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hey y'all...

lysistrata--good to see you again! Long time no see! :-O Huh--that's fascinating about the medieval history--and now that I think about it, you're right about Judaism not being evangelical. But there's a word I'm looking for--and I know this is terribly imprecise, but what's the opposite of a "mystery religion"? Not that Judaism isn't mysterious or doesn't have that religico-magickal component(*hee hee--been reading up on Ceremonialism, so what an understatement THAT is!*)--but what's the name for the, well, "public face"-part of the church? Argh--I HATE it when I can't figure out what word I'm looking for....*phhbt!* :P :-O And you're right too, bklyn--I hadn't thought about it, but you're right. Didn't think about the extra years of "training" while I was still Catholic... ACK--those Catholics brainwashed me AGAIN!! ;)

Going back to the herb thang--you also may want to check out "Wylundt's Book of Incense", by Wylundt (that's the whole of the author's name) and some of the Susun Weed books for info on not just herbology for magickal and everyday use, but also for little things like how to process your herbs safely and to make things like salves and tinctures with them. Might be a bit farther than you're up for this season, but it's good to look at and to keep in mind for your burgeoning herb practice...

"...and that's the truth---*phhbt*!" :-)
thanks, djennma. i discovered that my library (the NYPL, one of the biggest and best libraries in the world!) doesn't have copies of any of the books you mentioned in their circulating stacks.

however, i do have a borders gift certificate lying around here somewhere... also, i must say i am interested in safe processing, tinctures and salves, etc.

as to the 'public face' term, not sure.

i still wrestle a lot with the historical fact issues of wicca. on the one hand, i fully and totally agree that people a thousand years ago in ireland or whatever were not practicing wicca as we now know it. i also know that a lot of previously accepted research (margaret murray, especially) was later found to be incorrect. but i read a lot of that sort of thing ten years ago when i began my fluffy bunny period of wiccan interest, and it was part of what interested me at first -- i've always been a big fan of pre-christian europe, old mythologies, and history in general. and a lot of the gardnerian stuff leaves me cold. i really WANT to be practicing The Old Religion. and it kind of pisses me off that i'm not.
Have you read Ronald Hutton's "Triumph of the Moon"? Good history of the pagan movement thus far and challenges topics like "The Burning Times", etc. I haven't gotten to it meself, but it's on my "to read" list! :-)

From all of what I've been reading/studying--the "Old Religion" wasn't any particular, codified thing--it was a collection of stories, myths, practices, and observations made by (literally) thousands of people for thousands of years. Since there wasn't a hard-and-fast "we're going to celebrate the coming harvest THIS way on THIS day" thing back in prehistory (although I've been reading about the Coligny Calendar, and am changing my opinion on this somewhat! :-O), local tradition tended to come from what the locals wanted to do! :-) Personally, when I was suffering from the malaise you describe (only a couple of years ago--no less! :-)) about wondering what the "real" deal was--I started learning about the natural world around me--as in taking walks in the spring and noting when certain flowers were in bloom, and what the stars were doing, etc. Don't know if that'll help you--but it helped me! :-O
Hey, lysistrata, I'm writing a paper about Xtianity and pagans in the High Middle Ages. I'm looking at women and power in the respective tradtions; happen to have any recommendations?
rose, PM me with more specifics and I'll try to answer you tomorrow or Wed. - have a deadline for tomorrow...
Hola everyone. long time reader- 1st time caller (well...sporadic reader-- when my computer's working). I had some questions that I didn't know where to ask... and I thought you guys might be able to help. (please forgive me if the rest of the post sounds extremely hokey or "touched by an angel". i'm not asking for answers-- just maybe... starting points that you know of.

