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What do you mean by community magick?
I mean either magicks done for the benefit of your community at large or done by the community at large. I mean stuff like "Bring Peace to the Middle East" candles or what's somewhat more popularly known as "glamourbombing"--doing what Hakim Bey calls "creating Temporary Autonomous Zones"--creating things which help foster a little weirdness in the world to help keep things from getting "stale" (although I'm not talking "bombing-places" or "drive-by-eggings" or anything like *that*)....
I don't see any problem with what you just described. As long as you are not casting a spell on someone without permission, I really don't see anything wrong with magick to benefit the community.
Hi, I'm new, and I have a quick question for the pagan-ladies. I'm exploring Goddess religions, and I'd like to know if anyone has a ritual of any kind for a new home/apartment, to get rid of the "baggage" energy, so to speak, and to make it new and fresh space. I'm moving on Monday and I'd like to have a fresh start! Thanks!
QUOTE(sonita @ Aug 4 2006, 01:51 AM) *

Hi, I'm new, and I have a quick question for the pagan-ladies. I'm exploring Goddess religions, and I'd like to know if anyone has a ritual of any kind for a new home/apartment, to get rid of the "baggage" energy, so to speak, and to make it new and fresh space. I'm moving on Monday and I'd like to have a fresh start! Thanks!

Hey Sonita!

Well--first of all, if you can get in there before you start moving furniture and whatnot, then try and clean (even if the apt/home isn't *dirty*, per se) with some sage tea (get some white sage and steep in hot water--add to cleaning solution that you'd normally use to clean floors, surfaces, etc.) and/or get a smudge stick (also usually made of white sage, although you can find them made w/lavendar, cedar, and other aromatic woody herbs) and let the smoke clean the place out. This means lighting the stick, letting it flame up for a second, then blowing it out (carefully--those embers will fly off the end!) and letting the smoke fill the atmosophere. I've found it particularly helpful to actually walk around the perimeter of a room and "trace" the wall/ceiling joints, etc. w/the smoke--seems to make a better "seal". Then, when you're all done, find a place to set up an altar to your particular deity--although if you don't have one and are looking for one for your home, Hestia/Vesta, Juno, Freya, or any Mother/Hospitality goddesses should do...

Best of luck in your new place! happy.gif
Thanks, djennma! I got a cedar smudge stick and managed to find my Bastet statue in the mountains of boxes. Anyway, I walked the perimeter of the apartment and thought about sealing out any negative energies and ill will, and set Bastet looking at the front door, and I asked her to protect my new home. I'm not feeling ready for an altar yet (don't know who I'd want for my diety--any tips from your own eperience as a new and exploring pagan?), but I feel good about my ritual, which seems amazing given my traditional religious experiences. Thanks again!
I'm glad that you had such a good experience! I recommend smudging to just about everyone--it seems like somebody's ALWAYS moving! smile.gif--and even people who aren't "pagan" seem to feel that it does them and their new spaces some good! smile.gif

As far as a "household deity" goes, Bastet is a great choice--plus you already have her statue! smile.gif You should do a little research into her and her religious practices (for example, if you were working w/Oshun (Yoruban River Goddess, kind of like Bastet) you would make sure her altar is dressed in yellow/gold, and that she has lots of lacy, frilly, girl-y things on it like a brass mirror, gold fans, etc.--and you'd make sure you tasted her honey (her favorite food) BEFORE you gave it to her!), but I know of several people who have Bast as their primary deity and who have great success with her.

Best of luck--let us know how it goes! biggrin.gif
My friend had a family crisis, so we didn't end up going to Ohio for Lammas. sad.gif However, my husband and sister-in-law all had a lammas ritual here in our new tiny townhome. He traced the house with a smudge stick and we fixed corn on the cob...made corn dollies. It worked out so well. The woman who lived here before us lived here for 25 years, so I really feel the cleansing ritual made this space peaceful and easy to adjust to. smile.gif
*Bump* tongue.gif
Okay folks--get ready for the next spoke on da Wheel o' da Year: MABON/FALL EQUINOX!!!

