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I haven't seen calendula cream anywhere either, but I suppose I haven't looked. Let me know how you like the mountain rose herbs stuff, annelise! I love everything I've gotten from them, and their service is so quick!
I like the UNDA brand because it has a high concentration of the calendula tincture, mixed in a glycerin/rosewater base. Another brand I like to use but have more trouble finding is the Helios Pharmacy (in England) Calendula cream (you can order directly from Helios: click on "creams" and go from there.. They ship within 5 business days and they're top quality). Other brands aren't as good, or they're in a "vanishing cream" base (which is usually a petroleum based cream--not bad, but not always appropriate). I avoid the "gels" because they usually contain alcohol and they sting--and calendula is always used to treat scars and cuts, so that just doesn't make sense to me.

I've looked around at health food store sites in the US which carry UNDA/Seroyal products, and they usually stock the cream. A tube will go for about $15 dollars or so, but it's always worked better for me than other brands (and I've tried a lot of them).

does anyone have any solutions for ingrown hair? all the usual places... plus my legs. I'm also the queen of razor burn. waxing does evil things to my skin, as do a lot of the removal creams, so I'm stuck with shaving.

I've been having a lot of luck with a neutrogena blackhead-reducing toner lately. It's really astringent, but my skin is looking a lot clearer than usual.

ophelia, i'm with karianne on the dermatologist. otherwise, I'm a huuuge fan of lush's ultrabland for my hormonal acne.
Ophelia - I have hormone induced acne, and I have tried every OTC remedy I can find, to no avail. I finally went to the doc and told her all the different things I tried. She prescribed Cleosin, which is an anti-bacterial lotion (which also comes in a gel), and it worked wonders. My skin cleared right up. The good part was, with my insurance, it was only $5!

So, my advice is to ask your doc for advice. If you tell her or him what is going on, they can maybe narrow down to something that will work for you.
got my mountain rose herbs order! last night after washing my face i tried my new wild rose facial oil and the unscented moisturizer, both of which are rich but soaked right in and made my face wonderfully soft. my face got flaky again over a bit of time, as it tends to...and now i have a bump on my forehead that kind of hurts...i'm wondering if it's some kind of irritation from all the oils or something.

i hate trying new face stuff and needing to figure out if skin is being weird normally or if it's because of the new products...i'll go back to familiar stuff for a little while, i guess, and try again once the bump has calmed down.

for ingrown hair, there are a few products that are supposed to work great for leg hair but really sting...i haven't tried them because they sound very chemically and i'm trying to stay away from that sort of stuff. one was tendskin, i can't remember the name of the other. they were mentioned on the shaving thread on the "our bodies, our hells" forum.
it normally takes up to 6 months i think to tell if your skin is reacting negatively/positively to somethings.

chachaheels would probably know.

the bump could be the result of infection coming through the skin. when i used oils on my face, it took 2 weeks until all of stuff started to come out. i think i heard acne has 2-6 week period before it starts to come out with a new facial treatment. that would especially happen when i would get facials back in the day. it was doing an excellent job of releasing toxins in my skin. but, it just looked horrible. eeck.
star - I've been meaning to ask you - how's the new regimen/lifestyle treating your bod and skin these days?! Do share any glowing success and gushy raving that you may have! smile.gif
gushy raving sounds like something that should be happening on the sex board. but maybe that's just the way my mind works.

i had a good weekend, oh yes.

so should i keep using this skin oil? it has lovely ingredients, rosehip seed oil and other organic stuff, and the moisturizer is all olive oil and calendula and jojoba and good stuff too. i was amazed how it made my skin soft rather than greasy...
annelise - when I'm trying out new products, I usually give myself 2-3 weeks of grace period for my skin to adjust before I make a real call on that one...when chacha peeks in on us, I'm sure she can give you a better feel for that.

I love that chacha is here to advise all of us on our various issues! wub.gif
cross-posted from the makeup thread...

