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*whispers in freckami's ear* do it today!

i like the little nose studs more than the ring, but that's me.
one of the pix on the link you gave has some dimples pierced. page 4 dead center. i doubt i'll get any more piercings, tho. i think i'm more about tats. waiting for these things to heal is driving me nuts, and it will be 2-5 more mos before i can just enjoy them. hmph.
Yes, do it now! peer pressure! smile.gif

They pierced it with a piercing needle, and the guy had a little metal bar or something that he stuck inside my nostril to catch the needle so it wouldn't go through the septum of my nose. Then he took the needle out and put the screw in. They bend it to be pretty wide after piercing in case your nose swells, and I never went back to get it bent shorter, so it bumps around sometimes and also tends to catch boogers on it when I blow my nose (does that happen to the rest of you guys?). My nose screw is all one piece and it just twists in and out of my nose fairly easily.
if I do it it'll probably be this coming week but have to get a dr's appt set 1st and that comes before anything else.
am now thinking against getting the tat touched up yet & just getting the piercing for now.. did I mention I'm a wuss? rolleyes.gif

gt: I wish that as much as this is something I know I need to do Alone, I wish you could be the one to go with me otherwise.
I trust you, and Tree, implicity & feel neither of you would steer me wrong in this regard. (or ever really <3's to you both)

thank you ALL so Much for your information & fyi's -

I'm a jangle of nerves thinking about it now!!
you don't even know how flattered i am freck. thank you. goddamn it, you make me melt, woman. hmph. i wish i could be there for you (that would be so fun!)

you know what? the secret is, it never feels as bad as you think it will be with piercing. unlike tattoos, which take hours, after the prep, the pain of most piercing is over in less than 5 seconds. count to 5. it's soooo fast, and the thing that is weird is mostly the odd sensation of someone fiddling around in your nose or wherever. i thought having my cheeks was gonna be seriously painful, but the piercer said it was about the same as biting your tongue hard. truth be told, he was right. i say this even though my skin is strangely tough and he had to take a second run at my left side. it goes so quickly, freck. and if you can stand having your foot done, piercing will be surprizingly quick, and less painful than you think.

you can do it freckami. and as always, i'm rootin' for you! wub.gif
GT's right, freckle. The pain of a piercing is over So. Fast. And if you ever decide you don't like it anymore, you can just remove the jewelry and it will grow shut and be almost unnoticable. Like I said, I really like mine and have had it for about two years now. smile.gif
Freck did you get it done??

I went off and got my tragus peirced yesterday, it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would, I got a multi coloured titanium hoop, I just don't like the way the barbell looks, the point is to show it off and the hoop is right there. first time get cartilage peirced, and it went so well. I LOVE it!!!! Squeeee. after it was done, i was thinking what else I can get pierced. Oh cats, I am addicted.
So, I wanted to share my most recent peircings. I've done three in the past week, just in my ears though.

So, there is this one, which is an orbital and my conch. the conch was a little unpleasant.

And this one is my tragus.

So, I'm done for a bit, but next up is my other nipple.
wow... you have been busy, culture!

i got my piercings (monroe/labrets) in my dimples resized yesterday. the stem is about half of the ones they used for piercing. thank maude-- the old ones were so long they were scraping my tooth enamel (at least it felt like that) and pushing up my gums. ooch! it also looked like i had tiny antennas sticking out of my cheeks. now they are flush, and indent a little in my cheeks, which is nice. eventually i want smaller balls at the end, clear or colored ones. possibly cones, but smaller. i still have a bit of discharge from them. the piercer said i have about a month or two more before they are fully healed.

i think next it's some tattoo sleeves, or my back but it's gonna be a while.
I've been thinking about piercings lately. I want more. I just really don't know what I want. I'd always wanted a nipple piercing and tried it twice but it rejected both times. The first time it just quietly (but very suddenly) grew out, but the second time it was a disgusting mess for months and months and I was so stubborn about it until I finally got sick of having a gross oozing nipple that I had to treat every night and never got to enjoy. So I've given up on that. I've actually been thinking about a septum. But, I dunno, I guess I've just seen so many piercings now I wanna do something kind of different. Surface piercings are pretty much out, unfortunately, because my body just refuses to accept them and after a few horrible experiences I'd rather save myself the time and money and crustiness.

