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It might be an infection. I had something that looked similar on my lip a couple of years ago. I had no idea what it was and it would not go away. I finally went to my piercer and he told me it was a small infection and gave me more of the solution they give you when you're first pierced. Once I used that it was gone within a couple of days and has never come back.
Definitely check it out with your piercer though because it could be any number of things.
It drained sometime during the night. When I woke up the white pouch thing was gone and I had a little bloody scab on the barbell that came off in the shower. Everything looks pretty normal now!
I got pierthed today guys!!!

Here it ith:


Sorry the picture is so big but you know, it's more awesome that way, right?
That looks pretty awesome!
so i'm taking out my nipple piercings. i really dislike them. i've had them over a year and i just think the cons outweigh the pros for me. i don't really care for the sensitivity. i don't care for the way they seem to snag on everything. mr. pugs can't be rough with my nipples like he used to. i really just don't like them like i thought i would. i've been considering this for quite some time and i just think this is what's best. any suggestions on removing them? i was going to soak them for a bit in salt water to remove the crusties. then just have mr. pug loosen the balls with a pair of pliers. hopefully, they will just slide right out. does that sound right? i also placed a call to my piercer to ask her. she should be calling me back shortly (she stepped out of the studio). i feel like i'm letting my fellow piercers down but i really don't care for them like i thought i would.

Pugs, you found you get be as rough? I found that I was able to kick rough play up a notch.

To each their own, sucks that you don't like them, though.

Taking them out, you should just be able to take them out, or the peircer always can.
CH - when Mr. Pug would pinch my nipples before it would hurt but this would feel more like tearing or snagging. It was just so uncomfortable for me. I like to sleep naked and when I did this with the piercings they would sort of drag on the bed or blanket and I just hated the sensation. I'm really big busted and I think they just didn't work with my figure. Seriously, I took them out on Saturday and I haven't looked back. I also took out my tongue piercing. I'm missing that a bit but now it's like not having it is so "new". I've had it for over eight years so I think maybe I'm just sort of over having piercings myself. I haven't told hardly anyone. When I told my best friend she wasn't really phased.

Gotta get to class,

I completely understand where you are coming from. I do have a love hate relationship with my peircings. Some days I love them, some days I want to take them out. Most of time I'm just impartial.
zora, that looks fuckin awesome!!!

pugs, i understand where you're coming from. you're the only one who can decide what's good for you.

mine has been irritated a lot today, which is annoying because it's been four months, it should be almost completely healed. but going braless seems to irritate it and i spent several hours today cleaning my house in a muumuu and nothing else. it sucks because i'm only a B and i like to be able to go without a bra when i don't have to--like around my own goddamn apartment. meh.

but i still love mine, even though i have yet to show it to anyone sad.gif

it;s kind of weird hearing my friends talk about their opinions on piercings without knowing about mine. one of my closest two friends and i went out for dinner on saturday and one of them was talking about her sister getting her nipples pierced and both of their reactions were along the lines of "oh my god, WHY, what is wrong with her, ew!" it made me feel self conscious for about half a second, until i remembered that i did it JUST for me, and that there are probably also a lot of things i enjoy in bed that these girls would have the same reaction to. different strokes for different folks, and nobody has to know about small and intimate differences.
Mouse, I think with some people, they will say things like that, but I think they are secretly jealous that someone goes through that kind of pain.

