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Lush and I had to part ways. I was just buying too much there. I'm a fanatic about scent: the smell of their products drew me into the store from the street, originally, and I can get carried away in there without any effort. When I'm feeling especially grounded and strong, I'll visit and pick a few items up to take home. (Not so) secretly, I wish I were better at deconstructing the ingredients and formulating my own versions, but that's just the bad part of me.

Still, they do use some of the tried and true ingredients you can find anywhere--white and green clay as a mask base, essential oils anyone can find (they stick to the most commonly available, which is good, as costs would be extreme if they used really rare ones), and wax bases formulated mostly from things like honey or vegetable fat as opposed to chemical stearins and petroleum (though they do, as a matter of fact, use preservatives I'd love to see removed once and for all. And they do use stearins and parabens as well. Check the ingredients listing before buying and choose products which don't feature these components).

I still think that if I were let loose in there on a timed shopping spree extravaganza, I'd buy:

The massage bars to use as all over moisturizers
Angels on Bare Skin to use as a facial and all over scrub
The Karma perfumes
The buttercreams (if they're available where you are)
Silky Underwear and Karma powders (the only ones they seem to carry NOT made with talc, which you really should avoid).

That said, you can find most of the natural ingredients like the clays and oils in health food stores and natural product pharmacies. Clays especially end up being made into terribly expensive skin care products, but they are, in reality, very cheap and very easy to make up on your own; you can add your own essential oils to them to aid the process of purifying the skin (lavender, neroli, palmarosa, mint, for example).

For "moisturizing" dry skin, I still think the oil cleansing method works really well for that, as do honey based yogurt based masks you can make yourself from fresh ingredients. You can also make your own moisturizers from things like cocoanut oil or plain, pure shea butter, which can be purchased from alternative trade sources. It does make a huge difference if you eat the right fats too--cocoanut oil in the diet goes a long way towards keeping skin smooth, very supple, elastic, and regenerative. Animal fats do a better job of keeping wrinkles at bay than vegetable fats, but I'm not really convinced women are so concerned about wrinkles to the extent advertisers would like to have us believe.

Those are a few suggestions to start with:

A. Vogel packages green, grey, and white clays, extra pure, and perfect for making masks. A pound of any one sells for about $10 Canadian, and any pharmacy or health food store which carries Vogel can order them in for you if they aren't in stock. I also see a grey clay packaged in paper bags called, simply, "Argile", which comes from France. It's the same stuff, basically; and it's even less expensive. These are the same clays which are used in all cosmetic masks which are clay based, and they are the active ingredient (because they do kind of hoover out the gunk in pores).
chacha, i've been using that vogel clay for about 15 years or so, maybe more. it's amazing. i found the green and grey settled into my pores so i stick with the white and i add whatever i want to it, oils, scent, oats, etc. it's really nice and gentle.
le sigh, i cannot stand the lush. the smell, it's just so overwhelmingly powerful. once i get a product or two out of there i like it but the going in is a torture to me. my sinuses don't function right for days afterwards, like my nasal passages have been burned right out.
wrinkles, well. i don't mind, mostly, it's the Creases that i'm not such good friends with. like the ones that are forming between my brows, not nice. the ones beside my mouth aren't so lovely either. the little things beside my eyes can stay though, they add character.

what i really want is Clear skin.
Beauty & her Bass
Has anyone else used tea tree oil as spot acne treatment? I just discovered it and am mystified that I somehow made it through my teen years without it (coincidently, I had pretty nasty acne at the time). Wow.

And I have a question...does anyone know of a good facial moisturizer that won't break the bank? I've yet to find something that doesn't leave me feeling like a grease ball or dry me out more in the end. Oh, and a good smelling one is a giant bonus.
Sure thing, beauty - Try out the Aveeno Ultra Calming or Clear Complexion moisturizers - they're really gentle, and run about $12 a bottle at the drugstore, I think...

