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Full Version: Sartorial Splendor Pt. 3: Whatcha Wearin?
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-grey thermal
-black t-shirt with a print of a Mark Ryden painting
-bronze cordaroys
-canvas belt
-brown skater shoes

no make-up, hair pulled up in a bun
Quirky waitressing outfit:

-pink lace tee
-vintage black cardigan with silver beads
-leopard belt
-skinny black jeans
-brown construction boots
-newly bobbed hair... *fabulous*
I haven’t played along is such a long time…

Today’s theme is “military mod”

• Black square-toe, wedge heeled, knee-high boots & black tights.
• Charcoal grey knee length skirt with deep slits on each side.
• Black tank
• Denim jacket that is kind of cut like a motorcyle jacket (not the kind with all the lapels and zippers & buttons & shit, streamlined Euro-version if you will). Quite cinched in the waist though. Me likey. It turns me from an apple into a brick house.
• Hair parted on the side, ponytailed, and a skinny black headband to hold the bangs back. A little severe.
• Black rimmed cat eye glasses.

-brown birkenstock-ish sandals

-white linen shirt with brown and yellow flowers embroidered (or needlepointed or cross-stitched or something) around the neck and cuffs

-long paisley viscose scarf, white and sky blue

-dark brown cardigan with 2 sets of buttons, like a pea coat

-my usual plethora of wooden beads, and ugandan necklaces

-hair in a sloppy bun, sideswept bangs behind ear, no makeup as usual
-black cotton tank
-pink eyelet sweater
-tight skinny black jeans, a little too short
-brown and white plaid socks
-denim imitation keds
* This faux wrap dress
* Fitted black cardigan..
* ...with vintage mother-of-pearl brooch
* Vintage faux pearls
* Black pantyhose
* Hair in low ponytail

Today I am wearing a very awesome and unique outfit. Jeans, white tank top, blue sweater. wooo hooooo!!!!! i am such a wild and crazy dresser!!!! Pigtails too-at work, yes.

Normally I don't do this, but I have loved my outfits for the last 3 days, so I must share:

(BTW, it dropped 50 degrees 2.5 days ago, so no more 90 degrees!)

Today: high heeled round toe cuffed pirate boots over grey jeans
vintage black leather belt
dark teal tank top
mint green shrunken cardigan
black plastic wide headband, to harness my unruly hair
silver hoops

Yesterday: Wood heel black peep toe wedges
cuffed skinny blue jeans
my own jade green Audrey Dress over dark teal tank
black cardigan
black plastic headband
tiny pigtails
silver hoops

Day before yesterday: black flip flops
cuffed skinny blue jeans
jade green Audrey Skirt
black tissue weight tee with gathered neckline
jade buddha necklace
tiny pigtails
black plastic headband (I love this thing, it's my make-the-hair-look-better accessory)

Lots of green and black, my favourites.

grey skinny jeans with pretty white embroidery on the back pockets

a long black v-neck tanktop with an empire waist.

skinny cropped black cardigan

sequined flats

white lace headband
dark blue narrow-leg jeans, tucked into brown and black striped canvas boots (with jolly roger print)

black short-sleeved shirt with grey pin-dots, over black camisole

black button-up cardigan

orange and white polka-dot chiffon scarf

'cept now... jersey lounging trousers, green racerback boybeater, red knitted jumper, slippers.
Wakin' the thread up! smile.gif


Short-sleeved black blouse
Black hoodie when it gets chilly in the office (so, always!)
Gray A-line skirt with blue pinstripes
Black tights
New blue suede kitten-heeled shoes with a bow on the toe (that were $5!!!)
Purple dangle earrings (for my daily touch of purple)
picking up lots of flowers today--red swingy pants with black, round toed ballet heels with ribben ties. striped baby doll pinnafore with ruffles at the shoulders and a wide tie sash around my waist. puffed sleeve under shirt in crisp white cotton--pony tail and pretty pearl dangles. Lots of mascara and a pale lips.
what is it called?
old boy short undies
blue toenail polish
little stripe cap and glasses