the history: I'm relatively young (early 20s) and raised Catholic. My family had always had a bit of ... a unique history. my mother started out reading tarot cards as a party trick (i hope that dosen't sound TOO disrespectful- basically she was interested in them but only slightly and read them once literally for a slumber party of mine when i was younger)and got very very involved in the history and the mythology behind them. now she, and the rest of my family see them as a useful tool for guidance. my fathers side of the family is peruvian and has some traditions that may seem a little... out of the ordinary (??) to more western (??) families. the thing is--- they never really explained any of it to me. it was always abuelita's thing and she has since passed away.
my grandmother was special. she told me things when i was younger that i can hardly remember and taught me to hold on to thoughts that others wanted to explain away.
when i was younger i saw "colors". my mom would ask me about someone and i would say 'oh. they're ok. they're yellow. they feel warm and comforting and happy and safe. i like them'. my dad has always had debilitating pain in his back and ankles. i would (and do) sort of massage them to make them better. i would just close my eyes and imagine how it felt and where it hurt and i would run my hands along his back until it felt warm. then i would rub it and i felt like i could feel when it started to melt and ease away. my dad always says (to this day) that it was the only thing that helped. i have always been to tell when people were in pain and to at least try to help a little. when i was a bit older i had a nervous breakdown. my family was going through an incredibly turbulent time and i started having anxiety attacks where i could FEEL everyone. i could feel them crying inside and cringing. i stopped seeing colors after that. i stopped doing anything.

my grandmother always called me a healer. now that i'm older i'm a skeptical. isn't there heat when there is an infection or an inflammation? could i have just found colors an easier way to express myself? did i just never have the right words??

the thing is... i still feel like i can "feel" things sometimes. i don't want to come in here all "hi, i'm aunt agonist and i'm SUPER MAGICAL". not at all. i once spoke to someone who said they understood. they had a word for it that i would never attribute to myself --"empath".

i'm not asking you to tell me i am. i'm quite skeptical, but.. i would like to know more. can anyone recommend any reading on the topic that i can do, on the topic of healing or empathy and what people believe it is, and/or how they channel it. i hope it isn't unspeakably rude for me to be here. i just, i always felt that people all have their own path, and i just want to find mine. i hope this dosen't sound impossibly childish and haughty, but i think, maybe (just maybe. i'm ready to believe it's just an exaggeration on the part of my childhood family and friends, and that all the "good/healing/whatever" was just happiness that someone was willing to try to help), but maybe there is something more. maybe it's something i can channel. or maybe not. i don't know. i'm not asking for assurance. please feel free to ignore the post, i just didn't know if you had any suggestions, and thought that perhaps explaining the position and the fact that strong belief and faith have always run in my family, might help for a good recommendation of a place to start.

thank you again for your time and your thoughts.
First of all--hi, auntagonist! Great name! :-O Actually, we're happy to have you (last week's flame war notwithstanding, mind you....)!

I guess my first question to you is: why is it *not* possible that you could be a healer/see colors/etc.? I would definitely agree w/your friend who called you an empath--did he/she explain what that actually is? (It's one of those words that gets thrown around that people forget to explain BECAUSE it gets thrown around so much! :-)) To that end, I would look at Elaine (I think that's her first name) Aron's books on "supersensitivity"--esp. the one called "The Highly Sensitive Person". A friend of mine (kali_licious, actually) is also a super-empath and she recommends her work VERY highly for giving her some day-to-day tools for being able to help shield some of that stuff out. Worth a look-see, anyway....if I find out any more I'll let you know!

Secondly, I think, from how you're describing your feelings and your skepticism, you're beginning your path *right now*--you're describing the same feelings that a lot of the beginning students I've worked with feel/think. You've actually been ON your path since you first "got here", but it's actually fairly normal to "have it" when you were little, and then "lose it" as you got older. IMHO, that "losing" period helps you develop discernment over your experiences--but that's for later. Right now you need help/guidance, right? How about from your abuela? I am not familiar with Peruvian religious culture, but from what I've studied about Central/South American magico-religious structure, there seems to be a tradition of honoring your ancestors w/specific prayers, altars, etc. (and if I'm off on that--PLEASE tell me! I read *A LOT*, and some of it gets "jumbled" sometimes)--perhaps your grandma can help? If you don't know how, lemme know (either here or drop me a line from my profile).

Oh yeah--the "colors"? Sounds like auras to me. And there's LOTS of info out there on those--and not all of it is "fluffy-bunny-crystal-hugger" stuff! ;) :-O

Anybody else?
djennma, thanks so much for your response!i will look up the books by Elaine Aron this weekend. they sound like good reading. my grandmother (on my mom's side- the one that used to tell me I was a healer) and my abuela both passed away. i still dream about them. and i can feel them helping me in life.

