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I use olive oil and/or jojoba oil. They're great. I just steam my face a bit, put the oil on, gently cleanse with a washcloth, and voila! If it still feels too icky, you can clean with a mild soap, either before or after using the oil. I like to do it before, since I have dry skin and that way I can take full advantage of the nice oil.
wow... ok, ok, chacha has officially evangelized me. where can you get castor oil?

this sounds interesting and worth a try, and relatively unwasteful (newspeak, wow) if it doesn't work out as i can just mix up a few days' worth with olive oil to start.
Most health food stores carry a castor oil for use as a heat treatment/inflamation reducer. It's pure with no preservatives added, and not expensive. Jojoba oil is a good choice because it is quite stable: it doesn't go rancid as quickly as some other oils do. It's also not very expensive and its very nice to the skin.

Yes, you can mix a little bit to try it out first, use the olive oil you buy to eat (you don't have to get another bottle if you've already got good olive oil in the house). Hope you like it!
i just tried the olive oil alone -- i figure if i'm going to be breakouty for the first few days anyway, why wait till i find the castor oil.

so far, so good. i don't feel like i have any more buildup than usual, and it's definitely better than the castile/tea tree junk i just tossed. my face feels lovely and smooth. i'm a bit worried that, due to living in dirty, sooty new york city, this will be good for the oil but not for the dirt. i'm also wondering if i'll have time to do the pore-steaming every morning before work, so this may be only a sometimes thing. either way, total thumbs up so far.

and it can only get better with castor oil, right?

omigod, i think you might have completely rocked my skincare world, chacha...
Weird coincidence that I clicked on this thread for the first time.

The method chachaheels is described I've seen called OCM or Oil Cleansing Method. I tried it for a few months and loved it, and then I switched from jojoba to olive oil. That didn't work out so well. My face broke out horribly and two months later (and after switching back to Proactiv) I'm still struggling with clearing it up.

I could go back to the mix that I knew worked: 75% castor oil to 25% jojoba oil with a bit of vitamin E oil. But I'm scared to do that now, and the Proactiv should have gotten it back under control by now but it hasn't. Others have reported similar acnetastic results from olive oil, but I don't know of anyone who could tell me how to get my face back on track. :-( Any thoughts, anyone?
I'd go back to the oil mix that worked, amywoman...because the fact is, it worked. Olive oil works for some people, others not so well (just as for some people, it's a great oil for health--for others, it can hinder metabolism drastically). The jojoba seemed to work better for you when mixed with the castor oil, so it couldn't hurt to try it again. Adding the vitamin E is a great idea too: wonderful natural preservative for the mix, and it is such a healing, restorative oil.

As for the proactive, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the whole idea behind that product to dry your skin out (which will then force it to produce even more sebum, and since your skin wasn't functioning optimally before, wouldn't that just create havoc as a result? Just asking...).

The steaming part of the regime is only a minute or so long--I usually do this in the shower, while conditioner is sitting on my head. Don't worry about the oil: it dissolves things like make-up and greasiness. Those expensive cleansing milks sold by all of the high-end cosmetics companies are all set up to work on the same principle--but they have to put preservatives and derivatives in their mixtures, things you don't really need. The simple method is just oil, water, and steam. It will do the trick, too.

The Proactiv doesn't really dry out my skin much unless I use the lotion. In general I don't for that very reason. The idea behind it mostly is to exfoliate and kill bacteria with benzoyl peroxide. As BP products go, it's pretty mild. Or it is for me - it irritates other people I know.

I did try going back to the OCM with no olive oil but I continued to break out just as badly, as if I were still using the olive oil. To be honest, though, I had added tea tree oil and grapeseed oil into that mix. Maybe I can't handle tea tree oil either. Going back to Proactiv has vastly improved things but I'm still breaking out pretty badly.

