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Yeah! Go culturehandy! Woop!

I've become friends with this brilliant lady, who happens to be a piercing apprentice. After this festival shes going to do some piercings on the cheap for me. Currently I'm thinking conch and nostril. I don't know her well enough yet to be messing with my ladybits!
Hey I've read some of the current posts and I was thinking of getting my nipple(s) pierced. I had a few questions though. Is it painful? I've heard it depends on the size of your breasts/nipples? (my breast are pretty big) Also is healing a long process and can it affect breast feeding in the future? I'm a young woman now but I do plan to have children in the future. and the last is a personal opinion. . I'm not sure If I want to get both or just one done and I was wondering what were you guys opinions?!?! Thanks!
az, i've been thinking about it too. as i am beginning a job that wouldn't take kindly to my nose being pierced, i've decided to get some hidden ones ;)

i had a girl friend who got hers done, said it hurt like hell, couldn't wear a bra for a few weeks, but no major sequelae.

had a guy friend who got it done, got infected, had to take it out, lost sensation a little.

sounds like a crapshoot, but i'm interested in the finer points of the pierce too.
I haven't posted in here before but I have 21 piercings so I think I'm well educated enough to do so...:-).

azngirl: I thought my nipples weren't that bad but it depends on how sensitive your nipples are to begin with. Mine weren't sensitve before but WOW are they sensitvie now that I have them pierced. I don't think breast size or even nipple size affects the pain that much. Healing can be long for nipples...I've had mine for 3 years and they still get angry sometimes but overall, they're healed. For breast feeding, you just take the piercing out while feeding. Also, I like the look of both because of symmetry.
To add to the hood piercing discussion...I thought mine hurt like hell!!
I actually wore a bra after I got my nipple done, and it helped much much more than not wearing one. I agree, my nipple hurt, about half way through. But I survived, and would do it again in a heart beat.
I have had my belly pierced for a few years now, but never really had a guy pay attention to it. My new boy is all over it, and I discovered how sensitive my piercing makes me. It's AMAZING....and weird that it's my navel, but WOW! Just wanted to pop that in for anyone considering this piercing.
crazy: Yea I know what you mean I actually had to leave my last job of 4 yrs cuz I got my nose pierced but it was one of the best things I've done and don't regret it!

Sassy: Thanks thats good to hear that I can still be ok with children. But it actually hurt that bad?!? is it worth it to go through with it then? by the way I think I've decided to go with one nipple. . I'm not a stickler for symmetry so it wouldn't bother me and for some reason something it telling me to keep at least one nipple as is just in case I don't like it as much as I thought. . . Might be strange but all well thats just me!
azngirl: My nipples weren't bad...I was talking about my hood piercing being the one that hurt like hell.
I have my nose pierced with a diamond stud and most people don't even notice.

I work as a teacher in the public schools, and I've never had an administrator comment, although I was worried when I first started.

On the other kids REALLY notice. I first worked in a really affluent town and one little girl gave me a hug and said: "Miss W...I just love your nose jewel". When I started in an urban city, on my very first day, this diva walked up to me and said "Yo, Miss W...your nose rings HOTT". I couldn't stop laughing.
yeah, the stud is so prevalent nowadays, that you really don't notice. i've been rocking the ring though. that's not socially acceptible yet, and i love it. the last vestiges of youth before i have to take it out and be a "grown up".

even if i had a stud, i doubt highly that my institution would be ok with that.

i have a clear stud, but i think it looks stupid and more noticable. anyone heard of flesh colored or other sort of nose "placeholders"?
I played with my hood piercing. Oh My goodness. Best piercing ever! I am in heaven, and I can't wait to play with someone else now. The ex has no idea what he is missing!
crazy: i think you can get a retainer for the nose. It's just a flesh colored stud, so it's not noticeable. I know they make them for tongues and eyebrows and i'm almost positive they had ones for noses too.
Can I ask what will probably seem like a dumb question? Why do people like getting pierced? How can someone say that getting a certain piercing in a certain area is so amazing. I just don't get it. I don't have my ears pierced. I don't see what the appeal of it is. So, why?
I can't speak for anyone else, but I like to get pierced cause it hurts but kinda in a good way and then you have this awesome piercing afterwards, that's one reason. Plus, some areas are obviously more sensitive than others (like nipples, and penis/vagina piercings), which I've heard can be pretty amazing. But mostly, for me anyway, they get to be really addictive and once you get one (even as little as your ears), you just want to continue...
Yuck. Festivals + almost but not entirely healed piercings = green gunk to the max. Salt baths for me for a while...

I'm totally with you on the nose ring, lady of the cats. When you get your nostril pierced, how long is it before you can change from a stud to a ring?

maddy, I don't really like "traditional" jewellry such as rings and bracelets and I think of piercings as another way to adorn yourself and express who you are (same as colouring your hair, always wearing stilettos, plucking your eyebrows etc). When you think of any type of body modification or adornment its hard to think of a good reason why, so for me it mainly boils down to aesthetics. I also find it a way to reclaim my body, not to mention the fact that I am a fiend for (certain kinds of) pain!