Ah yes--that first day of Fall--the midpoint between the Light and Dark half of the year!! smile.gif I know that I'm feeling the need to clean/clear out my old shit and get my proverbial ducks in a row before I'm stuck out in this house in the winter (I now live out in the STICKS--so even a mild snowstorm in town can add up to some REAL drifts out here!! Woo-hoo: SNOW DAYS!!!!). I've gotten quite a bit of work done on our (my daughter's and mine) den (the upstairs of this house has two "bedrooms"--or one open room next to the stairs and an actual bedroom)--which should be a nice respite place--our art stuff and books and the TV that has a VCR and a Playstation 2 is up there biggrin.gif. Should keep us out of Mom and Dad's collective hair...wink.gif

Anybody else feeling like celebrating Harvest?

Cool, djenma!

Yeah, I can't wait 'til fall. Just around the corner! I don't know how we are going to celebrate Maybon, but it is a fun holiday. I'm always looking forward to cleansing and starting new for the next season. smile.gif
What would you ladies recommend for the peach harvest? I pick peaches and put them away every year and I would like to make it special next year.
Hmmm...peaches, huh? I don't know of any specific European Peach Deities, but don't the Japanese or Chinese have a Peach God? If not, I'd do an altar to Habondia, who is the Goddess of Plenty and Wealth. I tend to say a prayer to her on (American) Thanksgiving, because she's the Lady to thank for an abundant harvest...but you could also thank any of the agricultural gods/goddesses too! smile.gif

Best of luck--and come back and tell us how it goes! biggrin.gif
Thanks so much!
Here are some of the peachy deity things I found

this one is related to Taoism and the teachings of Lao-Tzu:
the Three Pure Ones

This one is is Chinese diety of long life:

The Goddess guardian of the Peach of Imortality
Xiwang Mu

I guess that in Chinese culture peaches represent longevity. When I do somthing next year, longevity will be my theme. I think that Xiwang Mu will be my focus.
Hmmm...this year, I'm doing some bulb magick. Crocus, daffodils, red tulips (although I think I'm going to get some extra to augment the ones my mom bought! smile.gif), grape hyacinth, regular hyacinth...I think that's it. Mom bought an assortment and I haven't really looked! smile.gif I was told a couple of nights ago to "put my creativity in the ground" for a while. So I'm going to bless and charge them and plant them with the intention of putting my creativity into them--letting it overwinter and come up in the spring (which, in some ways, ought to be a hoot given that I get bitched at EVERY DAY to make beads--my main form of creativity right now! rolleyes.gif

Anybody else do garden/plant magicks?
I only read this top page, and pardon the ignorance...what is a Pagan?

Here is the Wikipedia definition of Pagan. In this thread, if I'm not mistaken, Pagan is a term used to identify people who use nature and the forces of the universe as the focus and source of spirituality.

If any one thinks I missed somthing or I got it wrong please speak up.
yep--that looks about right--at least, as far as I've ever known it to be...

Basically, we're the freaks your mama warned you about! wink.gif (hee hee--said with MAJOR tongue-in-cheek! smile.gif)
Heya, BUSTie pagan ladies!! smile.gif was everybody's Samhain? I'm finding that the Merc Retro is being a MAJOR pain-in-the-ASS, but otherwise things are going surprisingly well. Normally, this time of year means that all Hell breaks loose and I'm running around putting out fires!! rolleyes.gif But this year I actually made it to the Phreaque (my friends'-and-my pseudo-coven) Halloween party, I've got a new boy (who I think I'm gonna KEEP-- wub.gif ) who's so simpatico I'm beginning to think I've hit a lucky streak, and I've been accepted to school. Now let's see how this all shakes out....

