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Can someone help me out with a funny ear? Years ago I had my ear pierced at the top (cartilage) but after a while I had this strange lump on the back which slowly got bigger and bigger until I had to take the earring (regular stud) out because the back was 'cutting' into the lump.

Now about 2 months ago I had it done again in the other ear. Everything was going perfectly but it got knocked really hard and now the same thing is happening again. A bump of the the front and the back but next to the hole not on it. There's no pus and it's not particularly sore. It kind of feels like a bubble but thicker and definetly not poppable.

I found one site that suggested granuloma and to hold a hot compress on it twice a day. I don't think it's keloid.

Anyone have any clue? thx
I've had both ears pierced on the cartilage for several years and I can tell you that what you described has happened to both my ears and recurs whenever my ears are knocked or bumped. Sometimes they make my ears tender but the thing to do is NOT take it out. Honestly, the only way to get rid of a minor infection like that without losing the piercing is to just ride it out. Nothing bad has ever happened to me from ignoring the lumps. Eventually many of them have released pus and/or gone a bit crusty but those that haven't have just disappeared on their own. If it feels a bit sore, clean it with an antiseptic (your piercer should have given you one but if not, try to buy one in Claire's because that's what I use and it works great) about 3 times a day. Just dab a bit on a cotton pad and hold it against your ear for a few seconds then wipe away.

My earrings have also cut into the lumps but I've just left it alone, cleaned it daily and turned the stud once a day to stop it sticking and it's been fine. Trust me.

I had a granuloma on my face last year and it was totally different. A granuloma is a proliferation of blood vessels in one spot. It starts off looking like a blood vessel is growing, then it turns into a spot that looks like a pimple. It will be VERY red in colour and not a rounded lump but a sharp little nub that looks like it's filled with blood. They bleed profusely if touched or picked too. I would guess it's unlikely that you have a granuloma but probably just a little reaction to the piercing that will go away if you leave it long enough. The same thing even happened with my nose piercing and I just rode out the grossness until it disappeared.

Let us know how it goes though! Good luck.
Try putting half a teaspoon of sea salt into a cup of boiling water and letting it cool until you can bear it on your skin. Then do soak a cotton pad in the solution and hold it over it. This will draw out any impurities there could be. Infections usually hurt though (or at least all mine have!) so I'm not really sure what it is. I guess it could be scar tissue. You're best bet is to go and ask your piercer.

ETA: Does anyone know anything about piercing apprenticeships, i.e how to go about getting one!?
I know i should've asked the dentist but i totally forgot. I just got a few teeth pulled today, how long should i wait to get my tongue pierced?
I'd say its probably best to wait for one open wound to heal before gaining another. No logic behind that but gut instinct =)You don't want to overload your body, especially if you did get any sort of infection.
I did the nipple thing, and it turned out fabulously!

Miss_jane, I thought that for any sort of apprentice ship you just went out and did it. I could be wrong, but I thought you just went and asked about learning. There probably is a formal process though.
miss_jane, go to your favorite piercer and ask her/him if they would be willing to take you on as an apprentice. Because there is no formalized training organization for body piercing (at least in the US), most people just ask around.

My piercer taught pretty much all of his current competitors the trade, so he has stopped taking apprentices. As far as I could tell, though, they were just people he knew who wanted to learn.

Have fun!
has anyone w/ pierced nipples ever had a sonogram or mamogram? i have to do this soon, not looking 4ward..
miss jane , my hubby used to apprentice, just go and check out shops in your area. Try to find a really clean one and just ask if they are taking apprentices. Sometimes you just have to hang out in shops for a while and let them know you're interested. You can really learn a lot just hanging out.
I have thought about doing that but my piercer had an apprentice at the moment. I'm going to uni soon anyway so if I might see how I feel afterwards, see if he has one then. At least now I know he takes them on!

caroline_no, maybe it'd be better if you got a rubbery barbell (not sure of the material name, the type pregnant women use for navel piercings)
Coming back to harrass you all a bit more.

Has anyone here ever stretched out any of their piercings? I'm interested in stretching one of my lobe piercings but I'm not really sure how to go about it and everyone else just seems to know, so I'm a bit embarrassed to ask my piercer!
Stretching is done with a taper (a bit bigger than a piercing needle, blunt, and is skinny skinny at one end, gradually gets thicker), which all come in a variety of gauges. Some people just go right up a gauge, especially in lobes, which tend to be easily stretchy anyway. A piercer uses a taper to make the transition easier.

My piercer and I got to be best buddies when he was stretching my hood piercing. :-) I had left it out for about two years and wanted it back, so over a period of about three weeks he stretched it from an almost completely closed hole to a 12 gauge barbell. Yowzah. First session hurt.
I can imagine that you might form a bond like no other experiencing that together!

Thanks lucizoe.

ETA: I want to show off the jewellry I've already bought (bad I know) for when I have stretched my ears! <a href="" target="_blank">Mmm Sexy</a>.
Those are cute, miss_jane! (I hope you don't mind my relinking it...)

My piercer made me some spiral corkscrews out of the surgical stainless steel used for wine corkscrews they twist through the two top holes in my lobes and rest above them. Makes it look like I have four holes in each lobe instead of three.

