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quick rant...

doctor called this morning to tell me i had an abnormal pap and that i need to come in for a colposcopy sad.gif im bummed. i already have the wart causing hpv and looks like ive got myself the pre-cancerous kind as well! ughhhhh!!!!! oh the frustration...
Oh toasty, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear your bad news. I don't know about you, but I was FREAKED OUT when I first got an abnormal pap. But really, it's not as big a deal as it seems. First of all, there are tons of reasons for abnormal paps-- you might not even have that HPV strain. But if you do, it *is* something that increases your risk for cancer but is very manageable... it may require you to be more careful and spend a little more time and money on your gyno care, but that should be the end of it.

One tip: before going to your colpo, take 600-800 mg of ibuprofen with a meal an hour before the procedure. It's supposed to help prevent cramping. If you have any Qs about the procedure, come back and chat!

I actually came in here now, though, to say that I'm going for a colpo tomorrow, myself. It's my second one (after the abnomal pap and diagnosis 6 mo ago). Best case scenario is that there's no longer ANY cervical dysplasia, at ALL (which would be such a pleasant shock). Best realistic case scenario is that any dysplasia that's there is still mild and doesn't require action. Worst realistic case scenario is that it's moderate or severe and I have to take the next step-- LEEP, right? Wish me luck, please!!
thanks octinoxate, your advice is most handy! from what i gathered from the nurse was that theyre going to do a vinegar wash to see if anything normal pops up, then take a small sample of it.... is this correct? also, was your first one painful at all for you?

well, good luck with yours tomorrow!
Hey toasty. Yep, that's right... first the vinegar wash, then taking a sample to biopsy (usually). In my experience, the procedure wasn't extremely painful, but it was uncomfortable. Here's a blow-by-blow so you don't have to go into it confused:

Have you ever had your cervix bumped during sex? Well, the vinegar part is similar to that... just touching your cervix (this time with a cotton swab on a stick, not a penis--too bad! smile.gif ) even though it doesn't really like being touched all that much. Next, if I remember right, the doc peers around in there, using some instrument (which stays 100% outside your body) that reminds me of one of those binocular thingies they have mounted on observation decks at the Grand Canyon, the beach, etc. Then comes the collection of the sample, which is a little more uncomfortable, because they have to pinch off a tiny bit of tissue with tweezers, basically. But it *is* a very small amount, and it's over with pretty quickly. Then the last thing they do is swab on some gel/cream (that kind of looks like mustard, if I remember right) that's meant to stop any bleeding caused by the taking of the sample. I had some cramping the rest of the day (but then, I didn't know about the handy ibuprofen trick back then). You might not want to plan to climb a mountain or anything the day of the appt, but it's not like you'll be totally out of commission.

I hope that this description didn't frighten you at all. It really isn't so bad, especially if you bring a bit of music to listen to, or a book, or something else to take your mind off of it. The worst part for me was that I was so goddamn scared the entire time because I hadn't gotten used to the idea of having HPV and I hadn't fully internalized the fact that no, this is not a death sentence. (I was esp. scared b/c my dad died of cancer not too long ago, so this brought up so many issues.) I don't think I stopped crying the entire 45 minutes (or so?) that I was on the table there. But seriously, now that I don't have to deal with those personal emotional issues, I'm not really worried. Sure, I could think of funner ways to spend my morning, but the procedure really isn't so bad.
So, the procedure went without incident and I like my new gynocologist (it helps that she's a buddy of my old gyno). Now, it's just that damn wait-- and mine is esp. long, because the doc is going out of town before my results are ready. In the meantime I suppose there's no point in worrying or even thinking much about it at all.

I got some facts from the doc that I thought you all could use:

Within 2 years: 60-70% of people with HPV-related mild dysplasia clear the virus, 20% stay the same (mild dysplasia, no action required), and 10-20% worsen and need further procedures (LEEP, etc.). So, the odds are in our favor...