Oh, and yes indeedy, tea tree oil is a powerful force. If your feet ever get a nasty stink on, put some tea tree on 'em and that'll take care of them for a very long time. smile.gif
I like Almay Daily Moisturizer. It has just a light fragrance (smells like grape seed oil) and it has SPF 15.

I think I may have posted this link here awhile back and more recently in the acne thread, but since you brought up tea tree oil, beauty, I'll post it again. This is a great source for reasonably priced TTO, rather than the $6/oz. you'll pay at Trader Joe's or health food stores. I've been getting TTO and other essential oils from them for years and it's all very good quality.
Beauty, I second the Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer. I have extremely oily/acne prone and very sensitive skin. Lately it has been getting itchy and peeling in spots where I break out the worst (around my mouth, the sides of my nose) and the Aveeno has helped with the redness and peeling and doesn't leave me an oil slick.

I've been doing the OCM at night using jojoba oil, castor oil and a tea tree/lavender oil blend, which seems to be helping also. I too swear by the Aztec clay for masks. I use Braggs organic apple cider vinegar, a few drops of Desert Essence tea tree/lavender oil and a little raw honey I pick up from the farmers market. I also use the honey, with a little extra virgin olive oil mixed in with my regular conditioner as a weekly treatment. It seems to be easing up my itchy scalp too.

Raw Honey is such an amazing moisturizer, and oats are a also extremely gentle and calming on the skin. It's easy to make a honey and baking soda scrub or a honey mask to moisturize the skin. They're handy ingredients, they can be made up fresh as needed, and they really work well.
Can you get tea tree oil at a GNC? I don't have any health food stores or (unfortunately) a Trader Joes or Whole Foods in my neck of the woods.
after the hype in this thread over lush, i went and checked out their website. so tempting! the sweet japanese girl soap is pretty much the OCM. it uses the same oils for the face and method for taking the oil off the face. i'm tempted to buy it while i go away in the next couple of weeks.

moisturizers...neutrogena is suppose to be good because it is non comedegenic, oil free, etc...but, before...i loved kiehl's was pricey...but, it worked wonders on my skin...evened out my skin tone...tamed age lines...amazing....i have to find out the name again...

knowing what i know about oils and stuff now. it is harder to get sucked in to marketing beauty stuff. especially when i know i can buy stuff cheaper. like i love using jojoba oil on my soaks right in and my skin feels hydrated and softer than with normal lotion. many high end cosmetic lines are starting to incorporate "organic" stuff into their skincare lines, such as oils and fruits...but, at outrageous costs....and the concentrations are pretty low in their formulas...

i still miss the pretty packaging of beauty products though..*sigh*
I know what you mean about the packaging. I think we're all suckers for it! But it does become a lot less important as you get on.

I try to think of it this way: if I can stear myself away from outrageously overpriced pretty packages in one area, I can use the money somewhere else, where aesthetics really count.
Oh, I still couldn't find the aztec clay around where I live here, so yesterday I just placed another order with Mountain Rose Herbs - they have the same bentonite clay, and then I ordered some french green clay too, and a lemon face wash that I love from them...can't wait to get it!
that's funny, it's the packaging that i dislike the most. when i see it all i can think is "landfill". part of the reason i use things like honey, baking soda and clay for my face is that they come in simple, reusable or recyclable packaging. of course, i Put it into my own nice containers at home so it all looks good but those containers i don't ever have to throw away.
i'm going to wait on the aztec clay until after i move. i think i'll be able to find it in a bigger city instead of having to order it online.
went on lush excursion today and bought Imperialis, Sweet Japanese Girl and Angels on Bare Skin so we'll see how they all work for me! I also bought a shampoo tin to keep the Sweet Japanese Girl and Baby Face in as handy for travelling.
Yay, bunny!! Did you score some free stuff while you were at the shop too?! Just be sure to dry off your japanese girl and baby face before you put them back in the tins.