Right now I have a barbell in my left eyebrow (a long and painful battle that I would never have started if I'd known what a bitch they are to heal, and how ugly an infected piercing looks on your face, for godssake), a ring in my right nostril, a tongue stud, and 4ga tapers in my lobes, which I'm planning on stretching more when I find some more tapers.

I dunno. Maybe my days of new piercings are over. I just feel like changing my look and a piercing is a great way to do that. Ideas, anyone?
There's lots you can do with your ears!

Or you could do genital piercings...those are always fun.

I asked about getting an orbital in my labia, I thought I'd stop at what I've got with genital piercings, nope, evidently not.

GT, PICS!!!!
i know what you mean, epi.
i got irritated with my nipple piercings never healing and always being a mess. so i took 'em out. i loved them, but they tried my patience. i'm glad that my cheeks are healing pretty quickly otherwise, they'd be out too. it's too bad-- piercings are so quick they are kind of addicting, but waiting for them to heal-- well i just hate it. i think that's why i think i'm aiming for tattoos...
Yeah, me too. They're just so much more expensive! I've got a bunch of ideas for tattoos I wanna get when I've got the money. I just got a job (finally!), so maybe I'll get one with my first paycheck. Guess I'll take this on over to the tattoo thread...
I've been thinking more and more about doing my ears again. Just regular ear lobe earings for now. I think I'll leave it up to whether or not I'll play soccer. If I play, I'll wait and maybe consider them next summer...but if I don't...maybe a birthday present...

No guns this time though. I've had nothing but grief from getting my ears done with guns.
So, I got my other nipple pierced yesterday. It was over in a flash. Now for the saltwater soaks to start...yay. dry.gif But the newfound symmetry is hot! smile.gif
YAY Tree!!! I'm doing my other one next month!!!
congrats tree!
Well, I wandered into the place where I get my piercing done to check out my tragus, and I walked out with yet another hole in my body. I got my rook done, which is in my ear.

next up, I'll have to get my other nipple done.

This is getting to be way too addicting. heh.
so, here's the newest. So, in this ear, there is a regular lobe, the orbital (the one which looks like an orbit), the conch (right in the ear) and the rook, which is right at the top of my ear.
linky to pic.
I wandered into the place where I get my piercing done to check out my tragus, and I walked out with yet another hole in my body.

culture you kill me.

it looks pretty tho. i like it. it's like a crescent of silver. very cool. god you make me want to get my ears pierced too.
so last week I got my snug pierced. It's in the ear. I'll take pics.

I think I'm just about done getting things pierced, too.

GT, get some ear work done!! I am the voice of the piercing faerie!!! Doooooooooooo it.
frecklette & I are Both going to get our noses pierced TODAY!!!!!!

I am so skitishly excited that I am full of nerves (which isn't necc good for one w/ anxiety issues like myself but I'll dope up extra in a sec).

I can't believe we're doing this!!!!!!!! rolleyes.gif
OoOoOO, freckle, that sounds like fun. Not sure how comforting it will be, but I didn't find the nose very painful at all, I think because you never have to really touch or move your nose. The actual piercing wasn't that bad and it healed really fast. Compared to my vertical labret, it was nothing. One thing I would say to watch for, little strings on towels getting caught on the stud after you wash your face (if you're getting a stud).
YAY Freck!! you fuckin' rawk!!
ch: coming from you- that honestly means a Lot. I think you are ultra cool too. smile.gif

thanks ketto too! but it Did hurt, much more than I expected, but it was mercifully brief. now, 3 hours later it just ever so slightly stings. probly doesn't help that of all days, I have the sniffs from allergies so my nose is extra itchy.

thanks for the tip about threads & stuff, will post pix at crackbook as soon as I can get them loaded as I took pix the entire time frecklette was being done. cool.gif

zawww thanks Freck. wub.gif
Woo! Awesome. Sucks that it hurt, but at it's brief. The only piercing I can compare to is my lip one, and that was horribly painful, so I guess anything seems better than that. tongue.gif Can't wait to see pics!
My nose piercing barely hurt to get done, but man did I have a headache later!