Also, oral sex appears to be less risky than vaginal sex in terms of HPV transmission, but as always "there's no solid evidence".

One more thing: toasty, I talked about my colpo being 45 minutes. Now, maybe it just seemed extra long last time, or maybe the last doc took forever (b/c she was doing it without an assistant), but this one was only 15-20 minutes. (Good news, huh... I can think of better places to spend my time...) When is your appt?
Kelkello, I haven't been in here in ages, but I saw you were asking a while ago if anyone else in the Lounge had herpes. I've had it for 10+ years now. If you've got any questions left (I assume the other Busties prolly answered everything), I'll be happy to try to help out.
QUOTE(fuego_lento @ Sep 24 2006, 05:42 PM) *

Kelkello, I haven't been in here in ages, but I saw you were asking a while ago if anyone else in the Lounge had herpes. I've had it for 10+ years now. If you've got any questions left (I assume the other Busties prolly answered everything), I'll be happy to try to help out.

Hey Fuego,

It's a been a month since my first outbreak. I went on Valtrex (500 mg a day) and had another outbreak a month later. It seems to come before my period. I don't know if I should go on 1000 mg a day or what. I didn't think I would break out again so soon, especially on Valtrex (which I know is not foolproof, but still, I thought it would help). I'm thinking of going on Seasonal which is a BC pill where you only get your period 4 times a year. What do you think?

Also, how do you go about telling potential partners? I'm with my BF now (he gave it to me, didn't know he had it), but I worry about if we ever break up. I'm afraid no one will ever want me if I tell them I have herpes.
I still get outbreaks about every month, which is sort of normal -- when I was diagnosed, I was told that most people have 3-4 outbreaks per year, and that that diminishes over time. Whatever. I get outbreaks even though I'm on suppressive therapy, so you're not alone there, either. That said, my idea of what it'd be like (before I got it) was soooooo much worse than the reality of an outbreak -- and I bet this is the case for 90% of people who have herpes.

Back when I was in my last relationship (1+ year ago, now), I finally had health insurance so I went on suppressive Famvir for outbreaks. It didn't really have much effect on me until I'd been taking it a year, in terms of keeping me outbreak-free -- but I think I'm not the usual herpes patient. The real reason I was taking it, though, was to cut down on the risk of passing it to my partner. I can't say for sure whether it worked -- he got what I thought were yeast-y spots but he swore it was herpes, then didn't go see a doctor about it until after it cleared up, so I'll never know if I gave it to him.

I'm really not helping right now, am I? I feel like for every thing I say today, there's some negative tone I can't quite purge from my word choice. I'm really sorry about my snarkiness today.

As far as telling potential partners, I figure herpes is like any other thing in that some people won't think it's a big deal and some will. In my experience, germophobes will think it's a big deal, so if you really like someone and find out he's like that, be prepared for rejection but don't necessarily assume that's your fate -- I've been rejected by one and dated another in the germophobe camp. If it's a dealbreaker for someone, remember there are others out there. Remember that you date a whole person, not just their genitals -- and that herpes doesn't define who you are. And never forget that it's only a freakin' rash, no matter what anyone says about it.

I work it into the "have you been tested, for what, and how long ago?" conversation. Keep in mind that no doctor's office that I know of tests for herpes without specifically being asked to do so, so anyone who says he's been tested most likely still doesn't know his status re: herpes. (Ditto for HPV, since there's no test for men beyond swabbing their genitals in vinegar and waiting to see if anything appears. And it's not like most men go to the doctor annually, like women do.)

Arm yourself with information and stats and websites ( is a really great one) so partners can learn at their own pace.