The castor/jojoba/vit E oil combo did work, but my acne was pretty under control already anyway with the proactiv. I'm still considering going back to the original mix, but I'm very nervous. I feel as though I have ruined my face. :-(
my report on the visibly even line (of neutrogena, by heylady):

the cleanser is great. although i have dry skin, i NEED a foamy cleaser in order to make me FEEL like i've cleaned all the schmutz off my face. this stufff does that, AND it makes me all soft and flake-free. it is the only stuff that has made me feel like i have the way-uncommon, much talked-about normal skin.

the moisurizer is just moisturiz-y enough for spring and summer months, but you may need to kick it up a knotch for fall/winter (if you have dry skin like me). it really just smells like i'm doing something right. all soy-talked about and good.

as far as making things look more even,,,yes, i have more of a "healthy glow" rather than an "alcoholic flush" these days. does nothing for dark circles, though. i don't know about pregnancy spots, as i've never been.

crossing in don't hate me thread.
I have dry cheeks, oily t-zone and sensitive skin that tans AND scars easily (my father in N african my mother is Sioux indian)
I use 100 percent organic Jojoba oil mixed with an vitamn e oil caplet. Then I go into the shower to let it open my pores. Rinse it off and dry myself off. I have SEVERE exzema and am allergic to EVERYTHING. But this works like a dream its been 5 months, and little or no pimples. When I have the periodhell I use Benzoyl Peroxide at night. But for the most part if you keep up with an oil that works for your face it helps to keep the skin clean, soft and smooth. For Benzoyl peroxide I highly recommend SAGE at

I use Jason's tea tree hand and face wash, apricot scrubble and witch aloe gel. My skin has looked pretty good. I used to use Body Shop until they sold to Loreal.
I also use queen helene mint julep mask.
the body shop sold? :-(

i don't know why that makes me so sad, as i never shopped there much, but it does.

How would one go about starting a regimen to get rid of a serious blackhead problem? My boyfriend has finally agreed to let me help him with his blackhead issues (mainly on his nose, but it's ALL over his nose!) and I was going to do the steam-y hot water thing, then a Biore strip, then one of those blackhead masks. Any other ideas? Is there some kind of leave on treatment I can do? I have a moisturizer with salicylic acid in it- would that help? I know it probably won't go away after just one try- how often should we repeat? Once a week?
Polly, that blackhead thing will diminish with some gentle exfoliation... Aveeno has those nice pads with soy extract cleansers. You are on the right track with the Biore strips, extra fun on guys, too, if ya get off on geeking out over the little forest of pore goo after ya peel 'em off... LOL! I know that's totally gross, but whatta rush of instant gratification for getting all that crud out! The Body Shop also makes a good tea tree oil nose and chin mask.
*tiptoes into thread* the only thing that will really get rid of stubborn blackheads it a topical vitamin A treatment like retin-A. trust me when i say that i have tried every strip and mask there is to get rid of the ones on my nose. my doctor told me that retin-A will help with acne and unclog the pores so the blackheads are easier to extract and it will keep new ones from cropping up. right now i am using cleocin-t for acne that kills the bacteria on the skin. with insurance it only cost me $8.

*tiptoes out*
polly - my favorite mask is the "Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask" - I've found it at whole foods and wilad oats stores for about $7 a tub. But you use a teaspoon full of powder and mix it with apple cider vinegar into a medium thick paste, and slather it on your face - let it harden for about 30 minutes and then wash off. I call it the "hoover your face" mask because it does exactly that, and you can feel your face pulsating! It makes your face very red the first couple times you do it, because its really deep cleaning, but its really pretty gentle. I follow that with swabbing on organic rosehip seed oil for moisturizer - the oil helps reduce acne scars, and keeps your pores clean.

I do the facial mask about twice a week.
I recently discovered that very mask at Henry's, which is the equivlent of Wild Oats here and I LOVE it! I mix in a few drops of an organic tea tree/lavender essential oil blend, and some honey along with the raw apple cider vinegar. I follow up w/ a few drops of organic jojoba oil for moisturizer. I've been thinking about trying out other things, perhaps some yogurt or lemon juice.
mmm....good idea with the essential oils and honey...I'll have to try that. I love it because its improved my skin SO much, and its cheap - a tub pretty much lasts me a year. Actually, I think I'll go put one on now. ;)
I had super bad skin when I was younger. So bad that I would come home from school crying because I just felt freakish and ugly. And this wasn't when I was like 15 or 16 either..nooo mine had to start early when I was around 12 or so. I swear I got my first zit in like the 4th grade. How freaking unfair is that?!

