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just reading back, thanks for the carrot oil tip chacha! i'll have to pick some up from the CC next time i'm in town. my mama uses almond and olive oil on her aging face and i'd love to treat her with some carrot.

i've been using penatin (sp?) cream for the ithcy patch of eczema on my hand and it seems to help. i WISH i could just make it go the heck away, it's dreadful.
i just got the eco bella neutral lip color (peace) that chachaheels recommended and it's wonderful! it's very neutral, which is great...just a bit of color and good moisture. looking at the tube color, i wasn't sure if i'd like it, but when it's on it's a really nice kind of neutral. i'm delighted.

thanks chacha!

my latest lip balm that doesn't irritate my lips (SO MANY do!): badger lavender and orange balm. seems like ok stuff (i just bought it).

eta: pepper, what is penatin?
Penaten cream!! Yaiyaiyai. Not that it's bad, or anything, but talk about thick white cream eucerit cream.
It used to be sold to treat diaper rash--it keeps water or moisture away from skin like a plastic barrier. I'm sure it's effective for eczema, and it's preferable to using a steroid cream. I just remember it having a really strange kind of texture.

I'm so glad you liked the ecco bella! I'm using it every day now too. I got a whole slew of samples from this company a while ago and, truth be told, I wasn't gung ho on their stuff because I wished to packaging was nicer (and what kind of idiocy is that, now?) But once I tried it, I really loved it. Especially the lip stuff--great products, they even smell great, and no frightening ingredients. So happy you found it to be good for you, too!

And Pepper, listen, I was hoping to run into you when you were in TO but by the time I realized you were there you were packing it in for Peterborough. Are you still in the environs? You can PM me if you want. Glad I was able to help with the Carrot oil (Carrot oil at the Carrot Common, naturally, because it's owned by carrot topped Shirley McLaine).
Oh REALLY! Well, thank you so much for the tips. Do I have to go out and buy cider vinegar or can I substitute regular white vinegar? What about lemon juice? I'm probably mixing up my alkalines and acidics now.

No lumpies!
raisin...I dunno about lemon juice or other vinegars, but I'm glad you've solved the mystery of the lumps!!
ppfftt!! no joke? she really owns the carrot? oh my, that is a TRIP!

yes, penatin is for baby bottoms, ha ha ha. have a good laugh. it really does work though for major irritations, it's a zinc based ointment. i only have a small patch of the itch and it's super sensitive to water so...
i use that glycerin/silicon cream sometimes if i can't avoid a sink but does That stuff have a weird texture! icky.

chacha, we'll be in TO again. that trip was a super whirlwind. we made no less than SEVEN stops before we finally made it here. it was Crazee! then i found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends from way back has moved out to the west coast and i never got to see him 'cause i thought he was still here, quel bummer!
i'd be more than happy to run into ya next time we're in town. i'll let you know our plans.

i'm thinking about changing some things with my visage routine, i like the idea of witch hazel. i still love the honey and baking soda with a white clay mask now and then but i need something for my enlarged pores. do any stores carry that aztec secret? it sounds pretty darn fabulous!
i know whole foods carries the aztec clay. you can order it online too. i want to try some clay masks from mountain rose herb.

turbojenn, have you tried the clay masks from there??

mouse, yeah for trying the OCM. my skin is doing well now. you can ask turbojenn who has seen some of my transformation from when it was at its worst in december to when she saw me in february. and i had REALLY bad cystic acne. it is gonna get worse before it gets better. but, it does work. i can't use regular soap on my face. my skin gets very dry. the oil makes my skin look healthy.

raisingirl, you can buy the apple cider vinegar at the store or any trader joe's or whole foods. i really like going to whole foods for their beauty supplies. alot of organic stuff. it is great to browse. but, i like making my own stuff now.
Pepper, she was the one who started up the whole cooperative and gave it a home on the Danforth. She may have been bought out of the venture by now (though I don't know, it's still really lucrative and established in a way other food coops haven't been able to duplicate; even Whole Foods can't really compete and their whole mission is to replace food coops everywhere). But it was her baby from the beginning and may very well still be. The whole neighbourhood flourished after that cooperative opened, too (with the very best DVD/video store on the planet just across the street).

