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Greenbean, I know how you feel. That's how I feel with my housemate. She was totally unsupportive, and now I realize that it's just jeolousy. Regardless, it pissed me off b/c it made me doubt my relationship with sc boy. So, I've basically cooled it a bit with my housemate.

So, strangely enough, my parents are blaming the boy's visits on me missing work (I had a bad migrane on Friday) and being sick(and having the seizure) . ??? Sure, it takes me a few days to recover from the boy visiting (I think b/c we try to cram everything into two days) , but they have no idea about the weekend we had. Ugh. I think they are just paranoid. Talk about no support.

Everything will work out with you greenbean. I know it.
Thanks guys! You were right! Turns out my brit DID email yesterday but I didnt get it because of a flaw in my account. He is buying his ticket tomorrow! Eeep!
I'm so exicited and scared at the same time! I cant wait til hes here and we can see if this is all for real!
(I also cant wait to say 'in yer face!' to the naysayers!)
Yay Greenbean!! When is he coming?

And I can tell my bitch of a housemate that my boy is sending me a letter and a cd this week! I jsut got off the phone with him,and am all giddy. We're planning a camping trip sometime in August. He's upset that I can't drive, and so I am. I guess we'll make it work.

I detected a hint of jeolousy in his voice over my friend Robert. Although, I think I calmed him down when I told him that he was married. I didn't say anything about the fact that we both flirt, but I figure he didn't need to know that.

Isn't it the best feeling in the world to tell people that have doubted you to shove it?? smile.gif
Three weeks! !!!
I'm relieved its official, but now I have to worry about "what next?"
I mean, what if we fall crazy in love? Thats a maaaaajor LDR to keep going...
I could move to London,...but thats crazy! What if I move and things go wrong?!?
This is nutso.
So, got into a strange fight over fucking IM about a Tom Petty concert. The boy doesn't want to go b/c he's not a huge fan. No big fucking deal. But, he goes all weird at the notion of me taking someone else. And in the same sentence, says he wants to see me, but not sure when in August. Then we have to figure out where is he going to sleep b/c my landlord doesn't allow boys over. So happy to hopefully be moving soon!!


Although, we both giggled at the fact that he should move to Charleston so that way I could bare moving to SC. Yet, there was a pause in his voice....

Going to see Clerks 2 with a crush from Myspace tomorrow night. Did not tell the boy that b/c it is really nothing more than a movie. And I need to flirt....

Don't worry about the "what next...??" That will drive you bonkers. I'm having to force myself out of that habit, and just take it day by day and week by week.

Although, damn I miss him so much!!!

Greenbean, so happy for you! smile.gif

Dude, sassy!
I wanted to tell you earlier that I'm to get a mix disc too!
So cute, like the best part of high school....

Good luck with yer boy,... yer strange fights may just be foreplay?
Isn't it great to not get a bill in the mail? My parents think it's really cute. They so want to meet him. However, I don't think it's the best thing right now. I really think Dad and him would get along.

I have no idea about the fight. I mean we made up. I think we were both just annoyed at our days, and the fact that we both miss eachother. I'm realizing it's more than I thought. It seems worse on my shitty days at work. He got a little pissed that I'm taking someone else I think. But, I'd hate to drag him to a show he didn't want to go to. Besides, I really dig Tom Petty.

And then there's this whole stupid landlord thing.....

Green, if you're eventually moving to London, I can finally have someone to crash with... smile.gif
anna k
Next week I'm going to hang out with the OKcupid boy. We talked online and he mentioned, "you know I'm attracted to you, right?" smile.gif

We'll probably hang out at a museum and flirt and act like lovesick puppies. That's what I'm in the mood for.

Just when I think things are going okay b/w SC boy and I, he drops a bomb on me. That he's been talking to a girl on (which is where we met). He decides not to tell me this via phone, but over anemail. And says that he hasn't met her yet. But, he wanted to tell me so it wouldn't make me jeolous, and he wanted to have the opportunity to do it.

I guess he figures if I can play the field so can he. He claimed that it was a female version of Starbucks guy (one of my crushes).