Anyways I tried everything short of prescriptions. Probably partly good luck that when I was around 15 or so my skin started clearing up on it's own with little damage from the hell I had endured previously. These days I still have good and bad days with it, but for the most part it's good. I try to keep my routine simple.

Wash my face with Equate Gentle Skin Cleaser (Walmart knock off of Cetaphil, I like it better than real Cetaphil for some rason) maybe with a little bit of jojoba oil mixed in there.

If I do a scrub occassionaly white sugar mixed with cleanser.

Moisturize....St. Ives Stress Gel or if my skin is being super dry Nivea Creme.

I still use benzoyl peroxide as a treatment for pimples. I've been using it over 10 years now I think but it still works great for me.
Yep. Benzoyl peroxide most definitly works for me too. Retinol's also good. (Retin-A/vit-A). Yet the most efficient product is Obagi. Its pretty strong but its works almost all skin disorders, be it melasma, chloasma, hyperpigmentation, lesions, and pimples. I'd definitly recommend it to everyone who's looking to have good skin.
I just bought a bottle of Proactiv's salicylic acid body lotion, which, I hope, doubles as a decent facial lotion as well. I loved, loved, loved Neutrogena's Clear Pore, and of course it was discontinued, so this better be THE ONE. (The new Neutrogena stuff is loaded with alcohol and smells like chemical garbage.)

Anyway, the Proactive kiosk at the mall: the salesman (who had horrible acne, by the way) totally gives me the hard sell. I'm thirty-three-years-old, I think I know my own skin. I have a slight bit of rosacea, cannot use benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid (the difference between salicylic acid and glycolic acid, other than salicylic acid exfoliates inside the pore is that salicylic acid is closely related to asprin; ergo, it's good at reducing inflammation as well), and mechanical scrubs (the kind with grains of sand or peach pits). Spot wants to sell me the matching cleanser (um...the active ingredients are largely ineffective in a wash-off cleanser) and a scrub, which I repeatedly told him I cannot use. He also reminded me how important it is to "wash my face." NO SHIT SHERLOCK! When I told him about the rosacea, and how the fewer products I put on my face, the better, he carefully repeated the word syllable by syllable: "RO-SAY-SHA," as if he didn't quite follow me. Right.

The product itself is fairly light, and no weird reaction so far. It does have a light scent, which is a bit "retro" and not in a good way.
QUOTE(turbojenn @ May 14 2006, 11:51 PM) *

polly - my favorite mask is the "Aztec Secret Healing Clay Mask" - I've found it at whole foods and wilad oats stores for about $7 a tub. But you use a teaspoon full of powder and mix it with apple cider vinegar into a medium thick paste, and slather it on your face - let it harden for about 30 minutes and then wash off. I call it the "hoover your face" mask because it does exactly that, and you can feel your face pulsating! It makes your face very red the first couple times you do it, because its really deep cleaning, but its really pretty gentle. I follow that with swabbing on organic rosehip seed oil for moisturizer - the oil helps reduce acne scars, and keeps your pores clean. <BR> <BR>I do the facial mask about twice a week.

I adore that mask so deeply. It is the best skin thing to ever happen to me.
YAY! My friend told me once a month is good, but I am totally addicted to how it makes me look so now I can go crazy with it once a week. It feels so damn weird, huh?
Since there's been some discussion here of salicylic acid/glycolic acid and the like I'm hoping there will be suggestions for me here:

I've been using an oil-free facial moisturiser containing about 10% glycolic acid for some time (Neostrata, which is a Canadian brand so might not be familiar to people from the US here) and it's been working pretty well, but after a year of it I'm getting a bit disenchanted, or maybe it's just not working as well anymore. (Also, I think it went off during the heat wave a couple of weeks ago - it's OK now, but *reeked* when I put it on, so I switched to some generic stuff lying around. I'm speculating it has something to do with glycolic acid coming from sugar cane).