i was super dooper close to my grandmother on my moms side. she is the most beautiful woman in the world. for some reason, when my mom read tarot cards for the first time with me, the Star card always made me think of her. so much so that now when i see it, i go 'oh hi grandma' and i know she's involved in helping. one day i was feeling really despondant about my move to nyc. i couldn't find a job and i estimated 3 days before my cash ran out. i was telling a friend all about it and i was saying if i could just cling to some hope i wouldn't feel so bad. as we were walking and talking we got to this area on bleeker street where somone had been handing out flyers for a psychic and apparently just gave up? or something, because there were literally hundreds of them all over the ground. on the front side of the flyer-- the one facing up on most of them, was the universal waite tarot deck (the same kind my mom uses) picture of the star card. i got a job 2 days later, and i still feel like she led me to it.

my abuela had alzheimers and died last year. it was really sad b/c i only really knew her as a child and from stories, but everyone says i look just like her, have her eyes, her personality etc. she was a more fiery lady than i am . i loved her , but didn't know her as well as i wish i did.

as for peruvian culture stuff--- my dad didn't want us growing up with accents or acting anything other than "white" so i grew up in mobile, al with no other hispanic people. i was "raised white" and with touches of hispanic. i am the taco bell of hispanic girls.
*peeks in* Hi all...seems a bit safer now!...

AuntA, I got chills when you talked about your experiences and abilities. It sounds as though you were born into a truly magical family and are quite a "natural" yourself. (And like Djenn, I immediately recognized your "colors" - especially your description of someone being "yellow" - as aura-related.)

I do understand that's not quite what you were looking for, but I had to tell you how grateful I am that you're sharing your stories. Some of your experiences remind me of my own, and that helps a lot. (And Djenn, I think I'll be looking up the Elaine Aron stuff too!)

I will be attending my first group ritual tomorrow. My dear friend DruidGirl (formerly OPIK...which is no longer appropriate!) is hosting a Beltane ritual at her home. It will be a "clad" event with no attendant, erm, rites at the gathering. I have been charged as hospitality hostess, which I think I will enjoy, but I'm still a bit nervous! I do think I'll come back with some kind of report, though.

Happy mid-spring, everyone!
what are people doing for beltane?

unfortunately this has been a crazy weekend for me, socially, and it's also when all the big local open circles for beltane are held. so unless i can find an errant one going on one night this week or next weekend, it's going to be the usual at-home solitary winging it for me.
hi folks...

Beltane...Beltane.....what's that? :-O

Supposed to go over to a friend's for a cookout today, but it's raining to beat the band and I don't feel all that well. And after the aftermath of my marriage breaking up and all, I just feel more like...well, celebrating "low-key" this year. Probably more of a "be-out-in-nature-and-enjoy-the-new-plants"-type thingie. Our here at my 'rents it's waaay out in the country, which is easy for solitary ritual. :-)
What--Beltane comes by and everyone is busy? Don't I feel lonely..:-O

Here's something for ya: How about the Solstice? Anyone got any good ideas for that? I'm fine with every other holiday, but that one always stumps me....

I always forget to celebrate the solstices.

I guess at Yule i'm just so busy being alternately pissed about Christmas and sucked into it that I don't have time to celebrate my own religion's holiday... Which REALLY sucks now that I think on it.

As for Mabon, I'm usually so busy out worshipping the sun that June 21 comes and goes while I'm riding the Cyclone at Coney Island or drinking Sangria. Which I guess is good, because that's what Mabon is all about, isn't it?
just wanted to pop in and say that i've been on the hunt for a good wand, and one found me today. I live in a famously treelined neighborhood with a big park a few blocks away, and I've been scoping out nearby trees with low-hanging branches, looking up correspondences, etc. It means a lot to me to have a wand that is both from an actual tree (as opposed to a dowel or one of those crystal ones), and I really wanted the tree in question to be one I had a 'relationship' with, of sorts.

Well today I was walking down my street heading home, only to discover that the neighborhood association had tree doctors out pruning all my block's sugar maples. Yay! I had been worried about just yanking a branchlet off a happy springtime growing tree, so this was my perfect oppurtunity. and the wood correspondences even work for me. I also took a leaf to press into my grimoire in memory of this fabulous coincidence.

Thank you, tree, for what you've given me today.
*big smile* I love it when stuff like that comes together...

Okay, ladies: anyone got experience doing handpartings? I need some tips/help pronto....things are gettin' u-g-l-y! :-(
sorry djennma, but i don't...