pair of old undies
a baby blue fleece blanket
- will soon take a bath

-short sleeved black button up shirt with black beading
-over a blue tank top
-a patterned a line skirt in various shades of blue
-black maryjanes
-carved bone pendant on a silk cord
jeans shorts
a black lace tanktop (lined with black, of course)
dark brown sandals
blue cowrie shell belt
3 necklaces, and sporting a sutra with flowers on my hip that I drew on myself with markers, because I'm weird and love to draw on skin.
--black straight leg jeans
--yellowy-brown patent round-toe flats with a little crinkled strip of fake suede across the toe
--yellowy-brown tank top under
--pale lavender and white striped scoop-neck tee under
--lacy white cardigan
sage green tanktop
brown jesus sandals
several necklaces
brown cadet hat with a uterus button pinned to the crown

white linen shirt with orangey embroidery around the neck and cuffs when I get cold
Lacey, purple, and low cut. spagetti-strap top.

Pinstripe capris.


I feel plain.
I'm plain today, too, but mostly cuz I took my daughter to a music class this morning.

Lilac H&M short-sleeve button-down fitted shirt

Long mineral green linen J Jill skirt

Black Regazzi Vegan sandals

hair in 2 braids and pink lips, white shadow
A very deep v-neck long sleeved shirt. It's blue with a corset... type.. thing... around the waist. It's got puffy sleeves.

And some tan pants with lots of pockets. They are sorta like those TRIPP pants you see around a lot now. If those pants were on pot, and thus a lot more calm.

And underwear. This shirt is not really bra-friendly.
dark purple dress with tiered frills on the bottom, with a thick black belt, black leggings and flip flops.
-black halter from the Gap (though I found it on the street)
-little brown cardi
-brown long shorts (oxymoron?), rolled up to mid-thigh
-little white crocheted socks
-vintage beige Ferragamo shoes (they're kind of like a lady oxford with a slight wedge heel), scored them last weekend for $10
-big vintage scarf tied loosely around my neck, in a weird brown black & red pattern
-big watch with roman numerals
jeans w/ embroidery on back pockets, brown belt with roses stamped and painted on

terra cotta colored spaghetti strap tanktop, very soft and baggy yet for some reason my boobs look amazing in it

dark brown birkenstock-type sandals

dark blue bonnet with darker blue small vine print allover
Dark blue boyfriend fit jeans
Black empire line cap-sleeved top
Black cape cardigan
Looong silver chain with oversized pale blue/green stone heart
Blue striped scarf (cotton) with silvery tassels looped in loose knot at neck
Silver watch
Blue suede ballet flats
Chunky brown leather belt
Brown leather slouch bag

I heart this outift and worn it four times in last fortnight.
Dark brown boxers covered in green and blue bamboo type pattern.
Fitted short sleeved black tee.
Yeah. Its hot out and im styling on the homefront.
black wrap dress with white polka dots
rose-print sheer cami with matching bra (you can only see a bit)
deep pink tights that match the pinks of the roses on the cami
black ballet pumps
bright blue headband with a bow

black camisole

long olive-green skirt. the top 8 inches or so is a different fabric- all different swirly colors with a sequin here and there.

brown jesus sandals

green kampala necklace ( )
fabulous outfit, morn! me likey.
My favorite blogger has a great blog about what she wears every day ... My Wardrobe Today. It's great to show that you can look good every day and not have 90 billion different pieces of clothing. You'll see as you go through the posts that she wears a lot of the same pieces every day but always looks good.
The other day i went to this estate sale run by a woman who could be best described as an extra from deliverance. However her mother-in-law was a very sophisticated french woman who handmade all of her clothes. i had to snatch at least 6 of these dresses up because they were so beautiful (plus how often do you fin vintage clothes in my size?). here's my favorite one.

fuschia pink, 3/4 length sleeve, cross-over empire line top with white butterfly pattern
slouchy dark blue jeans
fuschia pink thong birkenstocks
hair in pigtails

summery and cute, I think.
does anyone know what happened to the Empress's New Clothes Thread? I just bought some back to school gear and wanted to rave about it in that thread.

whenever I come in here I am always in my panties no bra and an old red Stussy t-shirt that I cut the neck out of and the bottom hem to make it all 80's of course I did this to the shirt in the 90's because I am that fashion forward.
Khaki shorts
Flip flops

* the ugliest "white" bra known to womankind
* also very ugly, although not visible, white panties
* white Mexican peasant skirt with colourful flowers

It's really hot in here, but I'm considering putting a shirt on if I leave the house..