Are any of you fans of Yves Rocher products (apparently the company specializes in botanical formulas)? I got a catalogue recently and I'm wondering if there are any must-haves -- skin products or makeup or anything else. Any opinions?
i've never heard of 'em before raisin. blink.gif

thanks turbojenn for asking. my skin is doing alot better than when you saw me in december. my cheeks are still healing. just a couple of cysts on the jawline. but nothing like before. i'm going to a dermatologist--not the one i had before, but a different one--to discuss what can be done to help with some of the scars and discoloration i have. my face has really come to like the oils. even when i use the farmacy fresh is a little too drying. my skin is that sensitive. i would like to eventually try the mountain herb stuff.

i love lush's olive branch liquid soap and buffy bar. fab!
Thanks, Turbo! You're lovely! And it's nice to know that things are going very well, Star!

Anything new you try out--new herbal formulas like the oil cleansing method or any kind of herbal formulation you're using for any reason--it's best to give it 3 months to really see if things go well. If you see improvement on any level, it's probably better to stick with it for a while longer than to just stop. But if anything's going to happen it should in that initial 3 months.

To be fair, though, sometimes things don't work as well as they could because of things like "maintaining factors"--aspects of your life you may or may not be able to identify as contributors to the problem. This is not to say that you're responsible if things work or fail!! Just a reminder that making changes to all aspects of your life, wherever they're needed, often make a huge difference to the outcome.
ugh i have the crappy dark circles under my eyes that just won't quit. any topical/makeup/behavior advice would be greatly appreciated!
aw, you are so awesome chacha!! biggrin.gif i agree that skin needs to be looked at on a more holistic approach instead of just drying it out with chemical creams and loading up on birth control and antibiotics. there are other factors going on as well. it is good to find a balance. i'm trying to do that! change is hard.

how dark are the circles nickclick? do you use under eye concealer?
I have been noticing over the past couple years I have gotten really dark circles under my eyes too that were not there before. AND my crows feet are sooooo bad- i get depressed when I look at pics of myself.....does anyone else feel that way? I'm only 31! I'd love to find something for my eyes that would help the dark circles AND wrinkles.
Wrinkles, unfortunately, are one of those things determined by a few immutable factors: genetics, the fullness of your life, and to a small extent, diet.

Skin needs basically 2 things to stay supple: lots of water (8 glasses of water and more if you're still thirsty), and lots of fat in the diet. Animal fats are the best for maintaining skin elasticity and resiliency (skin cells, like all other cells, depend on those fats for cell wall integrity. No cell wall integrity=basically skin that isn't healthy). But if you don't do animal fats, coconut oil is a pretty good substitute. Eating a teaspoon or so a day in your diet (in smoothies, used for cooking, put in tea, spread on toast, you decide) and actually using the oil as a skin cream base is a great way to keep the skin moist from the outside too.

Wrinkles also come as a result of the repeated movement of the muscles in your face--from laughing, crying, thinking, expressing yourself with your eyes and face the way you're meant to, if you're interacting with the world to the fullest extent. Don't begrudge yourself that!

Dark undereye circles--I have a few favourite treatments for those: one of them is tissue salts, which you can take 4 times a day to help your body fix the conditions which result in the visible black rims under the eyes. The best one in particular for doing this is Natrum Sulphuricum, 6X or 12X, it doesn't matter which potency you choose. Tissue Salts usually come in bottles with anywhere from 90 tablets to 500 tablets in them, but a course of tissue salts using 4 of the little pills three or four times a day for about a month or so will help your circulation and lymphatic system work better to flush out accumulated wastes in the blood and lymph. A bonus is they'll help to alleviate any puffiness around the eye (and anywhere else you suffer from it on the body) and you'll feel better generally. You can find tissue salts in any health food store.
thanks chacha, etc., i'll check it out. it's both the usual dark circles and the actual skin under my eyes looking discolored, like i have eyeshadow that just won't come off! i'm confused about it being caused by puffiness tho. in fact, when i wake up in the morning all tired they look less dark! i tried some yellow-ish concealer that works okay....

those i hate, but my wrinkles i kinda like! maybe because i have an otherwise baby round face, so i finally feel like a grown-up! but also for the reasons chacha said; they are accentuated when we laugh or smile!
Thanks for the help- I'll try those things out- I've been thinking about trying coconut oil for a while since I am a vegetarian. I'm trying to accept those wrinkles and knowing that yes, I have had a very "full" life so far!!
QUOTE(smarttart @ Feb 6 2007, 06:48 PM) *

I have been noticing over the past couple years I have gotten really dark circles under my eyes too that were not there before. AND my crows feet are sooooo bad- i get depressed when I look at pics of myself.....does anyone else feel that way? I'm only 31! I'd love to find something for my eyes that would help the dark circles AND wrinkles.

