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hello! i was wondering where i ought to post if i'm looking for something that was printed in a bust issue i no longer have?

i'm specifically looking for the resources cited in a little article about knitting in the april/may 2006 issue. i remember the spin spin zine but i'm trying to remember the resource that talks about vegan fiber spinning and i think i recycled my copy already. thank you!
Sorry MsLongStocking, I haven't seen that article (I need to renew my Bust subscription). *hanging head in shame*

What's everyone working on? I've got two knitting projects going: a halter top for me with a lace panel up the front, and also this sweater from the Spring '06 issue of Interweave Knits which I'm making as a shop sample (hopefully later to become a present for my mom). It's knit sideways and has been a really fun challenge. I seem to be in a lace phase.

I have a pile of about six sewing projects I want to do this summer also, but I have got to finish at least one of these knitting projects first!

I've been researching and trying out different spinning wheels and have pretty much decided on this one. Now I just have to save up for it.
i am currently working on a sweater for my cat..(he has no fur), a pair of socks(for me, not the cat), and a variety of crafty projects using beads, clay and feathers. oh and hot glue guns..personally..i am loving my self striping yarn.
i'm baaaaaaack after far too many months!. i didn't get any knitting done (other than a scarf i traded to a fellow bustie) this year. but, i found some awesome, soft, multicoloured chunky yarn on the free shelf at the university (one of those leave what you don't want and take what you want/need deals) though when i got home, i realized the two balls were different colourways. oh well, i'm thinking armwarmers, and i'll weigh the ball of yarn so i'll know when i'm halfway done. now i just need to get some fat dps and get it done
Sorry mslongstockings, I just donated all my old bust mags to the womyn's centre at my uni.

I'm currently working on a teapot cozy for my sister in an orange and brown crazy stripe motif. I am still working on the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers from s'n'b 2--I'm finished one and halfway through another, although I don't think they'll be done in time for spring. I always hit a lull in the knitting at this time of year. Last year I don't think I was working on anything at this time.
I can't believe I never posted in this thread before!

I just started knitting in October, but I found myself getting quite obsessed with it quite fast. I just posted these pictures of my recent knitting adventures on my livejournal...

I have some good friends who live near me (including surly!) who are knitting gurus (one has had patterns in knitty and magknits), which I think largely accounts for my not being scared to try fairly ambitious projects early on. My next trick will be a lace wrap, though I haven't decided on a pattern yet...
My spinning/knitting-crazed BFF, The Empress Doctor Kate, sent me this link and I thought I should share it with you. StitchyMcYarnpants!
the new magknits is up and it features a scarf that was partially knitted in my very own living room! not by me though, by the designer.
Pssst. Knock knock.

So I've gotten myself into a bit of a bind (pun intended). I promised a family member I'd knit a blanket for the new baby. Well, I'm selfishly having second thoughts about it. This family member isn't so keen on taking good care of things. I don't know why I offered to do it in the first place. I guess I was happy about the baby being born! But I can see the baby blanket being thrown in the washing machine (and getting ruined) the first time the baby spits up over it.

Why did I say I'd make a baby blanket?

I mean, how not very practical. This isn't the kind of person to take clothes to a dry cleaner, either.

I've thought about getting cheap acrylic yarn from a crafts store (rather than a proper yarn store) that's machine-washable, but what do you guys think? So many hours are put into making something by hand and to have it potentially ruined by one stupid act by someone who doesn't see the value in nice clothes, handmade stuff, etc., just really bothers me and makes me not want to knit anything.

Plus, even if I DO get machine-washable synthetic-type yarn, who's to say that a machine still won't rip the blanket to shreds? One little snag and it's all over.

Have any of you guys ever been in this kind of situation? What did you do?

