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Full Version: Sartorial Splendor Pt. 3: Whatcha Wearin?
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- pink cotton PJ trousers with white, blue and silver snowflake design (the silver ones are glitter)
- pink cotton vest top
- fuschia and baby pink striped jumper
- fuschia pink woolen slipper socks with lighter pink trim and bows.
- hair wavy and mussed up, eyes bleary

feeling v festive!
What I will be wearing tonight at our Christmas dinner party:

-sleek sleeveless black dress, knee-length with slit
-sheer black button-up shirt with cap sleeves and peter pan collar
-ultra-wide blue suede belt
-vintage silk scarf with red and yellow roses on it
-nude fishnets
-black flats
-hair pinned above the ears and pushed behind my shoulders, bangs swept to one side
dangly silvery earrings
silver heart pendant
black angora cardigan with cherries on left boob
black long-sleeved shirt
grayish boot cut jeans
plain black belt
haven't decided on shoes yet
what I wish I was wearing:

emerald sea-green thermal waffle top, long sleeves
dark blue, green and white snowflake print fleece pants

I wanna go home and nap!
Flannel Mens Pajamas. I really need to shower as I am to meet friends for Ethiopian food in two hours. Being a teacher rocks, yet winter break turns me into a lazy bum.
Crazy mod patterned scarf, headband style
Black boatneck ¾ sleeved sweater with white tank peeking out from under.
Dark jeans, fitted, cuffed
Square toed mary-janes with extra wide strap with silver grommets
Black cat-eye glasses
Extra large silver wire hoop earrings
Shimmery pink eyeshadow, black liner cat-eye style, mauvey super-shiney gloss
Teal blue shirt cover with tiny white bunnies
a black tank top
bronze colorer cords
black all stars

no jewelry
no make up
hair pulled back in a bun

- mustard, beige, chocolate brown and white psychedelic print tunic dress
- over chocolate brown turtle-neck
- chunky mustard necklace
- chunky mustard bangle
- jeans
- brown boots
bootcut jeans
black pointy-toed lace-up ankle boots
black long sleeve cotton-spandex tee
pale aqua empire-waist low cut summer top (over the black tee)
blown glass pale green leaf pendant on black cord
gigantic chunky silver hoop earrings
brown mascara/eyeliner, apricot blush, peachy-corally lipstick
JBF hair

Would all look great out in the world, but for my pilly polar fleece jacket. I need to get something more sophisticated.
doodle, "JBF hair" ... huh?

yesterday for xmas dinner at my aunt's house:
black cordouroy tier skirt
off-white deep-vee long-sleeved thin-knit sweater
coffee brown tank top
brown scuffy cowboy boots
fake amber long beaded necklace wrapped 3X around
all coordinated around a real amber bangle bracelet, an awesome xmas present from my bf
I need to invest in a really nice winter coat, too, doodle.

Dark blue jeans cuffed
a fitted long black tee
a red wool hooded sweater
red all stars

hair in a ponytail
sans make up and jewelry
JBF hair = "just been fucked" hair. Not necessarily a literal expression! My hair stylist taught it to me, but I think I heard it on L-Word a couple times, too (in the more literal sense).
-skinny jeans
-thin white button down with extra stitching details on front pockets and down seams
-turquoise spaghetti-strap tank
-peep-toe black flats
-red nail polish
-red, pink and white striped beatiful linen scarf, pashmina-size (xmas present that my mother covets so hard)

this outfit would look ten times better with my new brown fake-suede wedge-heeled knee-high boots over the jeans, but unfortunately they are too sexy for the office. wink.gif
doodle, i like it, it's a more postitive spin on my usual CTU (cat throw up) 'do.
dark skinny jeans
black chucks with hot pink trim
long-sleeved dark gray thermal shirt with thumbholes
light blue t-shirt with faint scrollwork pattern
black pashmina-style scarf
feeling super cute today

--light blue button down with navy, orange, red and gold (shiny!) thin stripes/plaid with ruffled collar and cuffs
--lime green crewneck sweater over
--dark denim skinny jeans
--navy low top chucks
---grey boatneck med sleeve t w/cuffs
---white spagetti tank
---blue adidas sweatbands (arms not the forehead, thank you.)
---white skateboard shoes

first day of work, and i got to skate the 1.5-2 miles home! sooo happy!

