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Full Version: Sartorial Splendor Pt. 3: Whatcha Wearin?
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To work at trendy frenchish bistro:

emerald green short sleeved dress that looked kinda forties-inspired
taupe fishnets (in sort of a double fishnet pattern, if that makes sense)
black round toe shoes with a wooden wedge heel
ginormous pearl earings
bright red lipstick

Like and old-time movie star
-long flared dark denim jeans (a little too long actually-- mental note- find tailor!
-black 3/4 length sleeve top (favourite top EVAH!) with little buttons on the sleeves
-squeaky clean and straight hair (probably scraped into a ponytail later)
-minimal make up (i work at a doggie daycare,so.. you know
-mismatched socks
-olive green and hot pink sauconys (sauconies? saucony's???)
tonight i'm all dressed up in my 'pulling an all-nighter writing essay' outfit. carefully planned for maximum comfort!

- big comfy knickers
- baggy dark jeans
- super comfy pale pink stretchy bandeau bra
- long sleeved turquoise tshirt
- short sleeved grey 'shane is my homegirl' tshirt
- plush pink socks
- black laceup shoes
- hair up high in a big messy bun
- black headband
- ubiquitous lesbo glasses
- no makeup but lots of moisturiser and lipbalm
- bright pink jumper for when i get cold later
I haven't played in a long time....

*Black square-toed mary janes (there's a whole lot of toe cleavage going on here).
*Black fitted cropped (just above the ankle) pants with belt loops made of rick-rack.
*Sky blue tank under a sheer cream tee. Tank peeks out an inch or so under the tee.
*Black 3/4 sleeve cardigan over
*Bangs down and straightened, rest in a curly ponytail.
*Silver hoop earrings
*Black cat eye glasses
black fitted open-necked t with thin white stripes
blue wrap skirt with white trim
sparkly Birks
heart pendant

that's it!
pink capri pants
gray t-shirt with black paisley print and a sequinned flower
white-and-pink kangaroos sneakers

hair in a bun
green tshirt with print of asian babies a koi and pabst beer

my favorite light green ripstop pants with a black leather pryamid belt

black all stars

hair in pig tails
-distressed jeans
-long, black, sleeveless top/dress
-batwing, 3/4 length sleeve balck cardigan
-blue suede shoes (uh-huh)
-torquoise beads
-torquoise chunky bangle
-blue handbag
-hair in black aice band
green cargo capris
pale yellow tank top
black hooded knitted sweater
black all stars
hair in pig tails
I feel like I look like a future CEO today, like I am playing a joke on anyone who seems me on the street:

Tan, knne length skirt with a nice thigh slit
Crisp white wrap top, lower neck line
Hair pulled back and smooth (for a change)
Usual chain that now sports a beautiful circle charm, sold by my company, of all places, that just reads "Empower."

Considering how rough my morning has been so far, I need the clothes to give me strenght.
kittenb - what's your company?
I work for the YWCA. I figured anything they sold would be logo'ed out, but I love this.
hot pink printed smoking lily tee
black capris, cuffed wide
strappy black flats
colourful beaded wrist cuff
hot pink long t-shirt dress (sleeveless)
pale blue, slouchy, baggy jeans
hot pink mary janes with orchid on them
brown cardigan with pink and torquoise buttons for when it becomes colder later
charm bracelet with pink charms and russian dolls
pink suede necklace with large pink pendant
hair straight and shiny
On Wednesday for an awards ceremony:

Bright red strapless chiffon dress with little white polka dots.
Fab new black bra that gives me curves :-).
Sexy purple french knickers.
Hair all golden, straightened and flicked out.
Distressed-gold platform peep-toe killer heels.
Eyeliner, bright red lippie and highlighted cheekbones.
No jewelry.

And... I won!!!
black cord straight-line skirt to just below the knee
black tights
flat black shoes with little bows on the toes.
the bra-cami thing that makes me look chesty
lilac lambswool jumper that hugs just so
pale pink liner on my eyes that actually looks quite good
big beady earrings that I made myself

the hair, I admit, was nothing special. But I got complements!
white and grey paisley-pattered smock dress
over black camisole
distressed, bootleg jeans
black suede ballet pumps with metallic silver trim
double strand black, white and silver beads
12 criss-crossed silver bangles
hair down and straight
smoky eyes and lipglossed lips
ok - tomorrow i am *gulp* auditioning to be on jeopardy.

yes, i am a total nerd.

i have two options as far as what i might wear to the audition. we were instructed to wear something nice, not unlike what people wear on the show or what one might wear to a job interview. we were also told not to wear black or loud patterns. a few problems, though.

