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Full Version: Sartorial Splendor Pt. 3: Whatcha Wearin?
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dark jeans
beige ribbed tank top
black kimono-style v-neck top with tan and red flowers all over it

hair in a low ponytail, glasses, red lipstick
-short black dress with beige flowery pattern, buttons up the front, and short sleeves
-thin purple-grey angora sweater
-ultra-wide blue suede belt
-black leggings
-brown wool legwarmers, to above the knee
-short black leather boots
-short black wool peacoat
Yay!! I finally dressed cute today. I wore:
a stretchy cotton black and white horizontal striped 3/4 sleeve shirt under
a black flowy, thin cotton short sleeved shirt with ruching at the neckline and a big tie
dark stretchy jeans
red mary janes with black flowers at the buckles
dangly silver drop earrings

My boss loved my shirt and told me I should be a fashion designer, which is a bit drastic since I can't sew but boosted my confidence nevertheless.
yeah, so not so hot today. whatever, i'm tired and recovering from a thrown-out back.

levis 515s
work t-shirt (beige with red print on the back)
black pullover hoodie with the logo for the musical "hairspray" on the front
black and turquoise pumas

hair (now neon red, thanks to a haircolor error-i'm usually a strawberry blonde-but it looks cute for now) in a ponytail
purple glasses, neutral makeup
Last night:

favorite jeans
black canvas mary janes
black longsleeve tee with a wide scoopneck
underneath: homemade sleeveless shirt I made from white polyester with colorful 60s floral print

Oh and while I'm in here I wanted to ask if they make tight long-sleeved shirts with shelf bras. The reason that I ask is that I have a simple black tanktop with spaghetti straps and a built in bra, and it's tight and stretchy and rather low-cut, and I love it. I want something just like it with sleeves for winter because I feel so comfy (and skinny!) in it. I love the extra breast support too. And I also tend to look better in low necklines, I guess because they visually cut my chest in half and make my boobs look smaller and closer to my neck than my bellybutton.
lastnight's Nosferatu screening outfit:

black tank with black hangy flower applique just above right breast
little black wool cardie, open at the top
black a-line skirt with textured black polka-dots
black fishnets
black kitten heels
fuzzy leopard print purse
black flapper-esque hat, worn cocked to one side with little black flower pin
peacock feather earrings
last night's funky outfit:

khaki, cream, and petrol blue '60s patterned tunic dress
petrol blue tights
brown ankle boots with pixie toe
petrol blue beaded choker
mustard brown chunky bangle
mustard brown small clutch bag
petrol blue cropped jacket
hair styled in choppy bob
smoky eyes and some blush
today at work:

calf length brown skirt w/ a kicky asymetrical hem
burnt orange sweater w/funcky boatneck
greenish necklace with what looks like greenish mother-of-pearl circles.

I feel adorable!
It's rainy here, and you know what that means mod spy trenchcoat time!

From the ground up:

Black flat knee-length boots
Black gabardine Pretty Little Dress
Leopard boycut panties
Kelly green 1960's mod vintage wasp waisted double breasted twill trenchcoat (I bought it for NOTHING at a thrift store years ago, and IloveitIloveIloveit)
large silver hoop earrings
bangs swept to side, hair piled high in back, pulled back by slim black leather headband
touch of green and pink eyeshadow, black cat liner on top lids only
sparkly nude lipcolour

I dress so much better when I've been allowed to sleep.
I’m wearing black, flat, knee-high boots too! They’re a little too loose in the calf part, though, and keep slouching down pirate style (arrrgh).
Black tights
Black/Grey pinstriped “city shorts” (that’s what the label said anyway, they’re like slightly longer Bermudas. Definitely not summer wear as they’re wool)
Black boatneck ¾ sleeved tunic/sweater (hits just below the hips – I’ve been doing a bit of sartorial experimenting with mixing clothing lenths, i.e. short pants & long shirt). Anywhoozle, worn with a white tank beneath.
Black corded choker with huge (like 1 ½ inch) silver disc.
Everday shimmery taupe eyeshadow, barely-there pink blush (enough to give my usual glow-in-the-dark pale pallor some sort of living color), red tinted lip gloss
Black cat-eye glasses, somewhat askew as I’ve lost the case & one of the arms got a little bent.
Big silver hoop earrings.
from the bottom up:

--pink toenail polish
--black patent peep-toe kitten heels
--smart grey linen skirt
--vintage isaac mizrahi boatneck sweater, cream with thin black, olive, blue, light and dark pink stripes (ah, the perks of doing pro-bono design work for a friend who owns a vintage store)
Big day at work- usually I wear jeans and a sweater, but today, I've got to kick it like I was taught at business school.