Yet, of course it's making me jeolous.

Then, in the next email states that he really misses me and that he wants to see me next weekend!! And, all the stuff about the mix tape and letter that he plans to send.

However, they live in the same state.

And knowing my shitty week, he will meet her, they will fall desperately in love, and he will be like: "Sassy who??" Am I blowing this out of context?


I need a drink.

Annak, yeah! Cool. Tell us how it goes.

MM, I didn't met my SC boy for 8 months. But, we live in different states. However, I've met some MySpace/OkCupid guys after a few weeks. So, it really is up to you.
Just had a LONG talk with my housemate. She agreed. I guess comparision isn't a bad thing. I think truly he's trying to get back at me for having all my crushes. But, maybe it will make him realize that he wants me, or wants her. Either way, I'm having another beer and trying to not analyze more than I already have tonight.

I was happy that I resisted the urge to call up my MySpace boy and screw him brains out....

Why hasn't he asked you to meet you in person?
anna k
Hung out with the Okcupid guy and his friend at the Met. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the Egyptian artifacts section, mulling over cats, mummies, tombs, hieroglyphics, and replications of pyramids. Time went by quickly, as I was there at 12:30 pm and was worn out by 4:30 of dodging crowds, reading plaques, listening to his friend's facts about Egyptian art, and how she visited the Met just once when she was five and was amazed/traumatized by the mummies. We also explored the Girodet exhibit, which was paintings by a French artist circa 1797. The paintings were very rich and full, especially his portraits of a rich little boy who tragically died at age fourteen.

He's a smart and funny guy, very dorky and sweet. I'm not attracted to him though, he's more of a fun friend to meet with and have fun conversations with.
Fucking IM fights. Over me possibility of maybe transferring to Greensville or SC , b/c the distance is killing me. And that's scaring the ever holy shit out of me right now, and I'm sobbing over it. It just seems going although so well, like almost too well.

Not to mention that he's giving me all these vague answers like "We don't know what the future will bring...."

Fuck. I'm beginning to not even think this is even worth the pain. I kept telling myself that I can find a local boy, although all the guys in Atlanta I've already dated or are gay....

I miss him so fucking much, and he apparantly still wants the option to date around? WTF? I know we have to have a quasi-open relationship right now, b/c we've only know eacthother for like two months... But, fuck me. I don't want to sit around and wait for the boy to make up his damn mind about me.....

Ugh. Why does this have to suck so much?
I feel you sassy. Brit boy is coming in two weeks now, and as excited as I am I'm also terrified. Last night we were on the phone and it seemed like he kept bouncing back and forth between professing his deep infactuation with me, and then playing it cool as if hes just a friend. I felt very vulnerable when he informed me that he may want to spend some time by himself when hes out here. Rationally, it makes sense...I cant be around the same person 24/7 with going a little nuts either, and I too like to spend a bit of time to explore new places on my own ...but to hear him say it made me paranoid that hes getting cold feet.
I responded breezily, like, "oh yeah, I'm gonna need some space too, cuz I've never lived with a guy and basically we'll be living together." I guess maybe we are both scared of getting hurt, so we are starting to protect ourselves by being all "well, I'm not THAT crazy about you". Sigh. I hope he doesnt get tired of me before he even gets here,...its becoming difficult to sustain a connection like this.
Greenbean, when my friend's Scot got here we did double duty. He spent the nights/most of his time at her place, but hung out at my place when he needed space. He watched tv, went to a few mueseums, & I took him up into the mountains when she had to work. All in all, he had a good time & they didn't have a single row. Happy ending! Good luck!
Thanks AP. Any chance your friend is still with the Scot?

I'm so nervous cuz I like this guy so much. I want this to be amazing you know? I want to be in love.
I keep meeting guys here where I think "well, I could date this guy, hes cool enough"...but I feel like it would just be for convenience, and not because of real chemistry. Brit boy and I had real chemistry, and I just hope it doesnt fizzle out. I want to hold on to him and never let go.
But yeah, I understand he'll need a bit of space. I hope he likes my friends enough where they can entertain him for a bit.
Guess what I got in the mail today! My mix CD and a 8 page letter (double sided) letter from the boy. Swoon..... smile.gif

How does a couple establish the rules of a relationship? Although stoked that he sent me a care package, he told me in an email that he is talking to some girl on the internet. Yes, this made me jeolous.

