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Full Version: Sartorial Splendor Pt. 3: Whatcha Wearin?
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A blue ringer tee, boys size large
jeans, ripped, too long and puddling around my ankles
striped socks
black cloth mary janes
hair in a bun with the strays clipped back
white sweater my sister bought me with old-school-tattoo style pictures
grey bonds shirt with 'litgeek' embroidered on it
old old old jeans with a dragonfly on the pocket
black and white striped socks with hearts on each toe
hair in a messy ponytail
too small rings in my ears and my wedding ring and ID band on my wrist
beatific smile because Nova is barbequing bacon *drool*
I'm going to use that now! Heh. Also because its the only hair I can actually do.
pale pink vintage thrift dress with fuschia and purple flowers open at neck over purple ribbed vest top and pink tie belt
rolled up above ankle carpenter jeans
fuschia gizeh birkenstocks
hair scraped back into ballerina pony tail with thin torquoise hairband and bobble
- pale turquoise lace-trimmed camisole
- no brar
- white cotton (with lilac/green/blue borders) shawl tied as sarong
- purple cotton thong underwear, visible thru white cotton sarong, oh no! (But I've stayed home today so who cares? Fuck off! It's hot!)
- no makeup
- the usual silver hoop earrings that rarely leave my ears
- JBF hair, which is actually JHN hair for me ("Just Had a Nap Hair")
For my hot date

-Black puffball dress with straps that cross over at the back
-Black ballet flats
-Black acetate ring
-Silver "radio" necklace
-Plenty of black eyeliner
-Slick of lipbalm
what i will be wearing in a little bit, after i finish my ice cream and take a shower:

black tank top
white knee-length skirt with tiny silver pinstripes
black ballet flats
a black 3/4 sleeved cardigan once i get to work (tank tops violate dress code, and it's always freezing in there)

hair in a bun (it's too hot to blow-dry it, and i need a haircut in the worst way!), glasses, probably minimal makeup (to prevent face-melting on the walk to work)
oh! this is a good thread. hahah.

-orange vintage polo with long placket (like to bottom of ribcage) and long seventies collar
-layered over pink tank top
-skinny jeans
-leather fake-croc belt with silver metal stars on it
-strappy vintage heeled sandals in pastel orange, blue, green & yellow
-orange toenail polish

-mascara and one silver barbell hoop earring i never take out
-bpal "bliss"
Feelin' sassy today in my black 'n red getup...

Black cowl neck tank
Black thick-cuffed capris
Cute black hat with a little black flower pin on the side
Red belt with silver grommets
Long dangly red shell earrings
Chunky square red coral ring
Red toes
Lots o' lip gloss
And of course, a red bra and panties!!!
It's been so hot that yesterday all I wore was an orange g-string with green trim and ruffles and ribbon ties at the sides and a sea green bra.

Then my boyfriend's roommate's pervy friend came over and I had to change into jeans shorts, a yellow scoopneck tee and kelly green canvas flats with little white polka dots and a green elsatic band over the toe cleavage.
hehe <3 this thread--virtual fashion exhibitionism, i'm there!

-v-neck knitted brown/gold tee
-over extra-long turquoise tanktop
-skinny jeans
-same belt as before (leather with stars)
-brown leather woven pointy-toe flats

-vintage sleeveless navy dress with white polka dots and pleated skirt
-same brown pointy flats
I had to play dressy-dressy today as I had to give a presentation...

*Black kitten heel ballet flats (flats? They look like your typical ballet flats, but with a kitten heel)
*Vintage black sleeveless dress. It's my super-mod dress. It has a high neckline with white detailing, muscle shirt kind of sleevelessness, a dropped waist going into an a-line skirt, and white circular pockets.
*Big-assed white plastic bangle bracelet.
*Black alice band with my hair flipped and teased at the crown.

dark Levis 515s
brown t-shirt
turquoise hoodie
black and turquoise pumas
pink, green, and turquoise-striped scarf as a headband

indigo "boy-fit" jeans
red capped sleeved, v-neck top
double strand of red beads
red chunky bangle
large silver faced watch with thick red leather strap
birkenstock gizeh with red, blue and yellow flower pattern
blue cropped (length and sleeves) jacket with one button in middle and v neck.
blue handbag
hair down with thin, red, hand-painted alice band
yesterday- this dress, only since I am busty, small-waisted, and kinda short, I have to take up the straps so it has an empire waist now.