Brown shoes with purple laces
straight-legged blue jeans
Ramones t-shirt
silver-gray sweater

same shoes and jeans
long sleeved mesh shirt
t-shirt with picture of Gambit of the X-men with slogan "Mutants Make Better Lovers."
--white sk8 shoes
--boot cut jeans
--gold stud belt
--red "crabby" hoodie
--the jam tshirt
--worth sweatbands
--fall scarf
--gold/wood drop hoop earrings
Scuffed brown Doc Martens with purple laces
Monkey Socks
Uber-tight boot-cut jeans
pink long sleeved hooded tee
Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen" tshirt
pink CBGB band poster-style arm warmers
lanyard key chain with room keys and emergency whistle
eyeglasses with bling
--pink terry/velour vintage v neck over
--thin beige vintage button down with 3/4 length sleeves and green, pink, purple & yellow floral pattern
--wide leg "it's time to do laundry" jeans
--navy low-top chucks
skinny cuffed dark jeans
tan and turquoise socks
maroon long-sleeved thermal shirt
black thermal hoodie

hair in a clip, still wet, no makeup

lazy saturday at home, and it's cold out!
black knitted hoodie
purple tank
dark blue jeans
black all-stars

hair pulled back in a bun
sans jewelry and make-up
a sarong, grey-blue with a teal/tan/black/white print, tied around my waist

nothing else
and here i thought vancouver was cold in the winter laugh.gif
It IS! But not as cold as where I live, in the BC interior (Thompson-Okanagan). tongue.gif

I have made a personal pledge to get even with my landlords for unnecessarily raising my rent, by keeping the heat jacked up all winter and not wearing much clothing.
sorry, brain-fart.

anyway, it's quite obviously hott where you are.

-beige chunky knit jumper with button sleeves and buttons on upper left-hand side leading up to fold-over, asymetrical neck.
-over red and beige 3/4 sleeved tshirt with Rainbow Brite and "I was made in the 80s" on front
-low-rise, slouchy boyfriend fit jeans
-chunky brown belt with large brass buckle
-distressed beige, square-toed nushu trainers
-hair in funky new choppy bob
this morning:
blue bootcut jeans with black belt.
pale (from wear) blue cowboy boots
pale pink thin-knit v-neck jumper
red glasses
no makeup
lab coat
bloodstains (new and old)

same pink jumper
fleece trousers

i love mondays
-a light green tea shirt with whimsical birds and flowers on the front (no idea how else to describe them- they are no cartoony but aren't realistic either), and a longsleeve green shirt underneath with clumps of skinny black and white stripes.
-green canvas slip-on shoes with toe cleavage and tiny white polka dots.

The weird thing: The jeans are straight-legged, ultra low-rise, and I am wearing them with flats... and even though I'm not tall or leggy, I don't look out of proportion!
black hoodie over a Social D, t-shirt
black and gray striped beanie b/c my hair is unruly and it's freaking cold
brown Dickies pants
and sneakers
What I wore to the benefit dinner for the women's clinic:

Tan and white, pointy-toed stillettoes
Burgundy blouse
Brown suit jacket
pearl necklace (fake)
dangly (fake) gold earrings
Makeup with pink lipstick and dark eyeshadow
Hair up in a twisty-type style

Now: Sock monkey PJs
what i wore saturday night to my friends' birthday:

--orangey-brown thin felt/wool cap-sleeve swing dress, below the knee, keyhole button at the neck, that belonged to my mother when she was my age
--lacy beige slip peeking out underneath
--cropped victorian-style jacket with small bell sleeves and big blue buttons in cream and blue wallpaper print
--tall dark brown fake suede heeled boots
Wow Mouse, that outfit sounds amazing!
stompin black leather mid-calf combat boots with chunky platform-y soles. the rest of my outfit pales in comparison. though if you must know, the torrid black and red embroidered rockstar cami with matching guitar-embroidered boyshorts, light blue hoodie i stole from my bff's boyfriend, jeans, and black grease smears on my hands and face from tuning the bike after work today, cause i'm butch like that.
wub.gif tampon!
What I'm wearing now:

Black polo shirt, khacky pants, black leather belt, black socks, black lace underwire bra, black cotton bikini panties.