Awesome Freckle, hoope you love yours as much as I love mine! And also, make sure to keep it super clean if you get a cold in the next half year, or you might end up with a tiny infection.
no headache for me but frecklette's head has hurt off/on sinse then.
it's mostly the slight stinginess that won't quite go away. and the fact that twice I've forgotten it was there & scratched my nose & scared myself half to death! dry.gif

I cleaned it just now for the first time.. dripped contact saline solution onto it w/ a washrag underneath w/ my head tilted for about 5 minutes.
it got most of the crusty dried blood washed away & feels cool & better now, minus a little itch as it dries that I am trying desperately to ignore right now as I sit here & type this.
- do you think that's ok?

I just took umpteen million shots of myself w/ the mr's camera & damnit but I am just not photogenic!
there is 1 or 2 that are slightly less than hideous (my nose looks long & beaklike which it is not) so will try to get them linked soon.

and now bc I am curious.. what did your piercings run $$ wise?
ours were $40** each but it included the stud, then I tipped him $10** too.
- did I cheap out? I'd be terribly embarrassed if I did but the guy only worked a total of maybe 3 minutes tops on each of us!
holy crap, I paid like $70 including the stud, and don't have a clue what I tipped but I hope it was reasonable. My piercing took probably half an hour, though. At the place I was at, the guys seems pretty relaxed about tips, I think a lot of kids that get piercings and tattoos can't afford a whole ton for tipping on top of the piercing.

Don't worry the pain and itching goes away a lot faster than you'd expect. Itching isn't bad, it just means you're in the initial healing process. For cleaning, I think they just told me to soak a washcloth in saline and hold it to my nose for 5 minutes, and once it was less senstive to also run lots of hot water over it in the shower. And they told me to avoid paper products and cotton swabs, because the fibres can get into the piercing and irritate it. And hopefully they warned you - they are not lying about avoiding swimming pools and lakes for at least a month afterwards. I speak from experience, it involved a nipple piercing and much pus and blood, even though I tried my best to keep it covered with a waterproof bandage. I felt quite dumb going to my doctor with that problem!
Yes, as someone who has a number of piercings, itching is good.

And I actively use q-tips to clean the crusties, so long as the q-tip was wet and the piercing was freshly soaked. Don't ver, ever EVER pick at dry crusties (no matter how satisfying it may be).

Eeeeck, Angie I was so paranoid about my nipple getting infected....a friend of mine has his cock pierced and his got infected. He was telling me his dick actualy hurt. eeeeck!!
they didn't say anything to us about swimming or not, but he did give me a sheet w/ "suggestions" (actually titled that) on how to care for them. fortunately neither of us is big swimmers but more ocean splashers & don't have any immed plans to make the drive. but for how Long are we to avoid the water?

frecklette had a dr's appt today so I had the dr check it out (just hers) & he said it looks good.

the saline drip seems to be a good cleaning system & the dr said that was probably as good as it was going to get.

thank you all for your info & encouragment - you all rock ! biggrin.gif

ps: I cannot imagine a man's dick becoming infected like that- but then again- you decide to go there & expose yourself to the piercer & you sort of have to be open to whatever longterm care/maintenence comes with it I suppose. is your friend ok?
Can I just say something gross.. my nipple piercing gets infected about 4 times a year. sexy. Every time I get a cold, go camping, or get too overworked out right before my period, it incubates a tiny infection, all it does is ooze a bit for a few days. I think maybe I should be taking this as a sign that my immune system is not running so hot right now. Even worse, the only thing that makes it better is hydrogen peroxide or my benzoyl peroxide zit creme. ....Oh yeah, never ever take my advice on how to care for a piercing. Do not do what I do.

