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whoa it may be worth it but how many people without insurance can afford that? how horrible. you look at statistics and you'll find the highest rate of hpv infection is among low-income minority women. it's as though this vac isnt really about public health safety as it is another way to only protect the privileged from a lower quality of life.

what is it .. four shots? that's approx $500 for a vac that may or may not protect you from a virus you may or may not contract. honestly how many people in impoverished areas are going to get that. i think the costs should either be lowered dramatically or covered by medicaid if public health officials really want to help protect society from this virus. i realize it ultimately comes down to personal responsibility, but that's obviously not happening. if it were, there would be much fewer cases of infectious disease as a whole. k, *sound off* done for now.
low income minorities are not likely to get the vaccine though, because that group is also less likely to get a regular pap smear, which of course, is better than the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer. the vaccine prevents the strains most usually found in cases of cervical cancer - but since there are 30 or more strains of HPV, of course there's still a chance of contracting HPV. but the vaccine also may help your immune system fight off any other strains you may have. and, since folks get HPV by skin to skin contact, and so you can get it even when wearing a condom, yes there's personal responsibility [to actually use the condom] but unfortunately, i don't believe it would solve the problem.

i hope that there are more developments in, well, developing countries, to increase the amount of free or discount healthcare available in order to prevent diseases like HPV and HIV. at the rate the infections are spreading, the majority of third world countries populations will be dying of AIDS. and since there is a lack of healthcare available, esp in poor areas....what kind of colonialism/imperialism is this?
this is the point i'm trying to make. sure it's a great thing for those who can afford it but what about the people it affects the most? are their lives less worthy, less deserving because they dont have the means to get them the healthcare they need? i guess that's the common belief.

oops. derailed.

back to discussing the depressing reality and medical hope of infectious disease.
So, I finally got my results from my herpes blood test. I have HSV-1 only. Which is good news. It means that I have it in both places, which I'd heard wasn't possible but that's obviously a misconception. It also means that if in the future I meet a guy with herpes, I still have to be careful (I want to avoid type 2, considering the trouble I've had with type 1). But still, good news!

I still don't have my HPV results. Apparently it takes a few months.
Edie, it's definitely a misconception. You can have either in either place. Herpes is just a traveling little bug, isn't it? I have the standard....HSV2 where HSV2 normally lives.
initial tests came back ok... now i've just got to wait for the blood work etc
Yeah, I knew you could get type 1 down there and vice versa.... but a doctor once told me that if you already have one type in one place, you won't catch it in the other. I remember thinking it made sense because it had to do with a built up immunity, but I also thought it was strange because I'd gotten it from the mouth of someone who was a virgin when we met... it just didn't compute. Anyway, now I know.
Aaaargh. So remember my girldoc asked me to come in the next time I had an outbreak to have it cultured? That was back in May. Since then I've had one two weeks ago, right before my period, when I couldn't go to her office, and another one started yesterday (I stopped taking Famvir for a bit because I saw no point paying for the stuff if I'm still getting outbreaks despite taking it every day -- I've got enough of a hoard built up that I can still treat outbreaks, just not to take 250mg twice a day).

When I called her office after lunch, though, I told the nurse's voice mail that I could *probably* get into the city between 4 and 5 as long as I knew to head in that direction. I heard nothing for a couple hours so I did my own thing and stayed close to home. The nurse called at 4:40 yesterday, which would've been fine if I'd been in the city and only a subway stop or three from her office, but I wasn't. Didn't leave a message because what's the point, I guess.

I'm annoyed because I tried to make the effort -- BTW, my girldoc's office is more than an hour away from my apartment, and even farther than that from my office, which I don't think she realizes -- and still can't get to see someone about this culture my girldoc wants. I also don't have a job where I can call in sick or take a half-day whatever day of the week with no problems (Wednesday-Friday, sure, but I can't be away from work Monday or Tuesday), which I also don't think she understands. Most of her patients are pretty nearby and (I assume) have office jobs and can run over on their lunch break, but if I don't plan ahead I just plain can't get to her office. And when does herpes plan ahead, I ask you?
knorl - we need to maybe look to the nongovernmental organizations around the world - perhaps they can be an impetus to get the health coverage in developing countries that is needed. it seems like governments are now more likely to admit or recognize that there is a healthcare problem due to increasing rates of stds - before, the leaders would not admit to it, and thus not develop helpful programs.
I have been pleasantly surprised with the number of people I tell about my herpes who really just don't care. Friends, doesn't seem to change a thing. I was so worried about it all the time. Of course, I've haven't really had to tell anyone really NEW in my world (save for one, who was also fine with it, but that fell apart, but not because of my issue). But it does make a girl feel good to see so many people just shrug and say, "Okay. Lots of people have it. Wanna go get dinner now?"
..oh yeah. all tests came back neg. whoopie.