I want something really similar to your earrings for the bottom ones. Maybe a little more delicate - all my jewelry is tiny.

No, thank you! Where did my link go wrong? Just when I thought I was getting the hang of this html malarky :-(

That sounds really nice - did you have to pay a lot to get them done? My favourite earrings are really delicate ones I got from Barcelona. There are made of wood, and have a very dark semi-circle hood and then a stick of lighter wood with goes through the actually piercing and through both ends of the loop. Only problem is they start to hurt after a while. I don't think they are very good quality.
miss jane, I don't know if you have already tried this, but sometimes organic materials are to porous and you rub linseed oil on them to make them more comfortable to wear.

I am so lazy I want to strecth my lobes too, but they have been at 10 gauge forever. I know several piercers locally I just never go in to have them stretched. I tried to do it at home w/out a taper but failed.

caroline, you might try lucite jewelry, its like a really tough plastic.
Linseed oil you say? I'll have to try that. I did actually know that about the porous thing, but I didn't put two and two together!

I looked on my piercers webpage and it says they stock "stretching kits". Am I right in assuming that would mean tapers and the like?
Yeah, but how much is the kit and how many times are you actually going to need each of the tappers? Most piecers will stretch your ears for free if you have the jewelery just maybe throw them a tip to be nice. They might charge you a few bucks to autoclave the jewelry so its sterile.
Tis true. I might go and ask him today seeing as I have a free morning. I think whats putting me off is knowing how long it'll take to get to the size I want, which just isn't logical at all!
you can strech your ears at home pretty easily just get some cheap plugs and some electrical tape and as long as they arnt flaired plugs just do one or two layers of tape every week or two and it goes prettyl quickly and it streches the skin instead of ripping it, i found this a lot easier than a taper when i was doing mine they are now 3/4" and doing great, as long as you occasionally wash then in the shower it works awsome
Maybe a little late, but I have my monroe and nipples pierced.
Both healed up wonderfully...although it took a little getting used to eating after the monroe!

I had my rook and a regular cartilage piercing for about 2 years and just had to get them both pried outta my ear by my piercer due to infection and keloid (those bumps talked about earlier).

I guess cartilage just doesn't work for me....
I must say that my nipple barbell is doing well. Hurts sometimes, but I am diligent about keeping it clean, and try not to stretch out too much.
Nipple busties - quick question. Enhanced sensation, true or false?

Just popping in to say today I took the first step in stretching my ears by putting in a measly 16g barbell. I had my ears done with a gun (naughty) and so from what I'd read figured they'd be about 18g so I thought it best to start from the beginning. It was a case of hot shower, then sticking in the jewellry. Now my lobes just feel a bit hot.
Just got my nipples done last night. It was a holy heck amount of pain, but I'm so glad I went through it.

miss_jane... YES! For some reason, I was worried that I'd lose feeling in my nipple if it went wrong, but I was told that it was the opposite. The piercer wasn't kidding when she said that sensation is heightened. WOAH. Hello, breeze!
well, I took out my vertical hood piercing. Why? well I decided its a wonderful solo implement to play with.. but add another person to the equation, and it just got in the way. I love oral, and seriously, hearing that clicking down there, I was becoming afraid I'd break someone's teeth. So.... it's gone. I loved it in some ways, but was never totally attached to it.

zoya I have actually read a story of a woman breaking her tooth on her husbands genital piercing. =( Tis a shame though. I guess piercings for lovin is an acceptable sacrifice!

lastoneout - good to know! I'm still contemplating. What made you decide to get one rather than both?
miss_jane: Oh no, both of mine are done. You know, when it came to my other piercings (ears, nose, lip), the anticipation was way worse than the actual pain itself. But this time around, my poor nipples were shrieking in horror... but it was such a DIFFERENT type of pain altogether. I'm so surprised that I'm totally fine today, I expected more pain and swelling. But the twins are so chill today. Hah. Except for that dang breeze!!!
Yup, I was being a freshly out of bed idiot. I meant, what made you decide to get both rather than just one.
lastoneout: I've been thinking of maybe getting my nipples done for a while. Did you get a barbell or a ring? I've heard the barbell is safer but I wonder if it really makes a significant difference.
lastoneout, I agree that the pain was different and it was mostly anticipation. Erinjane, I have a barbell, I prefer the way it looks as well. I, unlike lastoneout, decided to see howone went, then the other. After the first day, pain wasn't so bad. As for hightened sensation, I have no bloody clue, it doesn't seem like it, however, my piercer was adament about no play until healed to avoid infection.
I'd wanted my nipples pierced since I was in high school, so I'd say I had a lot of time to think it over (almost ten years). I've got 12ga barbells in mine. My piercer recommended this size and type of jewelry because she said I'd have a better time of healing, and less chance of snagging/tearing. I'd originally wanted rings, but I now see that the barbells suit my nipple size and shape much much more than the rings would. As for the decision to get both, I'm a stickler for symmetry. Today, I wore a tank with a hidden bra in it, and it irritated my nipples a lot. I guess it's back to husband beaters for me...
I also tossed the idea around for 9 years before I got it done. Here I am. Thing is I found it highly addicting. So, now I want more. I am for sure going to get the other one done, I love the way it looks, I agree on the symmetry thing. I don't recall what size I have however, 15ga. maybe? When she told me I was so freakin' excited that I don't recall much of what she did say. Figures. Lastoneout, how long did it take for you to heal? I have had it done for 4 weeks and things are going fantastically. Friend of mine says that its healing nicely, I am able to move it to clean the crusties without pain. Only back and forth no rotating it though. That was a no no from my peircer.
Are they horizontal, vertical or diagonal? I quite like the way the diagonal ones look.
Mine is horizontal. Do you think you will get it done miss_jane?
I'm not sure. I go through stages of wanting it and wanting it now, and then stages of not wanting at all. Strange thing is, most of the not wanting stages are while I'm naked.