Anywho, I was in Peterborough yesterday, visiting my doctor. If that's where you are now, maybe we can meet out there!
Anyone ever heard of DHC products before? I started getting a catalog in the mail and it always comes with free samples which is great. They seem kind of expensive though. Even more then my clinique products.
Silly stargazer - I'm the resident product whore, right?? tongue.gif I have Mountain Rose's Rhassoul, Bentonite, Cosmetic, and Green Clays, and they're very nice! I do wish you could order less than a pound, though, as it takes eons to get through a pound, when you're using it a teaspoon at a time! Which reminds me, I do need to make another order from them, I am almost out of my lemon face wash...
i'll check the evil demon that is whole foods for some miracle pore closing clay while we're in the states (sorry chacha, p-borough was only about four days and it was a while ago. too bad we missed each other there! did you go to the black honey cafe? it's so nice.)

my mom will get a kick out of the shirley~carrot co-op thing. that's too cool. noah's is good, if you can stand the attitude dry.gif but my favourite is essence of life in kensington market. jean, the woman who runs the place with her hubby and two gorgeous daughters, has been a friend since before little and one of the people i've kept in touch with over the years. she was totally thrilled to see us expecting another wee one, she's just that awesome and caring about her customers. and she carries so many fab products at tremendous prices. i visit every time i'm in town. she's always got the white clay i like for masks even when i haven't been able to find it anywhere else.
next time i'm there (in TO) if you're around we could hook up in the market for tea or juice. it's my favourite spot in the city and there are so many great places to check out! or the carrot, i haven't been there in years and i'd love to get some carrot seed oil. there was some at zorbo's but it was pricey and smelled not so terrific.
has anyone used it? what's it supposed to smell like?
Anyone ever heard of DHC products before? I started getting a catalog in the mail and it always comes with free samples which is great. They seem kind of expensive though. Even more then my clinique products.

i have a couple of samples of theirs but havent' tried them. there's a lot of talk about that brand at (their product reviews section can be useful!). i'm not sure if you have to be logged in though.
quick question: i'm going away next week and staying at my friend's sister's house and i'm looking for a quicker, less messy cleansing method than ocm for that week (i don't want to hog the bathroom, nor do i want to hang out outside of the bathroom dripping oil all over some girl i barely know's apartment). i'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions for something i could switch to for the week without making my skin freak out again? i automatically thought of hauschka's cleansing milk but i currently don't have any and won't be able to get any wholesale through my mom till next month and don't feel thrilled about dropping $30+ on it at whole foods when i can get it cheaper and through independent means...if i have to, i will, but if you have any ideas i would love to hear them. the only other thing i can think of would be cetaphil, since it's so gentle and it's another non-soap cleanser, but i feel like it might be too chemically after my skin's started to get used to the ocm.

someone (stargazer maybe?) had said something about the lush face bars (babyface and sweet japanese girl) being similar to the OCM ingredients-wise. i only have the SJG, and don't know about the size of babyface and how it might fit in a soap dish. SJG is pretty small really, and would probably fit (don't know if you'd want the scrubbiness of it though). those bars are a little less than $10, i think.
annelise, that's a great idea! i've held out against a lush addiction thus far (i like smelly things, but walking into their store gives me a headache!) but i may cave for skincare. thanks!
Pepper, over 20 years ago when I first experienced Noah's, I left the store thinking "That Noah is a *&%$#@!!! jackass". Since then I've been obliged to pop in on occasion (desperate searches for particular remedies) and their staff has been sometimes okay, but not educated or knowledgeable. Then, frustratingly, they never seem to have what I need. Biggest sin: patients I've sent there in the past have been told that their prescriptions are inappropriate and the staff has insisted on changing either remedies or potencies, so that they've frustrated my patients and their health. So fuck that. Worst offense of the Noah chain: that "eatery" they were running at one point, in which everyone who worked there looked to be on the verge of death, with bulging eyes, hunched spines, and not enough energy to mutter loudly. Not the best advertisement going for veganism, I assure you.

