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Full Version: Sartorial Splendor Pt. 3: Whatcha Wearin?
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pink underwear with whales smile.gif
victoria secret bra
comfy silver jeans
knee hi argyle socks
gray chucks
dark red and white striped long shirt so wonderful!
and an anchor and wheel necklace--i miss my summer sailing sad.gif
peachy colored camisole with a little tie on the neckline and orange flowers print
bright green short sleeved cardigan (sorta)
knee-length grey skirt
black flip-flops

flip flops? so jealous. it's 30 degrees and snowy here in NJ. no flips for me.

i'm in moderately basic cubewear (i love the term, borrowed from COF thread):
off-white deep-vee thin-knit sweater
peachy silk cami with off-white lace border
brown pin-stripe pants

is a silky cami office appropriate? it's not thaaaaat conservative here, but still?
No flip flops today. It got much cooler overnight.

feeling kinda sick so, a bit mismatched:
black wide leg pinstripe pants
brown t-shirt w/ a woman's face in it made entirely of beads (the face - not the shirt)
oversized forest green cable knit cardigan
camo- print slip on sneakers
dirty hair in messy bun on top of head
dark undereye circles
dark brown camisole beneath
charcoal grey wide neck sweater beneath
chocolate brown corduroy fitted blazer
brown chuck taylors
hair down

smile on face for love of cooler weather!!
Wool Tights
Knee-high suede "robin hood" boots
black mini-skirt
Purple linen-empire wasted shirt with embriodery
Scarf around my head so i can pretend I'm a hippy.
black cardigan
blue bracelet
First day of my child psych class (I'm excited!)

Black tissue weight long sleeve V neck tee over black cami
Dusty teal pleated velvet mini skirt with drapey french ribbon belt
black velvet leggings
pink (light dusty rose) suede warmy boots
I'm wearing my long blonde hair parted on the side with a skinny black headband
Since it's cold out I'll wear my gorgeous princess seamed shawl collar down jacket by Via Spiga (that I got for 50 bucks!!)
diamond studs (as always - Crinoboy's "promise diamonds")
sad, broken, unpolished fingernails
mascara and chapstick

notebook in hand, I'm ready to go!
Ooh, crinoline, that sounds really cute!

I was way underdressed for the weather, but anyway, for the opening of a group exhibition my work was in, I wore:

-black minidress- reeeaally short
-off-white ribbed tights
-medium green (grass?) vintage cardigan
-black lady-oxford type shoes
-off-white scarf
-dangley old earrings made of silver and black chains
-hair in 2 braids (since I'm getting it cut tomorrow), bands swept to the side
Today to class I wore:

Green Corduroy skirt
navy blue tights,
black tank top
my boyfriend's cozy brown wool sweater
black zip up leather boots that are sadly not waterproof
Brown hat and mitts
My big puffy down black winter jacket with the fur trimmed hood (I have a coat that I wear, but it's COOOOOLD today!)
this second i have on a pair of sweats, a tank with a built in bra...and a slanket (sleeved blanket thingy)
last night:

silk dress from India that I made into a shirt. It's like goldish with an orange and brown and dark green print and has millions of rows of tiny urns, yogis, elephants, etc.
skinny black cardigan
brown flats with a strap and little cutouts on the top
long strand of small wooden beads around my neck, jewelled bangles, a wooden jesus bracelet, etc.
green cashmere scoop neck sweater
blue cami with lace trim
vintage wash jeans with fold cuffs
black leather boots

sans make up and all that
for class and work today:

black faux-cashmere roundneck jumper (over maroon vest no-one will see)
knee-length black cord skirt
thick (black) wool tights
silk pinky-maroon scarf with gold thread stripes
a touch of green eyeshadow and mascara
regulation pink hair
14-hole doc martens

FREELANCER FASHION WEEK (certainly not the other way round)

bright red granny bra - catalog (if grannies wear bright red bras, and
judging from my bra, they must do)
white cotton granny panties
fitted white tee - Army surplus
fitted black cotton cardigan - catalog
black pencil skirt, pleated and slightly flared at kneelength - catalog
black opaque pantyhose (held up from the outside by my tightest panties..
seriously, are there any pantyhose that don't gravitate towards the knees during the day?)
Bulgarian folk costume socks
coffee mug glued to hand

lavender colored cotton pj pants
pink long sleeve cotton t-shirt
super warm and fuzzy emerald green full-length robe

last night:
dark blue, sort of tight, jeans
babydoll shirt with flower print
dark green rib-knit cardigan with huge buttons
dark brown converse sneakers
thick black framed glasses
-purple and grey argyle cashmere sweater
-black button down shirt
-dark blue jeans
-black boots
-carved bone pendant necklace

grey and white horizontal striped 3/4 sleeve fitted-tee
knee length denim skirt
black mary janes
messy ponytail
Skinny cropped dark blue jeans
Trapeze Flowered top with every color in the world
black ballet flats.