* all my 'nice' clothes are black. this is new york!

* most people on the show are pretty damn frumpy, mostly due to being either male or 20 years older than me.

* because i work in a creative field, what i usually wear to a job interview is my nice jeans, heels, and some sort of blouse or pretty top. i have a feeling this is not what the jeopardy people meant.

so here are my 2 jeopardy audition clothing options. input would be much appreciated.

option 1: playing by the rules. delicate wrap top with cap sleeves, in a nice conservative beigey tone (there may be some sort of extremely subtle floral print). blue/grey pinstripe skirt with a box pleat. black kitten heels and most likely no stockings, because the skirt is not dressy enough for that sort of thing (it's in sort of a chino-ish material).

option 2: what i WISH people would wear to go on jeopardy. nice 'job interview' jeans. pointy toed black cowboy boots. teal beaded gypsyish tank with shots of silver thread here and there. hip black 'job interview' blazer, as it will probably not be warm enough for a tank top tomorrow.

what should i actually wear? on the one hand, i'd hate the jeopardy people to feel like i wasn't 'serious' enough to go on the show. on the other hand, i'd like to stand out from the pack, probably all of whom will be dressed extremely conservatively.
I really think you should go with what your gut instinct is telling you - and that's definitely the second outfit!

Jeans, if smart enough, are definitely good for a job interview, and if they're teamed with the blazer they'll be just the right side of alternative.

The second outfit sounds quirky, cool, and will show them that you have a personality, rather than being rather bland and 'nice' looking. I agree that it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Tons of luck!!
I like Option 2, and I totally agree with beansalad on the reason. When people audition for game shows (and reality shows), the producers are really looking for a standout you should go for it! Plus, if you feel more like "yourself," you will be able to express yourself more naturally during the process. Good luck!

(ETA: and as someone who's been on the interviewER side of the job interview table several times now, the same thing us your personality! We've been interviewing people all day. We're bored! Do something different! Wear lime green! Make a joke! Something! At least we'll remember you at decision-making time.)
haha! yeah, i'll probably go with option 2.

actually, i'll probably start getting ready HOURS before I have to leave, try on both outfits repeatedly, freak out, realize I look awful and have NOTHING to wear, throw a minitantrum, and then just wear my jeans, tank, and blazer combo like a good girl.

in the meantime, i'll stress out about remembering to say the answers in the form of a question during my mock game, because i never do that when obnoxiously shouting them out at home.
I am so jealous, bklyn! I have my fingers crossed for you.

Today I am running my baby all over the place trying to find a baby gate.

I am wearing jeans cuffed to capri length
black ballet flats
longsleeved (it's cold here unexpectedly) pale and dark pink rugby striped off shoulder tunic top over black tank
dark denim jean jacket with the second button buttoned
big silver hoops
hair pulled back in black alice band, with small pigtails
dark eyes, light lips

the beanoreano is wearing:
jean jacket
longsleeved white and green plaid button down shirt with a red camaro screenprinted on the side (Old Navy! $3!)
clean diaper
blue striped socks with rattling rhinos in the toes
Well? WELL? WELL??? Are ya in, bklyn??????
haha! i've been so busy since yesterday afternoon i forgot all about the fact that yall might wanna know how it went...

to make it on topic, let's start with the fact that i did go with the second option i listed below, the gypsy/indian tank, blazer, nice jeans, and cowboy boots combo. and i felt dressed to KILL, man! you know how sometimes when you wear certain clothes you feel like you could dodge bullets? that's how i felt -- it was exactly what i was going for. it was especially nice considering that EVERYONE there was dressed extremely serious and stodgy.

but then i looked around the room and realized that everyone there looked like jeopardy contestants. and i looked like i was supposed to be interviewing for Project Runway but had ended up in the wrong room. i'm not sure whether that will work in my favor (hip, young, telegenic) or whether it will just seem like i REALLY don't fit the jeopardy aesthetic.

