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the only something that i've had eye creams do for me was give me milia. sad.gif

i feel like i should use eye cream--i'm 32 and i can see where i'm going to be wrinkled if i look reeeally closely with a hand mirror. but i don't have the patience to deal with lots of difft creams for difft body parts if they don't do anything noticeable.

i'll still end up buying eye creams occasionally, in the hopes of finding something magical.
no clue about eye cream, sorry ladies. haven't even started thinking about that stuff yet, but i'm only 24. though i doubt that i'll be paying all that much attention to it when i do start to get wrinkly....

i can't belive no one's with me on the smith's rosebud salve! that stuff is pure genius in a little metal tin. oh, i love it so....

so, i think the ocm is too much for me at certain times of the month. it was doing so well and then around rolled the week before my period and now my chin and jawline are fucked. i switched back to the leftover clean&clear i had in my bathroom cabinet (i know, uck, but it's better than just soap) and my skin has cleared up a bit, but it has gotten dried out. does anyone have any recommendations for a gentle cleanser that's pretty natural but will stand up to adult acne? i like dr. hauschka a lot but when i can't get it through my mom's wholesale hookup i don't particularly want to spend $30-$40 bucks on a bottle, and i don't find that he's all that good for hardcore breakouts. i would love some suggestions....ideally i'd like to find something that works nicely and then still do ocm a couple of times a week, because it makes my skin that doesn't break out so soft and i love working all the little nubs of dried sebum and blackheads outta my pores. SO FUN.
spectro gel is super gentle and ph balanced. not very natural but meh, it works great as a mild every day cleanser. use a non-comodegenic (now i Know i spelled that one wrong huh.gif ) lotion with it and you're good to go! it's pretty inexpensive too.

i'm travelling right now so i'm gonna wait on the ocm but i'm excited to try it once we get settled for a while again. i'll report on my face action after a week or so when i see how it makes my skin react. wish me luck!
my bf was telling me last night that he loves the little crinkles around my eyes. um, thanks, that's sweet, but...

maybe i should find some eye cream! the weleda and neostrata eye creams are really well rated on MUA, and they're natural, but PRICEY. you can't even get the weleda one in the states, you have to order online from england! hmmph.

i'd been washing my face with baking soda/cetaphil a few times a week but this morning it was stinging my face. sad.gif it's the best exfoliation i've found, i can't start getting sensitive to it! i was thinking of mixing it up with some ocm kind of oils so it would be more soothing and moisturizing too...maybe i'll try that.
honey is a nice face wash and mixes really well with baking soda, it's antibacterial and skin soothing too. scrubing is only recommended once a week i thought, maybe that's enough for your skin.
i used to use neostrata but i can't remember it Doing anything in particular. maybe it might now that my eye skin is a little older. i'll try anything to be honest, i don't want to look like i'm twenty forever either but i'm not getting 'cute crinkles', the ones i'm getting just make me look tired and they suck.
maybe i'll try honey with the baking soda. or maybe i'll try a sugar scrub. or i could go crazy and do a honey and sugar scrub.

my skin peels so much (hormonal/health reasons) that i could scrub it every day but i stick to 2 or 3 times a week.

another q for you guys: what do you think of alba botanica products? i was reading some raves about the kukui nut oil butter, and it would be more affordable than dream cream...i am always looking for something equally effective but more affordable (no success yet!).

oh, also, i think i mentioned villainess products a while back on this thread--got some. great stuff--i have a crushed smooch body scrub that's great and moisturizey-scrubby, and i got a bunch of soaps that smell heavenly. i have a decadence soap out in my bathroom (away from the shower so it won't melt), and now the whole bathroom smells faintly of vanilla--yum!
ok, i've been doing the ocm for a week but i'm not noticing anything fabulous. it hasn't pulled any deep junk out of me (not that i think i have any really) and it has caused a couple of teeny weeny little surface pimples, nothing major at all. i'll keep it up for a few more weeks of course but my skin really does look pretty much the same to me. that bentonite clay though is pretty good at cleaning out pores. it's not perfect either but it does a good job. and all the fuss has finally gotten me into actually paying attention to my skin every night. it's like flossing now, i can't sleep without it! this pregnancy sure has been good for getting me into routines.