I slipped this morning, and placed an order with the essential oils wholesale place this morning that polly mentioned a page or so ago - I needed tea tree oil to help clean up our bedroom mold sitch, and I didn't have but a drop or two left in the bottle I had...their prices are really great, and I picked up some other EOs to use in my face masks and facial steams, etc...the mail carrier is going to be bringing me some lovely things next week! Ya'll are terrible enablers! tongue.gif
I did! A snow fairy gift set, which was good as I was going to buy snow fairy bath and shower gel anyway!
omg!! turbojenn!! i visited the mountain rose herb site and i wanted to go on a shopping spree. their stuff seemed so cool and affordable. tell me how that french green clay works for you. it was intriguing. oh, and the lemon wash was the "cleanser" i was talking to you about. i think you thought i meant "cleanse" as in colonic cleanse. *giggles* the lemon wash sounder cool too. damn, everything seemed awesome. it seemed way more organic than anything else i've seen marketed. thanks for the tip!
It's so dry here that I gotta have my Baby Face! I used to like the Imperialis, but I've found that I like Kiss My Face Oriental better. I've kinda soured on the Lush. They've discontinued a lot of my fave items & it makes me bitter to have to order them from the UK once or twice a year. If I wanted to shower with a knox block, I would. The bastards.
bwahaha! "...if I wanted to shower with a knox block, I would!" You crack me up, AP! I'm with you on those infernal jellies, though I do make an exception for the christmas one, champagne snow showers, and I just cram it into a small shampoo bottle, so I can squirt it out just like any other gel. cool.gif

stargazer...oh my, I truly must have colonics on the brain!! Yep, the lemon face wash is one of my staples, I love it! Its a pretty simple castille soap base, but I love the lemony fresh scent, and how squeaky clean it leaves my face! And yep, I love it because its so affordable, they don't invest in a lot of packaging and hype, its just good products that are very affordable, and their customer service is great! My order shipped the same day I placed it!
this post is just a philosophical rant about skincare...

so, i've been doing this OCM thing since october. it feels good to do something so natural to my skin. BUT, part of me wants to find a routine that is quicker. like "why can't i just use soap, moisturizer, and run." argh. then, i remember when i was a psych tech and i would help some of my elderly women get ready for the day and they really took their time. in my mind, i was like "hurry up." these women had great skin. they took the time to lotion and pamper themselves. i'm not talking high maintenance. alot of the older women sponge bathed and didn't use the shower everyday. they don't use harsh abrasives on their skin.

it seems alot of products encourage alot of stripping of the skin with all of the chemicals and abrasiveness. it seems a little rough on the skin. i guess i will need to make more time in my everyday routine.
i'm pretty quick, if i don't just skip it. honey or spectraderm wash, rinse, baking soda scrub every few days, cetaphil lotion, clay every whenever. that's it, i can't be bothered with a lot.
now all over body care in the shower? that's another story. i scrub with exfoliating gloves, i pumice my feet, i condition my hair, i use a hindo stone on my cuticles, And i wash my face in there too and sometimes even use the clay. then i have to lotion up all over, put on my face and dry my hair. showers take me forever.
curse you Busties!!! *shakes fist in the air*

i'm now a Lush addict too. *hangs head* i think the first step is admitting you have a problem... rolleyes.gif

so, i went to the store near me. gawd. so awesome. i got the buffy body butter, sweet japanese girl soap, tea tree toner, and a shower gel (i forgot the name). my mom is hooked too. she bought some stuff too. we combined out stuff to get 2 free bonuses. which of course in Lush world is picking out 4 things. too much fun!

oh, i also went to kiehl's to buy the eye cream and moisturizer i love from 'em. i love their packaging. and the products are great too. lurve the lip balm.
It happens so fast, doesn't it, stargazer. One minute, you're buying lip balm, and the next - your shopping basket is filling up! My LUSH habit has gotten a little out of hand the last few months, but I'm pretty well stocked now, so I shouldn't really need anything much for awhile...but then again, there's parties at both Armitage and State St. stores this weekend (with free goodie bags), so who knows. rolleyes.gif

