shirt and button-fly jeans, "daddy, why are you dressed already? how much time do you still have for me?". he smiled, stood up and took off his jeans and t-shirt and laid them across the couch. he walked toward the bathroom and i asked him where he was going. "i'll see YOU upstairs. we have an hour."

i sucked his cock for a few minutes but he knew what i really wanted. i needed him in me. we had awesome me-on-top sex first so i could control everything (belly getting in the way and all) and after i came all over his cock, we rolled so we were both laying on our sides facing each other. we couldn't kiss much (again, the belly!) but we just stared at and traced each other's faces, eyes, lips, neck, collar bones with our fingertips. by this time he was doing most of the work and was fucking me slow and then fast, slow and then fast until he came. he stayed inside me for another few minutes while we just lay there and gazed at each other. it was amazing.

and now, i am missing him terribly.
FJ I will totally have to try that! I am a huge fan of DP. In fact, on Thursday, when the first threesome occured, it was the third's first experience with DP, and he's done a lot of stuff. So, I was pretty excited to be his first.

But dvp, I'll do it, and give you deets. I just have to track down the men who are comfortable with it. Mmm, two cocks.

Your potions sounds wonderful. got me a little exited there.

I also have to say, FJ, you were in my dream the other night. smile.gif

I read your post at work about your day of fun and I thought I was going to die.

I'm just getting out of "That Time Of The Month" so I'm hoping portions will be had tomorrow on our day off from work. Just reading about your romp had me wanting.

Good Lord, I'm so envious! Good show!
Gah! You gals are hotttt.

I don't know what to do right now! As you may have read in the crushie thread I made a pact w/ Brit Boy that we would refrain from sex with anyone until we see each other. Dunno why, romance I guess. BUT I just got a call from a boy I met a few weeks ago at a bar. I met him and his friend actually, both were giving me horny grins, and both are the type of boys I've always loved flirting with but would never actually fall for. They are total California rich boys with the snotty preppy thing going, know sandy blonde hair, pastels, cleft chins, always got a cocktail in hand...they feed into my James Spader obsession. In high school my friends used to give me sooo much shit for flirting with these types, cuz I was in the edgy music/thrift store-shopping scene, and apparently I'm was only allowed to get wet for punks and emos.

Anyhoo, this boy wants me to meet him and said friend at a bar tonight. After CH's story I'm mighty tempted to ask them if they like to share. Dammit!! Brit Boy doesn't have to know, right??
GB I say go for it.

If you all want, I can go into nice explicit detail, and make my romps into a smutty story...hee. Maybe I should do that in blog format.
Oh, CH, get graphic, sweetie! Give me every last detail! A girl needs inspiration...who knows maybe I'll have some portions on the horizon? A girl can dream!
OH CH!!!!!!
Ch, do it! I would read your blog every time you updated if you did it........ I love to follow blogs and I think that would be fantastic!
smutty blog time it is then! I'll get started on it when I get home from training and such today!
Without further ado, my first portions, in graphic detail. Please keep this in mind, it's long and smutty!

He said he would have a threesome with another man because it was what I wanted, and he wanted to give me what I desired.

He told me about his friend who wanted to be a cop and who was into group sex and threesomes. His friend had seen the pictures of my pussy and my tits. The pictures I had sent him after I came, the pictures I had of the my anal beads inside me.

His friend said he’d like to meet me. L set up a night when we would have drinks. I got the text while I was a work saying J was into having drinks that night. I agreed, I would meet J and if I liked him and wanted to have a threesome with him, we would all get together on that following Sunday evening.

I was nervous and dressed up, I took precious time doing my hair and make up, I wanted to be attractive and slightly trashy, but not super trashy. I wore a low cut shirt that showed off my ample breasts a pair of jeans which made my ass look fantastic and a pair of heels. I drove over to the outdoor lounge where we would meet up.

I left purposely late so I could make them wait. It took me ages to find parking, and I finally did, and sauntered over to where I was meeting them.

I saw L and J sitting together. I was immediately attracted to J, I had always been attracted to L. Both were tall, had blonde hair and blue eyes. Both were in amazing shape and both worked on cars and motorcycles. J also wanted to be a cop, and I have a fond spot for fucking a man in uniform. Even a potential one.

We went and start having some drinks and getting to know each other. L initiated the sex talk be telling J how amazing I was in bed, how I gave him the best blow jobs ever. He showed him the pictures of me, although J had already seen them. We just wanted to talk about the pictures and how I loved to show myself off. The liquor was starting to lower my inhibitions, I started to open up about the kinds of thins I liked, how I loved to suck cock, how I loved getting fucked up the ass while I was on all fours. I showed J my nipple piercing, he loved it.

Some time had gone by and L looked at me and asked me if I was wet. The answer was an overwhelming YES! L and J both suggested that we go back to L’s house.

I led the way, so excited at the fact that I was going to be tag teamed by two men. I hadn’t had a threesome in 2 years, and ever since that time I was so eager to have two men at the same time. I wanted to suck a cock and get fucked at the same time. I wanted a man in pussy and a man at my ass. It was all about my pleasure. And it was about to happen.