I use it primarly for exfoliation of certain areas of my face like under my chin that seem to get rough/dry and need more exfoliation than can be achieved with scrubs and such. So, does anyone know of a good exfoliating moisturiser? It has to be oil-free because I break out with anything heavy or containing oil. Would salicylic acid work too?
I'm thrilled with Serious Skin Care .. it can be bought off their homepage or off of HSN (Canadian version of that too).

I have super sensitive skin and their sensitive line uses glucosamine for exfoliation and it's really great. I also discovered that washing my face daily isn't all that great for it so I use a pumpkin scrub that they have every other day in the morning and then just a washcloth and water on the off days and it seems to help a lot.

I haven't found anything yet that I don't like of theirs...
Zawandi... salicylic acid (BHAs) are known for exfoliating the inside of the pore so to speak, so they're pretty good about keeping skin clear (unless of course you are typically allergic to them, like me lol)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or works like one right? AHAs exfoliate the top layer of skin, ect.

Send you want to improve skin texture I would stick with AHAs. You might just need to try a different brand. I used Walgreens store brand of their AHA cream for a long time and after a while it just seemed to stop working. Not sure why but it wasn't the greatest anyways. Alpha Hydrox is a good line of AHA products and they do have an oil free moisturizer.

Here is the brand website for some reference

That said...I'm still searching for that Aztec Clay stuff...can't find it anywhere. Last time I saw it I was in Wisconsin....far from there now lol Might have to order it online or something.

Pretty lax on skincare these days...but my skin is behaving so hey...guess I'm lucky right now. I know this is totally "Um duh stupid" but quitting smoking=best thing I ever did for my skin.

Been using Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion on my legs...makes them feel like velvet...well got brave and decided to try a little on my face. It only takes a teeny little dot of the stuff. It has AHAs in it and made my legs feel and look so great I only dreamed of what it could do for my face so I tried it. Best moisturizer ever, for my face and body. My pores are finally looking smaller and my skin healthier.

thanks aliboo, i'll be keeping an eye out for the alpha hydrox oil-free stuff. i love AHAs.
I've been having some serious issues with my skin lately and I just don't understand why. I didn't change my routine and I've suddenly had some of the worst breakouts I think I ever remember having. I'm not liking it.
angelle, can you go to the dermatologist? Tell us what your problem is. I'm a skin care fanatic. I might be able to help?
QUOTE(angelle321 @ Aug 21 2006, 05:48 PM) *

I've been having some serious issues with my skin lately and I just don't understand why. I didn't change my routine and I've suddenly had some of the worst breakouts I think I ever remember having. I'm not liking it.

Hon, I feel for you. I am exactly the same way. I don't know what issues you're referring too, but my skin is very sensitive. I had the worst breakout in a long time last week, and I think it was a combination of allergy and hormones.
i have horrible skin angelle so i feel your pain. stress triggers my biggest breakouts so i try to eat healthier/drink more water, which i know is kinda a catch-22 cause when im stressed i usually don't have the time to do those things...

there was recently a study that linked consumption of dairy products to breakouts. i cut out dairy pretty much from my diet (save for the rare cream in my coffee) and i think its working.

also, a more drastic dietary change is the perricone acne diet. ive done it but i just CANNOT stick to such a prescribed way of eating. i would rather have acne than get no joy from food. i get back on it once in a while though if my skin is going insane or i have some huge event.

Yeah, ferraro's right - some acne is defintiely hormonally related, but diet is a major contributor. Your skin is part of your lymph system, and is charged with releasing toxins if your liver and pancreas can't handle acne is the result. Certainly things you put on your skin can also cause breakouts, too. Dairy is one of the most difficult foods for your body to break down, regardless of whether you have a sensitivity to it, and if you combine a lot of dairy foods with stress, not drinking enough water, eating a lot of can end up on your skin.