i certainly don't think it's jealousy. i think that some people are just not into it. which is completely fine and understandable. but i, apparently, am. so.
For sure some people aren't into it, but with that said, I think there are some people out there who really wish they could go through with something like that. To each there own.
That's part of the reason I wanted to do it. Got tired of thinking "I wish I could do something like that..." and wanted to prove it to myself that I could. Now I'm continuously reminded of what a tough bitch I can be. =o)
WHINE. my piercing has been irritated lately. pus-y and crusty. fucking gross. it's been about five months since i got it and i know they're supposed to be healed in about six or more, so i'm not TOTALLY freaked out, but it had been doing so well and now it's not. i'm worried that it's migrating or rejecting. i haven't noticed any movement but the hole around the top ball seems like it could be bigger. also, is this something that doctors would be willing to look at or do they generally look down on body piercings? the shop i got it at closed and i don't know of another equally well recommended place. any help? am i freaking out over nothing?
Mouse, I went through the same crud with mine, and it's been over two years. Some times some crusties get stuck in the hole. I'd go to the piercer and have them take a look. It might just be a matter of them taking out the jewelery cleaning it out, then putting everything back in. while the shop you went to closed, I'd ask around for recommendations for another good piercer. you could always do a one cup warm water to 1/4 teaspoon salt soak for 10 minutes for a few days and see how that helps.

I think the reason mine was acting up was because of the intensity of the workouts I'm doing and not extensive enough clean up after. Now I soak my boobah in the inch of bath I have after I workout, it appears to have helped, as my tit is no longer giving me any problems.

With that said, have you changed naything in your routine? Detergnet different, ummm, mouth around said piercing? Is there anything like that you can think of that may cause irritation?
ha, culture, if i was gettin' any the portions thread would know about it.

i think it may be a combo of not showering every day lately (usually i shower every day but for whatever reasons--mostly being a lazy ass and having a lack of time in the mornings--i've just been doing a birdbath, which usually involves cooze and pits but i didn't even think to include piercing. probably makes sense) and going braless around the house. i looked in the archives and noticed i complained about that earlier and then forgot about it. meh.

thanks for your advice, that makes me feel a lot better smile.gif
i got rid of my monroe piercing
the hole has healed from the inside but on the outside i have a scar and a little hole
im using mederma but it doesnt seem to work
does anyone know of anything i can do to get rid of the scar ?

i had my monroe piercing in for about 2 years and when i pierced my nose i took it out only to a month later put it back in because the scar(which resembled more of an indentation) was such an eyesore. that wasn't such a smart decision since now i have pierced through scar tissue so when i do decide to take it out a second time the scar will be much worse this time unsure.gif WHAT was i thinking????!!!! grrrrrrrr....... i still have my belly button scar from 2001!!!!! let me know how that mederma ends up working
maybe i should remove it and embrace the scar as a memory.............
I have sucessfully lessened scar tissue in my nipple from a removed piercing. It didn't make it or the scars go away but they do look better now. I used vitamin E direct from a capsule and massaged it in twice a day for a month or so.

I've been struggling a bit recently with my vertical hood piercing. Sometimes it's totally fine, and other times the top hole feels itchy and irritated. It feels almost like a mini yeast infection, but I don't have one. Anyone have thoughts? I was thinking about starting salt soaks again and then going to my piercer if it doesn't get better.

i got my left nipple pierced in 2001, i took it out in 2003 because it stayed crusty until then. i'm considering getting both of them done again. yay or nay? i'm itching for something new and unfortunately can't afford more ink sad.gif
those of you with nipple piercings, have you noticed any difference in the way it reacts in relation to what time of your cycle you're on? i'm going to have to pay closer attention to this in the future but mine seems to freak out right before my period. it's fine and seems completely healed the rest of the time, but the past two cycles, when i thought it was completely healed, it started scabbing up like a week before i was due to bleed. now i'm bleeding and it's slowly going back to normal. wtf?
mouse - when i had mine pierced they would be more sore and sensitive when i was on or getting ready to have my period.

i've found since taking mine out that they still retained their sensitivity and still get hard a lot quicker then they did before i got them pierced. i'm glad i took mine out and happy that i still have all the pros of having them pierced without the snagging that comes with actually having them pierced.