I love all the products you got, though, stargazer - enjoy them! And be sure to keep that Buffy in a dry place between showers, so it doesn't melt away on you! I have a little dish outside my shower for all my butters and massage bars (which I use like lotion at the end of a shower).
i've been doing some swaps on, which is a nice way to get rid of stuff that doesn't suit me. and i just swapped for a lush schnuggle! yay.

lush is a major addiction, but as you use more products, you realize which suit your skin better than others...i have a bunch of their stuff now and it seems that with time i'll be paring down to what's really essential for me. i really want to find a HG face cream.

i have this red irritation at the corners of my mouth--my naturopath suggested that maybe it was a food reaction, and said to put vitamin e on it. i've been slathering the vit e on, and now i have a zit in the corner of my mouth that i naturally had to pick at and so it looks horrible! aloe vera makes it sting...maybe i'll just keep on going with the vit e anyway.
I have good skin - so no moisturizer issues for me. But thanks to a run in with some awful birth control issues, I started growing some peach fuzz on my face. I hate that!! But I have no idea what to do about it other than try to control my vanity.

Any suggestions?
i have a little ladies' trimmer that i use to shave off peach fuzz. it's a little bit bigger than a pen, and takes aa batteries. if you get one that's a bit more expensive, it might be good enough quality to help shape your brows too (mine's cheapo, and not precise enough for that).
Thanks so much.

Does it make your face look & feel smooth? Are there any issues like the hair growing back thicker or darker? And how often would I need to do that, most likely?
turbojenn~yes, i will be out of town when they have their party at the armitage store (that's where i went). it is a james bond theme. have you tried their masks that are refrigerated? it seems pretty cool. i wanted to run home and bath last night. i would've if i wasn't so tired.

femme~where is the peach fuzz? you could always bleach it if you are fair skinned. or, just wax or remove somehow. is it really that noticeable? we all have some amount of facial hair. i'm a latina so i'm hairy either way.

annelise~i'm sure the vit e just brought out whatever infection was in the corner of your mouth out. so, the zit is a sign your skin is clearing out there.
Well, I feel dorkey talking about it..but it's peach fuzz on my chin and cheeks, and it's blond and I'm white with no tan to speak of so it's really not noticeable until I go in the sun and then you can really see it - practically sparkles. It's just that it seems to keep getting thicker, and some of them are pretty long - those I've been just plucking. It's the fucking hormones from some birth control I took a few years ago. Makes me so mad I ever tried the shot.

Also, I got a haircut last year and the woman used a clipper and got some of my cheek, shaving that part of it. The peach fuzz was gone for about a week and a half, and grew back just the same. So I'm thinking the ladies' trimmer is probably a good thing for me to try.

ah, don't feel dorkey talking about it. it is fine. well, if it making you feel self conscious, then i would try the trimmers then. we all have body hair. some people are just more noticeable than others. i have light hair on my cheeks and chin. my upper lip is a whole 'nother story. i've tried everything on facial hair.

let us know how the trimmers work for you.
LOL - thanks... It's good to know there's open and helpful people on here!! I'll come back with results once I give it a try. *wink*
femme - are you so sure its from the BC, and not just from growing older? I've got lots of peach fuzz on my face these days, as well as a good crop of darker hair on my upper lip, but I just figure its normal. Don't love it, but too lazy to do much about it. If you find a good solution, do report back!

stargazer...I've tried several of the refridgerated masks...I really like the brazened honey, but honestly, none of them work any better than the good old Aztec Clay. Brazened Honey did help some of my acne scarring go away, though, and it does smell yummy. I take a bath almost every night these helps me unwind, I listen to audio books, and then I sleep sooo well.
Well, I certainly can't be 100% sure. It happened right when I started BC...and it's been a few years since I've taken it. But it has gotten worse with age. You're right - it's probably a combo.