Yes, I too feel down about the dark circles and smile lines around my eyes (in my 30s). Mine are a combination of freckles and blood vessels starting to show/break in the thin skinned area sad.gif I've tried lightening creams and they work well on the misplaced freckles. I've also heard you can get a clarion (sp?) laser that helps with blood vessels - haven't tried that yet.

Ho hum...I love getting older and wiser I just don't want to see it!!!
I have also noticed that the circles under my eyes get really dark when I drink too much coffee and not enought water. Chacha - does that make sense?
It does, and it's a sign that you're dehydrated. Coffee's lovely, but it's also a diuretic--not only does it go right through you, it also pulls other water out of the body too, and not in a good way. Normally, that would reduce puffiness but there comes a point where the body struggles to hold on to water and starts making puffiness happen all over again.

So: drink more water. Drink more water to compensate for having coffee, and try to keep your coffee intake moderate.
Clinique Lovers!

I just found out today that Clinique is pulling their acne soap soon because they are making an acne line which will include an entire daily regiment for those of us who suffer from acne. I think there is going to be a little hiatus between when they pull the acne soap and when the acne line comes out. If you use the Clinique acne soap you might want to stock pile it in case it becomes unavailable for a while. Personally, one bar lasts me three months because they are so big. I bought two bars so hopefully I’ll be cool for the next six months.
Does anyone here use Burt's Bees products? I have been using Aveda All-Sensitive products for years, but the last time I ran out, I couldn't afford to replenish my supply. I went to the food co-op and bought Burt's Bees Orange Essence face cleanser and also the Carrot Day Cream.

Both seem kind of greasy on my skin. In fact, after using the Carrot cream, my foundation streaks a lot and won't stay put around my mouth and nose especially.

I moved to southern Arizona about a year ago, and I have been concerned about my skin getting too dry. I read a book before moving here that said people age faster in Arizona because of the dryness and the higher intensity of the sun. I am 32 and have a pretty babyish face still, so I would like to preserve it. I thought a richer moisturizer would be the way to go (as well as making a concerted effort to keep myself hydrated).

I have been using the Burt's Bees for about a month. I guess I will use them until they run out, then make a decision about what to try next, or if I should stay with the same BB products. Oh! I also got the BB Royal Jelly Eye Cream. Very heavy. I only use it as a night treatment because there's no way that my eye makeup will stay put with that stuff on. Do any BB users find their products to very heavy? I'm starting to see that, now. But maybe I'm trying the wrong things.

One more thing about the Carrot cream: Right after putting it on, my skin looks a little bit orange to me. I asked at work later if my face looked orange, and they said no, but I could swear that my skin had an orangey cast to it. Weird.

I have been reading posts about using cleansing oils and other oils on the face. Are they expensive? I need a good regimen that I can afford, and that is easy to use. Any other suggestions for someone in the parched Sonoran Desert?

Oh, BTW - my skin is pale pale pale, sensitive to harsh ingredients, tends to break out, but is not very oily. It's probably considered "normal" or "combination" because it is a little oilier in the t-zone, but not bad. I have tried several treatments for breakouts, and they make the breakouts worse. The doc prescribed me an antibacterial lotion, which worked wonders immediately. OK - thanks guys for any advice!

OH! One more thing! (sorry) My foundation is SPF 42, which I like. Just wanted to let you know that I have thought of sun protection.
puppykitty, you are so cute!! um, i've never used burt's bees products before. if you are looking for affordable, organic stuff, then i would suggest the mountain rose herb website turbojenn suggested to us. there is a link if you go through the thread. it seemed pretty good. oils work for me because my skin is very sensitive and easily dries out. i've noticed this trend as i've gotten older (i'm 31). my skin just can't take the harsh chemicals anymore. and it probably wouldn't be good to use the drying stuff in your climate. it would just make matters worse.

if you are not into organic type stuff or oils, then maybe use an oil-free moisturizer. i'm sure some people will have other suggestions.
Hey puppy. I'm in Southern AZ, too. I think I may have a similar skin type as you do as well (though I have to use some drying anti-acne products). I find that neutrogena's oil-free moisturizer with SPF works very nicely. I also do use the Burt's royal jelly, but like you, find it's so heavy it's only good for nighttime. (But Burt's chapstick-- 24/7!)