(i said pierced a lot in that sentence)
QUOTE(mouse @ Aug 4 2008, 02:45 AM) *
those of you with nipple piercings, have you noticed any difference in the way it reacts in relation to what time of your cycle you're on? i'm going to have to pay closer attention to this in the future but mine seems to freak out right before my period. it's fine and seems completely healed the rest of the time, but the past two cycles, when i thought it was completely healed, it started scabbing up like a week before i was due to bleed. now i'm bleeding and it's slowly going back to normal. wtf?

Mouse - I have had both of my nipples pierced for years now and can say that around the time of the month they do get more sensitive then usual. Seems like they are hard for a bit and then once I start the overly sensitive goes away. I couldn't even tell you why???? I just chalk it up to one of those damn things to deal with, being a girl and having piercings!
Hmmm, my titie peircing doesn't bother me during period time. I've usually got issues with my boobies, not the piercings.

Hmmph, I've still got a hankering to get something else peirced, not too sure what, though. There's not really anything else I want, I think I have enough.
Okay, all yous nipple pierced Busties (sorry, this question isn't going to apply to Busters)...

Have any of you ever worn a self-adhesive bra (strapless backless silicone stick-on cups)??? I'm a little fearful removing it might rip out the piercing, or at least irritate the crap out of it. They're pretty sticky. But I've got a lot of skimpy shirts and dresses that I can't wear until I find a suitable bra! I wonder if putting a bandage over the nipple first would work....

I don't want to remove the jewelry because I don't think I'd get it back in! Plus I'm afraid it'd close up...I'd be jewelry-less for 18 hours or better.

I've tried Googling but I'm coming up blank.
You could wear little pasties and then wear the adhesive bra. I wore pasties from Victoria's Secret for my wedding last year (the dress would not work with ANY bra) and they did fine with that.
AHA. i think i have figured it out. my piercing gets irritated right before my period because my boobehs are swelling. i always heard that they did that on other people but mine are so small to begin with i didn't notice. but now i'm noticing irritation (less than usual but i think only because i've been extra careful to not touch it and put a bit of gauze or tp in between the nip and my bra just to avoid any sort of unwanted bacteria), and i'm noticing that the barbell seems smaller. as this cannot be true, i can only deduce that my boobs are swollen a bit. as soon as i get around to it i'm going to go and get a longer bar and see if that does any good. it's funny because i had to get a longer bar once already, as a week or so after i got pierced my boob actually swallowed up one end of the barbell. i wonder if i have a larger difference between erect and non-erect nipplage than normal.
I have a lame, un-exotic question that maybe ya'll can help me with.

I only have my ears pierced. I had them done when I was a little kid and I'm only an occasional earring-wearer. Both eras are very sensitive, not matter what kind of metal I use- gold, stainless steel, whatever. They get itchy and uncomfortable, puffy and crusty the next day (hence only occasionally wearing earrings). It feels like the holes have never healed up; I don't mean closed (although when I do put earrings in, I usually have to shove them through), but never became permanently open, if that makes sense. Any advice? If I keep earrings in and ride out the discomfort long enough, will it get better? I've also thought about plastic earrings- I had some in the past and it's been a little better with them.
polly, i have sensitive ears too and rarely wear earrings, but i've found that surgical steel (eg, the kind of piercings you get from a piercing parlor instead of claire's or wherever) have never bothered me, and also with more dubious metals if i power through it and wear them for a few days at a time, they eventually get over their initial irritation.

hope that helps.

follow up on my last post--i did get a longer bar and it has been smooth sailing ever since. coming up on a year of having it, so i'm glad. he also pointed out that since it's vertical instead of horizontal gravity interferes with healing too.
Ditto on the surgical steel. I had the same issue and then I was in a big discount store, target or something, and saw earrings made specifically for infants. (yes, I know.) Anyway, not only are these very high grade surgical steel, they are very smooth, small round hoops.

I've been wearing them for TWELVE years now with no issues. I never could wear any others for more than a couple hours, whether gold, silver, or any other metal.