It's already going to be 82 degrees here, I am so confused.... I wake up with a cute winter outfit in mind and then it feels like like hell. huh.gif
kelly green tank top with white stripes
navy blue cardigan
vintage wash jeans
black leather belt with tiny metal pyramaids
brown emerica sneakers
Last night at our "fancy wine party"

-clingy black dress, knee length, with a sheer black laceyish shirt underneath
-black velvet jacket, cropped, fitted, 3/4 sleeves, ribbon closure
-cranberry colored tights
-colorful sequined flats
-rhinestone necklace and a couple silver bangles

I was dying for one of those little old hats with the netting, fake bird, and whatever.
hellotampon- urban outfitters has a cute reproduction cocktail hat for 10 bucks! Unfortunately, the ones with net sold out, but it would be simple to attach some cheap netting to this one.
Cute outfit, I love jewel toned tights.
Oh wow! I didn't think that kind of hats were... coming back?
cute hat.

Last night, for a gig:

black smock top worn beneath a teal cropped jacket
low-rise baggy stonewash jeans
black rocket dog boots; fabric with white toe and cute design with deer
chunky teal bangle
hair in braids
make up, gun metal shadow and black eye liner
black and white horizontal striped shirt
dark green cable knit cardigan with huge buttons
really dark wash, and a bit too long so cuffed, jeans
socks covered with black and turquoise whales
-black tank
-cropped navy and white tee with wide horizontal stripes
-thin light pink cable knit cardigan
-skinny dark grey jeans
-fuzzy mint green socks

for outside:
-black cashmere coat
-long black angora scarf
-fuzzy pink angora hat
-faded red keds
I wasn't really sure what thread to put this in but here's a picture of my halloween costume for next year. it's me as Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood
-Old safari hat
That costume is great!

dark jeans cuffed b/c they are way too long
dark brown camisole underneath...
green and white striped knit pullover with a hood and a wide neck
black slip on canvas flats covered with neon butterflies
a springy ponytail

short-sleeve square-necked smocked-bust tunic in a "mod" pink, purple, red, and black print
long-sleeve black tee underneath
black bootcut jeans
black suede boots with thin patent criss-cross trim from the heel up
big chunky silver hoop earrings
chunky, real turquoise beaded bracelet
black denim jacket (when outside)
shagged 'do, flipped up on the ends
pink lips, apricot cheeks, and eyes lined only on the upper lids
black leather-look tote with silver buckles and brown edging
-super thin, worn burgundy tee, slightly baggy, tucked in
-dark blue vest
-black pencil skirt
-off-white ribbed tights
-grey wool kneesocks
-black jazz shoes
-brown wool scarf
-big gold art-deco-y earrings
light blue fitted t-shirt under
navy babydoll jumper
dark green cable knit cardigan
black and grey plaid knee socks
black flat mary janes
low side ponytail

was told i looked like a kindergarten teacher
*brown belt with painted flowers stamped into it
*bright green shirt with yellow lettering that says "feminists are hot" on the front + "and bothered" on the back
*light blue 3/4 sleeve cardigan
*bright green canvas flats with little white polka dots

-black lace-trimmed cami
-loose silky button front blouse, charcoal, unbuttoned at the top
-bright yellow pencil skirt
-ribbed tights, charcoal
-matching wool knee socks
-black jazz shoes

I have to confess that I'm out of this and in comfier clothes- just so I don't feel like a liar.
who's wearin' green for st. patty's day tomorrow? i've got planned:

green pin-tucked blousy cotton cami
chocolate-brown bolero cardigan
bright-yellow huge mrs.roper beaded necklace
jean skirt
brown tights
dirty brown cowboy boots

is the bolero sweater not cool anymore? i dunno, i love it, it's so soft and brown matches so much in my closet.
What does pin-tucked mean?

Yesterday I had a wardrobe misfire. Green peasent blouse and snug fitted shite knee length skirt. I don't know why the whole outfit made me look so stumpy but it did.

Today, I pulled it together better.

White skirt w/panels or creamy eyeley cotton
Cream ribbed tanktop
Green and yellow woven loose sweater
Gray flats (I am having foot problems and they are the only shoes that fit @ the moment)
Kittenb, i think pin-tucks are when a really small amount of fabric is folded over and sewn. They look kind of like stripes.

Today, I wore:

-loose, silky charcoal blouse with sleeves pushed up, tucked in
-high waisted straight skirt, above knee length, in poppy coloured silk
-grey tights, grey knee socks
-black jazz flats
-white scarf
i should be wardrobe remixin' this stuff but i never have enough time before i leave in the morning to take a pic and when i get home i'm all rumply.

