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I repeat, QUID PRO motherfuckin' QUO!
So, AP, your words stuck in my head last night. Here's the skinny.

He came home last night at like 1:30 due to weather, and I had been invited to a party (see Crush thread)... I threw that in his face.

I also didn't fuck him. We fell asleep last night, and I woke up this morning..and he wanted me to blow him. I basically told him tit for tat motherfucker. YOU need to go DOWN on me. He did!
The boy needs serious practice, but he admitted later that he had only gone down on one person. To quote an old line from Sex/City, "I only give head to get head..." Ha. I felt like I was going to break the bed, and Chris Issak in the background really helped.

Landlord is your typical grandmother. So, it's more of a moral issue. Yes, I'm looking for other places (this being one of many issues...), but I won't be able to get a new place until the fall. I mean, I didn't sign a lease. So, being I live in this woman's house, I'm having to go by her rules. There's a girl who rents the basement apartment, but has different rules b/c it's a complete seperate part of the house.

The boy wants to come up again in three weeks. But the rub is where will he sleep? Maybe we'll have to look into B&Bs....

We did make a bigger sex list.. so that's good. Lots of lube and condoms. He's even thinking of buying me a new sex toy. He's a freak in bed, which you would have never guessed it. He looks a little like Alton Brown...
you know I love me some geek love.

Ah! So fucking cool. I went by to see my Starbucks guy to get my free cup(I got a new commuter mug), and I got the mug for like $10. I walked in like I owned the world (this was after the intense oral, and it was Pride weekend, so the boobs were looking awesome and low cut...), and we flirted for a bit. Pride Parade was great, but now my phone is acting fucked up due to the rain we had.
It was great though. We both flirted a lot, and for some reason it turns me on hardcore to know that gay men find the boy attractive.

Seraphine, sounds like an awesome birthday party! You'll love Wicked. It just came to Atlanta, and I had the opportunity to usher it. I ushered it three times...

Sucks about the haircut. It will grow back!! Just stay away from mirrors. :-)

Happy Sunday everyone!

seraphine, i feel like that Every time i get my hair cut. but it only lasts a little while until i figure out how to deal with a new do. play around with it a little, pin parts up, two raver girl ponytails, a barrette in front. you'll find something that looks gorgeous and makes the growing out easier to deal with.

sassy gets nasty, awesome.
How do the rest of you handle giving out (or not giving out) your phone number when you meet someone for the first time? Is it safe? Is it safer to give out your cell phone number than your home number?
Pam, I always feel comfortable just giving out my cell phone number. It just depends on your level of safety. There are some freaks out there.

So, bitchy landlord told me again how uncomfortable she was with online boy coming down. Yet, he's coming down in three weeks! She blamed it on the fact that we had no room in the fridge. I just think she's worried about having a boy in the house. I still think it's totally high school. I feel as though I'm living with my parents again..but it's worse b/c I'm paying rent. And, the fact is that I didn't sign a lease.... bugger.

Seraphine, I agree with Pepper. Good luck. :-)

sassygrrl, WOOT! That's what I am talking about. Make that boy beg and he'll get the picture--sex is mutual, or he isn't getting anything at all. I am glad you stuck to your guns and insisted he go down on you. Did he manage to give you an orgasm, or was he still too much of a n00b (gamer for newbie, heh) to be successful? Do tell. I honestly don't think there are laws for forbidding "sleepovers" based on a moral issue. Sound-wise, I could see. But you might want to respect the old biddy's feelings, 'cause landlords can make peoples' lives miserable. Le suck. Sounds like you also had an awesome weekend! WOOT. So glad to hear it; you deserve to have fun, always.

Hi, pepper! Thanks for your comment and advice. I was actually playing around with it a bit today, and twisted/pinned a couple top parts up. The main thing that bothers me, actually, is the slightly-too-short layering in the front, getting in my eyes. That solved that! My guy loves it, though. I am getting much more bodily attention because of it *grins* so I can deal until it grows out again. Thanks again, and I am looking forward to getting to know ya more! You seem to be one of the leading busties on here. =) Take care!

pam76, there is a way to get around that. Many instant messengers offer voice chat, so if you're not sure you want the guy to know your digits, use AIM's "Talk" feature (accessible from the IM screen), or Yahoo IM's voice chat. I am sure that MSN chat and the others prolly have them as well. All you need are speakers and a mic, or a headset that incorporates both. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about how that stuff works--I have used both before, though AIM's more frequently.