Black sheer blouse- lace from the yoke up
black camisole
grey wool skirt, just below knee length
black textured tights
black, rounded-square toe pumps
big turquoise blue earrings, made out of a shell-like stuff
hair blown out and flat-ironed into submission
subtle grey-purple eyeshadow
black mascara
clear lipgloss

wish me luck at my press conference!
ooooh emtee, that outfit sounds fabulous!!

brown wide-legged sueded cotton pants
bright pink ribbed tank
long-sleeved turquoise thermal henley hoodie with the top buttons undone
hair in a ponytail
bright pink thin headband
black pumas

flat-front low rise khakis
short-sleeved (with buttoned cuff) black button-down shirt
black pumas

not sure what's going on with the hair yet-i still have an hour before i have to leave, but it's pouring out. hmmn. perhaps today would be a good day for my new hat. (black crocheted newsboy hat)
black and white orchid print kimono dress with black beading and bow tied behind
black leggings
black suede ballet shoes
mustard beads
chunky mustard bangle and two thinner ones
huge mustard shoulder bag

Right Now:

Black New Pornographer's T-shirt
pink camisole
black, zip-up jacket/hoodie with no hood
red sneakers
hair unbrushed, pulled back
silver hoops, large
no makeup

Tonight, at our Opening:

Brown and light blue satin, kimono-esque dress
brown suede wedge boots
brown chandelier earrings
hair blown-out, flipped out and under
red lipgloss
hellotampon, you might try Victoria's Secret. I've never worn clothes from them, but I recall seeing a bunch of different types of summer shirts with shelf bras in their catalog, so possibly they have something in long sleeve as well.
dark grey 3/4 length sleeved smock top
boy jeans
long silver and glass beads with bundle of large charms on end
chunky hexagonal silver bangle
dusky pink ruched ballet shoes with light pink bow.
black and white 3/4 sleve shirt under
raspberry colored short sleeved tee
chocolate brown cargo pants
brown bowling-type shoes

I'm wondering if any busties are posting on wardrobe-remix?
The Fug girls would probably burn me for this, but:

Black dress with tiny white polka dots
black tank
black knee high flat boots
red patent leather wide belt
black 3/4 car coat
black jackie o sunglasses
light pink shadow, dark eyeliner, and muted red lips

I can hear the 'unecessary belting' comments from here.

Mirabella, what is wardrobe-remix? Is it like Stylediary?
heheh busty

i think, though, that they don't mind unecessary belting if it's done properly. you weren't wearing the belt over your boobehs, were you? tongue.gif

-burnt orange tanktop
-thin white button down shortsleeve blouse with lace collar and inserts in front
-dark denim skinny jeans
-black flats

There are no belts that will cover my boobies. wink.gif
QUOTE(bustygirl @ Nov 4 2006, 05:51 PM) *

Mirabella, what is wardrobe-remix? Is it like Stylediary?

Do you guys mean this:

I am addicted, sadly.
Yes, the flickr group. Someone (don't remember who...) posted a link to it here about a month ago, and I became completely addicted.

dark stretchy jeans
brown adidas sneakers
off white knit shirt with tie at waist

Grey v-neck sweater
Black narrow skirt, just shorter than knee-length
Black opaque tights
Grey patent flats with a buckle
Red lippy
pink fleece pajama pants with hello kitty on them

black tanktop

thick blue socks with an ankle strap (they are almost like slippers)
--red tanktop under
--sheer blue and white off-the-shoulder tee
--black quarter-sleeve blazer
--straight-leg jeans, cuffed
--red strappy heeled sandals

i feel chic
it is the day for tres chic:

teal beret with diamante bow brooch
short-sleeved, scoop-necked mustard jumper beneath
blue woolen tank top with yellow and grey diamond and heart pattern
brown suede blazer
wide, woven brown belt with huge brass buckle
brown pixie toe boots with kitten heel
oversized, mustard patent bag

plain but cute:

black hoodie over a
white tank top
boot cut blue jeans
black and white wingtip boots
barefoot - was wearing ballet flats. Eggplant Chelsea Pants from Lane Bryant, and a black cotton T with a Corpse Bride screen on it. Makeup - mauve lipstick, black eyeshadow, and mascara by Eco Bella. Pineapple eyeshadow from an etsy seller ( need to look it up) and eye pencil by some faux-natural line at Target.
feelin so comfy and sophisticated today -

red tank top
black long sweater with deep vee
knee-length blue jean skirt
cowboy boots
chunky wood beads necklace

i want to be buried in these boots i love 'em so much...
green suede knee-high boots with tan wedge heels
dark levi's 515s
tan tank top
black silky kimono-style top with red and tan flowers on it
hair in a high ponytail

black tshirt
black hoodie
gap long and lean blue jeans, faded and really comfortable
black socks
hiking boots
hair in low, messy ponytail
smudgy mascara

I look like I don't give a damn today, which is not the impression I was trying to give!
I've been thinking about tomorrow's outfit all day because there is a tabling fair at my school and I've put together a women's health issues table. I don't want to sit there all day long looking like a slob.