-Brown wedge sandals
-brown and gold bangle with green stones
-necklace with a banana-shaped wooden bead with Frida Kahlo faces painted on it
-long string of small, wooden, painted Indian beads.
-hair parted to the side, in a messy bun, one bobby pin with wee green beads on it.

dark blue "boyfriend" bootleg jeans
mustard short sleeved jumper with lovely scoop/folded down neckline
mustard beads
mustard chunky bangle and two thinner ones
large brown plaited belt with large brass buckle
pointy toed, kitten heel mustard/brown leather shoes
fitted brown suede blazer
oversized mustard shoulder bag

yeah i'm loving the autumnal mustard!
black tank top with a shelf bra
green/blue/yellow paisley pj pants
messy hair

(yeah, i just woke up)
So I'm going to post these in a couple of spots... This is a link to the set on my flickr page of the dresses for the emmys and the assorted parties... Just in case you guys were wondering.... hugga hugga lova lova WB aka Zoob
LOVE both dresses, but the gown & sexy sandals ... rowr!
last night:

black camisole
short-sleeved light orange sweater from h&m
grey and black leopard print cardigan (um, also from h&m)
black pencil skirt with white pinstripes
pale blue-green crocheted tights
cropped black leather boots from urban
beat up brown suede jacket
black leather vintage purse with bronze metal detailing
-white eyelet lace tanktop
-skinny light blue 3/4 sleeve cardigan with cables, buttoned at the top
-oval brooch pin with a portrait of a cat on it.
-rhinestone choker, pretty bangles
-dark blue old lady flats
-hair up, white headband

-pink thigh-length coat with white squares and white buttons. It's COLD for August!
dark jeans
grass green t-shirt
black long-sleeved v-neck button down cardigan
fuschia crochet socks
black and turquoise pumas
hair down with wide black headband

i feel like crap. i'm going to bed.
--white sleeveless blouse with tuxedo front and tiny black and blue print
--black canvas belt
--skinny jeans (shush, they're the only pair that fits me right now)
--pointy-toed black kitten heels
brown blouse with a deep scoop neck
Teal cami
long brown shorts
hair in pigtails with long side swept bangs
the usual black all stars

*I am just to cute today*
Weird mix of retro & goth-y today:

-tight black shirt with peasant-style neck and long sleeves
-tight black skinny jeans
-leopard print belt
-flat, cropped black leather boots
-right ear: vintage fake pearl earring in teardrop shape
-left ear: small silver cameo earring and bigger dangley fake pearl earring
-long, shapeless grey coat with toggles and hood
-red lips
Edie, just wanted to post to say that your mix sounds very unique and pretty, with kind of an edge.
Thank you, Tempest! I wish y'all could've seen it...
smile.gif I have this game with myself where the night before I stand in my closet,
close my eyes, and randomly pick out 2 or 3 garments and shoes. Then I try to make them work. Right now I'm wearing a black embroidered button-down top with tie-up sleeves under a raspberry pink ann taylor sundress that graces my ankles. gold ballet shoes and a gold beaded necklace... hair pulled back in a messy bun with a black stretchy headband (like the Prada ads)... I can't really tell if I look slightly nuts and am weary of going to the playground with my daughter. My neighborhood is really suburban and boring so I usually have to face stares. My only concern is that my baby will get embarassed of me eventually. That's why I want to move to Helsinki!
I hate posting 2x ina row (thread hog!) but I feel uber-cute today. My "mixitup" game is gifting me with great results. I'm currenlty wearing maroon flared cords, a very sweet Chinese style top with red and orange flowers on a white background and red piping, white buttons, and a lilac cardigan with satin trim and a vintage purple and green flower brooch. my hair is in its usual pigtails, no make-up as I'm home and don't think I'm leaving the house today. so sad. all this fashion, for who???
This is a site for those who like to see other people's cute outfits! wardrobe remix

It's not the easiest to navagate, but fun...I hope some busties end up posting to it!
Thanks for posting the link to that site, there are some really cute outfits on there! They are inspiring me to wear some less boring things myself... off to the thrift store I go!
wow that site is addicting! It's keeping me from my homework.
currently: pink and white checked cotton pyjama bottoms
blue with pink trim cami top with pink, white and yellow hearts all over
torquoise velour hooded top as I'm cold
fuschia pink slipper socks with pink trim and huge pink satin bow at front

later (when I dress): indigo boy fit jeans
mustard scoop-necked, capped sleeved top
chunky knitted and swing mustard cardigan with cropped sleeves and huge button a third
of the way down (very '60s)
blue beaded choker
blue chunky bangle and 2 thinner mustard ones
blue suede shoes
oversized patent mustard shoulder bag (my Mary Poppins bag)
hair flicked out and funky