oooooo bbbaaaatttthhhhhssss.... nothing like melting in hot water.

there's this lavendar and rice filled cloth that I got for christmas (it was from the discovery store of all places) and after a hot bath, you microwave that for one minute and put it over your shoulders.....aaaaahhhhhhh......
ah, yes, the rice bags are magic...I have several of them that I made myself, in all different sizes...when I used to get migraines all the time, I'd have one on my eyes, one around my neck one under my back, and one on my belly. biggrin.gif Good stuff. Now I just use my round one and put it on my tummy after dinner to help speed digestion.
I didn't even think to make them!! I even have grosso lavendar in the back yard that would be perfect to dry and use inside. How smart of you! Did you use polar fleece for the fabric? ooo - I could even make them as gifts for people...

My sister was given one too and she was in a car wreck a couple weeks ago. She's in lots of pain, and that rice bag has been a wonderful help to her.

Also, I'm glad you don't get migraines all the time anymore. I'm sure that was miserable.

Back to the skincare topic, and baths....I love putting vitamin E oil in my bath along with bubbles so my skin is suuuuper soft after - and it helps get rid of scars (I'm a clutz so I have many). Anyone else do that?
Does it make your face look & feel smooth? Are there any issues like the hair growing back thicker or darker? And how often would I need to do that, most likely?

i just use it on my upper lip when i remember--the hair is pretty fine, not really noticeable to anyone but me. it makes the skin smooth, and i've never noticed it growing back any thicker. the one i have is the conair trimmer from, which i think is the cheapest of that sort of thing.

i don't have enough of a facial hair prob that i use it all that regularly, and it seems like individuals have different rates of hair growth anyway, so it's hard to say how often you'd have to use it.

there's a shaving thread on the our bodies, our hells board but it's mostly people talking about pube trimming anyway.

thanks, stargazer, about the vit e/zit advice. it hadn't occured to me that it could be some sort of detox.
Thanks, A - it sounds like you gave me the perfect solution!
I used to have an really annoying skin problem on my nose. The skin was just like crocodile skin, you could almost see 'scales' and no matter how much I did or didn't exfoliate it would never go away. Consequently if I tried to apply foundation it would stick under the edges of all the little 'scales'. Also, at the side where your nose joins you face I could scrape the skin off with my nails and it just kept on coming off, never stopping.

After ready an article I started using calendula cream and it has totally g.o.n.e For the first time in 10 years I have normal nose skin it's amazing. You have to use it sparingly though as its quite greasy.

Just FYI incase any one else has this!
Good tip, claire! The herbal facial steam stuff that I use has a lot of calendula....its a wonderfully soothing herb for the skin!

Femme...I've used everything from nice dish towels to fancy upholstery fabric and velvet to make the rice bags....but since my skillz with the sewing machine are limited, I mostly go with a cute kitchen towel, fold in half, and sew it up!
clairebear--i have flaky skin and have never been able to wear foundation for that very same reason--it gathers under the ridges of little flakes and accentuates them! arrgh! i've tried all sorts of exfoliators and nothing's helped...but if i exfoliate and then use really good moisturizer it masks the problem anyway.

but i totally want to try calendula cream now! thanks!

i would love to have skin that was genuinely smooth rather than covered in moisturizers to try to make it appear normal! hence my frequency of posts on this thread....i don't know if anything can work but i'm going to have fun trying. smile.gif
Calendula rocks woo-hoo!

Found this online, maybe it will help the spider veins on my nose too? I think it's probably pretty important to get a good quality cream from the chemist rather than a face cream with added calendula though?