long brown scoopneck tee with capsleeves and a strip of crochet and very low-key sequins at the empire waist

light blue skinny cardigan with 3/4 sleeves


a belt I made myself out of beige/yellowish polyester with spiky bright blue flowers (hard to describe)

I can't decide on the shoes- colorful sequined flats (are those out of style yet?) or weird-but-cute blue old-lady flats?
hellot, sounds cute! go with the blue shoes, but i'm a big fan of weird-but-cute and old-lady anything, and notsomuch of sequins.
Thanks! I did end up going with the blue shoes.
• Black creepers
• Wooly black tights (like socks, but they’re tights) with multi-colored “confetti” pattern.
• Deep red a-line skirt
• Black long-sleeved tee
• Vintage jean jacket (why do the jean jackets from the late 60’s/early 70’s fit soooo much better than the
current ones? I don’t want to look like a box dagnabbit!)
• Red hoop earrings
• Minimal make-up - a little powder, a little blush, some mascara and clear lip-gloss.
• Black cat eye glasses
• teensy silver nose stud
• silky black scarf with white pinstripes headband style.
- purple angora baker boy cap
- v neck, long sleeved purple sweater with knotted tie at point of the V over
- purple and lilac striped cotton camisole with purple lace trim
- long (industrial silver effect) dangling necklace with various shapes of purple stones and hook and eye clasp at
- one chunky purple bangle and two thin lilac ones
- brown plaited belt with huge brass buckle
- indigo boy-fit jeans
- brown boots
Today's outfit for hanging around the house:
Light blue long sleeve t-shirt
chocolate brown cargo pants
navy blue socks

Yesterday's outfit for giving thanks with the relatives:
Teal-ish button up sweater
Denim circle skirt
knee-high faux suede brown boots with a small heel
(all was covered with baby gunk:drool, snot, food from her mouth, by the end of the day)
Skin coloured pantyhose with black fishnet pantyhose, red skirt with black lace overlay and a black longsleeve shirt with frilly detail. And black underwear of course,
Thanksgiving: dark levis 515 tucked into knee-high green suede boots with tan wedge heels
navy t-shirt
tan cable-knit cardigan with big brown buttons

right now: ratty pink too-large sweatpants
another navy t-shirt
gray syracuse university pullover hoodie
(it's cold in my apt! i had to cave and turn the heat on when my napping dog made an effort to scoot over to the blanket on the couch to hide his nose under it.)
black wool wrap sweater with wide sleeves
black long sleeved t shirt
silver heart necklace
long and lean jeans
black sequined belt
red wooly socks
pewter colored Dansko clogs
hair in weird twisted up ponytail thing
It's minus twenty-nine degrees celcius today. The following is what I dragged myself to work in this morning:

Black Cami
Black boat-neck wool sweater
green ('grinch green') fleece pull-over
'longjohns' (thermal underwear)
winter hiking boots
two pairs of socks
3/4 length brown wool dress coat
blue wool mittens
blue and brown scarf
pink beret
hair down, tucked under hat and scarf
about 3 inches of skin visible around the eye area
green mary-janes with blocky heels
straightleg blue jeans
white blouse with skullls on it
pink cardigan
white scarf
grey wool peacoat
white wristwarmers with black polka dots
faintly pissed-off expression
oh no, i just realized i'm dressed as the 1994 me.

black 3/4-sleeved cardigan
pink lace-on-black camisole
baggy green army pants
black doc mary janes
all sorts of celtic silver jewlery

immago listen to smashing pumpkins now....
Yesterday for school-
pink wide neck t-shirt
dark fairly tight jeans tucked into
brown knee-high boots
undereye circles (fabulous)

today for being lazy-
baggy brown cargo pants
black and white horizontal striped shirt with 3/4 sleeves

And really I have been greatly overdressed these past days. I'm in FL and everyone else has been wearing flip flops and shorts. I really hate this state.
same green mary janes
black tights
black with white polka dots wrap dress
green camisole
black cardigan
kohl and lip gloss
Yesterday, for my school's winter formal:

Beautiful purple multi-layered wrap-ish dress that I just bought recently.
Dangly necklace
Maroon-and-purple suede flats
-rust-colored sweater with black polka dots
-grey tweed a-line skirt
-white cable knit tights
-brown wool legwarmers
-electric blue scarf

I'll probably wear my blue suede parka and black leather boots. There's snow here!
--messy unwashed hair pulled back in clip; most too short to reach clip
--dregs of last night's eyemakeup
--black tanktop
--purple vintage raglan sweatshirt
--cuffed jeans
--beige socks with little flowers on them
--beat up adidas gazelles

hello, monday
Black hooded sweater
Baggy, brown '57th Annual Emmy Awards' t-shirt
Baggy grey courderoys (I've had these since middle school. They remind me of this boy I had a crush on)
Fruity socks
Brown hiking boots with purple laces
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