Happy Sunday evening!
I feel so damn hot this weekend! YAY!

Yes, he gave me an orgasm. He got all shy... and was blow away that I felt so good afterwards. Like I said, I don't think he's had much sexual experience, so he got this silly sexy grin afterwards... and just grabbed me and kissed me.

There aren't any laws, but I'm trying to abide by her feelings until I get a pay raise at work (three months or so). Le suck totally. I just think she hates me honestly. We'll just have to figure out other sleeping options. I wish I had a mutual friend's house that we could borrow... :-( I don't think we'll have money for a hotel. Maybe there are some decent B&B's around....
This has been quite a week for you, sassy.
Yes indeed. I need a nap! :-)
I went out with a guy I met from OkCupid today. It was a chill thing, we went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and talked a lot. He's a med student learning about opthamology, so being a nearsighted person I talked about visiting the eye doctor and him saying I had 20/20 vision, to which the guy said "So why do you still wear glasses?"

He was a cool guy, kind of dorky and cute, the type I usually feel comfortable with and am attracted to as a friend. He was skinny with long blonde hair and glasses and big, slightly crooked teeth. I just treated him as a friend rather than a date, since I don't feel comfortable with overt flirting or trying to be sexy.

We talked a lot about random stuff, and we walked back near my school, and we talked so much we walked past the school. He hugged me goodbye, and asked if he could have lunch with me again that week. I said next week would be better, for a week's repreive, and he was cool with that. And I'll probably hang out with him again.
My oh My I havn't been on here in a long time. Sounds like you had a lot of fun Sassy.
Well, I am truly over my psychotic ex-boyfriend. Serious. He is absolutely NUTS. While I was at the beach, I clarafied to him that we couldn't be together, he went CRAZY. He was calling me a 'slutbag' and a whore and a bitch and all these rude names. He said he wish he got me pregnant so I would have a baby to remember him. That is sick. He hacked into all of my infortmation. AIM, Myspace, EMAIL. I had to change everything, except this I guess, lol. I'm not really talking to him anymore. My brother totally dissed on him. He then e-mailed me saying he didn't care what my brother said and he was going to ruin my life no matter what.
So much stress, I feel down and all that stuff all the time. Eh.

On the other side, before I dated that creap, I dated someone else. This boy was very caring and I loved him so much. I've come the conclsion the only reason why I dated psycho boy was because I missed the other one. The truth is I always have loved him and I can't get over him. He doesn't really feel the same though. It's tearing me up inside. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do with myself these days.
I haven't been on here lately either, ugh. (Check "Academia nuts" for more info on my current state). BIG hugs to you, allygat0rr. I am SO HAPPY that you gave psycho boy the boot. He's manipulative and abusive and that is NOT acceptable in your life. Just remember that no matter what, loving yourself is an extremely important part of life. Don't feel sorry for him; he does all of that to himself. Feel happy for you, that you are strong enough to spread your wings and fly to happiness. You should be so damn proud of yourself. I know -I'm- proud of you. *CHEERS!*

How goes life, everyone? Haven't heard from ya in a week, sassygrrl--how goes? =) Hope your boys have been treating you like the royalty you are. My life is hell (see referenced thread above, as well as my letters in the unsent letters thread). Let me just put it this way: a 600 page textbook will not fit into one's cranium in one month. There is just no freaking way. *stumbles for aspirin and water*

One chapter a day. Wish me luck, busties. I'll check in.
Allygator, I second Seraphine's happiness. Kick physco boy to the curb! Be very proud of yourself, and know that I am also very proud of you.

Seraphine, how goes the textbook? Best of luck.

I took what I thought would be a holiday with my family to NC. It was hell. Three days of my parents bitching about my weight, my job, my semi boyfriends, etc... and add on top of that that we had to spend three nights together in one cabin room. Highlands NC is a beautiful city, but I really wanted to be there with the boy and not my folks. :-(
It's our anniversary of the first day we met today... awww... Things are going well. I'm taking him to that Bodies exhibit thing when he's down here next time. I owe him $20, so it will be the perfect gift... :-)

I need a cold beer. Happy 4th everyone!

Heh. I made the boy a sex toy list, and he just emailed me and told me that he bought everything off the list.Yahoo! :-) Now I'm really looking forward to our weekend (not that I wasn't before). I'm just amazed that he actually bought everything....
Go you! I got a cute little ditty from, which I might add is a very nice resource for such things. They rate their products, and test the themselves! (How cool).

