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Did someone say LUSH junkie?! Here I am!

Yep, stargazer's right - mix the aztec with cider vinegar, and I usually use about 1 rounded tsp of clay to 1.5 tsp vinegar, so its just a touch on the thin side, and easy to spread on your face. I love the aztec! For a more luxurious face mask experience, I adore LUSH's biofresh masks (you can only get them at the stores), and Brazened Honey is my favorite.

Dream Cream is indeed amazing - I actually have been using it on my face as well, since I'm out of Cosmetic Lad, the moisturizer I usually use on my face, and its been wonderful! I also adore the Pied de Pepper foot cream - it smells of cinnamon and vanilla, and I put it on right before bed and it keeps my feet soft!

My other true obsession is their bubble bars....I like 'em all, but the Marathon, and the Holiday Bubble bar are my absolute favorites!

I think I'll run off and aztec my face now!

mm, lush's biofresh face masks are gorgeous. i like ultrabland as well, myself - and thier tea tree toner (which i must get more of, i use it as an antiseptic when the hound scratches himself). And the bubble bars... and flying fox shower gel. I too am a lush junkie.
what a great idea, mornington - I'd never thought of using tea tree toner on the pupper - I shall do that from now on. Poor thing has a bad rash of little nicks around his paws and ankles from all the ice here. I'll never understand what's so difficult about shoveling your sidewalk in a timely fashion.

I think we should start our own club - LUSH Hounds! heh. I cannot stay away from the stuff...its a bank account decimating addiction!
I'm honestly debating making him some booties. he hates getting his feet wet. I use it to clean his ears too - on cotton wool. It does a better job than water... and the lady in lush recommended it for the antiseptic thing.

I'm imposing a ban on lush for me... I just can't afford all of it. I'll go back and stock up when I get really low though.
yay lush junkies! it seems like dream cream would be wonderful on the face if you're not sensitive to gives me zits on my face, which is too bad (and surprising, given that it has tea tree oil). that's okay, since i love my skin drink cream for my face, and the tahini smell is yummy.

i'm really curious about some of lush's more expensive face creams, but they're....more expensive. i'll see about samples, i guess.

i tried mixing the aztec mask with water...maybe that's my prob. i'll try the apple cider vinegar next time.

for the exfoliator, i'm mixing baking soda with cetaphil (really i use generic cetaphil, same thing).

aw, poor puppy. my sister puts little snow booties on her dog because they use salt for melting snow where she lives, and it's horrible on his paws. he looks ridiculous, but kind of cute.

btw stargazer: did you give up on the OCM because of your complexion? it sounded so promising...
annelise~no, i'm actually still using it. with alot of support from chachaheels. i was worried i made my face worse though. but, both chachaheels and my mom feel that oil cannot cause infection and bacteria deep in the skin. it brings everything out at once. but, once again, i have bad cystic acne i've been struggling with for the past year. so, this junk will eventually come out.

my friend on the other hand...occasional breakouts...and loves doing the OCM helps with her really is about finding the right balance of oils for you...

hey...has anyone ever done an aspirin mask? i've been reading about...but, a little too scared to try it. just curious. oh, and i've read about honey being used on the skin. i find that interesting.

as you can tell...i'm all about trying natural ways of doing my skincare stuff...
Mornington...this is off topic, but I've tried several booties, even specially designed for greyhounds, and mostly, they all fall off. I'd really like to get him Therapaws, as I've heard amazing things about them, but the cost makes me gasp. I just clean his paws with baby wipes when we come in, and avoid salt as much as I can.

hang in there, stargazer...when your body gets more healed, your face will clear up with it...I had horrible cystic acne for a long time as well, and now I'm pretty clear of took awhile, and it got more painful before it got better, but now I have clear skin for the first time in my life, and I'm just dealing with the scarring now.
Turbo, there used to be a company in Canada that made leather pooch bootlets, sized according to breed. They would usually stay put because they were made of a leather material, not something slippery like waterproof nylon. They also velcro'd closed. I know they're still around because the demand for them has increased rather than decreased; salt is so painful for dogs that no one could blame them for not wanting to go out when it snows. Anyway, they sold their stuff usually in the big box pet stores, like Petsmart or SuperPet. If you've got those chains where you are, chances are good they're still selling them. Bootlets were usually about $40 for the largest pair.

