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margot, just fyi, something like 80% of all sexually active people have had some strain of HPV at some point or another.

so there's basically an 80% chance that anyone you have sex with already has it. ESPECIALLY guys. because they're completely asymptomatic and don't have a handy dandy yearly checkup for it like we do. at this point i'm willing to assume that every guy i've been with has had it. also, just so you know, it can take years to show up in your system. so it's possible that if you were sexually active before your current guy, you got it ages ago and it's only showing its face now. either way i wouldn't worry too much about the HOW DID I GET THIS STD?! madness. because it's so common you could have gotten it from any partner you've ever had, even from years ago.
Thought I'd give an update. I've been lurking but haven't posted in a while.

So I found my warts at the beginning of April, decided to attack with everything I could think of. Started taking Vit. C, a B complex and sometimes Zinc, thoug not so much on the zinc because it seems to nauseate me. I also started using Aldara cream. It slowly started going away. Somewhere in there after I started all that I decided to try Aloe gel on the off days. And that seemed to work like magic. It definitely made the process speed up. The stuff I had cleared up and I haven't noticed anyhting new so far. *crosses fingers*

Another thing- the Aldara cream came in what was supposed to be single dose packets (12 in the box) but since it cost me $100 (and this was at my reduced cost clinic!), I said screw that and made it last as long as possible only taking out as little as I could get away with, squeezing the packet closed and storing it in a sandwich bag. I only ended up using one packet and had just started on another one. Just an fyi for anyone thinking about trying it. Stupid expensive aldara cream.
angelle321, be careful about taking zinc. Doses over 150 mg a day actually depress the immune system instead of boosting it. Gastroinstestinal upset can be a sign that you are taking too much.

Glad everything cleared up though.
Thanks ladies, for the info and advice.
I'm off to have another colposcopy next week, and will prepare some questions to ask the gyno.
I'll keep checking in here from time to time, as, like I said, I feel a bit alone in this. It doesn't help that I've just emigrated, so am a bit lonely and dwell on stuff too much.
Good luck to all of you in staying healthy.
"I'm feeling really down, and could do with a happily ending story. "

Margot, I hear you. I was feeling the same things you expressed when I was diagnosed with HPV and had a colpo and biopsy a few months ago (I'm sure I'm back there in the archives). One comforting thing my gyno said, which might help you feel a little better, is that every day she sees about 15-20 abnormal paps, yet in her entire 10+ years of working as a gynocologist, she's only seen 3 cases of cervical cancer. And all of those were in women who had not had a pap smear for years and years, and therefore weren't able to realize anything was wrong until it was too late. So the way that I've come to see my HPV/dysplasia is that it's just something that requires extra vigilance and perhaps some (maybe bothersome, maybe expensive) procedures to control things that go wrong, but it is IN NO WAY a cancer sentence or (god forbid) death sentence. It was scary to think of that as a possibility at the beginning, though. Good luck to you and to everyone else dealing with this.
Ach. I'm feeling so hurt and angry at my boyfriend. We've been having problems lately and have talked about breaking up or taking time off, which it seems got him thinking about sleeping with other women in the future. So he tells me last night, as we're laying in bed after kissing and talking: "You know, now that I have HPV, I don't feel like I can ever have sex with another woman ever again, knowing that I might be giving her something that will give her cancer." It made me feel like a leper for having HPV, made me feel shitty that he's thinking concretely about other women he'll be with soon, renewed my concern about my own health in the future, and pissed me off... he has just assumed that I gave it to him, and that he couldn't have possibly given it to me (even though it's not that likely, given the timing of our sex life and my diagnosis) or had it before me. Not to mention, it sucks that he never even mentioned that concern before he and I slept together, let alone just couldn't bring himself to put me at risk (I guess he wasn't educated about it back then?) AND and AND, the stupidest part is that it doesn't matter one bit that he has HPV now that the vaccine hit the market, because any woman he'll be with will either already have HPV or can now prevent getting it from him. I am the only damn person in the situation that this affects. And it affects me in a big way. Is he being as insensitive as I think, or am I just overreacting because this is an important issue to me? This just might be the last straw, the fight that finally breaks us up.
oh honey i am so sorry he said that to you! that was not cool by any means. you are not overreacting at all. even if you are broken up, he should not be already thinking about his 'next conquest' - and then say something to make you feel bad for having something that is really not your fault. (if you read my earlier posts, you will see that i myself felt really unattractive and bad about having hpv....but since my treatments have been working, and i have been making efforts to balance my energy and life, i feel a lot better about things.) the statistics say that 80% of sexually active adults will have HPV in their lifetimes. it's a virus that your body can control. having it does not mean you can never have sex. having it does not mean you will develop cancer (i read on a medical website, i'll have to find it again, that in a 10year period, there is less than 10% chance of developing cancer). let this guy go, and allow in your life a good man who will support you and love you no matter what:-)
Well, octinoxate, you really lifted my spirits earlier, so I'm sorry you're having such a shit time.
Sounds like he's being a bit of a wanker, and trying to guilt-trip you.
Look, you KNOW that he could have had it anyway. As bklnhermit said, blokes don't get a handy check-up. Anyway, you know all that, better than me!
Please don't feel like a leper! I don't know how else to console you, except tell you to read what you wrote earlier.
I get the impression, from my own treatment, that HPV isn't really the issue. As it's SO prevalent and SO contagious, I guess the medical profession assume most people WILL get it at some stage. I guess the issue is making sure women attend their scheduled screenings. As you told me, it's really just a minor hassle in getting stuff seen to. If I wasn't so eager for another baby, I wouldn't be half as annoyed.
I hope you work things out, and either make-up, or break up amicably, but yes, I do think he's being insensitive.
Thanks for the support, ladies. I appreciate the comfort and solidarity... and the fact that you called the guy in question a "wanker" :-) You know, it's ironic: I always thought this guy (who I've known and dated on-and-off for years) *was* a good guy who would love and support me no matter what. But now, as cliched as it is, I find myself in that "I feel like I don't know you anymore" sitaution. I'm halfway waiting for him to call and apologize about things, but I wonder if I should stop holding my breath and just decide to break up already. Anyway, it truly did help to hear from y'all about this.
o.k. girls I first found out I had HPV exactly a year ago. My doctor has been waiting to do a leep because the abnormal cells may go away on its on. So, today I noticed a pimple on my you know! Just one kinda red. Is this a wart?
well it is totally possible to have a pimple or what have you which is not a wart.

