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*comes crashing in*

hi mornington,

i meant to pm you but thought that might be a little odd since you don't know me. anyways, my boyfriend gave me plane tickets for my birthday and we decided on london (i am in berlin so it won't be that expensive with one of the cheapo airlines). can you recommend a non-touristy time to see london? we won't be able to go before early september since the boy is working and i am finishing off my degree here. and i know how it is in berlin when everything is crowded with tourists. especially now with the stoopid world cup.
hmmm, maybe morninton will correct me (seeing since she actually lives there!) but I don't think there is any time in London that isn't touristy! eta: and do I count as a tourist? Seeing as it is technically the capital city of the country I live in...

p.s. greenbean, franz ferdinand are from my home city and I love them dearly.
indiechick - pm away if there's anything you want to ask! I'll do my best to answer.

non-touristy time is difficult (there are always tourists), but I'd say the autumn is fantastic, as the summer trade falls off. You tend to notice the tourists more if you do classic touristy things. The best time would be the last few weeks of september, through to about mid november. I'd avoid december as everyone does thier christmas shopping. Half-term usually falls in the second/third weeks of october, so depending on what you want to do, it could get crowded as all the kids are off school.

Oh dear, the world cup... I'm totally not envious of you with all that going on. Hope you survive!
Hooray for bunnyb and sexy, sharp-dressed Scots!

Oooo I can't wait! All my friends keep telling me I'm gonna meet some tan-skinned, syrupy-suave guy in Portugal, but I'd rather meet a pasty-white Brit rocker who calls me a "bird"! *oh fantasy boy, I hope I find you* sigh.
thanks, mornington. all i wanted was kind of like a general idea that going in early fall (autumn...) would still be nice. i'll pm you once i have more questions on my mind. i have been to london three times before so i don't have to do all the touristy things but the boy will probably want to do that. i'm more into the indie music scene than walking across tower bridge.

berlin right now is driving me nuts. tourists everywhere. and obviously they have never taken the subway before.
Anyone know much about Germany? Specifically Wurzburg and Heidelsberg? Going for 9 days, primarily for World Cup...but then there's wine travel and other stuff I'd like to do.
treehugger, glad you had a good visit!
@doxy: although i am german, i cannot give you any information on the cities you are visiting. i was born in berlin and have lived here all my life and arrogants as we berliners are, we don't really venture anywhere else since this is the town to be. sorry.
what might be of interest to you and other people travelling in or through germany, though, is the germany survival guide (,1518,411291,00.html ) by the magazine "der spiegel" (a better version of time or newsweek).
My traveling pal and I are staying faaar away from Germany due to the world cup madness! But if it were any other time I would love to see Berlin. A friend of mine is moving there..she is a singer/performer and I guess shes popular over there. She says artists are treated very well in Berlin. Must be nice!

Mornington I love you!! I checked out all your suggestions and it looks like I'll be at "Blow Up Metro" on June 24th. You should come!
Ooh, mornington, thanks for the link to nambucca. I'm in London at start of July and would love to check it out! (psst: I'm hoping for a bustie meetup then too, if you and others are around... )

Count me in on the Berlin love.
Hey ladies. I was wondering if anyone had an advice on neat-o things to do in Paris. We're going there on our honeymoon at the beginning of July. So, if anyone knows of any cool places for live music (we're into indie rock), or any good places to eat, or just plain fun, non-touristy places that you've been or like to go, let me know. Thanks in advance!
ooh, syb... let me know the dates! I have exams at the start of july, but I'd be up for a meetup.

indie & greenbean - I had a thought... the london a-z is especially handy if you haven't got one already. It's a street atlas of london, has all the tube stations etc in it... really good for when you're planning to go off the tourist route. I imagine you can get them through amazon, but they sell them everywhere here.
My boyfriend and I have the chance to go to Las Vegas in October. Neither of us has ever been there before, but a family member is offering us some package deal, where we get reduced airfare and 3 nights at The Bellagio. The first night is free and the other two nights are $149 each.

If we do it, we're not going to have a lot of money, so we probably won't go to any of the shows. We're not really into gambling (but I'll probably play some nickel slots just to say I've gambled in Vegas) so what else there to do in Vegas without much money besides window shop and people watch?