As it turns out, Stargazer, I was looking around on the net yesterday to see if I could find some homemade cosmetic recipes (like the lush cosmetics stuff that I like but want to make myself, as they still use a lot of things I'd want left out). I found a lot of recipes with honey as an ingredient--for scrubs, masks, moisturizers, and cleansers. One of the simplest was a mask made of apples and honey--grated apples, mixed with a little bit of warmed honey, applied on the skin and left on for about 20 minutes. They say it is an excellent remedy for pimples--I think the acidic nature of the apple will balance skin pH, smooth and tighten the pores while the honey will help cleanse and moisturize the skin (but, as usual, do try and stick to an unpasteurized and organic honey, as it will still have all its anti-bacterial and nutrient qualities). Here are a couple of links, to look through, if you're interested:

kitchen cosmetics
simpler recipes for homemade cosmetics

Though most of them have to be used as soon as they're made (there's no way to preserve some of the mixtures) there are a couple of items that would probably make nice treats to give as gifts. I haven't found what I was looking for in the recipes, so I'm still looking, but there were some good ideas here.
We've tried four different kinds of boots for turbo thus far, and I can tell you that nothing you buy in a store wil stay on those smooth and slender legs of the greyhound, and there's not much differentiation between paw width and leg width, so the paw doesn't really keep them in place like it does for other breeds. The best onese we got were custom made by a woman in Canado for greyhounds, and they were really long, made of leather, and had 3 velcro points....turbo still managed to lose one of them in a snow drift, and the silly pupper didn't say a peep, and we looked in drifts for his boots for an hour before giving up.

I think I might go order the therapaws for him be damned. At least I *know* those ones work, as I've seen them in action, and they're really well made. In the meantime, I use "musher's friend" paw wax to protect his pads from cracking in the salt, and I just wipe it off when we come in with a warm washcloth, which turbo looooves. spoiled pupper, or what?

Love the honey facial masks...I usually add some ground oatmeal in there too...good stuff, readily available, and cheap! Oh, and I also like to make a pot of peppermint tea to drink before I do a mask, and then I dump the used tea leaves in a medium sized bowl, pour hot water over top, and steam my face first. Its so relaxing!
It sounds like your poochy lives like royalty--so you might as well spend on the new booties. Your babe's worth it.

thanks turbojenn and chachaheels!

it is amazing what can be used on the face. i've also heard of the model that you shouldn't put anything on your face that you wouldn't eat. the honey thing would freak me out. but, if i have used oil, then i'm sure that would work. something new to try.

i switched to jojoba oil for my OCM mixture. i like that the oil is lighter. the oil is expeller pressed and hexane free. plus, i added alittle sage and tea tree oil...from a recipe i got from that long hair community link...seems to be working. i like the smell of the sage. it is really relaxing. i was alittle worried adding the essential oils, but i'm liking it. this poster also recommended helichrysum essential oil, which has rejuvenating properties. we'll see how it goes.

i think i might have to add some jojoba oil to my cheeks though after cleaning 'cause this horribly cold weather is making 'em dry.

oh and on the products thingy...i loved origins white tea body came in a skin would just soak up this lotion....i felt soft and smelled good...
stargazer! I use honey! I love it. In fact, before this whole topic started--I've been gone a while, heh =) , I might've posted what I do when my face freaks the hell out.

steam with peppermint or green tea

make a (plain) yoghurt and oatmeal (uncooked) mixture and use it as a cleanser/masque.

rinse your face with green tea

finish by dotting the pimples with honey. I know that sounds weird, but they always go down for me. I usually only use the honey on the hard, under the skin type pimple. It's a natural antiseptic.
ha, i was just coming in here to say that i've been using honey for a while now and i'm loving it. it totally moisturizes my skin without leaving anything oily behind. even in this extremely dry weather, any lotion ends up making my face shiny and feel greasy.
the honey is awesome though, and it works great with a bit of baking soda for the ultimate scrub. absolutely the most gentle but thorough exfolitaion i've ever gotten.