And I second the addictive comment!
I know some people find the pain of getting pierced almost a religious experience. For me, I hate the pain. I guess I like the adrenaline rush I get, but I'd prefer zero pain.

In terms of why I would want my piercing, I just love it. I love the way it looks and feels. I don't have my ears either, just a single vertical labret and I think it's beautiful. I get a lot of compliments on it. It's purely aesthetic.

And I find piercings to be a huge turn on.
miss jane, You can get your nose pierced w/ a hoop instead of a stud and it will heal faster anyway. But if you already have the stud just wait at least two weeks, to switch so you don't tear the piercing.

Maddy, for me piercing is an expression of who I am. My nostril piercing is a very tradional way of expressing feminity for many cultures. And my ear lobes are pierced at 10 gauge, which I am planning to stetch to at least 2gauge. In many cultures stretched earlobes are a status symbol. The bigger your lobes the more important you are. To me american culture can be a tad boring. I think breast implants and hair bleach are sad traditions. So I seek out and experiment with other forms of body modification. :-)
I agree, it is just a way of expressing your self. I habve my ears pierced, my left nipple, and clit hood, parts that add to my sexuality, and heighten my sexual experiences. Plus, it is aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy it tremendously sexually and otherwise. I agree with the addictive factor, its the same thing with ink. Everyone has their own reasons. Its fun too.
Thanks:-) I guess it's just something I don't get, and probably never will! But thanks for sharing with me. It's interesting about the addictive factor-that explains a lot:-)

cstars- do you know where i can find a retained? any good sites online? should i go to a piercer?
You can go to a piercer and get a retainer and I know that if you google "piercing retainers", it should pull up some info on places to get them in your area. Personally, I don't really trust any type of body jewelers online, so I would go to a piercer and just let him/her know the situation, and if they don't have the retainers, I'm sure they'll have some suggestions for you. You're definitely not the first person who needs to hide a piercing. Hope that helps!
I'm considering clit and nipple piercings, but my boyfriend hates body piercings- do you think he can be convinced or should I just go for it and accept the consequences? Are they worth it?
melissa, those are really questions that you need to answer on your own, as we don't know your boyfriend at all. Piercings are so intensely personal...that said, it is YOUR body, not your boyfriend's, and he doesn't get a say unless you want him to have one.

(Although, personally, any guy that would get worked up or angry over something like a piercing or a tattoo on a body that isn't his wouldn't last very long with me)
melissa, my exe boyfriend was very much like that (and emotionally abusive to me in other ways). When we broke up one of the first things I did was run out and get a piercing. I am still beating myself up over letting him control me like that (and in other ways).

I'm not trying to suggest that your boyfriend is emotionally abusive and/or controlling, I'm making the point that if you do let someone other than you have a say over your body it can become a source of resentment. If he loves you, then he will love you with or without body piercings. If it was the other way round and you didn't want them but he was insisting you got them, would you do it?
yeah, i'd say it depends on your boyfriend and the situation, and also it depends on how much you want the piercings. What does he hate about them? I know that personally, if my boyfriend decided to get nipple and tongue piercings i'd be really unhappy. and it's not cause i'm controlling, but i really don't like piercings, and find them gross, and also i think they'd get in the way, for me at least. but i guess if he had this intense desire for them and i knew for some reason it was really important to him, i dunno....

i feel the same way about facial hair-if he ever decided to grow a cheesy moustache i'd be really sad and grossed out. shallow, sure, but people like what they like..
Why do you find them gross maddy?
i'm pretty squeamish, overall. i went with my friends one time when they were each getting an extra hole put in their ears, and i had to run out of the store because i thought i'd puke.

i just don't understand why it's beautiful- i consider it self injury.

my friend had one in her nose, when she had a cold it was so grody, boogers were coming out of the hole and it was just gross.

i've seen earring rip through earlobes, cause infections, droopy earlobes-like super stretched out after years of wearing heavy earrings. i just don't get it. i mean, obviously people can do whatever they want! but personally i find the whole thing icky.

i feel somewhat the same about tattoos, and high heels. they just hurt and cause problems...
i just realized that post sounded like whenever i see someone with a piercing i'm like "ew gross." it's not like that at all. i mean pretty much everyone i know except me has a hole somewhere! i'm just unusual i guess :-)
It's wierd b/c I have a few piercings and a several tattoos but I get wierded out when people talk about liking the pain or being addicted to it.

I hate the pain, though I have a high threshold for pain. I just like the end result.
I like the pain

(posted solely to weird out ginger - mwah!)
*shivers* sicko!

I have a question to ask the people around here. I have very little experience with piercings (well, my ears are pierced but I don't really wear earrings).
One of my friends will soon start a job (with me) where NO jewelry is allowed. He has streched his ear lobes - the hole is maybe 8-10 mm across. Now I haven't worn earrings in years and the holes haven't closed, yet he maintains that if he takes out the stretching thingies his ears will close up - and he says it will takes a maximum time of a few months. What do you all think? Is this true?

Re: getting piercings or tattoos when your SO hates them.
I personally don't like tattoos. At all. My ex got one while I was with him. I would not lie and say I liked it, but I still loved him. End of story.