You can date with herpes. I'm proof. I know of two Busties who've gotten married since they were diagnosed with herpes. It's not the end of the world, Kelkello. You can do it.
octinoxate ~ my appt is on the 26th and im way more relaxed about it now after seeing what you had to say about it. sorry, but one more question for you... do you know how long do you need wait to have sex afterwards? Im assuming im gonna need to give it a few days to make sure the area has healed. ooh and the facts...makes me feel a wee bit more positive about this whole thing, hopefully it will all just go away. well, nothing to do now but hope for good results for the both of us smile.gif
Hey toasty, I'm glad that my post helped reassure you. I believe you have to wait 2 days after the colpo/biopsy to have sex. Personally, I'd probably wait more like 3 or 4 just because I always want to be on the safe side... and because it left me feeling a bit turned off to sex for the time being... and, I'll warn you, you can get a weird discharge for a couple days because of the cream that they apply to stop the bleeding. (Though I didn't get it this time around... still, I'd recommend throwing a panty-liner in your purse the day of your appointment, and using them for a day or two after as well.) But yes, bottom line, 2 day minimum.

And to reiterate-- take that ibuprofen! It definitely helped. And please do be sure to take it with food, because that stuff is harsh on your stomach.

Don't hesitate to ask any other questions you have about it. I'll do my best to answer them. Good luck with the appointment! Come back and let us know how it goes.
colposcopy done and over with! phew smile.gif i got pretty nervous beforehand when i was in the room by myself with all the procedure tools. but the dr who did it was really nice (way better than the gyno i saw last time) i had two really small abnormalities that they biopsied. All in all it went pretty well, i get my results in two weeks...and the bad part... im gonna get my period any day and the dr said no tampons and no sex for ten days!
Yay, toasty! I'm so glad it's done with and went well! The procedure's not so bad, eh? Good luck with the results! (It looks like we'll get our news about the same time... my appt is the 18th of Oct, how about you? I assume you go in to get your results, right?)

Wow, I'm surprised that your doc said ten days! I wonder if I might have misheard mine and mistaken "ten days" for "two days"-? It doesn't seem like it should take ten days to heal though, does it?

Fucking herpes. I hate the bastards.
(((kelkello))) Having a tough time with an outbreak?
Yes, I feel like a leper. I just HAD an outbreak last month and I'm on Valtrex. And I feel like if I don't stay with this boyfriend who gave it to me, no one will ever want me again. I love him, but the relationship is going nowhere. I don't know how to date someone and tell them I have herpes. I'm so screwed here.
Oh, kel, that sucks! So, is the biggest thing on your mind right now the issue of feeling like your future love life is fucked? If that's what's on your mind... well, I'm really way too uneducated about herpes, but I wonder if it cycles out of your system after a while, like HPV does... do you (or anyone else) know? But even if it doesn't, I don't think you're screwed. I mean, imagine being a man in the following situation:

You meet this amazing woman-- smart, funny, kind, gorgeous (add in all the other great adjectives that are appropriate here!). Whenever you two are together you have a grand time. You're always excited to see her again, and every time you do see her, you like her more and more. And man, the both of you really, really want each other. So you decide to start gettin' your groove on, and before doing so, you have a chat and she tells you she has herpes, and you realize you could catch it. So you weigh the pros and cons... do you want to keep on with and deepen your relationship with this kick-ass woman, and potentially get an STD that isn't dangerous to your health in any way, just a pain in the ass? Or do you want to lose out on having this amazing person in your life and know for sure that your genitals will stay comfy?

Personally, I think that plenty of men (or woman, for that matter) would choose the 1st option. Especially if they've had a little time to get to know you first and to realize you're totally worth it. And sure, there will be some people who would choose the 2nd option no matter what, and you both go your separate ways, I suppose. They lose out on having all your coolness in their life.