kelkello. is true. think if one of your friends were to tell you they had it, whether or not you have it yourself. once it's said, it's really not a big deal at all. not only do lots of people have it, but it's also manageable and not a total inconvenience. i just think so many people are filled with shame over it, worried of rejection, being damaged, etc etc etc.. that they dont stop and look at it realistically. realisitically the world would be better off without it, but the world would be better off with a lot of things and that's just how it is. it determines nothing about the individual, their overall quality of life, worth or potential.
Kelkello, I admire you for telling so many people. I've only told people I had to tell (prospective lovers or medical professionals!). But it makes me feel good knowing how people have reacted to you. Even though I still can't really tell people, it has become more of a non-issue in my life. I see it for what it is now and don't let it get blown out of proportion in my mind. There are so many worse things that can happen to a person.

The only thing I really worry about is giving it to my boyfriend. We use condoms every time and have never failed to do so, but the other night we were just lying there and his penis was kind of grazing my inner thigh and butt, and I got worried. And I was like "I wish I could just enjoy this moment..." I also know that condoms don't always do the trick. Anyway, no relationship is perfect, but ours is pretty good so far. I just want the best for him, now and in the future, even when we're not together anymore.
Edie, I worry about passing it too, despite all the Valtrex, condoms, and being militant about looking for outbreaks. None of it is foolproof. But they know the risk and think I'm worth it, so I try to let it go. When I start to worry, I repeat the following to myself:

"I have a beautiful, healthy body. I am normal and natural. I rejoice in my sexuality and all that it entails. I am safe and protected and so are the people in my life. All is well."

Believe it or not, it really helps.
I found out yesterday that I have high risk HPV with mild dysplasia. My doctor decided that she wants me to use boric acid suppositories everyday for a month, and then re-pap me in November. Has anyone else ever used this treatment? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Thanks in advance!!
Don't want to seem like I'm shamelessly promoting my blog... but one of the evil sluts on the site wrote an awesome (and thoroughly researched) piece on Gardasil... this thread is sooooooo long I don't know which of the issues were already addressed, but if you haven't gotten the vaccine and are thinking about it:

Ten Things You Might Not KNow About Gardasil:

aye lilith... but it's definitely worth promoting. love it!
lasue - i've had acid treatment on my cervix before that was administered by the doctor, but have not even heard of boric acid suppositories as a treatment. (granted, it sounds like your mild dysplasia is much more minor than what i had)....but i don't see why it would not work, honestly, as long as the dr tells you how to prevent too much burning
So, I just got my last gardasil shot about 10 days ago...

the nurse kind of screwed up with the injection and had to stab me twice, and the pain was much more poignant this time...which struck me as weird, but i was like 'what the hey'..

well, by the time i got out to the car i couldn't lift my arm..! painfulness! like no pain i'd ever experienced, and i'm pretty tough..(i.e. getting run over by cars and stuff)

so i toughed it out for a week, but i mean, i had to have friends dress me and do my hair...!

called the dr. and he said temp arthritis is sometimes a reaction to the third shot, as your body has been preparing to fight the HPV buggers in the injection since it got the first shot.

has anyone else had this? I'm still having pain in my right arm, but it's not as bad, and it's flaring.