i've been watching late night tv when i can't sleep and i totally caved in and bought some stuff from both susan lucie AND victoria principle, yikes!!! i know, i know, PURE chemmie grossness i'm sure but nothing over $30 and i'll pass it all along to my mom or a girlfriend after i give it a go. unless it works as wonderfully as they say in which case i'll prolly poison myself into a wrinkless state of stupification, mmmwwwwaaaahhhahahahaha! still searching for that ultimate eye cream.

funny, the one thing i Didn't cave in and buy was the exercise equiptment even though it was only about 30 or 40$ and it looked good. lazy lazy me...
You ever wanna see me freak out, take away my lip balm. I'm bouncing around trying to find a new one. My friend advised some stuff from Bath & Bodyworks, but I refuse to shop there because I'm not carrying around that stupid fruit basket. I ain't buying fresh produce, I'm buying toiletries fer the love of Mike!

I don't do Smith's Rosebud Salve because I don't like petroleum. It smells really great, though.
AP, i literally have tubes of lipbalm lying all over my place. i have 2 in my purse (burt's bees & this peppermint one--c.g. bigelow--yes, from bath & body works!!). i have a tube of burt's bees at home and my almighty kiehl's lipbalm tub at home. i don't take the precious kiehl's out. that is shit is that good. you can even rub it in your cuticles. awesome.

pepper, well, the ocm is not gonna work overnight, m'dear. wink.gif over time though, you will notice a difference. or, it could be something you do on occasion. my friend only does it occasionally.
my lip balm adventures:

gave up on burt's bees stuff--i've tried a variety of them and meh
had a canus goat's milk minty one--gave it to my roommate and she loves it. i'm trying to avoid minty balms though
shea terra organics balms taste and smell wonderful but don't seem as good as some others i've tried.
lush whipstick is okay, moisturizing and chocolatey smelling. it's going to take me forever to get through the tub. it doesn't seem worth the price, though, despite the huge tub.


the unfortunately named "chicken poop" (nice stuff, all natural ingredients, but costs a bit more than similar lip balms)
badger balm lavender and orange balm--decent price, moisturizing, non-petroleum/natural, non-minty, the winnar.
oh, don't get me wrong... i'm keeping it up for at least a month. i like to give new stuff a good long trial so's i can see how it really works. but i'm just still not seeing anything much. oh wells, we shall see. it might be the kind of thing i use in the winter when my skin gets drier.

i haven't been using lip balm much at all, i broke the habit 'cause i couldn't go an hour without it lest my lips dry up and flake right off my face. i never really got into as much again though i do have a marvy balm that i made with honey and sparkles in it that i use on occasion. it's got shea, jojoba, cocoa butter, coconut oil, vit e, sweet almond etc. it's really nice.

chicken poop, yah, that sounds yummy. what were they thinking?
Okay here is my problem - I've been really stressed out lately and having problems sleeping as a result, so now I have dark circles under my eyes and my skin looks just...bad. I don't know if this makes sense or not, but my skin looks tired. And I am not really good about taking care of my skin and I should be.

What can I do to help my skin not look so awful? I was reading More Magazine the other night - and I always like all the skin care tips they have in there - and it recommended using something like abrightening eye cream (They were specifically all about this specific Dove product - Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream - that sounded like it might work.) Does anyone else have this problem and how do you take care of it? Do creams like this actually help?
i'm not sure about the brightening creams. there was one from the body shop that i used a few times when i worked there that seemed ok but all that under eye concealer ends up settled into my creases making them even MORE obvious so i just avoid it.