Do you have to do it by yourself, djennma? I've cut some bonds with people using sympathetic magic.
Yeah--unfortunately, I think I do. He was never that "into" magick and since it's me who's initiated this change he sure as HELL ain't gonna want to help me break it! :-(
okay y'all--ready for some magickal weirdness?

TWO MONTHS TO THE DAY that I decided to leave DH, the phone number for my ex-fiance (the love-of-my-life-but=we-were-too-young guy)shows up in my work space!! Of course, I call him, screaming my head off, "SCHMEAG?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? TEN YEARS?!! CALL ME!!!!" (I calmed down later and called again, this time sounding more sane--what can I say? I was excited! :D) And we've been talking ever since. And we've decided to pick up where we left off--he's moving here to be with me and my daughter in a few months and we're going to go from there. Says all he's ever wanted to do since he left is be with me and fix the f-ups he made (it was his "secret war" he was fighting) and be the best husband/father he can be. *stunned Djenn* If I gave the man a bulleted point-by-point LIST of what I wanted him to change/say/do to get me back, he couldn't have done any better! :-O I know Elleggua is involved somehow because everything's going so *smoothly*--plus when he told me he'd always loved me, even over the last ten years, I felt someone grab the back of my head, reach down my throat, and pull out of me, "But I've always loved you the most--*always*. That never ended, but I thought you never wanted to see me again..." :-) I also have a sneaking suspicion that my dead padrino is working me too. I have no hard and fast *proof* that he did something, but I'm fairly sure that he did *something* to keep me where I was w/my soon-to-be-ex. With or without his complicity. *shrug* Don't know, don't care. I'm just glad LOML is back IN my life! :-O

How's THAT for high-pagan-weirdness? ;)

Still working on my handparting poppet though...
wow! that's AMAZING!

the world works in mysterious ways, eh? it's situations like this that prove to me that we are not the sum of our parts and that the gods (or whatever we choose to call deity) really do exist. and that they really are active in our lives.

good luck, and keep us posted about this.
Latest Djenn-in-love posting: after a hiatus of ten years, I'm going to get to see him face to face!! :-) Sunday I'm going to travel down to Cincy to see him! *evil, knowing grin* ALONE! :-O

Already said, "*Don't* have other won't be needing them..." *heh heh heh*
This may sound goofy, but love is almost always the weirdest magic... or the most magical weirdness... there is. While the story of me and GameBoy - not how we met, but how we were pre-connected - is very different, the effect is similarly stunning. There are no coincidences. Thank the Divine. :-)

Enjoy yourself!
Okay--update time!

*sigh*--it was SOOOOO Hollywood! :-O I am on the phone w/him (because he's not sure that I can find his house--even though he's described the way 1000 times verbally and I have a typewritten set of instructions on my lap!) and he's telling me how to get to his house. I come up on his building and he says, "Okay--pull into the alleyway. I'm sitting on my doorstep, smoking a cigar." I say okay and hang up. I pull around the corner and there he is! He jumps up and runs into the street. I am so excited to see him I almost forget to put the damned car in park (*embarrassed grin*) and run out too. We embrace and kiss in the middle of the street for a good couple of minutes and then, after dragging my stuff and KEYS out of the car, we run inside and get busy reaquainting ourselves w/each other!! :-O

To whomever I owe for this happiness--Deity, ancestor, Elemental--THANK YOU!!!!! :-O:-O:-O

*sigh* *happy contented Djennma*

It's actually made me cry quite a lot thinking about it because, as my dad put it to me recently, "It's exciting to watch you come alive again!" *sniff* I had no idea I'd come so far away from myself! :-( I go and see a lawyer on the 9th, and in IN you have to wait 60 days before the divorce becomes 100% final--so I'll be disentangled from Lumpy (our not-so-polite nickname for my soon-to-be-official-Ex) in August sometime.
How funny, I was just about to ask for a Djenn update.

I'm so glad things are working out for you!
djenn, that's incredible!
Yeah--and the more I think about it, I think that I am getting help from "the other side" on this one. I know that my padrino was CONSTANTLY asking me about my marriage to every single time I saw him (which wasn't all that often). And Lumpy said that Padrino told him that he'd "better find some way to marry me or he was going to lose me"...and just the way that this is falling apart and falling away, to me, has a lot of the trappings of a spell that's lost its efficacy--I literally looked around my old house and thought, "where in the hell am I? Who in the hell is THAT? Why the hell am I *here*??"--and that's part of what prompted me moving on.