I'm kind of thinking of making something smaller (less time), but still run up against the parents not taking good care of it. I hate backing out of promises, but I just don't know what to do.
raisin, could you explain that you've suddenly become much busier than you'd anticipated and don't have time to knit a blanket, but would they like a hat/booties instead? in one (or both) of the stich 'n bitches there are quick baby hats and booties.

anyone got the happy hooker? i'd love to get it, as stich 'n bitch is actually the reason i can now knit (for some reason i can only knit continental, or 'crazy backwards lady' way as my mom calls it), but whenever i try to crotchet not in a round i cannot keep the right number of stitches going, so i worry it would be a waste of money
raisin, I think making a baby blanket that can't be machine washed is really not appropriate anyway. I know it's hard to think that way when so much of the joy of knitting is in the fantastic fibers, but things have to be fit for purpose, don't they? New moms have enough to deal with without having to cope with picky fabrics. (I'm having my first baby in the fall, and if I can't machine wash something, it's not going anywhere near the baby. I'm not a masochist.) Aside from the hassle, I wouldn't want my baby near a dry cleaned anything anyway as the chemicals used in so called "dry" cleaning are scary scary, even for adults to be around, let alone babies.

You'd be surprised at what nice man-made fibers are out there now. Go have a look and find something nice and soft and machine washable.

By the way, I still have a blanket that I still use on my bed that someone made for me when I was born. It's been machine washed more times than I can count, it's some kind of acrylic, and it wears like iron. I'm 40 years old in a month and so it's been around a while. I treasure it even though other wise I am a natural fibers snob.

If you don't want to make it, that's another matter. It sounds like you might have mixed feelings for this person that go beyond the blanket. If that's the case, I think tyger's suggestion is very good. Don't do it because you feel you have to--nothing wrong with changing your mind and tyger's idea is a very graceful "out."
Thanks, you two. I think downgrading to a hat or something is a much better idea. Honestly, I haven't even had the time or the mental space to be able to hang out in a yarn shop for a couple of hours lingering over the yarns (yes, I do think acrylic has come a long way, you're right) and picking out a pattern. And the time that it's going to take to knit, I seriously don't know when I'm supposed to do it (all my time is being consumed by a new career and everyone in the family knows about it).

Maybe no time is part of the problem, too, but I suppose I was a fool to offer to make something for people who don't appreciate that kind of stuff to begin with. It just motivates me less to do it, you know? Maybe I'm just a selfish bitch, but I kind of value my time. AGGGGHHHHH. This is supposed to be a happy thing!

Anoushh, I have read in other threads about your pregnancy. I'm sure you'll be fine. :-) Just this month I had a 40-year-old friend give birth to a healthy baby, her first one. Are you knitting anything for your baby's arrival? (Right, with what time, right? Aren't you moving as well?)

Sorry, Tyger, I know not a stitch about crochet! It's another world to me.
i went ahead and got it, and i loooooove the happy hooker. i swear, debbie has the *best* instructional sections for knitting and crotchet i have ever seen. plus, i knit continental, so i hold everything exactly the same for knitting and crotchet, but i can crotchet longer without my wrists hurting.

i just jumped right in after re-acquainting myself with the stitches, and i'm about halfway done one triangle of a bikini top. i had this lovely yarn which knitting just didn't highlight, but crotcheting it is perfect. it may not really be swimming suitable, but it's going to be tres belle for lounging. wheeee!
Interesting article on craft stuff and feminism in today's Guardian:


Raisin, thanks. It sounds like you made the right decision re; not doing the blanket. Machine washable or no, not very gratifying making a gift for someone who doesn't appreciate it. And it sounds like you have enough on your plate as it is!
Oooh, I'm bookmarking that article to read for later, Anoushh.

The hat I'm thinking of making, so cute you just want to eat it!

Sorry, it's too early for me to bother with the fancy formatting like I usually do.
oh my goodness, that looks like a big, sweet, purple berry head-pie! ha ha, i love it!
I love that hat! Let us know how it turns out. I've thought of doing it, too.
Hee! I'll give a full report.
hey all, it's been a while but i have a question...btw, raisin et al, i have been waiting for SOMEONE to have a baby so I can knit them that hat! please post a pic when you're done with it! it's so cute.

here's my question: i have recently started experimenting by knitting with leather lacing and some cotton cording. (I'm making bracelets in the hopes of selling them.) I was able to buy a few spools of the leather lacing at Michael's to start...but it's super expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could find it for cheap/wholesale? (thank you.)
I just have to write and tell everyone that I am going to my first stitch n bitch knitting group EVER tonight - I am SO excited!! I never thought I would find one (I'm in Australia) so I am SUPER happy. I feel a little embarrassed about the basic level of my knitting skills but I'm sure everyone will be understanding - we all have to start somewhere. Just had to share my joy.
I hope you enjoy yourself, flowergirl. I am sure that everyone will be cool whatever your level of expertise.