I even started getting other piercings and as long as I stick with the surg. steel they are all fine.
I agree with trying surgical steel too. I've had my ears pierced 3 times (with a gun - I was young!) and all three times I got horrible infections. I was pierced properly with surgical steal barbells in my nose and in my vertical labret and I've never had trouble with infections. I don't plan on piercing my ears but I've always known that if I got them done again I would go to a piercer and get surgical steel earings.
I'm going to have to get in on this surgical steel thing.

I have a few peircings, including my ears, but I rarely wear earings because anything cheap makes my ears itch and hurt and feel downright shitty. My other peircings, all with surgical steel haven't bothered me thus far.
Plus you figure if you are getting your ears pierced with a gun it's not the easiest way to pierce. The gun is basically shooting the skin open and then in goes a cheapo earring. The whole process is very traumatic and invasive to your skin.

Go to a piercer who uses a needle and the skin is opened up and not shattered and then they use a good quality metal. I've got a 0 gauge in my ears and never had a problem with them getting infected because I've always had surgical stainless steel in them.

I would totally recommend ss!
after having my ears pierced as a kid with a gun (because people like to torture kids, right?), i've had issues with one of my ears being sensitive/getting infected my entire life. perhaps obvious, but it took me along time to figure out - earrings with posts (as opposed too hooks) move around less and are in the same shape as the hole in my ear. i heal alot more quickly and painlessly with post type earrings.
here's one more for a thread hijacked by nipple piercing questions. i want to get mine done. but i have a couple of questions. i stopped in to ask a piercing place a couple of months ago. i realize that everyone's experience IS different. but i really felt like i didn't get much of an answer.

i like to lift weights. i like to run. i have a high pain tolerance. but i'm concerned about having to take a break from being active. further, i have a move coming up and will have to lift and move alot of heavy things. are new piercings going to make these things unbearable/impossible.

also, i worry about sweat making the wounds a moist & happy environment for bacteria. also... doesn't sweating release toxins?

anybody find they had to take some kind of a hiatus from working out? how long?

but then i think... i've seen a lot of professional dance/movement folks with navel piercings. if that's not a problem for them, this shouldn't be a problem for me.

who's got stories?! i'm listening!
I do I do! I had my nips pierced 3 years ago. I got great feedback at the place I went to, and honestly, if they didn't tell you to prepare to lower your activity levels for about a month when you asked, I would consider going to a different place. They warned me intensely against camping and swimming for at least 6 weeks, and to be careful with activity, hygeine products, and restrictive clothing for at least 3. Also, no touching/kissing/licking in the area for about a month. I followed all the rules and was mostly fine.

I got both done at the same time. I am not a wuss, at leats not a huge one, but I did find that for about a week, anything that made my boobs bounce hurt. They were sensitive for about 2 weeks, and activity wasn't really possible. One was rejected pretty quickly (semi-inverted nipple didn't take to it very well) and I went back to get it taken out. The other one was mostly healed after 3 weeks, then I went swimming and it got infected and stayed that way for another 2 weeks, but I was able to do intense fieldwork/activity anyways. After that it was fine, and I still have it despite a very active lifestyle in the summer.

I personally find that sweat *does* cause problems, but I work 10 hour days outdoors and probably get sunscreen and bugspray into it too. If you are doing one or 2 hour workouts and showering after, you should have no problem. It gets minor infections when I am out in the field, and also, mysteriously, when I have a cold.