i sometimes run some oats through the coffee/spice mill and mix a small handful of that with water for a wash. it's really soothing, healing, moisturizing, and a gentle cleanser. you can keep honey, oat flour and baking soda right in the bathroom for a long time too.

cucumber is great for skin, avocado has copper which is an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment, green tea as a rinse, olive oil and oats as a mask/treatment. my grandmother used to put the egg white goop left over in the shell on her face at breakfast. it tightens up really fast so is good for a fun laugh even if it isn't actually doing anything, ha. and the pulp of wheatgrass after being juiced or even just chewed up a bit is amazing for healing any kind of skin condition.

i use a plain white clay as a mask and it's terrific. i can mix honey, vit e oil, oats, cucumber, avo, essential oils or whatever in with it depending on what i need at the time.

what i want though is something for around the eye. that skin is really delicate and in my mid-thirties it's an area that is starting to show some aging. anybody use anything good? i want something for preventative measures for now though in a couple more years i'll be looking for a tightener. sigh.
Mmmm, all these home remedies make me want breakfast!! Honey, and oatmeal and yoghurt...YUM!

Stargazer, I use organic rosehip seed oil on my face as a moisturizer at night, especially in the winter - its really gentle, and the oil helps reduce redness and acne scarring...let me know if you want me to bring a sample over on Saturday for you.

Yeah, chacha, I do need to get those booties for turbo. smile.gif
that's amazing ophelia and pepper! i was this close to picking up some honey yesterday. now, i need to get some honey and baking soda. it is good to know it is gentle. i'v been thinking of trying an organic form of exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells. i wasn't to keen on the whole aspirin mask. but, i used baking soda back in high school.

actually, i was really into organic beauty care when i was a teenager. i did the egg white thing too. funny.

turbojenn, i think i read that rosehip oil is not good if you are still actively breaking out. but, i know once my skin heals from actively breaking out that i will get some.

yeah, i'm getting really hungry after reading this thread! all of this talk about food!
yo turbo, i was just discussing doggy leggins with someone the other day 'cause his dog got knee surgery and had all the hair shaved off his legs. i suggested that he take an old sweater or sweatshirt and cut off the arms with a strip of what would have been the back shoulders still attached and use those as leggings. does that make any sense? the arms got over poocheroos legs and the strip goes across the back so they don't fall off. you could sew on or attach the boots with snaps or vecro so they would stay on too.
good luck!
hey, there's paw wax too that's supposed to be good for keeping paws warmer and dry.

i forgot about asprin masks! that's what the asprin i found buried in the cupboard was for!
I need to get back into all this...I have been using up little pots of alba and shiseido from when I moved. I really loved baking soda too.
I am 27 years old and have know idea what toner is? Or the difference affects between a peel, scrub or mask? Before reading this thread I was a Neutrogena soap only girl now since visting I am certain I should be doing much more to my skin. I visited Wild Oats and recieved a sample of MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. This has made my skin feel so soft. I need to know more! THank you all for the information i have read thus far- it has ROCKED MY SKIN WORLD.
AH phonechick....its a wonderful thing to come into this thread, but can be terrible for the pocketbook! tongue.gif
Ask any questions you like!

I use toner at night after I wash my face - it'll help get any remaining makeup/oil off, and it'll prep your face to soak the moisturizer in a bit better....just make sure you're using one that's alcohol free. I'm a LUSH whore, so I use their "Breath of Fresh Air" toner, among dozens of other items...I love LUSH's products, but be warned - they are as addictive as they are pampering!
hi phonechick--

if you have normal/oily skin it helps to use toner, i've heard. i have dry skin and don't use it at all. (i don't generally wear much makeup so cleanser is enough for me)

if you want to try something without spending a lot, some people use witch hazel as toner. you can get that for a dollar or two at the drugstore. i'm not sure whether that has alcohol in it though...i think it depends.

if you've never used anything but soap and still have good skin, you probably don't need much beyond a simple gentle cleanser and lotion and maybe some other pampering treatments when you want them. masks and scrubs and the like don't have to be used regularly--i only scrub regularly because my skin peels like mad (argh, dryness).
Witchazel is a good toner, and it doesn't have alcohol in it, but I've found it pays to spend a little more for it. The kind that comes in the little brown plastic bottles sold by the pharmacy isn't the actual witchazel extract from the tree. I don't really know what it is!