ok, i'm giving the ocm a rest 'cause i just got a shipment of stuff. it's microdermabrasion cream with an applicator and so far it seems amazing. i'll have to give it a month long go to really check out the results but it leaves my skin super clean and really nicely exfoliated. it came with a cleanser that seems meh, ok-ish i guess. i'll probably stick it in my travel kit. but i also got two more skin care lines in the mail this week (oops, i went on a bit of a facial care rampage!) both of which include all sorts of goodies, cleansers, day and night creams, eye junk, wrinkle remover (ha! if only it were that easy). i'm going to keep up the scrubby stuff forever i think and pair it for a while with one group of products, then check out the next group to see how they work. i'll give you a full report as it goes.

i hear great things about ROC too, anyone tried any of that stuff?
i've tried ROC face creams and they didn't seem all that impressive--before i went on my natural skincare kick, i think the olay regenerist was my favorite stuff, though it didn't last so well. that's a problem with a lot of creams on my madly dry skin.

i'm still on a face cream skincare quest, though my newest one seems pretty good (beauty without cruelty). i'm alternating dream cream with the alba kukui nut butter for my body, and the alba stuff is really great! sinks in and moisturizes wonderfully, and really lasts. also, cheaper than the lush stuff. smile.gif i'm delighted.

oh, and my villainess soap? i've been using it to shave my legs, and i get less nicks than with shaving cream, which seems crazy. i started using it on a whim because there are scrubby pieces in it and i wanted to exfoliate a bit, and was amazed that my legs weren't cut up like usual!
i started using phisoderm cos it's ph balanced and it's been working really well so far. a tiny bit on the drying side but no zits so far. have to see how it holds up to the week before my period though--that's when all bets are off. ugh...
Question for all the OCM users: is there witchhazel involved? In the begining she talks about witchazel, but didn't read what it was used for in the process. I'd like to try this method- I'm sick of my chemically products!
lots of ppl use witch hazel as a toner, but i haven't ever heard of it used as part of OCM.
i've never heard of witch hazel being used.

i've realized that i can't use regular soap on my face. it dries it out too easily and i will get a zit from it. the ocm seems to be the only thing good for my skin nowadays.

i guess i just have sensitive skin all over. regular lotion is drying too. i use jojoba oil on my skin. i feel really soft when i do this.
Witchhazel is commonly used as a skin toner--it has a tendency to work like an astringent, closing the pores of the skin somewhat. It's also a very mild disinfectant. You might like to use it after your OCM routine, just to freshen the skin if you like that feeling. It isn't really necessary, but some people find it feels nice.

I was reading about using coconut oil as a moisturizer again, (mostly as a base for making really safe to use mosquito repellant). It's been used for so long to enhance skin elasticity and softness. The one really important requirement about it is that you don't use the kind that's extracted with chemicals and then deodorized--use an extra virgin one instead (preferably organic). Eating coconut oil every day also keeps the skin (and the whole body) healthier too.

Anyway, coconut oil mixed with the essential oil of catnip (!) is the most effective mosquito repellant out there. You can make it yourself, and skip the brain damage for you or your kids.
wow, that's awesome. one order of catnip EO coming up! we're in the land of mosquitos out here!

i'm using a blend with coco oil on my belly and no stretchy marks so far. i did it last time too. and i finally got some chamomile oil for around the eye but no carrot seed oil yet...
Chacha, how much of each would do the trick? I'm very very interested cause my grandma has bees (and doesn't like the idea of the chemicals and what other harm they might be doing anyhway) so we don't let them spray around our (surrounded by woods) house. So the mosquitos will carry you away. I *hate* them. >:( At least I hate all the itching.

ETA: And where might I find catnip EO? I see they don't have it on Essential Wholesale.
I've been using the OCM for a week and I LOVE it! I have pretty oily skin so I totally thought I would break out like mad...but I haven't. My skin looks healthy and feels so good. Anyone have advice for something to cleanse and moisturize in the morning (I'm only using OCM at night)
I think you'd need to make a little batch--maybe 4 ounces of the base oil or so? It depends on how many people will be using the coconut oil/catnip repellant.