I actually came to this thread to ask if anyone has advice on getting rid of a long-term piercing like this one (I love how it looks but find it just gets in the way during sex and fieldwork, and also don't want to cause scarring from all the infections. I already lost sensitivty in the other nipple just from having it pierced for 3 weeks.) I want to just do it myself but am scared of how it will heal and how to keep it clean in the meantime. Does anyone have any experiences with this?
thanks for the info angie! I actually have some field work coming up myself... maybe i should hold off till the season's over...

i've heard mostly positive things about the piercing place. i think my problem was that i ended up talking to the owner. on the one hand i feel like if i went back & talked to the piercers i'd get better info, but the owner really make a super positive impression (really ostentatious, really liked to hear himself talk). i keep thinking why should i give this business my money... but then i think that i've encountered alot of business owners like that. maybe something about being a bit of an ass is helpful in business... but that's really tangent.
ugh, I've been dealing with a lot of similar people recently too! I think it is something about being pig-headed that makes a person able to run a business.

Anyways, yeah, I would go back and see if you can meet the guy/girl who would actually do the piercings before getting them done, and see if you are comfortable with their level of expertise. The guys at the place I went to we very professional and actually kind of screened their customers to make sure they would be people who would properly care for a piercing. Good thing, because I had no idea how much care was involved, and almost got my belly done right before a camping trip! They refused to do it lol. The place I went to did free consultations, and if anyone was free you could just drop in to ask a questions.

Also, I'm sure someone mentioned this on this thread by now, get bars, not rings!
i want a eyebrow piercing, but i'm afraid to get one when i'm trying to get a new job, like i can't walk into a bank for an interview with a piercing........<sigh>
I dunno what's it like where you live, p_176, but here it seems like piercings are hardly a big deal at all. At my sports clinic one of the nurses has a labret piercing even. I work at a Women's Centre where I have a lot of one-on-one face to face contact with clients and I have a vertical labret (through my lip) and a nose stud (not that a women's centre is very representative of the average work place...).

When I first got my vertical labret I was working at a grocery store and just did it without asking my boss. He didn't even see it for a month. When he did he made a comment that I'd need to get rid of it but I wasn't sure if he was serious. He never mentioned it again and I never had to take it out. But I know some of my bank tellers have had a nose stud or something in the last few years.
i'm thinking of getting my dimples pierced... does anyone know what that is called, and how much it would cost w/ jewelry?
I'm thinking way super seriously about getting a tiny nose stud done, but can anyone tell me about pain involved- healing- wearing makeup w/ it etc etc please?

I've decided that now that my foot lotus tatoo Finally healed, it's not quite dark enough & I want to get it filled in some and as the place is really good & has a great reputation I'm thinking I'll go ahead & get my nose pierced while I'm there too.
cyute freckami!!!!! i so think you should!
Hi freckle - I have one. It's a "screw" stud (doesn't have a backing, just a long curled post). To me it honestly felt like nothing - I could feel it go through my nose, but there wasn't even a small pinch. On the other hand, I was there when my friend got the exact same piercing, from the exact same piercer, and she nearly went into convulsions. I imagine if you have any pain tolerance at all, you'll be fine, and it only hurts for a while. I got a bit of a headache for the rest of the day afterward.

It healed on the surface pretty quickly, but it supposedly takes about half a year to heal all the way thru beecause not much blood gets to your cartilage. I know for the first year it would get infected temporarily in humid climates and when I got sick, but since then it's been fine. I coat it with make-up, dirt, whatever, it's fine. I just use the same tea-tree oil face wash every day that I've always used, and that helps keep it clean. It's an extremely tough and durable spot to have a piercing, and very out-of the way in a daily routine. I only find that the post is too long and sometimes when it's really dry out, it irritates my nose and I get a nosebleed, but I'm too cheap and lazy to go in and get it re-shaped.

Anyways, to put is less long-winded-ly, I have one and I plan on keeping it, because I love it!
such excellent info Angie- Thank you!!!!
can you define " re-shaped" please?
are there different types of nose things you can get- like how different is a stud from a ring? (I've always thought Janet Jackson's tiny nose ring is beautiful.)
and also- when you initially got it pierced- did you get it done w/ the screw post?
I still imagine a piercing gun & that sounds really painful.

before bed I drew a small dot on the side of my nose w/ a pen to see & thought it looked pretty stoopid truthfully, but am not fully discouraged yet. I also then went all over my nose pinching the cartilidge as hard as I could to test the pain & it wasn't bad. I'm such a wuss!