You can buy pure witchhazel that's alcohol free made by a company called Thayer's. It's a little more costly ($8 a bottle or so) but it's pure, easy to use, and there's no alcohol in it whatsoever. They also make varieties that include essential oils, such as rose or lavender--both are good for the skin.
all of this talk about lush products! now, i need to try something.
i can't find my usual brand of facial moisturizers (Concha Nacar) out here yet in Vegas which is odd, so i will absolutely try as many of the homemade ideas in this thread as i can! You busties have given me so many great ideas i dont know where to begin though i think it will be the oats idea first.
my new naturopath was talking about how slathering my body with petroleum-based dry skin lotions for all these years might have been bad for my health. that sucks but--LUSH EXCUSE.

my skin is all itchy and dry and horrible if i don't use lotion and various products regularly, so my christmas money (yay for my parents) is totally going to lush products. i want to try the massage bars and make my bf use them on me. yay!

i've been using oil in the shower though and that seems to be really nice on my skin...the burt's bees apricot one is great, and the price isn't toooo bad if you get it on sale. it's so thick that i don't have to use very much, so the bottle is lasting a good long time.

it was ppl raving on this thread that got me to trying lush products and now i adore them (dream cream is best lotion i've ever used, and that's saying something)--thank you!
annelise~yeah, chacha mentioned to me how petroleum based products are not good because it is still supressing the skin. my ND said using oils to cleanse my skin was healthy. you should look through the thread for the organic stuff recommended in skincare.
Thank you ladies. I have ordered the Aztec secret face mask and Thayler's lavendar toner. I have large clogged pores but nothing really ever worked for me. (I tried Biore Strips just to name one.) So I gave up and just became a soap girl. I suppose I should begin using eye cream and all maybe I will visit the Lush site for this. Again thanks for your help.
phonechick - I hope you love the aztec mask as much as I do! I call it "hoovering your face," because thats what it feels like when it starts pulsating and tightening!! It'll start to unclog your pores for sure! From LUSH, I also really like their Fresh Farmacy soap for my combo skin, and for getting rid of blackheads and the like, Coalface is good, though it is an exfoliator, so be gentle! '

I'm a LUSH whore, for sure. Just got my xmas gifties shipment in yesterday, and its so hard to part with all the lovely stuff, but I do so love to enable others too! I have to run down to a LUSH shop though, this afternoon, because my mom wanted one more item, and I have to go down to that area anyhow.
turbojenn- You were right! I am in love with this mask. When I arrived home from work it was waiting on me. Of course, I could not wait to use it. My very large pores now almost look normal- this has never happened before no matter what I have tried. My face is ultra smooth. THANK YOU!!!
i just tried the mask again yesterday...

do you mix it up with the vinegar quickly and put it on while it's still bubbling?

mine was lumpy at first so i was stirring it til it was smooth, but by that time it was done bubbling. it was still nice on my face, but i wonder if my pores missed out on anything because of the lack of pulsating.
annelise - Its usually done bubbling when I slap it on my face, I prefer to get it to a nice smooth consistency before I apply it. The pulsating comes when it really dries on your face, so maybe you're not leaving it on long enough? I usually leave it on for about a half hour or so.
Help! I'm getting wrinkles and zits at the same time. It's very disheartening to be in my 30's and have worse acne than I did as a teenager.
turbojenn--that's curious, because i did have it on for a half hour, and it was starting to fall off my face when i tried to eat my lunch (don't eat lunch with a mask on--it's ridiculous if you have bits of clay falling off and you're trying to tilt the bowl to avoid them--i gave up on lunch).