also, from what i understand (though i'm still rather fuzzy on this), if your pre-existing issue is the pre-cancerous cervical sort of HPV, that strain does not usually also involve exterior or vaginal warts. now apparently one can have both. but if for a year you've been dealing with abnormal paps and dysplasia and pre-cancerous abnormalities and such, this most likely is not a wart.

the best way to tell informally is to google 'genital warts' or 'hpv' and then run an image search. you should get lots of completely disgusting pictures of what hpv related genital warts typically look like. if your pimple looks nothing like that, it probably isn't a wart.

the absolute best way to know is to ask your doctor if it doesn't go away by itself in a few weeks or if you start getting them a lot.
Always..usually warts are rather whitish. Also the doctors use a vinegar solution to determine if its a wart. The vinegar will turn it white if it's not already. You could have a pimple or maybe even an ingrown hair if you shave in the area it is in.
Hello... I have read through the entre tread and as i understand, the way to determine if a wart is a HPV wart is with the vinegar solution, is this correct? Has any of you done this at home with regular vinegar? or does it has to be a special one. I am freaked out because i got some warts in my inner thigh, and i treated them with a wart remover gel, and i got this horrible scars, probably because i was messing with them, they had white heads and i was able to pull some of them off, some of them had a secretion comming off, like fat or something when i would squeeze them, and other had this actual piece of round flesh inside. i have had this bumps before in the crotch and some one told me it was just like fat or grease form the skin. I think i got those even before i became sexually active, but never in this place or amount.

Now i got a bump in the inner labia, and i wonder if it is the same thing, (which i really don't know what it is) I put vinegar on it (apple cider vinegar, because it was the only thing i had around, at this point i could have rubbed buffalo wing sauce...) and it did not become specially white, not whiter that it was before. It is a little wither than the skin around. I can feel a little ball in there, and if i squezze it it hurts like a zit, but i dont think it is one. I think there was something white comming off the first time i squeezed it.

So my questions for you girls are:

- Can HPV warts be in the inner thigh or are they exclusivelly in the genital area?
- ALL genital warts and bumps are caused by HPV ?
- Is HPV transmited by simple contact, even without actual intercourse?
- How is the vinegar solutiont test be conducted at home?

Thanks for your time and i apologize for being so graphic..

ps. This is a new user name, becauce my old one doesn't work anymore, but i have already introduced my self years ago.
Misspelled...I don't know what the vinegar solution is..I just know the docotr told me that was what they were using.

I would imagine what you were describing on your thighs was zips, ingrown hairs, or possibly even small boils. In my experience, warts generally don't ooze anything. Have you ever seen like a wort on a finger close up? It has what doctors describe as a cauliflower shape. If the genital warts are big enough...they will have the same shape and least mine did.