Angelle - have there been any changes in how you've been eating, or an increase in stress?
No changes, which is why this has both baffled and annoyed me. Stupid breaking out skin. >:(

Though I didn't think I ate all that much dairy, I do have a fondness for cheese. So I'll try less cheese, more water. This means I'll be peeing all the damn time. I know it's supposed to get easier as the body gets used to it but I still fell like I'm always peeing when I start drinking more water.
Strange, angelle...perplexing indeed. Yeah, you will have to pee more for awhile. But if you consistently drink 80oz water for a few weeks, you'll reach full cellular hydration, and then you won't pee as takes awhile of really consistent water intake, though.
huh, that sucks that things seem to have gotten bad for no reason. maybe it will pass just as it came then. my fingers are crossed.

turbo, any other ideas on foods to avoid? i seem to do better when i have a list of foods NOT to eat rather than foods i feel i SHOULD eat, if that makes any sense. i work a crazy busy job and just generally suck at cooking so i eat a lot of processed foods which isnt good.
Sometimes it's not about what foods to avoid, but what foods to add!

I'm always amazed by what changes when we get the proper amount of fats in our diets--improved skin texture and appearance being one of the prime benefits. Adding really pure omega 3 fats and omega 6 fats (particularly if there is a change in acne appearances as a result of hormones) makes a huge difference for so many people.

You can use flax seed oil (pure, expeller pressed, kept in the freezer) and oil of evening primrose (keep this in the fridge) on a daily basis to really make a difference here. If you don't want to take two different oil capsules every day, you can get a good "combination" product like Efamol's Efalex complex, which has fish oil omega 3's and oil of evening primrose as your omega 6. Cod liver oil capsules are rich with omega 3's, lots of vitamin A, and lots of vitamin D--so good for skin health they are a necessity.

Drinking lots of water is a great idea too--but not too much, that only serves in depleting nutrients from the body if you do it long term. If you're really dehydrated (and you'd know, you'd feel migraines, have very dry, flakey skin) you need to replenish and retain water--so add a tiny amount of salt to the water you drink for a glass or two each day until you feel like you can go back to drinking six to eight 8 oz glasses of water per day.

Skin symptoms always become worse before becoming better (it's a sign that your body has stepped up efforts to work more effectively) so stick with your dietary decisions for a while before "giving up".
thanks chacha. i will totally pick your recommendations up next time i'm at the grocery store!

also, has anyone tried the amazing ZENO? according to the woman at walgreens you put it on your zit and zap it and it heals way faster and is less likely to leave a mark. anyone tried yet?

i went to a derm once who used something like this and it was effective but its $150... which is a lot of money. then again, if it works, i would totally be willing to shell out that much.

i love this thread. so helpful.

so, i've spent the last year shacked up with my dermie. downing all kinds of pills and doing laser treatments to help with my cystic acne. i had a flare up when i was 19/20 years old. i went on accutance for 3 months. the lowest dosage. things cleared. used all kinds of treatments off and on. skin looked great. then, when i turned 30, things got worse all of a sudden. terrible. the worst my skin has ever been. although, i do have to be thankful it is not as bad as my father's acne, but worse enough.

i'm nearing the end of my treatments and i've seen an improvement. but, i've been itching to keep things simple and more organic. my acne was caused by a combination of stress, hormones, and bacteria. part of me thinks some of my skin got more aggravated as a result of the medication i used on my face this past year. plus, i get overzealous in application. i tend to believe more is better, which was not good.

this thread helped inspire me to follow through on some of the suggestions of you Busties. so, what advice do you ladies have for a cleanser, moisturizer, and mask for me? i have a oily t-zone and normal cheeks. blackheads have always been a problem for me. i've noticed that as i've gotten older (i'm 31) that the texture of my skin cannot handle grainy exfoliaters/cleasners. my skin is very sensitive. i'm trying to find things with less chemicals, ingredients, and just overall healthier for my skin. plus, i've read that the less ingredients the better it is.