I'm afraid I can't give any practical feedback about telling partners/ potential partners about an STD, because I haven't slept with anyone new since my HPV diagnosis, and anyway, I have a type of HPV that doesn't harm men. But I imagine that I would handle the situation as follows: I would date the person for a while without getting sexual, so we could build up some kind of rapport, comfort level, and basic amount of caring about the other person. Then when things started getting sexy--but before doing anything that could in any way put him at risk, inc. oral sex, fooling around in various states of underpantslessness, etc.--I'd say hey, now's probably a good time to have the safe sex talk. Is testing something we need to do at some point? And in the course of that conversation, I'd say something like "I need to tell you that I do have herpes. If you want to take some time to figure out how that factors into your decision about sleeping with me, and to maybe learn more about herpes, that's cool. In fact, I could give you some websites where you could get some good info about it." And then, well, just hope for the best.

Also, did you consider that since herpes is so very common, you very well might hear in response: "Wow, I'm really glad you put that out there. I have herpes too, actually, and it can be kinda nerve-racking to bring it up with someone!"

One last thing: it sounds like maybe you want out of your current relationship. Is that right? If so, man, it would be a shame to stay longer just because of this fear that noone else will want you. I get the reason for the fear, would be a disservice to yourself, and to him, you know? And to the lucky guy out there who may be better for you...

I don't know what I want. I love my boyfriend deeply. He is a great guy. And we've only been together nine months. He doesn't know where he is in his life and how I fit. He knows that what we have now is great. But moving beyond that is too much for him to consider right now. I want to see what happens, but I don't know how long it will take. And I don't really know what I want from him. I can't see myself living with him (or anyone right now, for that matter) or ever getting married. I don't know if I could ever marry anyone. I just want to know it's a remote possibility. He's been broken by his ex-wife. It's a long, sad tale, but suffice to say, his life as he knew fell apart in a matter of days. And now he's picking up the pieces.

Before he met me, he slept around a little (for the first time in his life...he lost his virginity to his ex-wife) and contracted herpes but didn't know it. He was asymptomatic for almost a year before he had a noticable breakout. By then I had already contracted it from him. I know I got it from him because my blood antibody test came back negatie (meaning I hadn't had enough time to build up immunity) but my swab culture came back positive. The books say that means I got it from him because I hadn't had sex for six months prior to meeting him. If had gotten it from that guy, it would have shown in the antibody test.

Herpes stays with you for life. Even if I stop breaking out, I will always have it and always be able to give it to someone. And that is scary. Yes, really it's just an annoying rash, but it has connotations that are hard for many guys to overcome. No guy wants to have sores on his peepee. And I have the self-esteem of a rotting slug, so I don't know how I would ever feel good enough to try to tell someone about this and believe that they would still want me. I didn't believe they would want me when I was healthy.

As for the boyfriend, I love him. I wonder if I should get out. I don't think it's what I WANT, but I wonder if it's what I SHOULD do. I'm very confused. I don't think I'm staying with him just because of herpes, but the thought of starting over when I still love him so much is too much to take. I'm rambling. Sorry about that.
Kel, it's really not as bad as you think it is right now. It takes a while to get used to the news, but you do get used to it.