SO little is known about HPV and how it is spead it is hard answer your other questions. But if you do have a bump on your labia that you are pretty sure is not a zit..I would simply go and have it checked out. Most places like Planned Parenthood work on a sliding scale depending on your could even go to a health clinic or health department. Most of them will also allow you to use a fake name if you are really embarrassed about it.
ALL warts are caused by the HPV virus. Even the ones you'd get on your finger. There are something like, 150 strains of the virus.
The particular strains that cause genital warts don't affect the thigh part of the skin, because they are the type of strain that grow on mucosal membrane regions (gentials, anal, possibly mouth).
Thank you all for your answers!

So then i guess the warts in my thigh are not the same kind in the labia (warts, lumps, whatever they are), so either i have 2 kinds of HPV strains giving me warts, or they may not be warts, they may be some other thing, definitely not ingrown hairs or zits..

I am scheduling an appointment tomorrow with the doctor, but if it turns out to be HPV, will I be able to get rid of the warts with medication? is it like herpes, that eventually my body will become inmune to it ?
Actually, what you have sounds like what I for years thought was warts but is actually molluscum contagiosum. They're definitely more zit-like than actual genital warts, and don't have to occur on the genitals. There is more good info on them (and some icky pix. better photos on the first link) right here.

Of course see a doc, but these sites describe spot-on (okay, pun slightly intended) what I had and were very informative.
umm..pretty gross has to wonder how some of the more sever cases got that way without them getting it treated! Thank God my cooch never looked that bad! I think the most I ever had a time was 3 or 4 small ones.
THANKS a LOT sixelacat! that is exactly what i have, and i scratched and messed so bad that i have scars now, i hope they go away. That site is very informative,i am so glad i came here and posted my question. Did you do something to get rid of that? like medicine or just waited until it went away? Maybe something to strenghten the inmune system , i guess..
I mostly waited for them to go away, misspelled. I did use neosporine on some after I removed that icky inner core bit, and it seemed to help it heal up faster. Totally not doctor recommended or anything, I suck about going to doctors. I'll get a bump or two occasionally still, but they go away if I just leave them alone....
I just wanted to say that you're a genius! I stopped doing the saltwater thing after I noticed that even though they were going away at first, they started coming back and were feeling harder, somehow.
Less than a week ago, I switched to the aloe, and they're almost all gone now. It's amazing.
Glad it helped Saktii! It took me about 2 months to get mine completely gone, but they are and so far *knock on wood* they haven't tried to come back!
has anyone tried tea tree oil? i've been using it lately, after my latest surgery....but i think i'll still need another:-(
I've never heard of using TTO for HPV....I know the girls in the BV thread have used it a lot, but doesn't it mostly just help with smell and discharge?
well, it's supposed to be antiviral, and also does similar things as aloe vera - with antiseptic and cellregenerating abilities....or so i burns like hell though...maybe i should try aloe vera...where can i get good aloe vera to smear on the girlie parts?
i'm going to call my dr to get a scrip for aldara or something - i have been reading that if you join two treatments, the rate of recurrence drops...of course, that may just be in europe....but i've had 2 surgeries in 6 weeks, and i'll probably have to have another.
so sad.
I used banana boat brand...I tried a wal mart brand and it didn't do anything. if it's an internal thing, I wonder if you could douche with the salt water solution Saktii was talking about...of course that may throw everything off down there.
embarrasingly enough, they are in the anal area....the only info i can find pertains to HIV positive men - which is not me. i'll try the aloe vera and the salt water and the TTO...along with my vitamins, maybe something will help?
aloe should work in that area then...I thought since you were having surgeries that the warts were internal.
Actually, I use the aloe inside as well and haven't had any adverse reactions... I should think it would be perfectly safe in and around the anal region, given that's a much less sensitive place than the vaginal canal.
Hey everyone. I just had warts diagnosed on Saturday, and was blasted with nitro. Man that stuff bites! Anyway. Just wanted to come on here to talk a bit about my situation, maybe it will help someone. Yours have helped me, thank you!

I'm single, and have had my fair share of casual encounters. I would like to find something with a lot more potential to get serious, which is good I guess considering my situation! Naturally I worry about the reaction of the potential partner, whenever it is that he comes about. But I'm becoming more and more of a believer, that everything happens for a reason. It's like hpv is forcing me to find someone that could look beyond this sti with the ugly stigma and love me for me. It's really good to see that there are fellas that can be supportive. I myself am well aware of the prevalence of hpv, and the sneakiness of it. But from the people that I know there is much ignorance - which of course is a huge contributor to the bad stigma.