Keep using the saline and don't be lazy like me, and I am sure you will be fine smile.gif And I think for noses you are supposed to avoid swimming for about 6 weeks, that what they told me.
Hey Freck, did you post piccies on FB yet? I've been waiting to see. The lady who did my eyebrow piercing said to wash with dial antibacterial hand soap (um, no thanks) and use antibiotic ointment on it. But everyone else I talked to, including people with multiple piercings and someone who used to do piercings, said keeping it clean with salt water is a much better option. I used the Neosporin the first day because I was at a hotel in LA and all I could find in the gift shop there was the Neosporin. But since I've been washing my face with Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap and using this saline solution (and lookie, it's a coupon) I picked up at Target. I just squeeze some on to a q-tip to clean it and so far it's been doing wonders for keeping the crusties/oozies at bay. In fact I've hardly seen a thing, my eyebrow has been pretty clean. But hotdamn if it doesn't itch like a mofo! blink.gif
no I still haven't uploaded the pix yet yuef, bc the mr has a pia digi camera & tho I've left it sitting on paper that says " PLEASE UPLOAD ME" w/ arrows drawn all around it seems to not be noticed.
tonight I guess I will just have to nag.

we were told specifically not to use neosporin or alchohol. - wonder why?
the contact saline (generic at that) drip is working wonderfully & already there's only a tiny bit of redness that isn't even noticable unless you are up close. but the itchy. ugh !
countless times I've totally forgotten the stud was there & rubbed at it & felt it move and scared myself.
weirdly enough though I find myself being super careful w/ the rest of my face right now too- like my eyebrows & dimples & lips. either those are spots I'm thinking about for next (1 piercing is enough- more tatt's yes- piercing NO) or you Busties have totally invaded my brain!
The reason not to use alcohol is because it dries out the piercing so it doesn't heal properly, I suspect the same goes for neosporin.

The piercing shop I went to told me to use saltwater at home but also gave me a container of the dial antibacterial soap to wash with a q-tip and warm water. I think it's pretty common. I had an infection on my vertical labret about a year after it was pierced that i could not get rid of. I used the dial soap every night and it was gone in 3 days.

Freckle, I've forgotten my stud is there too. Last summer I was jumping into a lake and I plugged my nose too high and ended up giving myself a nosebleed. It didn't really hurt but I guess I poked something.
posting pix at FB momentarily.. smile.gif
Yeah, I didn't think the Neosporin thing sounded right which is why I asked around. I only used it the first day because it was all I could get my hands on at the hotel. I have really sensitive skin which is why I didn't want to the use the Dial anti-bacterial hand soap on my face. The Cetaphil anti-bac soap is made for facial skin and sensitive skin at that. That and the salt water thing seem to really work for me. The people who's opinion I trust the most (including my honey who has had both eyebrows, both nipples, and several holes in his ears done) all said that the salt water helps not only as an antiseptic but seems to aid in the the healing process as well. Yesterday and today it has been itching like mad, but at least that means it's healing up. I was a bit worried that I would be infection prone especially since my eyebrow bled worse than the lady had ever seen and also 'cause the second holes in my ears never seemed to properly heal. But like I said before, almost no oozing or crust at all, not since the first day. Hmmm, I think I should start putting saline on my ears and maybe I'll be able to actually wear earrings in them without them flaring up after an hour.

One of the people I talked to told me that infections in facial piercings are commonly caused by people touching their face without realizing it and also people not thinking to change their pillow cases more often. I'm crazy about bed linens anyway with having to fight acne my whole life, but I did catch myself wanting to touch my face a lot the first two days.I've only bumped it once on the first day and freaked myself out but good. The hardest part for me has been not turning over on to my tummy and smooshing my face in to my pillow like I tend to do when sleeping. I've had to get used to sleeping on my left side.

pictures posted at FB now under an album fittingly titled : 'My Nose! '
also my new profile shot, but you can't really tell from that bc it's so small.
you'll also see from the closer shots how fitting my name here is tongue.gif
QUOTE(angie_21 @ Aug 17 2009, 11:23 PM) *
My nose piercing barely hurt to get done, but man did I have a headache later!

Awesome Freckle, hoope you love yours as much as I love mine! And also, make sure to keep it super clean if you get a cold in the next half year, or you might end up with a tiny infection.

None of my piercing hurt. I love them! My navel piercing got infected about the month after it was done but 1-2 weeks later it was cool. I saw a dude on youtube with the industrial piercing and that's the one i want done next.
QUOTE(treehugger @ Jul 18 2009, 01:31 PM) *
So, I got my other nipple pierced yesterday. It was over in a flash. Now for the saltwater soaks to start...yay. dry.gif But the newfound symmetry is hot! smile.gif

I know what you mean, i got my nipple pierced on New Years as a resolution sort of thing. It didn't hurt at all. The hole closed now but i'm going to get it redone.
QUOTE(zora @ Apr 12 2008, 08:51 AM) *
I got pierthed today guys!!!