thanks for the input...i'm going to keep trying this mask because i'd love my pores to be cleaner.

i have wrinkles and zits too, drives me crazy. my hormones have gotten really weird in the past few years.
Okay, stupid question: is there a big difference between the Aztec clay mask and other powdery clay masks like the one Burt's Bees makes? Or is it a secret?! har har. Because I'm thinking the main ingredients like kaolin or whatever are most likely the same. I still might buy some Aztec if I come across it one of these days, but I don't know if it's going to be essentially the same thing as what I'm already using, albeit not consistently.

The lower half of my face has been plagued with breakouts (I mean more than the usual PMS-associated crap) ever since I switched over to a thicker moisturizer for winter, so I'm trying to remedy this with being better about using clay masks on a regular basis. I should probably switch moisturizers, too, but I didn't have this problem last winter. Blah blah, things change, etc.

Annelise, I find it really hard to not talk on the phone when I have a clay mask on. It's like the world knows that I can't talk for the next 30 minutes, so that's when the phone starts ringing. ph34r.gif You could always use an avocado or strawberry mask -- then that WOULD be lunch! Ha ha! Gross. wink.gif
Hmmm, raisin...I dunno what's in Burts Bees masks, but the Aztec is just simply bentonite clay, ground powdery fine...if you just find that kind of clay somewhere, its probably the same thing. I'm down to ordering the Aztec online, I can't find it anywhere in stores here now...but its so cheap considering I only use about 1tsp of clay each time...I definitely need to order a new tub soon. Nothing washes blackheads away like Aztec.

You could also try just using your heavy moisturizer in the mornings, it might clog up more when used at night and sleeping with it on. I just use organic rosehip seed oil for moisturizer at night - I put it on about a half hour before I go to bed so it seeps in - it helps combat redness and acne scarring.
i have a sample of Lush's Coalface and it is really clearing things up for me.

i want to buy the Aztec Secret clay and the rosehip seed oil- are there any online retailers you all would suggest?
The rosehip seed oil, definitely get from Mountain Rose Herb Farm...and pick yourself up some of the herbal facial steam too - its pretty cheap, and its so lovely to steam your face with.

The Aztec, you can just order through amazon or, or Froogle it for the best price. If you buy the 2lb tub, it will seriously last you a couple years if you use it 2x a week...and it won't ever spoil, since its just powdered clay.

Coalface is a lovely soap - it was a bit too scrubby for me, though, so I had to rub it on a wash cloth first. I'm currently working on a bar of fresh farmacy...which I truly adore.
i've found the aztec clay at whole foods. plus, i got a tube for christmas from a friend. so, i guess my stash will last me awhile!

Hmmm...I haven't found the aztec in the Evanston Whole Foods - did you get it at North Ave? I can easily stop by there sometime - I'm all out! (but I do have some LUSH biofresh masks on hand)
Oh my gosh, I'm supposed to be using a moisturizer on my face at night? Because at night I'm using a Neutrogena overnight gel thing to combat breakouts. Maybe I should switch over to the rosehip stuff. Or maybe I should stop touching my face. Ugh.

Note to self: visit Lush and Whole Foods soon.

Sometimes I think what I should really be doing is getting to the root of the problem with breakouts by going to a dermatologist or getting my hormone levels checked or something.

But for now I'm going to be better about the clay masks and not touching my face and see if both of those things don't make a difference. Otherwise, I'm going to ring up the dermo.
Well, I know I personally need a moisturizer at night...if you're satisfied not using one, then keep doing what you're doing, I guess. But for sure do not use the rosehip seed oil in the takes awhile to really sink in.

I'm sure chacha might have some good skincare recommendations for you too....but a dietary clean-up, and drinking more water is always a good idea. Once I gave up the wheat, dairy and sugar, my acne pretty much went away...not something that's easy, for sure, but my skin is much calmer for it.
I don't think I've ever used a moisturizer on my face at night. I'm slick enough on my own, apparently. So that means I should be at about normal when I reach menopause, right?! blink.gif Heh.