For cleanser, you may want to try simple neutrogena bar soap. Or Cetaphil. Both of them are highly recommended by dermatologists (and plenty of my friends, for what it's worth). But I don't have experience first-hand with either one (that whole need special acne products thing.)
I went to the Mountain Rose Herbs website, and it looks great! There are several things I want to try! I hope I can save up enough in my beauty expense account soon to try some of that stuff. Thanks, guys!

And in the meantime, I think after my BB cleanser and moisturizer run out, I'll hit the drugstore for some Cetaphil. I heard that it is good for sensitive skin. When I was 18, I went to the dermatologist about my breakouts, and she suggested Purpose soap. It was fine, but I think I would like Cetaphil better because it's more lotion-y.

I want to try the Green Clay and the rose oils from RMH. I just *love* doing masks, and I like oils, too.
i like burt's stuff but peppermint oil dries skin so Why do they put it in their lip products?! that irks me.

i use phisoderm cleanser and cetaphil lotion when i'm prone to breakouts, it really does work amazingly well. i might break out my bottles of the stuff 'cause the water here is so different my poor skin is peeling! ouch. not wonderful. i'll adjust, the ezema on my one hand is going berserk though. so. freaking. itchy.
Burt's Bees Chapstick 24/7 here as well!
i tried the BBs tinted lip stuff and it literally made my lips so dry they were like peeling and flaking. gross!
i use the BB lavender hand balm, because surgical gloves dry my hands out - it is very greasy, though.

puppykitty, i used to live in north africa, and i found the body shop carrot moisturiser really good - i'm pale too, but have slightly oily skin. I also used to use nivea creme - it's heavy, but absorbs well.
nickclick, it's the mint oil. really, it's super drying.
body shop discontinued the carrot cream but burt's makes one. carrot seed oil is supposed to be one of the very best things for skin. super regenerating etc. wish i could just find the pure oil but it's expensive.
i'm not all that impressed with burt's bees stuff. the face creams are really really thick and not as moisturizing as i'd like, just greasy (i have extremely dry skin, but still!). i got a pot of the marshmellow vanishing cream and it's sickly sweet smelling and really really thick--i think i might use it on my feet or something. i used to have the royal jelly eye cream too, and really disliked it. the things i like from them tend to be the body moisturizers, because some of them smell so good! the honey and orange wax body lotion smells like a honeycomb, it's wonderful. moisturizing-wise, meh, and a bit sticky though. i've tried a LOT of stuff from their line, and i like the natural ingredients, but...their stuff doesn't seem too effective to me.

are all mint oils drying to the skin? i'm trying a new lip balm that smells all spearminty, and i'm not sure about it. the lip balm i really like is the unfortunately-named chicken poop--it's all natural and lavendery-smelling and nice, but i wish it cost less.

i'm trying the face cream and wild rose facial oil from mountain rose herbs--it's nice stuff for the price, and i'll have to see what i think of it over time. i've been feeling like my skin is thin and dry and crackly, the way my mother's skin is. she's twice my age, and i don't want to look that age anytime soon. sad.gif
A lot of lip balms have peppermint oil and even camphor oil (blistex comes to mind). They all absolutely dry out the skin and create the ongoing need for more balm. But the feel of the peppermint oil is soothing, especially if the skin on your lips is feeling parched. So, it's a kind of manipulation. I love it, but I know it's just not going to keep me comfy if I buy it. I stopped using the minty balms and just wear a neutral coloured liquid lip colour made by Ecco Bella. It doesn't look like I'm wearing any lipstick, there's no scary stuff in the product, it smells faintly of vanilla and it is really moisturizing. I'm currently really liking 3 products in their line--a lipstick called Primrose that I wear every day; the lip colour I mentioned above in the "peace" colour; and their mascara, which is better than any other I've ever tried.

Pepper, if you're still in the TO area when you read this, the Carrot Common (it figures) sells the pure carrot oil and it's reasonably priced.