Textbook might = my undoing. I just hope I can stick to my study schedule I so carefully planned out yesterday. Like I mentioned, one chapter (20-25 pages to comprehend, + 40-80 terms) per day. Head explosions on the horizon.

Kitten's being destructive again... she already drew my blood today, twice! Yee-ouch!

Glad you had a decent (if a bit stressful) week. Have a fun time with new toys! =D
I've heard really good things about blowfish. I've have to check out their website. I usually buy all my sex toys from babes in toyland... Like I said, I'm really amazed that he even bought some...I still need to get a decent vibe (looking at another rabbit) and some condoms. Apparantly, Trojan now makes condoms that are for woman, or geared towards woman.

He even told me that he wants to take me camping/hiking. Now, I don't really like camping/hiking, so I must really like this guy. I'm not the outdoorsy type for more than a few days.

My week last week sucked. I really thought I was going to get fired every day. Having a brand new job sucks sometimes. I'm still in that three month "Wait and see" period. :-(

Heh. I don't have a kitty, but one of my housemates does... I've now adopted her. I miss having pets.

The boy and I are now in a contest of who will move out first. I'm hoping that I can leave her by Sept. My landlord just gets loonier by the minute, and his dad is driving him nuts. I know we both want apartments for privacy.

Good luck on the textbook. My head hurts just thinking about it. :-)

On a random note, I hate that my period is late. I've been in a bitchy mood for over two weeks now, and I have really bad cramps. I figure it's late due to stress, but.... I just hope it doesn't get here when the boy comes down. :-(

Aaaarrgg! I need help! Here's the low-down:
I'm American and I just spent some time in Europe. On the second to last night I was there I met a guy at a club and felt instant magnetism toward him, which is weird because he isnt really my type (looks wise). With barely any conversation we end up kissing (not like me) and all of a sudden hes telling me that he "has to get me naked". Again, isnt not like me to go so fast, but for some reason I felt incredibly trusting of this guy and almost like I knew him for ages. We ended up screwing all night and it was *fantastic*, I figured it was a nice send off and I'd probably never hear from this guy again.

In the morning he took me to breakfast and we talked (all the talk we did before was quite smutty, so this was like starting over, like going back to where you actually introduce yourself and learn about the person...) Amazingly, we had soooo much in common. We were both a little shocked, and decided to spend the rest of the day together (something neither of us had anticipated). We had an amazing day, and it was so painful to leave him.

Since I got back to the states hes emailed everyday, and hints that he'll come visit. It is so not practical and soooo not like me to get caught up in something like this,.. but I can't stop thinking about him.

I guess I need answers to two questions:
1) Is it worth the energy of keeping up this sort of thing, seeing that we are a whole ocean apart?

and 2) Can real feelings come out of something that started out purely sexual? All my former boyfriends were guys that were good friends first, and sex came later. I always felt that a good relationship is grounded in a friendship foundation--yet, none of those relationships lasted.
In this case, the sex came first. Could I just be blinded by a good lay? How do I know for sure if this is more than that?
Could a passionate/sexual foundation turn into the real deal?

gawd, this is insane. Sorry for the rambles!
greenbean, I really don't have any experience to draw from but after reading your story all I can think is... "what can it hurt?" at worst, it doesn't work. but it sounds like you'd have a lot of good (and naughty!) memories between you even if it doesn't.
greenbean, the best relationship I've ever had started out with pretty much two straight days of shagging. Then it was like "and your name was..." (okay, not quite that bad, but close). We talked and found out we had all the important bits in common (life philosophies, etc.) and were together for well over a year. I stupidly broke it off when she got a great job offer half-way across the country, and I didn't want her to not take it to stay with me (which is what she was hinting at), and I didn't think I could maintain a long-distance relationship, so stupidly didn't try. Always regret that bit, as I've never been in love that hard since. I think I was just not mature enough to handle the situation (early 20's) at the time. I would say as long as the relationship doesn't feel like it's draining your energy, see where it goes....
Thanks guys. So far its not draining. Its great. We are really into each other. The only draw back for me is my practical side is against it. There is this really sweet, handsome good-on-paper guy here at home that is interested in me, and my friends are all "you should go out with him", and I think I should give him a shot,...but how can I when I feel such passion for someone else? ...but yeah, writing this I know I just have to ignore my worries and just get caught up in the romance. If it bites me in the ass later so be it. Wish me luck!
post deleted.
Psssst... Sassy... Trojan has introduced Elexa condoms & they're marketed towards women. It's a whole line that includes wipes, vibrating cockrings, lube, etc.
Ap, you read my mind...are we on the same wavelength? I'm going to Walgreens tomorrow to pick up some Elexa condoms.. Unfortunely, they only sell the cockring online, and not in Georgia. :-( Bugger.