I've looked on line under "cataria nepeta oil" and I managed to find both methods of extraction of the oil (steam distillation, of leaves and flowers picked from plants in morning full sun, with no dew or moisture on the plant) and people who sell the essential oil. So far I haven't seen any studies about the plant infusion (in hot water)--it has to be the oil. Retailers I found: and

I think 4 ounces of coconut oil may go a long way--so try dropping maybe 10 drops of the oil in that amount (you shouldn't need much more). You can always add more coconut oil if the concentration is too strong (for your liking) or add more catnip oil if you feel it's not strong enough.

If you've got bees around and want to keep them around, catnip flowers make a lovely honey! Bees love the plant--it does overtake everything (it's a mint plant, after all) but it's also very bushy and prolific and can be grown in pots. I have tons of it growing around my house and I just collect it and dry it for my cat (and he's happy just biting into the fresh leaves too).
QUOTE(pepper @ May 25 2007, 10:03 PM) *
i'm not sure about the brightening creams. there was one from the body shop that i used a few times when i worked there that seemed ok but all that under eye concealer ends up settled into my creases making them even MORE obvious so i just avoid it.

yeah, i dunno, i've never used one - and i wonder if it might not be better just to use one of those glow moisturizers that builds up to a natural looking glow/tan type thing, to make my skin just look more even and maybe that'll help some, and look less strange than the stuff ending up in my creases (I am trying at the moment to not wear much in the way of eye makeup to try and avoid calling attention to my issue. More Magazine is usually a place I always go for skin care tips (they have a lot of great recommendations for like moisturizers and foundations especially, I have found), and I think they had a feature on those last month. I know that they have cheap verions of that kind of thing, made by like Dove or Jergens and stuff like that.

also, and i feel really dumb now, but what's ocm mean?
oil control method, divaintraining. =)
thanks for asking, divaintraining. i was gonna do the same thing. and thanks ophelia for clearing it up! ha ha

i also have the dark eye circles thing. it's hereditary. i use Benefit concealor. it could be too thick but the girl at Sephora showed me how to apply. teeny tiny amounts do the trick. thankful too, because it was expensive! well for me, who otherwise buys Neutrogena and Cover Girl at Walgreens.

i've been using some makeup to cover dark skin above my lip, but it looks a little weird. any suggestions about a way to brighten that skin? it's definitely not dark hair, and i tried bleaching. i'm not so into the "hitler" look!
i have darkening of the skin around my mouth too--i call it my goatee, because that's what it looks like to me. ugh! it's not really noticeable to anyone but me, but in some light i get really self-conscious. my bf was wondering why i cover my mouth and chin so much when we do ichat video chats in the evenings....i see myself on the little video preview box and get really self-conscious about the darkened skin, which is really obvious with the video contrast.

weird hormones can cause skin discoloration, which is the case with me. i have no idea how to apply concealer in a way that would mask it decently, and since nobody else seems to notice it all that much, i just leave it alone. i really really hate it though. when i first started having the health probs that cause the discoloration, my mom saw me and asked me what had happened to my face. she's a little too observant of flaws.
QUOTE(nickclick @ Jun 13 2007, 06:32 PM) *
thanks for asking, divaintraining. i was gonna do the same thing. and thanks ophelia for clearing it up! ha ha

i also have the dark eye circles thing. it's hereditary. i use Benefit concealor. it could be too thick but the girl at Sephora showed me how to apply. teeny tiny amounts do the trick. thankful too, because it was expensive! well for me, who otherwise buys Neutrogena and Cover Girl at Walgreens.

i've been using some makeup to cover dark skin above my lip, but it looks a little weird. any suggestions about a way to brighten that skin? it's definitely not dark hair, and i tried bleaching. i'm not so into the "hitler" look!