*Calendula oil is great to help with sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions, also for burns, eczema and nappy rash, as well as sore cracked nipples. It is also used to treat thread and spider veins as well as varicose veins.*
argh. i lurve all of my lush products! great. i want to bathe all day now! biggrin.gif i used olive branch shower gel today and i love the scent it leaves behind on my skin. awesome.

turbojenn, i tried a sample of fresh farmacy soap. it is pretty cool. it rinsed off pretty well. but, i am in love with the tea tree toner. thanks for the recommendation!
You are most welcome, stargazer, even if your visa is begging you for mercy, as mine is!! I had a fundraiser to go to this evening at the Ritz...right next door to the watertower macy's lush...of course I had to stop! Gah. And I didn't even need anything, but I walked out the door with 4 bubble bars anyhow. blink.gif The power of lush is strong, indeed.

The good thing is, star, that the fresh farmacy and toner will last a *really* long time...toner usually lasts me 8-12 months, using it once a day,
Calendula isn't just soothing, it's actually very healing to the skin.

When we were learning about this remedy in school, the prof actually made a small cut on her skin (deeper than a paper cut, not very bloody, the kind you might get if you were gardening and just kind of got stuck on a rose thorn) and then applied calendula mother tincture to the wound at the start of the class.

At the end of a section of the lecture, she showed us the "wound" and it was clear that the skin was already starting to rejoin. The redness from the open edges had disappeared and of course any bleeding stopped long before. It can close up and completely heal little wounds like this fast (and for that reason, calendula creams should never be used to treat deep cuts or wounds--the skin will close up before the deeper layers of tissue have a chance to fully heal, which creates opportunities for anaerobic bacteria to flourish).

Calendula is far more potent than any anti-biotic cream for cleansing the skin surface of any potential microbes and infectious agents; and it really does help minor cuts heal so quickly. It's wonderful for first aid cleansing and care. You can even easily make a calendula cream for use for things like diaper rash or just great skin care with the fresh flowers, some beeswax, and very good olive oil. I like to use a rosewater and glycerin based calendula ointment from a company called UNDA in Belgium--such good quality and so reliable. It makes a great moisturizer.

When we use it in potency (as a homeopathic medicine, not as an herbal medicine) it's usually to help cuts and scrapes to repair--but it's often used as a remedy in cancer treatment as well.
Turbo, I gotta ask... did you find that the Brazened Honey was a little bit... tingly? And not in a minty feel good way tingly? Almost prickly? I have excellent, normal skin (Living in the Rockies is kicking my ass though lately. We're entering weekend six with snow & I have steam heat. I either moisturize like a mad person & pee out my nearly four litres of water a day. Yes, it's gotten that bad!), but I felt weird with it on. It is a facelift in a tub, though. And I've found that since it's only good for two weeks, it freezes well.
AP - hmmm....brazened honey has never made my face tingle, I Aztec Secret Healing Clay Masks (bentonite clay + cider vinegar) *that* will make your face tingle! ....pulsate, actually. But it will hoover all the crud out of your pores like nothing else!

I've got some brazened in the fridge, I might just use it tonight! ....I do use mine well past expiry, and its been fine, so far as I can face hasn't fallen off or anything. smile.gif
now i wanna try brazened honey too!!
Just as long as my hair doesn't turn green.
I used to have porcelain skin. It's been acting out (and I mean out, like an angry kid!) lately because I'm trying to go off of Depo-Provera after too many years on it. Does anyone have experience with this?
excuse me for butting in...

ophelia-I have heard the hormone shifts can wreak havoc on skin. Do you have a dermatologist? I am not sure if you are wanting to go that route, but they could maybe give you something just to get over the hump.

Where could I find calendula cream? Is it an ingredient in things or would it be its own product? I am very interested!
weleda has a calendula baby cream that sounds good, though very thick. you can buy calendula oil too, but i think i'm going to go with the weleda stuff when i get the chance.

hormones can really affect the skin crazily. it's a pain. sad.gif

i tried a honey mask the other day and it didn't seem to make a difference--i have such a hard time finding anything to work for my skin. but i'll try it again sometime, and i'll be getting some jojoba oil and other face-oil stuff in the mail soon (mountain rose herbs! i'm excited!).
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