How are the crushes? Mine are okay. My myspace crush filled out an online survey, and said he missed my tits... In a weird way, I found that sweet.

Greenbean, one of my best relationships started out after three days of constant shagging...Get caught up in the romance, and enjoy yourself girl!
Last night I talked to the OKCupid guy on the phone. It was a lot of fun: we talked about a lot of pop culture, his friends getting drunk at his house, flirted with each other, and just enjoyed each other's company. It's good to both talk casually with a guy and to be sexy and flirty with him at the same time. When we told each other what we liked about each other, I said I liked his teeth, and he said he liked my hair and my clavicle. Cheeky dude.
Greenbean I think it is definatly worth a shot. Give it a try. I have two friends. One lives in Seattle and one lives in Sweden. They met online, playing a video game. They connected I guess instantly, and now they're together and getting engaged. Currently he is in Seattle and she is in Sweden, but they'll see eachother again by the end of the summer. :-) All I'm saying is, don't live an average life and planned out, follow your heart. My only warning is, don't get too serious without seriously knowing this guy though. I've learned from past experience, haha.
well.... i have a hangout scheduled with a boy off of craigslist. ... I was looking for furniture, I promise! and i got distracted because he sounds curiously like me. it was under "platonic" section. i just wanted to tell someone.....
anna k, that is a rad compliment- it IS cheeky, but it's not basic! haha
Arrrg! Its only been two weeks and its getting tough! I so envy you guys who are meeting folks online that are in your own areas! Why do I have to fall for a bloke overseas? I told him about the other guy thats here and how it would be practical to date him but I dont have chemistry with him, and he said the same thing is going on with him (he said he met a girl that he would otherwise be attracted to but couldnt stop thinking of me). We agreed that it would be silly to forbid the other from hooking up with someone else, yet we would be bummed if that did happen. Its so frustrating. I really hope he doesnt meet anyone special, but he is sex on legs so I cant see how he wouldnt. Grrrr. I wanna make him mine!
anna k
Went out with the OKcupid guy today. Had lunch and chatted, him telling me about an cataract surgery he watched (med student) and me cracking jokes and showing him my Hillary Carlip book. We talked about the cult of celebrity and musicals and rock stars and had fun shooting the breeze. I usually look away when someone puts food in their mouth, I never like to watch someone while they're putting the food in their mouth. I was glad that his sister called midway and he talked to her, gave me a break to collect my thoughts and drift off while eating my salad. When he hugged me he let his arm linger around my waist when we seperated, which I thought was cute. We went to a video store and looked at movies and made jokes. He's kind of dorky, but fun. I don't like it when he stands too close to me in the video aisles, but that's just me. I don't think he did it on purpose, there were just small aisles. I would move a few inches away if he was too close though.

I think he's a cool guy, I just see him more as a friend. I like his smile when he sees me and me feeling girly and feminine around him, it gives me an ego boost and self-esteem boost for the day.

While I was walking to the diner, this grizzly-looking guy checked me out as I passed, saying "Pretty smile." I ran into him again five minutes later, saying hello. He tells me, "I got to deliver these packages, then it's lunchtime." I answer, "I'm out here for lunch too." He waved to me when I had looked down the street and saw him. Nice guy, innocent flirting. smile.gif
Hey! My first new post in the new updated rad busty LDR thread! smile.gif

Anna K, how is your OkCupid guy? My friend Eric (my version of the OkCupid guy) keeps flirting with me, but it's a nice feeling.

Let's see. SC boy is coming down this weekend to see me. We're going to grab a hotel by the airport (we figured it would be easier on both of us and my crazy landlord...., and we could have some privacy finally). We're also going to catch the Bodies Exhibit, and just hang out. I figure the next time he's down I can get the room. We got this one off priceline for about $100 for a 4 star which wasn't too bad.

My myspace guy has totally fallen off the face of the earth. His loss.

Glassk, how was the hangout with the craiglist boy?