Sorry, no makeup. I only wear that when I'm onstage.
green khakis
brown long sleeve tee
pink hoodie
still deciding what shoes to wear
are pigtails appropriate for work?
Pigtails can be appropriate anywhere, but for work you should probably do the ones that are closer to the nape of the neck.

It's cold out.

Gathered sleeve blue-grey t-shirt with burnt out silver stars on it
favourite old jeans with rip in right knee
black mary jane wedges with western leather pressing design in vamps
blue faux suede coat with grey fur collar
silver hoop earrings
new haircut!! - black chin length bob with ends curled under, long eye length textured bangs. I look like a drunk punk pixie. smile.gif
it's snowing but i am going to a gig...

brown knit jumper over black long-sleeve stretchy top
home-made fleece miniskirt
cashmere and wool black tights
doc martens
big pashmina scarf
grey wool peacoat
blue cloche hat
*envious* of mornington's adorable sounding outfit!


long, balloon-sleeved (1/2), grey-marl smock top
over black ribbed polo neck (full length sleeves)
bootleg jeans
chunky winter boots
chunky mustard bangle
oversized mustard bag
'60s style tailored coat with belt tie
hair in cute ponytail with front layers hanging loose
dark and smoky eyes
Bunnyb, I love grey and yellow together. Your outfit sounds tres cute.

Today I am wearing:

Light grey heathered tee
under black knit babydoll top
grey skinny jeans
tucked into black motorcycle boots
silver hoop earrings
black cateye eyeliner
sparkly nude lip

When we go outside in the snow I'll be wearing a black moleskin short peacoat and cursing the weather.

The baby is wearing a grey work shirt with attached black long sleeves
the cutest jeans ever
tiny black chucks
black skeleton hoodie
under a grey wool peacoat

and currently.....a dirty diaper. See ya.

off-white hooded cableknit sweater with bell sleeves and 2 wodden toggle buttons at the top (with a hot pink Sonic Youth tee shirt underneath).

bare feet, no makeup, hair loose and wavy as always.
-threadbare straight-leg wranglers
-beige cami
-pink vintage chrocheted tee
-brown cardigan
-puffy face from too much beer and whiskey last night
Fighting my way back from stomach flu:

Skinny indigo jeans
bare feet
shortsleeved black dotted knit wrap top over black tank
two tiny pigtails
straightened bangs across eye level
silver hoop earrings
subtle pink and navy eye shadow
little to no appetite
Too baggy black pants

Navy hoodie made of hemp with tis funky curved zipper

Hair down

Cow socks, my black leather attitude boots.

black polo shirt with black tank underneath

Purple watch, opal ring, celtic ring, and a purple ring

Purple eyeshadow.

The specs, as always.
* This skirt (the one to the right). It's knee length, quite wide, with an underskirt
* Brown, 3/4 sleeve, artificial silk top
* Black vintage Lyle & Scott cardigan
* Black 60 denier pantyhose
* Black thigh-high, rolled down to knee-high, socks
* Black leather Mary Janes (not chunky, no high heels, just regular).
Tiny pigtails, bangs brushed to side with plastic heart barrette
off shoulder navy and light blue striped 3/4 sleeve top
indigo skinny jeans
black leather belt with silver buckle
black suede open toed wooden wedge heels
denim shrunken blazer
small black studded mini hobo purse

That's right. I'm wearing a denim suit. In my defense, the denims aren't exactly alike, but don't clash. I don't care. I like my Canadian Tuxedo.

The baby is dressed similarly.
Navy and white striped hoodie
under washed out navy twill sport coat
cute-lil-mawfugger jeans
mini black chucks
messy hair
soggy graham cracker.

Graham crackers are gross. They're like cardboard, but with less flavour. I don't know why he loves them so.
-white tank top under
-sheer turquoise vintage 3/4 sleeve blouse with lace yoke and lace edging under
-black blazer
-grey skinny jeans
-black canvas belt with silver buckle
-little black maryjanes with allover cut-out flower pattern
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