I don't care though--I'm not getting divorced *because* of Schmeag--whether he would have come into the picture or not I would have been getting divorced. THAT relationship is over. But I *am* incredibly glad that he's going to be in my post-divorce life. :-O

*happy dance* May the good karma I'm experiencing flow out to everyone else here, too!! :-O :-)

BTW--Amywoman: he's originally from the Region (Lake Co., IN) and he says he'd like to move up closer to his family in a few years--which is fine w/me because I like that area and I love his family. But that means I'll be closer to the Chicagoland area!! Woo-hoo! :-O
That would be awesome, Djenn! We could visit!

I'm really glad for you too, no matter what.
bumpity! :-)

Anybody doing anything special for the Solstice?

You'd think this would be a no-brainer, but this is the one holiday I have a hard time remembering! :-) Although, it *is* easier to think about it now since my daughter's b-day is the 23rd....;)

Djenn, happy news! Congrats and enjoy!

I am technically a member of a "tribe" - so far, peripherally at best. For Midsummer, there will be a ritual and eats - and GameBoy might even join me!
haha! it's the one i have trouble remembering, too!

i rationalize it this way: i'm so busy out just naturally worshipping the sun that i forget to do the ritual part -- though at this point after all these years of forgetting, doesn't riding the cyclone at coney island count as a ritual? i do it every year, right around the solstice now that i think on it...
HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's GREAT, bklyn!! There's an amusement park not too far from here--maybe I'll spend my Solstice riding a roller coaster too!

Okay ladies, Tarot Time: Anybody ever do any pathworking w/the Tarot? With the current boy sitch (and once you see the card, all of you will laugh, I know it! :P), I've been doing readings and having readings done--because my "need" for him is like a drug jones--which is weird, because I hardly even drink alcohol, let alone do anything that'd give me the DT's! :P Know what card keeps coming up? -->THE DEVIL<--!! *ROTFL*

Damn--can I pick them or WHAT?! Boy's been unavailable the last couple of days and I've been *literally* shaking. So I just wrote him a letter (because we've been talking about "our life together" and he's been calling me "his") saying (I shall paraphrase!):"Um--babe? I think I need to pull away from you for a while--possibly a long while. I'm just getting ready to file for divorce (got it started yesterday), rebuild my life and myself, and I can't be a sane part of a couple in ANY stripe right now. If I'm in your neck of the woods I'll call, and vice versa. But I'm not going to be considering you as a part of my life until *you* are ready to go there too (he's got stuff to work out/clean up before we would enter into a serious relationship too)." Don't know what that's going to do--it could shoot all of this in the ass and I could lose him entirely. But I have to lose him--because Elleggua (Santerian Crossroads God who basically runs the show) has been hitting me over the head with a stick (literally--I've had SUCH a headache!) telling me to do the one thing I fear the most--which is lose him! One of Elleggua's most popular syncretic symbols? A devil. Boy and I want tattoos--each of us picking a symbol for the other. Mine's a honeybee. His? A Mephisto-style devil.


...sometimes being a Witch really cracks me up, ya know? :-O Gods, I love my religion!! :D
wait, now you know the devil in tarot is not necessarily like, actual satan, right? the devil, if my trusty tarot book (The Secrets of the Tarot, by Barbara G. Walker) is any good is more in the sense of 'lord of the underworld' than Satan.

in my understanding the card should be read as symbolic of shadow selves, alternate realities, a passing into the unknown.

the devil can also be understood as the biblical serpent, giver of knowledge and key to the greatest mysteries. additionally, the devil card is a symbol of rebirth, just as the death card is a symbol of new beginnings.

though the ellegua connection should definitely be taken seriously, as should the boy's devil tat. i just wouldn't read the judeo-christian Satan into that tarot card.

back to rollercoaster solstice -- i wonder what a better way to cast a circle is -- the tilt-a-whirl or the ferris wheel?
no--I know that the "devil" is more Baphomet than Satan (although I gotta dig Lucifer's style)--I deal w/symbols overall and the symbol that kept on showing up over and over and OVER again was that of a devil--which is VERY appropriate as I was feeling a need like a drug-jones about the boy and his lovin'--both physical and emotional. Besides, even if it were Satan it still comes out to the same thing, in my interpretation: "STOP, DAMNIT!! Look at what's going on!! You got a monkey on your back!!!" :-) And so I did something about it and wrote to him, telling him that while I believe we'll be together at some point in the future right this minute isn't a good time. We both need time and space to keep healing and growing. And he agreed with me. We're still talking, but it's in emails, which helps maintain distance a little bit--which in this case is a good idea...