I do know the "nobody else will ever want me" feeling, but it's really not true. I've had herpes for 10+ years, now, and only one person has ever rejected me because of it -- and he and I eventually became makeout-friends, anyway. It's really not the end of the world, I swear.
Kel, it's hard to know what to say about your boyfriend situation, since I don't know either of you. But I can say three things:
1. I'm not a fan of doing things I "should" do. For me, it's not a sustainable or pleasant way to operate. But that said, I also think that the "want" and the "should" correspond way more than we might expect... once I stopped worrying about what I"should" do and got in touch with what I want, I didn't find that my actions changed dramatically. They just became much easier and less anxiety- and guilt- ridden!
2. It doesn't sound, based on what you said, like you and your boyfriend are in drastically different places in terms of the future. You both love each other, but you're both unsure of how much of a serious, long-term commitment you're up for. Right?
3. I have confidence that you will know what's best for you. Trust yourself.
today i found out i have herpes im only 16 and as you can imagine its not the easiest thing to talk about with friends.. i just wanted to talk to other girls who have it and how they felt when they first found out.. I cant stop crying and i feel disgusting.. will this feeling ever go away?
Oh Gossips! (((hugs))) I'm so sorry you have to deal with this at such a young age. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you are one hell of a cool chick, but I'm 32 and just dealing with herpes and it's hard. 16 would be harder, I think. I don't envy you. HOWEVER, the people here are just fantastic. I cried for days and I thought my life was over. I still have problems feeling like anyone new will ever want me. I am with my boyfriend who gave it to me now, and we are okay, but I worry for the future. Read back a couple entries to what Fuego and Octi have to say. I recently had ANOTHER outbreak and was feeling horrible. It's new for me, too. I still go through days of feeling gross and disgusting. But you should do some research. You have what amounts to an annoying rash. It will come and go. You will always have it, and it will always be possible to give to someone even if you don't have an outbreak. But in the end, you are not gross. 1 in 4 people have herpes and only 80% of them know it. You are not weird or abnormal. You have something in common with 25% of the population. And you have the advantage of being aware of the problem, so you are going to be informed, which most of the folks with herpes aren't. Anytime you need anything, let me know. You can private message me if you want, but I check this forum almost every day. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.
Thank you so much Kel, i feel so betrayed by my boyfriend hes a few years older and in the navy.. so he gets tested every month or so either he knew and didnt tell me or he cheated on me and gave it to me before he got tested .. either way its heartbreaking.. Did you feel angry with your boyfriend when you found out? I've been doing research all day but it seems really subjective and different for everyone, but compaired to your outbreaks now are they less painful then your first? and how long do they usually last.. on saturday i had two bumps and i had no idea what they were and today i have about 8 and im realy swollen.. my doctor put me on Valtrex and another one.. thanks again for all your help. smile.gif
Eek. Your outbreak sounds really bad. My first outbreak was two small sores. This one is one small sore. 8 sounds bad. However, everyone I've talked to say they get better over time. As your body builds antibodies, your will build a tolerance and your outbreaks shouldn't be as bad. The Valtrex will help. I'm on it, but I still break out. It does reduce the risk that you will spread it.

As for your boyfriend getting tested: it's difficult to test for herpes unless you have an outbreak because they have to swab an actual sore. My boyfriend didn't have any symptoms for the longest time, so he had no idea he had it. They can do a blood antibody test, but they usually aren't on the protocol. Ask what exactly he gets tested for. He may not even know. They may not be testing him for herpes. There's a good chance he didn't know he had it. However, if he DID know and didn't tell you, then that is a serious breach of trust. He put you at risk knowingly. In some states you can sue over that, although I wouldn't recommend it.

Even though my BF had no idea he had it, I still feel anger at him. Especially since he had no symptoms and I was suffering. It took the blood test to prove he gave it to me as opposed to me getting from the last time I had sex with someone else (over a year ago). The blood test showed I had no antibodies which means I had been very recently exposed. That means I got it from him because I don't sleep around. I do feel mad at him (but more at myself) because we didn't use condoms because he had a vasectomy and assured me he was clean. I'm more mad at me though. I should have known better. AND....condoms aren't a sure protection against herpes since it spread skin to skin. And he doesn't have to have an outbreak to give it to you. He "sheds" the virus periodically (and you will too, now) even when he has no symptoms. It's a bit scary to think about. It's a wonder everyone doesn't have it.

Take care and ask me anything you need.
Gossips, Kel is right: 99% of the time, getting tested for STDs does not include any sort of screening for herpes. Without visible symptoms, most doctors don't bother doing the blood test b/c it's expensive. Very likely your boyfriend has had herpes for a while and just wasn't aware of it.

I got herpes at 21 (I'm now 31) from the 3rd guy I ever slept with (except we hadn't even had sex at that point) and thought my life was over, that nobody would ever want me, etc. I think I cried for a week straight, I felt so sorry for myself. I was wrong. I date, I've had sexual relationships, men still want me.