You know what my family doctor said when I first had them checked out and asked what I should tell future partners - she said 'Yeah, they could be hpv. But it's not preventable, and they're just like a wart on your finger.' She pretty well told me that I have no obligation to tell anyone! Man. Some doctors. But then I went to an std clinic where it was diagnosed and treated properly, the nurse there was much better.

Anyway - feedback is appreciated, sorry if I'm being a space hog!
Saktii...I am always just afraid of upsetting the balance of things in there...especially after reading so much in the BV thread.

Bella, I agree with you. I think it is pretty irrisponsible to not tell your partner about it. In my mind if you don't trust your partner enough to tell them, then you probably shouldn't be getting physically intimate with them.

And there is a lot of ignorance out there, even in the medical community. I know someone posted a while back about not having sex while you have visible's never been determined exactly how HPV is transmitted...and I can guarantee you that if I guy I was doing had bumps on his penis, I'd have noticed! I notice veins, freckles, circumcision scars, you name it.
That's understandable... Admittedly, I've never had a yeast infection or a UTI in my life, so I have no knowledge of the kind of discomfort these things must cause
That's understandable... Admittedly, I've never had a yeast infection or a UTI in my life, so I have no knowledge of the kind of discomfort these things must cause
yeah the surgery is internal but there is some external issues....i figure if TTO or aloe vera or both help heal, then they can also help prevent abnormal cells from growing....maybe i'm just being hopeful...
Hey everyone -

i'm not sure if someone else has already asked this question, but i'll go ahead and do it again:

i've started to see this guy recently, and last night he sat me down and nicely disclosed to me that he has genital herpes. i've done some online research and understand the technical side of it, but what i want to know is the real-life stuff: how do you deal with it, any tips you might have for dating someone with it...

Mary...I don't know that much about herpes other than I would definitely insist on using condoms. I belive there is another thread in this section called" I just got diagnosed with herpes" I bet you would find better information in there.
Mary, the herpes thread has been really quiet, lately. I'll go bump it for you.

I've got herpes and will do my best to answer if you want to PM me with any questions. There's also a really informative and helpful website,, that has a support forum if you want more people to talk to about it.
I'm new, but had a relating question. I have this zit/wart thing not sure what it is but its on my inner leg right where my panty line is. Its not really hard, in fact its pretty soft and pink/redish and pretty big to be a zit i think....anyone know what this could be?
Pink, it sounds to me like more of an ingrown hair, do you shave there? I get those. I did want to write though, as I was reading below someone describing things on their thighs, that it's absolutely possible to have hpv related warts on thighs. I had at least was very small and flesh colored, but it was a wart nontheless. I think it's always better to go to a Dr to have it diagnosed...because my gyno also told me that touching them can spread them. But of couse the health insurance situation being the way it is today...that is sadly not always an option for people.
Its really raised though and very soft. I'm not sure if I shave that far over either, cause its lower on the panty line? I thought ingrown hairs were more rigid. Plus it doesn't itch and is only painful when irritated, unfortunately being on the panty line this more often then I would like. Wish I could go around with no pants on:P
Pink, it doesn't sounds like a wart since it's not the right color for it. If it's not an ingrown hair, it could also be folliculitis, which is basically an infection of your hair follicle(s) caused by exposure to bacteria. If that's the case, the best thing to do is keep it nice and clean (using antibacterial soap) and dry. You can also make a wet compress for it a couple times a day, but I don't know offhand how (you have to make some sort of vinegar solution)... the most important thing would be to not scratch it or fool around with it because then it can spread. If it doesn't go away, or if it does spread, you'd need to get on an antibiotic.

Of course, it may or may not be folliculitis. There are all sorts of weird bumps and irritation you can get down there, many of which are not serious at all and nothing to worry about (though nothing to ignore, either). Get to a doctor if you can if it doesn't go away. Also, I love WebMD so much. I bet you can read about folliculitis there and maybe find some pics to compare to what you've got.

And to prevent that irritation... how about going around in a skirt and no panties? Enjoy summer weather :-)
great news! i went in for my follow up, and i don't have to have more surgery!!
thanks, busties, for listening to me and lending a shoulder to cry on!:-)
woo hoo! go p_176!

i almost abbreviated it to just 'p', and then i realized that 'go p!' is probably not so much congratulatory as some kind of weird order from your bladder.
sorry to interrupt when i'm kind of a stranger, but this all worries me a bit.

don't put anything up the pooter!!!!!

the vagina is a self-cleaning oven that takes very good care of itself, and even neutral-seeming things like aloe can interrupt the natural balance of fauna that have set up camp in there. any kind of douche, any kind of cream, whatever - if you have an active yeast infection, then and only then should you put anything inside there. mostly if you leave her to do her job, she'll do it.

be kind of your vagina and she will be kind to you.