There's lots better. And I think carrot oil should smell pleasant--a little bit green and herby, never "off", as though you're smelling linseed oil.

I go to Peterborough once every few weeks--my doctor practises there and it's quite a drive for me, but he and I go back a long way (he was my clinic supervisor for 2 years so I feel like he knows his stuff). When I go, I can't stay that long, but if you're there I'd love to meet up with you. Otherwise, when you're in TO, we can have tea or coffee or tons of other fabulous things available in the market. And, yes, that health food store in Kensington is one of my faves too (best prices in town).

Have fun in the states, m'dear, and if you drive along the QEW, think of me. You can see my house from it!
i've had my roommie pick stuff up at lush for me--it gives her a headache too, but she just goes up to a sales associate, gives them a list of what she wants, pays, and leaves, and then it's not too bad. she just tells the salesperson she's in a hurry and buying for someone else, and they're really nice and accomodating.

the sweet japanese girl isn't strongly scented at all--i'd assume that the babyface would be similar.

you could probably call in advance and ask about products and how scented they are too--SAs there are great. if you're considering a lush addiction, i would suggest dream cream body lotion as being the best body moisturizer ever for dry/cranky skin. that's not too scented either--just lavender/herbally.
thanks! it's not that i mind the smelliness, i am a bpal addict after all, but all of the smelliness at once is tres overwhelming.

i think i may do that though. my skin is dry on my cheeks and forehead, and oily/acne prone around my chin/jawline. which do you think would be better? babyface or sjg?
i would think that the babyface would be gentler for everyday use. they're similar in their main ingredients, but the SJG has aduki beans and other scrubby things for exfoliating, whereas babyface is supposed to be all smooth and moisturizey.
mouse, i agree with annelise. get the babyface. it is easier to travel with. it provides the same benefits as the OCM. you still have to use warm water and a wash cloth to properly cleanse your skin, but it is gentler. i use the SJG twice a week after i use a mask to exfoliate. great stuff. oh, and to make the OCM capable of taking it on the road, i make my own OCM up in a glass bottle to take with me. i got this cute little aromatherapy type bottle at an organic food store. in fact, i premix my OCM batch. it usually lasts me a month.
thanks star! i actually have a cute little pink squeeze bottle i mix my oils in but my main concerns for this are time and mess--it's gonna be three girls sharing an apartment and a bathroom for a week, and i don't wanna hog the bathroom or drip oil anywhere.

is the babyface the same sort of thing, where you rub it in for a while and then steam your face and wipe it off? or do you use it like a regular soap and splash your face with water to get it off?

i'm going to lush on saturday or sunday smile.gif

mouse, with the babyface, just rub it on your face, and wipe off using warm water a couple of times. you could also do it when you are in the shower to cut down on time and still get the steam effect.


i just read on their website that lush planted golden tickets in the gift baskets and if you get one then it is worth $1000 for lush merchandise. make sure you buy a giftset mouse!!
aunt agonist
i'm not entirely sure that this is the right thread, but i need some advice from you clear skinned ladies. so i have kind of a lot of facial hair and it's pretty dark. i usually go to get waxed and for some reason the when i get my 'mutton chops' waxed i get a lot of pimples in that area that are infuriatingly long lasting. do you have any advice for how to prevent or treat them? does anyone else have this prolem? i don't want to have chops, but i also don't want to have chops made of pimples!
First, check to see that the "pimples" aren't really pimples at all--they might be ingrown hairs, which results quite often from waxing anywhere on the body. If they are ingrown hairs, the skin has to be treated really gently so that it can be exfoliated away--ingrown hairs happen when skin tissue grows over the renascent hairs. Often the skin becomes a bit inflamed and can become infected too. I know the hair's a problem, but you might want to consider other forms of hair removal which don't seem to upset the skin so much.
etailer addictions!