Would an open relationship work until we are in the same state? I'm worried b/c he's coming down here in three days, and I don't want to fight with him. I just want to be clear about who we are, and where we stand.

(xposted in Frustrated Singles)

Has anyone tried Speed Dating? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth the money!
Sorry emtee, haven't tried speed dating/don't know anyone else who has.

I just put up my first profile ever on Yahoo Personals. Should be interesting - there are a lot of cute guys on there...
Well, I'm signed up to try it. Might as well, I mean- I'm thinking it'll be a bust, but might as well accumulate another wacky story.
Speed dating? Tell me what you think. They were doing that at a movie preview that I went to, but never had the balls to do it.
Just signed up with and lurking around on
We'll see. I'm just looking at this point.
anna k
Last week me and the Okcupid boy hung out and watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. During the movie he put his arm around me and I played with his fingers. We're friends but like to act affectionate with each other. It's difficult for me to be affectionate with a guy, so I rolled with it and felt more comfortable and happy.
Good Annak. Sounds like things are going cool. I just signed up with Yahoo personals for a free one week pass. We'll see. smile.gif
OMG, I just checked my Yahoo Personals mailbox, and I just got my first super cheesy e-mail from this dude who kept calling me Beautiful. Ew.

And there's one nice, normal-seeming guy, who I'm going to meet up with soon. I'd say I'm enjoying using Yahoo Personals overall. You get a little bit of everything - the good, the bad, and the WTF?

There a few hotties on Yahoo, but I've also gotten my fair share of WTF and EWW guys. Think I may sign up. There's one guy that seems decent, so we shall see.

Alright, I just got home from the speed-dating event. I have to say- they weren't lying when they said "attractive single professionals". Attractive, smart, funny guys, all across the board. Everyone is in the same boat, so it really levels the playing field, if you will. You know they're there because they're single, and because they want to meet someone.

Plus, the event I went to had an open bar.

Now I just have to wait and see if any of the four guys I checked 'yes' to also picked me. Ooh, I will be upset if I don't get any matches- talk about uber rejection!
emtee, let us know what ya hear!

i tried the speed dating thing a couple of times and the guys were mostly attractive, but eh. it was fun going with friends and then comparing notes..... i felt like such a sucker when i was totally feeling one guy who seemed to think my life and my job were sooooo interesting, later to learn that he acted that way with my friends too. a-hole.

but i've been dating someone for almost 6 months that i met from he's cool!
but i still feel dorky when people ask how we met.... anyone have a more interesting "how we met" story that i can steal?
Started chatting with a few boys from plenty of fish. And a few blokes from Yahoo personals.

Tell me how speed dating goes. I've been tempted to try it, but never got around to it.

My last ex I met online. We were always trying to think of cute "you did you meet" stories, and could never come up with one.
Yeah, so- no matches. To quote my mother directly:

"Well- now you've officially tried everything!"

That sucks.

Anyone tried It's Just Lunch yet? I'm on Yahoo, but it doesn't seem to be working well. There are mainly freaks on it.
QUOTE(sassygrrl @ Aug 17 2006, 06:14 PM) *
Speed dating? Tell me what you think. They were doing that at a movie preview that I went to, but never had the balls to do it.
I listened to a story on speed dating on NPR. For the most part, the girls were very nonchalant and "he seems fuckable" about it, and the guys were all like "I was looking for my soulmate and was very disappointed I didn't meet her." COMPLETELY opposite of what I'd expect to hear. But in the end it seemed like everyone was looking for something different and no one really found it.
OMG - I got an e-mail on my Yahoo Personals account from this guy who's a UPS man - and he looks exactly like the hot UPS guy in Legally Blonde! I'm more turned on by the whole thing than I'd like to admit... laugh.gif
anyone here have luck on match or eharmony?
Met my current boyfriend from Yahoo personals... smile.gif