Anybody got Yuletime plans?
Hey everyone,

I have poked my head in here a few times recently. basically, i have always been interested in everything pagan. raised roman catholic blah blah blah-but not for me. although i could see trending towards a mix of christianity and paganism. for whatever reason, i feel as though i keep coming back to it, and i have always been interested in not only everything pagain, but also psychic ability (which i have had many experiences with) and other things that concern the occult. i have also always felt my spiritual home was ireland (studied there for a bit) bc of how the culture, even the catholicism, is steeped in pagan influences. in any case, i have started studying it again. does anyone have any books/ideas/suggestions for me? i know that is a very broad question, but i thought i would put it out there. thanks everyone!
For Samhain we did the whole carving of the pumpkins this year, to remind us of the womb of the earth. Though the Earth is sleeping and dark, inside, laying in wait is the light of spring and new life.

I hope your new relationship goes well!

*crosses fingers for DJ*

I really liked the book Drawing down The moon by Margot Adler. It's a good general overview of some of the pagan pracitces in the US and the Uk. I also Liked The Spiral Dance by Starhawk as a jumping off point for some serious thought about for my Feminist and Pagan ideals.

When you read a book by a Pagan author is just like reading somthing from any other religion. It's important to remember that they are telling you their beliefs and ideals. You don't have to feel or think the same things as them. Use what they say as a springboard to analyze your own feelings and beliefs, then come to your own conclusions about what it is you truly believe.

For example, I do not cast spells, it's not that I think the practice is bad or evil, but I just choose not to. I do however Pray, and honnor the Festivals all around the year.
thanks! i actually have quite a few wicca books-not those though so i will be sure to get them. i have a scott cunningham book (wicca for the solitary practitioner-my last name too lol!), the book of shadows for the solitary practitioner by silver ravenwolf, the encylopedia of witchcraft by judika illes anda few more concerning things like herbs and astral travel and whatnot. i also have a few almanacs. i figured this would get me started. i have a whole load of astrology books which i got years ago, and i am quite learned on that subject. but i will definitly look out for those you mentioned dechats. i agree that you just kind of take what you want from each thing you hear, and make up what you really like as you go along, as long as you adhere to the major tenets (the Wiccan Rede if you will). i havent decided abut spells, but its good to know that you dont feel the need to do that but still feel connected to paganism. i think that might be the way i end up, maybe with a few spells here and there. thanks!
First of all, hello, all you lovely BUST-lovin' Pagans! My name's Sunday, but you can call me "Sunny". I'm originally from Texas, currently residing in New York City and moving to Maine in the near future. I'm a general reconstructionist pagan --- put in simpler terms: "eclectic wiccan". Those two words seem to stir up images of confused teenagers reading Silver Ravenwolf books and dressing in black because "that's what Witches do".

I don't draw on any specific culture or pantheon. Mine is a much more personalized vision of spirituality, and I think, for the most part, that's what Paganism, the modern sort in any case, is really about.

It would be absolutely fantastic to get to chat with some like-minded Pagan ladies (or gentlemen). Knowing that there are people out there who share not only my religious beliefs but also my more secular interests makes me all kinds of giddy!!
Welcome crashedyellow! Nice to meet you!
Yay! More Pagans!

I'm Di, I've practiced Wicca for give or take 10 years. I've done the whole third degree initiation route twice, and I'm kind of venturing away from it now because there's so much more out there beyond the Wiccan scope. My pantheon is Hellenic; I am primarily dedicated to Eros and Psyche ... in a surprisingly conservative way.

I've written for Llewellyn since 2000, and I do reviews of occult books now, you can see a few samples here. That said, there's a LOT I don't know. In some ways I envy Crowley, because he was able to take off a decade or two just to catch up on his reading.
Welcom, welcome, welcome Magickal!
So what are people planning for Yule? I'm doing a brief rite-of-passage ceremony with some girlfriends in Atlanta (it'll be a nice relief from Minnesota cold!), but beyond that, I haven't developed much of a plan.
I think we're gonna decorate the tree, make candy and celebrate the solstace.
What is everyone doing for spring?
Hey everyone!