At the same time I want my septum done, a conch piercing in my left ear, my tongue pierced and to stretch my lobes, so who knows really!
I only ljust had mine done a few days ago. Seems to be going well. I had a little bit of the crusties the other day, but no real PAIN or troubles to speak of.

Mine are horizontal. I think the diagonal ones are pretty, but my nipples are kind of big, and it'd look awkward.
Having my belly button pierced about a year ago didnt quite hurt as i expected. Its not like its going to have you scream "Bloody murder!". So to all of you wanting to get a piercing i say go for it. However, i am actually considering getting my tongue and clit pierced. So ill need to cough up alot of courage. Wish me luck.
demoness, please tell me you mean your clitoral hood? Besides the risk of nerve damage and the ouchie factor involved in piercing the actual clitoris, very few women actually possess the sort of anatomy that can be safely pierced...I mean, if you do mean your actual clitoris, then more power to you, woman. You're far braver than I.

miss_jane, have you started stretching your lobes yet?
I was thinking of getting my labia done. There is no way I am peircing my clit, it means just a little too much to me. But hell of you do, like lucizoe said, more power to you, clit peircings do look pretty hot though. hmmmmm.
I put some 1.2mm barbells in at the weekend which was pretty easy thanks to their small size. I just had a hot shower and slid them in. (My ears were just your standard shop bought earring size before that). I have a pair of 1.6mm barbells too. Do you think they'll slide in just as easy?

I think vertical clit hood piercings can look lovely. Clit piercings - too scary to contemplate!

demoness - navel piercings are great aren't they! I literally didn't realise I'd been pierced when I had mine done, until my piercer told me. As for your tongue, I say do it. I would if I had better willpower.
Lucizoe, thats right im talking about my clitoral hood(right at the slit) and NOT the labia. :-) I am contemplating the whole nerve damage thing though. I hope it doesnt do much damage. *ponders* :-)

As for missjane, belly button piercings are definitly worth it. Im glad you got the barbells though. Its alot more convenient and better looking. Doesnt it just feel sexy? :-)
Oooh, demoness. I think you misunderstood a bit...nothing wrong with clit hood piercings, as far as nerve damage goes...I have one myself! I thought you actually meant your actual clitoris. I repeat, yowch!

As for a hood piercing, it was literally the least painful piercing I've ever gotten. My navel hurt more, my nose hurt more, hell, even stretching my lobes back out hurt more...
Wow, thats quite impressive lucizoe. I have heard they heal quicker because of increased blood flow but I'd always imagined it to be one of the most painful.

I agree, but still I am not willing to risk anything with my clit, my labia on the other hand, I am totalling willing to pierce. I'll get my other nipple done first. I can't pierce anything on my face, as I work in a professional office atmosphere, and if I pierced anything, I would just have to take it out, and that would be a waste of money.
Heee, the way my lovely piercer explained it to me was that you are essentially piercing a piece of skin the width of your I could get it pierced at 12.5g, while most dudes have to get it at 8 or larger. So yeah. Yay for girl parts!
i wanna get the lip of my vag done does it hurt?
is there a special name and do normal tatt and piercing places do it i have my tonge nose nipples done and they didnt hurt well the nose one did lol
email a response to
only people that have that area please!
I have to agree with lucizoe on the hood piercing, it was literally the least painful piercing I've had done (I had a vertical hood piercing) it's such a thin piece of skin, and where they do it, there really are not many nerve endings. seriously. As long as you go to a good, reputable piercer, there is very very little chance of it doing any kind of damage to your clit or the sensitivity. The piercing doesn't touch the clit at all. Only the jewelry does.

I am thinking about putting my barbell back in (I took it out recently, see below) I'm not getting any anymore (fucking hellacious story that is) and I did like the barbell as a solo implement, so I'm thinking that it might need to go back in...
Oh ladies I good my hood pierced and it did not hurt. It feels great and I am so darned excited. A gift to myself for the break up.
zoya, if you're putting it back in yourself, put a warm compress on the area for a little bit to soften the skin

...says the girl who had to have the piercer stretch hers after a two year hiatus...

culture, yay! best.piercing.evah!
thanks lucizoe -

I think that I am too much of a wimp to do it myself....I actually started to try and wussed out. I will prolly go to a shop and have it re-installed!

yay culturehandy!!
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