--denim engineer-striped pencil skirt with slit in the middle
--3/4 length sleeve orangey-red button down
--turq, orange & white beaded necklace
--turquoise headband
--brown vintage peep-toe leather heels with hole-punch detailing scalloped around edges (recent thriftstore find of LOVE)
-white and blue striped tee with stretched out neck, tucked in
-fairly high waisted, straight-leg black jeans
-old brown wool scarf
-grey wool socks
-faded red keds

And I have a new bob! A hand-rolled cigarette would have completed the look.
Yes, Mouse, I wish you would! Also I would love to see pics of edie's outfits. Weird? Hmm...maybe. I am obsessed with wardrobe remix.

Right now:
pink, flowery pj pants
old t-shirt of the boy's
cream colored cable-knit cardigan
messy hair
Party outfit!!!

black and white horizontal striped fitted tee w/ slightly poufy short sleeves.
dark denim a-line mini skirt (sort of poufy also)
black tights
black high heeled mary janes
messy bun possibly ruining the look sad.gif
Out and about today in...

my usual tight black bootcut jeans
black camisole
black microsuede shirt, cuffs rolled up with cuffs of...
black jean jacket, belted with...
black belt, made of leather-wrapped hoops with silver chain attachment
black leather city boots
tortoiseshell sunglasses
thick silver neck chain
chunky silver hoop earrings
turquoise bracelet

brown cardigan, sleeves tucked up
white fitted tee with red stitching (Swedish army surplus)
brown puffy skirt with white polka dots
black tights
black high-heeled maryjanes

hair in ponytail
some serious cat-eye liner

What am I wearing right this minute? It's around 100 degrees and humid in here, so I'm wearing nothing but my eyeglasses and thong flip-flops. But right before I decided to strip before I fainted I was wearing a cotton hot pink v-neck t-shirt, vintage-y jeans (the king that go up to your knees, I forgot the name of the style), gray Oh-Deer flats with a fancy skull design, and silver hoop earrings (oh, and my black cat's-eye frame eyeglasses)...
tight-ish medium blue jeans
dark green plaid girly cut shirt
flip flops
messy bob with bangs
-pink boy cut panties
- grey sleep tank w/black lace and writing "plays well w/others"
- 17 y/o navy bed jacket w/Japanese symbols on it

tight black bootcut jeans
violet lace-edge camisole
3/4-length sleeved white denim jacket
rock 'n' roll black leather hoop and chain belt
thick silver neck chain
big silver hoop earrings
armload of glass bead memory wire bracelets
beat up black leather slides
~ kelly green tee with two white lightning bolts
~ yellow and gray striped cardigan
~ comfy jeans
~ creme ballet flats

~ LL Lysa
Here's what I'm actually wearing:

Black babydoll tank top
cutoff 'dirty dancing' skinny jean shorts
black flip flops
blue/black toenail polish
messy ponytail

Here's what I wish I was wearing:

skinny dark denim jeans
black babydoll top with short bubble sleeves
cork soled platform wedge sandals with criss cross black straps
large enameled disk earrings
expertly done bad girl hair a la Tura Satana in Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill
midori cocktail in a pretty glass

Yeah, not gonna happen today.
white cotton scooped neck shirt with puffy sleeves
knee length grey fishtail skirt with light blue pinstripes
black high heel mary janes
when indoors: dark green cable knit cardigan with huge wooden buttons
black bandana,
silver/coal grey chandelier earrings
pink light cotton motorcycle jacket
black ruchetted crossback semi transparent cami
black studed punk belt
little skulls bracelet
red rattlesnake bracelet
silver thick rose bracelet
asst. silver chunk rings
red stone heart lucky necklace
western filigree boot cut jeans
puma low cuts
What I'm currently wearing as I sit typing at my 'puter:
  • loose fitting purple yoga culotte-pants things, the ones with the really wide legs and wide waistband
  • really old patterned t-shirt in pastel colors, some kind of French brasserie scene or something, with some weird paisley designs floating around in the background... don't ask me, I bought this thing at Lane Bryant years ago and it's managed to stay in my wardrobe among my 't-shirts that I wear when I'm home alone and don't care what I look like' drawer
  • hot pink toenail polish that's chipping at the edges
What I wore out today, running errands and trying to look semi-cute:
  • skinny, midnight blue double dyed denim capris from Old Navy (not a sale purchase; shame on me)
  • black t-shirt/tunic thingy with a '60s-looking lace yoke, and cute puff sleeves with a little keyhole detail on the armbands
  • shiny navy blue plastic ballerina skimmers
  • black patent faux croco medical bag purse
  • black cat-eye shades

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