Yeah, herpes is a pain in the ass but it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it'd be when I was first diagnosed. And I say that as someone who had pretty much constant outbreaks for the first 9 months after I was diagnosed. By now, the only times I really think much about having it are the times when someone makes a thoughtless comment or joke about herpes, or if I want to tell a new partner. Talking about it with my friends has helped me feel a lot better about it, too (and if you told me 5 years ago that I'd ever tell any of my friends I have herpes, I would have laughed at you).

I find that tea tree oil is really helpful during outbreaks. Dip a Q-tip in it and rub it on the sores -- it numbs them, and also dries them out so they heal faster. Hydrogen peroxide does, too, but without the nice numbness.

Try keeping track of when you get outbreaks. It may have something to do with your hormones (I get outbreaks right before my period, usually), and in that case you can go on birth control or change your pill so that you get fewer periods, or so that the times you might get outbreaks are minimized.
Fuego, I'm considering going on Seasonale which is the pill that makes you have your period only four times a year. I don't even need it for BC. My BF has vasectomy. However, I break out before my period too, so if it helps there, I'd be happier. Question: have any of your partners contracted herpes from you? If so, how did they react?
hey kelkello
i read a while back where you asked about the connection btw. herpes & yeast infections. i have recently noticed a link.
question: how long do your outbreaks typically last? i have had one pretty much on and off for the whole month of Sept and I think (HOPE!) that its pretty much gone. It has made my life living hell. I am not on suppressive therapy though. Maybe I should consider it? This is the second outbreak that has lasted a month (I had one last year, same time). I had another really long, bad one in january but for the rest of the year (till Sept) it was pretty good - I might have gotten a bit of ichiness but I would just load up on Valtrex and it would go away.
The worst part about having herpes for me is the stigma, jokes on tv & movies, even comments from friends. NO ONE knows that I have herpes except for my partner. I've had it for over three years. Some days I feel like I am so disgusting and just diseased. Those are my worst days. Other days, I am fine about it. I find the more I stress about it the worse it gets. Ok well I'm rambling.
Kel, if you scroll down to my post from 9/24 (I think that was the date), I mentioned my last ex. Not sure if I gave him herpes because he didn't go see a doctor about it, and it didn't look like my outbreaks, so I can't say for sure. In any event, he's the only one ever to say he got it from me. I still don't know if it's true.

Lisa, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to tell people. I still feel really uncomfortable if someone cracks a joke about herpes or makes fun of STIs in general. On nights when I've had a couple drinks and don't care what people think, sometimes I tell people I have herpes, other times I'll rattle off statistics about how common STIs are. I don't know what my point is, here. Just know you're not alone.
hey busties - sorry to read about the herpes issues here:-( i myself have two dr appts tomorrow - one for a follow up pap smear (which i am pretty sure is going to come back with a need for yet another colposcopy, which are not at all pleasant, esp since i have had several surgeries and procedures with acid in that area), and then in the afternoon, a follow up for the laser surgery i had in june - so far there has not been a major outbreak, but unfortunately, honestly, in the last few months, i have not been taking good care of my health - going out a lot, not getting enough sleep or exercise, and drinking fairly regularly:-( i know it's my fault, and i'm trying to break these bad habits (have been getting better sleep, taking vitamins, eating balanced, cutting back on drinking), but i'm so paranoid now that i'll have to have another surgery, and i can't afford it:-(
please cross your fingers for me that i don't have to have another surgery.
Thanks kel and fuego for your help.I wanted to know what your first time was like?My outbreak started on saturday and its now thursday (sorry if im being graphic) but they popped or broke open i guess last night, does that mean that they will start to heal. Also from what i've read most people get only one or two but i have more like seven or eight.. i dont know if i did something to spread it..and good luck 176 i hope everything works out how you want it.
Lisa, my outbreaks last a few days to a week. I am on suppressive therapy. The CDC recommends that anyone with herpes go on it, and my gyno really recommended it. I trust her more than the CDC, strangely enough. However, if you don't have insurance, it's very difficult. It would be about $250 for my prescription each month if I didn't have insurance. And the stigma is the worst thing for me too. I feel like no one will ever want me. I know I'm more than a big walking herpes sore, but I feel like one some days.