One of my favourite moisturizers all around, especially after bath in winter, is Nivea creme. The thick stuff that comes in a tin. Not a "natural" product, but it does absorb well and it does moisturize well. When it's really dry I use it as a moisturizer because most face creams simply aren't as rich.
I don't really like BB stuff anymore since I found mountain rose herbs, and LUSH. I just find a lot of BB stuff either greasy or waxy, though I still like their lemon cuticle cream during the winter when my fingertips get so rough and dry.

*****warning - ennabling ahead*****

I'm an e-tailer whore, so here's a couple more of my favorites:

Shea Terra Organics - BEST lip balms ever - thick, really moisturizing, and really yummy flavors - Kalahari melon is my favorite. Their shea butter products are amazing and I love them in the winter when I need some heavy duty moisture for my bod. Their body washes are also delicious. Oh, and their virgin coconut creme oil is *amazing.* LOVE the stuff.

My Lip Stuff - My other favorite lip balms, and I love them for being all natural, really cheap, and TONS of flavors (though its really more scented than it is flavored)....their Lip Tint is the only color I ever put on my lips, since I hate the sticky feel of lipsticks.
oh, how i LOVE being enabled. thanks turbojenn! and now i have to check out eco bella too...thanks chacha!

well, i have no problem whoring myself around! tongue.gif

thanks chacha and turbojenn for the suggestions!
This is my favorite moisturizer in the winter and the mango in the summer.

Talk about creamy. I only use this on my body. For my face year round I use this and if I'm really dry then this also. I love Clinique's total line. I use the acne soap, their toner and their moisturizing gel. Since using it my skin has never looked or felt better.
mm, cocoa butter... I like Palmers as well, it's even richer than the body shop stuff. And johnsons baby oil after a shower... but basically, I'm a lush whore.
Psst-- hey, Pugs! Could I lure you into the "All about adult acne thread" to chat you up about the clinique acne line? Thanks!
aunt agonist
quick question for the OCM laydeez. i have been trying it and it works really well but i recently heard of... um, emu oil. i'm trying to determine if it is a horrible cruel thing. basically i've gathered that it is not entirely cruelty free (an emu does die) but the oil is a by product of the killing the emu to munch on it. so no emu dies soley for it's grease. does anyone know anything about this? i've heard great things about it... but i'm skeptical about possibly cruel bird butt grease
There are a few farmers around where I live who still raise the emu for food (my next door neighbour used to be one, and there used to be many more, but for some reason farmers have started to raise a greater variety of "alternative" livestock which is probably cheaper to feed and house). As far as I've seen, they're not raised in big groups (like chickens are) and there could be no way to "battery" raise them--they're really big birds and they need to run around quite a bit! They've always been fed a variety of foods (but I bet there is a commercial emu feed on the market now because the number of farmers raising them is significant). And they are used for meat, which is considered a really healthy food. Emu has been used as a food for a long, long, time--it's just rather new to North America.

The oil has been used to make skin care products for a long time, too--but it is really rich and it's pricey. You're probably a lot better off eating the oil rich meat than you are just applying it topically, but I don't know how accessible emu meat is where you live (out here, it's on every 5 star restaurant menu in some form--part of the their whole "use local foods" thing).

I don't know how that addresses your "cruelty free" question except to say the animals don't seem to be penned up in closed quarters and kept from their natural needs, they aren't fed a food they're not meant to eat so they grow up needing tons of anti-biotics and hormones which cause suffering and disease; and they're not killed inhumanely--via torturous methods or prolonged methods. When my neighbour was raising emu, he had a very large pen for the birds to run around in, or just hang out outside of their sheltered area (where they were kept at night). He raised a couple of them, and he also raised a variety of other "game" birds such as partridge/pheasant, and a gorgeous peacock who was really just kept as a "guard" bird. It's possible other farmers may do things differently, so I don't believe this is the way everyone does it--but the animals didn't seem constrained or sick or crowded. Unless the demand for emu has soared, I don't think the kind of industrial breeding and raising of the birds would be affordable for any farmer...for what it's worth!
aunt agonist
thanks for that. it helps a lot. i do eat meat, so it wasn't necessary that it be vegetarian- just not inhumane. i'm stil not sure how worth it it is, but it helps to know about how they are 'farmed' in your experience.
Well, the thing is, if you're going to use the emu oil for OCM, I don't know how much better it would be than a jojoba oil/castor oil blend, or sesame or almond or avocado oil--whichever you choose to use for the skin care regimen. It's lovely and rich, and extremely nourishing, and it does make a wonderful moisturizer if used in very small amounts (you know, outside of the OCM regimen), so if that's what you wanted it for, why not?
agonist, have you checked what the humane slaughter association (i don't know what the north american equivalent is...) says. they'll have information on this. I know emu do need a fair bit of space, and as most of the places that raise them are small/specialist farms, humane slaughter is far more likely.
hi skincare busties!