GT: here is the link to the place I go to (so cool am I cool.gif ) for my tatoo's & where I'll get my piercing too:
if you click on the name Hizzie, you'll see lots of pictures of piercings and I honestly think a Marilyn Monroe would look Fan-Freakin- TASTIC on you with those fab killer eyebrows of yours & high cheekbones.
freckle, I have a nostril screw. In terms of practical issues like is interesting because it tends to cake up around it. You have to be conscious of getting it smooth in that area. I've also found that it's easy to get a little buildup of dead skin right around it, so right after I get out of the shower I take a cotton swab and rub around it which takes care of that issue. I really like mine...changed out from a regular white one, to sapphire blue to celebrate the inauguration. I have to go to my piercer to get it changed because I'm not coordinated enough to bend it around that curve.

As far as piercing pain goes, it was about like getting the cartilage in my ears pierced. My eyes watered, and it was sore for a couple days. After that, for a few months, it was only sore if I bumped it.

Re-shaping: the nostril screw starts out as a long straight pin, then it is bent into sort of a corkscrew shape and it twists into the piercing. It's custom bent to fit your nose. Likely, Angie's corkscrew shape is too "stretched out" so it sticks into her nose too far. Which can be irritating, as well as one that is too tight.

Hope this helps.
Freckle, I have a tiny surgical steal stud, it's almost 2 years old. If you got to a place that wants to pierce your nose with a gun, then RUN AWAY! You can shatter the cartilage in your nose using a gun, it's blunt force trauma.

You can get pierced with anything you want; stud, screw, ring. I've been told that rings are the least reliable and safe, but I'm not really clear why. I personally love the ring look, but I have a really tiny nose and thought it would be too much.

I found my nose was absolutely the easiest piercing I've ever had done. Because you don't really have to touch or move your nose the healing was virtually painless and as long as I kept it clean it healed without problems. The pain when I had it done was minimal too. It hurt going in, but a few minutes later it felt fine. I don't wear foundation or anything so make up has never been an issue.

The only problem I've had with my piercing, is that I needed to remove it to play soccer. You have to put it in through the INSIDE of your nose, and then screw the ball on top outside of your nose. Because of that it's been over a year since I removed mine. It's too much hassle to bother with.
heh, thanks freck, i didn't post it in here cos i couldn't find the thread and i was feeling lazy, but i got my dimples pierced about 3/4ths of a month ago. i've gotten a lot of complements, surprizingly, i like 'em so far, but i can't wait to get refitted for some smaller labrets. they give you really long stems until the swelling has disappeared. right now they stick out like little antennas. if i was gonna get one more piercing it would be what you are talking about-- the nose stud, but with my dimples, another marilyn would be a bit much. besides, i'm a symmetry freak. wink.gif

i still think you should do the nose thing. it will be so cute on you.
hmmm, all very good things to know!
I had wondered about the ball jewlery Ketto, and I see why it could be difficult to change.

I only have my ears pierced once, but had to get to get them re-done originally due to infection when I was younger. now I can wear anything, but poor frecklette has already gone thru it now too & refuses to even discuss re-visiting the issue so doesn't even wear clips. if she ever changes her mind, I'll take her to a /my tattoo place for them though, where I Know they are state inspected.
I have 2 tattoo's now (the foot was mega painful) but am skittish at the thought of more pain; my foot took 3+ weeks to completely heal & was painful for 1/2 of that time.

this is kinda what I'm thinking as far as ring-placement, but for a stud; I think I'd want to go slightly higher & in toward the nose a litte.

thanks for all the great information everyone, this give me a Lot more to think about.
the mr is due home the end of this coming week & I'm thinking I may try to do it before that.
he totally won't "approve" but it isn't about or for him anyway!
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