Every woman in the room was at least 20 years older than me and looked like a librarian (some of them were). There were some guys who looked like they might be in their 20's, mostly grad students (one guy was a ringer for the nerdy scientist on The Simpsons and was even wearing an E=MC squared tie! I should have mentioned him in CoF... maybe i'll go do that in a sec).

the audition was broken up into 2 portions. first we had to take a written test which was a lot like the online test we took to qualify for the auditions, except the questions were written on a video monitor and read aloud, just like on the show and we had to write the answers on paper. i felt like i did pretty well on that, at least as well as i did on the online test.

then we had to play a mock game, including being interviewed. i did well in the interview segment -- i talked about how if i won money i'd use it to fund my movie, and i followed that up with what i thought would be a funny anecdote about near death experiences riding my bike in the city. until they asked me if i wear a helmet. and i stupidly admitted that i don't. and was subjected to a ten minute lecture from all the contestant coordinators about how stupid that was. apparently they're not letting me on the show without proof that i've gotten a helmet!

which i'm crossing my fingers and hoping means it'll come up again -- when they totally call to ask me to go.

i didn't do as well in the mock game as i hoped. between ringing in, knowing the answer, listening carefully to the clue to MAKE SURE you know the answer, projecting your voice, picking the next clue, and strategizing about wagers and all that, there's a lot going on! and logically, it seems like the mock game would be the best predictor of how you'd really do on the show. so i'm worried about that - had i done better, i'd feel like i was a total shoe in. but i'm not so sure.

it was a pretty cool experience, though, and i do think they liked me a lot and that i did well on the test and interview part (and i probably didn't do as poorly on the mock game as i think i did).

so we'll see, i guess.
The Jeopardy thing sounds pretty interesting in terms of people watching!

Me today:
black tank top with a super low cut square neckline and ruching over the boobs
denim skirt with thin white and tan lines
tan Dansko mid-calf boots
large white pendant necklace
Thanks for posting, bklyn - your descriptions are wonderfully vivid!! When do you find out whether you made the cut?
Oohhh I so hope you got in bklyn - I loved your description of the process :-).

I'm all snuggly tonight as I'm working veeery late (it's 2.30am).

- Comfy black lace up shoes
- Floooffy dark pink socks
- Dark, soft baggy jeans
- Super-thin, super-soft, super long aqua ribbed vest top (I love it so much)
- Snuggly skinny turquoise polo neck with the neck all scrunched up
- Lezza glasses
- Day-old mascara and concealer (read: no makeup but random smudgy bits under the eyes)
- Hair in a messy doubled under ponytail
i will only find out if they call me to do the show. which could be anytime in the next year, but not until at least August as they won't be taping again till then.

i'm pretty mixed as to whether i have a shot. on the one hand, they have a lot more male wannabes than female, yet the contestants on the show are evenly divided between men and women. meaning women have an exponentially better shot. being articulate, charming, and reasonably telegenic probably doesn't hurt, nor will the potential 'hermione granger' references -- i've never seen a woman under thirty on the show outside of teen and college tournaments.

that said, i committed a couple of common faux-pas in the mock game, which i think is probably the biggest indicator of success on the show. the sense i get is that any of those faux-pas could cost one a spot on the show.

so who knows? guess i'll tell you in a year whether i was ever on Jeopardy or not...

oh and today has been rather uninspired, sartorially:

NOLA Fleur-de-Lis tee shirt
dirty jeans
purple retro sneakers
ugly dirty ponytail
fitted military jacket (looks more hippy or Mao than Iraq apologist, in fact i always feel like i'm at a march walking down the street in it)
jeopardy! right on!
feelin' cute:
-home-made kelly green super-poly tanktop with different green ribbon details
-jean miniskirt
-lime green strappy (fairly dorky, really)sandals.
-tweedy charcoal fitted hat with tiny brim
-lots of smoky eye-makeup

Green babydoll tee with and Iron on transfer that I proudly made
knee length camo shorts
and black all stars
Dirty Dancing jean shorts
black off shoulder top
kitten heeled black sandals
leather grampa belt with silver buckle
silver hoops
yellow and acid green 1960's vintage scarf wrapped around my hair
ginormous black sunglasses
a smirk
white tanktop (which I need to change because I spilled salad dressing on it but I still wore to the grocery store afterwards).

long skirt with tiny flowers and strawberries.

filthy brown sandals

hair in a bun at the nape of my neck, no makeup, lots of wooden beads and hemp necklaces. Very hairy legs.