Circle for Solstice? Don't forget a merry-go-round! (My daughter LOVES these!!) :-O
yeah, i think ultimately you're right.

by the way, i highly reccommend Barbara Walker -- her take on tarot is one of the most fascinating i've ever come across and speaks very well to those on a pagan path. she tries a bit too hard to prove some kind of cultural continuity with pre-christian europe, but ultimately she's not really fudging the facts so much as making a serious case for the 'influence' of paganism on western culture. which i can generally get behind.

i have always had an issue with the fact that tarot only dates to the 15th century and yet there are all these people out there trying to make it out to be some key tool of pre-christian european pagans... though i do like her rationalization of this as it's the only one i've read that actually gibes with anything like reality.
Right now I'm learning the Qabalah too--which makes the Tarot stuff even MORE interesting! The best explanation of Tarot that I've ever seen/read is the one in "The Chicken Qabalah" by Lon Milo DuQuette--one of my fave authors!! :-) A bunch of my friends met him at ConVocation in Detroit this past February...I hope he's going to next year's so that I can meet him too! :-)

(chanting, w/sigils painted on forehead and cheeks) MI-LO!! MI-LO!! MI-LO!!! :-O
Okay--time for Djenn to throw out a bizarre question:

Anybody know where I can find info on the link between physical pain/suffering and magick?

There--that wasn't too bad, was it? ;) :-O

ahhh--sweet, short-lived romance....yeah, the boy and I broke it off. That whole damned addiction thingie became too strong--he retreated, I chased (never, ever, EVER ignore me when I need an answer, especially about personal St. Margaret Cho says, "You don't like me? I'll make you HATE me!!!" :-O Sags' *are* HUNTERS, after all! :-)), but that's what I get. *sigh* *sniff* I'm okay. Actually, I feel better now than I did before because at least I have a flippin' ANSWER, instead of NOTHING--I *HATE* being in limbo!!! (Nope--I'm not a Grand Fire Trine--not *ME*!! ;) HAHAHAHAHA!!)

Ah me--if ya can't laugh at yourself, who you gonna laugh at? :-)

It's fueling my blues-singing thing thing, though!! :-) OH YEAH--y'all will appreciate this: it's silly and pagan-y at the same time. A few days ago we had rain all day, with it clearing up towards night. As I'm driving to work, obsessing over Boy and his lack of responses, I think to myself, "Fuck'em. If he wants me so goddamned badly, he can fucking CRAWL over barbed wire and broken glass to come and get me then. I'm tired of being ignored and played..." Simultaneously, I have a thought pop in, "I wanna be a blues singer" (yeah--don't ask. My mind is a "random thought generator" sometimes--kind of like Pinky as in "Pinky and the Brain" *NARF!*) At that moment, I look up and see a PERFECT rainbow. Looks like it has been painted on the sky, perfect!! :-) An overwhelming "YES" omen, as far as these things go. But then I think, "Yeah--but about which part? Making him crawl or being a blues singer??" :-O *hee hee hee* So a friend of mine who's a singer is going to help me work on my voice and I'm going to see if I can find some folks to jam with. I don't know if anything'll come of it, but even if it doesn't, who cares? It'll be fun in the meantime, AND be creative, and who couldn't do with a little more of that?? :-)

Again, AH ME!! :-)

okay ladies--SOLSTICE REPORTS!!!

I spent my Solstice weekend running around w/my daughter (she's 6 now!! Woo-hoo!!) and (after she'd gone to her dad's) running around drinking w/some friends of mine. All in all, a good way to ring in summer, I feel!! :-O

What about everyone else?
djenn, I'm sorry about the boy. I guess you knew it was coming, but still.