Stumbled upon this thread and had to read it. Always nice to talk to fellow pagans smile.gif

I'm MJ, live in NYC and am in the process starting spring off in the right foot.

Just broke up with my b/f of 10 years. I have to say I hurt a lot, but am very very happy that it happened at this time of the year. What a better time to welcome in new things. That, and I'm turning 30 this year so I'm about change this spring!

I don't think I'll be doing anything major, but I'm sure I'll some sort of small intimate celebration with the fae and paying homage to my gods and goddesses thanking them for their help during this time.

How *IS* everyone? And what are we doing for Mabon?

And is it just me, or is the "strange" (the general high-weirdness that seems to come in around Samhain-ish) in a little E*A*R*L*Y this year?!

*kisses and hugs to all, all around!* laugh.gif
Djenn! Good to see you back!

And no, it's not just you, but I can't really verbalize it myself, if you know what I mean.
Quick question: I've been waking up in the night feeling completely frightened as if something is in my room.... happens when my back is turned away from the door and side window when I'm laying on my side... I have awakened so afraid that my heart pounds and I have to look around the room and listen for "off" sounds or something...

I have since been adamant about closing the lid on the toilet and closing the bathroom door, but... it happens almost every time I sleep at home (that is, not at my bf's house).

I had bought sage when I first moved in and never burned it. I'm moving in two months so I don't really see a point in burning it now... but....

sea salt on the windowsill? Herbs in my room? etc.

Any suggestions as to how I can rid of this negative energy that wakes me up at night? I guess it could just be stress, but.... it really creeps me out.
FYI, I live in a old place....the last tenant was rather negative in general. hmmm?

Hi all,
I kinda have the same query as moonpieluv-
My boy's roommates are moving out, and he's taking their bedroom. The energy is actually good in this bedroom; every time I've been in there, I always feel very peaceful and quiet, but it's not OUR energy-so I want to clear it out and start new. Should I do this-or should I not try to fix what's not broken? Any suggestions?
humanist77, I think you could just sage in there and clear it up. In my experience, sage doesn't radically change the energy of a place, but it can cleanse it of energies that are fairly temporary.
thanks, amy-that's what I had in mind : )
Hey there all,

I'm new to the Bust forum, so apologies if this isn't the "right" way to go about this. :-) I'm a freelance writer and I want to interview a "modern witch" for an article I'm working on. I'm looking for a fabulous girl who is spiritually and environmentally aware and a practicing pagan. Any takers? I love Bust and thought this would be a good way to find the right person for my article.

Here is my email: Hit me up if you're interested...

Heya Folks! smile.gif

Happy Winter/New Year and all that! smile.gif

Okay--here's a weird one for y'all: anyone ever do any work w/the Fae extensively? If so, what do you know about *gnomes*?

..told ya it was WEIRD! wink.gif

If you want to know about Gnomes this is the book to read. I have a copy, and it's very informative.
Wow, Djenn! Hi, been a long time (I've been gone, I see you've been around here and there.) Yes, the thread still muddles thru. I think this is the only one I ever started that stuck.

I don't work with the Fae myself but in the ever-present reference library is a copy of Nancy Arrowsmith's A Field Guide to the Little People - I'll remind myself to check it when I get home and see what sort of info I can find (it's a pretty comprehensive study and groups the sidhe by "light"/"dark"/"dusky" elves depending on their habitat and behavior - one tricky thing about the Fae can be the various "common names" they're called by different cultures. Anyway, I'll see what I've got on hand.

Nice to see you again! I should come by more often.

I used to lurk here a lot, but I just joined recently so I can post now too, hooray!

I'm a sorta longtime (between 10-20 years, depending on how you count) Pagan-type. Are there still any posting Pagans around here? Wanna chat about it?

Anyone? unsure.gif
Hi I'm Deschats, I'm a heathen. I tell fortunes, and do divination.
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