Once inside L’s house, I started to grab at L, kissing him, while J watched. I then switched while L went and got the condoms and made up the bed. I grabbed J and he pushed me against the wall, our mouths met and he kissed me hard. His hands were all over my body. I undid his pants and took out his cock and started to give him a hand job. His cock grew and grew. I walked into the living room and took off my clothes, I got on all fours and asked them who wanted to be where. L told me he wanted me ass, he got behind me and J took his cock and put it in my mouth. My pussy was dripping wet. L, took his fingers and slowly started to work my pussy, and slid one finger into my ass to get me ready. I had J in my mouth, one hand on his shaft, I started to suck him slowly, taking just his head in my mouth, licking softly, then slowly working down his shaft, I took him completely and deeply into my mouth. He started to move faster in my mouth, fucking my mouth. L had taken his hard cock, after putting on a rubber, and stuck it in my tight, wet pussy. He started to fuck me hard, working me, getting me wet. J fucked me mouth hard and L fucked my ass hard, his hips slapping against mine, his balls slapping my ass. They kept on doing me hard. L started to spank me, the pain was amazing, the line between pleasure and pain was blurred.

I started to moan, as best I could, as I had J in my mouth. L told asked me if he wanted me to fuck my tight ass. I happily agreed. He took his cock, and slowly spread my ass cheeks and stuck his cock in my ass. He worked is slowly, it was tight, but it was amazing. He was gentle and worked up a rhythm in my ass. I was sucking J’s cock hard, taking him deeply there, and keeping him there. My spit was all over his shaft. It was a sloppy blow job. It was amazing. J’s moved his hips faster and faster as he fucked my mouth, L was fucking my tight ass slowly. My pussy was dripping from this attention I was getting from the two men. They were both moaning in pleasure. L kept on telling me how good my ass felt, how tight my pussy was when he first entered me. How amazing it was for him.

They asked me if I wanted to getting fucked by both of them at the same time. If I wanted one to fuck my pussy and one in my ass. I agreed. L got on his back and I got on top of him, he started to fuck my pussy, L came behind me and started to fuck my ass. They worked a rhythm together, filling both my holes and fucking me hard. L was calling me a slut and whore, telling me how dirty I was because I was getting fucked by the both of them at the same time. I screamed out in pleasure. I was getting the ultimate in pleasure. L wanted me to cum, and left me to fuck J while he cleaned off and changed his condom.

I climbed on top of J, and he fucked me hard, our hips met and he drove into me hard, L came behind me and started to fuck me in the ass hard. They had changed places again.

I was getting the fucking of a lifetime. J was sucking on my tits, playing with my barbell in his mouth. J then left so I could cum. I hopped onto L and wanted to cum bad, I was grinding into him, my hips were aching but I wanted to cum so bad. L called me a a slut, called me adirty girl, told me how tight my pussy was. I was close, J came into the living room and was watching us, his cock in his hand, masturbating as I was riding L. finally I came, I yelled out, as I came, liquid gushed out of my pussy and onto L’s cock. L then came, and told J to finish.

I got on my back, my legs spread, my aching and wet pussy waiting for J to fuck me hard. L was sitting on the couch, his cock in his hand watching me get fucked by his friend. J plunged into my pussy and held me down while he fucked me, asking me how I liked his cock inside me. He pulled my leg over his shoulder and fucked me ever harder, I felt his cock grow in anticipation of his orgasm. I tightened my pussy around his hard cock.My nails digging into his arms, his back, his ass. He drove into me harder and harder until he came. I lay on the mattress, having had the shit fucked out of me, and we waited until we had all recovered enough to do it again.

Just as an extra, the next day, my entire body hurt. I had the shit fucked out of me. I didn't need to do wieghts, as every muscle in my body hurt, and my pussy and ass hurt from being fucked so much. I left work early the next day, and Icould hardly walk. smile.gif
fucking A+ material!!!!

*fans self*

seriously, you shouldn't do that while i'm here at home alone!!!! hehehe.

very very good, ch.

*rowsing applause*
CH -

wow. damn. I am so fucking hott right now and there are no portions anywhere in the forseeable future for me... now I just wanna get some!!

Egads CH!

I myself ended up getting portions last night, but not with the preppy boys! They told me to meet them at a bar, and they were a wopping half hour late! Not to mention when they did get there, they knew so many other people at this place that I was not getting the attention I deserved and expected. I was pissed, so, I spotted a hottie I was determined to hook-up with--he looked like a young Ethan Hawke in Buddy Holly glasses. I was seated and he was standing. I kicked him in the butt, when he looked at me I motioned him over. We chatted,..he's from Indiana and is here pursuing screenwriting. Thats what I love about LA, all these cute boys that come from all over the world with stars in their eyes. Anyhoo, we got flirty and touchy, and the preppy boys got the hint that they lost me. The bar closed and dude wanted to still "hang", so I took him to my place. We undressed and DAMN! Gotta say, I'm a fan of dorky seeming mid-western dudes that surprise you with hot, muscly farm-boy bods. He fucked me good and hard, complete with hair-pulling. He exclaimed my name a lot, which I haven't experienced all that much and kinda like it.

Still sore this evening. It was fun and all, but its no where near the pummling I'm going to be getting from Brit Boy.*squee* But how the hell can I stay celibate when he sends me panty-wetting emails everyday? Just makes me want to grab the nearest cock available!! And hot Aussie wants to hang out this weekend,...hmmmm....
Bravo CH! I must excuse myself now and take care of some things. *tosses roses and condoms at CH*
CH!!! I think you won't mind that I read that story to my vibe, and it was fantastic.
Awww thanks everyone. *blushes*

Glassk, i don't mind one bit!

GB, bravo on having the shit fucked out of you! and being sore!!!! *applause*
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