Fuego, you are right. You mentioned it. I have the memory of a goldfish. Sorry about that. I guess if a guy decides to get involved with me, he knows the risk. But I still would feel horrible about it. That's the problem. I will forever feel guilty even though my future partners would know and accept the risk.

Gossips, my first outbreak was very mild. Two small sores. I didn't know I had them until they broke when I washing in the shower. It hurt a lot and continued to hurt as they healed. Peroxide can help heal them quicker. It stings, but I find the sting to be satisfying in some weird way. I think Fuego mentioned tea tree oil to help, too. This second outbreak is just one sore. It's healed now, I think. I go down there with a mirror and flashlight every now and then to check up on the situation. How's that for graphic? Everyone says the first outbreak is the worst and they get better with time. Your first sounds like a doozy. They will probably get easier. If easy is a word to describe it, that is. No, easy isn't the word, but you know what I mean.

176, good luck! I'm sending "no new surgery" karma your way.
Aw, p176, sorry to hear about your upcoming procedure(s). Hope all goes well.

My appt to get my biopsy results isn't for another 2 weeks yet (!)--damned doctor going out of town-- but she did say she'd call if there was anything really bad, so I guess right now, no news is good news.
kelkello and others - thanks! those 'no surgery' vibes really helped - all is well!!! (i hate skin tags though, they sorta look warty, but they're not). ever since all this procedure and pap testing stuff ALL the i have to take like, 4 tylenol, just to take the pap test lol, or else i am sore. ah well.

other news - my dermatologist said i should get the HPV vaccine. i asked him about, well, can i even get it, since i already had an outbreak, and he said that even though there's no conclusive evidence yet, in the tests that HAD been done, even people who had had HPV outbreaks, when they got the vaccine - it cleared up any outbreak they had had.

so am going to check to make sure my insurance covers it, and call my GYN on monday:-)

and for your herpes ladies, i have no herpes, but i have used tea tree oil and aloe vera to dry out and help heal healthy skin for's worth a shot.
That is great news p! I'm also glad you can get the vaccine. I want to get it, but I am 30 so insurance will not cover it for me! *rolling eyes*
p176, YAY about your results!!!!

whoa, are you serious about the vaccine potentially clearing up HPV outbreaks? My gyno told me sort of the opposite-- that there's no real evidence it helps any strains you already have. (I hope she's the one who's wrong.)

Pixie, insurance companies are so fucking lame. I'm even within the recommended age range for the vac and they're *still* making me pay for it. But it's so worth it... do you have the money to pay out of pocket?
I could probably pay for it myself, but I'm pg right now, so couldn't get it now anyways. I've been clear of HPV for about 6 months now and since I'm married and therefor should not be exposed to anymore strains, I doubt I will get it. I think it would dend on how my post pregnancy pap goes.
from what i know insurance should either cover it [immediately - no cost to you] or reimburse you.
my dermatologist (who was the one dealing with my hpv) said that there were a few cases where someone getting the vaccine had trouble with outbreaks, but the majority did not have problems, and since the vaccine inspires your immune system, [the people studied] had an easier time clearing existing outbreaks.
of course, if you do an internet search for information, it will tell you that if you've already had an outbreak, the vaccine won't do anything for you. i figure, it's worth a shot. at the very least, if [someone] gets reinfected with hpv, it will prevent the outbreaks from becoming cancerous.

pixie! congrats! this is your second child?
hey octi- did you get your results yet?? i feel so relieved, got mine a few days ago and the nurse told me i had lo-grade lesions, so it was nothing really to worry about. all i have to do is go back in next year for my pap and ask for an hpv test. phew!
Toasty, that's great news! I'm happy for you. (Hm, and again, I'm noticing that all our docs don't have the same story for all of us... my doc, for instance, told me when I had lo-grade abnormalities that I needed to come back for another colpo 6 mo later.)