I did take a shower today, complete with hair-washing and all, and an old lady in the grocery store told me she liked my skirt, so whatever!
blue tank top that I ironed a pic of my dog onto
camo shorts
hair in loose pigtails
cuffed denim capri pants
black and turquoise pumas
black sthiry with robots in love on it
gray hoodie
black tanktop w/ square neckline and thin straps
black shiny cotton above the knee skirt with pale pink trim
brown and pink New Balances
silver heart pendant
hair in pigtails
Big belt
Pink "Love Therapy" T-shirt
Platinum dreadlocks
For my *35*th Birthday party tonight:

Mint green and apricot and white plaid tank dress (fits me like a glove--tres 50's junior league) from Ann Taylor via the thrift store
White short-sleeved cardi
White wooden heeled mules
Freshly dyed copper hair (in a Kitten With a Whip Ann Margaret style)

The best part? The whole outfit cost less than $20. I loves me some Target and Unique Thrift!
happy birthday, dykelove! that outfit sounds so cool.
-old busted khaki pants cut off to capri length
-coral toned pink and orange striped boatneck sleevless top w/ big gold glitter applique (sp?) on the left shoulder
-no make up
-hair in pigtails
-frozen peas
i threw my back out so this is the most "dressed" i've been in like a week and a half. also my hair is clean which is a HUGE plus
- white lace-trimmed cotton camisole
- matching undies
- the same silver hoop earrings that pretty much never leave my earlobes
- nothing else 'cause it's too farking HOT
-long black cami
-blue patterned skirt that falles just below the knees
-black flip-flops
-hair pulled back on the sides w/silver barrettes
-silver hoop earrings

I feel so freaking cute today!!!
- blue cotton camisole with matching lace edging
- semi-translucent (not sheer) Indian shawl, white with Easter egg-toned blue/green/lilac borders and machine embroidery, tied to the side of one hip, like a sarong
- two memory wire bracelets, wrapped together on one wrist - one is multi-coloured glass beads, one is wooden beads
- glass teardrop pendant (with silver foil and purple/red flower shapes inside), on a black cord
- the usual silver hoop earrings
- the usual "natural" makeup, sans eyeshadow and sans anything in the lower-lash area (heat = sweaty/melty/smudgy)
- layered hair sort of flipped up on the ends
can't we post piccies on here?

today i am wearing a cheesecloth sundress, brown leather belt and brown slides. its on my flickr site, username Juicifer
Plain James today: Levis, fitted white shirt, white bucks, and Visine (air conditioning dries out me eyes).
Today I am broadcasting from Pirate Whore Island.

I'm wearing a red and white striped tee I got at Target that I changed the neckline on,
dark skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up to capri length,
the ubiquitous black leather studded belt,
kitten heeled leather strappy sandals,
short ponytail with bang to side,
also ubiquitous large silver hoop earrings,
navy blue purse,
and matching navy blue toenail polish.

QUOTE(bustygirl @ Jul 14 2006, 03:07 PM) *

Today I am broadcasting from Pirate Whore Island.

I'm wearing a red and white striped tee I got at Target that I changed the neckline on,
dark skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled up to capri length,
the ubiquitous black leather studded belt,
kitten heeled leather strappy sandals,
short ponytail with bang to side,
also ubiquitous large silver hoop earrings,
navy blue purse,
and matching navy blue toenail polish.


You are always so well put together...

Today I am the pinnacle of tackiness... I have on a tank from Old Navy that says Kiss and Tel
SKORTS. yes I am wearing skorts, cause 95 degrees 100 % huumidity and Aunt Flo equals fuck that to wearing a skirt and extolling the virtues of summer nastiness...
and brown rubber gap flip flops. hair is in a pony, glasses on, fuck that attitude is in place.
black t shirt with a giant gold skull and crossbones and weird looking pelvis shapes on it (I got it at Rainbow for $3!)
low rise flared jeans and black cotton material belt with grommets
red patent Dansko maryjanes
hair up in ponytail
silver chain necklace with small red plastic heart pendant
In about half an hour I will be wearing:
A backless long sleeved black dress.
Lots of black eyeliner.
Sex hair.
Doc Martens. (Yes I know this is a CoF and no, I don't care)
Dangly (fake) silver earrings with guitar, star and music notes charms.

In other news I have to stop wearing so much black
Ooh, hair stylist calls that "JBF Hair"...."just been fucked hair." LOL! She has to whisper it in the salon when she says it...
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