i'm sure its still less painful than cervical cancer, and i still don't regret getting the immunization!!
I just saw this article (haven't actually read it, though) that's quite pertinent here:
So, I had my first real experience with rejection due to herpes. It's an inadvertent rejection, but it hurt like hell. The boy I was seeing (who knew and claimed he was fine with it, over and over) and I had been getting hot and heavy for well over a week, but it always ended with me giving him oral sex even though he kept saying he wanted to have sex with me. Finally, after yet another blow job, I looked at him and asked, "Are you afraid to have sex with me?" He dropped his head and replied, "Yeah, sort of. I'm very apprehensive about it." Well, I just burst into tears. He had done so much to reassure me that he was fine with it, and to hear that just crushed me. I know he has a right to be a little apprehensive, but I feel like he misrepresented himself. Anyway, I shut down and now we are not together. I'm the kind of person who once I don't feel safe and like I can completely trust the guy, I shut down completely and can't let them touch me anymore. It might take a while to bounce back from this.
So a couple of weeks ago I felt these bumps on my cervix. They felt like warts I guess, so I freaked out and went to the dr. the next day. She said my cervix and everything else looked totally fine, and all the tests (including the HPV test I requested) came back normal. These bumps I felt have kind of gone away occasionally and then they come back. They don't hurt, they aren't causing me any problems, but I can't figure out what they could be and why the dr. couldn't even notice them? I am pretty aware of my body and I know they haven't been there very long. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I get a second opinion?
As a side note, the boyfriend has these 2 little bumps near the head of his penis, and when I first noticed them I kind of thought they were warts, but it was too late by that time. He swears they are little scars from an incident involving insufficient lube. He has been tested for std's too but I don't know if they'd test for hpv on a guy. The bumps he has are really small and don't change at all--for all I know, they could be scars, but... unsure.gif
I wouldn't worry just yet. It is possible that you have clogged mucous glands on your cervix--they are really common, especially if your doctor said things look normal. Your boyfriend could have any number of other things causing bumps, from hair follicles to scars to pearly penile papules. You could put some vinegar on his bumps and see if they turn white, which can indicate hpv. Obviously, I have been in the space of worry and understand your concern. But, most people have the virus causing warts and most people don't die of cancer caused by hpv, especially if you pay attention to your body and get your pap smears, so either way, everything's probably ok. If you are terribly worried you could go to an std clinic or health department, where they really see everything, for a second opinion. Good luck.

kello, i'm sorry about what happened to you and the guy. that sucks. you know, it could be that he is apprehensive but can get over that with time. but you have to decide what you're willing to handle...

i'm having a herpes outbreak right now and it just sux ass. yesterday hurt the worst before anything was actually visible. by night time i had the little blisters and it hurt to just pee. mr. zelda and i rented "hot fuzz" and i spent the whole time on the couch with my legs wide open airing out my cooch. what a night!!1 :-)

i really can't complain. i've had H for three years and i have one or two outbreaks a year (and that's without valtrex).

it just sux. i'm married, so i don't have to worry about telling a new partner. in fact, i got it from mr. zelda who is a carrier but does not have any symptoms. lucky bastard! :-)

it just blows. he's only the second person i was ever with and i still got H. not that anyone "deserves" to get H...only that i hate how people think H and promiscuity are linked. that's such BS! i know this one acquaintance who has slept with over 30 people (her right, of course), and she was going on and on about how she didn't sleep with this dude because he has she was so high and mighty.

i didn't tell her i had it, of course. and i didn't tell her that the odds were that she had it herself and just didn't get symptoms (like my husband).

i get so ticked when i hear herpes jokes...i wish i had the guts to just say, "you know what, i have it." but i don't.
hey kello, i just noticed in the working grrls thread that you're a teacher too! crazy students AND herpes.

the burdens we bear.

tee hee.

Hey Zelda,

I know what you mean. I hate that people assume I sleep around because I have H. My ex gave it to me and he had no idea he had it. I'm lucky. I haven't had an outbreak in 8 months, although I do get prodromal pain. I take Valtrex because I don't want to pass it on, and Valtrex and condoms together greatly increase the chances of keeping someone else safe.

I think he probably would get over the apprehension because I know he truly cares for me. But I don't know if I can get past my fear of giving it to him. That definitely sucks.