i might be getting some stuff from, which has stuff that looks like great fun. interesting smelly soaps and scrubs, yay.

meanwhile, i'm trying my shea terra stuff--it seems like all their creams are really thick (pure shea or no), but moisturizey. i was hoping i'd love the vanilla shea butter as much as my beloved lush dream cream, but that's a tall order, and doesn't seem realistic at this point. it is nice stuff though. it's very very thick and you have to dig it out and melt it in your hands, which is sometimes fun and sometimes annoying. the smell is lovely.

oooo, and the vanilla lip balm smells wonderful, moisturizes well, and tastes GREAT. i'm amazed that it's natural. as an added bonus, my bf thought it was sexy that my lips tasted so good. smile.gif

i'm not sure what i think of their black soap--my face felt squeaky clean, but was very flaky when i got out of the shower. i never know what to do with my poor flaky face. despite lush and etailers and everything else i've tried, the best exfoliant for me is still baking soda and cetaphil, but it's not quite enough. i end up alternating otherwise between various things i'm trying--i guess now it'll be lush sweet japanese girl (nice, but i prob won't buy it again), and this new black soap, which i'm not sure about at all.

my naturopath wants me to use a lot of castor oil on my skin (my liver doesn't detoxify well, which is why my skin is so challenging! so i need the castor to help my skin detox). but castor oil is crap for moisturizing so i've been mixing it with my burt's bees apricot baby oil til i run out of that. i might just try mixing the castor with olive oil next, and maybe a drop of something that smells good so i don't smell like a salad. it kind of seems like fullbody OCM!

when i saw my medical doc the other day she commented on my dry skin and told me about an elderly patient of hers that swears by olive oil--the lady is 102 and takes olive oil orally and spreads it all over her skin every day, has for decades. and she looks decades younger than 102.
man, i really didn't like the lush soaps. i think babyface could be good as a makeup remover and sjg would be good for an exfoliator occasionally but both are too greasy for daily use, at least for me. there's something about the drying, drawing effect of castor oil that really seems to work well for me. last week i used the babyface and the sjg interchangeably and my skin got really oily and started breaking out badly; i came home, switched to ocm, and two days later my face has totally calmed down. i think it could also be the extra time taken--i normally don't get the little beads of hardened sebum or blackheads until about 3 or 4 minutes of massaging anyway. and god i love them......a grossie/picker girls' dream. haha.
turbojenn dear sister of product whoring! I *love* Villianess...her soaps are my very favorite of all, over LUSH and Soapfairy....but sadly, I am all out at the moment, so I can't pass on any samples. (which means, of course, that it must be time to order! But Villianess' soaps are truly wonderful and more moisturizing by far than LUSH soaps - I always have a bar of Dulce en Fuego by my sink - it smells of lovely cocoa, and has scrubby bits of coconut in it.

Mousie!! I'm glad your skin is calming down again with OCM.

And annelise, I love your idea of adding some essential oil to castor - I just don't like the smell of the stuff. eew. I know its ever so good for me in so many ways, makes my stomach flop a little.
mouse!! i love your pic btw.

yeah, it is very greasy on an everyday basis. reason why i only like the use sjg after a mask to get all of the stuff off. plus, it kinda keeps my skin from getting dry. i'm too in love with the ocm. if i use soap just once on my face, it looks all dry and cakey.

annelise, make sure you get castor oil for the skin. it really is great for drawing out the toxins. i should know!
Annelise, a 75% castor oil/25% avocado oil or jojoba oil blend will really help your dry skin while allowing you the extra cleansing from the castor oil. Jojoba oil is a really stable oil, too--it won't go rancid as quickly as olive oil (or other oils used for OCM).