I saw the buffet at The Bellagio on the Food Network- it looks amazing! Any idea how much it costs?
Bellagio Buffet prices/hours:

Breakfast 8:00am - 10:30am $13.95
Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm $18.95
Dinner 4:30pm - 10:00pm $26.95
Sat & Sun Champagne Brunch 8:00am - 3:30pm $28.95
Friday and Saturday Gourmet Dinner 4:30pm to 11:00pm $34.95

Me, I don't gamble, so I mostly find a place to sit & people watch. I can stare at the fountain all night & we once had a competition to see how many different hooker flyers we could collect. Oh, I also enjoyed doing the whole aerial tour thing via copter. Loud, but cool.
let's see, free stuff:
-the TI pirate show nightly,
-the volcano at the Mirage,
-the waterworks at the Bellagio.
-the freaks and drunks on the strip at night are always fun (i've been both at one point ;-) )
-clubs. ask around (taxi drivers, concierges, other ticket sales people) and you can get your covercharge waived AND rock it VIP.

cheaper stuff:
-take a bus down to the "old" part of the strip, they usually have free outdoor music, a minor light show, cheap token shops.
-take a bus to the outlet mall and window shop or splurge (hey, you took the bus, isn't that enough? :-) )
-Madame Tussaud's Wax Museaum. You get to moleste the figures AND take pictures! (I have a not-so-christianly one of me and Billy Graham)
-Buffet at The Boardwalk. $12.95, voted one of the best/cheapest. I've been to other buffets ranging upwards of $25, i don't know what the Bellagio is but i'm guessing it's close.
-"Shitty" seats at a show. I saw the baudy-licious "Zumanity" for $60 and sat in the way back, but I saw everything. You might be able to get cheaper at the ones Tickets place in the M&M's shop if you're willing to wait in line.
-Rollercoaster/Imax. Although I'm not sure how much you want to do this on your trip to Vegas when you can do it at home.
-Play the penny slots and get free drinks. Tip well, get smashed, stumble back to your hotel room and pass out.

-Visit the Hoover Dam
-Go nuts at Sephora/any other high-end couture shops

I could go on. I'm basically reminiscing about my trips there, so whatever works for you ;-)
I would definitely see one of the showgirls shows too. We saw SkinTight at Harrah's. I think it was like $35 each but it was sexy and fun.

The Shark's Reef in the Mandalay was very cool but not worth whatever it is they charge you to get in there.
Thanks for the suggestions- does anyone know if/what the fee is to get into the art gallery at The Bellagio?
HELP! I am going to Dubai tomorrow and will have a 12-hour layover. I have no idea what to see or do in the city. Can any BUSTie give me some advice?
The museum at the Bellagio is stupidly expensive considering it's not accredited. It's $15--I just looked it up. I don't know if you'll be able to rent a car but if you do you should drive up to Red Rock Canyon and do the driving tour. You can do hikes there, too, and the past two times I went I saw herds of wild burros on the side of the road. It rawked. If you have a car you could do ghosttown tours. There is a map of Nevada ghosttowns and there are a bunch of them so close to Vegas.
Steppe_child - basically it's going to be stupidly hot, so you'll need to be indoors. You could go see a mosque or two but I'm not sure how the bendable the rules are (women aren't allowed in mosques in most arab states) and the heritage museum is meant to be interesting. But... everyone I knew went to dubai to go shopping!

ok, I googled and found this

Steppe_child - though I'm usually against tours I went on one in Dubai because it was the only way to get into the desert, and it was really interesting - plus the air con always good! Dubai is terrible for pedestrians. Perhaps you could go on a tour of the city, the souks etc? Just a thought.
Hey Venetia and Mornington--I am in Dubai now. I went to the mall where there is a ski slope and while I didn't ski, I spent a good five hours there, so it took up most of the day. Thanks for the advice though!
Cool I'm glad you had fun. TBH I could probably spend 12 h in the airport.
So I'm back from Europe. I'm soooo depressed. I feel hard for an Englishman, and I miss him so.
mmmmm, the beauty of an Englishman in July. Greenbean, I'm sorry he couldn't fit in you suitcase!