Does anyone here know if I can use Stitch witchery to hem polyesther sheer curtains?
Chicken, you might have to wait until the fall for a picture. I don't know where else you could get cheaper leather cords; Michael's is supposed to have pretty reasonable prices already, right? That's always been my impression, but then again I've never bought leather lacing from there! How is it working out? I've always wanted to try knitting with wire.

Flower, I'm sure your first S&B will be awesome! I'm not super experienced even though I've been knitting since I was a kid, but I'm always happy to meet people who are new to knitting.
Good for you for going, Flower. I've been meaning to go to a Vancouver knitting meetup for some time now, but every time I chicken out (it doesn't help that I've been super busy). They have yarn swaps sometimes, and I'd like to go to one of those and trade in all my novelty yarn for something better.

I finished my first pair of socks ever yesterday! I'm so in love with them. Too bad it's summer! I want to wear them now. My whole family is getting socks for Christmas next year. Either that or mittens. What's everyone's favorite sock pattern? I used this one: while heavily relying on this guide: and the sock article at knitty.

In other news, I finished the Hurry Up Spring armwarmers awhile ago, and am still working on the teapot cozy for my sister. (Erm, I kinda abandoned it when I got so excited about the socks.)
Oh goodie goodie. The meeting was so fun. There were 5 girls (including me) and one guy (cool) all knitting away in this cute little room in this cute little pub in the historic part of Sydney - all the buildings are from the 1800s and there's narrow, cobblestoned streets, and we are sitting there all cozy (it's winter here - too bad you're not here batty) in a lovely little room next to a blazing fire. What more could you want? I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. And the girls/women were really cool and funny. I am definitely going back in 2 weeks. Can't think of anywhere I'd rather be on a Monday night!! :-)
my little wanted to know what a shrinking violet was so we did a google image search and here's this thing i found.
pepper, that shrinking violet link is great! i love that kind of stuff.

anyone have good recommendations for different lace patterns? I have been making knitted leather bracelets and am interested in spicing it up a bit. (thanks!)
I ama long-time knitter who's just learning to crochet. Any favorite sites with patterns/instructions? I love for knitting, so I was hoping there might be something similar for crochet out there.....
Faith, I don't know about web sites, but there's always our very own Deb Stoller's Happy Hooker book!
Raisingirl, go with the acrylic. It really is the most practical. Regardless of what kind of people the parents are, a baby blanket is going to get messy. Something that can just be thrown in the wash is going to be best, so acrylic - or a superwash wool - will be best. If you're going for typical baby colors, there is plenty of selection at a crafts store. I think it's a much better route to go than to spend money on nicer yarn, that the baby will ruin. Plus, the acrylic will last a while. I know, because there's a 20-something year old baby blanket on my bed at home that looks great. It's acrylic.

If you don't want to go with the blanket, a hat or little sweater is also a nice gift. I'd still recommend acrylic for those.
faith, is like knitty but smaller and not as reliable with good patterns, it is there though.
Thanks guys! I have the Stoller book and will check out the website. Crochet is really fun; it's more sculptural than knitting. Good for my weird creative impulses.
I love crochet, for some reason it just clicks with me. It is harder to find nice designs though, knitting certainly has a cap on that market but they do exist. Crochetme is an excellent resource but I'd actually look into buying some of the books about converting knitting patterns to crochet if there is something in particular that has caught your eye.

It doesn't always look identical but it can look pretty close. Tunisian crochet really looks like knitting to me and can make some gorgeous things. Annie's Attic has some pretty scary items but they also have a lot of the good basic books. Mary Maxim as well has the frighteining crochet doll patterns and the like but again, there are a few good pieces. In particular they have some crochet purse kits which are nice because they are $12-$14 and include the yarn, pattern, buttons, and handles required to make the purse. smile.gif

I recently made up a snazzy purse that is made with the thick & quick yarn in charcoal. It's a long rectangle purse with a ladybug button closure. I'm still working on the straps that I want to put on but it's a lot of fun and I've seen the style of purse in stores and it caught my eyes. I may end up lining it with some Mary Engelbreit cherries fabric .. dunno yet.

