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I like Mountain Rose's facial steam, but I found the lemon cleanser too harsh. I found Juliet's Foaming lemon cleaner and the scrub a lot more forgiving. Their marketing is less slick than Mountain Rose and more hysterical, but the results were better for me.
Those are here and here.
Thanks, that's what I thought. I would definitely consider ordering from them in the future, but not right now. I was at a massive WF and I was totally overwhelmed by the selection of beauty products. Dr. Bronner had to be there somewhere, but by that point, my frozen bread was starting to thaw out. Next visit I'll hit the beauty aisles first. wink.gif
Hey, Lushies! Spend $75 and get $5 flat rate shipping. Enter promo code 3FREESHIP10 at check out. Offer ends Monday, March 29th at noon PST.
Aw man, my poor sensitive skin hates it here in China. My skin is both oily and sensitive, so whenever something bothers it it responds by putting out a protective layer of oil. Between the horrible air pollution, the gross water that leaves a flaky white residue all over everything, and the high humidity, my skin is like the Gulf of Mexico right now. Of course, in the chaos before my departure, I neglected to stock up on skin care products to use while I'm here. Chinese people typically have dry skin, and often they have really severe acne, so all the skin care products here are either super moisturizing or heavily medicated, which doesn't help me at all. Can anyone recommend a good site where I can order skin care products from several different brands?
Maybe or Chicago's Mertz's Apothecary? Good luck!

I was going to ask this question in a relationship thread but maybe it belongs here. I want to get my boyfriend a thank you gift because of all the support he's given me this year. A while ago we walked past this very British looking men's salon that does hot lather shaves (& other stuff.) I asked if that was something he would be interested in and he seemed intrigued. But I realized I have no idea what a hot lather shave is and why it is worth $60. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
This link might help:

I think "wet shave" is the same as "hot lather shave"?
KittenB, I have (male) friends who rave about a hot lather shave at the barber's. I think it sounds like a great idea!
Wow. Busties really do know everything! Thanks ladies.
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