If your bf cannot get over himself and allow you to be yourself, losing him is no loss. The ultimate reward is when YOU look into the mirror and YOU like it.
I think the only wrong piercing/tattoo is one that someone has done not for pleasing themselves, but for pleasing others.
Thankyou smurfin. Did you find that you were less attracted to your SO because of the tattoo? (Irregardless of still loving him).

RE: healing up time of piercings, it depends on the person. I myself have to wear earrings nearly all the time or it's difficult to get one in after even a week or two. I have never stretched my piercings so I can't be more specific.
Melissa: I don't think I was less attracted to him. But then again, I was... I suppose dissapointed in him. I didn't feel he did it for a good reason.

But no, *I* personally wasn't less attracted to him. These things are highly personal though.
smurfin, my ears aren't stretched, but they NEVER grow over. i'm talking about years of having no earrings in and they're still there. but then, i also have a friend who has to wear earrings all the time or her holes grow over. so maybe your friend has had problems with ears growing over before. that said, there aren't rules that say as soon as your shift ends you can't put your jewellery back in, are there? 'cause i don't think a day would really make a big impact on stretched lobes
Oh, I know. But having stretched lobes is not going to go over well, so he *wants* them to close. We will be trainees in a hospital, and the doctors do *not* like anything that proves you are a person in your own right. Especially if it 's something they don't associate with 'future doctors'. One of my best friends had a VERY steep hill to climb when she showed up for tutorials with a nose ring. The doctor leading the tutorial dismissed her immediately.
I know a few people who have had stretched lobes, and while they won't close over, they did shrink back to a bigger-then-average-but-not-super-noticable size in a remarkable amount of time. But, as someone else said, it does depend on the person. I guess all he can do is remove them and hope for the best.
They will shrink considerably but I know a lot of people consider around 8mm the max. size where they will go back to normal on taking out the jewellry. I can't vouch for that though.

Is he planning on downsizing gradually? Because big fleshy loops of ear will probably look a lot worse than ears with big jewellry in.

Also that would piss me off soooo much (about the nose ring). Do they have the same problem with pierced earlobes?
i wonder if the instructor would have dismissed your friend if she were indian AND had a nose piercing. (i'm assuming she's not?). just a thought. how backwards.
He's planning on taking them out over the holidays. It will look scary, but he'll be lounging on a beach somewhere anyway.

Catlady: yes, I think this particular instructor would have dismissed anyone with any type of piercings that trancends the 'average'.
To be honest though, when he had to let her sit in with him (meeting patients and such) he agreed on doing an experiment. She was allowed to keep in the nose ring and afterwards they asked all the patients whether they minded. Only one or two out of twelve said they did. But most said they wouldn't appreciate a nose ring on a qualified doctor, rather than a student doctor.

So yeah, mixed results, methinks.
Psssh, I think I'd like a doctor with an obvious mod. At least it shows they have some kind of life.

What if one of the students had a visible tattoo? Its not like they can just take that off.
i've seen radiology technicians with facial piercings; apparently it's not faux pas for other hospital staff?

a friend of mine at a certain medical school was required to dress up every day for *class*. For 8 hours of sitting--not seeing patients, not seeing anyone other than the lecturer or other students--and the dress code was ri-goddamn-diculous. (hosiery, close-toed shoes, etc...) i should probably take this to another thread, yah? :-)
HA! That's so funny, catlady: he's a former radiology technician!

I don't know what they'd do with people with visible tattoos. There not allowed to pick 'nd choose their own people for medical school here (you get in based on grades and a tombola(literally - they just put names in a hat and you get in that way)) so they certainly couldn't keep anyone out. I think getting into training for a specialism (I think they're called residencies in the US) would be very hard though.
Seems like it wouldn't be a problem, most tattoos are easily covered with a long sleeve shirt.
so i've yet to find a retainer for my nose piercing, and i must take her out tomorrow.

my question is, how long can i go without putting a ring back in? i've had the piercing for 2 months....i don't want it to close.... :-(
It's hard to say when it'll close. I know some people who's never closed and others who's closed within a few hours.

Do you have a place like Claire's near you? Some place aimed at teen girls that sells lower grade jewelry? I got a retainer there when i was in desperate need. Spent way too much but it was worth it in the end.
yeah, i'd say claire's or hot topic would be your best bet for finding one fast.

my nose starts to close very quickly. sometimes i even find it difficult to just change the jewelry in it, and mine's been pierced for about 5 years. i've had trouble with piercings healing and such, though, so maybe i'm not the best person to judge by. however, i don't think that two months would be considered *completely* healed, though, so i wouldn't leave it out too long, like more than a day.
i bought studs once from a claires-like store, and the posts were too thin/too small, and they actually fell out.

my basic plan was to take it out during the day and put in my "clear" one at night until i get a flesh colored one. but like you, altar, it's hard just taking it out/putting a new one in.

damn conformist job!
They should say the guage on them. The ones I bought did. They didn't have the right length for me but since I was just using mine for soccer that wasn't a huge issue, and I even just filed one down.
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