And I go back to school tomorrow! No kids...meetings this week, kids next week. What do you teach? I teach 8th grade English.
ha! i teach 7th grade english. the first day was today and my feet are killing me!!! much more than my cooch! the valtrex is starting to work. smile.gif fortunately my kids seem like a good bunch this year. (then again they always the beginning!) hee.

i'm just like you in terms of how i got H from someone who didn't know he had it. my husband and i had been together for 3 years when i got H from him. he had not known he was a carrier and has never had symptoms that he noticed.

i too rarely get outbreaks...but i do get prodomal pain. sometimes all up and down the side of my body where i get outbreaks. (right side). i think that almost sux more than the sores themselves.

oh well, what can you could definitely be worse...

give the guy a chance (if that's what you want)...he may just need a little more time.

good luck with teaching!!!! okay....i need to collapse into bed now!
The other night I was trying to wake my bf up, if you know what I mean, so I was touching him to try and get his member hard first. He kind of woke up, startled, and pulled my hand way, claiming that he was too tired. In morning I tried to get him started again (he was awake at this point) and he stopped me and said, "babe, feel these bumps."

I took a look at them and there were three or four little bumps, scabbed over. I asked him about it and he told me that he had noticed them about five days before and had gone to the doctor to get the gammut of STD tests. He was tested for everything. He had never had anything like that before, and neither have I! We were both very frightened. The doctor had opened the bumps/sores that were on his penis and tested them for herpes.

We received a phone call from the doctor that same day and it ended up he had herpes type one sores on his penis. I was super confused because I have never had a cold sore in my life. At first I became angry and worried because I knew he couldn't have gotten them from me, and although I do get the occasional canker sore, I don't think those are caused by the herpes virus!

My boyfriend has gotten cold sores in the past, and I guess perhaps I got the virus from him (as a carrier?) and transported the virus from the mouth area to the genitalia!? I can understand how that can happen but I'm still a little confused, because I haven't ever had a cold sore. There was one point when I was a freshman in college and SUPER STRESSED OUT and ended up with around 11 canker sores in my mouth. I went to the doctor at that time and he swapped them to test for the herpes virus and it came back negative.

Bf's sores are all gone and healed now. It's weird, isn't it?
herpes is so tricky. my sister (who had never had intercourse) got HSV type 1 on her vagina after receving oral sex from a guy who also says he never had a cold sore.

i've heard some docs say that if it's happening in your mouth, it's NOT herpes and just a canker sore, but if it's happening outside your mouth (on your lips), then it's herpes.

however, i have had some doctors tell me that's not necessarily true, that you CAN get herpes inside your mouth.

to me, a cankersore happens when you have a cut or a bite that turns into a little sore. it heals quickly. but a breakout like the one you described sounds to me like herpes...esp. since it was brought on by stress!

you could have infected your partner that way, or perhaps he cross infected himself through your mouth (not sure if that can happen, but i suppose it's possible).

the bottom line is, sometimes we just don't know. i was with my husband for four years before having an HSV 2 outbreak...he had never had a symptom and we were faithful. there's a very small chance i got it from my (only) previous partner years and year before and it just happened to come out at that time, but my doc says the odds are my husband is a carrier with no symptoms and that's how i got it.

my dear friend's mother had one outbreak and never had another....20 years later her husband of 15 years has a first outbreak and freaks out. they had both been faithful...turns out she had not told him she had the virus since it had been so long since her primary OB...but it was still active in her body! my GYN told me she hears of cases like this all the time.

the bottom line is this...herpes 1 and 2 is a virus a huge number of people have, whether they know they have symptoms or not. the health ramifications of herpes are minor if practically non's mostly just a nusiance. let's be supportive of each other, try to educate people, and realize herpes is NOT the end of the world. yay! :-)

erica...your partner *might* consider getting on valtrex...but the good news about HSV1 on the genitals? because the number 1 strain is more "comfortable" on the mouth than on the genitals, many people with HSV1 on the genitals rarely have many outbreaks...many have only one and never see it again. of course that doesn't mean the virus isn't active in the body and can't be transmitted...but it shouldn't be much of a burden on him or your sex life. good luck!

Hi all,

I've lurked in the lounge for a while (especially on this board) and am finally coming out of the woodwork to post a little of my frustration out. I was in a relationship a year ago with a man who gave me genital warts. He had knowingly slept with someone who had them (and therefore exposed me to the potential fully aware) but never saw it necessary to tell me until I had symptoms myself.