i'd appreciate any advice.
well, while i haven't gotten any responses. i will say that i went ahead with the whole castor oil/extra virgin olive oil with a little vitamin E...and after using 1 day...i'm already noticing a good way....that's pretty cool. i even have a mixture in a spray bottle. i just spray the mixture in my hand and spread it on. thinking about how it is meant to work...i apply some to my upper chest, shoulders, and back...which has worked wonders...i kept thinking about how the estheticians would work on this area during a, i make sure to massage deeply for 5-10 min to make sure it is fully absorbed into my skin, massaging in a downward motion...

i hope this helps anyone else reading this posts.
good to know that it's helping! i've been meaning to try some of the oil suggestions on here, but just haven't gotten around to shopping for the stuff.

i have horribly horribly dry flaky skin, and i tried baking soda as an exfoliant--people here had said it was really effective but i have low expectations of skin regimes! i didn't have any cetaphil so i tried it with my usual face cleanser, since that stuff is generally alkaline's not perfect, but it's much more effective than anything else i've used to exfoliate, and i've tried all sorts of scrubs. and baking soda is so cheap!
Hey stargazer, there is a whole thread here on the longhair community message board about the OCM or Oil Cleansing Method. I've been using it at night for a week now, alternating with Natures Gate Acne system in the morning and I can say the flakiness seems to be easing up. Unfortunately your face does tend to go a bit haywire the first few weeks when you do use the castor oil because it draws out all the impurities deep below, bringing them to the surface. My face is certainly flaring up acne wise, but honestly no worse than when I've begun any new regimen. And I like that I really can see a difference in the texture and look of my skin overall. I can tell that my skin likes the combo of Castor/Jojoba/Extra Virgin Olive oil plus a couple of drops of lavender/tea tree essential oil blend. I have horrendous acne regardless of what I do, and it's also prone to flakiness and really sensitive so I am excited about this. I also recommend bentonite clay masks. I bought a tub at my local natural foods store and it's marvelous. It's good at drawing stuff out of your pores as well. I mix it with apple cider vinegar, a few drops of the tea tree/lavender blend, and sometimes a few drops of honey which is a natural anti-bacterial and humectant. You are right about massaging it in for a good while, and do you you steam rinse it off? I've found that for sensitive skin like mine, warm water is better than hot, and one of those microfiber cloths works great. I also follow up with just a couple drops of the Jojoba after if my face feels like it needs it, and then I use a facial mist made with heavy water (D20) or some Evian mist. Oh and it's also worth mentioning that it's a good idea to look for cold pressed castor oil as opposed to the stuff you can buy in the laxative section in drug stores, because those are extracted using chemicals and can cause skin flare ups even worse.
Can I offer some words of encouragement?

Skin symptoms of any kind--acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dry scaling, etc, etc, etc...all MUST get worse before they become better.

In fact, the "getting worse" part lets you know the skin is actually doing it's job as an organ much more energetically than it was before, when the problems started (and the skin was actually failing at its work). Once it starts to do this, it will take care of whatever symptoms you have on its own, and very effectively.

So: just keep doing what you're doing and hang in there. Sometimes you'll see things flare up and then clear up rather quickly. Sometimes things will take longer, but they'll be resolved in a way that will make you very pleased.

Yuefie, those suggestions you have are excellent--I've found using essential oils with the skin oils does work very well to address various skin ailments. Tea tree oil, for example, is a good essential oil to blend with the castor/jojoba oil (or whatever oil you like) if you've got rosacea, which is basically a fungal infection on the skin; lavender oil is also very good for acne and dryness (plus it is extremely relaxing).

And choosing the highest quality, purest oil (not the stuff that's chemically processed) is always a must.
the OCM link below didn't work for me, but i found another:

i need to read more and figure out what sort of mix to use--maybe castor oil/ olive oil/rosehip seed oil/lavender for superdry skin? something like that. i remember there being talk on this thread of how wonderful rosehip seed oil was...i hope it's still in the archives.