The other thing is, eating olive oil is nice but it's the wrong fat to maintain skin health and elasticity (though it's a nice light moisturizer--betcha that 102 year old lady's eaten all kinds of foods we've been told have all been terrible for our health all her life, though: you don't get to be 102 without them!)

For that you need something like coconut oil. Find a good, organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil and add it to your diet (1 tsp a day), but also use it as a topical moisturizer, as it makes a fantastic skin moisturizer just used simply. The other fats which really make a difference to skin health all come from animals, so do be sure to eat animal foods such as fatty fish (for the omega 3s), meats (particularly organ meats--so eat pate!), cheeses (but the real stuff--raw milk and full fat), eggs (especially the yolks).

great, i have a jojoba oil bottle from mountain rose herbs, so i'll try that. thanks, chacha! as always, you're full of great advice. smile.gif maybe i'll look into coconut oil as an option for moisturizing too, because that's supposed to be pretty heavy-duty, right? my skin desperately needs the heavy-duty stuff. i already take fish oil religiously, though i don't see that much of a difference from it. maybe i'll see about the oral coconut oil too, that would be yummy!

ooooo, that's exciting that you like the villainess stuff, turbojenn! i met the founder by accident through a MUA swap and once i saw her website, i was entranced and wanting to try stuff! and then i found the forum on that site and there's all sorts of links to other etailers, which led to some compulsive ( but worthwhile!) shopping. smile.gif
Gosh, Brooke must be busy online - I met her through the forum, and got totally hooked on Villainess soaps. Very high quality, for not a lot of money, and her service is great!

Chacha - can you cook with coconut oil and get the same benefits, or do you need to consume it unheated? I'm just dreaming of making my granola with some good coconut oil...oh, and annelise - Shea Terra has the most divine virgin coconut oil that smells so fresh and coconutty - I'll bring it along when I see you on friday. I use it in the wintertime for moisturizer at night. Yummy!
Coconut oil is almost completely unchanged chemically when heated--it's the most stable oil out there. You can fry at very high heat in it if you want and it will not rancidify or polymerize. So yes, eat the coconut oil in a warm, hot, or even room temperature state, whatever you prefer.
i bought some coconut oil but there it sits in the fridge, unopened. i can't stomach the thought of eating a tsp of it daily, how else can i get it in me? i'm taking lots of fish oil and eating butter, high fat yogurt, eggs and occasional meat (can't find any raw cheese anywhere though) and i have flax and hemp seed oil on my shopping list for this week but my stretching belly skin especially needs all the help it can get! i rub it with a nice blend of almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, coconut, cocoa butter, vitamin e, and i think i put in some avocado oil too. it's greasy but it worked last time, no stretch marks!

i also picked up some of that aztec secret from zerbo's (in mich, anyone been there? it's terrific!). i didn't realize that it's just bentonite clay, i expected some mysterious mixture. anyhow, i mixed it up (no problem with lumps for me, i just stirred it fast and lots) and used it and while it cleaned my face i didn't notice any real difference with the size of my big pores. i had some high hopes i tell ya! oh well, at least it's not full of icky chemmies and it does the job of cleaning my skin alright. the white clay is still my fave, i might try it with ACV and see if it's any different that way.

just what is OCM? i read back a bit but haven't a clue... and what would you do with castor oil? i don't have a problem with dry skin on my face so oil would be pretty heavy for me but i'll try anything, skin care is fun!

chacha, i hear you about noah's, it's just not a friendly place in any way. good location though... nature's valley health is just west of there and the dude seems to know his stuff, AND his wife has a wonderful skin treatment center upstairs too. she's really great. that's worth checking out if anyone is in the 'hood.
next time i'm in or around TO or peterborough i will definately let you know. i visit with an aunt in fort erie from time to time, that's closer to you right? perhaps we'll be there before the baby comes and i can get away for tea and chatting. that would be lovely!

ah, you girls are so inspirational. i'm off to wash my face right now!!