I used Condylox for a while, though it burned terribly, and the smell of rotting flesh was more than I could take. Granted, I was probably being a bit overzealous in my application, but I began to wonder if there weren't a better way to rid myself of the warts. I worked with a homeopath, who prescribed a remedy for a host of symptoms I had, but the warts haven't taken the hint yet. All in all, it's been a year since I first found a wart, and though there have been several ins and outs, I've pretty much had them steadily for this whole time.

I've had a hard time wanting to get myself into a relationship because I've had so much shame over this, and no amount of reading or talking seems to be helping me in that regard. I feel disappointed to have put myself in a space of physical risk, and furthermore, feel discouraged that my partner didn't take my own health into account. And when I stop thinking of the directly personal and begin to think of the larger ramifications (what if someone I sleep with gets them? or what if he passes them along to someone else?)...well, I find it hard not to become depressed.

This thread is full of stories of women with herpes--stories that feel similar to mine, and stories with which I sympathize. But I'd be so glad to hear from some of you who have had warts in the past. What remedies have worked? And how have partners responded to your instigating a conversation about having warts? So many people have told me that a relationship with the right person--a caring and honest person--will respond by wanting to be cautious, but won't be put off. I'm sure that my own difficulty has so much to do with shame, but feel like I'm at the bottom of a big well now, and still trying to dig myself out.

Thanks so much for your wise and wonderful responses.
Wasabi, I had warts four years ago (I think the anniversary of my diagnosis is actually this weekend -- I remember it was right before my last semester of school) and can relate to pretty much everything you're going through.

First of all, chin up -- you can and will get through this because even though it feels like a big deal right now, I can tell you from personal experience that people you date will give you a chance. HPV is ridiculously common, and the strains of the virus that cause warts are considered low-risk -- they're not the same strains that cause cervical dysplasia or lead to cancer.

As for other treatment options, I was given Aldara, a cream you put on the warts every other night for two weeks or so (and repeat the treatment, if necessary, for up to four months). I used it for 10 days and my warts never came back -- and doctors believe that if the warts go away and don't come back for at least two years, your body has "cleared" the virus, meaning that as far as they can tell your body's wrestled it into submission and you can no longer pass it on.

Some of the other Busties have had great results using plain old aloe gel -- scroll back through the pages and you'll find the discussion. I'd never heard of this before, but I'd try that as your first line of defense because it's readily available and cheap. Aldara's kind of expensive if you don't have insurance, so if that's the case I'd ask your local Planned Parenthood if they can cut you a break on the price or give you samples.

On the questions you ask about future relationships, only you can answer those to your satisfaction. I'm not going to gloss over things and pretend like I don't still worry about that exact same thing with regard to herpes (which I've had for 11+ years, now). But I've reached a point where I understand and accept that all sex has risks attached, and at least we're in a position to tell potential partners about those risks and let them decide for themselves whether they accept it. Most of us here, yourself included, weren't given that choice.
i second what fuego said.
i've been wart and precancer cell free for about a year and a half now. treatments i had were generally centered around acid treatments, which work the same way as the aldara and condylx, but are faster, and thus a little easier to heal from physically and mentally (in my opinion). i found that it reminded my body faster that those warts were not supposed to be there. also, multivitamins help immensely. aloe vera gel, peroxide, antibacterial creams all help heal and clean the skin and promote healthy skin cell growth. saltwater sitz baths may help dry out the wart.
as for relationships, take your time and let things develop as they will.
Thanks, you two. Exactly the kind of grounded thoughts I need right now. And I'm off to the doctor soon (next week or two) to see what kind of plan-b options are available. Aldara sounds promising, as does taking things slowly. And aloe, too. Good.
Can anyone explain to me why every time I get a razor near my pubes (just to clean up my bikini line -- I don't actually shave much of anything), that same day or maybe the following day I get what feels like the itchiness at the beginning of an outbreak in one of the spots where I usually get outbreaks? Even if the razor was nowhere near those spots? Sometimes it develops into mild swelling and bumps, and in that case I hit the Famvir and put tea tree oil on that spot, and it's gone in two days.

But the thing is, I don't get prodromal symptoms in any other case -- just if I get out the razor -- and because it clears up so quickly I'm not convinced it's actually an outbreak. And also the fact that the trigger -- the razor -- is so obvious and factors in every time, I'm also not convinced it's herpes. Usually, if I have an honest-to-God outbreak, the itchiness arrives at the same time or after the bumps appear, and sometimes the glands in my neck swell -- none of that pattern fits, here.