I had a silly indie moment the other day: sitting on the bus, listening to Modest Mouse on my Ipod and knitting..I swear it just all happened at once! at least i found it amusing wink.gif
humanist - I actually love thoes moments when I realize I am a total cliche. I find myself crocheting with a cat in my lap while watching the Sci-Fi Channel on a Friday night.
Tunisian crochet is AWESOME and really, really easy to learn - if you can either knit or crochet, you can get it; if you can do both, it's practically second nature. Only trouble is that it curls like stockinette, but if you look around (there are TONS of links, believe it or not), it's easy to find work-arounds.

Also, it creates a grid appearance that can be used much like Aida cloth, just on a bigger scale. smile.gif I have a gorgeous pattern for a Tunisian/cross-stitch pattern with purple and dragonflies, which is about all I need to know...I lack the patience for now, but someday I know I'll make it.

I've been doing a great deal of swatching and starting projects, but not very successfully. Started a blanket with Moda Dea Ticker Tape, thoroughly swatched and cast on for what should have been 28 inches's currently *33*. Admittedly, it's a very elastic ribbon, but that just seems outlandish. At least it's a freestyle thing and not a pattern.

I just have to have some kind of success before I go back to trying lace.
kittenb, I did that on friday nights for months on end! (complete with cat on lap) But knitting, and probably watching Antiques Roadshow : ) I remember that at some point in recent years it was considered 'hip' to stay home and relax on friday nights.
I am meeting the Yarn Harlot tomorrow!!! All told, 6 Central Houston SnB members (5 of them in my car) are traveling to Austin for Stephanie's appearance at Hill Country Weavers. I'm so excited I can't even see straight. We're bringing her Houston microbrew beer and Texas-design dishcloths. biggrin.gif

I will report where pictures and details can be found upon my return!
Ooooh yarn! I'm such a yarn whore. I need to stop and become really proficient with what I have. Have fun tomorrow txplumwine!

I'm in the process of knitting some hats for a friend of the family who just found out he has brain cancer - it's terminal. Even so when the weather starts to turn cold around here he will need some nice hats to keep his poor head warm.

On a lighter note I made two skirts yesterday so I have some clothes to student teach in this fall. They are just a simple A-line style - flattering and comfortable. Hopefully I can get a couple of wrap dresses made in the next few weeks too.

Knitting with cat on lap is how I spend alot of my evenings. I was even watching Eureka - new show on Sci-fi and knitting and pondered if this officially puts me into nerd staus laugh.gif
QUOTE(txplumwine @ Jul 28 2006, 09:56 PM) *

I am meeting the Yarn Harlot tomorrow!!! All told, 6 Central Houston SnB members (5 of them in my car) are traveling to Austin for Stephanie's appearance at Hill Country Weavers. I'm so excited I can't even see straight. We're bringing her Houston microbrew beer and Texas-design dishcloths. biggrin.gif

I will report where pictures and details can be found upon my return!

Wow, txplumwine - is that you on her blog, with the red shirt and dishcloth! I'm so jealous - she's such a great writer and seems like a charmer. Let us know what she talked about and how you enjoyed it!

(For those who don't know - check out - one of the best knitting blogs ever).
Yep catwomyn, that's totally me! I was SO excited to make the entry! She does a mixture of old entries, bits from the books, and stuff that's happened on the recent travels. Stephanie is really the kind of chick that you'd love to have in a Stitch 'n' Bitch - smart, funny, wry, down-to-earth, genuine. And I met so many kick-ass knitters (many of them bloggers too!), including the lovely kilted gentleman at the bottom of the entry. It was a fantastic trip!

It also inspired me in more ways than I can count. I'm working harder on practicing lace and planning several projects from Mason-Dixon Knitting...and it's motivating me other ways too...did quite a bit of house cleaning today. smile.gif
You are practicing lace? You brave woman....

I've been thinking a lot about lace since reading Susan Gordon Lydon's last book where she talks a lot about knitting lace and why she likes it. I take this as a sign that I should do more than think about it....

I just found this website and thought it was pretty cool:
That's so cool txplumwine. She's a Canuck like me, but all her recent travels have been in the States and we're still waiting for her up here! Sounds like it was inspiring.