For internal HPV, the colposcopy (vinegar wash) and biopsy are actually curative as well as diagnostic - taking a chunk of tissue draws the attention of the immune system and helps it to clear things up.


You're no stranger! ::smooch:: How have you been? I haven't seen you here in a long time, woman. I'm sending you a PM. This is too exciting!
Just found this-what do people think?

HPV Cancer Vaccine Recommended for All Girls
AXcess News - Carson City,NV,USA
... HPV would be the first vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease on the list of immunizations all children should get, whose main goal is to prevent cancer ... The committee's recommendation is a first and is expected to be readily accepted by the Health and Department of Health and Human Services as well as the nation's physicians shortly thereafter.

HPV would be the first vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease on the list of immunizations all children should get, whose main goal is to prevent cancer. The vaccine is also the first to target one sex. But its drawback is its cost. HPV would become the most expensive of the 16 vaccines on the Health Department's immunization schedule.

A Net conference is slated to be held July 7 at 12pm Eastern time to discuss immunization of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), cervical cancer, and HPV vaccine and recommendations titled "Current Issues in Immunization." The one-hour session will focus on emerging immunization topics. (Click here to register)

Human papillomavirus is the name of a group of viruses that includes more than 100 different strains or types. More than 30 of these viruses are sexually transmitted, and they can infect the genital area of men and women. Most people who become infected with HPV will not have any symptoms and will clear the infection on their own, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted Thursday to recommend that a newly licensed vaccine designed to protect against human papillomavirus virus (HPV) be routinely given to girls when they are 11-12 years old. The ACIP recommendation also allows for vaccination of girls beginning at nine years old as well as vaccination of girls and women 13-26 years old. HPV is the leading cause of cervical cancer in women.

According to the ACIP's recommendation, three doses of the new vaccine should be routinely given to girls when they are 11 or 12 years old. The advisory committee, however, noted that the vaccination series can be started as early as nine years old at the discretion of the physician or health care provider. The recommendation also includes girls and women 13-26 years old because they will benefit from getting the vaccine. The vaccine should be administered before onset of sexual activity (i.e., before women are exposed to the viruses), but females who are sexually active should still be vaccinated.

"This vaccine represents an important medical breakthrough," said Dr. Anne Schuchat, director of CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. "As a result, these vaccine recommendations address a major health problem for women and represent a significant advance in women's health. It has been tested in thousands of women around the world and has been found to be safe and effective in providing protection against the two types of HPV that cause most cervical cancers."

Gardasil, manufactured by Merck, is the first vaccine developed to prevent cervical cancer due to HPV.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States, More than 20 million men and women in the United States are currently infected with HPV and there are 6.2 million new infections each year. HPV is most common in young women and men who are in their late teens and early 20s. By age 50, at least 80 percent of women will have acquired HPV infection.

"Although an effective vaccine is a major advance in the prevention of genital HPV and cervical cancer, it will not replace other prevention strategies, such as cervical cancer screening for women or protective sexual behaviors," said Dr. Schuchat "Women should continue to get pap tests as a safeguard against cervical cancer."

i'm excited about the vaccine, even if i can't get it. it's an important step in preventing CANCER. i think it's amazing that people don't all want this vaccine because it's related to sex.
I think it's a great step. I'm happy for all the girls who won't have to go through some of these things we've talked about on the board. (And worse.)

I want to get it to protect against the other cancer-related strain of HPV that I may not yet have, as well as the warts strain. Will they do this? Anyone know where it's available? (Is Planned Parenthood on this yet?) And how expensive it would be?
Hey girls! I'm back from my self imposed hiatus! Congratulations P_176! That is great news! I knwo how important that is for you!
pinkitty...what you are describing sounds like a boil to me. I get them sometimes in areas where my skin rubs and sweat gathers. They usually go away on thier own. Keeping it dry and not messing with it, will help it heal faster.

As for teh mom, not knowing I have HPV went off about how they didn't need the vaccine if everyone would just not sleep around. I just rolled my eyes and said, yes, but mom this virus is so common you have it...she was like "WHAT!"...yeah mom..HPV strains cause hand warts too! She was shocked and shut up really quick.
Soooo, I have an idea that I would like to propose. I think it would be a good idea if people registered their sexual parts w/ the Health Department. We could all carry around a card that lists our STD's and we would have to get it updated yearly. It would not be illegal for you not to update the card but you may not get laid as often as you'd like if people demanded that it be current. I know it seems rather invasive but I think it would protect a lot of people from serious STD's. bad idea????
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