Flouncy black skirt (I wear this thing on every chance I get. I HATE pants.)
Turquois MTV shirt
Brit flag printed flats
brown leather belt with roses stamped into it
cowrie shell/blue string belt
brown bathing suit top
stretchy brown tanktop
brown jesus sandals
various necklaces and rings
hair in braids, dark blue Laura Ingalls bonnet with darker blue vines printed on.

That bonnet was the hit of the festival. People kept coming up to me and talking about how great it was. I can't wait to see if all the other dirty hippies start wearing them by next year. ha!
about to go out:

--peach-colored vintage linen sleeveless top, boatneck with a funny diagonal collar and three buttons on the shoulder
--skinny black jeans
--white vintage pappagallo heels
--silver and black chunky dangly earrings
--dark pinky-brown eyeshadow and lots of mascara
--yellow beaded purse with pink beaded flowers on it

ummm.......i look HOT.

(p.s. BONNET? omg hello, you must've been so cute!)
An old black slip with lace on the top
Pink underwear

I do not, actually, look hot. But if I could, I would wear this old day.
I am currently wearing Lululemon yoga pants, a plain grey american eagle t-shirt and a black fleeced hoodie. Basically, I call this my "I haven't left the house all day because of scary thunderstorms" look. It's pretty hot...
a plain black tee from old navy over a brown tank top
dark blue jeans cuffed
a olive green canvas belt
brown sneakers

simple but comfy....
i'm in a what-not-to-wear approved outfit today - long plum-colored thin-gauge sweater (bringing color to my face) under a fitted short black pinstripe blazer (gives me a waist), flat-front grey menswear wide-leg trousers (slims my hips), round-toe black flats (comfy yet stylish).

thanks clinton and stacey!
comfy jeans
brown shirt with a really low scoop neck, light blue shirt underneath
light blue and white paisley scarf (I guess it's a pashmina or something?)
black hooded sweater
tiny off-white corduroy jacket
blue argyle socks
grey corduroy clogs
a black knit hat that looks kinda like a beanie, with a pompom

I love late fall and spring when I can layer like a mofo.
Green elementary school basketball t-shrit
Pink Fuzzy Bathrobe
Pink Fuzzy slippers

soon to be wearing:

Brown Corduroys
tank top
Intel T-shirt/Canada Computers t-shirt (haven't decided which oh so fashion friendly work shirt to wear today yet)
Brown birkenstock clogs
christmas socks (bought them yesterday!)
Black empire line smock top
Black cape cardigan over top
Blue and silver beads
Blue chunky bangle
Dark blue low-rise jeans with turn-ups
Heavy brown winter boots
Brown leather slouch bag
Pea green winter wool jacket

Soon to be worn: new pair of gloves!
-black cami with lace trim (a staple for the past 5 years, at least)
-awesome black 80s sweater/shirt thing, with batwing sleeves and a v-neck in back (v-back?)
-medium blue Cheap Monday jeans, tight
-my big watch with the roman numerals and faux-snakeskin strap

for outside add:
-short black leather boots, flat with round toe
-long black cashmere coat
-beige scarf
-fuzzy white hat that fastens under the chin, Amelia Earhart-style
brown shelf-bra cami (us small-boob girls luuuuurve them!)
black empire-waist-smock-top-thingy (at least I know it's not a dress, Britney!)
comfy jeans
black faux pashmina (bought at the duty-free store for ten dollah!)
black sneakers with skull & crossbone charms (understated, you see)
and soon to step outside in a black fleece blazer - warm AND stylish!
oh... and black cat-eye shape sunglasses with little rhinestones
The comfiest jeans in the universe that cost me $25AU
Grey, slightly-puffy elbow sleeved top (longish and stylish, a godsend)
black and white striped socks
black leather boots from NZ

pastede on smile, because I have cramps.
I'm only still wearing half of it, but my outfit for tonight was:

-black cami
-black 80s sweater thing mentioned in post below
-tight black high-waisted pencil skirt
-black ribbed tights
-little white socks
-black lady-oxford shoes
-brown alligator belt, made in Cuba
brown bikini under
black hoodie
black ribbed tank top
black terrycloth mini skirt
black New Balance sneakers

just got back from snorkeling. I'm on vacation in FL!
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