Here it ith:


Sorry the picture is so big but you know, it's more awesome that way, right?

You just gave me an idea. Putting the industrail in one ear and what you have in the other ear. Yours look great. I want one! much did it cost?
depends where you go. The place I go to get all my work done is less than $100.00, you're paying for the jewelry more so. Barbells are generally more expensive than hoops.

I've got a craving for someething else, I don't know what. I've got so many holes in my body. I was thinking of getting my left conch pierced and giving me a matchin set.

Freck, yup, said friends dick is fine now and the piercing is all healed.
I've had a few piercings over the years. I have/had:

-double earlobes (both) (stretched to 2g and then back to normal)
-cartilage in right ear
-snakebites (double lip piercings)
-left nostril (retired)
-navel (retired, due to improper cleaning techniques)

Guess that's it. So currently 7 holes. I've been missing my nose piercing but with the snakebites, I felt like it was too much/threw the symmetry off.

Sometimes, I feel like I want to take out the snakebites, but I know it's mostly because I feel pressured to conform to other people's idea of beauty so I try to fight that off.

If I were to get another piercing, which is getting more and more unlikely, I might try a septum or possibly a Christina piercing.
Well I went off and got my left conch pierced. Seriously, I have to stop this!!! The staff at the shop asks what I'm getting done whenver I come in. All smiles and such. heh.
I wanted to get my conch pierced but my piercing said that my conch had a weird shape so he wouldn't do it. Bummer.

He also refused to pierce my neck because he dislikes doing surface piercings.
too bad zoey. but i kind respect a piercer who won't do a piercing that will be trouble down the road.

got the nips done a few weeks ago. totally not as much pain as i was expecting - wish i'd gotten them done years ago smile.gif

totally empowering too! yeah, it hurt. but everybody says female nipple piercing is the most painful piercing. and it wasn't that bad. now i feel like free to put holes wherever i want b/c, apparently, i have a pretty decent pain threshold.

i haven't been able to work out for a while now though. i tend to be pretty high energy & can't wait to get back to that. think it should be fine in another week. i think i'm going to take a REALLY long walk to day & get rid of some energy.
Absolutely, mumble. I would rather my piercer be hesitant than just pierce away because I asked. He predicted that my navel piercing would reject and he was right. I trust him.

I would get my nipples done if I wasn't concerned about breastfeeding in the future. Eh. We'll see.
so, I think my nose stud has healed enough that I can change it out now.
but-- what's the best place to find new studs at? I have a simple post stud in right now that the piercer used, but really want something set in gold, either a tiny diamond or zirconia- so long as it's sparkly in an understated doesn't blind people when I turn my head kinda way.
also- is it going to be traumatic if I go from the stud style I have now to say- the screw kind?

mumble: how goes the nip's now that they've had some time to start healing?
Freck, go to a shop, that's the best thing to do when you're changing your jewelry at all.
hey freckle - i totally second culture handy. piercers know the ups & downs of various jewelry. if they don't quite have what you want, i'm sure they'd know where to order it from. plus, i'm sure it'd be nice as a piercer to see people who are happy with their piercing, healing coming along nicely smile.gif

nips are healing very nicely. total random lymphing from one nipple after 3 weeks. i woke up & it was all gooey & was terrified it was pus. but all was well. it just decided that it was going to spit scab material for a day. other than the pain of the initial piercing, that nipple has been totally pain free.

the other one is happily healing too. but has been "the painful one." nothing awful just little random twinges of pain not associated with anything. like the nipple's totally painless when i do an intense upper body work out or go running, but will hurt for a tiny instant when i'm sitting around doing nothing.

I am defiantly intrigued by the healing process & the fact that my body is restoring itself. even on the same body, there are differences in the healing process for each piercing.

and @ zoey. the whole breast-feeding thing isn't an issue b/c decided i don't want to have kids ever. that said i haven't researched the subject much, but the only think i've heard is that you have to take your jewelry( out to breast feed. (jewelry = small parts = choking hazard). women have many milk ducts in their nipples, so if a few don't work, there are still a bunch of other ones.
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