I just booked my ticket to Barcelona! I have never been to Spain. Im going for the second half of August. Any party/cultural suggestions? Hopefully I'll meet a sexy spanish man too! mmmmmmm
anna k
heh, I just realized I put "feel hard" instead of "fell hard". ha ha.
good luck to everyone and their travels!
have any busties -UK or otherwise- been to Liverpool (England) and, if so, any suggestions for cool places to see, eat and shop?
Paddy's Wigwam. The huuuuuuuge f-off caflic cathedral. You can't miss it - even if you're not religious it's beautiful. It's on the same street as the proddy cathedral (which always reminds me of a red phone box).

The university bookshop is lovely. I can't remember what it's called though. Red-something-or-other. Apparently the docks are pretty cool these days.

I'll ask my mother and come back. She knows liverpool far better than I do (I've only been once, for a university interview - but we saw the wigwam... mostly so we could report back to my nana).
Liverpool's also got a Tate museum down around the docks. The docks themselves are pretty nifty: all modern glass-fronted restaurants and bars. A good place for a walk.

There's a nice neighbourhood a bit out from the city centre which is leafy and has some nice restaurants and pubs; I'll try and remember the name. Liverpool is very much a party town and the city centre can get rambunctious at the weekends.
thanks! I knew about the Tate and will be definitely be visiting and will have a look around everything else.
Please be sure to tell all blokes in Liverpool you support Everton. Make certain everyone knows you're not a red scouse.

The nice leafy area is called Lark Lane, on the outskirts of Sefton Park - at least I think that's where you're referring to!

I work at Liverpool Uni, is this the Uni for the bookshop you mentioned mornington? There's a great bookshop in town too, at the top of Bold Street called 'News from Nowhere' - they have large sections for gender studies, gay and lesbian fiction, world music, etc.

Not sure what kind-of food you eat, but if you are into vegetarian/vegan food, there's a really good cafe called the Egg.

Definately go to the Wigwam, it's really lovely.

There's also the Walker Art Gallery in town, they have some Pre-Raphaelite stuff that's quite interesting.

Erm, that's all I can think of for the time being!

Sefton Park, that's it. Cheers bilka!

Oi, doxy, what's wrong with Liverpool FC?
I'm not travelling at moment, but back from travels to place that is supposed to be "home". I want it to be my home but is annoying situation as don't actually have anywhere to live!! That is not way it is supposed to be in "home" don't think. Travel frequently for months up to yr at time so do not have permanent fulltime place kept here and family not from here so they didn't have base here either. Probly not place to post this but whatever. Happy travelling others... smile.gif

Wish there was a Accomodation section in Personals on Bust site...
Are you going to travel some more, writer?

So, the boy is moving to Manchester (England) for work next month and I'll be visiting a lot: anyone familiar with the city? Any suggestions for good areas for him to live and good places for us to visit/shop/eat and/or general advice?
I'm seriously considering going to Japan for a year to teach with one of the big three English language schools. Does anyone have any experience with this that could give me some advice or things to consider about this? I'm trying to research online but there is alot of information and conflicting opinions to sort through. Any help?
Octobersky, a few people I know of went via the JET programme, so I think it's pretty reliable. They should be google-able.

Other than that, my (petite, brunette) friend said she felt huge much of the time when she was there... but she had an awesome time so Iwouldn't worry about it. Good luck!
popping in to query anyone who's flown recently (ie since the supposedly averted terrorist attack that has resulted in even more security enforcement at airports). i have a domestic flight this friday, and they say to get there THREE HOURS before departure time. is this really necessary?

Hi Octobersky,
found these 2 links

don't know - but I would be somehow curious to read about a Bustie in Japan!!

(((((( Japan Travel Vibes )))))))))))
Mouse, I'm not in the US, but I would say it depends on what airport you're flying from. If you're flying from an international airport getting through it may take more time because of the greater volume of people using it... and sheer size. If it's a smaller regional one I would probably leave it at 90 mins before departure.