I feel much better now that I know too - especially 'cause I need some serious oil control measures myself! smile.gif

I've heard good things about Benefit's other products like blush and lip tint. Maybe I'll have to investigate this.
so i did some online investation and looks like it's hyperpigmentation, which is usually caused by hormonal changes, in my case, birth control pills. has a million products (okay, like 50), and they all say they take a while to work. grrr...
Hyperpigmentation, which causes the melasma or chloasma (the dark skin areas), can happen whenever the liver is overwhelmed in detoxifying the body and maintaining stability of the hormones in the body. There are natural causes for this but in the past 50 years the birth control pill and the increase in the use of steroids for all kinds of illnesses or ailments have made hyperpigmentation become very common.

Natural causes include hyper and hypo-thyroidism, the after effects of mononucleosis, pregnancy, the onset of puberty or menopause, and the like. Anything that might overtax your liver!

So the key is to support the liver in its function, although ideally, supporting the liver and removing any maintaining causes would be the best thing. But that's not easy for everyone, I know: it's just that if you're beginning to experience this symptom and you're using a hormone therapy of any kind, you should take it as a sign of function change in the organ, which will lead to tissue changes/damage at some point (and that is never good). You may want to consider forms of birth control which do not rely on chemically suppressing your own organs and hormone levels.

Some good ways to support the liver: eat foods which are rich in B12 (the best way, really, to get this really important nutrient). B12 rich foods include liver, kidney, meat, fish, shellfish, milk products and eggs. If you're challenged in any way by the thought of eating organ meats like liver and kidney, try eating them in pates, where they seem less frightening and taste pretty good.

If you're on the pill or you're vegetarian, B12 (methylcobalamin form) shots or daily drops are the best way to go, though the daily drops are pricey in the methylcobalamin form. The pill actually depletes B12 so you need to replace what's lost as well as keep your levels of the stored vitamin as high as possible. Vegetarians and omnivores can get good B12 from raw milk products (the best source, in terms of actual absorption) but Vegans need to supplement with B12 methylcobalamin shots regularly.
thanks, chacha. that makes perfect sense to me--i know my liver is highly overtaxed, but didn't realize that it was related to the discoloration. i drink a lot of milk and take vitamins with high doses of b12 in them, and i used to do methylcobalamin lozenges, but they never seemed to make a difference. very high-dose shots helped, but they bruised my belly horribly and became unbearable after a while. maybe i should look into doing them occasionally though, instead of every day.

skincare-wise, i just got this lovely handmade body scrub, which is all natural and looks great--except that i discovered that i really don't like the scent of chai tea. oops.

i don't seem to do so well with making my own body/face scrubs--they end up all goopy, since i probably use too much oil. i really like my alba papaya enzyme exfoliating mask though--not quite as exfoliating as i'd like, but it makes my skin noticeably smoother.

i gave up altogether on scrubbing with baking soda, and it seems like a good choice--it seems like the basic nature of baking soda is really hard on the skin.
I am not always a huge fan of Burt's Bees products, since they can be so greasy. But I bought the Peach & Willowbark deep poor scrub and fell in love. I have been using it for a three months or so and my skin is noticibly healthier. My skin can be sensitive, but this stuff is pretty gentle. Just thought I'd share....
thanks cha cha. i'd taken bc pills for years but this is the first time this hyperpigmentation thing has reared its ugliness. so it's either age or dietary (or both) and i'll definitely take your advice on the dietary stuff. liver for my liver? i dunno if i can do it. and i hate seafood. but the milk and eggs i can do, and i don't do enough.

yes i'm anxious for the time when i'm ready for babies and can stop taking the pill. but i'm too much of a nervous nelly to trust other methods for now.
Liver for the liver--that's definitely the idea. I know it's hard to take, we've all been so brainwashed about organ meats in North America. That's why I suggest the occasional "luxury" variety--pates, foix gras, liverwurst--stuff like that. Cod liver oil capsules count, too!

The methylcobalamin shots--I know they hurt, but they do work. I have found a couple of good alternatives, however, that don't involve shots.