castor oil is something that i'm using for overall health--for skin, though, it's an oil that has detoxifying properties. OCM is the oil control method i think? it's natural oils that you mix up according to your complexion's needs and cleanse with . stargazer and some others have some stories about it, or there's a big thread on the longhair forum (or something like that) describing what it is and the oils people use.

pepper, i feel the same way about aztec secret! i've mixed it up with both water and vinegar, and didn't feel much difference. so many ppl rave about it though.
pepper, over the weekend, I made up a stir fry, and instead of using olive oil to saute my veg, I used coconut oil, and it worked perfectly...give that a whirl! Next time I make up a batch of my honey and spice granola, I'm going to try using coconut oil for that too!

I'm an aztec raver...hee! I don't know if it has refined my pores all that much, but it certainly does deep clean my face - I love when it starts pulsating!
Pepper, EEEEeeee!!! Fort Erie's much closer to me (well, it's a much quicker drive) so if you're in the area, do let me know!

I keep thinking that baby is almost here...
pepper, OCM is the oil cleansing method. go through the thread and you will see the links to the long hair community forum. it uses castor oil and extra virgin olive oil to cleanse your face. they say to start 50/50 with the OCM in the beginning. or, if you have dry skin the ratio should be 75% olive oil to 25% castor oil. if you skin is oily, then 75% castor oil and 25% olive oil. I use 40% castor oil and 60% jojoba oil (the consistency is thinner than the olive oil) with tea tree oil, sage, and heli. ital. in my mix. it has really helped my skin. my face gets dry even when using regular face soap now.

oh, and i love the aztec clay too. i think it also has helped in the drawing out and healing of my acne. amazing. use the apple cider vinegar because it is good to kill the bacteria on your skin.

turbo, i too love the pulsation!
hmm, interesting. i'll check out the long hair community if only 'cause that name is terrific! makes me think of a bunch of funky hippies.

i don't know about OCM for me. i don't have dry skin really, and it's not super oily either. i do get shiny in the t-zone and i get flaky during season change and peel, even in the zone. but i've been told that my skin isn't Dry, that it's Dehydrated, whatever that means. i still get break outs here and there particularly right before my period and sometimes at ovulation as well. and my pores get clogged which i can understand where i have large pores but i get some strange blockages on my temples, cheeks and beside my ears as well which i just don't get. i'm not diligent about a skin care regime though, i am getting a bit better at attending to it nightly but i often go to bed without more than splashing water on my face. i floss without fail though so ha!
the one thing that i'm concerned with and that i think i can delay are the eye lines. i'd like to find a good eye cream that nourishes and protects the skin but it's hard to choose. that junk is pricey and even though the containers are teeny they last forever so if i buy one that i don't love i feel totally wasteful not using it up before i try something else. it's hard to even know what to look for!

chacha, i love that aunt and visit her whenever i can. she's one of the major reasons we moved back, she does all the holidays at her house and oh, how i have missed it! hopefully we'll be there towards the end of april and if so i'll let you know right away. the baby is coming around the end of june so 2.5-ish months to go.... soon come, soon come wink.gif
Pepper, from your description, it sounds like the OCM would be perfect for you. But it does bear a daily application--maybe you can work it so that you do it during your shower. It doesn't take long and I bet it will balance out the "dehydration" oilyness problems and help with the monthly breakouts too.

Yay!! For your aunt and an upcoming visit!
ok, i looked back 6 pages, where are these links already?? i'm just gonna google it... i got some castor oil just in case and will try it out with jojoba but should i be aiming for 75% jojoba or 75% castor? or just stick with 50/50? hmm...