What irks me about this, though, is that my body doesn't seem to understand that if the razor comes out, it's because I might have plans to make out with someone. Dammit.
fuego, i wish i had an answer for you...but i DO want to say hello. it's been a long time since we "rapped" on this thread.


i used to shave down there and now i don't for the reason you mentioned...i'm so so so crazy hairy. mr. zelda has just learned to love it.

fuego, have you ever had prodomal pain ABOVE the waist? like in your jaw or arm? i'm convinced this weird pain on my right side (the same side i get OBs) is connected to my herpes. no doctor or test has been able to find out another reason why it's happening...i get this weird, numb ache in my right jaw (bottom side), right arm and down my right torso with corresponding twitches in my cooch and down my leg.

ever have anything like this?

wasabi, i'm not really knowledgable about genital warts, but i'm glad there are women on this thread who can give you some great advice. the experiences between herpes and warts ladies are very similar, i think, in terms of telling a partner and having something that can't be "cured" per se...hang in there! i always try to tell myself that if genital herpes is the worst thing i get healthwise, i'm a very lucky girl.
Hi Zelda! How are you? I haven't seen you around here in ages (though this is the only thread I check with any degree of frequency, which isn't saying much)!

Re: Prodromal pain above the waist, no. See, I don't get prodromal symptoms *at all* unless it's mild swelling of the glands in my neck.

Very often, by the time I get the itchiness that signals an outbreak I've already got some kind of redness, swelling or bumpiness going on down south. This really freaks me out in terms of how to know when it is or is not safe to have sex -- because I get no warning before the outbreak itself, and if I shed the virus a day or so before that... You see what I'm saying? Even if we use condoms at all times, there's still skin exposed and a chance of transmission if I'm shedding the virus before or without an outbreak. (Whatever, I say this like I remember what sex is. Instead, the reality is I haven't had sex in something like 10 months.)

On the one hand, it'd make sense for me to date someone else who has herpes since in that case there's no risk on that front, but on the other hand I click with so few guys as it is that I don't want to *only* date guys who have it because that'd mean drawing from an even smaller pool.
Hi, I'm a newbie.
I started a profile cause I wanted to tell you all how anxious I am about the new HPV vaccine. I've already had 2 doses which I was more than happy to receive and neither of them caused problems. In fact the doctor warned me "this is gonna hurt" and she made me take tylonol and despite my needle phobia I didn't have much of a reaction at all.
But since then there are all these scare stories about Gardisil such as this one:

My third shot is on Monday and all of a sudden I'm really freaked out about it. I know there was a lady earlier in this thread that had a bad reaction, how are you now? How about the rest of you who have had it? Bad or good experience? I'm at a pretty high risk for HPV, assuming I don't already have it, so I'm probably going to get the shot anyways but it's really stressing me out.
QUOTE(sweet_theresa @ Sep 9 2007, 04:39 AM) *
Hi, I'm a newbie.
I started a profile cause I wanted to tell you all how anxious I am about the new HPV vaccine. I've already had 2 doses which I was more than happy to receive and neither of them caused problems. In fact the doctor warned me "this is gonna hurt" and she made me take tylonol and despite my needle phobia I didn't have much of a reaction at all.
But since then there are all these scare stories about Gardisil such as this one:

My third shot is on Monday and all of a sudden I'm really freaked out about it. I know there was a lady earlier in this thread that had a bad reaction, how are you now? How about the rest of you who have had it? Bad or good experience? I'm at a pretty high risk for HPV, assuming I don't already have it, so I'm probably going to get the shot anyways but it's really stressing me out.

hi sweet_theresa. welcome to bust. since it's already monday, i hope your last shot went well, and i'm sure you discussed your concerns with the dr. i also have had no pain or side effects from the first two shots (my third is next month).
you said it correctly when you said, "there are all these scare stories". it's true. and most of the stories/articles have a valid point - ie, that there's no reason yet to mass vaccinate everyone. but these articles (and i looked at other headlines on macleans website) look as though they are written specifically to get a reaction of fear and indignance from people. to me, those articles were written like articles in The Onion, only not humorous.
i hope you are more relaxed now about the whole thing - either way, please come back for more discussions!
ps - the vaccine does not prevent contracting HPV necessarily, but it is designed to prevent the HPV from developing into cancerous cells..
Yeah I thought that too about those articles, I'm critically aware of what their doing but emotionally it's still working. And there are all these anecdotes all over the internet about girls having seizures and stuff after getting the vaccine. Not really scientific but it's still scaring the hell out of me.