My local (international, European) airport is saying 3 hours now... but I still arrive about 90 mins-2 hours ahead. *shrugs* Life's too short and airport food is too expensive!
thanks sybarite---i just booked a shuttle to get me there two and a half hours beforehand, which allows for traffic (it's rush hour on a friday, i'm sure there will be) but still gives me a cushion of time, more than i usually take but less than three hours. now, an etiquette question: do you tip the shuttle driver if your bill is prepaid by credit card? if so, how much???
Thanks for the links mouni4! - the company I'm considering going with is Aeon. It seems that you have to go to the Japan counsulate to be considered for the Jet programe - Chicago is 8 hours away for me. Aeon is supposed to be pretty good 'cause they subsidise your rent and you aren't forced into a roomate situation. The cities I'm considering are Osaka and Kobe. Does anyone know much about them? I've perused a few travel guides, but they haven't told me too much.

Yeah I'm sure I will stand out - I'm 5"5 and chunky! My height is woeful average here but there I will probably be on the taller side of things, thank goodness I'm brunette, at least I won't be sooo obvious in a crowd.
Anyone have any insights on Berlin?
I'm thinking of living a few months in Europe but not sure where...
Berlin stands out because I'm an artist and I hear it has a vibrant art scene.
I get conflicting opinions on Germans though: some say they are cool but others say they are
Also, I hate house/jungle/drum and bass type music, which I know is real popular there.
Anyone know of where the more punk/indie music scene is? (if there is any??)
Greenbean, I liked Berlin the one time I visited. I had a boyfriend from there and can say that Germans get a bad press. I found him and his friends to be lovely and warm, a little brusque but that's simply their M.O.: a lot less waffle than us americans.

Berlin was very cool, obviously very modern but with a laid back vibe in coffee shops and bars. This is 10 years ago so it may have changed. I know a few people who did a starving artist thing there and loved it... they were young at the time though.

I think there's a couple of busties living in Berlin, or in Germany. Maybe they'll pop in with their 2 (euro) cents...
Thanks sybarite!
I'm not so young anymore (just turned 27) but really that just feels old since I'm not in a place
I thought I'd be at this time. It feels young however in the sense that I don't have anything holding
me here (not a serious job, no husband/kids etc.) so I should take off for an adventure before I
get any older, no?

Being an art bum is something thats always intriguied me but it so hard where I live cuz of the expensive
quality of life. Wow, I'm excited! I may be cycling in Berlin in a couple months!!
i've never been to europe, and only started really "travelling" in the past few years. only once have i been out of the country- to st. kitts in the carribbean.
several months ago, my parents surprised us by booking a european cruise with an extension in barcelona. i am thrilled because i have an art history background! our cruise is in october. we are staying in barcelona for three nights, then will board the ship, which has ports of call that are near rome, naples, florence, marseille, and nice. i will be travelling with my boyfriend and my parents, although the boy and i will probably be off doing seperate things for a majority of the time.
in rome, we are taking the opportunity to see the vatican and the colosseum. in naples, we are going on an excursion to pompeii. other than that... anything you ladies might recommend? the ship has tours scheduled for which we can register. we've never been on a cruise (its royal carribbean), so any cruise taking tips would be wonderful, too.
we realize that the only place where we will really be able to explore the city much is barcelona, and i'm really excited about seeing gaudi's architecture, such as sagrada familia, casa mila, and park guell. we are good with maps and getting around in other cities, although we've never been this far abroad.
Oooooh!! Have fun Pink!
I looove Rome,..just walking around town is very cool. Its so weird to walk around with contempory, stylish people all around and then be like, "Oh look, theres a giant pillar from Before Christ just on the side of the road there. hmm." Its like, 'whoooooa'.
And everyone is on a Vespa, even the little old ladies. Theres a constant 'buzz' in the air.
Pompeii was cool too, for the history lesson and all.

Gotta say that I was a bit disapointed in Florence, only because it was so swarmed with tourists. It was like the Disneyland of art museums. But hey, you gotta see that stuff in person, right?

If you get a chance check out Bernini's scuptures (I find his 'David' much sexier than Michaelangelo's).
I forget the name of the museum that holds them but I believe it was in Rome.

I've never been to Barcelona but I want to,,I love Gaudi as well.

Happy trails!
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