I really and truly think most of my skin problem is hormonal, but add on top of that the extra-thick supposedly non-comedogenic (sp?) winter moisturizer and it's just not a pretty picture these days. Blah. I just feel like venting (er, verbally) -- and also wearing a paper bag over my head until the spots clear up. So ridiculous.
I am covered in zits right now. My friend recommended a benzoyl peroxide creme and it ripped my skin up. It was horrible. It's been three days since I've used it, and it my skin still feels like its bubbled up.
fellow lush junkies, can you recommend a lush moisturiser for combination skin please? also, is baby face a good cleanser?

It's been a lushtastic Christmas with lots of goodies and the best sale ever here - spend £15 and receive any other item free (and more expensive). It's running until January 8th and I have discount vouchers so i'm going to take advantage and buy a few more products.
Bunny - for combo skin I'd recommend Imperialis - its pretty light, but it will help keep the shine down on your T-zone. In the wintertime, when I need something a bit heavier, I go for Cosmetic Lad. Imperialis from the UK is especially good...I don't buy it from NA at all. What can I say, I'm even continental in my Lush snobbery. smile.gif

I haven't used Sweet Japanese Girl as a cleanser...I've heard its good, but it seemed like a little more work than I was interested in. smile.gif I really like Fresh Farmacy at the moment.

My credit card has already been weeping over the Big Frees sale...but its such a good deal, too good to pass up.
kelkello, a lot of people make the mistake of using the strong version of that cream when really the lighter one will do. it does work, but there's a formula.
Evanston Whole Foods

are you in chicago, turbojenn? the aztec is at wild oats, or that's where my roommie picked it up for me.

i just got some castor oil because my naturopath thinks i need to detox, and my skin is such a problem. it's really thick oil, but i don't know how it'll compare to my beloved dream cream. it would be wonderful if my flaky skin could calm down from detoxing though.
Indeed, I am in Chicago! I previously bought my Aztec at Wild Oats, but I've checked many times in the last months, and they haven't had it. And I forgot to check at Whole Foods when I was there today.

Are you in chicago too, annelise? If so, you *must* join us at the next bustie gathering...we have loose plans for 3rd sundays at heartland cafe - whoever can make it.

Are you using the castor oil as a moisturizer or as castor oil packs with wool cloth on your belly. It is really thick...I've only used it for castor oil packs. A cleanse is a great way to start the new year, though! I'll probably do one next week.
my naturopath suggested that my skin was trying to detox itself by peeling so much, and so she recommended that i use the oil instead of moisturizer on a section of my skin. so it'll be on one of my thighs, going against dream cream on the rest of me. i was amazed at how thick it is.

i'm going to be doing castor oil packs too. i need lots of detoxifying.

i'm in chicago, but i might not be able to make it to bustie gatherings right now due to health constraints. it's good to know for the future--thanks. smile.gif
turbojenn worries - but feel free to join us anytime you like! You could just pop in for a cup of tea at heartland, you don't have to have a meal, though its truly one of the easiest places for me to eat, given my food allergies - they have lots of wholesome, natural foods. smile.gif Or maybe you and stargazer and I should get together sometime to share stories from the healing front.

...And I highly recommend Partners in Wellness for colonics, if you decide you need one...Kristen is my colon queen! I know not everyone is into them, but I get one about 3x a year after I do a cleanse.

Sorry to be so off topic here, I just love cleanses and such....
turbojenn~i got the aztec stuff at the whole foods on can take the brown line to the paulina stop. just a couple blocks away.

annelise!! yeah for another chicagoan!!

the oil cleansing method is suggested to work well on skin problems of all types. you can add extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil with the castor oil. lurk through the thread to see the great advice chacha gave us about using oil.

it is amazing to see how the skin detoxifies itself. i'm convinced my skin got so bad is because the steroid injections and laser treatments pushed all the bad stuff really deep into my skin. i can tell my skin is healing though. the breakouts i now get are not as deep and clear up pretty quickly.
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