i just made a big order with shea terra organics stuff, so i'll probably be raving about that soon!

i'd gotten a few sample things from a makeupalley swap (LOVE those), and so i got to experience the great fun that is their basic organic shea butter. it's really thick (you need to dig it out of the pot with fingernails and warm it in your hands to make it spreadable), but it's wonderful moisturizing stuff. i ordered a lotion and a bunch of lip balms too, so hopefully i will be all soft and vanillay smelling. i have a frankencence/myrrh butter sample right now, and it's a nice smoky scent, but i might give it to my bf for his dry hands. it reminds me a bit too much of catholic-church incense! and it's more unisex/manly smell anyway.

an aside--his fingertips are peeling this winter, it's odd. is that just a moisture thing? has anyone had that? it has been quite a chicago winter this past month or so

i've also ordered some calendula cream, which i hope can help a bad patch of excema i have. i'd tried burt's bees res-q ointment (there are rave reviews about that stuff!) but it didn't seem to make a difference. maybe i need to persist with it a bit more, since i only tried it for a couple of days. but it's green and greasy--i could put socks on my hands at night though.

i'd read somewhere that OCM was better for oily/combo skin compared to dry? i suppose it probably depends on the combination of your oil. i'd tried jojoba oil and it didn't seem to make a difference one way or another, but once again, i haven't made the committment to sticking with it, so maybe it could help me if i dedicated myself.

i've been using that mountain rose herbs stuff for a while--their wild rose facial oil (not for cleansing, just as a pre-moisturizer), along with their moisturizer (which has some nice ingredients). but it doesn't seem to make that much of a difference one way or the other--doesn't break me out, but doesn't really offer results beyond basic moisturizing. i'll keep trying things--my quest for the perfect face lotion goes on and on. smile.gif
i recently started the ocm, and for the most part it's been working beautifully. in the past year i've started to get some adult acne on my cheeks near my neck and around my chin, and the ocm seems to be clearing it up a little, plus it's disappeared a very large percentage of blackheads and my nose, forehead and upper cheeks are completely smooth. i still have disaster happening around my chin but i'm gonna stick with it and see what happens, since it's still doing better than anything else i've tried. plus, i thought it was giving me a reaction so i stopped a couple weeks ago, and my skin FLIPPED OUT. when i started again, it calmed down significantly. i also use dr. hauschka's cleansing cream as an exfoliant every few days, and his toner after using the oil. my mom gets that stuff wholesale through her school, i've used it forever (had no idea it was trendy until recently), and it's amazing. totally organic, homeopathic, holistic healing and it really makes a difference.
Okay, Beauties, we need to talk some more about this Aztec clay.


I seriously can't make a smooth paste out of it and I find that troublesome.

WTF am I doing wrong? I'm mixing it with a spoon and then my fingers and just mashing the clay against my fingers and the sides of the bowl and I STILL get lumps. I didn't have this problem with the Burt's Bees powdered clay mask. This has to be, like, the easiest thing in the world and I'm not getting it right!

Help. Turbo, I'm looking at you!
i had the same prob when i tried mixing it with water, but with apple cider vinegar there is no such problem. it just bubbles and mixes and becomes all smooth and pasty as you'd expect.
I've only used apple cider vinegar so I haven't had the lump problem. Are you using tap water? Maybe it's something in the water.

I like to mix in a little honey since it's a natural humectant, anti-microbial and antioxidant. Maybe that would help with the consistency.

raisin, darling...try the cider vinegar, as everyone lumpies there. But with clay masks and water, I use about a half teaspoon of clay first, then add the water. It clumps because it absorbs the water SO fast. I have a little bowl I mix it in, and I'll take a small spatula or fork and work it in as best I can...even if you add maybe half vinegar, it will be better. Keep at it!

I haven't tried the honey, but maybe I'll give that a go tonight with some water, and see what happens.
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