Thanks a lot for asking about my results. I actually get them back on Wednesday, when my doc is finally back in town. I'm not really nervous yet, and there's probably not much to be nervous about because she said she'd get in touch if it was anything terrible instead of leaving me hanging while she's on vacation, but still, I'll probably be a little freaked out day-of. I'm sure I"ll be back in here, either way...
quick rant on how much i hate it when the lab messes up test results. i had my hiv/syhp/hep c tests done - everything is negative, but the hep c came back inconclusive - so i have to redo it. i looked it up online, and i'm not at risk for hep c but i am soo annoyed that i have to get up early on my day off and have the blood taken out again!
That sucks, p! And it would have been my second child. I ended up miscarrying.
Yikes, Pixie, I'm so sorry to hear you miscarried.
oh no! sorry to hear about the miscarriage:-(
((((Pixie)))) That must be really difficult for you. I'm sorry to hear the news.

(Sorry to double-post... I just felt like the message to pixie deserved its own space, you know?)*

I got good news today! I got my biopsy results back and my dysplasia is still mild... so no surgeries, nothing, just another pap in a year to keep an eye on things.

Also, another useful fact I learned from my doc- Condoms are actually useful even once you already have HPV (for another reason besides preventing getting more strains of it): if your parnter has the same strain you do (likely, if you've been having sex for a while), condoms help keep your continued exposure and hence your viral load down, making it easier for your body to fight the virus.

*ETA: Gosh, I tried to make two separate posts, anyway...
I had a friend who had mild dysplasia, and she saw a good herbalist and started using herbs and suppositories and making some lifestyle changes, and the dysplasia is now gone.
Every freakin' time. This is my third herpes outbreak in as many months. Always right before my period. Even with double the Valtrex. This sucks. Every time it happens I hate my boyfriend and doubt our relationship. Hormones aren't helping any of this. I'm ready to rip off a head.
Pixie, I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage! How are you doing?

Kel, your outbreaks will get less frequent with time. I'm sorry you've got it rough, and I know it sucks, but be patient.

I'm not sure I buy this, but there's a list of lysine/arginine-heavy foods out there in the Interwebs, and apparently a lot of the foods we crave near and during our periods (think chocolate and cheeses) are arginine-heavy, thus contributing to outbreaks. I doubt the thing only because I eat chocolate at least once a week, but my outbreaks are always in the week before my period (like right f'ckn now) whether or not I eat chocolate.
Fuego, I take a lysine supplement everyday. I figure it can't hurt.
I'm freaking out a bit. I few weeks ago I had my blood tested for all sorts of std's. Everything came back negative except for hepatitis C. I just got a call today (I guess it was the last result they got) and they said that it was indeterminate. So now I'm freaking out wondering if I have hep C and also I'll have to wait for them to take my blood all over again and get the test results.

I'm hoping that I don't have it. I've been in a situation like this before only it was with HIV. I had test results that were inconclusive so for two months I was freaking out wondering if I had it but luckily I turned out to be negative. I just talked to a friend of mine and he said that if I had hep C I'd probably already be sick or have some symptoms but I don't know if I believe that.

Anyway, I'm not sure where I'm going with this, I think I just needed to vent.
Egad candycane! I'm so sorry you have to wait this out. I went through a similar thing with HIV this summer, and I was the biggest ball of panic on the planet. I hope everything turns out okay!
Oh, btw. Fuego, I have a question. I thought I was getting an outbreak and had all the symptoms (hence my outraged post a week or so ago). But I never actually broke out. Is that normal? Is it a good sign?
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