ETA: the archives are limited, but i'd bookmarked a site that had been recommended for buying oils:

haven't tried it yet, but i think i will now, since being reminded by this forum and having horrible horrible skin today!

also, how often do people do OCM?
I don't know if this has been addressed already, but what type of product should you use if your skin is pretty much flawless except for the cheeks? (i get like bumps only on the cheeks and i will pop them and they leave a mark) the skin smooths back out but there are marks on the cheek area)
Also, has anyone tried the new Oil of Olay cleanse and hydrate face wash, or the Oil of Olay Definity products???
i get red beginnings-of-zits on my cheeks, and i use kiss my face breakout on them. it seems to get rid of most of them, as well as other little zits that are just starting up.

other busties might have better advice though, since i have more probs with dry skin than with zits...
thank you Busties for your advice and words of encouragement!

chacha~i definitely needed your words today 'cause i do have some breakouts as a result of the change in my method. but, i told myself it will take time to work itself out and to have patience.

even though i am having initial breakouts as a result of using oils on my face, i do notice that my skin is healing at a faster rate. and the breakouts i have are in the areas where there was acne simmering. i haven't broken out in any different or new places. my neck, chest, back area are doing great as well.

yuefie~i went to whole foods and purchased my oils. i got a cold compressed castor oil sold in their beauty/health aisle. thanks for the suggestions about adding different oils to my mixture. i'm gonna use this method for the 1st month to give my skin a chance to adjust to using castor/extra virgin oil/vitamin E mix.

i use the steam method to rinse my face off. i don't wipe or rub off...i merely press my skin gently with a face cloth. i do this method in the AM and PM. i've noticed my face is not as oily. in fact, it seems pretty balanced. i'm gonna wait to buy a clay mask. it seems like this method alone is working on cleaning out my pores. it is like cha cha said...all you need is steam and oil to have great skin. i'm trying not to be so aggressive and harsh with my skin anymore by not overcomplicating things.
For great skin, try the COQ10 Facial Cleansing Milk by Avalon Organics. I used to have pretty bad acne and this stuff has really worked well to make my skin super nice.

Also, for breakouts, try Nelson's Acne Gel. It is homeopathic and works well if you use it as soon as you start to get a zit. It is nice and tingly too.
I got a cream on QVC that has stem cells in it and it works awesom!
revive! skin care talk!

someone recommended lush's skin drink cream to me quite a while ago, and i finally bought some. i have really really really dry flaky skin, and i just can't seem to tame the dryness. although the lush cream is not the miracle i was hoping it would be, it's probably the best facial cream i've ever used (and that's saying a LOT). it's soft and thick (which i need) but doesn't give me zits, which is pretty amazing. (even though my skin is dry, too much oil and i get zits)

i also got dream cream and it's alarming how quickly i'm going through the tub, but my skin does seem softer and more resilient, more so than with typical body creams. i'm going to ask for more dream cream for christmas, because though it's expensive, it seems like it's worth it.

does anyone have other recommendations for lush skin products that they adore? it seemed like there were lots of lush groupies on this forum. smile.gif my mom wants me to make up a christmas list of possibilities, and i'm curious to try other products.

i never did get to doign the OCM method because i got obsessed with my lush stuff, but i got the aztec clay mask that had been recommended on here seemed promising but it was incredibly lumpy when i tried to mix it up, so i'm afraid i didn't mix it right. any tips on mixing up that powder so it isn't madly lumpy?

update on baking soda scrub, if anyone's curious: i'm still doing it once or twice a week, and it does help some. it seems gentle and worthwhile to do. lots of storebought scrubs break me out (or don't seem worth sticking with), so they're just sitting in a drawer. i did love the gingerbready/orangey smell of the burt's bees one though, and it makes your skin supersoft.

annelise~are you using raw apple cider vinegar or water? it use the vingear and the mixture is not lumpy. what do you mix with the baking soda for your exfoliator?

uh, i wish i could use products on my face. i'm too sensitive and acne prone.
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