I've been on Match for a long time, but I do have a sucess story. One of my closet friends met his wife from Match. So, it can happen. I've never tried EHarmony.
anna k
The guy that I had dated briefly (the med student) has a band, he's the lead singer. Tall and skinny with long blond hair. Here are Youtube videos of the band, Brillig.
hmmmm. this conversation isn't quite what i had in mind when i popped in here, BUT:

the woman who was my supervisor at my last job (i called her my bossa nova -- she was also one of the BEST supervisors i have ever had, if not THE best) met her husband on match. lemme see.....they got married in 1999. they now have two kids and are REALLY REALLY happy. i love visiting them. they are great parents, too. i love happy endings. biggrin.gif
tes, were you thinking more LDR stuff? Because me too...
Anyone have any general LDR advice? My relationship has just become LDR for the second time, but this time it's actually defined as a relationship, so I'm basically new to it. I used to have a relationship that was LDR every summer (during university), but this is different. Guidelines, things that help, things that hinder, etc.?

I just bought a webcam and mic headset, so that should be good, but any other suggestions?
Handwritten love letters? Swoon...
Yeah, I should do that. Sometimes he's not much on the expressive front...
Lys, how much distance seperates you? Did he stay up north when you moved? How often will you get to see one another?

When Sheff and I were apart, we relied heavily on telephones, e-mails, and instant messaging and we also mailed one another little gifts, notes, postcards. Not terribly original, I know, but it meant a lot. One time when Sheff visited me, he hid little love notes all over my room shortly before he left. The evening after he flew out, I opened my book and was greeted by a love note! And when I opened my sock drawer, there was another! It was so fun to hunt all over my room for the notes. You should certainly try something similar the next time you visit him.

As for on-line services, I know a couple who met on eHarmony. They married three months after they met, so I guess it isn't all hype.
Hey, RV, thanks for the quick response, I thought you might know something about this ;-) Well, you know where I am right now and he's in his native country. I don't feel as bad as I did before because yesterday we bought some flights and we're going to see each other in two weeks and also for my birthday in January - and we only spent $600 (*including* taxes!) on two roundtrip flights, one of which is transatlantic.

He left me such a note in my suitcase the morning of the day he left (at the beginning of the month) and I didn't find it for two days - yes, I am be such a slob when it comes to living out of a suitcase! Ha! What about other planning suggestions? I remember a long time ago in here someone saying that usually it works out only if you have a goal in sight or plans for when you will be together. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on that idea?
I have no real experience of an LDR, I'm afraid. I will recommend Skype though: cheap int'l phone calls (unless you have it already?)

ETA: Okay, you're way ahead of me. Congrats on the upcoming visits!
bump for rantrave
aww thankee bunnyb!

I don't have much to add except I need to get off my lazy ass and do skype soon.
I was hoping to lurk but everything's deleted!
Beauty & her Bass
I'm hating this long distance crap. I went to college with my boyfriend...then I graduated...and he still has a year and a half to go. UGH! Anyone know of a cheep time machine?
Hello, everybody! I just registered for this forum. I can't believe it took so long for me to find it. Anyway, I need to get some advice. See, I met this guy through the BUST personals. He lives in a city about several hours away from me. ( I want to keep this vague smile.gif ). I thought he was cool and seemed like a comedian I consider my dream man. I wrote him and he wrote me back consistently for several days, and then things cooled. however, we did keep communicating on a friendly basis. At one point, I told him I would be coming to his city in the next month and got back a lukewarm response, but then two weeks later he wrote back saying he had time. I informed him that I would actually be coming to town on a different date in a different month. He still seemed interested. I haven't heard from him except for when I wrote and wished him a Happy new year. I'm planning on writing him soon to let him know I'm still coming to town. What I need help with is - A) is this guy really interested or B)is he just being polite. I did omit some details because I had to keep this short. I don't think I'm imagining a connection between us, but it's hard to tell. I need help!
Thanks, y'all.
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