hehe, I've just realised that everything I'm going to today exluding the blue beads and bangle (accessorize) is from Topshop! obsessed, much?
hmm..didn't know where to put this, because the purse thread, the ebay thread, and the guitar thread are gone~so this will do-I found these really fabulous guitar purses on Ebay. I only wish I were cool enough to carry one : P The seller has tons more in different colors also. And they're cheap!
dark jeans
3/4 sleeve brown t-shirt with a slight v-neck
this shirt over it (new!!!)
black and turquoise pumas

reddish-brown eyeshadow, mac "o" on lips
hair straight and held back with a chain-maile headband
glasses (big ol' purple frames with rhinestones on the side)
dark jeans
light berry-colored long-sleeved v-neck tshirt
over it, a 3/4 sleeved deep v-neck sheer kimono-style shirt (white with pink, green and turquoise flowers and white satin trim)

no idea what i'll be doing with hair & makeup in a little bit

i'm a bit worried that i resemble mrs. roeper, but i think i'll live.
--newly dyed (dark reddish brown) hair! shaggy short cut, some hairspray cos i ran outta product
--v-neck short sleeve black shirt, jersey to under the boobs and rib to the waist
--mid-calf length deep pink floaty skirt with paisley-ish border print in black, white, red and purple
--black woven flats
--brownish red eyeshadow
-thin cable knit sweater, in dusty pink
-ultra-wide blue suede belt
-leopard cardigan with faux fur collar
-black pencil skirt with pinstripes
-black hose
-short black leather boots
-black and white houndstooth jacket
-electric blue scarf
Mouse, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get your top? It sounds like the kind of thing I've been looking for (basic but fitted) and can't find...

The rest of your outfits sound cute too; I just have a thing for black tops!
I am completely addicted to that site now! It's brilliant.
grey day outfit:
dark, stretchy jeans
turquoise sundress with little white flowers that I cut about 3 inches off
knitted (but not by me) brown sweater
burgundy corduroy flats with flowers by the toes
unwashed hair slicked into a messy bun
sybarite, i just got it at a little generic clothes store by my house in los angeles--one of those cheapy, mostly hoochie-mama type stores that sell like ten dollar flared jeans with rhinestones on the ass pockets.....i like them cos you can find good basic cute stuff for really cheap if you look beyond the glitter and spandex. i think it was like 9 bucks, but it's not a brand name or anything. sorry!

--hair same as always (it's short, there ain't much i can do with it)
--pink button down shirt with silver buttons, elbow-length sleeves with that little boy-scout-esque tag and button at the cuff, with rib detailing down the front in rainbow thread (aka favorite new shirt evar)
--over green tanktop
--straight-leg jeans, cuffed
--light green flats with silver buckle
--brown eyeshadow and mascara (i don't get very adventurous with teh makeup)

edie! "black and white houndstooth jacket"? *jealous*

-white oxford shirt
-blue-violet mohair v-neck sweater
-skinny black jeans
-leopard print belt
-little pearl necklace
-knee-high grey suede boots
-long, loose grey wool coat with toggles and hood (I love ths coat, but it kinda makes me feel like the hobo Olsen twin!)
--crisp white button down, quarter-length sleeves, baby blue pinstriping
--navy skinny jeans
--black patent peep-toe kitten heels with gold lining
--wine colored toenail polish, chipped
"hobo Olsen twin" hee!

today from head to toe: teal beret with diamante bow brooch
layered bobbed hair flicked out from beneath
silver heart pendant with hot diamond
teal, long sleeved, cowl-necked, tunic length, sweater-material jumper
twelve thin and crisscrossed silver bangles
black leggings
black suede ballet shoes with metallic silver trim
chocolate brown cargo pants
sky blue long-ish tank top under
rose colored t-shirt with wide neck
tan platform wedge sandals
newly dyed auburn hair
red and white print thermal-fabric scoop neck tee
heather grey hoodie
navy skinny jeans
gold ballet flats
same beret as yesterday (it's raining!)
mustard roll neck, short sleeved jumper
teal cropped jacket
mustard chunky bangle and teal chunky beads
boy-fit slouch jeans
brown pixie ankle boots
black capped sleeve shirt with beading
soft grey hooded cardigan
my favorite pale green rip stop pants
black all stars
a simple carved bone pendant on a black cord
green low-scoopneck, short-sleeved green and brown jersey dress with an empire waist and a brown tie sash
chunky oatmeal-colored cabled cardigan
brown knee-high chunky-heeled boots

hair down and straight, thin olive green headband, glasses
dark jeans
blue t-shirt with sacred-heart tattoo-style graffiti
same oatmeal sweater as yesterday
navy alice band
red lipstick
black and turquoise pumas

hair in a messy ponytail, mismatched sweats, stripy socks. i love my pj's. smile.gif
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