ok, i googled it but it's about HAIR? that's terrific but where's the info about OCM there? *confoozled*
google "oil cleansing method"

and it will take you here.
pepper, my skin sounds similar and the ocm has been unbeleivable for me. like stargazer said a while back, it gets worse before it gets better but sticking it out is so worth it. the entire right side of my face, forehead, nose, and left cheek are soft and clear as a baby's ass right now. i have a little eruption that doesn't wanna go away on my left jawline (probably because i keep picking at it) but the improvement is incredible. two weeks ago i had crap all over my chin and jawline. now, i don't shill anything regardless, but this is how well it's worked for ME. and yeah, it does take a while, but it's also relaxing and fun. i do the oil before bed, and then just steam and wipe off my face in the morning.
pepper, it is under the skin and hair part of the long hair forum. a very tiny subheading. i hope chacha helped. i do wish i was better at the link thing. i think the OCM will help you. you can do it a couple time a week instead of everyday. or, just do it at night. since makes all of the dietary changes and using the OCM, my skin seems more supple. it is nourished from the inside out. so make water and lots of fruits and veggies your best friend. you will see a difference. oh, i used to get little blackhead behind my ears too. or my hairline. since reading about skin brushing, i've realized that the skin on my body was getting enough stimulation to get rid of waste to remain vibrant. i make sure i brush my hair to stimulate the scalp. i use the washcloth i steam with and stroke my face downward to stimulate the skin. i also do the same with my neck. it helps to push out the waste (i.e. blackheads). working out also helps in circulating the blood in the skin.

all of these things seem to be really helping my skin.

mouse, i'm glad to hear you are having good results with the ocm.
Okay, so to talk about Aztec Secret some more... (haha)... because I didn't feel like buying a whole bottle of cider vinegar for my face, I did indeed try mixing the Aztec with regular white vinegar and it worked out perfectly fine. Beautiful creamy consistency, no lumpies, and my face was happy afterwards. Yay! So if any of you are in a similar predicament, I recommend the substitution.
*scratches head* Okay, I guess I'll put it here:

What's the most awesome lip balm/chap stick/lip rejuvinator you've ever known? I don't know what the hell is wrong with me, but my lips have been seriously screwed since this weekend. I just woke up and POOF...massacred, dry lips. I think it was because I was in a hot, humid apartment and my allergies were totally flaring up. NOTHING is working. 1) It looks gross [okay, it's probably not that noticable, but *I* notice it], 2) it feels grosser, 3) it stings and feels raw. Eek.
i am a lip balm ADDICT.

----smith's rosebud salve

--kiehl's lip balm #1

--chapstick. the old standby.

stay away from anything with mint in it; it dries your lips...i feel like the "medicated" stuff does too (i don't like carmex, but many people do). try REALLY HARD not to ever lick your lips while they are healing. slather up before you go to bed and DON'T PEEL.
i love body shop's lip butter (mango...yum...). i hate burt's bees, must be the minty stuff that dried up my lips. actual flaking! nyeeasty!
faerietails, there was some lip balm talk earlier on the thread too, if you do a search. i am alternating between a bunch of lip balms right now but have managed to get rid of all the minty ones, and my lips seem a bit happier. i'd bought a lip exfoliating stick too, but i don't find myself all that motivated to use it, even though it seems to work decently well.
i like the way some bodyshop lipbalms smell but they have hydrogenated oil in them which is just so icky. same with lush lipbalms. too bad.
really dry lips might mean that you're dehydrated or need to eat some more healthy fats. i like shea butter for really intense moisturizing, a natural foods store will have something with shea.
i notice that if i am chronically applying the balm my lips dry out more and more often too so i try not to be an addict

i'm finally somewhere that i can get some jojoba oil but of course i forgot the castor oil i bought last time i was here so i'll have to wait to try the ocm for a bit longer. oh well, letcha know how it goes....

so, any suggestions about an eye cream that actually does something?
I don't know, Pepper, I think the best eye cream that actually does something (other than moisturize my skin with a little bit of sunblock thrown in without irritating it, which is what my current one does) is the one that exists in my dreams.

Seriously, I don't think there are any that work miracles. Does anyone want to enlighten me on this?

I just wear sunglasses most of the time and don't pretend that I want to look like I'm 21 forever.
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