Solstice was pretty quiet around here. Not much to report.
thanks, amy! :-) It was a good thing, overall. Honestly, after Lumpy (the family's nickname for my soon-to-be-EX) I wasn't sure I would ever be able to be passionate about anyone again, nor be able to have satisfying sex again. And he got to catch up on me and see that I'm okay and maybe still more than he can handle. So, overall, it was good! :-O

Sorry about the quiet solstice, though...:/ Maybe Lammas will be better...? :-) *BREAD FEST!!*

...hey, I'm a baker. Of *course* I'm excited about the Bread Holiday! :-) *hee hee*

Blessings to all! :-)
CHECK THIS OUT!!!!! 630175809990015?ncid=NWS00010000000001

WITCH SCHOOL'S FINALLY OPEN!! If you haunt you've seen it there (they've had an online school for years now) and now they've got an actual SCHOOL open in HOOPESTON, IL!!! :-O

Guess we'd better get there to see it before the locals torch it, eh? :-) It's only about 40 minutes from my house...I know this because Hoopeston is a fairly popular spot for a beer run on Sundays--because you can't buy alcohol on Sundays in IN! :-)

B-Double E-Double R-U-N--BEER RUN!!!! :-O
Hm, I am a little wary of Witch School, to be really honest. There was a LOT LOT LOT of drama locally about this since the founders are local to the Chicagoland area. It got pretty ugly. :-(
There they are! djennma and amywoman, my favorite busties. How ya doin', ladies? Been a while, eh?

I'm afraid I'm here for other-than-pagan reasons. I posted in the "Here, kitty, kitty" thread a problem I'm having with lil' Mr. Bebe--he's not doing too well. Would you animal-lovin' gals give it a look? I'd really appreciate any experience/feedback. Thank you! I promise to check in for reals soon.
QUOTE(bebebutton @ Jul 6 2006, 04:55 PM) *

There they are! djennma and amywoman, my favorite busties. How ya doin', ladies? Been a while, eh? <BR> <BR>I'm afraid I'm here for other-than-pagan reasons. I posted in the "Here, kitty, kitty" thread a problem I'm having with lil' Mr. Bebe--he's not doing too well. Would you animal-lovin' gals give it a look? I'd really appreciate any experience/feedback. Thank you! I promise to check in for reals soon.

bebe, I read, and I have no idea about fatty liver disease. sad.gif How is he doing now?
Heya bebe!!

I've heard of fatty liver disease, but sadly I know very little about it. What's going on? sad.gif

*sends good vibes bebe's way anyway--and out to all the BUSTies who need 'em*
Thanks, ladies. Sorry it's taken me a while to get back, but the new lounge ate my identity.

It wasn't a liver disease at all, but cancer. Poor little sweetie went very quickly. He had FeLV, and the vets I spoke with said that it's such an unpredictable disease (some cats even recover), but that when they do get sick, they go really fast. He went from acting funny to not eating to seriously ill in about a week.

I'm glad I didn't put him through an ultrasound and biopsy, knowing what I know now. But now I know about force feeding and all that, so if *you* guys ever have any questions, get in touch.

Lovely to know you're both still here, and both such sweethearts. Starting a new job and school in the next month, so I'm afraid I'll probably drop outta here again, but I'm sending hugs to you both right now: mmmph!

Take care!
I'm so sorry, bebebutton. sad.gif It's so hard to lose your friends. sad.gif

Oh bebe---I'm so sorry too!! sad.gif


Best of luck w/school and job, if we don't here from you again before you get started! :/
I'm sorry to hear about your loss, Bebe. sad.gif My mom had the family dog put to sleep last April, and I didn't know how I would get used to it. I hope you feel better soon!

Just for fun, I was wondering what everyone is doing for Lammas? Mr. Musicfit and I go to our friends' house in Ohio and we have a party all day. We make a bread man (naughty bits and all) and have the ritual, cooking him in aluminum foil in the fire, then passing him around and eating him. After that, we have a barbeque, drinks and hanging out around the fire for the rest of the night.
oooh--THAT sounds like fun! I'm coming to *your* house, musicfit! wink.gif Actually, our local group (after getting out from under the fiscal/emotional burden of trying to run a Pagan Pride Day ™ and just having our own events instead) is having a picnic that's open to the public--should be a good time! smile.gif Our focus is on "Community--ALL of it!" smile.gif biggrin.gif

Okay, ladies--who out there has any experience with the Qabalah? I'm still getting my head around it and I have a BIG question... blink.gif

And, to help (possibly) spark a discussion: what do you think of "Community Magick"? Doing things that are out there in the (non-Pagan) public eye? Are they a good idea--or not? Stories are welcome!! cool.gif
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