Greenbean, how you holding up?

anna k
Going well, sassy. I don't have the butterflies for him, but he's a nice guy.
Glad to hear it, AnnaK! I was beginning to wonder...

This isn't a dating thing, but I received my very first weenie wagger pics from a stranger on Friendster. I swear to jebus that his unit was longer than a baby's arm & twice as thick. *HUGE* If I encountered a huge, veiny monster like that IRL I'd run screaming.
ooooook first post at the new place. Aural, i my interest is piqued regarding this "baby arm' you speak of. personally, i would run the other way as well.
NSFW! His profile is hilarious! You have to give them your credit card number see anything but thumbnails, but I didn't want to see it writ large in all of it's profane glory. Apparently he does webcam shows & the like. He said his name was Randy, but the link leads you to a Dominick. Dominick with the ginormous unit! As a bonus, he looks like a gym rat & he shaves his genital region clean as a baby's butt.

Advanced member indeed!
anna k
Today, I was going to hook up with a guy from OkCupid (not the med student) for some "afternoon delight," but he lives in Brooklyn and I'm not interested in taking the LIRR and maneurving around Brooklyn to show up at the door like some made-to-order sex. As much as I want to feel sexual energy, I don't like throwing myself into sex and trying to turn someone on or play around with them. It's just a chore to me, not much fun. Especially when I don't know the guy well and he just sees me as some hot ass. It gets shallow and boring very quickly. Plus, I'm not on birth control, so penetration would be out of the question. Even with two condoms on, I'm still paranoid and untrustworthy.
I guys. I'm doing okay. Brit boy and I are still on the same page, which is lusting like crazy over each other.
He called two days ago and we managed to keep the conversation clean,...for a little while..until it degenerated into smut. Yesterday I was just thinking to myself that maybe this whole thing was all lust, maybe hes not even a nice guy and I'm just projecting...but then I got an email from him with a picture attachment of a robin (we were talking about robins the day we met) and I'm like 'damn, hes perfect after all'. sigh. He better effin see me soon or I will explode!
--oh, and another thing, his ex-fiance slept with Joaquin Phoenix, so, I'm like, linked through sex to Joaquin!
Greenbean, glad things are good well.

Okcupid boy is pissed at me, because he keeps inviting me on dates and I keep turning him down. We have this weird flirtation going on, but I'm not sure if I like it. Whatever. He's still a nice guy.

I also recieved my first post on Myspace from some dude who wanted me to suck his cock. WTF??

The boy is coming down tonight, and we're getting a hotel to get away from my crazy landlord for a couple of days. Lots and lots of sex. I know it's only been two weeks, but it seems so much longer than that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I so don't want to go to work today mad.gif

Greenbean, so it's six degrees of seperation (or sex) from Joquian...that's so rad. smile.gif
What a totally groovy fucked up weekend.

I mean it started out really good. The boy got down here about 9, and we got to the hotel around 10. And it was one BIG ass hotel room. biggrin.gif We were both running around the room acting as though we had never stayed in a hotel. Anyways, Friday night was fantastic, and he said many sweet things in my air. The portions were quite grand.

Saturday afternoon we spent shopping in Little Five points, and hitting that Bodies exhibition. I thought it was a good day, until we got back to the hotel. We started having one of those great discussions about "What are We?" Keep in mind that I had to drudge up all my old past relationships, so I wasn't in the best emotional state. And I had drunk a whole bottle of Pinot Noir by myself...

The fight started out when he didn't want to fool around. So, I got out my rabbit vibe. This pissed him off, even when he was the one that told me to bring it. Then we got into a 3 hour arquement about what we were, and that we had moved too fast, and that he couldn't be a good boyfriend....and that he wanted to go back to being friends...and I was like, hmm... I just sucked your cock!! I know that the distance of SC is bugging him, but really it's only two hours. And he said that he stopped wanting to have sex, but I was like WHAT SEX? Because techincally all we've done is oral and fingering....

He wants me to date other people, but then gets angry when I tell him that I do. Then out of the middle of the fight, he mentions marriage! To me!?

Fuck, I don't know what to do. We agreed that we would still see eachother, but I wish the boy would just make up his fucking mind. He thinks that I'm not scared shitless about a new relationship?

I told him that I'm getting too old to wait around and see if someone wants me. And if he wanted to end it now, that let's end it now.... and we decided that we're still going to date (if that's possible in an LDR) and start writing letters as well.