She also turned me on to Mason-Dixon Knitting. What projects are you contemplating?
There was a nifty article about lace in one of the crochet magazines I just bought - when I get home I'll post the name of the mag and the article info, very cool stuff.

I've been practicing filet crochet and thread crochet, the latter isn't quite lace but it's close. I'm not certain I'm up for "real" lace. smile.gif

ETA: the article was on Clone's lace and the magazine is Crochet Fantasy (which is the dumbest name ever). The article was interesting and had a pattern for some lace.

The reason I bought the magazine was because it had an article on tunisian (for mitered tunisian) and also a pattern for a cute 1940's short-sleeve crochet cardigan.

It was a good buy for a crochet magazine, most are so full of toilet seat cover style work that I don't like to buy them.

Yeah, honestly, I've been wanting to do lace since the Knitting Olympics, but either get sidetracked or fuck it up royally. I'm almost finish with my latest swatch, though, and it's going muuuuch better. Lace mercerized cotton coaster!

Tali, you're right about how thread crochet is a lot like lace. I made a couple of bookmarks with thread that were just sc, hdc and dc (which is about all I can manage!) and they were really pretty. I loved your link! I'd like to imagine that I come by my love for lace needlework by some ancestral connection to those folks...probably just wishful thinking. smile.gif

(What's funny is that I almost typed "wishful tinking," hee.)

CatW, I started working on a Ballband Dishcloth a couple of nights ago...finally have a couple of blocks done. Looks pretty good, though the edges are a bit rough since I'm not used to carrying a second color yet. Also, the pattern calls for US7, and I'm using US8, so it's not "puckering" quite as much as the ones I've seen photos of. But I like the pattern and I expect I'll do more.

What I'm really looking forward to is the Log Cabin stuff. I swoon every time I look at the purple swirly one, but even the regular block ones are gorgeous with the right arrangements. Someone on the Mason-Dixon Knitalong blog posted one they started using KnitPicks Crayon, and it looks so perky and plush!

It also occurs to me that Calamari Knitting (with the potholder loops, as they describe) could be used to create things that self-pattern. Sure, using all the colors is cute, but just think: white and dark blue? yellow and orange? black and pink? I'm visualizing really. cute. rugs.
Yep, the ballband dishcloth is where I want to start - I still have a hard time envisioning how that second colour ends up in that kinda checkerboardey border, so I think the only way I will figure it out is to knit it!

I like the purple swirley rug too, but want to start with something smaller for log cabin. I think it would be a good use of all the yardsale acrylic I have lying around here.

I like your idea of engineering your own self-patterning "calamari" yarn. Good one!
i'm learning to double-knit, which is actually surprisingly easy. what i can't figure out is intarsia--i looked at the video, but i can't figure out what to do if you're not casting on with that color in the beginning--what if your pattern is in the middle of the knitted item?

anyway, i'm broke and unemployed, and everyone i know is getting a scarf for christmas this year. i'm on my fourth...
Just hold the second color behind the other color for a bit and strand it along as you knit. Then use it when you come to the right place. (I know that's not a good explanation--I can't think of a better way to explain at the moment. I'll keep working on it.)

I don't like intarsia, personally. I just can't get the tension right, no matter what I do. I like cables, though. Easier than they look. Good luck!

New Knitty is up--looks like a good one, too!
I'm kind of new to this making stuff but I really want to make my own clothes. I've sewn by hand before but never using a pattern or anything. Does anyone recommend a good site or book to help with learning all sewing basics including how to use a pattern and a machine? I design clothes in my head all the time and can never find what I want in stores so I think it's time to start making my visions reality. I'm a little scared so something basic for the utterly clueless would be appreciated. Thanks! smile.gif
so i've officially become obsessed with knitting...

Anyone up for a knitalong?

The Orphan Foundation of America is an organization that helps foster kids as they age out of the system. They provide scholarship aid, mentoring, and care packages to foster kids who have gone to college. The care packages is where we come in:

Every January, the Foundation collects hand-knit or crocheted red scarves to send in their Valentine's Day care packages to college students without families to look out for them. Imagine how special these kids feel, knowing that someone took the time to hand-make something special for them!

You can get more information here:
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