One: I've found methylcobalamin instant dissolving "strips" that you just allow to dissolve on your tongue. They come in 1000 mcg doses--perfect. You take one daily, there are 30 to a box. They are very reasonably priced. There are also sublingual B12 in cyanocobalamin form that are easy to take in the 1000mcg doses too, as well as liquid drops (though I would choose the liquid drops over the lozenges as I think the delivery method is far more effective).
The cosmetician at the pharmacy cornered me and showed me a skin cream called jouviance which is supposed to cure all that ails. I passed on the $100 cream, but took some samples. God damn if it doesn't feel so luxurious, non-shiny, softening and absolutely perfect in every way. I can almost feel all the little omega 3s and 6s doing their good work on my skin.

I suppose I could go back to eating my vitamins instead of putting them on my face, but face creams make it seem so easy.
After a couple of years of dealing with adult acne, my hormones got even more effed up and I developed melasma (no I wasn't knocked and I've been on birth control pills for years...I just don't get it). So I just sucked it up and went to the dermatologist. The melasma was knocked out with lasers and she prescribed Retin-A Micro for the adult acne and recommended a facial care regime - I wash with a mild cleanser. It doesn't really matter...I've used Johnson's Baby Shampoo, Philosophy Real Purity, or plain Dove soap. Just nothing too harsh. Then I use Retin-A Micro at night, wash again in the morning and use Skinseuticals (sp?) Vitamin C serum and La Roche SPF 40 oil-free sunscreen. I don't bother with masks or scrubs, but I like professional microdermabrasian...I like to get a professional facial once a season but no more.

hi! wondering if anyone's heard of/tried this egyptian magic stuff?;oref=slogin

the blog that the nyt links to is plenty skeptical, but then says it actually lives up to the hype. so now i''m curious about it, but the stuff is pricey!
Okay. Trying to be calm...

I don't know when the skin on my forehead got SO hideously bad. My whole forehead is covered with small bumps- a few blackheads, but mostly blackhead-sized little pimples that are anywhere from flesh-tone to pink to red. That skin used to be normal, clear, smooth. I guess it was over a year ago that I noticed some of these little bumps. But it's only within the past few weeks that I've noticed that it's just become awful, and something must be done.

Does anyone else have this problem, or know how this type of acne is classified (if it even is acne)? The rest of my face is okay, some blackheads on my nose, and usually a few pimples (but normal ones that pop, and go away eventually), especially before my period. Also, I have bangs, a godsend for covering up, but also probably the reason I let this slide for so long. And maybe the cause? Maybe I should keep them off my face while at home/sleeping?

Last summer I walked into Lush and was asked if I knew my skin type. I said I thought oily, and the woman said it looked dry, because of the reddishness on my forehead. I wonder if that could be it, or if I was totally misdiagnosed.

I decided to start the OCM a few days ago. I guess it's too soon to notice any results. I like the way my cheeks feel, but the rest of my face usually still feels really oily afterwards, no matter how much water I splash on, and the rubbing with the cloth feels harsh (especially on the problem forehead).

Please help!
Egyptian Magic Ingredients:
olive oil
bees wax
bee pollen
royal jelly
bee propolis
Divine love

sounds like what's in most burt's bees products. and hey, burt's a pretty cool guy, betcha he throws in some love laugh.gif

i wouldn't drop any bucks on that stuff myself. been told by bee keepers that royal jelly is terrific. for bees! it's really volitile and loses properties as soon as it's out of the hive, don't waste your money on royal jelly products at all.
pee pollen, well, it's great to take internally (local pollen) in the early spring to help prevent hay fever but that's about it. honey is terrific for your skin but plain old honey will do. and bees wax, well, wax isn't great for your skin at all. olive oil is great for cleansing but heavy to use for moisturizing.