FUCK, why does this have to hurt so much?

WOW Sassy that sounds awful. That guy has SOMETHING going on in that head of his. If he said that to me I would feel totally used and stuff. Ugh. Anyways, I hope things get better with you guys though. I was in a situation like you kinda... and it DIDN'T work out and he ended up stalking me. Haha. <3

Bytheway... this is allygat0rr. i had to make a new login.
Wow, sassy. I dont know what to say. He is obviously confused. It happens. Just wait it out I guess and see whats next.

My Brit called last night, gave me amazing phone sex with that throaty accent of his (heck it didnt matter what he said, I would have came to him reciting nursery rhymes.) Then he brought up the fact that once he comes to see me next month, what comes after? I said I didnt know. On one hand it would suck if we find that the chemistry has worn out and we dont have a good time, but on the other hand, how he put it was,
"what if we fall in love?". Its crazy, this is the most out-there sitch I've ever been in. I cant believe that we are equally into each other. He even said that when he told his mum about me and his planned trip to the states, she said "Just dont get go to Vegas, I want to be at your wedding." I cant believe it! I just hope we are on the same page no matter how things turn out.
sassy, it kinda sounds like he's in that getting to know you part of the relationship where they (not always even consciously) are wanting to see/know how the other person reacts when they do random stupid shit (also known as the "stupid fucker" period). Like, they're thinking "does she mean what she says when I say this , does it change if I say that , if I stand 4 inches to the left will it make a difference...." Hopefully now he's had a fight with you he'll be able to sort himself a bit and figure out what he wants.....

greenbean, SO happy for you! It's rare to be on the same page so quickly (half the time I swear I'm not even in the same library). Well done to you!!!!
I like that phrase, "Stupid Fucker".... Yes, that's what he was being. I realize now that I was going through a shitload of PMS and weird emotions. But, it doesn't explain a lot.

I mean we realized that we are still dating, we still want to see eachother. That's good.

I'm really confused by the whole sex thing. Because, he said that he didn't want to. But, yet he was the one buying the sex toys and taking dirty photos of me the last two times. And, we'd only really done oral. He mentioned that he was losing his sex drive due to SSRI's, which is believable. And, like I said, we haven't had REAL sex... I mean the portions have been nice, but it's just been a lot of licking...

Actions speak louder than words. We'll see. He keeps saying he'll write me, but I don't believe him.

I think the boy is just really inexperienced in relationships of any sort. He told me that he didn't have many friends, and has only had like 3 girlfriends.

Just strange. We both agreed that we could date other people. But, honestly, I just want to date him. But, I told him a number of times that I could have my pick of anyone (see crush thread for that), and that I wouldn't be waiting around forever.

He knew he was being a shithead, so that Sunday he bought Mandy (my housemate) and I lunch, and bought me a few things I needed at Target. I know that this didn't really make up for it.

However, I guess it's good we now know how to resolve conflict. And, he saw me at my raw and bitchiness, and still spooned up to me that night. smile.gif

Greenbean, that's so great! I'm so happy for you!! biggrin.gif

Thanks everyone for all your support!

Strangely enough, I was IMing the boy tonight, and he said: "Couples fight. It's okay. Conflict is good. And we got thru it. And I still want to see you in two weeks, because I miss you"

I think this is big step for him. So, I called my housemate, and she was total mega bitch, and was like : "Don't hold your breath!!" ?? I realize that she is just bitchy b/c she is dating a random loser.
anna k
Tomorrow I'm going to meet a guy I've been talking to online for the past couple of weeks. He has a girlfriend but is in an open relationship, and I feel like hanging out with him. I'm looking forward to it, he seems like a very fun and cool guy.