I still haven't got the shot, its later this afternoon and I'm terrified.

You are mistaken about how the vaccine works. The vaccine does not treat existing HPV infections. It prevents you from acquiring HPV strains 6 and 11 which cause 70% of genital warts and strains 16 and 18 which cause 90% of cervical cancers.
thanks for the clarification :-)
good luck this afternoon!
My doctor told me not to worry and I decided to trust her and two days after the shot I'm feeling fine. What a waste of perfectly good anxiety.
glad it is ok. there are so many possible sideeffects to so many things. i remember my mom being paranoid about me having a stroke or blood clots the first time i was on the pill, even though there is no history of that!
UK government to offer an HPV vaccination programme starting next year:

The Department of Health, acting on a recommendation from a committee of experts, announced plans in June to start a HPV vaccination programme next year. It is likely that girls aged 12 to 13 will be offered the vaccine in three doses over a six-month period. There will be no compulsion.

From the BBC News site.
My mom emailed me a link yesterday to an abstract of a small-scale study demonstrating that taking aspirin daily for at least three months seems to be sort of able to keep herpes outbreaks under control.

No word on its effect on asymptomatic shedding, which I'm also concerned about, but fewer outbreaks likely means less shedding. The way I'm reading the abstract, I think the subjects reported a lessening of frequency of outbreaks and diminished severity of the outbreaks they did have. Of course, since this is aspirin we're talking about, not some big-bucks prescription drug, nobody thinks to continue studies like this one.

Anyway, I'm off to buy myself a great big bottle of aspirin. It can't hurt to try it, and three to six months' worth of aspirin costs a fraction of the price tag on Valtrex or Famvir.
Thanks for posting that Fuego. I may try it too.

I just googled long-term aspirin use to find out about side effects. Apparently there is increased risk of ulcers or intestinal bleeding in some patients. But it also reduces risk of heart attacks, Alzheimer's and many cancers (not immediate concerns at my age but anyway), but it can increase risk of pancreatic cancer. So I guess it is relatively safe, though of course they suggested consulting your doctor, especially if you have other health problems (asthma, high blood pressure, or reduced liver function were the ones mentioned).
Hi, everyone. This is my first post, although I've been following lots of threads on BUST Lounge for a while. Anyway, to the point...

I'm about to undergo a LEEP procedure for category 3 cervical dysplasia, and I'd just like to hear about some other women's experiences. Was it painful? Quick? Complicated?

Through all this (2 sets of biopsies over 3 months) I've been having all kinds of anxiety about fertility issues arising from the HPV and all the fiddling with my cervix- it may sound irrational, but I've been more concerned about infertility than cancer. I'm 25 and recently married to the most perfect husband ever, and we're seriously beginning to think about kids. It really helps for me to learn more about what's going on, so thanks in advance for any responses.
peach: My mom has had the LEEP procedure and she said it wasn't too bad. She was put to sleep for it and she said there was just cramping and bleeding afterward. I think you have to abstain from sex for about a month, too, while your cervix is healing. I'm not sure about the fertility issues.

In HPV related news, I got my first Gardisil shot yesterday and it hurt! Ow. I'm glad I'm doing it, though.
Hey Sassy,
Take ibuprofin before your next shots. My doctor had me do that before all of mine and I hardly experienced pain at all.
used: Calm down! Some 75% (or some crazy high number like that) of women have been exposed to HPV. There is no way to really know if a guy has it or not unless he currently has genital warts. A lot of women don't even get the warts...they just have to have their cervix monitored for cancerous changes. Are you sure you are talking about HPV? I wasn't aware that there was a pill for this...
sounds like herpes to me....and in answer to all the questions - get married have kids etc - the answer is "YES". these things are really common, and while it sucks, yes, but just remember that it will work out positively. think of it this way - asthma or diabetes are illnesses that you have to deal with every day, take medicine etc., and it's not worth wanting to hurt yourself over.


feel better!
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