edie, i'd ask chachaheels, sounds like an allergic reaction or some sort of detox.
edie, run the water warm. Try washing your face first with raw honey (about 1/2 -1 tablespoon), and then steaming it GENTLY to loosen extra dirt. Pat on organic extra virgin olive oil ( try getting it from australia or spain--the stuff from italy isn't always reliably ALL olive). Let it soak in and kind of press your warmed up hands to your face or very, very gently use your wash cloth to wash your face in circular motions. After that, use another helping of raw honey to wash away the excess oil. If you feel there is too much oil around the hairline, you can clean it with a little bar soap or shampoo or if you really need it a teensy bit of salylic acid. If you need more or less moisture, you can always adjust how much you have with moisturizer, how much olive oil you wash away, etc. Cheers! And start drinking a LOT of water in combination with the OCM. They really compliment each other.
Oh, that you so much, ophelia! I will try the honey thing for sure, and I really do need to drink more water. Sometimes I notice that I go through a whole day having barely drank any! It's awful.

I've started using pieces of and old t-shirt to wipe away the oil, which feels way better than the washcloth I had. It's only been a week, but I feel as though it's already a teensy bit better. Though it my just be in my head. Anyway, it's not worse. I anticipate good results.
baby washcloths are great for wiping the face too, they come in packs and are pretty inexpensive.

how about mixing the honey and oil together? i might try that and see how it works...
The honey=antiseptic and gentle soap while the oil is a anti-blackhead agent. Still manages to soften and tone the skin!
edie, make sure the shampoo and/or conditioner you are using are not giving you an allergic reaction. i have to be careful because certain ingredients in some shampoos give me an allergic reaction.

i've been using the OCM for over a year. you will probably have alot of blackheads in the beginning. make sure you use the washcloth as a way to remove the blackheads/impurities from your skin. the OCM brings alot of my blackheads to surface. i will soak my washcloth into hot/warm water and steam my face a couple of times to take the oil off and it also helps to penetrate my skin.

hope it helps.
Hmm, it's hard to know whether my shampoo could be giving me an allergic reaction. I change brands a few times a year, and now I'm using this totally random cheapo shampoo in a foreign country. It can't be the conditioner, because I usually only condition the ends of my hair.

I tried using the honey and it was really nice. It felt soothing and seemed to take the oil off in a way that wasn't counter-productive to the OCM (like soap would be). And I love the smell and taste of honey. Plus, it just feels good to use such simple, whole, and natural ingredients on my face and body.

Thanks, all!
Argh, I'm now convinced I have rosacea. I know self-diagnosis can be sketchy, but the condition of my forehead matches the description of it. And I've started noticing a bit of redness around my nose and on my chin, though no bumps there. It was bad today when I got out of the (very hot) shower. I also drank last night.

I've been doing the OCM for about 3 weeks now, with no noticeable changes. Maybe that's not long enough, though.

Maybe I should go see a doctor. Fuck.
Never, ever use very hot water! Bad bad bad! Also, yeah. Go see a dermatologist. You may have seborrheic dermatitis if you don't have rosacea. I have seborrhea, around my nose. The only real way to get that under control is to use a preparation the chemist gives you, usually made up of partly salicylic acid and such.

Things that are bad for sensitive skin: very spicy food, lots of solid fats (eg lard), alcohol. In the mean time try ingesting lots of raw veggies, olive oil, and only water. No sugar or salt, and low glycemic index foods.

Turkey, tofu, red pepper, salmon, granny smiths, egg whites all good for the skin.

Good luck!
Oh, thanks ophelia!

I do drink alcohol, but less lately. I've been trying to drink more water. I drink lots of tea, mostly non-caffeinated, and eat a balanced diet. I will try to stock up on the foods you mentioned, though.

When something like this happens it's a bummer but it's also a good motivation to change to a one's lifestyle for the better.
i just moved up to dc, from the south and AHHH my skin is SO dry! ive been using this hand cream at work from bath and bosy works and some clean and clear mosturizer on my face. i also use jergens body lotion, but man! my skin is all awful now!
hey diva, I'm not sure if you'd be interested in this, but this company

makes the best moisturizer I have ever used. It's sort of expensive (I got it in australia, so I didn't have to pay to mail it to Canada) but it's so good that I think I might order more and to hell with the shipping. It's great for when your skin is transitioning from heat to cold.

this stuff is really awesome too:
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