The Okcupid guy I haven't seen since last week, with conflicting schedules. He told me he went out on a date last week but the girl was still into her old boyfriend. I don't really care, I like chilling out with him.
sassygrrl... thanks for asking after mr.craigslist. which didn't happen. there wasnt anyone there as far as I could see, but I was drawing so I stuck around longer then I meant to, in order to finish my picture. I was also there *right* on time. He claimed he waited forty minutes but hasn't really been in touch..... so.... screw.
And I'm moving downtown and am sooo nervous I won't know anyone. Bah. I'm also moving in with this security guard boy I've been crushing on forever..... platonically. How bad is that?! And he's starting to see his ex-girlfriend. She strikes me as a very amazing person- the kind of girl I would want to be, regardless of security guard. I don't even want to know what she thinks of my moving in with him. If I were giving me advice, I'd say "don't move in with him." However, I'm don't take advice especially when I can't wait to find out what happens next....
Grrrrr! I should be posting in the frustration thread!
I want my brit here so bad. If he comes when he promises that means itll be in three weeks...
why does that seem like decades away? has been four weeks since I last (and first, heh) saw him...
another three weeks seems too much to bare. Yet, I cant give up on this guy, none of the guys I've met since can compare. sigh.
So, my fish died last night. The fish I bought before the boy came down. I got really sad, and on top of that I had a really bad seizure on Thursday night. I only worked half a day yesterday. I hate having seizures. sad.gif

Anyways, I got a new fish, and he seems healthier. We'll see.

I've spent most of the weekend in bed thus far. I bought the seasons of Carnivale, which means I'll be watching that tonight.

I miss my boy, and I know we're supposed to see each other in August. However, I want him here now.

And, like greenbean, even though I'm dating other people, none of them compare to the boy. I think getting into the fight/arquement we had strengthened the relationship in a weird way. Now we know how to fight, and he realizes that if he keeps fucking around, that I will leave him.

hullo, everyone. i'm in a REALLY long distance relationship. my husband lives in the southeastern USA. i have been living in southeastern AFRICA since february. we have seen each other once, in may, for 2 weeks -- which was also when my nieceoid was getting married and our entire family was there. i think we had about 4 days to ourselves.

heavy sigh.

we will see each other again the first week in september, when we plan to meet halfway for each of us -- in madeira (an island off the coast of portugal).

it is really, really, really hard. i love my job, which is why i moved here, and it is work that makes a difference, and the people i work with rock, but i miss him SO much. (and -- don't laugh! -- my kitties, too) i have a nice little apartment here, and have gotten a crazy furbaby named mimi, but it just isn't the same.

i don't miss the states at all. i just miss mr. hotbuns and my friends and my niece and my mamae.

sassy, we had HORRENDOUS fights when we first got together. my first bit of advice: NEVER talk about any thing serious when either of you has had anything to drink. BAD news. anything that happens during such fights, remember that you were drinking, and that you can't take it seriously. and, he is right. you had this happen, and you and your relationship made it out the other side. so there are some good things to come out of it.

a lot of people do the "i'm a stupid ASS HAT, why do you want to be with me? i'll prove to you that you don't, not really" thing when they start getting close to someone. it is as if they are trying to prove that they are not worthy of love. annoying but true, and all too common.

muito thank you to all for letting me rant. i know that my sitch is different than other peoples, i hope that is all right with everyone!
Teseo, welcome! Thank you for the advice. The boy and I are supposed to see eachother in two weeks. It seems like a longer time. I feel as though I'm falling for him, and it's scaring me a bit. I'm trying to flirt with other men just in case the boy decides that he's not worthy of a relationship. I just feel that none of the boys even compare to him.

Even though I miss him very much, I feel that the distance sometimes is a good thing. The whole absence makes the heart thing. Although, I got really sad when my fish died (I know that's silly) and wanted his shoulder to cry on.

I keep thinking that the fight was a good thing. And, I'm gald we came through it on the other side. He told me that he was going to send me a mix cd with a letter in a bit. I know it's old fashion, but it would be a little more personal than email and IMing.

Eck. I hate my friend D. I hung out with him last night and told him about brit boy, and he was TOTALLY unsupportive. He rolled his eyes and said how crazy and unrealistic the sitch is, and that if he hasnt bought his ticket yet then I should assume he never will, you know, so I dont get "hurt". (By the way, D is happily married so its not like a jealously thing here). I was so angry about it...mostly because I already had those fears and now they seem validated. Then this morning I wake up and go straight to my email (brit boy usually leaves an email every morning) and nothing! Now I'm sitting here in a pit of negativity, thinking hes probably got cold feet over the whole thing. Gawd, I feel so helpless.
i've been lurking in this thread for a while and have been reading everyone's posts and stuff, and greanbean, i'm sure your friend is just trying to make sure you don't get hurt. Even though, he might have come off as really negative, I wouldn't worry about it. Although, it does suck ALOT when people who care about you, make you feel like crap about yourself when they don't mean to.

I'm sure everything is fine with your brit boy and you shouldn't feel all negative about yourself. Everything will work out.
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